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tui: novis xr.wv timksday, jink 20. mis.
p..i. 1.
W I'll.
her 1
line Monday
rases In His-
i ,.1 :
i i.-i
' iiiiili.
I Hie II;
St l$ !
nil Ihr irl
l I II llp-
uiirtlt ii t'..r
"in li hi ii'
A I'm 1 1 .1 l.iiin
l:i Ifr
1 land
,1 'l.'l-M.
-1 1 : 1 1. 1
ill " 1 : 1 ' vMis
w a - ill ' 'I 'V I-
Judge I : i. Ii n t ii i 1 wir
and heard I"" "I' Ihl'ls
1 rii'l ."Hi
W. I' Si'hw 111 1. II hllsjnrss vi--
11. 1 1.. I'..ri Sin r Ihr In 1 1 i-i- purl .'f
1 : 1 r work.
I 'I t "'VI. Slllilll Was III l''.Tl S 1 11 II 1 1 I"
ihr hiii' i .nri "I I11-I week on proles
-iolllll l.ll-ilirv..
Why We Fight
No. 1
B?cmje Germany lor Yenrs Itai
Bctn Mslon,, Secret. Treuchcr
ou War on U
4 lk&Zi?iif'
I 'I .1. I I. I.J lu ll tflS 111 -I I
ise M1.I1.I11V.
Mii-iiii .1 : 1 1- . .I:ir I. hi- and I i 1 1 1 . 1 -
lly 1 I.AItK.W'-: I. M'l'.KO
riui'i t.iry of thr War r.iiutnitti'i) of tl.o
I Tinon I.OUK'U. L'lill. of ClilcilKO
rid 'j ik r,
.1 i.
..I' llM
I. .00 returned Ihr hitler part
llirl. I'mlll II business li'ip I..
- inn I nllliT 1 i 1 1 1 1 " ill Trxil'.
lillhlii'l II. .si' mi'l Spi'iliklris ill
S 0
S.PEC..i,.j SAi.j.E
Special Sale of Ladies' Suits, Coats, Dresses,
Waists and Skirts this week. We also have on sale
Spring Silks in all the new colors, in fancy stripes S
axd plaids good patterns for skirts.
Kill icy Foulards find Taffeta Silks, in
nice new SiHiiji paltcrns. Special
f-.L'o ;ii u I
.1..I 1111 l 1 1.
1 -T- silks ill
Silks iit -
IMD Silks ai .
.... $1.98
.... $1.60
.... $1.5?
..... $1.20
Ladies' Suits
We are still showing a good line of
Ladies Suits in all leading colors, the
styles are this Spring. Special at
One-Half Price
Ladies' Coats
Tn both Silks and Cloth. These arc
all new Spring Styles.
One-Half Price
Silk Skirts
Silk Skirts in l'laids. Stripes and
other fancy patterns. Sonic hn v
just come in, they were delayed ,11
fi tting here, and all go in this sale ;.t
20 per ct. Discount
Special Sale of Wash Skirts from
98c up
Ladies' Collars
( )ne lut of Ladies ( 'ollars in ( ieorg"i ic
and Organdy. Values "V up to ifl.DO.
All out together, your choice o9o
(ieorgette and Crepe !e Chine Col
lars. Alsnn nice line of Vested'. All
out together. Values Up tn .f'J.OO,
choice 98c
Ladies' Silk Hose
One lot of Silk Hose, the colors arc
Black, Brown, Cray and White.
They are good values at T'l.'J". Your
ehoice at 98c
Ladies' Shoes
One lot of Shoes in White Canvas and
Black Kid. with White Top. Values
up to 10.M). Sale Price
One lot of Slippers out together.
Values up to .fo.OO. ('choice $2.48
Ladies and ( 'hildreii's Slippers. Odds
and Knds. Values up to .:!..(.
Choice 79c
Special Price on Men's Slippers.
June 28th
National War Savings Day
The more quickly our soldiers have all the things
they need, tee more quickly the ships will
be bringing our boys back to us.
