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L 01 I AME P1 I B P to i t i 1 1L
t L L 1 a iIj
If r
40 f
i S
Some hang i there will surely be
irrIVILI1 Borne that cross thiti silent caa
ThH beggar there may have a bornea
homer r
i 4
t A monarch tbr may kinship trare
7 Amiil that vttHiil and ihn slave
1 Ttif cruel there will shelter ae QIc
v TIK proud c mn H places with the meek
The m tttr ther the lave may bu
i The aiavH without a uuain go free
The foolish hern bt there the whir
Their folly there the nhruwd wurprieI
F fIle poor have gather for the skle3
i The riches thai the UKttla priZf
1 The dUll eternui mauHiou sold
i Fur lut of iljnni UdI and ofi
Ir The Juds < may be the culprit th re
Tho ulprll retinir judgment fair
i The lowly outs be placed on htJh
4 TliH iiituMhty tints unioticed lie
The liied onts of ear that die
2I I
Ttione clmiieM ay and nl any motf
F Shall toine upou the other bhor
J mites Butler
p Great Session in Trenton Ky
fins body tntt w > th itit B < tit church
I nt Trnioi K Jill Hoili 08 The M
ic IJ JLJuiou nei on tho ith bUd wan
callul to orler hy i Kev h J Ga roll
1Iki 1 Moiirr tor HI 5180 ft m Tiirty niiu
uiis weie given fur di voiional exercisec
P in which a jjrent timiiiientuiiou of tne
uplrit was Itltliztd Rev B J Gtinott
Wite reejtel u inoilt raur Rev A M
SNII uela swietaiy ami Rev John Moore
ireasjrer A pood mouy tipics were
discuseed witn much piifit
I Tiie As ofati m was culled to order on
q the 80th nt 080 H ui by Moderutor Dr
l K Wiiiuuiii Riv U W lardtn lined
Amazing grace how fU et the soup > iI
I Rev P C Ctiuey read Ptu 1 and Rv J
Moore lid In pm er tu ei joyable de
i votion lasted 30 tulnu en Rv R P
1 4 jyjULu I jri cc ct t hq iitrmJnul iry
i t > ruion flow Ex 3814 Subject Gods
lII < present promise It was a strong and
r enjoyable sermon Rev H Hand led in
prayer The COiuiulttneH on Kntollment
LtnUl Finance were appointed Letters
iwerc road until noun lionedictieu by
Rev J lj Allnnswort
i J
tr t I Assistant Mixlemior Rtv J J 111
Cuttthen prertulfil Kern J W Wad
r den and J W Chirk conuucteil devo
f tional excHses Kendiug lutterH re
um > d nn1 coutinutd uuiil nil present
were rend under the surp nslon of the
I ruin the Providence and Murray church
p letti rs wer read rec > veil and the hand
a of fellowship extended
Committees repot on enrollment wan
approved Rev Q M Moore of Lex
ington presided during the election of
ofllcera which resulted aa follows
Moderator Rev E Williams First As
Utsnt Moderator RtvR P Wbiteside
Second Assistant Moderator Rev J4 C
Majors Recording Secretary Rtv v7m
l H Lavell Corresponding Secretary
Rev Win Foster Treasurer Rev W E
Glovtr Dr P H Kennedy and Prof
1Win H Steward presented fhe officers I
elect Rev A B Cabaniss addressed tne
Association which was much Appreciated
Dr S B Hmitb delivered a vfry pleas
log and erjojabe addrets The usual
committees worn appointed Adjourned
4 with bendictlon by Rv L Willis
I After devotional exercises Brother W
I Jt DIokerson of tnf white Baptist church
delivered the welcome address which was I
I much enjoyed by all and Rev Q W
Darcleu reuponed with a fitting and an
appreolatlved addrass Bros Mllligan
church delivered short addresses to the
r rt Mediation DP Wra Foster prennhed the Ednca
Ioniil l sermon from Gen 82d Subject I
ill Mna and his lustitutlous It was a
k niott excellent sermon Collection 465
J4 Benediction by Dr Wm Foster
Hod crator Williams presided and Revi
W K Robinson and L Willis conducted L
I f devotional services The minutes of the
t I pVeVlous day were read and approved
f H nr A A Wallace WM appointed ser
rQ A gaiatEm Moderator Williams de
i Jveredhls annual add reis touching on
the dlfirerent phase of the work and a
oemnilttee of nine was appointed tp eon
