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Hall Mattress Co.
We invito you to call and see how our beds arc
made. We use nothing hut pure, fluffy staple
bought direct from the cotton fanner. Made by the
latest improved machinery and finished by expert
workmen. We guarantee our product to give satis
faction in every respect.
The correct number of beans in our guessing
contest last week was 13,713. Mrs. Ona Acuff won
the mattress by guessing 13,054, the nearest correct
Let us remake that old bed. Wc manufacture
any size bed you want. See us.
Hall Mattress Co.
Across the street from A. B. Austin & Company
new mcAiiu vuimi umuii vuiiipaiijr
f General Offices Albuqurque
Branch Offices: Clovis and Las Vegas j
A Good Meal
We have served the public in the restaurant busi
ness in Clovis for many years and we make our
service worth 100 per cent on the dollar. We make
you feel at home and feed you well. Try our service.
Extension Office
Notes 3
Keep Intectt From Stored Seea
Many seeds, especially boans, corn ,
and lettuce, are subject to injury by
a number of insects, all of which miy
be destroyed by fumigation with car
bon bisulphide, say experts of the
United States Department of Agri
culture. Carbon bisulphide is a liquid
that ean bp purchased in tin cans at
any drug store. When poured into
a d'jh it evaporates rapidly, produc
ing a foul smelling gas that is heuvier
than air. Therefore in fumigating
seeds, to kill inserts attacking them,
it is necessary to place the carbon
bisulphide cn top or the seeds in or
der that the gas may sink into them
and reach every part of the container,
a tight tin pail, box or barrel makes
an excellent container for fumigat
ing seeds. For a tight barrel full of
seeds one-half cupful of carbon bi
sulphide is sufficient, For smaller
containers, use in proportion.
Seeds to be fumigated must be dry,
and if they are in paper bags, the
bags should be opened. The gas pen
etrates cloth bags easily. The liquid
may be placed in a shallow dish, such
as a saucer or plate, or merely poured
on the seeds. The liquid will not in
jure the seeds if poured directly up
on them. Immediately after start
ing the fumigation, the container
should be covered with several thick
nesses of heavy paper, or other ticrht
cover, and allowed to remain covered
from one to two days. A longer fu
migation in tin pails is apt to injure,
the germinating power of the seeds, j
Feed For Newly Weened Pigi.
Skim milk and corn or skim milk
and shorts, fed in the proportion ot
3 to 1, make an excellent ration for
weanlings. If skim milk is not avail-!
able a mixture of 5 parts corn meal,!
14 parts midlings, and 1 part tankage,;
fed as thin slop is very good. i
Good succulent pasture is always
beiHilic.nl to pigs when weather per
, mits. Rye is much used for fall hug
pasture in the North, rye and crim
json clover father south, while cow!
peas and soy beans are used in tli;
southern states. Sour, aficr weanine
lit is best to r pa rate those animals
I which are to be ke;,t for breeding
; purpose? from the fattening stoci..
as the dfv'Uupim-nt fur Ijest n-tu'.::
with each class requires u diifer. ni
system of management. I
Old IJear flew 1 ear
VIED !, New "o,
I' UtutdoiO0 bnnq?
Qour be J might bold
Old teer, Old IJear,
What wilt noa do
H7ilh ll the hop
That I qave ijouf
There u i moment
tL'hen ijoo meet,
Like tvo travelers
On one street.
Old IJear, New 1 ear,
In the ikq,
Out where the winds
And qhoits go bu.
Old IJear, Old Qear
Vhat do dm mo,
Meeting the New on
The Milks. Day 7
Hon took from me
Like thief.
Larkspur jou and
Juniper grief,
Cut tgou leave ma
One bright hont,
Qlad like tun on
A crimson flower
This it mine
Qou mat) not
Take it from me I
Nev IJear, New (ear,
Vhat do uou
Hear a uou pass him
In the blue ?
Old 1ear, Old Qear,
UJhere do uou go.
Out on that path
Men do not know?
LOUISE D115COLU ( N. t). Timet.
Dodge Brothers Cars
The First Cost is
Practically the Last
Heavenward i
Money hck without quettlon
(Hunt's ShIv and Soup Mail in
the treatment of Itch, Kciema,
inf akin dtwiaei. Try thte
trUneat at our mk.
Mr. Farmer, if you are going to
have a public sale, advertise it in the
News. Proper advertising through
the columns of this paper will bring
you a crowd. tf
Wanted Good, clean cotton rags
at the News Office. lt
To Our Many Friends and
Customers we extend our
New Year's Greetings
and may you have many
blessings in 1922.
