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In > a This liturgy approved by
V i i II and John Y1II andlb othcrJ
Pr ii Ts is used in Ijussia Servia and
Moi t nrgi o It Is held in common by
ti1 so T communion with Rome and
tbo aisbentlng with the single differ
tin that the former recognize the
IN I while the latter hold allegiance
to Jeir synods and patriarchs There
aIr 10000 Catholics under the jurisdic
Ui of the iear apostolic who resides
In Saionlca and 3000 under the vicar
I El lEtolIe who resides in Adrianopolis
The Armenian Rite
I the Awnonian liturgy Had its origin
to ards the end of the fourth century j
Prey ous to this period the Armenian
lug Jage had not achieved its definite I
nn u d and it was tftuswlmpossible to
t ld t a characterlsticrile earlier The I
Anfiians enjoy the Distinction of
r I ha irg had theu language perfected
I pflL i i educed to its present alphabetic
ui I graphic form by a saint This I
IMttied philologist was St Misrob and
It is to his genius thattheArinenians
erf indebted for the possession of a
la 13610n and vigorous instrument of ex
As JBganflK the order aim substAnce
I cf the prayers this liturgy conforms
to that attributed to the celebrated St
John Chrysostom But in the mass
there are certain unique prayers
couched in the vigorous and dignified
language peculiar to the Amenian style
The snored robes of ceremony and
estments 05 this rite are beautiful and
I imposing The Armenian cope thrown
over the shoulders is of multoshaped
dmask long and richly ornamented
The amice also worn over the shoul
ders is of heavy brocaded satin The
I I surplice is tile one familiar in Catho
I lic churches the worid over The cinc
ture is a broad band worn over the
breast of the celebrant The Armenian
priest wears costly ruffled sleeves
v > hill his stole is like the familiar one
but considerably longer The praneta I
or long robe is like that of the Latins
and has its origin in tile sacerdotal
toga of the Greeks
While saying maS3 the Armenian
Driest wears upon his head around mi i
tre and holds in his hand a cross to
bless the people The bishops wear the
Latin mitre Three different croziers
are in use among me Armenian priest
hood one for the priest one for the
bishop and one for the patriarch Those
of simple priests terminate in two ser
pent heads in the middle of which is
a little globe in which is inserted a
small cross That of the bishops Is like
that of the Latin crozier t the patri
archs terminates in a globe surmount
f d by a small cross
According to the Armenian custom
the altar is veiled from the eyes of the
faithful during Lent the veil being re
moved only during mass There is a
I unique and interesting ceremonial fea
ture which probably had its origin in
one of the rites of the Old Testament
the Armenian priests have an instru i
ment called the Flabella in the formi
f the head of a cherubim with three
pairs of wings and little bells attached
which is used in masses accompanied
I by the chant It is thought that the
ombals in the ancient Hebrew litur
gy were used in somewhat the same
The Catholic Armenians have a
patriarch and organized dioceses in
nineteen different places The prqsent I
ratriarch is patriarch of Cilicia and
losident in Constantinople
It was formerly the custom for Ar
rtenian students for the priesthood to
Bttend the propaganda but in 1883 Leo
XIII founded a separate college for
the Armenians giving them the church
of San Nicolo da Tolentino and the
r nvent attached
The rector of the Armenian college is
JIgr Pietro Kojuman
The Chaldaic Bite
The Chaldaic nation enjoys the su
preme honor of having first recognized
the divinity of Jesus Christ for accord
11 J > g to the belief of devout Catholics the
Magi who brought their gifts of gold
frankincense and myrrh to the cradle
If the infant God
belonged to this peo
The liturtrv of this church Ss npr tpn
fm < the Apostle Thomas ndSts
I Thaddeus and Mari and is therefore
irfil i Ipd the mass of the apostles Up to
thr nineteenth century it was practiced
fn the Chaldaic churches of Egypt
pms Tarsus Persia India etc
I smre the Nestonan schism this church
las fallen off largely in numbers The
nurgical language is the SyroChal
dale The sacred vestments used in
tho senices are similar to those of the I
t t thor pure eastern rites j
