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i Tii I
t our Boys and ijirls
This department Js conrJuctwl coleJy in the mm
tats of our girt and boy refers
Aunt Busy Is sad to near any limo from tin
pieces and nephews who read this page and to i T e
them all the advice and hqlp In her power
1 Write on one side of the paper only
Do not have letters too long
Original stories and verses will be cladly received
red caitfully edited
1 fc > e manuscripts f co fitributions not accepted na
tw teturnpJ
I Aaaress all letters to Aunt Busy Intermou Atals
I Ctthollc Salt Laltc City
The IAO boys were rdl in the world to each other
Ihcir parents were deed and Joe the elder was a
DrwsblY who by hard work and good management
vas able to provide for himself and his little
brother Tom a hopeless cripple who could walk
July by the aid of atches They lived in a small
jvnni on the sixth f Ip or of an east side tenement
> cw York It required all of Joes earnings aug
mented by a small weekly allowance from the So
t tidy of bt Vincent de Paul to pay rent and pur
J 1 cliahc the cheapest food But they were happy be
l cause they loved eauli other with true brotherly love
On Sunday they vent to mass and Sunday school
in the morning arid sometime in the afternoon
tbcv visited Cenlml park to see tho animals They
would stand before the monkey cage for hours en
jovin the mischievous antics which gave so much
pleasure to the poor little cripple
It was only three days before the anniversary
of the coming of the Christ Child The shop win
dows were filled with almost everything the human
mind could imagine or everything the human heart
could desire Oar a previous Sunday the two boys
lad gone down Broadway as far as the Battery
stopping before the wellfilled windows to look at
tbe display of Toys and other Christmas attrac
tions In one iviiidow Tom saw something for
which his childish heart longed A child often
craves a toy more than a miser craves gold But
the crippled child was too thoughtful to impose
upon his brother so much as to ask him to pur
chase the desitre of his heart for he knew that it
is a little difficult for poor boys in New York to
Ij earn money fior the purpose of buying fivedoll
Christmas presents He did not know that in a
j certain box tl at once belonged to his mother there
vas almost enough money to buy that precious ar
1 ticle During tho summer and autumn Joe had
worked hard that he might save enough to pur
chase a suit of clothing and a toy for Tom at
tl Christina That he might add to the pennies in
the box Joe had run many errands and had ear
j ned many packages when his other work was fin
1 ihed i That mysterious box contained nearly five
I dollars and Joe expected to add to the sami before
Christmas pre when he would make his important
The day after the two boys had wandered down
Broadway Joe bade his little brother goodbye as
soon as they had finished their breakfast of bread
and milk and hurried to the Herald office for
iptrs < to sell to the early birds as he styled those
who startedto work at 7 oclock He knew a num
Imf boys and they were all kind to one another
luPtimes advancing a loan to an unfortunate
niEpaiiion without requiring security That morn
ing lie missed one of his friends a redheaded Irish
Joy known as Little Billy He remembered that
IIP had not been about for several days and he
called to the boy in front of him in the long line
I Bud a led Say Mike is Little Billy sickf
I Xo Joe replied Mike Little Billy is locked
I po The oops got him but it wasnt his fault He
i i is up for thirty days I am downright sorry for
I tlir little cubs for he is square all through
I Joes face grew sad and at the risk of losing
his place tu line he begged Mike to step aside long
enough to tell him all about Litile Billys misfor
tune for he imagined that the poor boy had of
fended in some way the majesty of the law of the
j great city of New York
You sec said Mike the boys were all the
1 time imposing on the little cub because he wouldnt
lie swear nor smoke cigarettes One day lasfweek
he was picking up a bundle down at the Battery
for a poor old lame woman A big boy pushed him
over and be fell against the woman and she was
hurt so much that two of the cops took her to the
hospital and another cop took Little Billy to the
I station house and he was fined five dollars and
because he couldn pay the five they locked him
up for thirty days
Joe asked where Little Billy was confined He
lad made up his mind what to do He had heard
the priest say We should show our love for the
