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The Clovis News
Official Paper of Curry County
Editor and Publisher
Entered at the postoffice at Clovis,
New Mexico, as second class matter
onder the act of March 3, 1879.
pay roll and there are comparatively
few unemployed. We live in the best
town and the best county in the state
and the fellow who has a grouch
about conditions in this county cer
tainly does not realize what the peo
ple are confronted with in the cotton-
I growing sections or in the manufac
turing centers of the east.
One Year 2.00
i.iSix Months ...J. .M.oO
Foreign Affvtnitint Rcprwntatrr
And still, we are not ready to admit
that all men are evil minded. Some
have no minds at all.
Enough money is spent in Califor
nia by winter and summer tourists
to completely reouild the state's great
system of hard surfaced highways
6very four years.
If this immigration stunt keeps up
much longer we Americans can just
slide over to the old countries and
make ourselves blissfully at home.
There'll be no on left there to say us
The calamity howler who is deter
mined that the country is going to
the bow-wows and that we are going
to have period of exceptionally
hard times needs to stop his growling
and look on the bright side. Finan
cial conditions look a lot better than
they did a few weeks ago and every
indication points to the fact that the
market for farm products is going to
strengthen during the next few
weeks. Staple farm products are now
telling for less than the cost of pro
duction and It is hard to realize how
A condition of this kind can continue
for long at a time.
Clovis merchants are planning a
busy period from now until Christmas
day. Shoppers should as far as pos
sible do their shopping In the fore
noon. This enables the clerks to
wait on the trade without the custo
mary rush and confusion always
found at holiday times.
The News honestly believes that
Clovis and Curry County folks are
better off than the people of any sec
tion of the United States. We have
raised good crops, and even though
the price Is low there is a feeling that
they will be better soon. We are for
tunate In Clovis in having a good
All the dire prophecies as to what
would happen at the polling places if
women were allowed to vote have
failed to come to pass. The fact is,
that the women voted just as if they
had been at it all their lives. They
apparently made no more mistakes,
were no more embarrassed, than any
of the most hardened male voters.
Even in some of the most forbidden
districts in the city the casual and
matter of fact way in which women
came and voted and went away was
accepted as what was to havs been
expected. As to the courtesies of
the occasion as betwesn husband and
wife and friends and neighbors and
relatives which stepped over the
strict letter of the law, the good faith
of most was so manifest that the
justification was not questioned by
the greatest sticklers for official pro
cedure. The interest, the enthusiasm
incident to the first appearance of the
women at the polls, gave a special
xesth therefore, to an election, the re
sults of which so many had accepted
as a matter of course. It was easy
for the men, for the election officers
and for the women. And row that it
is all over, the only thing is for the
women to stick at it as constant and
persistent voters and see that the men
follow them in thus living up to their
privileges as eitisena.
It is to be no rash adventure by
some flier taking his life in his hands
for a dash to the pole. In fact there
is to be no pole hunting but rather an
exploration to determine the nature
and resources of unexplored regions.
With such an outfit it would seem
that the experiment is reasonably safe
as safety goes in Arctic work.
There will be means with which to
carry out rescue expeditions if any
flier is lost, and no flier is expected
to push on and on into unknown re
gions for a distance goal. That the
aeroplane is an ideal means for rapid
reconnaissance in unknown country
goes without saying and much is to
be expected of this British venture
into the far and frozen south.
The Idea that polar exploration can
be carried out in aeroplanes has been
under discussion ever since it became
clear that airships could be built to
eover long distances, but apparently
British explorers will be the first to
try the idea in a practical war. Com
mander John L. Cope, In charge of
the Antarctic expedition which hes
just left civilization for the south
ern seaa, is carrying with him a num
ber of aeroplanes which he expects
to employ in making an extensive sur
vey of the unexplored parts of the
Antarctic continent. The expedition
is proceeding in a ship of 7,000 tons
so that a vast supply of stores can be
carried and there are more than 200
men in the party.
If you buy a Christmas present,
Buy it now I
If it be for prince or peasant,
Buy it now!
