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The Clovis news. [volume] (Clovis, N.M.) 1907-1929, June 27, 1918, Image 1

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111 le
1 ,;!
1:11, irtsitws ti:1,1 ritaolt
! of ( is sitoiliii ?IP' ( ham. 4
iwr or Coltinwrrt, .ilið 114111 boost
Ike att(I
01.11IF 12. NI MItElt 2.
Frhins. June :Nth h; Ionia Vitt
1,ey. in Clovis Unship's
tvoi,e" will he si"I,en plo,p at 2:no
na. tor nimnit two hours, awl there',
hkil he Val. Savings lon., too grain.
ht the Lypoun Thentre vhiell:
pwryone Clovis is nun.
peph"i to alien& Thp oho':
t. go ;di !IP.
1:101 dn. Sp fur Curry Como. ha"
e.liP vv. hil;p thp Immo. or low)
V. i, I ,1..
i.111 ;.i Silt i
1..iiit, iii:11 it 'violin.
01, ',tit lir Ciirry
'1111' ' ,',',Z.ti' !Ili, I" 1.10 "ill'
it tii
11:1" ' rm. Hit
N.... N1!1 114. .1.0i161 11.1,141 11 111;t1,1
1 .....,,s
of ,ia...1.,
1-1. old
l'a .....a...,, ....11 pas .1...1
ti, voir a, ri,v1,
.. 1,, khaki art.
1..t. 11.1. ,..1
,, 1" .1i, .,r
s,111. "0"111' iii'rit''
1:t.. Is... 1.11,11,i 1.. Nk Loa,.
paw), a
11",. 11.1,0 ;ik.1
h:t to it too 1,ro ti kit tillt
1 .1 i, 11.. ,.1 VP,1 Ow i- 11,r,
e 1, hi- I 1 and i t1.1 -1
, 111.,
ol 1111.01 11, I,
Flit It Til ,vr tartm
:4:14 1."1.
ru,hioneol pit;1.1,
I iv rottill'i Itily. Sitevehe,
heel: ,olleoloit,:t tly Comity Soperiolohli
.1st,. M. itiekley. itev. T. iteðoont.1
Rev. S toil sit her,.
1, to he triolly patriotic.'
one :r, oll the conees,loo, toi the
gr000ll will eon:Mew:I for the bent,'
111 or the Reil The people of
thlt ehterpri,hor mmultitail it y 44.
3 ri H111,141 brium
111,1,11 will 1181. u !hoe to,
Foill'i 11.
ri . Aline 21 A '
,411,t1 for ,1 sylvttpti Nts
tt Ito rattlit Ttb11,
1!0 :1, 111:1.1, 1;i.vvriiipt I
y..0011111: itittwitilivillytit
rtipt lt t'. lteiti. rotor:11 .11.tatt,,!
111 gill.: l'"r
rtrlialt;1.. (Um, i'lirry 2ot.1
I 'tita :t11, Keith WI, 1;witialatt, to.
1.!vottlit 111 NH into :t. Mora 7,41,
tt,rit t. Itio Arritta Rtosovil
.!! S;111 Al !awl Sitilt.! 1 SiTro
11. Sit,twri 21. '1110, Turnilli, 37e.
! 7:s
4 1111411s414:11 AS 1.11:1 TEN3NT. I
I: W1'01111 t,t Stattat tt, Itt,ro
Ott, wt.t4 Sir McCarthy Ita. reeenity
toe', eoinuti.41eniA as a iteoteitaitt tit
It.t army mai Ita,t ittwit ortivrell re
toot for aerot ,erviee Mr. Nitl'arthy
fortatrly thett 41tti, nod
howl. :Iry littttt.1 to kart' of lit, 111,.
point taunt
1,1)(I. 11:0 SENI)INtli
Th. thr.v.zi, si,,,
twy. Ilit 11111,011111111M4
Illy 1111.'1 Mit. 114:i,li,rol to Corry
0,11111 on Jinn. : The wet' luivn
to till oei oue-tienthlire., tot.1 vet
th,on kick io tile loot! 1,00rti
P. Iltritfa At.ttbitt lio
Itatit Comity. wwt tit elotvk
r. mityq sow rains litive come
in the eountry north tit 1,1,rt Sumner
tut! Mot ;I is exeeedingly 'try in
lite smith purl of the eittinty thnt
there suffering mining the stodonen.
pee : i 0-Z. . : 1: 1 R ( 01-1hilk, -,, ci s --.11.