Christ Child at all times but especially at Christ
Mas and he knew that the best way to show love
for Him is to help those who are in trouble While
it grieved him much to deprive his own brother of
a Christmas present he did not hesitate to use the
money in the black box to pay Little Billys fine
Then he counted the dimes nickles and pennies
lie found that he had four dollars and sixty cents
1 The fine was five dollars How could he get the
1 forty cents which he must have before he could set
his little friend free He did not sit down to ad
mit his helplessness but to think how he could earn
the money He looked out the window and was de
lighted to see that the snow was falling in great
vhit < flakes He put his brother to bed and went
Ot > and soon earned fifty cents by sweeping side
walks The next morning he paid the fine and
Ins brother newsboys contributed a little sum to
ut Little Billy on hip feet Joe was happy but
for the thought of the little cripple at home who
Tumid have so poor aChristmas
That night as Joe and Tom sat close to their
little 1 stove Tom crawled on Joes lap and putting
Ins army around his neck asked Joe did you see
that hobby horse in the window last Sunday I
1 j1 i h I had five dollars I would give it to you to
Vv it for me If I had it I could ride when you
w not here
Jon tried hard to keep his tears back whilelie
> ti Sever mind Tom Ill get it for you bj
Era r
The two boys went to bed but only one fell
because his
I P Joe was restless aud unhappy
iProtllers stocking would be empty on Christmas
Hlvrniug lever had he so longed for money as
hI did that night and when Tom was sleeping he
r e and knelt by the side of his bed and asked the
Infant Jesus to send Tom something for the great
trait l day
rj h next morning Joe went downtown with a
x i1 1 heart Every window he passed seemed to con
tain a hobby horse and yet his poor lonely lame
litle brother could not have one He thought of
W litany homes in that rich city would be made
happy Christmas morning1 and of how drear it
° wld bp in at least one home and that one his own
ire 1 did not realize the st1J fact that in hundreds of
Itnnm in the great city there were clouds darker
J gin tine flint seemed to obscure the sunlight
tP1 11i dn little roonu
A S cut and pcasantsurnrisc wa awaiting him J
1 >
at file Herald office lEhere was Little Bills
and he was not in Jino but holding reception in
front of the office where he stood chatting with
J the boys What change in Jhis appearance ash
stood there wearing a handsome suit of clothing
find a fur lined overcoat Joe was too polite to
ask + his friend wherehe got fins rich ontfit thougl h
heulid say Im awfulglad Billy to see thatOld
I Santa came to see you so eoonf
You bet he < ail replied ILittle Billy And
the best of it is he came to stay a while and bet
ter still lie wants to see you He did ln6t wait to
fill our stockings but picked up the whole kit of
us and took us in a big airtoindbile to a + shining
flat full of brassbeds and other dandy things Now
I I am going to help you sell your papers find then
you must come home with me to see Old Santa
Say Joe I will tell you who he us He is my uncle
just from Siberia or Australia or some other
I heathen place where he made a pile raising sheep
After he raked off his fortune he came here to
find mother He had to hunt for us and said it
was worse than being Io3t at + home with his sheep
for they could find the ranch but he cant find his f
way in New York Joe he is a stunner sure and
as big as that iron man in the park But come
lets hustle for 1 want you to see him When T
told him what you had done for me he said Well
he is something of a boy T must find him before
Christmas sure
The night before Christmas Little Billy and
Joe worked hard in the llntteis room after Ton
had gone to bed lamenting because his brother told
him he must not expect Santa Claus who had too
many places to visit His surprise may be imag
ined in the morning when he found Christmas
tree beneath the branches of wBich stood the fa
coons hobby horse on whose back was large pack
age containing everything the child could imagine
or desire He was not less delighted to see Joe
dressed in a handsome suit and furlined overcoat
ready to start to church to1 We present at early mass
Later in the day Little Billy piloted his uncle
to the boys room and before Ihe left it was settled
that Joe and Tom Were to live with Afrs Maloney
in the flat and attend school with Little Billy that
they might be prepared to earn the necessaries o1