I i LOtln of 507 was taken by Rev L
Wlllli for the Murray church Beneaip
1 L V liftHederator i C M J pretidcdp L
jI p
conciliated devotional I xerolses Minute
of tue previous day nail and approved
Committee on Periodicals reported
and the report was discussed at length
and a committee of three viz Revs G
M FIsher D D Wm Foster D D
and A M Samuels oReo L C MaJord
and Win li Leavells were appointed to
write the Association a dinappovai of
tbn errors publish d in the Quarterlies of
the NaitnHl Biptint Publishing UoanJ
and the report wa adapted The Cow
mittPflnn Moleatora Address reported
and the time of Meeting wa changed
Hack to former date Thursday Drfore
the Fourth Sunday in September Dis
cussions was suspended and Prof P T
tlr I zer poke of the great work of the
Hopkinsville College and a collection of
2100 was given him for the College
DiccuHcion or the rt > prt WAV resumed and
it i wile agreed that each church would
have a quarterly rally Jor the college and
tend same to tht > Secretary The time
m r eltintion of officers was changed toI I
Saturday afternoon It was also agreed
to have aFinanclnl Agent at the rate ol
25 pr cent of the net proceeds and that
Iht I fprm of olmrch letter to th > > associ 1
HtJoii contain blank for Association ex
piIetiI Hopkintvllle College and Mis
Jroililpul e Ky was ebosHn as the
nxt placf of mewling Benediction by
Rev J M Divie I
Alter devotional exorcists ltv I M
MetcalT preached the Missionary Sermon
text Acts 27 Itj which WHS enjoyed by
all Committee on Resolutions submit
ted a partlnl report which wan adopted
rtfnedicMon b > Rev Mejcalf
Rv J Ewing railed till Association
to iirdi r ai d Dr S Junes led in pray r
Minutes were read mid approved Corn
tnuniiutions on Truntee Board Iorrep
ponrlenoj and Education reporttd and
hit r reports were adopted Missionary I
Dr a M Fisher reported STcon verts
and 52 50 collected the report watt ap
IIi ovr1 Rev G M < Moore spoke of apI
State University and ft collection of 220
WAS given for name Benediction by Rev
J Diokersnn
AAKlaiaut Moderator SIkjors pfeaided
Rv JVM Sebree and Bro A J Flack
conducted devotional ezeiciaes and the
Minutes were read and approved Dr
P H Kennedy spoke of the Sate Mission l
wot Ic and received a collection of 1562
for his work Rev A M Samuels offer
ed the following resolution
Kesolved that Art 8 Soc 3 of the
rouHtitution be amended fo as to read
I Each ohnrch is iutitled to three mum
hers brethren to represent her in this
asrociation The resolution was adopt
ed Sist r M H Roach spoke for the
the Women Educational Convention of
the Little Rlv and Cumberland Val
ley and a collection of 700 was given
her for same Other committees report
ed Benediction by Dr S Jones
Rev A M Samuels called the Associ
ation to order and Rev J W Waddle
led in prayer Bister Arletta Vaughn
spoke of the WomensjEducational Con
vtntion of the Pirrt District and a collec
tion of 832 was IRk nand given her
for the same Dr Fisher spoke on the
District Mission work anda collection of
5 JO was raised Benediction by Dr
There were services held In the Bap
tint church and the C M E church by
the different preachers Dr P H Ken
nedy conducted the Sundayichool
Prtaobiug at the Baptist church 11 am
Revs G M Moore and A M Samuejs
8 pm Ur P H Kenndey 780 p m Dr
G M Fisher Preaching at C M E
church 11 a m Revs N T Stoner and
J Kwmg 3 p m Rev H Amos 780 p
m Rev N T Stoner
Committee on Finance reported man
ey received from aU sources 27621
The Association adjourned to meet with L
the Providence chur h Thursday btJ ore
the Fourth Sunday in September J904
Rev taj r4 led in tbs closing prayer
MRS WilRows SOOTJUSO Svxm ha
been used for over blxty years by milliont
of mothers Jar tkei r children while teeth
tg with perfect success It sOothes the
