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d 4V NO 34 LOUUlVLLLE I KT FRIDAY AUGUST 1 8 rr ES b rq tm1If 4 t
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> ljtfhftts the us of groaning
iL > Because tbe clouds are Mauk
1 t All your allly moaning
V NevHr push them back
Troubles may be coming
1 vV Coming ID a heap
J nit you keep a bumming
t v Bum l yourself to tlHp >
> Whats tha use of < riumb < iug
J vVhuu the ground la I wet
1 Thunder may be rumbling
t Oont you ever fret
Storm will Boon lie ovqr
Flowers blooming tine
Crop will be In ulover
Whrn tits ilun dose uhiae
Whats tbe use of shouting
Getting son o marl
H Tnlnns that set you pouting
May tnakr other wad
1You dot U br only
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r Tell mt rtjuare and true
s If the worM was only
Made for me and you
The 21 Idt annual seuaion ll of Ihtt New
Liberty l aiiti tSuudny Brbnol Conven
clots Wits hid rttb th Sunday SJ ool of
Pc > etwii July 30 31 aid August 12
1903 Albs M rK ltrt J Broaclus prtsm
iMt ai Iltt 0igan nelectiou All need Thee
vrv hour tlldr d Invocation by
HV G U Miler nfer which aiiviour
lure Uini life to rue was sung Tht
welcm nUdren tta ii livered by E W
MfOii iu a practical plain and touctihig
mAinr ibe rt p vse to same was made
ly J O W hittk r Wo vwiy eloquantly
voiuHi t 1tt1 hentiuienl I 6f the delegates
Tht Sunday School of tlia JOih Century
L war dluabd at length Tbe afternoon
wall rp nt In rending letter Irom the
tic dat 8uhnols
It tIt H M UU tit d by S M
Vattt pi CUed the t annual enuon iu i
tbe vVfiiing Friday morning alter de
a 1otlJW t retie rrtadoptiou of the
pinviuUf ttas js urnnlJJ flttaiM V IIIUII
War appointed editor liul l oirtTis oiideul
for the CouttiUolI The otier eUUers
we > wlreutl MB follow Insidiiit T It
Kiid lVTic I ei ItIII G B Miller Re
Our tliug Soieiary M J UioaiJtlnn Cor
r piuiiiiig Sc vtary li W Mon i
I TreuBurer J L Kiancls Orgauiitt L
B Yates i Chorllthr J 0 Wbitaker
k Rev R U Butlor A M puke oar
inUuluin in tht afleruouu and tUe Oral
part of the cvtiulng wa punt In render
lug a literary piosram l Wbion was a treat
indeed Tbo e who prlicipated vere
Miss L H Yie Miss Mary Wbite Jo
nepheuuMabuny f4iV Boaddus Mattiv
Carl l
Iit rater Lucy Watts M G Uonuett Mar
> barb Broaddus bung Mistress of ere
iuonle TUB critic were J O W hit ker
an i S R W Smith whoao vcriticum wan
Ito tue point and beneficial l
Saturday aiorutng and afternoon Wan
pout dinoUB8ln topic of lutcrvt to the
denomination and Suudayechool After
the regular routine of business Saturday
evening Rev K A Monday preaubvd tbe
memorial sermon Sunday morulug the
k Sundayiuhool Was conducted by lUlu
M J Broadduv preacher were as tot
low 11 a m J O Whltaker 8 p m
J Franck Wilson 8 p m D V Bo
sy ttuance 10000 Next seuloii to
f btheld with the Sunday Subool of Mar
bid Creek July 1904
JUNE 26TH 1903
V > The Green Castle Baptist church
t closed Its 88th anniversary exercises
pome weeks ago We had preaching
> five nights by the following named
breibrou Rev Iji Bowen which was
enjoyed by all present We bid him
Uodc speed In his new field of labor
Rev K T Offutt preached a powerful
sermon a treat many of his members
were present and said that he preach
r 1 better for ua than he did at home
rjrf Jrle baa beeR called to Jeff r lonvllle if
be accept we piav he may get along
f J > BlceJy though his church does qot
ujf want him to leave for be Is a gospel
I preacher and we wish him well wber
fg ever he may go Rev 7m Reed
jro same be did aot see whom he expected
6 to see eo this made bJID g little down
t + hearted f but when be got to church
he JOlt eight of that BIB subject wee
r JJ Unload and RODn be preached a good
W wrffloa jRet W t Bwjnt who was
fer1 Mere oaaeeeaat of the iUneas of biB
i rwlfd I k8 HPerdgeD P1irrMCb
1 gal jr s aei it 4 Rtbe
I it
t ri i
a j
r I
