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Mrs. U. X. Hairier ;s .-till on the
if!- li.-i.
JL.-s Clndys l:..iidol vis'K il w lii
Miss I'liiiic M.Jiail.y Sunday.
Mis. Ilyl 'I'. i , ! ,f ( l.,vi. i vis
iUi.il' In r mnil.i., Mrs. !'rink Cuiy,
-H lew tilt v s Mi: o. eck.
I .till- j t" 1 . . I.iilnli.ll H MlffiT ll(!
villi ti.ii.vli' is mis v, t , ic.
Quito ii niiiiil'i'i; fvi'iii t f i i . i'iiiii
iiui; iiy wcri' in f Monday.
M.'. Chester W.ii in- itn.l family
!iiint Sunday with .Mrs. l!.nvninii.
K.iudnl Osborne as ipiite sick
Saturday nio:ht anil Sunday.
.Mrs. Klih Handel visited her mint,
Mrs. (icorjri' lu ll, of Clovis, Tluirsiliiy.
Mr. 1). V. Dunn ami Miss Dovio
Taylor (if north of Tcxico, culled on
All'!). KM) linndol Monday afternoon.
Mr. (icorpc Curry has traded his
Dodtre for a Ford.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Randal and Mr.
nnd Mrs. Part Osborne visited at
Y.hh Uitndol's Friday.
Jim Alley visited Ira Taylor, Jr.,
Mr. and Mrs. I'arrett and Mr. and
Mrs. Uussoll of Tevico were quests
Jtt the T. J. Uandol home Sunday
We are wondi rimr what the attrac
tion is in this ciuiiiiiiniity for .sonic of
tho yoilnir men of Pleasant Hill?
Who knows?
Sealed proposals will lie received at
Check that Cold and J
Got Rid of that Cough A
U U riimfiiTotiH to Inf: them r
A tonic kxulivii of din - an. I
po'iiu vi' .tenon
lii)fl lite in
mitt iih'ri-
A' m
fell n&Sdrl
rtl-D.l Int.; n-, iv, .il
s I'll' h'M i If tn-iti ...... i
-t$ s u i n.i.ii!..'' i. ... ........
xifVI . ' 11 . i. .mil.
111, V. . .
! owl
I ,:. ,l.
l.lll'l ,
lll'll'lll, I
llllll'.t II
ll II lll'll '.lll.lll. , II,,.,,,!!;,,,,.
'd ,nnl ciii.,'1 -if. r..u'i!'i i
. 1 1 . 'II. .1 .11,, I i. pril l. ,1!,,
It i.' r . rili, t til tliuli .,',!.;.
Sold Evorywhtro
Tablets or LiotiiJ
the office of the City Clerk of the
City of Clovis, New Mexico, until 7
o'clock p. in. on the 12th day of
March, A. 1). 1U21, for the prudini;,
pavinc, curbing, truttcrinir, and oth'T
i.i.c ii-i.i'(i in.:' the following street'
ii saul ( itv oi Clovis. acconlii'i' to
.ho plans and specifications there-j
'n!1 now on file in the office of the I
i'iiy 1 1 -1 -i . and City K:'!' iU'rf of said'
iiy, wh ll plans and seci "natii'iis
have In en :i proved Iiy the city conn- 1
of ' . .id c ty Iiy i'.' dilution adopted I
,n .Ik J'''1i ihy of l)ece..,l,ei', A. 1).
l!L'(t. '.
.Main .St"cet That portion of Main
Street between its inlerseition with
th" couth line of Mtinroe Avenue and
i 1 a intersection with the north line of
the iv'ht-of-way of the Atchison To
pi ka and Santu Ke Uaiiway Co. 1'av
i t:jjr to lie 70 feet wide.
(iranil Avenue That portion of
Grand Avenue between its intersec
tion with the vcst line of Connelly
Street and its int'-rscction with the
west line of Giddinf? Street. This
pavintt to be 70 feet wide except the
block between File and GiddiiiR
Streets which is to be 50 feet wide.
Munroe Avenue That portion of
Munroe Avenue between its intersec
tion with the west line of Mitchell
Street and its intersection with the
vi st line of fiidd nir Street. FnviiiR
to lie "ill feet wide.
diildinu' Street That portion of
(lidiliiiK Street between its intersec
with the nort'i line of Otero Avenue
.'ind its ii.tcrsi cti.m with the south line
of llent Avenue, pavini; to be 3tl
feet Wide.
IMe Street That partion of File
Street between its intersection with
the north line of Otero Avenue and
its intersection with the smith line of
Munroe Avenue, Fuvintf to be AO
feet wide.