child tjoltens the gums allays ajU pair I
cures wind colic anb Jp te bet remedy
for Diarrhoea It wJllTcievethepoor4ittle ti
sufferer ltixaLltfly Sold by drnggiata 1
in every ar1of the 1 world twentyfive f
cents a bottItfn and ask for Mrs
Wwi r tjiJjij 0yrtip tag take on i
Tr t I t
ir i < > I
t 1
t f
f l 1
The fourth annual meeting oi the Na
tionar Business League was held here
during last week Wednesday Thursday
and Friday August 19 20 auQ21 The
most representative gathering of Negroes
ever assembled in this country has been
bequests i of the good people of this city
The delegates oame with enthusiasm
mid brdught with them a hopefulness
whiob has been com 1uulcted to alt wbo
u ave come in contact with them
The meeting was held in the Hall of
the House of representatives State Cap
itol i Building under circumstances of
the snout favorable and satisfactory char
actor The attendance was the largest in
history of the League and what is more
iuipirtant L the men who composed It and
who have ben btre are of that strong
sturdy character to be found thionRb
int the country interesUd in the effort
to build up the Negro people The ad
dresses have been strong and practical
ones and have been both interesting
and instructive
It is the general cobrwnsus of opinion
that the League baa more than vindicat
ed the wisdom of its organization and
nan t proved tself worthy thecopfldenoe
I md support of the substantial masses of r
the race
The Initial session was mado doubly
suspicions not only through the high I
character of those assembled but as Well r
as by the addn ssesqf welcome delivered I
by the Mnyorelrct of the city the Presi
dent of the Chamber of Commerce and I
by the President of the Retail Merchants
Each of these gentlemen spoke In his
official capacity and in a vein not pat
ronizing but manly courageous and
helpful There could be no di nbt of the
ringing note of sincerely in what they
bad to say There welcome was no less
nearly than that extended on behalf of I
the various Negro Organization of the
cIty Every session of the Lrague was
attended by great Cowds of perrons
white and blackwho throng d not only
the ball where the meetings were held
but the lobby and corrjdors leading
the hall as welL
Of especial interest was the disposi
tion manifested by the NafhUHe news
papers to prove their concern In the
meeting It was a remarkable fact that
the Nashville newspapers the Nashville I
Banner the Nashville American and the
Nashville News carried from six to
eight columns of matter during each days
session and their reports were courteous
respectful and enthusiastic No such
news oervioe has ever been given any
Negro gathering in the country
Easily of coune and to be expected I
Booker T Washington he Presideatof
the League was the crntr of attrac
tion It has been worth much to note
that the substantial elements of the
race are so thoroughly in accord with
this man Ou the evening of the First I
session as a special mark of distinction
Dr B C Morris President of the Na
tional Baptist Convention the largest
organization of Negroes Jn the country
and himself a man of large business
interests offered a motion suspending
the rules of the League and reelecting I
I Mr Washington president for another
I year The motion was warmly second
ed by Hon J C Napier of Nashville
hvilleland I
and Mr S Laing Williams of Chicago p
Themdtlonwas unanimously carried I
by a rising Vote and with a whoop
As a further mark of their admira
tion for Mr Washington the rules
were again suspended on the last days
session when life members were en
rolling and Mr Washington made a
life member of the League without I
paying the fee of twentY five dollars
required of others j
The Committee on Resolutions re
poxted through T Thomas Fortun of
