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vlhors that we know their resources
are in themsilves that they are simply
ungr the good things of the world t
U elop the beautiful and divine > in
ofiVrs and themselves Every soul
is a mine of Infinite value How many
M > uls are mines that are undeveloped
hose resources are unknown L
We have Q pertain admiration for
those who find tceir resources in their
friends Friendship is a beautiful
word > which means more and more to
juts as tfie years advance Yet we have
i to learn that friendship is not a crutch
upon which we are to lean I is a
spirit which is to inspire and beautify
the life We know the weakness and
cowardice of the one whose dependence
lie niwm friends This is Q blighting
ourse of political and social life today
No one is truly strong and brave until
he IB ready to stand by his own convic
tions of right though deserted con
demned cursed by every friend that
he ever had No one can do that who
a not learned to find his resources in
t elf Such a soul is as strong and
I tree in solitude as In society His
wealth is where rust cannot corrupt
where thieves cannot break through
a steal His happiness and peace
I have G been entrusted to any person
or anything We see men using and
I bung friendship just as they use
and abuse their bther possessions
Wbt has been said of riches and pov
rty fn material things may be said
W1t4i equal force of riches and poverty
tn the love of friends Friendship is
a jgood tins use I as your chartered
I vessel t carry the choicest blessings
tfcat flow from the sacred heart lo those
who are in need and bring them to him
nd they will find therein their re
IAotirc To find our resources in its
brightness and cheer we have to lead 1
I live that are acceptable to hissacred
Joy is a flower by the roadside that
we a glad to pluck as we pursue the
journey of life We are cheered by its
iI rr nd its beauty but it is not
and cam never be the coal which we
tekne by which we may alt down
iiad reel in perpetual peace Joy is a
beautiful flower but it is a flower that j
fade and dies In it we can never j
iftnfl our resources How many souls i I
there are that are trying to find their i I
nesotirces in some great sorrow that
has darkened their lives Their veils of
iMnirningarc hiding the sun from their
neyce and hiding their faces from tb
who ought to be inspiicd by t 1
Ittto that sorrow they have sewn
themselves and in its sad sjiemories
they are seeking to find attr their re
sources They do not el that sorrow 1
is only a dark cloud thft i passe over I I
ue as we journev to > ard home they I j
forge that it will b tinged with gold i I
by the light of the setting sun and will I
Ade to the ladS e a feature essential
to Its perfect deUty The joys and j I
t the sorrows of life have taught many
to n thejf resources in themselves
Ve thin that if we could exchange
ettr pov fiy for wealth our sorrow for
gladn our hardships for ease then
C Ip 1 shine with the Saints of God
t the church teaches us to find our
s not in these externals not
e transient experiences of life
n ourselves j
1 j BIShOp Potter of the Protestant 1
IpIopa1 Dioceee of New York de
Uet4 an ad > 3res a few days ago
which attracted considerable attention l
iecause the BJshop ventured to utter a
tC mild protest against the re
irr1age of divorcees Just why the j
Wflflrese n question Should have at
tracted so much attention is difficult
t Understand I Js certain that the 1
ii4ltoi > took no pronounced stand
against divorce itself The mere fact j
liiutt he uttered a protest against the i
aetnarriageof divorcees should hardly 1
have attracted attention because the
custom among Bishop Potters own I
l1Me 1as become notoriously scandal
The jKeverened Dr Morgan Dix who
J been more pronounced in con
ta divorce per se than any of
brethren In the Episcopal Church
a cpeaking of the condition which was
be occasion of Bishop Potters re
MIIk says The immediate occasion
1 t Bishops address as far as it
jjjUed to divorce was due to a horri
pie a
W scandalous affair that recently
l eveloped where a woman belonging to
ionr best society our socalled 400 was
Jtttooreefl by her husband on the ground I
of dultery and the same afternoon
Drt 8 married to another man of the
e clique as the husband who
Alrarced her bj a Congregational
csgiuan In Connecticut
is woman was received by society
v after litr husband began divorce
praoeeffings anfl now society is wait
te decide how it shall receive her
iIn < and slie herself is Availing the i
n In fact we are all looking on
wondering what 1 he outcome will I
Tts it not 1 horrible state of affairs
thE tfeere should be any doubt wfiat
Bir r o this point There was a time
irtaen Mrs Jacob Astor and Mrs
IHatntHon Fish were social leaders when
nct A spectacle would have been im
Ttoey were good noble and
1M wome who would not have
tolerated within their doors I person
to whom the stain of scandal attached
itself 1 but unfortunately they have both
Itumed away
Viewing therefore the horrible con
dition which D DIs depicts is it any
wttfHter or should people marvel in the
e ttiat the Bishop of such a flock
3Iov4 utter a protest against such
scandalous conduct
But Bishop Potter did not go to the
bottom of the evil I he has convic
tions he did not have courage for
Item and uttered not a word of pro
against divorce i lf Indeed it is
4m1 after reading the Bishops a
drif t come to any but one conclu
sion ant that is that he temporised and
