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Wo. 1.
Soc. 'I'hoy could not toach you how
to iilay nt draughts, and yct that is. a
liitiehsniallor lnattor (lian jttstlco lo you
uot admlt that?
Al. Ycs.
Soc. And can tlioy toach the bcttor
who au unablo to toach tho worse?
Al. I think that they can ; nt aiiy rate,
thcy can toach inany far bcttor things
than to play at draughts.
Soc. What things?
At.. Why, for oxamplc, 1 loarncd to
spcak Grcck of tlu'in, aml I eannot say
who wa niy tcachcr, or to whoin I am to
attribute niy knowledge of Grcck, If not to
thosc good-for-nothlng tcachcrs, as you
call thcin.
Soc. Why, ycs, my frlend; nnd thc
rnany arc good onoitgh teaehers of Grcck,
nnd thcir iustruutloirs In that llnc may bo
justly pralsed.
Al. Why is that?
Soc. Why, boeause thcy havc thc
qualitics of good tcachcrs.
Al. Whatqunlities?
Soc. "Why, you know that knowledge
is the lirst qualillcatlon of any tcaehor?
Al. Ortainly.
Soc. And !f thcy Unow, thcy liius t a
greo togother and not dill'cr?
At.. Ycs.
Soc. And would Jyou say that they
kncw thc things about which thcy dlll'er?
Al.. Xo.
Soc. 'l'licn how can thcy tcach them?
Aj.. Tbcy cannot.
Soc. Well, but do you hnagine that
thc niany woitld dlllor about thc naturc
of wood and stonc it' you ask any olic u
bout thcin arc thcy not agrccd, and go to
fctch thc sainc tlihifi, wlicn thcy want n
iiccc of woodor a stone, or anything cle
of tho sort ; for that, if I am not niitaken,
is protty ncarly nll that you nican by
speaking (!rcck.
Al. Truo.
Soc. ltut thcn, as wc, wcrc saying,
thoso are niattcrs about which thcy arc
agrccd witli onc anotlicr and witli tliein-s-olves;
both indivlduals and statc usc
thc same words aliout tlicm: thcy do not
usc some onc word and somo anotlicr.
Al. Thcy do not.
Soc. Thcn thcy niay bc expected to be
good tcachcrs of thoso things?
L. Ycs.
Soc. And if wc want to intruot any
onc in tlicm, wc shall lic right iu scnding
him to bc tauglit by our fricnd- tlic niany ?
Al. Vcry truo.
Soc. llut if wc wantcd furtlicr to Unow
not only which arc nicn and wliicli arc
horscs, but which nicn or horscs hac
powcrsof running, will tlic nmuy bc ablc
to inforni us of this?
Al. Ccrtainly not.
Soc. And a sullluicut proof that they
do not Unow tho-e things and arc not
true tcachcrs of thcni is, that tbcy arc
nover agiccd aliout thumV
Al. Vcs.
Soc. And supposc that wc wantcd to
know not only what nicn arc likc. but
what hcalthy or dIeaotl nicn arc likc
would thc niany bc ablc to toach u this ?
Al. 'J'hcy would not.
Soc. And you would havc a proof that
thcy wcrc bad tcachcrs of the-o niattcrs.
if vini shw tlicm at varlanoe? I
Al. I shoitld.
Soc. Well, but arc thc niany agrccd
witli thciiM'lvi'f, or witli onc anotlicr,
about thc ju-ticc or injustico of nicn and
Al. AssurcUy not, Socratcs.
Soc. Thcrc is no subject about which
thcy arc inon: at variauco?
Al. Xone.
Soc. I do not suppoe that you cvcr
saw or hcard of nicn (uarrcling ovcr thc
principlcs of hcaltli and dieae to such
an extout a to go to war and Uill onc
annthcr for thc ake of tlicm.
Al.. Xo, indccd.
SOC. Ilut of thc ipiarrcl about jutieo
and injtistioe, you havc ccrtainly hcard,
even if you havc ncvcr sccn thcin ; for
you havc hcard roeitations of thc Iliad
aud Odysscy.
Al. To bc sure, Socratcs.
SOC. A dill'crcncc of just and unjust is
thc argunicnt of thcpoenis?
Al. True.
Soc. And this dltVcrcnco caused all
the wars and dcaths ofTrojans and Aehaj
an, aud thO dcaths of all tlic suitors of
1'cnclope in thclr quarrcl with Odysscus.
Al. Vcry true.
Soc. And whon thu Athcuians and
Lacedamionians and Ikcotians fcll at
Tauagra, and nftcrwnnU in thc battle of
Coronea, nt which your fathcr, Cleinias,
mct his cnd, tlic (picstlon wasoneof just
lce this was thc cole causcof thobattle,
and of thcir dcaths?
Al. Vcry true.