church much revived We hope he
will come agaiu On Sunday morning
at 11 oclock Rev J Lewis the silver
tongued gospel preaber preached to a
full house You all know his manner
of preaching At 3 oclock Revs E W
Reed C H Jacobs E B Milton J
Jacobs and other conducted the meet
ing Rev Reed preached and was fol
lowed alternately by some of the older
membore who Cold if thn iant labor
tlwy bad in tn the org nlzatlou d the
church to whom we give God the
praise The seed sown by these broth
renwe shall gather many days hence
We collected during our meeting 85380
We certainly thank the brethren for
the noble service they rendered us
We hope these brethren will visit ua
I MAOKPaator
Dear Sinters
I have ben silent for sometime
bilL thought I woUld writ you to in
form yi u that but little over two
months remain before our meeting in
Fraukllax ABCbairmap of the Board
of Managers 1 wrjte to urge you to be
Hlir yourself during these mnnthH so
as to make tbi meeting one of the I
grandest and most successful meetings
iu the history of our convention I am
quite uuxiouM that our women get to
gether as nevor b fore for in uiiinu
there is strength We waut to mule
this our banner year Can wo not add 1
61000 00 this year to the amount now
in bank for ou girls dormitory Our 1
bontd is working very hard to keep
the work alive In Louisville We have i
begun our CHmpaign uinong the oily
churches and hOltl4 10 btj able to vlllt I
every church In I the city in the inter
est of our work within tbe next two
months The pastors are receiving UB
kindly and we hope to accomplish
much good in this way Our MlHsion
al qlsrelitecH4bt Ir1 nt1 f1Uti 1J
very encouraging lottery
Please I do not wait for the Conveii
tioii We call upon every BaptistXrp
inan and every University fcjociety to
lend neart aud hand in helping UH to
foHter our educational l work We call
upon you to come or send p represen
tative to our meeting iu Franklin If
you have no society will you not seud
al leant l ONK miljiwui fur aiiuiiaF IUHIII
btrsuip fee uud thus aid in the jjreai
work Can we nut have 100 women
who will make tea sacrifice and go
with UH to Kraiiklin At our last
meeting in Danville about 100900
was lodged I for our work and we hope
that all those who pledged will nee to it
that the nipuey pledged is either
brought or went to the Convention Any
one uealriug cards or eoiuiujiile
with which to mine your money way
write the Corresponding Secretary
i Miss Lucy FUn 1419 W Madison St
Do let the Board hoar from you so
tliut we may have some idea of how
you are gjltiug along with your work
and what we may expect or you iu Oct
at our meeting Fraukliug A line or
two from any sister or brother will du
much to encourage us Pray for the
blessings of the Almighty upon our
work > Let peace and love continue Is
the wish of your humble servant and
Chairman of Board of Managers
Louisville Ky
We wish to make our convention at
Philadelphia one of the beat in the
history of our National meetings
We have arradged to have the photo
graph of all the leading ministers ed
ucators and business men and women
represented at ttld convention so to
i that end we ask each person to send
UI their photograph atonce enclosing
fl for framing your photograph
We also wish the photographs of
churches eohools State Conventions
Sundayspbool Conventions and Bap
tilt Young Peoples Union Convep
To make this movement a grand ano
oesa each person having a drop of race
or deuoml4jtional pride will respond
guggeallons will led be gladly re
I calved Let me bear ttftm joe A4
drew all cpmmualcatioAa tof
017 Murgarett St
St Paul Mimi
qret t r
t MI
tt t s v > f f i
l tJt
< < <
An Address Delivered by Rev B W
Reed at the Twentyel ICilhth Anni
versary of Rev B P1 Marrs D
D of Beargrass Baptist Churob
I > uiviHe Ky
I can not call to memory a single
period in toy life when I received an in