Otiio Avenue That portion of j
Otero avenue between its intersection
wi'h lb" West line of Mitchell Stri-i't
and its intersection with the west line
read and acted upon as 'oon as con
venient after the haur and date above
The city rescves the ritjht to ac
cept or reject any or all bids. The
contractor to whom the contract is
warded will be reeiiired to file n
Kood and stiff cieut bond and enter
into contract as reipiired by the city
council and in accordance with the
I i i him of his bid within ten days af
ter Hi- awariline; of the contract by
'he c.nincil. ' '
.Should such contractor fail to file
iv bond rciuirod or ener into con
tract with the City of Clnvis, as above
provided, then the certified check
shall become forfeited and tho pro
ceeds thereof retained by the city as
liquidated damages.
Dated this 2nd day of March, A.
D. 1921.
(Seal) Mayor.
E. E. TAGADER, City Clerk.
Approved :
OCSAR DOUns, City Munagcr.
between l'i'.e and did
Favinir to be ."0 feel
on the f.illow-
of the alley
il'i'ir Streets
Ilids wilt b reci ivei
in.r Cms oi paving:
Vitrifiid Vertical Fibre Uriel; on
I '.men !" base.
''. ih'il:ihie on let uieinoMs base.
' 'i . h 1 1 i ; 'lie on coocri ie liase.
I' ans ami ';rci f cation ., will be
fur ': In d fi to ii.teresled e . in ' ract -
.iv. A -tifieil check of two oer
ri'i:t "f ill bid , !'- aei"i up'iny each
eri.M.'al. All bids ' reive,! by the
c'ly fl.'t-k will be pu'ilii'ly oiel:ei a;:-l
Thomas Jefferson said that the
people who were the least governed
were tho best governed.
Germany that had the most pater
nalism and regulation of citizens nnd
industry wes worst off.
The school teacher who makes
scores of new rules regulating the
children h.:3 the warat time with the
The i'ewest and simplest rules and
hose lived up to produce the bes'
children at home mid in school.
Those who want everything regu
lated by laws and commissions nnd
inspectors must pay high taxes.
If our industries and business anil
movements and even personal hi'bits
are put under government regulation
we must expect high taxes.
The harder the state or nation
makes it to start anything in the wny
of an enterprise that is going t3 em
ploy labor the harder times will be.
There is no time like the present to
fix that old leaky roof. See Ilrown
Thonipson Construction Company for
all kinds of built-up ro.ifing nnd re
pairing. l!"oin Harry Building,
Clovis, X. M.
Tho J."i,tnck.' 1 on Works, blac.i
mithiPt' and gei.crnl repair work.
We tuaki- n spec.alty of re-borir.ir c I
imleri at"' 'nthr work. ri-li-t.fc
,1 j
) N IF I .13 :
7 1
n fir1
. mi r i
I 8 1
ti 1 Tt S I !;
H IS H W . WJ ?;
vi(k vjmT vijr
This week end we are offering some special values in Men's
Furnishings. It will piy you to compare these prices and come
in and see these values before buying.
$8.50 Unfinished French Flannel Shirts, now $5.00
$7.50 Corduruv Shirts, now S5.00
$3.50 1000 Mile Shirts, now $2.00
$2.50 Khaki Shirts, now $1.50
$7.50 Army Regulation Shirts, now $5.00
$14.00 Dress Shirts, now $8.50
$12.00 Dress Shirts, now $5.C0
A big line ofg Madras, Percale and Fibre Silk Shirts, going at
$2.50 to $5.00.
Regular 50c Lisle Ko..e, 3 pairs tor $1.00
$1.50 to $2.00 Silk Hose, now, per pair 75c
We h;i ve a number cf excellent bath robes and smoking jack
ets left over from the holidays,
Newest and latest stylos -..-$25, $30, $35, $40, $45, and up to $55.
They're nil ty Come in and see them.
Our Spring neckwear, and our new line of hats and caps are
here. .Come in and look them over.
fTs &
1 PHONE? 258 1
A7" 1 ''" W J r ' ""'.ii',' , ,f . ,r -,-t. h.-'r; m ' .
Do You Want to Make Your
Old Floors, Furniture, Woodwork and Walls
Look Like. New?
Do You Want to Have an Unusually
Artistic Cheerful Comfortable Home?
of Course You Do So
During the Following Days
arch 14, 15 and 16
A DEVOE FACTORY EXPERT will give you detailed -information
regarding the most Artistic and Effective
Color Schemes and complete data relative
to the use of any DEVOE Paint Product.
We want you to try one of the lines, namely
DEVOE M1RROLAC ac our expense, so we
will send you u coupon wor-h 30 cents ap;.'Kud
to the purchase of a iaigcr si;-. or n o0 cent
can Fret. "on the 'Juys of KJ.'.-catior.jl Punt
Exhib.i.iu;i. ----w
Remember the Date
Fnrsimilr if Culioii
Ffl EE
30 Conti in Trnd? or O
30c can Dvvoc MirrduC
Tcur out tint dupon, fy'l
in y-j.i' na'iiP ' .l'J
ffii's rff n n,:t j M.W.n;'.
i.f HtwolaL ft n . J"- "1
Kif nt 1 ' i" ' Tf tl-inni;
till b '-iU.MUJl.tJ 1'Jltlt
hit Cji.i i"-.ie Only to
i; f
of the Demonstration
Cf-, 'oV
, visiting his pni'i'iilH of tlii.s I'niiimiiiii-
t v.
