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7 I 4 1r
BY K A Muinob
Old and gray the Noveiubei skyt
LafleHs and bare the tars
Tht wind sweeps by with a moaning II ipii
Tin liver mirrois the leaden 1 sky
And the heart of nature grieves
Dull and sad are our live Wt sigh
Empty of till have pith
Time wan when the glad yean on joys
wings sped
And we trod liit s patb with si buoyant
Oh 10 live those days UK in i 1
lhruughthr coM yray clouds shout ft
golden light
A glory on land and sea
Aud the heart of natuie erst full of
Was tilled with that plory 00 pure and
Her adueiis a memory
Through the woe iu our hearts in hiving
Malls a voice on the listening ear
Through those piledup elouils wax the
glory thruwn
So eVr Sru tit lite1 Sill rUWH true joy has
Hail heart diMiuUn thy fear
Tim gray mid Hie gold the HUH und r
shade I
Art portuned love1 own hand
And never shall s lallOW so Urrp br lait
Hut through surnA HI I tinned vie ion the I
soul I that hash prayed
Shall deltoid the priiiiirtMi laud
Th Baptist Iuion
Iaiitt Lick was the next point visited 1 I j
arriving at thin point IIU Siturduv eve
nlliw Aug tiUth we were met at the
Htaiiuu by bliss Amanda J Walker who
took 11 in I her buggy to bet beautiful
aid iiinforl ibie Imiiif w CtP h r ruth
r stud lumber wHrouml nn On 6 uI
iluy morning we viitMi Sunday chool
fniiud Bro Hairy Faulkner tiuiierin
endem a tixual at bin POHI of duty
We WHTII inlrotfiTced l before UiauiifiMOU
and addressed the Sundaymiiool A
collection of faOl wets given the fol
lowing persons donating 25 cents each
Brethren H B Keaslev John Walker
Win Denney Misxes Amanda J Wal
ker Htirau Caldwell pledge to the
ainouut of 460 cent were taken for
tile New Dormitory A society was
organized with the folIo VI g juice 8
Misters Kozle Faulkner Besie Leave 1 1
and Mary Hanley Frewiient Amanda
J Walker and Hattie Miller Secrets
ries Mary Faulkner Treasurer Kvie
Spellman Lizzie Leavoll ami Bessie
Davis Members or the Boa d of Manr
gerM There Vas no other service du
jog the day at the chinch We spent
a pleasant day hoping to get to Kirks
vllle at night but were disappointed H
Rev Thompson failed to receive news I
of our coming
Mouday afternoon we were off for
Peytonlown here we found no one to
meet us and no one seemed to know
of our coming although we ha > written
a week before Ve inquired of the pas
tar and deacons and started to the
hciue of Rev G L Campbell whom
we aw coming down the road He
did not know of our coming and seem
tl ii itubt of our having written them
H WM t Cut to the i flee and called for
the mail receiving ii the postal war k
rh wti hew lour it had been there He
tent look us to his home where his
ttiniai le little wife received us kindly
null I Ire 1 pared HH a very nice and enjoy
i iili tnppir In I the meantime Bro
tn1 bell rode on his wheel hero and i
Hieic I 4iiiiiiincing a meeting for us at 8
l > in 011 time we reached the church
r H liftf I ami appreciative audience
tsreetrd u We addressed them at
length pun the plant of our work aim
l t CIM veil for HHliie a c > llekctiuu of J2UU
Hit ioilowin named ptrtoiif donating
tii ci is each Rev G L Campbell
iiiil S M Wutifl Brethren Andrew
Mnler Henry Ttvis and Beard Sherry
and Mrs liettie Warner At u i a ui
T i day we ere oil for Richmond iu
1 ni1ny with Rev G I Campbell 1
und Rev G M M ore and daughter
Mix u8sle and a host of others going
to the Paine point to attend the Mt
Ilettae District AsBocia ion We were
entertained during our stay of three
days at the inviting home of Rev T H
Hioaddus where we always fell at
howe with our dear little friend Mian
Magi to a great favorite of Richmond
people We attended the sessions of
i iiie Association and Rev T H Broad
dm the Moderator received ua fciudly
and OL Thursday evening lu an impres
viva and pointed manner introduced
IIH to that august body of Christian
workers We made a plea for our
work after which a collection of 637
wan glveu us Bro Larkiu Blythe jlOO
Bro SkiM 4r and sister An
lit lh ohutvs T H
Kruadiiiii Eli ZaY Bo
Miller WD Thonip Ita
Oeorjr Deatheridge Miss ikiftf d
wit R v C Emrey 25 cents
New Liberty and joodloe Chapt
were the next appointments Rev D
C Francis pastor but owing to the AH
saciatioii being in session and no loll
iiiiuncement liaviiiK been made we did
not vinit those ehurclie On Sunday
we visited the Otter Creek church of
which Rev T H Harris is pastor He
met us at Red House Station in his
buggy and took us to the nome of dea
con Hugeleys wher we were pleased
to meet his most agneabe wife who
pared no pains to make our stay
pleasant At night we visited the
church listened I to an instructive ser
man by pastor Harris after which wo
were introduced A collection of 300
i was fiiveu for our WOI k the following
persons contributing brethren Samu