I .
our of Hie ili'i'p, underlying ri'iisons
Mill ills II diplolnnlo' pri IrXl-rWliy
, We III'.' Ill Mill' Willi ( ilTUIUIiy is Hint
I for ii gc'.icrulhi.l Giniinii.t li.-is hocu
' making "in' mi U- Germany tins ;
iiniilr this war not opi'iily, hnivoly or
I liiiiiiinirly. hut MTri'ily, Irriirlicroiisly i
mill pi'i'-Moii'ly. Sin1 liii" Ninmlil to
i I'i'i'iiii. riu r illsconl, to romiit hiiiI ili'- 1
liir poliililinis mill iillii'i'linlilcrK, mill 1
j to cri'iili' si'iniratc (Irrniiui roiniimni- ,
Mrs williln our horilrrs. Sin tins nH- I
"in. .1 Hi" tnliuls of i hllilri'ii In our ;
Illinois in mi I'lidi'livor tn innki' fi'T
: niiins of thnm Instriiil of liiivr thi'in
i:rin 1 1 1 Into 1 1 iy 1 1 1 Aiiiri'lcun ('1117.11111.
Sllr lllis 'lIVIIlllMl till' SIMTI'lllH'SH llf till
pulpii II i'lf lii nil I'liilruvnr to rornipt ;
our pli- Ihroimli tin- vrry li'mli-rx ;
of iiioriillly to whom thry nr.? iicrus- i
loiiinl in look for uiiiilniu'i'.
TIi.'m' niny h. stniilini: nsscrllnnB,
lni' ili" nri' nil true, sis you slnill we
iri.'n liir 'locum. Mils of Hi.. (Ii'i'inmis
i In tmi-1 -.'s. Y nil Uih'W Hint II was j
II lirl'lllliM Mi'l't wlllrll stflpp.'ll for III'
linn wti.-u Dowry suilril lulu Muniln 1
luiv. Wo nil 1-nrw It win t In Ccnuntis
v. tin snii.M in PrliiL' nliout n Kuropi'iin
: Hi :i - iu;nlns us when we itc pii-
,'nu'f l in mi' wur wtin pnui. iwm
ii r 'Ini'i'il. liiiwcviT, (lint nil llii'sc
yrnl-s (irniiniiy llllS lll'lll liusv wltliiil
onr nun horilrrs IIiioiil'Ii rdltor'',
. I'.-!.. ' llll'l IllTili'llcl'S, l'rUilli; to
. ! '1 .mi our nntloniil unity, sn Hint
wlirii tlir lime nimi' It wouhl ho riisy,
to (li'l'riil tin' rnltt'il Slntrs In open
wnrfiin. tn srt nt ninmlil nnr clu'rlsli
...I Mniirnp ilnrlrlllt'. 1111(1 to Srl.o. In
iho Vi'irrn hcmlsplicri?, mivtMnc
Hint Hip litml cnihhlni; rul'Ts of the,
i (irnnnn nmplrc might .li'slre.
The rllninx nf ficrmnny'n unclpr '
luiiiili'd wnr on tho United Stntos enma
In 1013, mnro tlmn n yenr hnfnro the
nitthronk nf hnstllltleu In Elirnpc. Thin:
wiin Hie ennctmimt nf whut Is known I
n thp Pclhrurk law. which provlilcs ,
Hint If nn cmlcrnnt frnm Ocriiiany
who Is nnnnt to he nnturnllxi'ri mnki
nppllrntlon to a flirninn rnnsiil, hs
niny retain hi Ornuin rltlxnnshln
even afttr he hns horninp a cltlwii ol ;
Ms nilnptcd country. (
In plnln wnriM, this law. and thi up
pllciiilnti nf It. mean just this:
A Ocrniiin pops Into rourt In thl
country and snlciiiiily foreswears al
legiance to the knlscr and pledge
his word the temptation was to say,
"of honor" that he will hecntne n loy
al citizen nf (he 1'nlted Stales. Thei.
lie slips nroiiud to the Oerinan consul
mid says:
"You know I didn't mean that, nl
nil. Thorn American' are easy murks
and Hiry foil for that stuff right off
Hut you Just put me down nn your list
ns a rood, lnyal rirmnn, and If Hi
time ever entiles when I con prove It,
ynu can roitnt on me."
Sn the Tiermnn consul puts his nnm(
down In the little card Index of which
the flermans nro so fond, nnd thU
man. this creature who Hwenra l
lcglence tn the country which rIvm
him an opportunity to make a real liv
ing nnd to become Homebody In thlt
world, and at the nme time awcam
secretly to be true tn Germany In
turned Innse tn wnrk his will, while.