IlllydallSed itIth his subject so a to
jgtofc as little offense as possible
Speaking on this subject the New
York Sun takes a similar view and
The references of Bishop Potter to
the subject of marriage and divorce in
his diore an address on Wednesday
ere somewhat ambiguous He was
In no means sure that the absolute
TI th i bi Ion < tf the remarriage of the
dR I mod is not the wisest conclusion
f ht > Episcopal Church may reach at
IP I sent yet afterward he pointed out
a wider view of the whole subject
hirh discloses the fact that itis not
ih t only remedy though he said also
that i would b well that the Church
L uld meet such legislation civil
21 iation by making divorce In
< nu < ungly difficult if not impossible
Exactly where moo Potter stands
u tt > the question accordingly is i not
nurfly discoverable It is plain how
ever from his omissions and from the
general tone of hit remains that he
does not take thesacramental view of
marriage and its consequent indissolu
bllity asn religious obligation He
treats the subject rather from the point
of view of expediency In his general
philosophizing he ees to include the
inclination of divorce among the logical
manifestations 0f4the < spirit of indi
11 vidualism the great movement which
issue here in the revolt of the Amer
i Iran colonies ami has tended to the
I almost complete abrogation o some
t earlier forms of authority and some
of the most venerable and sacred traditions
I ditions of the community and of the
I The Sun has hit the nail squarely on
the head but it is little of compliment
to Bishop Potter that a secular daily
I should point out to him the correct
view of the subject which he so care
fully avoided The Sun goes even
further and points out to Bishop Pot
ter a view which as a Churchman
professing to look upon matrimony as
a it was his bounden dutuy
to take ILls all nonsense for Bishop
Potter to talk about the vicious
tendencies of the age and a lot more
meaningless verbiage which he as
sumed to be the cause of so much
prevalent divorce
Had the good Bishop been honest
with himself and his hearers he would
have found the real cause and given
expression to it Divorce is a legiti
mate consequence of the repudiation of
the sacramental character of marriage
I is difficult to conceive that Bishop
Potter is not awwe of this fact
The stir raised In New York by this
mild protest of Bishop Potters will
soon pass away society will receive
and continue to receive the remarried
divorcees and Bishop Potters flock
will continue to b divorced remarried
and redivorced ail nauseam The Sun
points out to Bifhop Potter I duty
which all would Hike to see him per
form when it sas I
A clergyman oCthe Episcopal Church
preaching at the seat of fashion at
Newport besouglt that society to as
sist the Church ty frowning on such
marriages but siould not the Church I
rather frown on Jiat society for toler
ating them Might not Bishop Potter
evidently unprenned to advocate the
sacramental viewof the indj c j > llrtKiTty
ot marriage haAJKbef4JWs pirated the
stern front FLThSt these divorces
and remanages by hurling the
anathema of the Church against
those Xia obtain them and contract
themyVn flagrant violation of its law
andchus in its eye commit the grievous
s 14t of adultery
On Wednesday last the old and time
honored See of Santa Fe City of Holy
j I Faith witnessed a ceremony of ecclesi
astical splendor and magnificence The
occasion was the investiture of Most
Reverend Archbishop Bourgade with
the pallium
The Right Reverend Bishop TMatz of
Denver conferred the pallium and de
livered a splendid sermon on the occa
sion Priests were present from Colo
rado Arizona and New Mexico and the
occasion was one long to be remem
bered in the annals of the province of
Santa Fe
After the removal of Archbishop
Chappelle to New Orleans there was
much speculation regarding the succes
sion in the See at SantaFe Rome in
its wisdom selected Bishop Bourgade
of Arizona and that the choice was an
eminently wise one all who are conver i
sant with the civil and ecclesiastical
history of the Southwest readily recog
nize The See of Santa Fe is unlike any
other ecclesiastical province in the
United States and for its successful
administration I man thoroughly im I
bued with the ideas habits and cus
toms of the people of New Mexico was
an essential In Archbishop Bourgade I
such a man was found and all who I
know him feel that his qualifications I
for his new position are so pronounced
that splendid results are sure to attend
his administration 11
New Mexico is entitled to statehood
and it is i sincerely to be hoped that the
political combinations which have pre
vented the fulfillment of the hopes and
aspirations of the people of that terri
tory will soon so form themselves as to
give to the people of New Mexico the
privileges to which they are so justly II
In the preparation necessary for
statehood Archbishop Bourgade may
be relied upon to be a wise leader of
his people
Indeed from every point of view a
most successfuladministration is to be
expected from the wise ecclesiastic upon I
whose shoulders Bishop Matz placed
the pallium on Wednesday last
The intermountain Catholic extends
to Archbishop Bourgade its best wishes
for a successful administration in the
See so wisely and worthily ruled by his
predecessors the saintly Lamy and the I
learned Chappelte To the priests and
people of New Mexico it extends its
heartiest felicitations on the good for
tune which has come to them in the I
selection of Archbishop Bourgade I