el Chenault and Daniel 1 Boone Mill r
5u cents each brethren Joseph Hill and
David Oldham 26 cents each A socie
ty was oiganizd with the following
oilicers niuers Amelia Hugeley Maggie
I Hill and Mary Jackson MaglieI I
tau White and Ella Oldham S cretaries
cretarleHI I
Annie B ailey Treasurer Ainie Lane
lltta Oldham and Collie Bradley I
Member of the Board of Manage e
Six tithing stars were left lobe PI
to aid in ttu work Mouday morning
bidding all goodbye we were off for
t ester here we were met by a
young lady Ur R T Hffman had sent
to meet UH breaklasting at a ri s HU
rant we were then tatttu to the home
ofP winter + White one of the oldest resi
dents of this city who owns some live
flveI I
acres of of ground and as many tenant
bouce HHide from a jpaciou tenri om j
bottle in which ehre residua within a
htones cast of the court hours aI I
we met Dr aud Mrs D ney who add
ed much plmaure to our visit at night I
w visited Poiutersville Baptistc inch
of winch Rev Hrockman is the
fithlul pastor They were lioldii g I
i i leiidayr meeting in a tent We met
a Bianll audience Rev Bigbee cnnducl
ett devoliouals pattor HiocUman then
introduced us in Inn usual eanieHt Nay
W received a oll + lettinu 1 ol 51 1C hold t
live charts Rev Brockm in has built
a large chuich which hall for yeam
been yo much needed and ie getting
along nicely with the payments thari
ou He deserves real praise for the
work clone here
Tuesday morning Rev Bigbee called
and invited us to speu J the reaiainder
oi I our stay a ith his family We ac
ce ted the Invi alion and spent a most
agreeable twodays with them At
night we visited Broadway Baptist
church Rev C P M Bigbee pastor
here we met a email audi uce After
devotional exercise led by Rev H
UColeraue we were introduced A col
let tillu of 202 was given us those con
tri utiug 26 cents each were Revs C
d111 Bell O W Bates and C E Cole
raue sisters O W Bates Kitty Vaughn
aid H D Coleraue also 200 was
pledged for our dormitory On Wed
nesday night we visited the First Hap
tilt church of which Dr R T Hoff
i man is past < r Only a small number
ahsembled we vere welcomed by lea
i c n Win Taylor and introduced col
1 lection 1 76 was iveu for our work
the Sundayschool giving 100 of that
amount l houe contributing 25 cents
lur iui aud sister Annie Tuylii r1tau r
lulling stars were left to be tilled to
assist in our work On Thursday
on hcnedule time fur L xiugton where
we lope to do mucn good Iu His
111 remain yours fur the work
State Mission Coutribiuiom
Bares 115
Hrpkliisville Va 8tS S 300
L R S I V B W E Co vu HO
EliZAbethtowu church 205
Louisville Be argntHB 110
Brues 1 00
been used for over sixty years by millions I
of mothers for their children while teeth
ing with perfect success It soothes the
child softens the gums allays all pain
cures wipd colic and is the best remedy
for Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor little
sufferer immediately Sold by druggists
in every part of the world twentyCve
cents a bottle Be sure and ask for Mrs
WmilowB Soothing Syrup and take no
A recent communication appeared in
his paper in which the statement was
wade that a certaiu Baptist Sunday
School Convention or Association had
confered the degree of I I D I upon a
very beloved brother The brother
who was thus mistakenly and igno
rantly honored is a dear personal
friend of the editor of this paper He
is a good man a useful minister of the
iron pel and is < well known in his State
N vtrtheJeH8 neither a Sunday Schoola
Convention nor an Association can
confer the degree of D D upon any
one however much it would like to
honor a favorite minister We also
learn that an other good brother baa
I been honored by mistakenly receiving
the degree of D D from a nurse
tiaiuiug school Just think of it
This is not the first time we have heard
of a Baptist issociation conferring the
degree of D D upon a preacher We
are pained to think that any of our
people are to ignorant as to believe the
degree can be so easily obtained The
degree has been bo recklessly conter
red by certain colleges rue by Negroes
that it has resulted + in to cheapening
the honor as to lead any small crowd
of ignorant Negroes to believe that
they too can confer it Alas to what
a depth this h uored title has fallen
when a Negro baptist Asseciatiou and
a nurse training school have umertak
eti the learned I business of conferring
it I Our people are woefully ignorant
ab to the l power to confer honorary ti
tle aud we take occasion here to give
a little information about It
1 he degree of D D iu a literary title
and can only bt conferred by a char
lei ed literarv Institution that has re
ceiv d ouch power to confer degrees
f i om the legislature of its tale he
degree of D U can only be properly
couferrod upon n man of experience