vitation to an entertainment or gather
ing that I esteemad with any higher de
gree of reverence respect and regard
titan the one fxteudud to me by your
honorable committe urging upon me to
bn present upon this ooceaion A meet
lug that should mean and bespeak a
great deal to the members and friends of
the Beargrasn Baptist church and it
should be apprtiated by all tbe Baptist
ana good citizens of Louisville When I
read your welome invitation and pro
gram and saw that my name appetred
fhuieon to address yon I was very much
perplexed iu mind as to what f should
speak bout on this occasion Deuausd I
absolutely felt thatun ev nt like this di
manditd men or stronger mind and bit se
nd with a n re ready gift Thus
11 I felt my unwortbiiiyps ofbb place yon
ullowid me on sour program But while
iiitoiiitariug ou the adair and knowing
IDr I Marrs us I have and we having
been so closely related In the wqrk of
the ministry and find him always ready
and willing to give words of cheer and
good advlu to Jll young ministers and
having a faint idea what it mtm In this
day to pastor a oharch 23 years this sub
Jeut vary lordly Impressed Itself upon
my aniIr Kdifjing and Entertaining
I From this Hubjot thise division sug
gest tumselvea to my mini
I Dr Miirrn iH i Edifyiag and Knter
laming an li citizen und a inighbcr
II He in Edifying and Entertaining
ifi a pastor preuuhtr teacher and histo
rian and worker
Nov thru if we would acuipt the most
common plain and practical Idea of the
auhjoct WH would understand it to mean
development and improvement or an en
tertaining one is to to another morally
ADcia ly auk rejigfiausly i And it IB ad
sdaiH tied fact that when snub thing
uau be saidof and are true of any per
Honor persons there should be no bjuTsT
tiuu in the as to their bring of advantage
to the world as a citizen and neighbor
HiiQ I most luvaribly believe and feel
that 1 voice uhf sentiment of all the hon
est uprij bt and intwIliKent membf r of
this church anil iieighboihood when I
tell you even can be said of and in i tue
ot your praiseworthy and houornd pas
tor who has been jour leader for 23 long
and prosperous years You can at once
see that Dr Marrs ra edifying and eu >
teitainlng asa citizen find neighbor dur
ing his stay among you 1rWU wonlo
further and more accurately seebis fact
as brought out here we are only to In
vestigate hit career and work in the com
munity 23 years ago and that of the
present and draw contrast We will find
a considerable difference in affairs
If we would allow our minds to take a
rt view of the situation in
this community among you peopfe S
years ago we would uot find it ad bright
and prosperous us It is i to day Dr Marru
bad just begun > creating and molding
sentiment in the hearts and tuluds of tbe
young people for their future usefulness
and development
It can be said of Dr Jam what cannot
be said df but few Baptist ministers and
that he is a historian And for us to fully
know this fact we are only to read the two
books and the tracts he has written anoth
er book and for us to know him Mil teach
er we are only to search the records and we
find him spending 24 years in the school
room and certainly it would take a consid
erable volume to give the experience one
would gain as teacher in such a long time
If we want a clearer and more definite
proof TIS to the honor a man like Dr Marrs
is to you and the racewe only ask you to
investigate tills brief sketch the history of
of his career When the great cry went
through this country in the sixtys for men
to go to battle I see Dr Marrs shouldering
his uapsack and gun and marching to the
front like a man in the defense of his coun
try In this war he was honored because he
he1da po ition as QuarerMasterSergeant
He served out his Pmt received an honora
ble discharge and is now dossed among the