. , ,, 7" az , - - 'hâr f. , ILA. , , ,, A t i I
" ireibt II) i a f 0
' stritkaa, 1 .4d ' "IMP - r i ' I 1
n110111, SAMSS 0A1
I ilip ior iit, 1114ist him...sting owl Iii
striiillvo prey given 111
11.114' L!ronvers psifilltry vir4
11 1r. E. I...1111111mm III Ilit Elks
0114111mo, Julie
lion Ito slinwisl group
ilitioi,w,1 mfq, to core fm sivIN
itti,1 11,n In ntinitilw fri.iti
vholeri. Tlin :is till.1 H.,
aPPillated, 111;11 ail ip..siv it
Vultip ..r
diI it ltii
hit' i 1,11111 hit It ltitili 111.11'11101S ttr
;Wit Ititili.V i'Lf ritt
tIi 1 1 iti.;11,11t itisiltiltrIlLti.t1 lid Zive
1,11,1p1,- i.p iiitp
ippitirp h.q.! Pip.ipra
111,. 4. 11111111 11". HWY '11'
L:1131 11131 ilit i11I 011.
(1))1111SSII)NIA) As tAl,l'AIN
111111 till it lit
kilt t
Mot ..r
1 1111 ill.' it
I hi'l
hi. VilVi lip
h,10- 1-1:0 or. 3,,10,-1, Ply
i.I (.1,
i..1.1 lar..qatt ,avi.
.1..31 di
(1))11iiss11)NE1) As tAlTAIN
tor (.. 1:,,11 ha.
Nivilti tit.. S Aytay,
.. hi. 1
....st f..v
V. Al..11.,111. State lard raz..r, 1111' 11MV
111a 111101'11 ill 1111' 1.111'1111illillity
A1111.11 11 M1',11',1',
(1))1111SSIINIA) As tAl,'IAIN Vat. A. r..rms addi:i..11. emelt III:111k 1.'1101
KII.ert Harley. 1....1111.111,11. C011111. 11111r1or11,11 s'.1111
111111 1411';',
111'. 14 11. V A11111'11 "r 1:,-well 11114
Nti,ri than 700.1101 ..t
1-et. a, a v1111;1111 la
.41111. vere 1.1 the allies
tile U. S. Army, 110 I fill tillos of sugåll
fr..111 N..rill America darititt Nlay.
he ealle.1 1 -3.1.
I.. Vooð A.11111111.1111111111.
A tIlict ill', ithill IIW 11.st fev
NEW IIATION 11'1'1' a...n.111;111
11. tt .11 1,1t..11 11..r..
1.!- .,110...111 11;t11: Appii,a1.1 1,t 111..4
'1.111eanio, .1, ihe la
"II hi. :1111...i1.111wt.t.
,..11 ho 19 flu. Nza,.
st 1 tit 1.,,. ,i,,.1,11,,, i ,, :ti;
r 11 r1
,,1 11, "1:' 19' II"' ..1111;i111. 1..1A.en
hilt .1 0.1 ..111.1.1..1,.10 l !elm corp..
1".01,.11y l''''' 111'' 'WV" 11"1"111'.'"I "Ill 1111 f..1 2.111)11 1111.1e
whi.0". r,,,, lin' 1,10(i.,141 stign Me exiiwitillig tumuli it tutu.
A4.4011011 1110.1 qtlit' 111.111,, 11.11o11.1 44. 'i41" r"1. II"' 1""1'111.4 4.g111111M. ,d" r
grwih 3111Y 1 "II III" 1,11111Hk 11P1' 1.1 make mo111111a1lota readily available
own, ...11111n inutithly in order to supply the rr
grii-4 win nut
more '1'he tael the 'quote l'""I' tin and "r Ilit AH14'110111 Th,tilds wen are ellijdorpð
hos 1,1441 11V1'r,1111'liell 111111 14111.11 11111. "I'll's '111" 1""1"1"111111111 IN "bin" 111 1111' tttntes ga.-Itut.li ;dant.
a ow ,coluti tin. ft.tilde the ettotioil.ory sogior ration it
"r oey iteling 111,1144'111N owl ort.
log the eiiiititrv '1111 1.11111111' 4.1igligeti throughout tlw tirtiee.4
unð.itioi, 1,, mitie ritnimerehil Itsers stwir will re- of iminoritetitre, tovoriling it stole.