whose life has neen eminently or con
spicuously useful whose ability as a
religious teacher is widely reoguize
and whose training along literfry lines
has at least been respectably To con
fer this degree upon men who cannot
spell some of the commonest English
w rds who cauiot construct gram
matically an ordinary sentence and
who is profoundly ignorant I of theolo
gy is rediculoua to intelligent men
We hpe our brethren wil not be
ieceived in this matter and make I
themselves laughing flocks amoVig i i
telligeut and sensible men Be it un
derstood that the trustees only of a le I
gaily chartered literary institution
that has received its power to con er
lit lary and honorary degrees rrom
the stste legislature can confer the de
gree of D D or any other literary
There are some fraudulent socalled
colleges or institutions that are making
merchandise of honorary degrees
They exist only to make dupes out of
preachers who are hankering and dy
ing after literary degrees that they do
not deserve or cannot receive from any
reputable institution of learning One
II Bethany College of North Carolina
used to grind out by the car load A Bs
A Ms and D Du The quid Bethany
College cousisted of a man his wife
aud au > tiier assistant The head of
the school could not write a brief u
tics without misspelling ordinary En
gush words But he could confer hon
orary decrees to anxious brethren al
ways for a monetary consideration
u Bethany College Is now no more
and brethren no louger receive honor
ary titles from that defunct old mill
But the successor of Bethany Col
legj is now iu the State of Indiana
There are one or two fake alleges or
iiidtitutotis in that state that are teak
lug merchandise tint of the feverhn
anxiety of some Negro preachers to
appear greater than they are by weal
tug the title of It D W warn our
brethren agaiuut the foolish wealing
of a title that will make them ridicu
lous among intelligent men as soon
as the discovery is made that it was
oouferred by bogus iudtituiiona thai
confer it only for money and never on
account of real merit Intel ligeJt men
will respect one far wore who never
wears a degree thau to which he is 110
entitled No institution thai values
ita good name cau afford to confer literary
erary degrees except upon wen who
concedely deserves them Souh Car
sties Standard
It will no doubt 1e I of great interest to
the brethren to hear a word from the
following places concerning the taptist
interest and as I have bad the pleasure
to visit them 1 beg spacu iu our paper
for the following
I left Somerset Monday October 5th
for Nicholaeville where Rev C C Go
in + is adding forth and dolug i great
work for the Baptists From there I 1
went to Lawrenreburg to visit Rev W
J M Price in a two weeks financial
meeting which was a great success and
it will doubtless make those who are in
terested in the work In this state glad to j
know that Rev Price Is one among the I
mo t able pastors iu the state and I am I
pleased to know that the church in this 1
place is In better condition now than it
has been for many years These people
love Rev Price if we are to judge from I
the many good things they brought him I
and his wife to make their hearts glad
They alto know bo to make it pleasant
for visitors and pay them well for their I
service May God bless this pastor and
I left Lawrenceburg for the Queen City
of tho Mountain Somerset aud spent
one day with my own people and then
left for Paris Ky to visit Rev H B
Webster D D in an eight nights finan
cial meeting I arrived in Paris Mon
day October i9th and found Dr Webster
at the station awaiting me and we had 1
a hearty handshaking for we were glad to
nee each other He carried me to the
b > autiful parsonage on Sycamore street
where mamma Webster was al prised of
our presence and came with out stretch 1
ed arms to great me as she use to do
when I was but a lad in the city of
Ncholasville and ofcnurso It goes withre
out flaying that with mamma and papa
we wanted for nothing that woulda
make iae happy while with them For t
eight night I preached as the spiritc
Rave me utterance and the Lord was Jt J j I t
with U1l Sunday was a great day andI I I
we bad a great time both spiritually andI I
QnancUllyThere I
There were three clubs the Simpson j
Joshua and the Green there clubs blldI I
wurke only two nights each but with t
great credit to themselves and cbrohI I
and after a day of spiritual feasting andta 1
mouey gathering the church announced
ii collection of 1258 73 which amount
lift tbo church out of debt pnt 60 00 in 4
the pasturs pocket and 33 al in bank
So by this report yon may know that DrI I
Webster is doing great things in P ris
with credit to himself and honor to thL
dennicJ option May the Lord continue
to bless this great and good man
Rev H Nutter offered his resignation
