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'County Clerk 11-1-20
Oldest Established Paper in Curry County
Official Paner of XT. S. Land Office
VOL. 14, NUMBER 50.
$7.00 PER YEAR
Important Announcement! Are Mad
lor tha Big Honajrwall R
vival Now in Progrett.
Services at the union revival have
been drawing big crowds notwith
standing the rains. Services are held
each forenoon at 10:00 o'clock at the
Lyceum Theatre with the exception
of Monday and Saturday mornings.
Each evening at 7:45, with the ex
ception of Monday evening, services
arc held at th? Elks Auditorium.
On Friday evening at 7:45 all the
members of the young people's soci
eties of the town will be guests of
honor at a special service. Saturday
night the Booster Choir will sing. All
churches will have their regular Sun
duy school services Sunday morning
and at 11:00 o'clock the union service
will be held at the Lyceum.
Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock
at the Lyceum Rev. Honeywell will
deliver his second message to men
only, h.s subject being "Manhood, or
How to Bo Less Than a Man." At
the same hour on Sunday Mrs.
Swartzbaugh will address the women
at the Baptist church. The Sunday
night services will be held at the au
ditorium at 7:4.r.
A. W. Johnion'i Aggregation Ran
Away With Big End of th
Score in Wednesday's Cam.
The hall team of Johnson's band
wai an e-usy victor over the Kiwanis
Club team on Wednesday afternoon
of this week, the scene being 16 to
f) in favor of the musicians. The
batteries for Johnson's Bund were
Byrl Johnson and Warner wh.ie the
Kmanians used Yost, Dennis, Hard
wick and Duckworth as pitchers and
B:?hop, Dr. Miller and Hockenhull as
ratchets. The musicians kept the
same train throughout the game
while the Kiwanians used twenty dif
ferent players. Manager Bishop say
he just tried them nil in order to pick
the best material for the next game
which tho Kiwanians hope to win
after doing a little practicing and get
tins themselves in n little better phy
sical trim.
The members of the band team say
they do not have to change their line
tip in older to win the next game and
are cor.fid -nt of a bigger victory
should another game be played.
There were so ninny features In
the Wednesday game that the News
will not attempt to enumerate them
The program to have been given by
the pupils of Miss Orpha M. Applemnn
on Tuesday evening of this week
hns been postponed until Saturday
evening when it will be given at the
Presbyterian church at 7:45.
Special Program Has Beon Prepared
for Tuetday Evening, Juno
14th. ExerciiM Public
The Elks Lodge will commemorate
Flair Day with special exercises on
next Tuesday evening, June 14th at
the Elks Home, commencing nt 8:00
o'clock. This will be a public service
to which everyone is Invited. The
following program will be carried out
' Star Spangled Banner". -Everybody
Introductory Exercises, Exalted Rule
and Officers.
Prayer Chaplain
Sonir. "Columbia tho Gem of the
Ocean" Everybody
Fine Record General Patton
Altar Services, Esquire and Officers
Elks' Tribute to the Flag, Fred E
Music Elks' Quartette
Patriotic Address, Hon. Sam G. Brat
Song, "America" All Present
This Is a public exercise. Every
body invited to come.
Clovis New City School Superintend
ent Succeeds Retiring On ia Im
portant Educational Position.
Jas. M. Bickley, superintendent of
Clovis schools, has been chosen as
president of the New Mexico Educa
tional Association, an organization to
which practicully every teacher In the
state belongs. Mr. Bickley succeeds
Mr. Bowyer of this city who resigned
econtly on account of moving his
residence to another state. It is an.
distinct honor to Clovis to have the
head of her schools also at the head
f the teachers' organization of the
state. Mr. Bowyer has made the
teachers of the state a faithful prcsi-
nt and Mr. Bickley will continue
the good work.
In honor of E. W. Bowyer and E.
C. Parker, a smoker was held at the
Masonic Temple Inat Tuesday evening.
Both men have tukon much interest in
Masonic work in the Clovis lodge,
Mr. Bowyer having served as Wor
hipful Master last year. Among
those who responded to the toasts
were S. A. Jones, Dr. A. L. Dillon
Judge Sam Bratton, Jas. M. Bickley,
Rev. W. W. Brander, Rev. R. B
Freeman, E. C. Parker and E. W,
Bowyer. Refreshments were served
during the evening.