The bishops mitre which was at I I t
fiist of the Greek pattern is now sim j I I
lIar to that of the Latins The Chal f t
d di l < church uses in its sacrifice lear
HOld bread There is but
1 a slight differ
< JI o m the form of worship between
th sdjismatlc and united Chaldeans
This church has a patriarch resident
at Babylon and twelve dioceses three
onasterjes and a patriarchal sem
tidra in Mossul
The Syrian Kite
For the first four centuries the Syri
1 an church founded by the apostles
rffcsssed obedience to the holy see and
l1pjd the common faith of Rome This
i lurch has furnished many illustrious
men to Christianity Finally ho
t PI it embraced the errors of Euty
i For many centuries it was whol
1 separated from the Roman church
What is at present known as the
s nan Catholic church 1 took form in
the seventeenth n century Its liturgy is
II uniiuc miiuu t illltl IS
1nught f > be derived from the lan
I = uag spoken in
the region known as
rl1n i ir the Old Testament It is in
t < resting to recall ihat this tongue was
d by tjf infant church of Christ
d the apostles At the present day
1 n o vel the epistle
gospel and a few
r ho pra ers of the mass are recited
h Arab < for the better understanding
f the i > ripl < constrained by oppres
Fl n to nbandon their native tongue
Thp 111 Hed i vestments used by this i
p ire IS follows The alb and stole
< ittle ifTemit from
the Latin the
c utuie 1 > f the usual satin material
t1 manual
roBs and the bishops ml
+ The sai red t essels are the chalice
rid patme used in communion by the
1 ift an 1 deacon but not by the faith
who communicate as in the Latin
V under one species In the chanted
r ts during the consecration prayers
p sung aloud to the
J Miibnls and the eastern tympanun
ovo who
are familiar with the act
ff Consecration
in th > Latin churches
r1 Tvoall Its silent character
a slight
nklB of a bell being all that is
> irl i
struck with the differ
tcp in
as regards this tea
t HP of the mass
Tii present patriarch of the Syrian
hurrh Is Mgr JsnaUiw Behnani Ben
HI JKiues
at Mamiii
In 1utuIIU
The GreekJRuthenian Rite
The Greek Ruthcnian church which
< alms to have received j the faith from
Pf Andrew th6 apostle
begins the roe
rrd of its hierarchy after the conver
n of Prince VJaJImir wlio married
Mna slbter of Basil the Greek em
Vftor the schism of Michael Ceru
arlo when the other Russians sepa
T j ted from Rome the Ruthenians re
I mained faithful to th apostolic see In
I Danllo I asked and obtained from
Tnnorenr IV the kingly crown of the
Ruthenlans Forever after the Ruthen
1ifl remained faithful to Rome After
i hI partition of Poland the Rutlieniatts
I if 3ahcia passed under the sceptre of
Hie Asborgs The others passed under
Me dominion of tlC Russian empire
Of these latter subjected to the horrl
MP religious persecution of Russia but
0 t < urh i today The other branch
r I ttu Ruthenians who fell under the
u dominion of Austria WCre treated
J kindly by the Empress Maria Theresa
and heEmperor Joseph II flBoday
1an y n mber four and a half millions
I so that this branch of the church is
about half as numerous as the Cafho
lic church in the United States Leo
XIII has conferred pecial honors and
favors upon this heroic church Aided
by Francis Joseph of Austria he has
founded a college for Ruthenians in
Rome and placed it under the care of
the Jesuits I
The Greek Bite Ii
This rite in communion with the Ro
man see uses the liturgy of St John
Chrysostom and oh certain fixed days I
that ofSt Bas
In the GrctJk church many priests are i
permitted to celebrate massat the same
I altar using the same species as the
principal oiflciantj VJiiecustom is ht a
certain manner conserved among the
Latin fnthe ceremony1 the ordina
tion qf ppests
In the Gr 6ek rite besides the main
altar there is u smaller altar where
are 1Jrti rearnie leavened bread uid I
wine and where he deacon when the I j
neoiild have communicated consumes
the bread and wine remaining in the
chalice and performs the ablutions
With regard to the sacred vestments
used by this rite they are quite differ
lent i both in size and pattern from those
i of the Latins but are identical in their
symbolism The priests cope has main
tained its primitive shape The dreek
bishop wears an ornament suspended I
I from his girdle and reaching to his
knee He wears over his shoulders a
