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SlDR tr
4R YKAX in advance 125
One 7ca1 to my one whe win send ma five name
U 1043
The dAte ca the label of lOG paper shows tr what
me you kave paid It srel both aiR receiu and
request for payment
If proper credit baa not been given within two or
Ares weeks from time of payment notify UI AK
dry us promptly of any chante in Post Deb e 01
Vjdret to that there nay be s > o mr or dtlaj u
tortn oC paper
ThU paper fa regularly mailed
J II subscribers until adefluif
rder to dlacontinue is received I
Kid the subscription paid I u
loll to the time the order IH
+ + r
ALUHADY the question of restrict
ed suffrage has been raised in this
state and there is but little doubt
that it will be considered and some
measure adopted at the coming ses
sion of the Legislature Kentucky
has always provided in its constitu
tion for unrestricted suffrage and it i
is hardly possible to secure an
amendment to the constitution
making any radical changes in that
instrument at an early date but the
Legislature may in adopting amend
ments to the Election laws pass
some measures that will to some
degree restrict suffrage Whether
this can be done simply to reach
colored men remains to be seen be
cause the claim ot eliminating the
ignorant from the exercise of suf
frage will reach many more than
colored voters The ignorant white
man in every state where restricted 1
suffrage has been adopted has suf
fered and it is only by the use of t
I gra dfather and understanding
clauses and other subtefuges that I
many more who are just as ignorant I
as their colored neighbors have not I
met the same fate The intelligent t I
Negro has not objected to measur
es that have been adopted for the
good of the state and its people
and he recognizes that the ignorant
and vicious are not the elenent that
should control public affairs but he
insists that an ignorant and vicious
white man is no more competent to
control than is a vicious and ignor
ant black man nnder exactly the
same conditions Massachusetts
and other Northern states have re
stricted suffrage but that suffrage isI i
based absolutely upon condition and I
not upon color uid for that reason
it is just and equitable and when
Kentucky is ready to adopt such a
law it will find the intelligent in
dustrious and law abiding colored 1
citizen standing ready to accept i it
without a murmur when it does not
discriminate against one class of its
citizens and in favor of another and
its provisions impartially and hon
estly enforced
IF evtr there was a time when a
party should contest an election in i
this city that time is now for never
were greater outrages perpretrated
against decency honesty law and
order than was done in the recent
election in this city The election
in many cases was a mere farce and
the result was not the honest expression
pression of the people and with
deep regret we are forced to admit
that colored men were the dupes
and tools of vicious white men in i
this great wrong against society
Colored men who did not register L
themselves and consequently were
not voters were taken from poll to
poll under surveillance and protec
tion like so many cattle and voted
in the name of both illegal and legal 1
voters A party that could make
allies of thugs gamblers and crap
shooters for such a purpose and un
der such circumstances should never
say a word about disfranchising the
Negro for in this case as in nearly
every case of wrongdoing they are
either following the example or the
instruction cf some white men who
list them to enrich their pockets or
extend or prolong their power The
good of our city and the good of our
people demand that this matter be
sifted to the bottom and that the
guilty be punished Every good i
citizen should give his moral and I
financial support to the Republican i
Campaign Committee in this good
THE next denominational day in
Kentucky will be Educational Day
which occurs on Nov 25 the anni
ver ary of the opening of Stale
University This day has been es
tiblished by the General Associa
tl in for the purpose of raising the
money to conduct its educational
work also to commemorate the
anniversary of the opening of State
University The day has been suc
cessfully observed for several years
and it has given a new impetus to
the work The money raised is al
ways needed and indeed the man
rathese offerings to meet obligations
which are arranged for payment at
these stated tunes They are ur
gent this year and it is hoped that
every church Sunday School and
other organizations and friends will
arrange to make an offering at that I
time be it ever so small Dont
make the mistake of not sending a
