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The New Buick "Four"
f Thoroughbred
Four, Completing
the Famed Buick
The Quick I 'al vein-Head
A Toner -Plant
That Has Proved
A Great Car,
Prices Make It An
Even Greater Value
22-14 Two Patenter Roidtter I M5
22-35 Five Passenjer Tourinj - 975
22-ib Three Peier Coupe - 175
22-J7 Five Passenger Sedan . . 1650
All Mm F. O. t Html, Mukifmrn
Ct'i Tirti SxmmdmrJ hmifmim mil Sttdiii
Sti Vijtr Sfmjittiitmi mmd Dihvtry Pmm
The n ;u- F-v.ir-Cylinder Buick, here ..mwizti,
is i th ir-in.ie-.la pedigreed our w-!l ;ruv
of its rum?.
Down t tiie wry ijgtdetail, this new m j i ! :s;--m
every ir.i!it ;f enduriaj; wrviceiSility. complete
ciinir irr, m i .li,tiiu-tivc r.ipeurance tint hive tl'.vjm
I'luirartsrixeil Huick autiMiinltilcrs.
The advent of tliis new Four nukes the Huick 1722
lino complete. It orrer to purchasers of a car of tiii
sizf u!l the quality and service that jm to make up
the name " Buick."
The engine, of course, w of the time-tested Buick
Valve-ia-1 lead type. The year-after-year concentra
tion (f Bnick's engineering skill and experience in
building Vahe-in-1 lead motors atsure the higliest
standard of performance obtainable today.
Kvery other unit is of a quality equal to the power
plant. The whole assembly constitutes a perfectly
balanced chassis which is of typical Buick construction.
The equipment of ford Tires is merely evidence of
the qn dity w hich characterizes the entire car.
To open and two closed body types mounted on
the lmck limit chassis comprise the newsene.
Even the most casual inspection of the details of design
smd workmanship will reveal that full measure of qual
ity which motoristshave learned toassociatcwith Buick.
Obviously a high grade automobile a genuine Buick
production the prices listed below make this great
Four even greater. A value such as this is possible
only because of the combination of Buick engineer
ing skill devoted to the one ideal of quality, Buick
production facilities developed over nearly a quarter
of a century, and Buick'i nation-wide distribution
and service organization,
The Buick Motor Company is proud of the Buick
Four. It hai the faith of long experience in this
newest addition to its line. It placet upon it unre
servedly the Buick guarantee carried by every Buick
automobile produced. That its confidence it well
placed is manifested not only by the keen interest
with which motorists have awaited this announce
ment, but also the advance orders placed by distri
butors, dealers, and the general public.
the side of it ati'i t n day., v'. 1
i The Juno corn was ninety rt:iv in
n-ncliing the fDHstiriir-i-'ar .v tii. Ti;r
' Minnesota IS still has niv rtn
; f!;.!!:s while June torn i. dj-.i.a ua-
dcrl the Mime condition..
1 About a Square Deal.
If u man wore to work for your
I father several Hays on the farm and
then never come for his pay, you
would think something was tin- mat
ter with him, would you not? Vou
would say that he didn't have "gunip
tion" enough to demand a square
deal. How then, about a club mem
ber who has plowed, or hoed, or can
ned, or sewed for several days during
the past summer but fails to claim tin
credit or award for this work be
cause he does not take his exhibit,
record and booklet to the fall show?
Arc there any members in your club
who seem backward in preparing to
demand a square deal at your show
and exhibits this fall?
If any club member seems to have
forgotten his pledge to give and de
mand a square deal in club work,
and is under tho suspicion of cheat
ing, where will the judges look fur
reliable information? To the two
I disintereiitid witnesses who have
The I'l i"a y
partmen' of th)
f. vVo ' .:v:itoi'v of Musi,.
u.Wi 'lie I'iiiclinn "f Mi.-s tennis
i'iny, r-.-ndered the following pro
gram on Wedi.. -ay, AuL".i.t 17th
Opening Selection. Mis- Lennie Curry
'i!aivuroll(;".Krancoi Behr, Op. 67S
Manor Mum
"lance I'll the Green,"
Joyce Anderson
'The Violet" W. ('. Tow
Zola Bailey
"Sweet Klower Waltz"
..Harold Spencer
Valeria Uocock
"Dew Urop Wait?." .Harold Spencec
Virginia l-'lannery
"Sleeping Doll Walt-."
. Henri Klickman
Zola UaiU-y
"Cedar lirook Waltz". . I'hil P. IVrty
Eleanor Burns
Waltz, Joyce Anderson.
"Swaying Branches" Walter Kolf
Virginia l-'lanary
After the regular program wa
rendered several selections were giv
en by Mr. Musin Croft and Mrs. Hoyt
Temple. Also Mr. I. N. Croft favor
the department with a very entei
taininp musical reading which wa
signed his book, of course To prove: greatly appreciated by all.
in advance that he is giving a square! Hei nous refreshment consisting
deal and also to he in position to U-- "f cherry punch and cake wen- served
mand the sum- from all others, every after ihe program and everyone re
club member ought ta set- to it thut ported an enji ya-ilc rvcninir
his record is signed by not fewer than I
two reliable witnesses who are nut
members of the family.
i and Girls' I
Club Corner j
Mr. Edna Humt Durand
County Club Leader t
An interesting meeting was held
t the home of Mis. Sherwood, Shi
loh, the ISth. A pressure cooker
demonstration was given at which
timt two guinea towls were cooked
and two quarts f summer sauush
wert canned. This was followed by
canning- demonstialion using corn
n8 tht basis for discussion.