Americans go carelessly about thell
business and refuse to iee the danger
In the arrangement.
Lone before the passage of the Pet
bmck law, then was formed the Ve
rein fur das Dputsclitiim Im AuslnnrtS
the t'nlnn for Germanism In Foreign
l.nnili. This organisation, officially
fostered In Germany, Issued n n'mrter
ly magazine, which. In Its tery first Is
sue, outlined Its alms ns follows:
"The purpose of this union Is the
preservation and promotion of the
Germanism nf nver SO.nftO.OIXl pprtple
nf German blood dwelling outside the
German empire." All II nlins In do,
ynu sre. Is to keep Germans who come
lo this country from becoming AnnTl
enns. Away hack In 1?00 the Alldeulscher
Verlmnd. or the Pnn-Gcrinnn league,
fn formed. It now consists of "I'A
'chapters of which two nw lire or at
least were Initiircliiitrly before Hie war
111 Hie I'lillcd Sillies, olio 1n .New
York and one In Sun FrniirlsVo. To
quote from the Alldrtitsrlie lllnller, Its
official publication. "Hie Pun-German
league Is foiinilril for promoting Ger
man National Interests. In. Hi In Ger
many and In forelun lands."
A few thinking Americans knew
all the lime what was coming what
iniisl ciime. I'.ul America, iiv. n whJe,
went aloi.g in Hint riii'i lrs-nii'su anil
Inillffrreuce with wtilclv It Irenls all
things tmpli'iisiuil. uti't iillowed Ihls
German war on our most sacred Insti
tutions to continue unchecked.
So Germany stands loilny. with one
foot on pr.wtnitc Ilrl'.-hiin und Hie oth
er nn Hie neck nf poor deluded Ttitw
sia; with a bayonet planted In Iho
heart nf Serbia, and the point nf Jls
sword at the throat of Uoiunaaln,
while It looks out over the vassal
States of lliilgarla and Turkey to In
dia nnd the Orient. And as it stands
thus. It cri()S to Its foes on the west
ern front :
"Kamerad! Why go on with nil Ibis
kllllnu'? I.e's have a peace by nego
tiation?" and, under Its breath, adds,
"I've got nil I want for the present."
Can we talk of any pence until
such a Germany Is absolutely defeat
ed? Shall we negotiate a peace nnd
allow all these German preparations
for wim-IiI domination to ijh nn until
the time Is ripe for Germany tn enm
plet Its conqtieK'aT
v.i'vq i ii i
What would you do if
this hideout burglar of
the night stood by your
window peering in, weit
ing to snatch your loved
ones from you. SHOOT
HIM? Of course you
would. That's why Amer
ica and Civilization must rid the world of this
overbearing, autocratic, fiendish murderer of
mMW mi si a. .v- iv -m
TheSsasi 'ol : Berlin
Friday and Saturday
June 28th and 29th
, , ' ;.t;'4i -'-!: iu- n o. ' ,,.. .'A.kl
ruosK who
Keg. Nn.
I ill
AlnliulMtini! List nf Names of Person
Whilst- Itegistrutliiil ( arils Are in
the Possession of Curry Cniiuty
I.ik a) Hnard.
I'liiie-. Curtlihcrl Kveranl
ItiL'gerslalT, John .Million.
Kuril ii. Khun l.ee
Cnrliile, lliihcrl Karl, . .
r-rler. Uoiule Marth
I 'I'll ill, Chester Hugh. . -I'n
mk flni'ciicc A it Inn. .
I n vis. Frank Hell
l'Milruiiin. Henry K
Foley. I ! It I IMwaril, .
Fo'ler, llerl.
( inriier. .lake -
lilies. Are I if in ti.
liillilllllil. It'll .Irlillilll."..
linif. William liuhri'l. .
Grove, Pbllelils A.. .
llni'liiiey. Mark Itowau.
Hall, .lohu Wllliaius .
Ilailiv lilrii Onle.
Ilriirn. iiiW Hoiii'miu,
lleiiilley, .luliii Thoiiurs.
Ileiisley. limner l.eoniir.l.
Ilerfurlli. Finiii'il Franeis.
Illll. Floyd T..
I0S0, .lllhll.