Another effort has begun to complete
a monument to Father Marquette on
the island which he discovered It is
earnestly to be hoped that this re
newed effort will meet with greater
success than some of the intermittent
efforts which have preceded it The
plan for a memorial monument was
first broached some thirty years ago
and from that time until the present
some effort has been made to accom
plish the purpose In 1878 memorial
celebration was held on Mackinac Is
land at which a permanent organiza
tion was effected At this meeting
I United States Senator T W Ferry was
chosen President The following year
another celebration was held This was
participated in by a large number of
people including delegates from the
various historical societies over and
along whose territories the illustrious
missionary and explorer had traveled
more than two centuries before At
both of these meetings a large sum of
money was raised as a sinking fund for
the monument Shortly after new im I
petus was given the project by the dis
covery of Father Marquettes remains I
lying in the old mission churchyard at I
St Ignace but for some unaccountable
reason the project was dropped and
nothing was done Nevertheless the
people of the island have felt that
something was due to its illustrious
discoverer and renewed efforts are be
inS made to carry the project to com
pletion I is priposed to raise enough
money to secure replica of the Tren
tenove statue wlflch stands in Statuary
Hall in the Capitol at Washington I
is to be hoped that this project will
now be carried to a consummation In
deed a glance at the names of the
men forming the committee is sufficient
guarantee of its success The following
are the officers and Board of Trustees
I of the Association > whose objectis the
erection on Mackinac Island of a last
ing memorial to the Saintly Marquette
President Franklin MacVeagh Chi
cago secretary E O Brown Chicago
treasurer Peter White Marquette
trustees W J Onahan Chicago ex
Governor George W Peck Wisconsin
James J Hill St > aul James H Dor
mer Buffalo the RLRev Bishop Fo
ley Detroit the RtRev Bishop Da
I vies Detroit William C Maybury De
troit J F Blair St Louis C B Fen
ton and Dr John R Bailey Mackinac
I Island
The announcement has just come
from Rome that Most Reverend Pla
cidus L Chappelle D D Archbishop of
New Orleans and delegate Apostolic
j I I Cuba and Porto Rico has been ap
pointed delegate Apostolic to the Phil
ippine Islands
The appointment of Archbishop
Chappelle is not only wise but it Is full
of deep significance I means first
and foremost that the Vatican intends
to second every effort of the United
States government for the best welfare
of the people of the Philippine islands
Here in the Western states where
Archbishop Chappelle is so well known
the people realize that his wisdom tact
and gentleness will do much to bring
about a peaceful state of affairs in
those islands now so unhappily torn
asunder by strife and bloodshed I is
the opinion of the Intermountain Cath
olic that a better selection than Arch
bishop Chappelle could not have been
made from the priesthood or hierarchy
of the states
In this connection knowing Arch
bishop Chappelle as we do we cannot
Iqt l the opportunity pass without calling
attention to a statement sent out from
I Washington and spread broadcast over
II the country JThjs statement while
pretl iThig to be fr r
l ut egate apostolic is intended to cre
I ate a prejudice against the archbishop
I and is based on anything but fact
i Mgr Chappelles main source of
1 strength says the dispatch referred to
I at the Vatican is the unswerving sup
1 port of the French cardinals under the
Concordat and of the French govern
meat I he obtains the red hat a is
now to be expected his appointment
will at once fill the American desire for
such representation and at the same
time add one more vote to the French
representation in the college of cardi
The one who inspired the above dis
patch had at heart neither the best in
terests of the church nor the govern
I ment of the United States I is unfair
and unjust to Archbishop Chappelle
I who although I Frenchman by birth
is in every fibre of his being a th r
I ough American
We are fully aware that there are
those who jealous and envious of the
I rapid rise of Archbishop Chappelle in
the councils of the church have never
I lost opportunity to scatter broadcast by
insinuation and inuendo the statement
I that the archbishop owes his eleva
tion first i1 the see of Santa Fe next
I in the see of New Orleans and lastly
as delegate apostolic to Cuba Porto
I Rico and the Philippines to the iniiu
i ence of the French government
i We have had occasion heretofore to
j brand this statement as false and we
i repent now what we have heretofore i
said that of our own knowledge we b
know that Archbishop Chappelle was i
selected for these important missions
by Leo XIII proprio motu In no case
was the French government ever con
sulted nor is Archbishop Chappelle un I
der obligation to any government or
any person except Leo XIII for the I I
honors that have come to him j
The statement that Archbishop
Chappelle as a cardinal would be con i
sidered a creature of the French gov i
ernment is too contemptible for notice I
No man in the United States is more j
loyal to the country of his adoption I
than the Archbishop of New Orleans
and the Intermountain Catholic will I
never lose opportunity to characterize
a they deserve all statements to the
con trary