Siiniliiy scliiiol whs wvll ntti'inltil
lust .Sniulay niiiniitii;. 'I'lu- Sumliiy
irhuiil ti'iiclii'i's arc in'ipiirinK tln ir
i'l.' sst'8 fur u IH'iiiuni wliidi is tii lie
I lay, Sunday,
ri'tiilri'ci! Mi.iniiiirj
March 27th.
Mr. Waylanil linurrs, who has Ikvii
iiltciiiliiiK Waylaml ('ullcyi', 1'lain-vii-w,
Texas, has nUiini'il home. H
: rcpurti'il iliat hi' In: 'In- niiiiiips
i.ini will U'turn In I'ollr"!' t) cuntimio
Ir.s vvnrk us sunn ;.s piissilili'.
.Mr. Wiiit'jr Smith, vh has recently
nmviil to this I'liiiiiiiunity, i.s i.mv rim
uii'tr th.' tvli'pliiiiii' rcliaii(ri! at this
'I he par'y which was i.;ivcn at Mr.
J(io Smith's Saturil.'iy niht was well
attendiil nnd ev ryleniy n porU il that
thc hi:d a irci'd tii'i:'. Mrs. Smith did
nut ciiiiseiit tn have tin- party nn'ill
Mr. ! 'i an i; M.nlin, wlm h.i.i I, em l,e hilling them fur the children i
i.i,.ini,' tii iitini ."ts fruiii an (i.eiipath hunt ;i liast, r Siiniliiy.
in Hen fi.'! I, in mimic heller and is I viv'mi !,.! ,i qt
L'le W:i!l:er; Mr, Hyde nnd family UJ
Mr, (ienrre S neli terry and family
1 Mr. Hunter ami Mr. Marshall at- ten. led cIiiiilIi at t'hivis Kcl). 'JSt
I l. 'ndcil .lie liasl.etliall name ut Clnvis Hu yen know:
I Saturday nitfht.
.miss l iirrie Hell oi ( lovis was a
i visitor at 11. V. I'. U. hero Sunday
Mis-is fl.ild'e Snoildirly and ( lot-'
die l.ovett and Viri'il Sharp am) Klvia'
I.uvett joined the 1!. V. 1'. U. Sunday ,
ni;;ht. j
If yon are missing eitu's don't lie;
surprised for the Kastor liunnios ma;!
Who was disappointed Sunday f
lorn .1011?
i Who is oalliiiK at the home (,f it
('. M. Clark every Sunday eveniili
Who journeyed to llolleno 0
nik'ht and was fooled?
Who the star in U, S. hi tory is?
Who the author of this is?
Slim Jim,
win d as tlvy j J
htte Salurd'iy iit'lc i n mil
body did not eel lie
would have olherwis".
Mr. nnd Mrs. leI,oziT and fam
ily were visitors i.t the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Ilydes Sunday.
Miss Kl.:ie Cross end Miss Mary
Kail.; hoth spi nt the we 'k end at their
homes in Tcxico.
A nice pi'oirram was rendered Iiy
Mr. Marshall at I!. Y. I'. V. Sui.day
niht, also two specii'.l pieces a pi
ano solo by Mr. Walter Smith nnd a
talk Kivon hy Miss (!o:ich entitled:
"That SomelhiiiK." You people who
are not coming out to II. Y. I'. I'.
sure ar" niissini: somethinir worth
A boy fri'iid of Mr. Joe .lerell's,
who has hen visitimr Ivre, left for his
home Monday.
Mr. liill Coyiin win n visitor nt the
home of Mr. I'alniatcer Sunday. They
live in the Claud community.
Mr. Siecle Walker took dinner with
Mr. Viri'il Sharp Sunday.
Mr. Hyde and family nre talking
of mnvinu to Clovis soon as he is
not nbln to work on the farm.
Mr. W, W. HunjrntP, Mr. II. Rell
nnd Mr. Alfred Sinidcterry were in
Clovis on busincM Tucsdny.
Miss Ruby McBrnycr was absent
from school Friday.
r ind"
For the past year it has been hard to find money
to handle farm loans, but by keeping after investors
week in and week out we succeeded in selling $2G2,.
500.00 worth of loans made to the farmers of Curry,
Roosevelt and Quay Counties. We had to work
harder than we ever worked before, and made less
than ever before, but we feel that our farmers needed
the money and we are thankful that we could get it
for them.
We are still making loans on improved farms.
If you need a loan come in and see us, we can make
the loan if anyone can. j
Yours for service,
Union Mortgage Co.

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