life without selling papers on the street Hilton
12 Smith in TJie Catholic Standard and Times
Free Turkey
Alfred G Yanderbilt at one of the many horse
show dinners given in Ibis honor fin New York told
a story of a groom and a turkey
I had promised this groom hesniH uGlnust
inns turkey hut somehow in the rush and flurry
of December I forgot it = It was some flays urf tdi
Christmas when I remembered how H TIm over
looked my faithful old tfirienfl
Meeting him in the paddock one morning itmd
intending to make good 3ny forgurfitlnws 1 suit
to the groom by way of a joke
Well Terms how did you Jjhc ithoi turkey
I you I
It wa ji 1 eiy fine bud sir sam iHw jgrooni
J came voiy near losing it though
How = o e said L astonished
Well sir said Jenkins Christmas morning
came and your turkey hadnt reached me so I J
rushed right out to the express company and asked
the manager whathe meant by not sending the bird
up The manager apologized sir very politely and
took me into a back room where there were ten or
fifteen turkeys hanging and he said the labels hat
been lost off all of them and Id just better take
my choice So I chose the largest sir knowing
your generosity and it was fine Ht ate grand
Thank you very much indeed sir
According to Her Count
Yes said the young wife Philip ana T have
lived together a whole year and wc Yc never had
the slightest quarrel
What are you talking about You andThilip
were married seven years ago
Xo be sure We were hut Won forget Hhatriiiib
traveling salesman
A ° GiveAway
What were you and Mr Smith ° talking about
in the parlor demanded Miss Blnslies mother
Oh we were discussing our kith and kin re
plied the young lady
Yeth you wafh interposed her little sister
ccMr Thmith asked for a kith and you thed You
A Base Materialist
SheI dont see why you sliould hesitate to J
many on 3000 a year Papa says my gowns never
cost more than that
He But my dear we must have something to
She petuloatly Isnt that Just like a man
always thinking of his stomach e
Just a Hint
Mrs Sharpley 25Text firae y ° u call I want yon i
to give your opinion of the new dog weiare going
to get
M Bore Delighted Tan sure When do you
expect it
Mrs Sharpley = Oh not for twelve months at
She sewed a button onmiy = coat
For I was far cf rom mother
Tis such a thing she said to one
As Id do for my brother
She looked so pretty sitting there
I quickly stopped and kissed her
Tis such a thing I said to her
As Td do to my sister
Oliver Iklfbur
Who Gets the Scolding i
It is a very backward child that < does not xnow 1
how to lay the blame on somebody elses shoulders
Little Katharine does mot belong to that class
Her grandmother had gone downstairs for a
few minutes leaving Katharine sailing some tin
ducks with a magnet in > a bowl < of water Pretty
soon her grandfather looked up from his book The
little gir had succeeded in drenching herself from
head to foot j
Why why 1 he exclaimed in dismay iffihat
will grandma say avow i
Oh said the little girl instantly i fshe will
scold you for letting one do it
Two kinds of Courtesy
There are two distinct Hands or courtesy ones
is of the heart and the other is of the head One
is the expression of genuine kindness and good
will while the other is merely the result of good
breeding One says lI beg your pardon because
it would he < bad form not to do so The other
says it from the heart Some one has said that
politeness is artificial goodnature hut a clearer
thinker comes nearer the truth when he says that
goodnature 1S natural politeness Courtesy re
sulting from mere goodbreeding Says and does
pleasant and polite things in an exquisite manner
with which the heart has nothing to do Joah was
courteous when according to the approved custom
of the time he took Amasa by the beard to kiss him
saying Art thou in health my brother Never
tlielessovithliis freehand + did Joab grasp his sword
and smite Amasa under the fifth rib to his death
This coldhlooded kind of courtesy obtains to the
present day and so well is it affected that it often
passes for courtesy of the heart But it will not
stand the tests that true courtesy will stand Cour J
tesy of the heart makes no distinctions It never
lapses into unkindness and rudeness when talking
to the lowest of ones inferiors and it is mover ser
vile before its superiors It is an attribute pecul
iarly gracious antI charming in women and ° they
who possess it add largely to the growing beauty
and sweetness and good of the world
The Art of Compliment
There is still an art of compliment and it is