4444. their ittillor etbrtitivall' 111Plit from the tilts Itureiew St.rvier.
Imroo. Fort Simmer Ttweltir
Ni1,111 Al I try. lor Ow S. Apo., 11..
iust f.,
k 011 It is oil 1,111011
,11,.. ..,,
,. ,,Iiii,i,,,,,
It yult lootvoott't tr:141 oml lo.
ehooro.11 looto.ly givoo lt trial Suitt lay.
Tito. Pro...ltylo.riotto.., ..io.11.1 1.o you voor
'boll invitation II. woNtlio with them.
to...ruing .orAltilo 11411.., at 11
Nods tot N. Tito. ..vo.00ltioz
1.1 S::10 low
Imo. !molt.
'Ilion. aro. ma lt, twill& 111 '1110
1 hp rot Iwo ill' no
.111ort lirt malt, peniðe 111 i'llivis
los Hui. riwitiv, ihp ninny ill' no
itolimit aims si far It Plenti ly is cow I
0"1.111"1 1110Y silY 1 "ill 4"illg I" 1"1.1
lily challees. i)thers deelare they Imre
11,0 r:11111 111 imiti001110111y se they lire
11Miore. These mil lijws
lie disetissell Sim fluty 1:101t. Come
TI:11 I' 11111.11111.11. Niitti
lily tHilors siswiart itto sta,, oriv 14.1. volt nonimi
tat faith 111 imittortailly sot tlivy are .ijippiv
a 11 preptitai or iee 'Team
zoh,g ito hore. The-e 111 lypt,s
sustilossitIiiror, Ito may revolve 7:;
lio Stitislity t'ottw,
por vent.
TK1) I' 114)1.111E1.11. Miliktvr.
roaltaaqvial squaws, of
frail and fitilk inasitifattarer..
'1'0 MI'llINE
;111.1 dyrerilit.
e!1, yin l'" '111"""I ror 0114
Tlw '1111-ala
o 11k, lurty an.11.1, ,111Y
.1111t .!11.1. from !,, los. ill 111,' 11"Ivk 1."'1""1.""I'
Ali., .1..1,1, carry. Ai, lot.' '111'' .r si 111.sro pur,...11,
lama. 01
or lir', v, 11; eh,11,0,1 '1137 '1111" 1""1"1- 1."1' "i"'"
'rite pr., wi."41
.11ri.,1 frwil 1111, 11:11"" 1111.my.1 741 por
1.o 11,1,1 its hay list! st tut:11111u "t II"' 11"."Pz" "111ffillit 11"A 11111111Z
111. attilosiswealotti 11", 1,11 1;olail -sort, will rtvekt.
ro 1.,01,01:01er- Hi 11111011. ono r",' 3,11Y .1,1,1110'.- 1 he aver
.11,. 1 11,i 11.m.m. ow it,. till. or April. )lay owl
ht t.pv,II,1 lolit 12,.11 Aull'
pair, swiss splopuilH,r 1,1. ha,4 Atty. attempt in alywattlatit sioas
ticemod ittwo-tary 1" "Ill I"' I'I'll'11111,1 tis
y 1,l 1111, 0.11. 1W:11,1111g. 1111 1.11411111111.11.
U.11 intl. TIC?. 11111011111' 1!1 1,, 1,11,1,1 1..IS.. eee-- or ihroe -ill,
ror lairitow Hilt! ogovrat141 hy I"' 1.0111i,il;"10',1 and ail 111!--
ladle, or 1 iolmr4 111 iho, group, rp.111lio,1
1.1 rood oðniiiii,th,,,,, or ow
A1-11:11 SlAt'hEICS .H1111.1111, stitnir they hilið "t itt
tratNit prior lo
1;moritiont As:1111 Viiiivr.11
11 litib.1. lilt
TEX s Is 1)1t1
and ra101,1 itrI
0,1.1 t0 11111 lown 110111, T,,", "km, .10- -111w lit
1,itnt to11, tIllirgy411,ithi,:ht T1 .11,1.1Nittiondy
with III 'I.1"'''' 7:;it 4111001, 11,...1 wider it state iði
rd.1 leLfist"I r'"' "Il 11'"0 Hrs. Eigtopol 111111.1ml
when 1110 '"1111" Ill' 11"""t111"1:.:11,..,1., Iwo pry lott,ly Wen 110.01 b.