C. E. Dennis Son, G. M. Bryan
und Dr. Slaton of Kentucky, will this
fall have in one of the largest acre
ages of wheat in one body in tht3
county. They own over 3200 acres
of land twenty-five miles north of
Clovis and will have 2,500 acres of
this in wheat this tall. Already over
2,000 acres of this land has been
broken and will be summer fallowed.
Converting ranches into farms as
these progressive men are doing,
shows the agricultural development
that is going on in Curry County now.
D. T. IX v. ell of El Paso, Texas,
this past week purchased the Clovis
store of the American Be to $3.00
Stt.re and will continue to operate
the ttore under :w same name. Mr.
Dtwell has lived in El Paso for several
years and has been a salesman in the
Southwest country for a large whole
sale house. He says he will enlarge
the scope of the business- he has just
purchased and will add a complete
stock of notions to the business.
Speaking of Clovis Mr. Dewell said.
'I have been traveling over quite a
bit of the Southwest and Clovis is
the llvest town in this section.'
The members of the local camp of
the. American Legion arc going to do
everything possible to make the big
celabratinn on the fourth and fifth a
success. They have given out the
following statement this week:
"The business men of Clovis are
heartily endorsing the American Le
gion in planning for their gigantic
celebration on Die 4th and Cth of
July, and believe it to be one of the
greatest events ever staged in the
Magic City.
"They are heartily behind it in each
and every phase. It is the opinion of
the business men that such attractions
as this arc properly staged by the
younger generation, of which the
Amerlcnn Legion is largely composed,
allowing the older men more time to
devote to the more serious affairs,
those affairs requiring deliberation
and experience, yet allowing no fea
ture of our city to be slighted.
"The strongest form which their en
dorsement has taken is the liberal
manner In which they arc contribut
ing to the advertising fund which is
being raised by the American Legion
for the purpose of scattering broad
cast over a wide section of the coun
try, the Informat'.n that Clovis Is
going to stage one of the biggest,
cleanest and best 4th of July celobra-
tions ever presented by any city
throughout the entire southwest."
Increated Acreage Will Intur at Big
A Total Yield as Was Market
d Last Year.
Right now there is a good deal of
speculation about how much grain will
be threshed in Curry County this
summer. A month ago the prospects
did not look very flattering but the
big rains have turned what looked like
a poor prospect Into another big crop.
The yield will not be as heavy per acre
in many instances as it was last year
but the Increased acreage will make
up for any shortage, and there Is t
pretty general opinion that Curry
County will thresh as many busiiels
of wheat in 1P21 as in 1920 Har
vesting and marketing this year's crop
is not going to be near as big a prob
lem this year as last as labor is cheap,
er and more plentiful,
Rev. C. D. Poston and twenty-eight
members of the E-v Scout organiza-
tion left Monday morning for Blue
Springs near Carlsbad for a ten days'
camping trip. Some of the boys were
planning to make the trip In cars
but the heavy rains prevented this, so
all went on the train. They will join
a party of Scouts from Carlsbad and
Roswel! and are expecting to have a
fine time. Those in the party are
Louis LaLonde, Robert Taylor, Chas.
Taylor, Wayne Harrison, Willis Tay
lor, Peter Poppcnmcycr, Morris Sims,
Vernon Osborne, Lester Watson
George Rogers, Loren Suman, Louis
i'routy, Clarence Washington, Luther
Miller Monroe Gnnt, John Rogers,
Jack Walton, Calvin Wondiuff, Rich
ard Manson, Everett Newton, William
Boydston, Charles Murphy, Chester
Putterson, Frank Noble, Clarence
Daniels, Flavel Coats, Bruce Ashcraft
and Barney Frnesier.
Curry County Farmcrt' Organization
Will Select Officer. June 20t'i
to Serve for Entuing Year.
The Curry County Farm Bureau
now has a campaign on for election of
officers to serve the organization
during the coming year. It was d
cided at a recent meeting after
nominating committee had selected
candidates for the several offices, to
vote on all the candidates and then
telect the two high men for each al
ike to be voted on in a second elec
After a canvass of the votes this
week the followi'g final ballot has
been submitted to the members from
which to select their officers for the
coining year, all votes to be in by
Monday, June 20th.
For President.
J. A. Wallace, Clovis.
Will H. Fattison. Clovis.
For Vic President
A. J. Conley, Melrose.
Ernest Witherspoon, Bcllview.