leaders of the Q A Rs which to Diy mind
is one o the most honi rabje organizations 1
now in existence
And after coming out of this cruel war of
the sixties we find him for twentyfour
long years at war in the school battling
against Ignorance and superstition tthe
following places Simpsonville Ja Gran ge
N Castle Shelbyville and for six years
at this place
And if we would point to any matt with
pride and honor as being the first Manager
of State University H would be Dr Marrs I 1
pastor of Beargrass Baptist church But >
ant sorry to say prejudice wont allow 9pme
tojnfet this honor cr upon hinjibut tltegagxi
bock et ys R honor t4 Wkom
it 1 f >
J t f 1i1J >
f4 f
due and I think itis due him and let us
give it to him while he lives
Let us look further for the worth and
value of such a man He has written two
books The Biographical sketch of his own
Lifeand Back to my old home wbere 1 was
converted fifty years ago aed now writing
a history ofjthe Central District Assdciation
And for seventeen years when the Gener
al Association wants some one to hold its
moneythe mice of the Baptists Dr Mans I
pastor ofe Beargrass Baptist church 1
which posi on he now holds
He is tre surer of the Ministers and Dea
cons Confc enci treasurer of the Republi
can League of Kentucky treasurer of the
AfroAmei can League of this city trustee
of State U iyersity and a loud agent for a I
millionai of NYand holds a prominent
position ir i the GA R Last but not t
he has bee i pastor of the Beargrass Baptist
church for wentythree years
Dear me tubers and friends I conclude by
saying th we are not only to think of Dr
Marrs as anding right in front of our de
nomination for about half a century fight
the good fight of faith and then think of
the great work God has Wrought through
him in this long time for the Masters cause
we must conclude that God could not have
used him had he not of been a man that
could both edify and entertain Hence
double honor should be thrown around
him in his declining days And as he
nears yonder world and its beautiful sun
bright clime he should be made to Jook
back over a well spent life and feel that
somebody has a bright appreciation of the
great work God has wrought through him
during hi stay on earth And when we
can gaze on his face and behold the wrink
les therein and take a look at his hoary j
hair which tells us that he Has stood the
frost of many winters and then behold
his stature which speaks louder than thun
der and tells us that he has stood the bur
den in the heat of the day and yet stand
ing as a stone wall in tiledefense of his
denomination and race I repeat again that I
as a servant heis worthy of double honor I
being confered upon him and I am one ofI I
those who bave met the Beargrass Baptist t 1
Church today to join with them in prayer
and true devotion to God that he might
live long and accomplish much good for
the Master and his race L forI I
WOleNs WOtuc
Mrs L M Jnekupn will fill the fol
lowing appointments In the Interest of
tbe Baptist Womeua KducationalCou
Ruiiuauce August 18
Plen8ureridge 3
Cbristiansburg 4
Bag Dad 6
Frankfort t 67
Midway 89
Ziou BillII 10
Georgetown 11
Danville 12 16
Atoka 17
Harrodftburg t It 18
Perryville 19
Lebanon 20
Greeuburg 21
Campb611avlheII 22
Junction City 24
SomersetJ 26
Stanford It 26
Lancaster J 1 37
Paint LickIt 28
Kirksville JI 2980
Paytontown Sept 1
Richmond f 2
Berea 8
New Libert v i 4
Goodloe I JI 6
Otter Creek II 6
Winobeaer 79
Lexington 1012
Pastors and Presidents of University
societies are requested to make suita
ble announcements of these appoint
ments and meet our representative on
her arrival and make provision for her
entertainment By order of the Board
of Managers
I set many letters from my old h me
about preserving eggs that f will nu
swer them through your paper 1
started In 888 with 38 bought eggs at