Ile" fir" "vim! " lvtlY 1111111 till"' net t.1-4,1111111,1iing tiqt
titig by with thy mitt:il
-111Y z.011 urfititill military comp.
blinding lo.rtio,
s A .1314,int, thi (;nttly
Ittil. lic WIIS Tuesday.
ja,k.wit stip, 1;nitly is milking
Pri rior rtal vele
'ration the Four ih
Official 'Newspaper of the United Staten Land Office and of Curry County
(1011S. NEW NEW 1111RSDAY 'II NE 27. 1918.
20 Ell11111 EUNTI
11015 TO SO IN 011!
Thi next rail for oleo felon Curry
Comity requires thitt twetity tor the
registered melt Ito oh the .litly
These mem ore seheiltilleil to wit to
romp Travis. This sill lelive Himont
7i5 men Class line lit this ettotity,
explosive of whit registereil thk
moolli. Following tire the own who
will vo mmily in the .101
Floyd NII. ,
.11,is ltrowtt
11;invy I;. ittwhant.
1.41111 VI ilio.
Th Nklio
J. i1111011,.
lii. 1;1111.
TIM,. J. Milk
VIII. J. 1101,0.
J. A iti,10011.
i Siall.f.r.1
'1.. K. .1.1011iitait.
V. 1' Nle1).1111.
.,11.41 11 M...11,P.
Vnt. ilw-
KILINOS Or stigåll
Films. null hilly, I
1 4.turligist liiroturninit tlw main. primpss
itt sunnir will rt- ,ut ilintturiteturs., til it sloth..
isivi their supply titillpr twrtiliente theta tin. this lh.roisp
inniiiitneturpr, 11911.40er I iliiiiiirtsis girls have Iwo! in
wr Muller will hi' sell ; liti. nrt tit spwitin ille
sinntr 1st any unit mislot tit Elio' sepontle step the uS
irs n isrtitteitte 1 wiliblitlit lot flip mask is dune
Weld fissl is presented. liteli Ulorket'S. until tile mask IS e0111
lietaiters mitY .ell lett mere lituti two itlett.t. tht. Inst W4'44.114111 is mail'. and
itt'llttok at sone tittle in It Inns,' ett,tenter 1 thi pr.shipt is ready Inr sitiinneut
nr the intmel III lone ;1 19.11111r)
u".""".1. 4."1111"P"1"1 4.11'11"1"rs "Iv! Mori. titan priiiiities tor vlioln
iiivitlist lulu Orr rttie4 anti guveril
candy 4,,ft drinks unit milt I
?mintyiv,: chliwitig gitill, 4114.'4)1111,v,
,,,,. 1,,19. ðliviwing ,.,".,10.... in.
".11 ..ligor .yrilp.. ,ovept piviileu awl
tillililirlictill'iN. M his... Pte.. Win Ili' Ill
Dr. 11 A. Al WM returned the 111-4
teel trelit here he lia.
beim attending the meeting ef the
POSTAI 11161itfitil
I.. 1.. Selinartz of Amarillo was here
this week promoting the Postal High
way whieh willrini t.eoin Fort Smith.
Ark.. to El Paso. Texas. Mr. Schwartz
la now making to liar of lie Ilighnity
tool nhile riswis helped to organize
a Postai Imo. Chili r E.