For Secretary-Treaturer.
J. H. Kays, Pleasant Hill.
A. L. Dickey, Clovis.
For Executive Committee
(Four to be selected)
. Cuiter, Grady.
Watson, Clovis.
R. A
Clayton Reed, Clovis.
J. E. Brunk, Ranchvale.
Robert Hall, Bellview.
Manning, Hollene.
F. Smithson. Grady.
Wilson Davis, Pleasant Hill.
After the fifteenth of this month
Curry County will be in a new judi
cial district composed of Roosevelt,
Curry, DoBaca and Quay Counties.
This district was formed by the last
legislature and Judge Bratton wi
continue- as judire. There will be a
slight change in the time of holding
jury terms of district court in thi;
county, under tho new act, the terms
convening the first Monday in Au
gust and the first Monday in Janu
Clovis Country Visited
by Abundant
F. E. Sadler is Made Special Sanitary
Officer During Summer Months.
Clovu Folki Mutt Clean Up.
In answer to the request of the
ivic Club, the City Council at its
meeting Monday night voted to lend
every effort to the clean-up move
ment in Clevis. F. E. Sudler, who
hirs been on the night police force,
will be transferred to tho day force
as speciul sanitary officer and will
devote hie entire time toward seeing
that people keep their premises prop
criy cleaned and thnt the citv is kept
a more sanitary condition. It is
pointed out by the ladies of the Civic
Club and others interested In the
clean-up movement that with wnrm
weather coming on Clovis can avoid
much sickness if the city is put in a
more sanitary condition.
Horace Bell, who lives in the Pleas
ant Hill community, was accidentally
shot Wednesday. Mr. Bell had a
shot gun in the seat by him in an
automobile. When the door of the car
was opened the gun fell, causing it ti
be discharged, the entire charge pas
ing through the muscle of the fore
arm. Luckily the bone and the artcrv
were missed, otherwise the accident
would have proved more serious. The
fleshy part of Mr. Bell's arm is badly
torn and the injury is very painful.
C. A. Scheuiich has resigned us
president of the Kiwanis Club. Mr.
Scheuiich was mimed as president of
the Kiwnnis Club when it was or
ganized several months ago.
At n : .'(ting of the board of di
rectors ednoidny afternoon, Dr. A.
L. Dillon was elected president and C.
W. Hurrison vice- president.
The Chamber of Commerce is re
ceding wires trom an points east,
west and north this week relative to
automobile roads. The Abo Highway
is the only trans-continental route
that is passable now on account of the
floods and as a result much auto
travel will be diverted through Clovis.
Mr. J. W. Tanner has beep, selected
as principal of the High School for the
next session. Mr. Tanner was princi
pal of the Eugene Field school last
year and prior to that has been with
the Clovis schools for several years.
He has made a success in his pro
fession and will make a good princi
pal of the High School.
The American Legion wns granted
full concession privileges for the 4th
and Sth of July celebration by the
City Council Monday night This
means thnt anyone operating a stand
or concession of any kind on the two
celebration days must get their rights
from the American Legion, who will
put on the celebration here.
The W. B. A. of the Maccabees met
Friday at the McFarlin hall over the
News office.
The Maccabees hnve rev'cr! t!i
McFarlin hall and will hold their
meetings on the second and fourth
Tuesdays at 7:4S p. m.
A large class was balloted on Fri
day and will be Initiated in the mid
dle of June when the Great Com
mander Lr-ura B. Hart will be present.
Au interesting debate was staged
at the Kiwanis Club luncheon Wed
nesday, The subject was "Resrlved
that Cash Ramey would make a better
Preacher than Real Estate Man."
Judge Bratton chumpioned the af
firmative aide and C. W. Harrison the
negative. The rules of the debate
were that the speakers should both
talk ut once. The speakers indulged In
quite a few personalities in regard to
the subject of the debate, and it was
a hot word contest lasting two mln-
utes which brought forth rounds cf
applause. R. M. Bishop, who judged
the word battle, declared it to be a
E. R. Hnrdwick, of the Lyceum
Theatre gave an Interesting talk on
the motion picture business and the
development of this wonderful indus
try has made in a very few years.
Mr. Hardwick's talk was very In
structive as well as entertaining.
A vocal selection by Mr. Swnrtz-
baugh, of the Honeywell party, was
part of the entertainment feature.