donation because you are not able
example for others Every denomi
national enterprise could be amply
supported if the habit of giving at
the specified time was adopted by
our churches and every cent possi
ble raised at that time and forward
ed promptly tc the proper person
THiS is the season of the year
when we usually make our best ef
forts to enlarge our subscription
list and when we look to our friends
for their best help Our paper is
now lies ring the close of its twenty
fifth volume and for nearly a quar
ter of a century it has stood as the
defender of the principles of our
great denomination and the rights
list t
in all these years has been steadily
increasing but it is far from being
what it ought to be and in order to
materially increase it we have de
cided to give the paper free for No
vember and December to those
who will send their subscriptions
I directly to this office In other
will send the paper until Jan i
mailed every week to a number of f
friends and the reception of the pa
per is an invitation to become a
regular snbscriber Those who are
subscribers may help us by calling
attention to this offer and saying a
THE election in the Eleventh
District to elect a successor to the
late Congressman Vincent Boreing
took place last Tnesday and both
candidate Hunter and Edwards
claim to be elected by a small ma
jority j Both are Republicans and
aside from the division in the part
it wi make 1 little difference which
one is elected The matter will be
taken into Congress by a contest
and until then it will not be certain
which will be successful
A Grand Meeting Closed
We have closed a two weeks
meeting which has stirred our
church and community as it had
never been for many years hadI I
J M Caldwell of Smithfield con
ducted our meeting He preached
the gospel with such power that it i
found its way to the Catholic ranks I
and some of them were converted I i
and baptized One of the old citi
zens of Bardstown was cor verted
87 years of age Rev Caldwell will l
long live in the hearts of these peo
ple The result was sixteen adds
Octe 1
25 in the presence of a great throng t j
we baptized ten happy souls Ourj j
church is greatly revived Pray for j
our successH At KEETONI I
Bardstown Ky
IRev I S Smith while still pastor
I ing at New Liberty has removed to
Ghent Ky where he may be ad
dressed hereafter
Congress assembled in special
session last Monday Aon Jos
G Cannon of Illinois was elects d
Tpeaker as was expected
Central l I
lia Ill has been tendered call to
the pastorate of the Zion Bapti t
Church Springfield Ill He will
I probably accept
Rev S W R Coles pastor of
the liD Ave Baptist Church Gal
veston Tex and a member of the
I Foreign Mission hoard I of the Na
tional Baptist Convention died t
I his home in that city last Monday
Rev H N Jeter of Newport
R Ihs an interesting family
every member of which is a musi
cian This family will give a concert
in Mt Glivet Baptist Church New
York City next Thursday evening
If you standaround and wait to
to be told what to do and how to do
it you will always find some one
occupying the place you want
Learn to do things Ion yourself
Thh man who has to be shown
every time is never a valuable em
ploye Industrial School Gem
Rev H Nutter who has just re
signed the pastorate ol the Zion
Baptist Chuch Paris Ky to accept
a call to the First Baptist Church
Newport Ky has also been tender
ed a unanimous call to the pastor
ate of the First Baptist C hurch
Maysville Ky It is thought hewill l
accept the call to Newport
A life insurance company has been
organized in Raleigh N C to be
known as the Carolina Mutual Life
Insurance Co of which Prof H
E Hagans is President Hon J C
Dancy vice president D T Vat
son secretory and Dr J E Shep
herd treasurer
1orr k
state that a number of colored men
who went to Africa to experiment
in raising cotton have retured to
to this country thoroughly convin
Bed that it is impracticable under
existing circumstances They also
discourage emigration to Liberia
The Board of Education of New
York City will continue the course
i if Sunday evening lectures in the
schools of that city with the view
of implanting in newly arrived im
migants a love of country The
lectures are delivered inYiddish and
Italian and will protray largely the
duties of an American citizens
An editor of a religious paper asks
the question Do our readers
mot n
eyThen he proceeds to answer
itVe keep most of our money
in the pockets of our subscribers
We wonder what porportion of
the money belonging to our relig
ions papers is due them from sub
scribersWestern Recorder
necessary to enact laws to handi
cap him in the race of life for there I