Dennis its vire presillimi. It Is
Ilia 111(11 to vi the ilr1,11'11Y
ititirkol ICI ..rraiweinotis liwsle along
the II itt stf.talle Orel, for vallipitig
grounds. it 1 ttiso mit II
1111111441 a II.. iliomny roil cluvh, Ið
v1.11.01,1,1,1, rout'.
to woy Ilii
S AR l'rEMs
1111S('ELiANI.Ot S vAit i'rEms
111 bENElt I,
I'llpr 5,olimi 1;,1111;111,4
isrtli41 ritited
111 111,r. ;ire bili
11,idos 1111
brit:Jule. and
illjf H1.1'11,441 111'1111'N ill rOtiiiStlin'S 1111Ve ;
1111 ittiplospil 'Willi': the ptv.1 10
111.1111114 Ily Ailministrathm
151i comimilies and 111'11011110Q
twett ttrolerett tot quit tottsitits,i lit
iji,11,111 vontmottlitliN tow It litttitt41 tor
litt.11 Iteri ill. Hull mot. NMI tuive
111111I;trily Thstilt tootwy itnyilooil
lomilly to lite ItI41 irio.. ilove too
porArtiy oloiltitoq from doing 1.11,O,...
rather tioo, risk e3iling looro
14,101 or nootitoll.
11;10 toorol..v
i ',11111reolil thy twiiivet. tp
"1 v.: Ilw military
11.-pihtl r..t month-. lay tio voted
Ito, fore., io ihroo or
1..;or oois, orðvr that At oly
Hifil ottor toilitury bollitak
,,ohli,, Holy litoroughi !older-0111,d
tro;ittoohl ;,1
lit, Arlo.
,1H,1111 r
illi 10 111111 nil. wilt ,olowod ortimo4
A 111.011 19.11111111i1111 liwir
1,1,111, I" 'Ivor myti 11pit:ti hi.
-frit 1 .ottq liwth.o4.
TIII UW1'01;1111. od. l'1,111111, 11:0
,0:, upon Ow mit. dull10 iwt
the involit tviiiivo th,
Nm. .1Wl h"lier
1:11,, the 111illtor Thyse
nue Hy e iit home
smfilliv In:my id imr offiveni
hi the void Ihat Ihi. itr two he
111.0,1...Moll MI Ow kftw 1Ve
h;oe. none a 11-. yet 'wide sio .1e
nitd. 11:14, thi ,111
thpre ri,i11 rm
phlint Journal
MIN. .1 it. loam:hie! mei hide
ðilitittiter Hulk lire here
vkiiing lit the kink. of S. A. .1,1lie.
I AI, 110'141101 FlI'l SUM 110
S1119111Y It 1191,S141141 111111 ;111914
111,. qvion. being 9 In Next Sini
oho' glum. be played at
no Sulu livr.
T MOH SIMI'S CONs01,110X11:1)
1 t. E. 11. it:1i 11111
rurtlimil Taih,r and
1 it Oh dint "t
I SIIla ha, ivci. iliohlood !;y Ah
1,:111. l'hey .11,110 ilw
:it Ow Str.pt 1..,0,1011
; !Nit, sh1, 11 1,
vohillitiv 411.i".1. :I vol",1 1,11411P.s ;111,1
11.111 ,hop, 11:1.1 ;1 vo.1 trade.
Vol,hitudott. .1111,i. :::1 I'llo tir,1 .1
vi-tott or Ho. Antorit.o.11 :11.111Y IIIIIIIISI III
1..l'il 1114. 1St, ytIII. :4LII III... IS'', 1.'11111
IISIl ,III. 111.111. I it'ISTI! l'I111 hit!
1111111Isi 1.1.1IIIlt s..11. III 1111. loolto
tilooth, !Intl IIIINI ,ilici I1:11).1..1 ink
di, kiwi 11:1, 14111IN II III .li II' Ili) III ,IZP
111111 I,N 110. II IlliIIII11 IIII1, tool told,
o 111 11,1to 1.1...i, .1411 fovuotoi.
Itohlt1.1 1111, million :11,..1111.1. 1111111on
1111Ii nrio lit 1.1111111. mill oationotiwit14.
11ehind 1111--o ti Ihird million will rap.
1.11y 1111 Illy unit... lion tot the division..
Seeroinry 111110or (-41111111ot! 'll'uotoloy
'hid I...owtelt irt nttol 70 per vont or tho
won tilroully shippod tiro toontintlaitt
Irotop.... Tho first division 111'4 beim ox.
putolod to it lighting form of 650,000
mon. Imoked by Utt organizittioott of tho
supply tinti trionsport littog flint it lithos
2.1111m10 mon to motto orteetivit
lin this basis It Is Hoar thonorni
Porsiting now ling tho pubodnitee tot tho
fir.41 field unity eitittpriowil a pight.qt
infutdry olivimions whit all auxillury
troop,. Sto fur tot known thoro has
boon no opportunity yid tor the tiottliti
1 forluoillon of this military unit.