robe that recalls the antique pallium
worn in the primitive ages of 0 the
church His headgear is the tradition
nl symbol of patriarthal majesty char
acteristic of the eastern churches
The deacon wears a stole bearing the
Greek word Agios holy repeated
three times I I
During the mass the Greeks instead
of the familiar genuflections of the I
Latin church make the sign of the
cross in the Greek fashionthat is by
reversing the usual process and carry
ing the hand from the right to the left
shoulder At the consecration or most
solemn pttrt of the mass amid the most
profound sjlenqe the word Agios is
uttered bv all the ofllciatincr priests at
1 At the communion the bishop pon
tificating places in the hands of each
of the celebrants and deacons a parti
cle of the consecrated wafer so that
they may administer communion to
themselves This i is of course a nota
ble departure from the Latin custom
After the bishop has communicated
under both species the celebrants and
deacons drink a fen1 drops of the con
secrated wine from the chalice The
people next receive the communion un
der both species
Communion over the sacred vessels
are purified by the deacon
The Greek rite Is represented in Rome
by an institution known as the Greek
college One of the most interesting
features in it currIculum is the cul
ture of music in connection with the
sacred ceremonies The maestro of
music is D Ugo Gaisser The school
followed is that known as the Byzan
tine and the textbooks are edited in
Constantinople and Atherfs It is mod
elled on the antique music of Greece
The Greek college which was con
firmed by the pope in December of
1897 is under the direction of the Ben
The official report of the propaganda
gives the list of eastern rites in full
communion with the holy see as fol
lows The Ethiopic or Abyssinian Rite
harking back to the Apostle St Mat
thew the Armenian Rite originating
with St Gregory tha Illuminator the I
Coptic Rite whose father is St Mark
the Evangelist the Greek Rite which
Is divided into various families the
pure Greek the Bulgarian Greek the
Ruthenian Greek the Melchite Greek
and the Roumanian Greek Then there
aTe the Syrian Rites divided into the
pure Syrian the Chaldaic the Maron
ite and the iMalabar All these various
rites accept the jurisdiction of the Ro
ran see and thjjir patriarchs exercise I
no faculties until theyhave received
the pallium from the Holy Father I
j Pope BeceiveaSeveraj Mexican Fami
lies From YucatanW
I Rome Augr ISThe pope today re
ceivediseveral Mexican families from
I the aidcese oC Yucatan to whom he
i spoke about their bishop the RL Rev
Martin Fritchler y Cordova Then the
Mexican consul here presented the
pontiff with an Offering of Peters
pence from the diocese i of Aguas Call
entes the pope remarking that since
his election the new world had given I
the largest amounts and had furnished
the most numerous contingents of the
faithful he had seen alluding to the
American pilgrimage which he re
ceived the day after his election
Newark N J Aug Argument
in the application for the appoint
ment of a receiver for the Univer
sal Tobacco company was resumed to
day before Vice Chancellor Pitney by
Attorney General McCarter of counsel
for the defendant corporation Mc
Carter said that the fact that the cor
poration wanted more capital was no
proof of insolvency He asked
Where are those men who have made
millions out of the scheme by selling
I vice Chancellor Pitney Interrupting
said I do not quite agree with coun
sel that many made millions I as
I sume that they made about SoOOOdO
less expenses What they got beyond
that was by cheating somebody
Wheeler H Peckham followed for the
defense He began by reading the text
of the new Massachusetts corporation
law but was interrupted by Vice
Chancellor Pitney
The Massachusetts judiciary is de
generating announced the vice chan
cellor and I dont consider their opin
ion any more Thirty years ago it wa
d Ifferen t
When Mr Peckham resumed by re
ferring to the vice chancellors opinion
of Massachusetts as similar to that of
the opinion expressed by the court a
few days ago regarding Wall street and
stock inflation he was again inter
rupted by the vice chancellor who
You know and I know and evpry
body ought to know that stock is in
flated to unload it on the public J
consider it a fraud and the people who