is a little if any danger of of his
sI I
surpassing anypne Iton the ot
her hand his inferiority be that of I
condition rather than creation his
hiI sI
progress maybe temporarily but
not permanently preventedS +
W Christian Advocate I
The call for educated Negro men
who have made a special study of
theoretical and practical Agriculture
is more pressing than the supply
The demand for such men comes
from all parts of the United States s
md from several foreign countries
The Agricultural Department of the
common school or college courses
We hope that a large number of
such persons will enter this depart
ment at Tuskegee this fall For in
formation f as to expenses etc apply
to President Booker T Washington t
VashingtonTuskegee a I
A Good Work Donei i
Please give me a space iu your i
widely circulated paper to state I
to you the work of my five months
stay in this field The Lord has I
graciously olessd us financily
When Junelast
last found I
we the
what divided
in itself on account
of the recent removal of the old
deacons and a new set put in their
places There was much clamor
ing among the members and with
prayer for devine guidance we fi
nally decided to ask the church to
restore to office the former deacons
Seeing and believing
that would re
move the differences and unite all
the VFat
This seemed to work for the better I
the congregation is i i largely allli i
mented bv reason of said act Cor
respondingly a more healthy and fi
nancial condition hem e we funn
ed a plan for a Krandra I
grandrally irch
took place on Sunday Nov 8th
and 25773This succeeded I
This amount withnthlr I
other money we
had previously collected freed the
church of every collar of indebted
ness thus the mortgage deed is n w
in the hands of the trustees to be t I
burned on date of the dedication of i
the new church which will tike
some time in tune 1 God being xtl
ling The fact of this old and long
lingering debt being removed has
caused a feeling of reliefand great
rejoicing on the part of the mem
bers During the five months I
have pastored we have collected
562 73 What do you think of f
t ha t Oh well it seems to be rimy
debts and win souls for rell1tlVeI I
makes m me think of
Zion at Gi urge
town Zion at Louisville Spurce
St at Nashville Mt Olive at Nash
ville Frst Buj tist at Wilmington
N C and Court St at Lynchburg
I feel however happy because I
am at home in Old Kentucky At
the General Association at Danville
Rev VV E Glover of the First
Yn Ward Church
invited me to assist him in a revi
val meeting On Oct 21st I left I
home by way of the Southern R i
ofr d I
friends on the street I had the
happy privilege to hear the honored
Mr Shaw the Secty of the Treas
ury make a speech in Music Hall
and it was a masterpiece At
p m we took the 1 C R R for
Paducah and arrived Thursday
morning at five oclock was carried
by conveyance to Rev Glovers res
triune who J resJ J
Thursday night we opened fire
fireI I
on the enemy and from that time
on for twelve days God blessed us I
with many happy conversions
CQnverslOnsI I
Twentysix for the water some five
or more by letter and watchcare
up to the time of my leaving Rev
basr t I
regulated and financial Sunday
schools in the state The Elder
say what does it all mean be isI i I
building himself fine house l He
seems to live in the beans of the
peodle of Paducah black and white
I never labored for a church and
pastor with greater satisfaction inI I
all my ministerial life They paidj j
me well yes fine andasked me
back at any time Dr Glover youI I
shall have one of the best homes in
Winchestar at the meeting nextI I
August In conclusion the churches
and pastors here are all doing well
Pray for us
I am yours in the faith
Winchester Ky
ItJ It j
5t hr I rL + te Iloh 1trt LuqJJ lsntlon
tnvani lulnxumi lli + ll si rhr > wUiand Ag ICI Com J
tnin tin + Jiiioi iu i ivo inmiirl cs witli Ginger it exertJ
srurulrn powui trili4ii unknown to olhrr rim
ntm 1111 in t Curt I HIP moot n HtaIIni Utopivinff com
ftmI I
iliation rr ili i vrri it 11p1t UUiir ItkciiliiatUim
viuklrlVbilltrftiul U > e Jn ts till of tlin Bo f
k4 11111 hwnrl UliI hMri I + atedtahInlttnany
+ asw eLu wutwl wrJa 1 t1austr +
The Ladies Sewiug Circle will
have its Annu 1 Thanksgiving Din
ner and entertainment at the Odd
Fellows Hall for the benefit of the
orphans They ask and deserve a
liberalnatrc nage
Miss Aallie Bybee and Mr
Coleman Leaeford were united in
wedlock last Saturday evening by
Rev W H
Craigheed at his ret >
idenca No 1 1 18 W Oak St They
are at home to friends
at To 719
Rev H A Keeton of Bardstown
Ky was in the city en route to
I Elizabethtown Cy to assist Rev
w H Wood in a meeting
Rev C H Clark D Dof Nash