8 to 10 cents in summer preserved
them and sold in winter at from 25 to
80 cents a dozen I preserved eggs 12
years and made OOOJl1 nIece
started 104894 with 10 which gab rei
tweeted each year with the profits
and now she has UJ86al1 made from
10 00 reinvested for eight years You
can buy egge very cheap now and sell
them from 35 to 80 cents j figure the
profits ypanetf fa preserve them i
costs a cent a dolcen X jpant answer j
Jettere as I travp V but any peirson can I
get desired laforaatlon by addre sfne
the fiOPLB StfPPV C0f No 5 1
ilc ire Block New C < ppurdahf6i they
a fitrttdaie T Mtton > PiliWiiiia r B tb1j1
ttor 410itIt Jr ti 1QGU1Rit r 1 I
jrfl J f xtt
01 iA If
A if II I I
f tr 0 t
a 1lI jo
I 1
I C 111
Jf i 1 < J
ii 0000000000000000000000000 i j 4
eot I < 1 r J b
t I
I 1tLsV s 1 1 Y t WCa C l
rr r
C f tl
G 1 1y i
fThoo f of jOl the Associations and Sfln v t I
daySchool Conventionsm the State ik > Z t
I or
I J I r 4
1 1
f V v
i jI
I Issued 1 EveryA Friday < f v
v f i t > r If <
It Is I regular and reliable and shoe td bs t Is I ntry karaa 1 4 i
1 m J to
Texms II I If
II 1
1 ONISYiZAit Six MONTH Tx > MO 4 t 3 t d J
YwIsm J
t Jj 125 1Ii7r7 i1t1t
Sample papers sent upon application i 1 c J
f 1 r trf or
It t
fIi t
erVW fl i s8AW4o4 Ii 00
Baytist > erlateadeat 7 cab
BaftiitTeacker 10 M
ptrtofyl ptrquarttrt
lltUesAStvdlas for older scholars
NEW monthly 7 cemts each
per fUrl 25 ceats each fr
Sealer 4 cab
Advuuxd Zee
IiteraeaittG 2
Trtaary 3N
ptreofyt W quarter
labia I 1 cent eacY
lateraMihtte > ptreefyl
Prlaury J perquartetlx tf
Picture Lerou ZKceatoptrutl
able iMMm Elctmre 75 batsw e
ph guarkrlr
Senior KMu Dettrtvcmt fiuu >
terly 4cxts
Atvucet Mime Det artmeat
artmeatQcsjrterljr r
ptrcofyl per lljl I v
ILLUSTRATED PAPERS per tutrl ir j r l
Youg heJ1 weekly b is lid cub
litr yaa3 d Girls weekly 6J < MZ3
OV LitUc Ones I 5 N 2 w t
Tour Reaper semimonthly 3K 11 14N r
3KToBue > N 7 4
lk w rm are eI Jar clrkr of w fltMon
Cool Work monthly U gab perm In clubs of tea or more le cutet i
n earl
American Baptist Publication Society a l +
WESTERN HOUSE 1411 olive Street St oats Ye
i r
tipfoitt is flu Bis TMrtif
But a wixo man profit by the ezperidoeetf
others Every farmer and daJrjiuurtMaalt
m practical helpful paper like
Sled wide lofonnaUoa gathered treat tfci aaal eparleaefa K
WICUca1and sdsnUO ferMdccs and feeders of cattle and pigs Hswsatt kMW 4 j
how other meit g t the best main JbQw to feed to the test profit how Mst to t
ntllUe his skim mitt bow to wlwnp a flr tHBl ss dairy lror ae ress r sa °
ho luff what crops to prow to keep up tbaflow of mllS st aUeUoai 5
Last your a pa nf a tans crtU11O who read a cla1rr JMtl aady
coionsmadetpe pot sow ors tbanlh9 poor at p tTonoIthi aiK swereuelsywfetlltt
notreada lry aper That aiMaasoiuethtn ItsbovsUicVtl oteae
tellable adTberkDAIU arad OR e8nbcri = tide 1
1 = = =
lYe will qbd D Air s Oteats WI e tYe 11
FlbRleadE1HrUEtDAI mOllth11 fieper pubUiMd for
N fanasrs and dairymen abetr
ImUty Vret KMT saerr
to all new subscribers to this paper vad to all old fall e
sarlbers paying their aublcrlptS oneer tzt ad1lll
11etk JII psre frUte pr teefm Send yonra
acriatlon to i tills office while this offer Is OPMU e
I r 1 f
atm used br over fcixty yetrf bjr aailHomt
Df mothara lot tkclt childrem wWle UI
Ix whir perfect rniccaaa It aoothaa tMe
chtlld pittmi t the gwp allay mil paia
qrts wind colic futjlia the baat ruddy
fotDlatrh ap + t Ttwlllrtlievetkepooh ii the
i f erer lausisdlatelj Sold ty dnif < iat
ail I yriW
D nts a bottle Jfe f rt ss I Mk far Mm
d iII
f ° oj
< r f
l oC
ti i V
New K 11111tk > gtAiw
Y irltf 00ed et a New t + N
Sot bra
MlalstbllfersiistOkrii + cllt
Ira Ia tbII vlclaI ea are tdr
queeted to be great cad k I tst8ic
taettiilg s Auooit
2 K
ak at
Readd the Afii

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