still practiced worthily and unworthily The flat
terer of today deals little in words He acts and
above all he imitates We all imitate each other
with ra pitiful diligence All classes try to dress
alike With sad want of dignity men and women
fear to take their own line to show the kind of hos
pitality nviiidh best befits their incomes to wear
the clothes most convenient for their work to talk
upon the subjects which interest them to express I
the disapproval Which the class above them ridicule
and the admiration which offends tthc fashion lead
ers of literature and art
The art of compliment may however be well l
worth the study of all those who value the pleasant
ness of life above its pleasures Graciousness is
never out of fashion We must tell our friends
from time to time what we think of them There
are reserves which blight the whole beauty of life
But we must be at the pains to tell them in the I
right way for friendship some df its aspects ib
an art Again if we hope to get much enjoyment
out of social I life we must take the trouble show
ourselves well disposeH and must know how to turn
indifferent insignificant occasions to account
I Smile On Me
A sweet story is told of the little three yearold
girl the pet of the household who came down a
few minutes late to breakfast She had one foot
on the rounfl of < hor clmir but was not allowed to
climb up until her papa had asked the blessing
Then she looked mound her and saw that the fam
ily were offended and her childs heart was broken
Qh mamma she cried < with quivering lips
i smile on inc5
The IIiIlFs impulse was natural A smile means
I cheer love sunshine Jrtnd the cry of the human
heart always is SmileOn me
We all know howloneliness and heartache play
ibe cased and how the aspect of n whole day may
the dhanged by u kindly glance a friendly look Let
us see to it that we do not withhold this comfort
from one another In heaven God shall wipe i away
the tears from all eyes Let us anticipate heaven
and make earth as much like it as possible by re
menibeiitig ihe little childs cry Smile on mo
Unselfish Boy
Joseph 1 should think youd be ashamed to be
in the same dlass with boys so much smaller than
Well mother replied Joe I look at it in a
different way It makes me fool fine to see how
proud the small boys are to be in the same class
with a big boj like me
Continued from Page 1 I
fills it promises by bringing any permanent hap I
pinesa Olhe latter the cross appeals to mans rea I
son and spiritual nature Ones hopes centered on
the cross is the source of happiness because salva
tion which means unending bliss comes from the
humility of the cross At the foot of thecross one I
may say With St Paul Oh death lthere IS thy
victory oh death where is thy sting The cross
brings real and permanent happiness Its victim
has said Blessed are ve that hunger and thirst
after justice for ye shall be satisfied When sat
isfied then indeed is one happy This happiness
is ihe greetings which The Intormountain Catholic
sends to allits readers on New Years day Fp
Continued from Page 1
dead silence of the night it spoke l As you were
alone gazing upon the walls of thy room t spoke
and it reminded thee of thy incestuous life It
brought before thee the lewd dancer and with the
lewd dancer the head of John the Baptist it
wrought before thee the mothers of Jerusalem
weeping over the lifeless bodies of their offspring
and calling upon the God of Abraham for justice
it brought before thee all which is known only to
you und your God Ulimt was thy eons enco
Herod bad living makes a conscience blunt but
blunt though it was in the dead stillness of the
night it tortured thee Dancing women flaring
lights the sparkhi the wine cup the adulation
of thy courtiers cmild not still it Conscience
blunt though it Was spoke through all these spoke
over all these and thy blunt conscience condemned
thee and its condemnation brought thee untold
torture mud the days of thy life came to ta close
and like STudas you went into your own place We
openthe books of God and after Herods name we
read these wards
tile who soweth in the flesh df the flesh shall
reap corruption
On the eastern bank of the Jordln opposite to
Galgal inn place called Bethabara where tin i the
dldim day the valiant Joshua pitched his tout a
strange man appears lie parries not the purse of
the rich lie wears not the garments of i the wealthy
nnd 1 his food consists of locusts and wild Honey
A great multitude surround him attracted by the
fame of his mime the strangeness of his words