New Jersey for the commit b as
strong a statement of the Negros rela
tion to business development and an
appeal to further development along
these lines as his ever been printed
The resolutions are too long to be print
ed here but the following extract will
give some indication of their strong
forceful tenor
We feel that the objects ot the
league as enunciated at tbo initial I
meeting at Boston four years ago are
being aooomplishrd to the entire sat
isfaction of the founders off the organ L
ization and the very general advan
tage of the Negro race everywhere in
the possibilities for substantial pro
gress of tbe people Along l lines qt iqdua
try commerce afcd thrift h bare so
marked a f eatureof the oltizenahlp of
the roppbllo and haye done so luttph
for the general ttdyancement and hip I
piness of our people at home and to
command the raapot ot the people of
the world who are itriviaf trnaUy
f or j te1UQ and comfort in
Jl t lv1an > gu AI
> ti 1
L If ItI
1 < d t 7
let In the markets of the worlfl for itieir
surplus production
uln this splendid rivalry worldwide
In Its scope the National Negro Busi
ness League feels that it Is a factor for
good working In sympathetic and help
ful harmony with the other greatt
commerofal agencies of the republic
in whoa prosperity and glory all alike
have patriotic pride
Many strong men have beep in at
tendance upon thi convention ands
fell have borne their part in the delib
erations and in tmaking tbe League a
strong force in helping the race
Among others may be mentioned the
thirty strong men who appeared on
the pogram and whose names and
subjects have been printed in the va
rious newspapers of the country In
addition the presence and counsel of J
E u hof Arkansas Dr 1 B Scott
of New Orleans Fred R Moore T Hv
Gilbert and P A Payton of New York
M S Alexander the rich sugar plant
er of Louisiana B Iward Berry of
Athens 0 and Dr R H Boyd S creter
ry and Manager of the National Bap
list Publishing House did much to
make the meeting a success In fact
of the three hundred delegate In actual
attendance et ch baa been representative
of an interest that contribnt ° sits share
toward the upliftng of the Negro pro
The following Life members were
enrolled tending to put the league on
a more substantial foundation
JamesT Peterson Mobile Ala J
R Ham Boy ton Maps M A Alexan
der Baldwin La J C Napier Nash
yule T nn iVi i H Johnson Baynps
ville Va Kd Bairy Athens Ga Dr
M G Mason Birmingham Ala iR F
Boyd Nashville 1 I enD Warren Logan
Tuskepee Ala J E Meadows Key
stone W VaJ C Jackson Lexing
ton Ky S K Keatts Little Rock Ark i
tired K More Brooklyn N Y Gil
bert C Harris Boston Mass Dr W
H Ballard Lexington Ky F IL Gil
bert New York City George W Frank
lin Chattanooga Tennj L Winter
C F Johnson and R H Boyd D D
Nashville Teun C P Johnson and
C F Johnson Mobile Ala WilfordH
Smith New York City Booker T
The League came to Nashville after
four years with five life numbers and
went away with twenty six 26 addi
tional ones a total of thirtyone
The Nominating Committee through
Dr I B Scott its chaIrman reported
the following as th omoer8 and mem
bers af tbe Executive Committee for
the next year
Booker T Washington Tuskegee
Ala Pre ldent G L Kntx fndianp
olis Ind First Vice President J
Bush Second Vicepresident Llttl
Rock Ark Chas Bank Third V co
President Clark dale Miss Emmitt
J Scott Corresponding Secreary
Tusk gee Ala Fred R Moore Record
ing Seoy and Organizer New York
City G C Harris Treasurer Boston p
MaIL 8 L Williams Compiler Chi
cago III P4 Smith Registrar Boa
ton Mass CF Adams Transports
tlbn Agent Washington D C
The following Executive Committee
was reported
T Thomas Fortune Chairman Red
Banks N J S E Courtney Boston
Mass TW Jones Chicago ill W8
Beasley Macon GaS A Ftirntsa In