buy are fools The men who inflate
the stock take advantage of the old
adage All fools are not yet dead It
may be tin oldfashioned idea but it
fs ground into me and I am afraid I
cannot shake It off
Spokane Wash Aug lSA great
forest fire is raging near Elk about
twentyfive miles north of this city It
is estimated that 1000 acres in a fine
belt of white pine aha cedar i been
burned over already and unless rain
falls nothing promises to check the
flames The Consolidated Lumber com I
pany which owns most of the timber
thus far destroyed has had about 100
men fighting the fire since Sunday
night but they arc powerless to con
trol it It is estimated that from 12
000000 to 15000000 feet Of timber has
been destroyed already Some ranches
are also In danger j
New Orleans jfus 15The British
Rossini from Ceiba Honduras
which arrived here today passed
through terrific hurricane
a One man
was lost overboard the veiKllators of
the vessel v > pre carried away the dav
its im sf ed and the entire can or
orang Sj pa deck was swept away by
the treniendous seas
I Continued from Page One
belonged alone to their race ahd na
tion Referring to the truths which
the synagogue handed over to the
Christian religion Pascal says I see
how the Christian religion has been
built upon a preceding religion and
that is what I find to be conclusive
Then I behold religions in unstinted
profusion in many parts of the world
and in all times But they have neith
er morality to please me nor proofs
which arc worthy of my attention And
so without distinction I would have put
away the religion of Mahomet and
that of China of the ancient Romans
and o f the Egyptians for this simple
reason that no one of them having
more signs of truth than another and
nothing which necessarily led me to
a conclusion reason could not incline
to one more than another
J How aptly this reasoning applies to
the numberless Christian sects who
have protested against the Catholic
church which is the continuation DC
the synagogue One has no marc
signs of truth than another All dis
agree in their teaching but are united
in protesting against the claims of the
Catholic church Pascal showing the
inconsistency of error and the un I
changeableness of truth contrasts the
Jews with those who wandered away
from the teaching of the synagogue
But pondering on this changeful and
whimsical variety of manners and be I
liefs in successive ages I nnd in a cor
ner of the earth a people distinct and
separated from all other nations of the
earth the most ancient of all whose
histories go back many centuries be
yond all others however ancient
which we possess 1 nnd this people
the descendants of one man great and
numerous adoring one only God and
louowing a taw wnicn iney uuiiaii
they have received from His hands
They affirm that it is to them alone
in all the world that God has revealed
His mysteries that all men are cor
rupt ana in disgrace vitn God ana nit
given over to their senses and their
humours and that from thence have
come their strange errors and inter
minable changes in religions and cus
toms whereas they themselves re
main fixed and unshaken In their
course but that God will not forever
leave these other nations In this dark
ness that a Redeemer will come for
all that they themselves are In the
world that they may announce Him to
other men that ihey are established
expressly as the forerunners and her
alds of this great event to call on all
nations to unite with them in expecJ
tation of this deliverer Pascal In
defending the Christian religion against
the new unbelief of the volatile French
Infidel shows first the consistency of
religious truths as taught in the syna
gogue and how all were verified when
Christ came
To be continued
Cures Performed by Father Kneipp
I went to hear one Father Knelpps
health talks In the big open hall free
to all Good practical common sense
was what he gave us nothing new or
startlingjust the wholesome advice of
a very vise old man Enthusiasm and
common sense are his weapons After I
it was over we waited to see him come
out A group of bores hung on to him
one sentimentalist caught his hand and
tried to kiss it which so enraged the
Pfarrer that he gave the fellow a slap
Such people If you could only hea
them testify tQ their cures like lepers
and the halt in the Bible Tell Anag