To Archbishop Chappelle the Inter
mountain Catholic extends its greetings
and what it considers to be the well i
merited honors that have come to him I
I likewise congratulates the people oil j
the United States on the happy choice I
Leo XIII has made in the person of his
delegate to the Philippines I
The Trand of the assassin has more
than once changed the history of the
world When Charlotte Corday came
from the rural districts in France to
the great and gay capital nd in a
bath tub stabbed the monster Marat
it was to avenge the wrongs of a peo
ple The idea had grown in her mind
as she read of the monstrous actions
of Marat and this idea like the ser
pents egg when hatched grew mis
chievous and it was her akin >
dream by day and disturbed her peace
ful slumbers in the stilly night John
Wilkes Booth who shot the martyr
Lincoln did it because he thought lie
was avenging the people of the south
I The cruel war had brought its wrongs
and he laid them up against the head
of the nation The death of Lincoln
meant the avenging of them to him
and the idea once conceived grew in
his mind until it mastered him and he
acted as he always did upon impulse
I The same with Guiteau who assassi
nated Garfield he was a man with a
disordered mind He brooded over his
wrongs until he lived alone for ven
geance and he mercilessly struck down
the chief executive of a great nation
and gloated over his deed President
Carnot of France was assassinated by1
I the same kind of individual as Guiteau 1
a man with none of the genius of
Booth nor the daring or brilliancy of
Charlotte Corday but one who longed
to write his name upon a page of his
tory and though the deed be a foul
as man can commit he never faltered
when th idea became fixed in his
The assassin of history has been a
gloomy figure with I disordered brain
revengeful and melancholy he has
brooded over his wrongs and wiped
them out with blood hIs heart ceased
to feel the kindly emotions of nature
and the love of God gave place to the
I fire of hate When he looked upon the
heavens at night and saw reflected
there the glory of a divine God the
feeling that should have stirred his
heart was gone and in its place the
cruel nature of the savage There in
Jthe silence when his devotional nature
should have been stirred with uplifted
hand he renewed his vow of assassina
tion He could forget hjnne and friends
and kindred and allow all kindly
thought to be swallowed up in the lust
for the blood of his victim
II V Assassination is a terrible thlng I
may steal upon a m r when he feels at
i peace withall the world and while his
heart is beating in sympathy with the
I hopes of mankind A man may leave
his home strong in the hope and love of
life and be brought hack a bleeding
corpse the victim of hate and while
his loved ones are weeping over his
dead face the assassin gloats in his
i cell and his diseased mind tells him
that he has performed a noble deed
1 Men holding conspicuous positions in
life are subject to the bullet and the
knife of the assassin and so long as
insanity attacks the brain of man
breaking down his moral structure and
I making him worse than the beasts of
the forest sq long will the assassin
I stalk abroad
The assassin fills one with terror His
deed should be promptly punished be
cause to give him liberty endangers the
lives of many and one act of this kind
breeds others for there are alwavs
imitators of bad as well as good deeds
God grant that such deeds may grow
fewer and that the time may come
when reason may hold sway and his
spirit animate all mankind
I has been a great ten days for Ad
miral Dewey and the American people
From the time the Olympia was sighted j
i off Sandy Hook at 525 on the morning I
of Sept 26 until Thursday when his I
I admirals flag with its four starsthe I
same flag Farragut few at Mobile Bay
was lowered from the vessel which I
carried him through the battle of ManJ
ila he has been the recipient of aiie j
continued heartfelt oatir > tK Guns j
thundered deafenintj < aiutes men
cheered i
themseWes hoarse s women
threw flowers and childi en sang songs
of welcome Bands blared and the tread i
1 ofmarching f et have been heard as
lda followed day as lines of men in I
blue paraded in his honor I will be
I Imany a day ere the people of the
United States see these scenes dupli
As usual the newspaper men were I
among the first to greet him and at the
j f hands of Dewey they were given a cor I i
dial reception He was glad to see
them and glad to be home again The
first day inside the Hook was not a I
I I very eventful one as compared with i I
those which followed On Thursday
I Sept 28 however matters began to get
lively until on Friday the occasion of
the great naval parade the enthusiasm
I was fairly at its height Miles upon I
miles of shipping moved up from Cas j
tie William with its great guns boom I
I ing salutes past the tomb of General i
Grant where all the ships fired in honor i
of the Great Commander who sleeps
at Riverside I was undoubtedly one
of the greatest displays of the sort in j
the history of the republic I
The land parade on the day succeed
ing was not as large as have been wit j
nessed in days gone by but the crowds
which assembled were by far the
largest ever gatheredl to do a man
I homage Millions of people flocked to
New York to see the foremost naval
I hero of the world II
On Tuesday the nation fittingly and
I officially recognized his service by pre
senting him at the hands of President
I i McKinley and Secretary Long with a