as pastor of the Zion Baptist church
amid the sobs and tears of congregation
Rev Nutter is an able man abd has doue
a great work In Paris buildings ohmich
that is i a credit to our denomination an4
ve do tt know where Kev Nutter will I
go but any church may consider herself
blessed to have such a man as pastor
Monday October 26th I left Paris for
Louisville taking with me my neloe who
entered our school I found Dr Puree
well and in his usual good humor met a
Hue lot of students all seemed to be filled
with the enthusiasm necessary to ac
complish their various aims in lifet
May God continue to bless our work
in all parts of the state
October the 26th 1908 was a great das
iu the Eminence Colored Baptist church
It was the reopening aud rededica
tion of the house I call it rf dedication
because I suppose the foundation had
been dedicated before The sermon
was pi taohed by the writer all seemed
pleased with the effort They had
torn the house down and built it again
It is a very beauty ul edirice I do not
know of any church building in a
wall town in this district thai is more
attractive than this one They have
doue a neat piece of work there and I
taluk that RevWiuiow and his people
d lJerve encouragement for their suc
cess They are working now had to
pay off all their indebtedness on the I
house and pastor Wiuiow and ofticeis
JtllcelBI I
t elk with assurance that they have ev
erything under co troll to the extent
that uu one need entertain any Lea r
about loosing the property 1 rejoice
to hear them upeait so confidentially
as to their ability to meet their demands I
financially For 1 am in favor of I
prospeiity in every good work regard 1
less of who is conducting U regardI I
course Baptist first But 1 have uoin
spirit to try to burden any one elbe
that is trying to do a goou work 11 1
ratnei encourage them than to attempt
to do anything to impede th1r pro
guess in u laudable enterprise 1 must
say that the brethren and sisters of the I
cnurch seemed to be highly elated and
outhUHiAstio over the work that they
have accomplished in so short a time
There were several members male and
female that expressed themselves on
Sunday night which sho A ed their high
appreciation of Dr WlnroW as a great
leader I did not get all of their names I I
Rev Murphy was the first he is iu the
work aud is I determiaed to stand byI I I I
the pastor and chinch and In his re 1
marks feelingly gave some good ad
vice and urged unity of aotiou among
amongthe Thomas
Kemp Ir ati8 and Henderson made
appropriate addresses and spoke in
a feeling and strain 1
becoming of what
has been dolts and looked forward to
a greater time in the future since 4
tbey bad surmounted some very Nervy
opposition There were a few sisters I
that had something to say I did not
get all of their names yet one sister I
noticed invited all the dear brethren
and sisters to return to their allegiance
and all have peace
I must say they they turned out nice
ly and taking all things in consideration
did well in collecting money for it bad
not been very long since they had had
a rally
The members claim the Lord t JOB
Dr Ward away to put him in a heavi
er field because of his experience and
ability and sent the Rev J B Winnow
to lead them in his stead and that the
pastor and wife have both shown
themselves equal to the great task and
they say of them that they are socia le
genuine and pleasant to all ForI I
these qualities they are under obliga
tion to love them and help them in
their sacred work that God has laid
upon them to do 80 they gave him
help in the basket acd in the store
house abundantly I hope the sweet
relation that seems to exist may con
tinue We all admit that the pastor
an < sister Wiurow are two well mated
companions with four sweet little
children to care for besides the care ofc
the church Rev Winrow ii a careful
man and minister of the gospel It c
se ems to me that his disposition is to
abnse none but try to win all for his
Lord and Master As to his scholarly
ability that is not and cannot be ques
tioned or doubted Though a young
man and a young minister he is cer
tainly strong clear and able in the
Holy Scriptures and cat f interest any
intelligent audience as a public speak
May God bless his labors with abun
dant success <
Louisville Ky
S U Rah rah rah rah
8 U Rab rah rah rah
Hurrah Hurrah
State University rah rah rail
Rev J B Anderson preached an ex
cellent sermon at Berean Sunday night
Revs Keeton LilJard and W B Hall
and wife were nleasant callers at the
Mrs Puree and the children have re
turned from the Country
The reception Friday night was a very
pleasant occasion The University Team
entertained the High Schcol Team All
expressed themselves as being well
In the speeches Friday night at the
social the young men expressed them