nos that two blind men say they have
been cured here his summer The ap
plications lyere geperal not local sav e
bathing the eyes in warm straw water
Sounds simple doesnt it One had
been blind four years the other longer
Atrophy of the nerves of the eye was
the trouble in both cases The younger
man was going away in despair after a
few weeks treatment He drove to
the station got into the train suddenly
ne saw something novmg cars going
in the other direction He got out
again returned to Woerishofen per
severed with the treatment and now
sees A South African couple sit at
my table they bare come all the way
from Cape Town For seventeen long
ycars the husband suffered with sum
mer dyspepsia whatever that may be
One summer at Woerishofen has cured
him Does this sound like Puines
Celery Compound I learn as much
ron the other patients as any other
way Herr Schnell a German New
Yorker a hardware manand his wife
are my best friends Maud Lowe In
August LIppincotts I
Denver Aug 18A special to the News
from Victor Colo says the Minor
union officials announced tonight that
three general supply stores will be es
tablished at once by the union for the
benefit of the striking miners of the
Cripple Creek district They will be at
Victor Cripple Creek and Goldflrld
Goods will be sold at cost and credit will
be given themen until such time as they
are able to pay The necessary funds
have been furnished by the Western Fed
eration of Miners The move is l the result
of the recent action of the Merchants
association of the district in discontinuing
all credit business i
Preparations Completed For the
Deadwood Meeting
Deadwood S D Aug 15The ar
rangement for the sixth annual session
of the American mining congress to
be held here Sept 712 are about com
pleted Secretary Shaw will be here as
the personal representative of the
president and address the congress
The governors of Colorado Idaho and
South Dakota have already secured ac
commodations for the delegations from
those states
Besides all these all the other mining
states will be represented An interest
Ing feature will be the largest collection i
of precious minerals ever cxHfblteil
There will be a contest for the place of
holding the next congress El Paso
Tex will send big delegations to se
cure It and Arizona and New Mexico
have combined to secure the session for
the former territory I
Rome Aug liThe ceremony of the
imposition of the archoplscopal pallium
on the Most Rev J J Hart archbishop
of Manila was performed today bj Car
illnal Macchi in his
own privaf chapel
The first chaplain celebrated the flias < 3
Cardinal Macrhl assisting AVhpn Arr > h
bishop Harty had been Invested l with I i thin
episcopal robes and miter the cardinal
placed the pallium on his shoulders nnd
the archbishop took the oath to observe
the rules of the church Mgr Edward W
Fowler and Father 5opf acted us wit
nesses Archbishop Harty during the
day paid farewell visits to Cardinals
Gottl Ratnpolla Rcspijrhi Martinelli
Steinhiiber find Vivos y Tuto
Pasadena CalAig 17 Noah Brooks
once a well known writer and journalist
is dead at his home In this city aged 07
He served In the navy and after rcachln
Sail Francisco ho identified himself with
the Alta California Later he became
hatoucul writer on the New York
irlbune From 1SS5 to 183R IIP was editor
of the New York Times Ho was the au
thor of several books among them a
Life qf Lincoln and First Across the
Washington D C Aug ISThe
comptroller of the currency has
thorized the First National bank of
Grangeville Ida to begin business
with a capital of 25000 Wallac4
Scott president Martin Wagner
S10KAL inquiries are made by
1 thoughtful citizens regarding the
cost of challenging and defending
the Americas cup but the answers re
ceived are always unsatisfactory The
conclusion i that the expense must by
enormous but as it is impossible to
obtain anything like accurate figures I
the subject is generally dropped
On the eve of the international match
of this year it may be interesting to
icfer to this Important point and at
lie same time to place the public in
possession of a few facts that will give
them a good idea of the amounts of
money that are expended in trying to
capture the old yachting trophy and In
the eftoitts made by the N Y Y C to
defend it
The planning and building of a cup