sword or honor voted by congress In
II front of the capitol where Lincoln I
Grant and other great men have as
sumed the duties of Chief Magistrate
I Dewey was honored
I On Thursday last he hauled down his j
i flag from the Olympia He is going to i
Vermont his home for a brief rest Up
1 among the hills where the oaks the
maples and the beeches touched with
the frosts of autumn now spread out to
him a panorama ofcrimson russet and
gold he will enjoy a vacation among
his old friends for a brief season This
ended he will resume his labors on the
Philippine commission where his ad
vice will no doubt be of great service in
solving the problems which confront
landers the nation in its dealings with the is II j I
I is doubtful if except on state oc
casions he will fly his fourstarred fag
again For him the battle is ended and
no more will he stand on the pilot house
and direct the movements of the fleet
in warfare He has earned his rest
and the people are glad to see him
horn again I
His name now stands graven on the
tablet with Nelson and Perry Farragut
and Porter and other great naval
heroes of the world
Written for The Intermountain
The society world is full of snares
and pitfalls to ruin virtuous character
What is styled as gentility and good
breeding is as apt devoid of principles i
of uprightness as the openly coarse and
ulgar Mere society manners are only i
surface deep Many young girls of our
day are educated to false ideas of social
stan ling by their own mothers whose
I main purpose is to have them marry
l song sr society swell This education is
I for social prestige rather than for in
telligent nobility of character and con
sequent usefulness Mothers do not
keep their girls with them as they
should teaching them how to be useful
and educating them in every way to
make them the most beautiful and I
complete characters possible This is
what God requires of a mother The
companionship of a godly mother is
worth more to any girl than the best
I that society gives The loss of such a
mother is irreparable Every child is
more exposed to vice who ts not well
I instructed in virtue from a good moth
ers heart and guardianship What a
I reproach to a mother whose child will
say My Ma dont care she lets me go
out and do as I please She wants me
to be like other girls She dont mind
if I flirt and have beaus Learn the
habits of most young girls who have
been neglected and it will be found that
they are given to sensual imaginings
coming from sensational readijig and
vicious companionship Many are vic
tims of immoratilty at an early age
Through the critical years from girl
hood to womanhood when they most
need the faithful protection of a
mother how often they are left ex
posed to the snares of society life Is
it any wonder that so many girls are
leading a life of vice Fathers too are
equally responsible for the development
of Christian character of their children
It is not an uncommon sight in pass
ing along the streets after night to find
groupsof boys and girls flirting Often
a girl and a boy may be seen sitting
I alone on steps or in some outofthe
I way place Perhaps the parents think
I their daughter is in > some friends
hquse while she has gone to meet a
street appointment These girls who
I never need a mothers companionship
are throwing themselves right into the
I i snares tha + are set for them Loss of
i virtue is almost inevitable and the parents
ents are responsible They have not
been faithful to their trust Too much
can not be said on this subject I the
I parents have no high standard of char
I acter they will treat this matter as of
little account
The only sure way to get rid of a
past is by getting a future out of I
I am sure it would help us if we could
only see that after sin is a perversion
of good that as is often the case the
very sin came from a past of our na
ture that God made a sense of jus
tice strong affections or something
that if only turned in the right direc
tion would have made us whole Dont
think there is no good in you there is
or there would be nothing to appeal to
Card Gibbons
The charges of church desecration in
the Philippines which have been made
against the United States troops now
stationed in those islands are too seri
ous to be taken as conclusive without
careful investigation
We are aware that protests have been
made by some Catholic societies against
the reported desecration but Aa ari
inclined to the view that such protests
have in each case been bas Tipon un
substantial reports tlniC have come to
the United ia 3xthrough irresponsible
tts but fair to conclude that were
there any church desecrations in the
Philippines such men as Father Mc
Kinnon and other Catholics of repute
now connected with our army would
be the first to make a protest In the
absence of protest therefore on the
part of such men it would seem extravagant
travagant to give prominence to the
reports that are being scattered father
less over the country to the effect
that our troops are indulging in the
looting and pillaging of churches
That churches have been used and
are being used by our troops is certain
but in every case where our army is in
possession of a church it came into
such possession after driving the in
surgents out
Of course such use would naturally
jar upon the sensibilities of Catholics
but is it more than a natural conse
quence of war We have made carefu
Investigation of these reports We
have conversed with soldiers lately re
turned from the Philippines to Utah