selves as determined to make the Nov
2Mb Rally one of the grandest in the
history of the school
The team in preparing for a double
header on Thanksgiving Day Then a
grand reception on that night
hvery one comes in admiring the
beauty ot the campus ard building
What will tbey say when they see the
New Building erected by the ladies
Mrs Steinmetz Is creating much inter 1
eat and enthusiasm iu the study of the
Mr Carmm presided with dignity
Friday uiffht in the absence of President
isL i in
a prosper us condition
Rv M M Porter at Mitchell hai I
beautified his church inside aud our
clear of debt He and his good people are
ufGoing a grand work of which they ought
lobe proud God has blessed them
ofRev Lillurd rr ports a glorious suocess
in ois work at Gatz and Monterey He is
eenow on a visit to Harrodiburg
The youig ladies attended Fifth Street
ochurch last Suuday
Pr Pure Is invited to deliver an ad
dread iu Indiana Nov 3010
Mama H C Logan and Carlos White
pige ice
tart Saturday afternoon
goon ndThe od
practice now
The class in Physiology Is doing some
eaextra good work under Dr F B Haw
Profs Brown and Haulabury are put
2 6Caf
ting some extra touches on their clauses
touches learned while pursuing the Sum
mer coureea at Chicago University
We wish ws could pay such salaries
that some of our teachers could take
post graduate courses in Germany
The chapel was made to echo and re
echo with applause and UniversIty yell
led by Mr Engleman Tuesday morning
after Mrs Steinmetzs lecture The cause
of it was that Prof Brown unveiled a
beautlfnl picture of Rev Puree made
by Mr J R Neighbors Mr C M
Hammonds made the presentation
speech iu his own characteristic way
He was at his best and the audience was
with him Tie Doctor accepted the to
ken of respect with much feeling and ex
pressed his warmest sympathy These
pictures will decorated the chapel wall
Mr J K Neighbors and his little
daugbtel wore pleasant visitors Monday
Mrs Hattie Wrenn and infant weru
pleasant caller Sunday evening
Miss Lulu Brown spent half of Sunday
with ua The young ladies went wild
over her short stay Her pleasantness
makes her loved by all
All were glad ti se M Jail Grigsby
Sunday He loons well and his class
matts of years gone by want him to
come iu school again but it seems as if
be is content iu Indiana
Rev Emmanuel Jones brought a bas
ket of persimmons with him for the
young ladies when he retailed from his
church Monday morning He has the
thanks of the matron and the young la
Several students are suffering from
their vaccination
The Rally Novsmber 25th should be
observed by every church Sunday school
University Society and friend of tbd
Institution Let all friends h Ip
By the President of the United States
of America
The season is at hand whet ac
cording to the custom of our people it
falls on the President to appoint a day
of praise anti thanksgiving to God
During the last year the Lord has
dealt bountifully with us giving ua
peace at home aud abroad and the
chance of our citizens to work for
their welfare unhindered by war faw
ime or plague
1It behooves us not only to rejoice
greatly because of what has been gt ven
us but to accept it with a solemn neuse
responsibility realizing that under
3even it rests with us ourselves to
show that we are worthy to use aright
what has thus been intrusted to our
In no other place and at no other
time has the experiment of govern
ment of the people by the people
and for the people been tried on so vast
a scale as here in our own country In
the opening years of the twentieth
Failure would not only b9a dread
ful tling for all mankind for it would
mean loss of hope for all who believe
iu the power and the righteousness of
Therefore in thanking God for the
mercies extended to UH in the Illtt we
beseech Him that He may not with
hold them in the future aud that our
hearts may bo roused to war steadfast
ly for good and against bit the forces
of evil public and private
We pray for strength and light to
that in the coming years we may with
cleanliness fearlessness and wisdom
do oui allotted work on the earth in f
such manner as to how thatwe are not
altogether uuworthy of the Mesrings
we have received
Now therefore I Theodore Ro ne
volt President of the United States do
eeHereby designate an a day of general
thanksgiving Thursday the twenty
sixth of Novtmt er ana d recommend
that throughout the land people cease
etfrom their wonted occupations and in
their several homes and place of wur
ship render thanks unto A mighty God
for his manifold meicies
tsiii witness whereof I have hereun
to set my baud and oau td the seal o
the United States to be affixed
Sttil Alloy Chirch uut School Bells VScid for
Caulogus Tk > c s BFTT Ci gillalw e
l j

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