challenger or defender involves much
lime and labor and necessarily the out
lay of large sums of money The de
I signer aim his corps of assistants are
the first that must be met Mr Fife
for the challenging parties and Cap
tain Nat Heneshoff for the defend
ers for instance ate men who place a
high value upon their services and as
the owners of the yachts are liberal to
a marked degree opening negotiations
with a view to the building of a cup
yacht means a fee that in some other
profession would be looked upon as
staggering its proportions
With the designer at work the build
ers In time are consulted and with ar
langements satisfactory in this wise
materials must be considered then the
riggers kept in mind as well as the
sailmakers while finally the skippers
and crew are secured Money is re
quired by all these and much of it
Even after a vessel is completed ana
placed in commission alterations and
repairs are required frequently at
Boaraingf and Day School
for Young Ladies
For Catalogue Address
flnlt Lake City Utah
Full courses in classics Letters
nomics and histfiry journalism art sci I
ence pharmacy law civil mechanical
and eiectrlcal engineering architecture
thorough preparatory and commercial
completed Rooms free the toall studies students required I who or have ad
mission Into the sophomore junior or
senior year of any of the collegiate
Rooms to rent moderate charge to stu
dents over seventeen preparing for col
A limited number of candidates for the
ecclesiastical state will be received at
special rates
St Edwards hall for boys under 13
rears < Is unique in the
Its equipment completeness of
The Wth year will
open September S
CatalollIp fr A A pn
REV A4 MoaRxssEyCs C Presi
dent Box 240
Sacred Heart Academy I
Boarding and day school The highest
nteilcctuaj advantages a beautiful
and comfortable home and careful attention
ention to all that pertains to good
health sound mental training refined
manners and th6 best general culture
Superior advantages in music and art
Send for catalogue to Sister Superior I
Ogden Utah
is spent at the dining table There you
should look pleasant be pleasant and
Our lino of silver tableware Is con
duciveto pleasure and it is not expen
sive We have a new Upo of both plated
and solid and can suit every fancy and
every purse
We have also a fine hoc of Diamonds
Watches and Jewelry
Mall orders filled the day of receipt
Successor to Joslin PI Park
Established 1SC2 Mall orders a
specialty Booklet free by mall
Snmplo copies of On
II Hundred different lend
A 0 I ME ing Catholic papers and
r I I magazines sent to nnjj
nijainnuiiiiii address upon receipt ofl
Ten Cents to pay for
mailing Bnrcan of Catholic Literature
825 Maple Atenuo Zanoavlllo Ohio
General Bunking In All Its Branches
ptors4J3 Coefrriff John J Daly o J
Sallsbtirj Moyjan Q FOI J E Cosprlff W
P Noble George M Downey Job DonnellM1
4 y Holuon
times while docking the craft for
leaning and smoothing purposes means
large addltiona sums
A Great First Cost
The rather startling statement was
made by Sir Thomaa Lipton four yeats
ago that the mere cost of the Shamrock
I was between 400000 and 500000
while the expense of bringing the vessel
across the ocean and that of her of
ficers and crew was extra That seems
a big lot to pay for the vessel but Sir
Thomas should be the best of authority
on the subject of the cost of the yacht
If he expended a sum approaching
half a million dollars four years ago
for his challenging yacht the money
the present trip is costing him must be
far in excess of the figures named The
Lipton fleet now here is proof of that
It is easy to believe that the Shamrock
III cost quite as much to build as the
Shamrock I and it is quite sure the
hrmsrlnrr over of three crews those of I
the Shamrocks and of the tender Cru
zier must stand him in a bigger
amount than the single crew of four
years ago and the additional assistance
he obtained In this country I
So if 550000 or more represented the
challengers outlay the first attempt he
made upon the Americas cup it can
safely be estimated that something in
the neighborhood of 600000 will be re
quired to foot the bills at home and
here incidental to his third trial to win
the old trophy
With the amount that it costs the de
fending side however the Interest is
more widespread By the time the