Three member of the "L'-Need-A-Cook"
Cooking- club save a demon
stration of cake bakif Mrs. W. V.
Greer is the local leader tr this
group and the girls ai doing excel
lent work. They have an original
song (both words and music) that
will prove best seller and the girls
hare worked out a yell that will put
nap in their work.
The Havener group will meet
Thursday at the school house. Every g.oom ana eve fcr your stock al
member is urged to be present with' fair grounds?
his record so that a helpful "round (,'ulf are you feeding just a lit.
table" on records may be conducted, tl grain these days? Oats or other
gn in help the calf to acquire a good
The Grady community is so busy looking ccct. Break the calf to lead
with harvest that the August meeting and "gentle" her with daily hr.nd
has been postponed until a later date. I )i.ig,
I Corn Study the two cuts on page
The Locust Grove clubs will mectj 14 of your club book. Can you se-
rrmay. the mtn. lect a uniform exhibit? Do you
1 know the "true type" in your va-
Somcthini U Think Abaut la Prr. ri ty?
lag Your Eikibit Sorghum Which 10 h ads to se-
Poultry How to make a proper I 'd? How to cure the exhibit and
coop, which cockerel and two pullets rlispl. y it?
will make the best exhibit, what are Bean Read page 14 cxrefully and
the points of a good type of my I be sure that your exhibit is hand pick-
hreed? (If you rio not know your e.d.
particular breed you should send for! (ialHcn Exhibit for vari-lv, unl
FsrmeiV Bulletin No. flOfi if you formily of Rr(uip ,.),,., unA at.
have an American breed such as the j ,,.,., ivt, fw of d;pl,iv. A.. jllt thr
Plvniniilh Dn..l TJhnJ 1uunJ D..A , .,
" " u, oooin superintendent in airanging
your exhibit. Do not search for vour
etc., or No. 808 if you have one of
the Mediterranean or Continental
classes such as the Leghorns, Minor
ess, etc.)
Pigs How to g.t your sow and lit
in suitable crales so t!tt they can
be essily vcmnved and ha-idled at the
hr pens. l yru know hew lo
largest products, hut for your best,
Canning Are your containers uni
form? Have you succeeded in get
ting a good pack? Ha your ge
tables retained their color? Is there
excessive shrinkage?
Cooking Ho y u knew wjint j re
quired for a atandard exhibit? Have!
you practised making the foods re-'
quired until you are expert in gct-j
ting results? i
Clothing A r e your garments
cleun and neatly made? Can you pack
them after they are pressed so that
they will look well when removed for j
exhibit? Is your exhibit an example1
of honest endeavor and your veryj
best effort?
AH Projects Can you complete!
your record and figure your labor in-
come for the year? I
SchtduL far Nait Waek. ,
August 24th Hellene i
August 26th Pleasant Hill
and Shiloh.
August 27th Bellview
Report en Minnatsta 13 Corn, by'
Lawranea Mills
Each slalk has all the way from'
one to three good ears on.it aid is
now past rousting-ear stage. la i
exactly sixty days after it was plant-!
ed it was in roasting-ears. It never j
did fire up at th bottom for lack for j
moisture while June corn rieht by
News Want Ads Bring KcMilts.
Telephone us 07
The pastor has returned and will
preach Sunday, both in the morning'
I and evening.
Interests of Bank
and Depositors
OH'irci-s ;in,l (lii-trtors of tliis li.-mk i-vo.-iiizr-
thai llic inli-rcsis of Hiis l.ank ami its ..-..Mn.r.x
arc tiie same. Wln-n iii i-csniuvcs of the palmns
ami ilci.t.siti-i-s el' tin- .an in-rcasi. ihi- vulumr nf
liiisiiicss iiii-ivascs. It is llinrfHic wise ami imiilciii
l"i' tin- liank In assisl tiie k-i. .,- (,f this va i,'ilv to
iiHTcasc tlicii- money ami iroiei-ty.
To Hiis end the mosl cordial relations lie
I ween (he officers of this hank and its depositors are
oncouragpd. Any service that we can render is al
ways checrfulk jiren in all financial matters.
Farmers State Bank
of ClovU, Now Mexico
S. J. Boy kin, Pres. J. W. Wilkerwm, Vice I'res.
A. W. Rkarda, Cashier
. noun Dijjj I
I'' llu
7 mm. M . . II Otl I
J rail!
i ft. -1
No Worry For Her
A x raon aai'l "My. Lead is. fi'St growing
gr.iy. I've livi 1 n long tim-- in t'ui;-. world
and had lots of t -oublc, most of which nev
er happened.
Avo;d the worry habit by avoiding the
things that might be a source of worry.
She doesn't worry about the results of her
baking when there is plenty of WICHITA'S'
IMPERIAL FLOUR In the pantry.

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