Dope iianee he tells the multitude forthe King
loniof Christ is at hand and then in a voicestrong
us the dternal hills come the words Every hill
shall 1B made low every valley shall be filled up
the crooked ways shall be made straight the rough
ways tplainand 1hCllnn flesh shall seethe salvation
of God The multitude listen there is in an
earnest man a something which always compells
the multitude to listen In John the iBaptist there
was an earnestness equalled by no man born of
woman < and to him succeeds St Paul and that
strong bright pure earnestness which animated
ohn the Baptist sprung from this Godly mission
The multitude hear him His words have the
strongth the ring of heaven about them and carry
conviction to Jewish hearts wedded more firmly
io Jewish traditions than the oak is to its roots
Vho is this onan1 ve ask the multitude and in
a whisper they tell us Some say he is the Mes
siah others say he is Elias and there are some
who say he is a great prophet Prepare ye the
ways of the Lord and the whisper of the anulti
udc is stilled Tlvcry mountain shall be made
low Yes destroy those mountains of pride that
shut out from your vision JLieaveu and its God t
I Boarding and Day School
I The hUfhttt i Intellectual advuntaffM a beantl
I EK1 and comfortable homo and careful attention
t0 all that pertains to good health sound mental
training refined manners and the best general
1 culture Superior advantages In muslo ant art
Bond tor cxsloxea to Blstar Superior Ogden
t 1tnaa
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i Metropolitan Hotel Block
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West Temple street Silt Lake City Utah
Till up those valleys the valleys of omission fill
them upwith good works works performed with the
pure intention of pleasing God j shovel into theval
I leys prayer alms repentance and charity that the
hollows may be filled up lye even to the city
Alighted up by God There are crooked ways in
thy life Which must be made straight Crooked
ways jes the truth musthenceforth sought for
be lived for be died for God is truth and if men
wish ° to live forever in the Heart of God they must
be like to Himtruthful The rough ways must
be made plain Men no more obscenity no more
blasphemy no more these words that mock heaven
and feast hell no more these words thy speech
from henceforth is to be aye aye and nay nay
thy speech from henceforth is to breathe a little
of that perfume whidh came from the Angels
voice in the morning their creation when they
first saw their God Your speech from henceforth
and forever is to be Glory be to God1
The multitude hear these words They are si
lent and in silence they depart for the homes by
Galilees sea and despised Nazareth but if you
pluck one of them bj the sleeve on the way home
and say to him < fWluit think you of the man and
his speech lIe wil lanswer He is fearless ye
lie honest yes trleib sincere yet He is in lover
df the poor yes He is an adherent of the God of
Abraham and Isaac and Jacob yes He looks for
ward to the Light of IBdthlpheiu aye sees that
light yes He is to brave honest puremian His
aim is God His life is God His end will be God
and in a voice in every note of which is an inten
sity of feeling conies the answer Yes
The multitude have departed John flic Bap
tist is alone We approach him and say to him
< Art thou the Messiahs tfu look is a look of <
fondness his answer never shall die I am the
voice of one crying in the wilderness make Straight
the path df the Lord I am lmOrtII even to
loose the Jut hctof His shoe We leave John the
Baptist and we approach the Messiah the Christ
multitude around him and we catch this query
as it falls from His lips But what went you out
into the desert to see A reed shaken by the wind i
But what went you out to see A man clothed in
soft garments Behold they that are clothed in
s ft garments are in the houses of kings But
what went you out to see iV prophet Yea 1
tell you and more than a prophet Igor this is Ho
of whom it is written Behold I send ply angel
ibofore thy face who shall prepare thy way before I
thee I
We leave the Christ No we should not say
that for no human being since the iBabe of Beth
lehems smile lit up the world should ever leave the
Christ No we accompany Him up to heaven Tic
opens the Book of Life there and after John the
Baptists name we read these wor s
He who soweth in the spirit of the spirit
shall reap eternal e
Successor to Erskine Bros
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