yachts are called to sail the first race
for the cup the Reliance selected to
defend it will have cost one way and
another 435000 or more That is u
staggering amount to contemplate but
when everything is cleared up at the
end of the season it may be 450000
In addition to this sum there must
j be considered that the placing in com
mission of the Constitution her running
expenses reached from 65000 to 70000
while the Columbia has cost J Pierpont
Morgan 45 000 or possibly 55000
These figures will therefore show that
the defense of the cup this year will
approach the very respectable amount
of 575000 or 600000
No one concerned will findfault if af
the end matters are all right and In
deed there will be no grumbling if they
are not quite satisfactory
The building and rigging of the Re
lidnce cost a fortune The yachts con
struction required the best of work
men while all the standing and run
ning rigging was expressly made and
her canvas occupied the attention of a
large body of sailmakers for months
The Reliance has possibly 100 different
sailsand 15000 or so will represent the I
cost of a suit In this particular the
Constitution and the Columbia have not
been so expensive
The tenders Park City and Satellite I
are said to have been purchased by E
D Morgan and August Belmont reI
spectively but they are valuable assets
and need not he seriously considered in I
this financial summary The tender
Sunbeam is chartered and there can be I
no return from her but Sir Thomas
tender Cruizer will be valuable after I
thp match
With a crew of about fiftyfive on I
the Reliance and a crew on the tender
Sunbeam there are many men to be
looked after daily The yachts sailors
are paid big wages35 a month or i r I
moreand there is a scale of prize I I
money arranged by Mr Iselin so liberal
that a Reliance man If he is saving i i
will end the season with a tidy amount I
tohis credit I
About Racing Crews I
Racing crews cost prodigiously to
feed as they are men in the best of I
health while their work naturally gives j I
them excellent appetites There are j I
finite as many < Hedi i
the Sunbeam lookin
of Mr Iselin and nm I
the officer and err r r d1
and their own T
goodsized city hotH I
All changes in the
alterations or repair <
spars are paid
for v t i
docking bills are pt 1
The 4r 0000 or more
will cost must not kf I r
way with the N Y Y I
I in arranging for th i t
men who I
own the 01 i
the burden of that
but the syndicate ti
personal bills of Mi
aging owner r
It may cost the si iu
to see that the mat h t
and the challenging
that is due her while
dentally expended b
it may ness the ri i t
be thought of f
Days of the T r t11
It is said that wh <
son was approachp 1 1
that built the Thistu
a cup f allenger he n j
but insisted on lesig i
perintending her consr i
ing her through hpr
races all for nothin
love of the pastime
And it may inter
been speculating > ir
which the defen f >
upon American yarh 1
bly upon the burden I
Lipton is carrying I
was produced compl >
000 t
Since the Thistle fl i
in yachting have cha
the changes have h t
than that of the cos <
racing yacht suitabp t 1J c
defending the Amen <
more American F
s 6 >
harL >
i ft
I mii
e 4 z c
Complete Classical Commercial and Scientific Courses Modern Languages Postgraduate Course
rooms The college will reopen Sept 8 For Catalogue and information address Private
C t
I Sl i 1
I j f
1 ff 1L if
= J u > <
Desirous of introducing the celebrated Born range to the pub
lic we propose to send one out on a 30 days approval to
those anticipating a cash purchase Every range is guaranteed
to give entire satisfaction Call and we will convince you that
we have the best range on the market for the least money
A pleasure to show range whether you desire to buy or not
5 li
Nos 34 and 36 East First South St
U f J J Lf ii mt r iN x 8
Headquarters for fl
yo Agents for
Established 1871
Clothiers and furnishers
O1eth I I
+ v + + + + + + i + + + 4 + 4 +
+ + +
> 4444M +
+ 4
o +
t 139 W rriJlst Soufl Sf Salt Cake Cp
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
1tr in
a Iah
I h
11Ed lEIS MOrrIS I
Sons C 0 tp t
Importers and Dealers m tJlfI
Marble Granite Stone fl1t
Mantels Grates and Ie r
Monumental Work
Temple i St t
21 23 25 27 West South Temp
Salt Lake City Utah

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