dianapolis led J O Napier Nash
ville TennW L Taylor Richmond
Va M M Lewev Peoaauola FlaJ
C Jaokson Xiexington Ky
The report was unanimously adopt
ed The delegates suffered from no
lack of courteous attentioi Under the
general direction of Hon J 0 Napier
a member of the National Executive
Committee and Curirman of the Local L
Executive Committee everything pos
sible was dpne for the oomfprt of the I
more than three hundred delegates In
attendance A delightful series of en
tertainments had heed arranged and I
were thoroughly enjoyed by all
Uhlefest among these was that offered L
by Dr and Sirs Preston Taylor Im LI
mediately after the adjourment Thurs
day carriages and wagons were in I
welting on Cedar Street In front of the I
Capltcl to Greenwood Cemetery find I
park of which he is the proprietor
The guestwers escorted to Mr ana Mrs I
The buildings vaults and grounds I
were Inspected by the visitors and ail
took a drink from the eprlbg and them
went to the beautiful lawn which aur
rounded Mr Taylor private home I
finding hsrs tables spread Jo tires I
IT am gladthstapuWe here ladies I
and gentUtten Mid Dr Taylor
and wA went you to enjoy io rsslf
t plintfor otrlIp
for you all and nothing Jflves niejsbre
ttor r J ban to nte44n the ad I
wez ot nay rage wile are jTtW
stptsigIbI Ta thia I L
i 1
j 4l Jt t ty Jff1fA j
Way I want to show my appreciationP
Emmitt J Scott the Correspond
ing i Secretary of the League and pit
vate secretary to Booker T Waahlnton I
Ccepted the the cordial welcome for
the vi i ors and members of the League
und further manifestations of the ao
oepUuoe were shown at the table by
I each individual
That the meeting was au inspiration
and a great success has been said Zi
surpassed every expectation and the
League adjourned with grateful thanks
for the opportunity for conference for
the courtesies received on every handt
and to Hon J C Napier for his untir
ing l efforts in behalf of the League It
was a great meeting it waa a success
ful oue it woa all present and its Influ
u nee will be felt in Nashville ami
throughout the country
A banquet in Juoilee Hall I Flak tint I
versity was the concluding feature ol
the meeting The loom was beautiful
ly l decor ited and six hundred persona
sat down to the spread Toasts were
responded to by T Thomas Fortune Dr
Stewart Dr H T Noel Mrs Fannie
Harrier Williams and Dr Booker T
Washington Hon J U Napier proud
ed as tcastmaster
Nashville Teun
School will open Tuesday September
the First
i Let every pupil be present the first day
There will be several new teachers
The Baculty is a strong one
Wew ll have a good school at the be
The yards and buildings are being put
in i order for the opening
All friends are invited to be present at 1
the opening
Prof Salisbury has returned from Chi
cago University where he took a Post grad
uate course Prof Brown djd likewise but
he will not return to the city until next
week J
P9T11Ifl d I
Mrs Steward attended the Association
in Danville where they had a grand
Several new students have already enter
Indications point to a grand school this
Mrs Puree andhe children attended
the Fifth St Picnic last week
Mrs LM Jackson will fill the fol
lowing appointments in the interest of r
tbe Baptist Womans educational Con
I Eminence August 1t
Pleaeurerldge J 3
Cbrlstlansburg 4
Bag DadI 6 J
FrankfortI 67
Midway JJ 89
Zlon HIS i lQ
Georgetown 11
DanvillaS 12 1C
AtokaHarrodaburg 9 17
Harrodaburg 18
Perryvllle lg
Lebanon 20
Greenburgp U
Campbellsvllle u 22I
> Junction CltJII 24
Somerset i u tf 25
8tanfot It 8
Lancaster I 1
Paint Lick U 28
Klrksvllle t p 29 fip
Paytontown Sepc 1
Richmond p 2
4 BereaNew 5
New Liberty l f 4
Otter Creek S ct
Winohei er p 8
If1VenaWes I
Versailles 5 l 11
JKeene 1 11
Nlcholasville 1 S