.lone. George Kdwiird.
.loiies. .Iiiiues Ores, ....
Kiely. Martin Francis,
King. Luther,
I.alug. Glenn Harold,
I .:i in t . Thomas Lawrence.
I .a mi'. Ilnrlle Michael, . . .
I I.iik" GuailaluH'.
; Lme, Wllllani Leslie II
Luck. .Iiinies Allen, i:t
Mc.Miihau, Kverell Flelden, . 7
Miller. Armitead A., 'Js
Miranda. Itiiiuon. II
Moon, Harold llennniiil,
M in ire. 1'nrl It..
MiHire. Itoberl .lewel, . ..
.Monila. Alherlo. .
Morgan. Oscar King,
iiilinii. Temple ItrniMinw.
Park. Ilrllierl. Isnlall. .
(jiiiiIN, lien F
Ilaulle. ('ana,
It.il'i'il-iui. .lames Floyd.
Iliii kiiiiiii. I all" G.. .
liill hel l'"l 'I. Nnnr ,lan i',
Itnllirifor.l Melviu Havlil
Saial.'is. .lames Kdwnrd,
Srol I lioiiL'las ltiil.nl.
shipp. .h ir ilniriiiaii. . . :;i
Smoke. Snimii'l I. . 'i"
Siiiiml. I In ir I'riinrl. IS
Stone. Chewier I !l l. I fl ml. l:i
SHai'Miiiiiiliiei'. William II. . .'ill
ShciI, lilrn ln. . I."
Vihhiir.1. liriiliic M
Walker, .lohn W 2
Wiillis. .lolililiir. . ,'L'I
Weslfnll. Willis er IH
White, nllle Fail. . 2!l
Wiggins. Willis Itiehnril -Jt
Winters, Gordon NoiwihuI. . . .V)
Ylini in. Ainuljo. 57
i From the Mutual Messenger I
I him- aluays i 1 1 -n Ii I Hint this
i.iinii'y will not mi hark on any man
i lm will not g.i hark on It. This country
proves lllle .'Ill.V to III who llrst
fall I., loir fair vtilh it. lulling the
r.H'i'iil lum; an. I severe ilriuiglil. I here
re lli.'sr wlm fnl.lr.1 ibeir arui and
wailed, apparently acting as llm it
neier hi.iii.i ruin again, ntliets t lici .
Were Wlm siajed h tin' -I HIT. who
went alioiii pirpariiiL' their land f..r
Ha' rains Hiry frit sine 1 1 1 1 1 t eouir.
The rains ha me ami an ahuudalit
hiiivi-l Is pi.irlinilly assiiird these
T. .1. Sullivan is one of the men who
kept faith with this country "in sen son
and out of seasnn." He ha IdO acres
of Ih'iiiis Hint are about six Inches
high. exs'rs In plant SO acres more.
He also has UM acres of Kaflir corn
Hint Is up In line condition, also nearly
liKI acres of sorghum planted. Mr.
Sulllian Is an "old timer" here, nnd
he knows from eH'rienec that this
coiuilry will make good every pop If
a fellow will simply do bis part, ami
do It faithfully and efficiently. Not
only that bill Mr. Sullivan Is " years
young, an lAl'onfederale soldier
Tills old man cultivating nearly nm)
acres puts lo shame many younger and
more nblo bodied men, in and around
USE COOK'S PRIDK, 30r pr 111. steel
fill coffee. Fi'iinoinie. Why pay
mare. On sale al .1. II. Green & Co.,
Plains liiiyiug & Selling Assn., J. P.
Pierce ami City Market. (jfc.
I'm II Kni-cr I'.lll says "1 ii'iiim-riu-y
rulc'i the World." onto Uerlin.
Mine Jim seen llie new oil colored
iliiilii'.!riipb in our show window '.'
'Ibis is siiuiclhing lhal has iiever been
liown ill Clot is More, ( nil ami sec
lln in. Ilcing gi inline illoliHTailis,
Hic.t are ini'di more !if:-lilte lliau
freehinid oil
IH-rmauenl also.
paint inus, ami more
'?' .J
'to f. i ' tt v!
l rv . '
t. IV
li O H I N S () N
"The Photographer In Your Town"
105 South Main. Studio Phone M.". Residence 4S'!.

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