Buy it early in December,
Since you didn't in November;
You'll be glad if you remember
Buy it now!
While the counters stretch before
Buy it now
While there are no crowds to bore
Buy It now!
Buy before the air is stuffy,
Buy before the girls are huffy,
Buy while things are fresh and
it now!
Tarry not until tomorrow.
Buy it now!
iEven though you have to borrow,
Buy it now!
See that shop girls don't have reason
To abhor the Christmas season ;
Put a consciense, if you please, on
Buy it now!
There were 240 industrial strikes
in New York City during the fiscal
year ending June 30. The time lost
amounted to more than ten million
working days.
The ladies of the Catholic church
will have a fod sale at Barry's Hard
ware store next Saturday, December
18th. You can get delicious, home
cooked bread, pies cakes, cookies, al
so fresh country eggs, dressed chick
ens, and fresh pork. Food will be on
sale at 11:00 o'clock. '' -
Furniture Prices Reduced
We have readjusted the prices on almost every line in our
large furniture stock to meet changed conditions. We believe
that our customers are entitled to any changes that there may be
in the lower prices and in keeping with the service we have al
ways given our patrons we are making a marked reduction in
selling prices.
Your Christmas Purchases
Coming at this time these lower prices should prove very
acceptable to our customers. Nothing Makes a Better gift than
some useful article for the home a tasty piece of furniture or
a new rug that every mombor of the family can enjoy.
Don't hesitate to come in and look over our stock and take
advantage of these new prices that we offer.
No Big Furniture Sale Just a Re-adjustment which our
customers are entitled to.
Magic City Furniture & Undertaking Go,
"The Quality Furniture Store of Clovis"
More than 3,000 immigrants are
passing through New York's Ellis Is
land daily. For the fiscal year 1920
1U21 more than 1,000,000 will have
r-Rfscd throuch the station. More
than 10,000,000 are waiting in war
stricken Europe to swarm to this-
country as soon as transportation can
be obtained.
The H
1 Friend
San Antonio, Texas. "Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescripton has
been very beneficial to my health.
I was suffering
with weakness
which caused
me to become
all run-down
and nervous. I
was just miser
able but by the
use of the 'Fa
vorite Prescrip
tion' I was completely restored to
strength and good health. Know
ing; what 'Favorite Prescription'
has done for me, I do not hesitate
to recommend it to other women
who suffer." Mas. J. B. Naylob,
216 Rische Street.
Beasley, Texas.-" During ex
pectancy I have always taken Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription as a
tonic and strengthener, and in each
case it has proved to be a wonder
ful comfort and help to me. I had
practically no suffering and my ba
bies have been strong and healthy.
I believe Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription is the best medicine the
young mother can take, and I never
hesitate to recommend it to my
friends." Mrs. Ida Chance.
All druggists sell the Prescrip
tion in both fluid and tablet form.
ousewiie s
The modern laundry is the housewife's
friend. Laundry troubles at this season of the
year when the weather is disagreeable are ex
tremely vexing. Solve the washing problem by
patronizing us. The charge is reasonable and
you are relieved of much hard work.
I The Clovis Stoam Laundry
Get the Money
If you expect to make a farm loan this year,
better get the money now, as no one knows what
conditions will be later. We can use a few good
loans on improved land. List your farms and city
property with us if yo uwant to sell it.
Union Mortgage Co.
- r. n.ri iii ii i
ly TONE as brilliant as the sparkle of gems and as
Ay sweet as an old love song as clear as the Sabbath
C L church bells' chimes and as true as the ring of a
gong this is Sonora's tone which was awarded the highest
score at the Panama Pacific Exposition.
A Christmas Gift Supreme
'The Highest Class Talking'
Machine in the World
Prices f6o to $aroo
Denliof Jewelry Co,
Um Sown cl-Ptnnuat Nndl s oa til HmI nndli html cut iwoHt, Tb m.
uM tout, pU, pun; tint, to amy with kcoottnieoct of fo,unt iWjQi;H
Kiwi uk racorai m, - -

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