ville Tenu was in the city this I
week enroute to Danville Ky
Drs J H Fiubutler C W
Snyder and V S Adams have genes
to Nashville to attend the National
Conventu n of Physicians and
S urgeons
urgeonsI I
IRevs I
Revs P H Kennedy D D I
General Missionary and G VI
Hampton Missionary for the Cen
tral District were in the city flus
tRev t D A Gaddie D D has
I gone to Vincennes Ind to visit
his daughter Mrs R L Anthony
Mr Louis F T Steele of George
town Ky is in the city for a few
I weeksDr
i Dr Little Dentist Fifth tS Wal
1 nut Sts offers special low prices
until Thanksgiving
Thieves looted the residence of f
Rector T J Brown of the Church
of Our Merciful Savior last Mon
day afternoon while he was in his
study at the church His loss
amounts to about 10000
The Ninth St Baptist Church
will celebrate its i8th anniversary
with appronriate services next Sun
day Members and friends of the
congregation are urged to attend
the services
The ordinance of the Lords
Supper will be administered at the
Centennial Beargrass ane Calvary
Baptist Church next Sunday after
Revival meetings at Knox Pres
byterian Church Nov i sth to the
27th Preaching daily by Rev
Henry A Gibson commencing
Monday eve Nov 16th Rev
Gibson is pastor of the Ninth Pres
byterian Church of Indianapolis
lndand has had long experience
in conducting Revival meetigs
Everybody is invited
The revival at Fifth St church
continues with preaching every
evaning by Rev J B Anderson
hie s 1
closing sermon next Wednesday
eveniug II I J I
A Missionary Mass Meeting will
be held at Green St church next
Monday evening under the auspices
of the Executive Board of the
Womens Auxiliary to the National
Baptist Convention I
ConventionI I
The final rally of this year for t
the Old Folks Home and known f
as the roof rt fly will be held at the I
Zion Baptist Church Sunday Nov
22nd at 3 p m The effort is for
the purpose of putting a much need
ed tin roof on the home and is un
der the management ot Miss Nellie
L Frye and J L Washington let
every body have a part In the final
effort The choir andchurCh will
make it pleasant for everybody
come prepared to contribute large I
ly as the safety ot I the home de
peuds much upon the roof TF
It I
The arrangements for the session I
Df f the State Teachers Association
in this city during the Holidays are
progressing nicely
At the Western School this week
Miss Nettie Montgomery is substi
toting for Miss M A CrutchJicid
anti MisFrances Miss
Frances Owens
Missjeanette Steward substituted
at the Main St Son iol this week
Vcekfot And at the
theEastern s Martha
The School Board organ d last
I I lastTuesday
Tuesday evening h
by electing Mr
Brachey President and Dr
J W Galvin Vice President
Theteachers I in the second granVs
in all the schools hada
a Conference
rters Cent r
and Walnut streets Wednesday
I afternoon
I I afternoonr
The men who sold their votes
robbed the ballot box anti assaulted
their fel ow men last
agt week were
not members or the 111 C A
A good investmenta
a member
ship in the Y M C A for +
The Mens Meeting
was especial
ly interesting last Sir day
Sunday at 330 Bro Willis of
ofJacob the
Mens Meeting subject t
rowful Yuung Man
Sunday at II a m the city pas
t ors will
preach specialSfrmons
sermons to
the young men
Membership Rally Membership
Rally Till Dee 3 ist I a member
s memberhip
months for One Dollar
Enters The New Ed Ee
The Bethel Church Anchorage
Ky was
organizd several
itss but
building sufficiently to use it until
now Our new building is j 21x35
andup to this time
up it Ins cost us
about 485 oo ofwhich
o which sum we
wehave one Our
opening exercises took place Itt
Sunday at which time our faithful
pastor was assisted by Revs G W
Hampton our former pastor who
is now Missionary for the Central
District J W Lewis and J V
Million Our people enjoyed the
excellent sermons of these distin
guished brethren and collected
20 10 We hope to complete the
edifice by next spring at which
time we will hold our dedicatory
exercises We ask the prayers and
G W Floy our pastor has done
a good work here and deserves to
be encouraged
Church Clerk
Anchorage Ky
I believe that England conquers
by force and retains territory by al
truism and it may eventually turn
out to be so in South Africa In t
only after passion and prejudice
wearyy have died r
process The war could have been
avoided and was therefore a crime
The attitude of the Churches during
tthe crisis will put back Christianity
twenty yearsJohn Clifford
For Ssle At
Peoples Drug Store
12th and Chestnut sta
Our Drug Store
Jakou and Laurel si
Ch No W Wart iDerAt Agent
42 E MHhim i Louisville Ky

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