Londont < 1 L 4 11
Attambunt l 1718
Paris S 20
CynthUna S J 21
Falmouth 12
Covington p fat 2324
Newprt S f L 2i
PskRIdEe fr
Owentboro U 17
NewLeberty U 18
Pas tots tad Prwldest of UnlTMsUy
flociitits arew ta < rte i to make siIs J
ble anao noMnento0t lMf app41ai
iaatlIndNtQgr rapNatatLis
rarrjvaIsaesproTIalea hr
stiisnt4 7 aefje IRd
I Manacersj S
4ii1 Jq k
J jy hMt 1 jII J
rjl i I
Ia r HIf lf r 1 l > c4t
m ft I
I e z
NedqUvrtis S
1842 Lombard St PMwMphi f 1
To the messengers and represent
lives of the National Baptist Conven S
t ion of the United States of America
Greeting 4t S
a tote of the National BaptiJit
Convention held at Birmingham Ala
last Sep ember the Convention will
hold its 23rd annual session in the city
Philadelphia at the Holy Tnaity
Baptint church September 16 31laclH j
live I
The Entertainment Committee icaew
engaged in making ample arrangement
for the entainment of all meaaengtra S
and visitors who will be In attendance
at tins great Convention veryth1ngS
necessary for the comfort and happi <
ness of the messenger andvvialtort
while in the city is being carefully
looked after
The committee wjll entertain all the
duly accredited messengers of the Na r
tional Baptist Convention wko come j
with proper credentials from their
churches or some regular Baptbt organ
isation bringing money for aay ef the
objects of the work of the National
Baptist onvetl nPle see to it
that the church or organization from
which yon come will five yon creden
tials certifying that yon are the regu S
elected messenger to the National Bap
tilt convention which will be accepted
by the committee as evidence of tile
fact that you are entitled to free ntet
talument while In attendavoe apoa te
Convention P not fail JobrlllsomI
money for some of the objects of tho
Convention a failure to do so will de 1
prive the meaaeager ot free entertahf 5
ment All the messengers will please
send their names at once to tbe jew L I
mittee on Bntertalameni at their
g Phila
delphlaPa 1 S
The Committe > will alto look oat for
homes for the friends aid visitors of
the Convention at a small coat to tlMpa
so that there need be no fear abort
having a pace to stop and proper e
tertainmeot All who expect to sitomi I
the Convention will kindly send WIll
names to the Committee on Xnt rtaip
mont and they will be assigned tocea
fortable place to stop before arrlvls V
In the city so that the IxlooiivealsMa
that visitors gsnerallj have ta oatei d
with will be removed Board aai
lodging at Irst class private hoaws S
and hotels can be sure for froi 75
cents to 100 per day
There are in the city of fkilstfejphl
60000 colored people witf are jamtresiD
and hospitable at the bakes of tk
members of the Baptlat erebssf
other denomination and tits dtlsctcln r
general will be opes for both aassisaV S
gen and vIiti to the NsUeaaI I
tist OoHvsntlon tbrouent Ute leal JI
And breadth of kls city l V S
E vl GLI TALuv o
Ul > r
B vi E W Moors S i tl
BivEWM00TSerr7 S
1If I
oJ A1
1 t
I kU f
ure wish Upiak ouroomrs Uo it
Philadelphia one of 1e beat U ii
history of our tfatiomal pI I c
Wehavt arrpd t kayo the kti i
graphs of autJ Itadlag ia1sIstI4 t
aoatora and buitMsss jpsa aid vssuI I
epreiisti4 at tide eivst1Sa N IV 4
that sad ws a k tack ptwom imii J
tlC1 t I
U fir framing your plvotegrafk V 41
W also wtaii ta Mtofta > ks U 4
okcroBtf schtJsls itftU CMTMfeioin ii T
SandaTsohool CoivsntloM iishi ifp
tltt Vouflg Psoplsft U llt OMITSSI t I
tionsSi > 5
Te Mai UU moTssatat agfsasl sis
M SMhp rse stt rlfjg 4fi 1r S
QrdEII prII Jt1rla
8QloM wfU 1kla01ltiicL t >
LH bax tr ps Aj i J
MaU aaIteI tJ t t <
VWi tAXI DOt 1
I f I
S f I M1i ffl
I 1
I 0 S
i J t
e i i o >
a T tI i1
Id = rla2 tI
1 i
t 0
t rS
S 0 U
55 L
I 11
i Si

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