Farmers State Bank
of Clovis, New Mexico
S. J. Boykdn, Pres. J. W. Wilkinson, Vice Pres.
A. W. Skarda, Cashier
(By Walt Mason)
All around me men are building
bungalows in which to dwell, and the
painters brisk are eliding, graining,
staining, wildly well; and I se0 the
glaziers, glazing, and behold the bra
siers brazing, and the carpenters are
raising still more buildings, with a
veil. Evervwhero I V,
' niv lit! ill HI 1. 1 1 i
everywhere I hear the saw, and the
workmen's joyous clamor fills with'
happiness my ctawj for the dead old:
days are ended when no sound of i
toil ascended .and my ample beard I
rendered, while I muttered "Pish!"
and "Pshaw!" Oh, the dead old days'
arc finished may they never amide
back! when our wads were so di
minished that we couldn't build a
shack; and the landlords, profiteer
ing, cumc like shearers to the shear
ing, truclent nr.d domineering, to re
movo our little stuck. Now we
build our little .shanties, huild
cur m-at three-ccr.iered sheds, and
our grandmas and our aunties will
have roofs abov0 their heads; and
they'll plant p.r s and lilies, and nia-
10.-UU3 tor chilis, and the nnthogs
have the willies as they curl up in
their beds. Oh, the better days are
ccming whi n th.: building booms be
gin, and the plumbers are plumbing,
and the timers gaily tin; every pent
will have his cottage where th ft in.
I succumb to swnUarre, where he'll cat
i his humble pottage And the ront
I hog's growing thin.
flP UK si rutin and true; to be gen-
emus In praise and appreciation
of others; to Impute worthy mo
tives even to enemies; to give without
expectation of return; to practice hu
mility, tolerance ami self-restraint; to
make the best use of time and oppor- !
iimity; to keep the mind pure iiml the I
judgment .'harltnhle; to extend Intel, j
IlKcnt sunpiithy to those in distress; i
to cultrVule (UleliicKs and honreslst- .
iime; to speak little and listen much;
to adhere always to u high standard
of tlioiiL'lit, purpose ami conduct; to j
(.row In (.'race, goodness and gratitude;
to seek truth and rlghte"iisin; to
work. love, pray ami serve dally; to!
aspire greatly, labor cheerfully mid
take Ooil at Ills word this Is to travul j
Iti'iiveiiwnnl. ti. Klelser In Y. M. C.
C. Central.
Murray's Confectionery
Try our specials this week
Mistletoe Ice
"You're Sure It's Pure"
To Welcome the New Year.
Sjf I'UETTT ceremony handed
dowi, from the past Is to
open tue front d:xr prompt
ly on the stroke of midnight for
the passing of the old year to
Join the centuries of the past,
and for the entrance of the baby
new year, who Is Just about to i
commence his earthly career. j
Clovis Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
208210212 and 214 South Main Street
Careful, painstaking care in every detail
Licensed Embalmer
In Charge of Undertaking Parlors
The Persians still exchange presents
of eggs at New Year's Just us we do
at Euster. Hut the rest of us now do
our giving of presents a; Christmas
parties, though we may give to each
other on .1 an miry 1. In Scotland and
England everybody calls on everybody
else New Year's day, und drinks punch.
Here In America culling has gone out
of style, but if we do nothing more,
we at least shout "Happy New Year"
to everybody we meet on Now Year's
morning. When we shout that, we
mean good luck to them for all the new
year through.
I They can get along without you.
But success will quicker find them,
If they know that you'ro behind
( Boost for every forward movement ;
Boost for every new improvement.
Boost your city and boost your
Boost the church that you attend.
I Boost the street on which you're
! dwelling;
i Boost the goods thnl) you're selling.
I Boost the firm for whom you labor)
Boost the stranger and your neigh
bor. i Cease to be a chronic knocker-
Ceise to he a prepress blocker.
If you'd mako your city better
Boost it to the final letter.
If Vftll tlntm b -it.- M
..... awm-ining ior sale or
want to buy something, use a Clovis
News Want Ad, ic pt,r wor,, ,f
Ostrich New-fangled breakfast
food, eh? Well I swore off from that
stuff the first of last yearl
Stew the pumpkin timl rub through
a colander. Heat the yolks of four
eggs light; add a cupful 0f sugar and
beat until ynt: have a quart of the
stewed pumpkin. I'onr in a quart of
milk, a teaspoonfiil of nutmeg, and cin
namon. Fold !u the stiffened whiles
of four eggs. Line a deep pie plate
with puff paste, then flu with the
pumpkin ami bake in a moderate oven
till done.
As the cnrtooiiMs i,,VP n, a year
comes In as a ,mt. ditys later
dies us an old tun
j Is that the l:ini:'S:
man and not a a . ..
low fortunate It
In us a hU'
Wishes its customers and friends all
over the county a prosperous
We thank you for the business you
gave us the past year.
Profitable little Want Ads; they save you money; read 'em

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