Soc. llut can wo supposo that they
understand that about which tbcy nrc
(pjarrcling to thc dcath?
Al. Clcarly not.
Soc. And yet thosc whoni you thus
allow to bn iguorant arc thc tcachcrs to
whoin you arc appcalhig.
Al. Vcry true.
Soc. 15ut how aro you cvcr HUely to
know thc nature ofjustico and Injusticc,
about which you aro so perplcxcd, If you
havc neither lcarucd them of othcrs nor
discovcrcd them yourself ?
Al. From whnt you gay, I supposo
Soc. ce, again, how inaccuratcly you
spcak, Alcfljiades !
Al. In what respect?
Soc. In saylug that I say this.
Al. Wliy, did you not say that I know
nothlng o the just and unjust?
Soc. Xo; I did not.
Al. Did I, thcn?
Soc. Ycs.
Al. How was that?
Soc. Let ino cxplaln. Suppose I wcrc
to ask you which Is thc greater munbcr,
two or oue; you would reply, "two?"
Al. I should.
Soc. And by how niuch grcatcr?
Al. lly onc.
Soc. Which of u now wiya that two
is inorc tliau onc?
Al. 1 do.
SoC. Did not I ak, and you atHwcr
thc (picstlon?
Al. Ycs.
Soc. Thcn who is speaUlng? I wlio
put the ipicstion, or you who answcrinc?
Al. I am.
SoC. Or suppose that 1 ak and you tcll
nio the lctlcrs which niakc up thc nanie
Socratcs, which of us is the spcaUcr?
Al. 1 am.
Soc. Xow let us put the cac gcn
crally; whcnevcr thcrc is a (picstlon and
answer, who is the spcaUcr, the (pics
tioncr or the answcrcr?
Al. I should say, Socratcs, that thc
answcrcr was thc speakcr.
SoC. And havc I not becn thc ipics
tioncr all througli?
Al. Ycs.
Soc. And you the answcrcr?
Al. Ccrtainly.
Soc. Which of us, thcn. wa thc
Al. Tlic infcrciicc is, Socratcs, that
l was tlic speakcr.
Soc. Did not soiiK! onc say that Alci
biadcs, thc fair son of t'lcinias, not un
dcrstanding about just and unjust, but
thinkiiig that hc did undcivtaiid, was
going to tlic asscinbly to advic thc Atbc
nians about what hc did not Unow? Was
not that said?
Al. That N true.
Soc. Thcn, Alcibiadc-. thc rcsiilt niay
bc cxprc--cd iu tlic lauguagc of Kuripi
de. I thiuk that you havc hcard all thi
"from your-clf, and not from nic:" nor
did I say this, which you orroncouly at
tribute to nio. but you yourself. aud what
you said was vcry truo. 1'or indccd.
my dcar fellow. thc dcign which you
mcditatc of tcaching what you do not
Unow, and havc not taUen any pains to
lcarn. is downritrht in-anitv.
V'ii etiiitiintnl.
Tlic liiiincr xi t in liN ca-y clialr,
MintkliiK liN nlpc of cluy,
Whilc lils little nld wlfc witli lin-y on t o
Was clctuiitiK tlic illniicr nwny;
A .swt'ct little Kii l. " itli llnc liluc oyos,
On licrKniiiiirutlicr' kncc was oaloliin lllc-.
Thc old liniii luiil lili hninl on lu-r IicikI,
Witli a tciir n liis wrlnkliMl fnccj
lic tliotiKlit liow olton hur mntlicr, ilcail,
Ililtl Mlt in tllC M'lf.MUl(! plucu.
As thc tcar t-lolo iliiwn his hiilf shut cyc,
"Don't MiKikc," said tho ohild; "Howit tiiakes
you cry !"
Thc houo iloj; lay htictohcd out on Ihc Hoor
VVhi'iv thc h:idc tillcr noon uicd to fteal ;,
Thc Imsy old wifo by thc opcn door,
Wns t itriiinir thu iilimlnn whucl;
And llic old hni clocU on Ihc niiinti'l trcc
Ililtl iiloddcil tilotn; to alinoM thrco.
.-till thc lunucr stit in his cay chiiir,
Whllc clo-c to his hcaviiiK blvat
Thc iiMiUtriicd brow nnd tlic chcck o fair
(If his swcct rund-chlld wtts jncssctl.
Ili- hcnd, bcnl down, on Iiit Min hitlr hiy ;
Kiii-l ic-lccp wcrc thcy both, that 'uninicrdny !
Chnrtv (t'tttmiff J.'iistmtin.
Wlicn thc hiiinld sbuilows liovcr
iHi'r nll thc stnrry hphcrcs,
And Ihc iiiclaiR'holy dnrkiicsi
(Jcnlly wccp In r.ilny lcars
Whnt a 1 j to pic Ihc plllow
Of a cottiiK' chainlicr hcd
And to ll-Icn to tho paltcr
Of tlic Milt rain ovcrliciid!