Montana and Colorado men who have
been in nearly every engagement thus
far fought and our conclusions from
the investigation made is that no
church desecration as such has been
indulged in by our army
Until some substantial fact is brought
forth we advise readers to form no
judgment in this matter unles it be to
conclude that the use to which churches
have been put is a necessary use conse
quent upon the conditions now existing
The Intermountain Catholic has no
desire to say anything in extenuation
or justification of the administrations
policy in the Philippines but when
direct charges are made justice re
quires that proof and not allegations be
brought forward The whole matter is
too serious to be considered upon hear
sayA r
Commenting on the question of need
o a Catholic Truth society the Church
Progress suggests the following
Several Catholic papers have urged
the necessity of a Catholic Truth so
ciety to correct the current and ever
recurring misstatements and misrepre
sentations of Catholic events To wait
for the endowment of such a society
by private munificence or public sub I
scription would be to suffer truth to
bear injury The Catholic press itself 11
should constitute such a society We I
believe that we could unite under the
motto In necessities unity in some I
things belligerency in all things
After all what better machinery for
the dissemination of Catholic truth can I
be devised than the organism of the
Catholic press now existing Indeed I
from many points of view nothing is I
or can be comparable to the Catholic
press Misrepresentations so frequently
arising must be met at once if they are
to die abornin
As the Church Progress well indi
wel I
cates a greater unity of purpose among
Catholic papers would result in in
finite good to the Church Catholic
Truth society could ever hope to rival
the united Catholic press in the dis
semination of doctrine or in a correct
presentation of Catholic truths to the
American peoile
What is needed is unity of action
We understand that the unfortunate
troubles that have upset SL Patricks
parish East St Louis for some months
back have been practically adjusted I
This is glad news indeed for the con
ditions prevailing in that parish threat
i ened to entail severe loss to the church
I is understood that Bishop Jonssens
has made such arrangements as will
prove satisfactory to the people of the
parish and that the school and church
will be reorganized without delay I
As we pointed out previously the
remedy for the whole unfortunate af
fair was in the Bishops own hands
and that he has seen fit to use it shows
that Bishop Jenssens is a man of
strong character who considers his
duty as he sees it reflected in the wel
fare of those committed to his charge
and not in the selfish mutterings of
1 those who would make him believe that I
his episcopal authority was paramount
to the souls of his flock
Bishop Jonssens in adjusting the
difficulty in East St Louis will receive
I the plaudits of all fair minded men
I is certainly a most desirable ac
complishment to be a graceful and ef
fective speaker both in public and pri
vate conversation yet it is quite as
important to be a good listener Indeed
one cannot become a good speaker un
til he has learned to be a good listener
Many people unwisely think that they
will be heard both of men and of God
wtl 001 ant
I on account of the gradilocuent and
highsounding words they may use
Nature has given to man one tongue
but two ears that we may hear twice
as much as we speak
Owing to the confusion incident to I
removal rhe In termoun tam Catholic
early as
this week is not mailed a
was fondly hoped Neither is the paper
desired but all of
up to the standard
week It is
this will be remedied next I
wi a news service
proposed to present
which will be = ofinterest to all patrons
wi Wyoming
of the paper Cqlorado
Idaho Utah New 1
Montana Nevada
llontana special attention
Mexico and Arizona giving
to the
tention to topics which are dea
will be
hearts of all of us The paper wH
department nev
improved in every
iand I will fill its columns
and original matter wi fl is
I umns in short it will be in every way
I desirable 1
From the Sacred Heart Review
In response to the calumnies
against his society which its enemies
accuse of being behind the prosecution
of Dreyfus provincial of the French
Jesuits said the other day I make I
the independent statement that perse i
cution of the Jews is against the spirit
the spirit of
and against
of our religion aginst spirt
the nation I preach and teach that
Jews who are in good faith will go to
heaven The Church makes no cam
paign against them Drumont is
the mouthpiece of the Catholics neith
I er is Rochefort The two most violent
antiSemites namely Arthur Meyer
director of Le Gaulois and Pollonais
director of Le SoirareeWs Israelitea
are not a menace to France They set
JjtEOOdexample of industry and thrift
While many honesty believe Dreyfus
guilty we all deplore the horrible at
tempt to intimidate the courtmartial
by assaults upon Labori and Bernard
Lazare Many hold that there is moral
but not mathematical proof of Dreyfus
guilt There is no colusion between I
the clergy and officers The latter
would not allow any interference I
There is no danger of a revolution Ar
rests are unnecesf ary and the republic
is safe safe for Legitimism is dead
Qrleansism absurd and Bonapartism a
An article on the new Westminister I
Cathedral has been making the rounds
of the Catholic press It is asserted by