Anterientt troolot III.I IIIIIIIIIIII, SIMItIr
. III' vnrying lengths iii 111 least SIN idioms
too 1111. WOO. lino. l'o 111144 !III. Pillow
getwy prosoolpit titt
tomovor. Ohl hitvo boon oirtiwit it Wily
front to l'oition forinatiy
the SII Ito.; mill ars. two tI rue,.
with Ihe onomy Ow Millie.
Pio lirtly Flitto
'rho mill At ,00hir. himover.
tit. on the richt fluids or tho vroll hut
lie ,i'4111
I,onlor hero
""'"1. "'"" ''""" ." '''' It.40 tio
t.11. 11111,..1 t., Ninid.v th,. on 1, .1. "h
tir.1 r.,111,.. V1111111t. AmerivAll h,wil 10.,.x)0 s:,t.
10,0p. rtv the trotillip.,.
1111,1;ty f,,t r hnik
01, Tlw :o- !, ,,, II, II
11411i1; ()L1 S'1111:,VAN'tEl) ..1ttil , 111 t .1 11 :
- I 1,111 WI,
-11110,,I, :1,Nt 0,., ,,1
1.0 I Irtiv"1., 1,,r1 74,11 int, Ira
the Pr"P.vo'd 1,, ,
10 drin. ALI. 111,1
mint 1,1Li of tilv ninny clitti41,1",nt Izt
"ITurc.i 0111-1
H.., 11,4 i70)1
, 1111 itOkt !li, ch,troit
ApplivAliN f"nvItr.li,1 1:,.1 01, :di ,1 m;LI
ror H.,;11Z111111111 VV!Iii.111! 11.
Y4;111111..1 11;.;
'to toll.
10,,,,t 111-11.T tiny wit
volweritilig v1111.4111.411.
111'1'01:14i: 1',
Cit. N. NI.
1 I: VII"'"
1,,tv Molidgy Ow interest "1. the A
""'""" "' "" ''''' '
v6 WI eirrothition ,1,1rint,,,,I. Th.,' .1 "I 1"" 111" '11' vitil 1r Illit
11"!:11.1 11.qv 111:01:11., -1'."1""116.1å1 1" "111.
mo,lo rm. :1 "1,,"
,,, :1, .1 1
lilt 'ICI
N1,- "r 1"i Th 0.10,4 vA
""1, "" ' nt filmse
Eme Si linnito titztL :.91h Evirý
lkhR t,11 ret1111101 ir to A' -
here eNttoets otot' t 11 1, 1110, 0014 lit tiwn
the week littetelit10.1 1.0 1011,itte-4., trwit i;rt,tv.
Taw iar Silts
I)a). 1;ti s;inr, Thrift
lamp, anti also join ihe Thum-
r t coolierre.
I: R.
114;vis Chamber a l'44411141ere4.
lip salt 4.11 a basis w1444r44 it Is :441411y it)
1444441111414 Ito ttatiler voila:114144 aid to Ilte
ti14141111111tig tor 1114) toov441 sitar
1:44111)11411y. no. tiro? ttio Pe
14011111111 tim lor liasiitess att
the ilitrirtail 4111z4als 4.f 11144 I 44)1i lair
:441)4111y setair.s1 1)144414:4, ,4134114.at la ill
sari. 11144 111144144111): a 3 t
and tht nowt tIftt14,.. tit.,1011.11 t,t
:a41 carry;log 4444 1111
i '14 4 eltitail..a "I N1,11eV
tit.. ,tt ,9
but 1111! ountuitto, Olt 1144114 114444r
))4.1.1i oloor144. 1'4 4444).1 ) 11v, in
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Chamber of eiminteree wie. planned
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the town lit thp way of direeting her
eommercial activity if the interests Or
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operation hall it is certain they will
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ed the argattization from Is first.
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for lite general welfare of the ixon
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1 planned
already a
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eting her
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