Judge Ratntey of Dallas Spent Few
Hours Here Between Traini.
Liket Crop Outlook.
Judge W. F. Ramsey, of Dallas,
Fedei.ul Re-serve Agent and chairman
of tho board of directors of the Fed
eral Reserve Bank at Dallas, was a
Clovis visitor between trains today.
Judge Ramsey stopped off here en-
route to Albuquerque where he will
attend a conference relative to the
proposed bill for stockmen's direct
loans and the $100,000,000 appropria
tion to care for the live stock in
dustrv. Governor Harding of the
Federal Reserve Bank will be at the
Albuquerque conference if the high
water does not hinder.
Judge Ramsey expressed himself as
well please1 .-it li the crop outlook in
th's section and said he saw the best
wheat crops on the plains after he
came over the county line into New
Mexico. While here Judge Ramsey
was the guest of local bankers.
On account of the washouts ut
points in Kansas and Colorado, all
pussenger trains from the main lines
of the Santa Fe have been routed
through Clovis this week and the
Santa Fe depot has been a busy place.
Among the trains to come through
Tuesday was a special train of dele
gates enroute to the National Credit
mcn'B Association which meets soon
at San Francisco. The special hud
137 delegates on it and was composed
of bankers and credit men from New
York, Boston and Philadelphia.
Among the number and nt the head of
the delegation was W. F. H. Koelseh,
president of the New Netherlands Na
tional Bank of New York and presi
dent of the National Creditmen's As
sociation of the United States.
The baseball games between Ama-
rillo and Clovis scheduled to be play
ed at Amarillo last Saturday and
Sunday were rained out. Likewise
the two games booked with Amarillo
to be played here Thursday and Fri
day were called off.
On Sundny and Monday two games
are scheduled with Lubbock and on
Tufsday r.-.i' Wcdnesdny of next
wed. return ramcs will be played with
The gi:iK w th I.uboock are to
he nlavpil thr: v r the ones with
Rosweil will be on the .local grounds.
The team is planning some added
strength to its pitching staff when
these games are played.
Rain Fallt For Several Days in Sue
cettion With Total for th
Week of S.2S Inches.
The wheat Is growing, row crops;
are coming along all right where they
have been planted and conditions are
looking good in Curry County as a
result of tho bountiful rainfall that
has visited this section during tha
past week. The fall for the past sev
eral days has been:
Thursday, June 2 .86
Friday, June 3 26
Saturday, June 4, 2.05
Sunday, June B .37
Monday, June fl .62
Tuesday, June 7 .20
Wednesday night, June 8.. .h7
And it's raining Thursday after
noon. The fall on the above seven dnys
totaled B.2B inches which gives ab
solutely all the moisture needed at
this time. The rains will make tho
wheat finish up in good shape and
harvesting will begin about July 1.
This is the longest rainy period
this section has had at this timo of
the year in a long time.
Johnson's Band gave, its first con
cert on Monday night of this week at
the Elks Auditorium and notwith
standing the bad weather the at
tendance wns good.
On account of the condition of the
street next week's concert will again
be held Monday night at the auditori
um instead of at the pnrk. Everyone
is invited. A special program is being
Clovii Bateball Club Plant to Erect
Suitable Grand Stand and to
Enclote the Grounda.
Plans ore under way now for the
city to buy four blocks of land just
nt the edge of town north of East
Grand Avenue to be used for a park
and fair grounds, as well as .baseball
grounds. While the city will retain
ownership to the property, the ball
club will be given a lease for ball pur
poses and a grand stand will be
erected and the park enclosed. Just
as soon as a few details are worked
out in regnrd to the title of the prop
erty, the ball club plans to start
things going toward getting the
grounds enclosed and the grand stand
Charlotte, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs, O. C. Spotter, died Mon
day night from leakage of the heart,
and was buried Tuesday afternoon.
the funeral services being conducted
by Rev. Fnbian Hoerncr at Sacred
Heart Church. Little Margaret
O'Connell, Maty Burns, Helen Hively
and Marguerite Sellers 'were pall
bearers. Sympathy is extended to the
parents and loved ones of the depart
ed child.
From twelve to fifteen pas-
senger trains each way a day
are passing through Clovis now
and will be until the roads are
repaired in the flooded district.
All the through trains that or-
dinarily pass over the main line
by way of Albuquerque will like-
ly use the Belcn Cut-off through
Cl wis for the next week.

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