the writer that over 10000000 have
been spent in the construction of the
new edifice up to date Anyone who
knows the condition of the Church in
England needs not be told that no such
sum has been spent The fact is as I
The Tablet has repeatedly asserted
that the Cathedral when completed
will not have cost much over 1000000
This foolish exaggeration only makes
us ridiculous The new Cathedral in
course of erection in Newark will be
as fine as Cardinal Vaughans His
Eminence by the way is not the fool
to sink 10000000 in a brick church
Worrying about the morrow many
people keep themselves in a state of al
most constant agitation and consequent
misery by fretting about tomorrow
next week next month next year and
still other days weeks months and
years that may follow andthe awful
things that may then happen to them
How much better to live contentedly I
and well each day as it comes to us
from the hand of God As thy days GO I
shall thy strength be I is supremely
unwise to borrow tomorrows imag i I
mary troubles and make today miser
I able therewith I
+ I
On Sunday last the beautiful new j
church of St Patrick at Ottawa Ill
was dedicated by Rt Rev Bishop
Spalding of Peoria The new church is
one of the finest in Illinois and reflects
I great credit upon its pastor the Rev I
lI A Quirk whose good taste is mani I
fest in the elegance of its appointments I
Bishop Spalding delivered the
de1vered sermon i
in the morning while the evening ser
mon was delivered by Father Malone II
Captain Carter will go to prison for I
five years and be dismissed from the I
army in disgrace The administration
papers are jubilent over the fct that I
the president has done the opposite of
what his enemies said he would do
and yet there is a feeling in the air I
that the president only acted when he
was driven to it Nevertheless Captain
Carter had a right to all the delays
which the law allowed I I
I does not comport with what we
designate as civilization of the
age that in waging war on the Filipi
nos every cannon is directed at the
church edifices first while the officers
establish telegraph offices on the altar
steps as has been shown by a photo
graph deserves in inquiry Colliers Weekly This matter
The management T of the Intermoun I
tain Catholic tender sincere thanks to
our subscribers at Villa Grove Orient
Alamosa Monte Vista Del Norte
Creed Jimto < wn and Bachelor for the
hearty support given to our represent
ative J Fred Roth while visiting these
1 > 1
I The idea of the federation of Cath
olic societies appears to be steadily
gaining ground It is a reasonable
I statement that what is true of the ob
ligation of unity and fraternity among
the members of one society is equally
true of the societies themselves
The address given by Rt Rev Bishop
Spalding on The University and the
Teacher before the Chicago university
last Monday night is one of the best
efforts of the learned Bishop
Our representative Mr J Fred Roth
will next visit the towns in the southern
i9t I
ern part of Colorado and New Mexico
We besneak for him 4 a welcome
I The past week has been Dewey week
and the American people have weeI
I having an acute attack of hero worship v
Alexander bet the world
And wept for more to beat t
Caesar crossed the Rubicon
And never wet his feet
Charlemagne did mighty things
Wheneer he got a chance
Napoleon made the world afraid
To cock its eye at France
Frederick of Germany
Was mighty in his day
When Wellington marched dow the
The people cleared the way
These heroes all were mighty with
The sword or with the mm wih
But Id rather be George Dewey than
The lot combined in one we
a Henry Garlotk
I Peacemaker 1 wouldnt fight my
1 good men 1
First Combatant He called mej a
I thief sir
Second Combatant he called me
a lazy loafer
I Peacemaker Well I wouldnt fight
I over a difference of opinion you may
both be right G
Coming as it does direct from the pon
Charles W Penrose of the
of Editor
Deseret Evening News the offiual
newspaper of the Church of jesu
Christ of Latterday Saints this tnt
uteis duly appreciated
From the Desert Evening ews
The removal of The Catholic fr T
Denver to Salt Lake City may be just Y
regarded as one more feather m tl i
regrded headgear of Utahs capital I is A SIR i
of the Cath
that here is the center
interest and population in the Rpk
mountains The paper has had an PV
perience of fourteen years in I > ny
the edit > nh
flourished i
It has fourished I
of Father Malone who is a writer
eminent ability and a man of llbrt i
views and great breadth of though
He has sold his interest in the pai r
but will contribute to its editorial < 1
umns The new paper which is to p t
started here next week will be rail
The Intermountain Catholic and j i
under the direction of Frank McGun
who will be backed and supported k
Influential Catholics in this neighborhood
hood and by the endorsement of BishM p
Scanlan and other leading ecdlesiastK
The paper will open hereunder very
favorable auspices and if it maintains
the same spirit energy and fairncss
which characterized i in the Colorado
capital it will be an acquisition to our
city and state and a source of infor
mation valuable to the general publu
as well as to the people whose religious
views it will chiefly represent
From the Salt Lake Tribune
Next week the first issue of The Ir
lermountain Catholic will be publish 1
in this city under the management and 1
editorial direction of Frank rrcGuue
The neW journal absorbs the plant and
subscription list of the Colorado Cath
olic a paper which has been establish
for fourteen years Father llalono ed
itor and proprietor of the Colorado ra t
per sells out his ownership but M 1
contribute editorially to the new joU
naf The enterprise is I in effect the n
moval of a large paper from Dener t >
Utah and means much to Utah Th
Colorado Catholic has a circulation u <
8000 in the intermountain states which
puts the new publication on a sound
basis from the start The Intermoun
tain Catholic has the support and ap
proval of the various bishops in the
territory it alms to cover and Bishop
Scanlan has given it his endorsement
The paper Is financially well backed by
prominent Salt Lake Catholics and its
success seems assured
Salt Lake Herald
The Colorado Catholic which tfT J
fourteen year has fulfilled a mission of
peace and good will to all men has
ceased to exist as a publication under
that name and henceforth wilLbe is
Isued as The Intermountain Catholic
Kvith place of publication in Salt Lake
instead of Denver In a business sense
the undertaking Is of importance and
with the rapid growth of population
which seems certain the project is
bound to succeed
The absorption of the Colorado Cath
olic which Father T H Malone the
noted orator and writer has made a
power for good by the Intermountain
Catholic Is due to the efforts of Alex
ander H Tarbet and rank McGuire
who before his arrival in Salt Lake
last nronth achieved distinction on the
staff of the New York Journal and also
of the San Francisco Examiner Mr
Tarbet has it is understood tendered
Mr McGuire whatever financial back
ing he may need Later < a stock com
pany will be formed to conduct the
journal f
In the current issue a rne < dfiuraao
Catholic Father Malone takes oppor
tunity to tell why the paper will here
after be published in Salt Lake instead
of Denver This city is more central
than is Denver for reaching the large
constituency in the intermountain
states and moreover Salt Lake and the
region tributary are destined to prosper
and grow in population several fold by
the advent of more railroads and by
mining developments Father Malone
severs his active connection with the
paper which has given him fame but
he will be a regular contributor to the
editorial columns of the new publica
Mr McGuire will be the publisher of
the Intermountain Catholic and he wilt
have the assistance of competent
staff of writers The continuation of
the Colorado Catholic under the title
of the Intermountain Catholic has
the endorsement of Bishop Scan
lan and his colleagues The paper
will be a highclass weekly and will be
tine official publication of the Catholic
church in the intermountain states As
Mr McGuire stated yesterday It will
represent the thought affairs progress
and interests of the church and church
men and will be conducted on a broad t
liberal plane It will fight no sect or
class but aim to harmonize all inter
ests along the lines so successfully fol
lowed by Bishop Scanlans church
With the very large subscription list
of the established paper te start on
The Intermountain Catholic will be is
sued from this city next week and the
hope is entertained that the publica
tion which will work for the great
good of Salt Lake and the inviting
field tributary will be attended with
greater prosperity if possible than in
the past
From The Colorado Catholic
The Colorado Catholic takes pleas
tire in announcing a chancre in its man
agement which will be of great advant
age to its readers in the future For
a long time the paper has been at a
great disadvantage in reaching its
subscribers in Montana Idaho Utah
Nevada western Wyoming and west
ern Colorado owing to the fact that
Denver is situated in the remote east
ern part of the intermountain coun
try Our readers have long complained
of the necessary length of time con
sumed in the delivery of these papers
and very justly so in our opinion
In order to obviate this delay a change
has been determined upon which will
beput into effect at once
Commencing with the next issue the
Colorado Catholic will be known as
1 The Intermountain Catholic and pub
I lished at Salt Lake City which being
the center of the intermountain states
offers superior inducements from every
point of view for the publication a
weekly newspaper In addltiqn to the
advantages of publication which will
he had at Salt Lake City we are
pleased to inform our readers that ar
rangements have been completed for
the publication in future of a larger
and far superior papp jp
j The paper as stated will be Ic uVtt
fas The Intermountain Catholic and
will be under the management of Mr
Frank J McGuire formerly of the
New York Journal and San Francisco
Examiner We are confident that none
one could be secured who Is better
qualified than Mr McGuire for the
management of a highclass Catholic tJ
In future all communications should
be addressed to The Intermountain
Catholic Salt Lake City Utah Our
subscribers will please make all remit
tances to the same address
Home of the Parnells toBe Sold
According to an English correspondent
the home
ent Avondale historic hoIe
to be sold by order
the Parnells Is bY
of a court Novemb a
The Parnell Monument corI ee
has taken up the matter aid Red °
I Lord Mayor of Dubln and Jobs
1Iayor ppe
America will
1 in
mond while wl and
Whie an
for funds to bUY m the mansion
settle it on the Parnell family
Ifette they
I the Parul dIe > statemto out th publ
I po5p t o turn flt pstqtcinto a
t 1

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