Kvcry tinklc on Ihc i-hliiKlcs
Ilastin ccho in thc hctirt;
And a tlion--aiid drcainy fitnoics
Into bnsy lndn Min t,
And a tlioti-iuid iccnllci'tlons
Wcavc thcir alr-thrcinN into wool",
As I li-ten to thc pattcr
of the rnln upon tho rnof.
Xow in incinoiy coincs niy lnothur,
Ah shc nctl ltm ycars nonc
To rcKard thc darlinu dicaincrs
Kru -hc lclt tlicm till tliu duwn ;
Oh, I m c hcr bendlnj; o'cr mc,
As 1 li-t to this retValn
Wliieli I-. playcd npon tho shinslcs
Ity thc paltcr of thc i-aln.
Thcn iny little M'rapli slstcr,
Witli hcr wiiiKs and waviiiK halr
And her htar-cycd clicrnli brolhcr
A M'lcne, iintdio pnirl
(illdo iuoniiil my wakcl'til plllow
Witli thclr pniUu or anlld vcproof,
An I li-tcu to thc iiiiirmnr
Of tlic Mift rnln on tho rnnf.
And anotlicr comcH to thrlll ino
Witli hcro ycs' (lellcimtH bluo;
And I mind uot muslUK on ln-r
Tliat hcr hcart wtis till imtruo;
I remcmbcr but to lovo licr
W'ltli a paHsion kin to paln
And my henrt's iulek palsen vll)ratc.
To thu pnttur of thu rain.
Art hutlt iiaiiKlit of tonu or ciulcnco
Tlmt cmi work witli hiicIi ii npell
In thu Miul'ii mysterlotis foiintalns,
Wlicnco tho tcarH of riiptimi wcll,
As that lmdoily of naturo
That siiliducd, Mihduim; slrtiln
VVlilcb is pliiycd upon tlio Hhinnles
lly tho pattcr of thc rnln.
Coatcs Kinney.
Thcn tvo mc back tlio tiino of plciisurcs,
Whllo yt in joyons nrowtli I Huiitf,
Wlicn, liko n fount, tho crowdliif? mcasurcs
Uninterniptcil pisbcd and spratiBl
Thcn brlKlit inlst vcllcd tho world beforo mc
In opcnlnt? buds ti nmrvcl wokc,
As I thu tliousand bloHKims broko
Wliicli ovcry vnllcy rlcbly boro mc,
I nothinK liud, nnd yct cnoush for youth.
.loy ln Uluslon, urduut thlrst fnrTrutli.
Glvo unrcfctratnt'd tho old cmotlon;
Tlio bllss tlmt touchcd tlio vcrffo of pnln.
Tho etrength ot Hnto, I.ovo'n dccp ilcvotlon,
O, (fivo mo back my youth ii(juln!
From tht Germat oGotthe.'
Geo. Wm. Curtls In Harpur's MnKnzlno.
.lolm Jiull ottcn latigns at somo ccccn
trie usc of thc lauguagc, somo tincouth
phrasc or apparcnt slang, from hl3 cousin
Johathau, wheu, after all, it turns out to
ho u Yorkshiro or a Shropshlrc form of
spccch, which eithcr has becn long latcnt
in the tnuislautio hraiich, and conies out
at last likc invllblc wrltlng licforc :i llrc,
or Is a icagc a old n thc Kugllsh sot-
tlcmcnl, but which ha bcon only icccnt
ly traccd back tigain to tlic niothcr coun
try. Aniorican wonicn arc thought to bo
vcry "iiuocrM iu niany ways, wlicn triod
by tho convontional standards of othor
oounlrics. Xothiug could bc (incorcr
than Daisy Mlllcr to Jtrs. (iencral pre
clscly pottrlng prtincs aml prlsins froiu
hcr propor lnouth. Xotlilng, also, would
sccm to bo (ptcorer to thc typical rcspcc
tablc Iiritisli niatron ttnui niany of th(!
oxccllcnt Amorlcaii chanipious of tho
rights of thcir own scx.
Ilut whlle that niatron would look
aghast upon onc of licr own scx inaking
a stuinp-speech, and would doubtlcss
uiuruiur, "How palnfully Anierlean!''
thc Kasy ('halr rccently pointcd out tlmt
nothlng could .sccm to an Aniorican lady
niore oxtraordlnary thau tlic spoctaclo of
tho wifo of a candidalc for (Aingress
driving witli oloction llags and rlbbons
froiil hou-o to houc soliciting votos for
hcr liu-baiid. Yct this was thc ipioor
siicclaolo oll'orcd by thc wlfc of l.ord
Itandolph Cliurclull in thc oarly siiminor,
aud thc J'act that shc wa an Anicrican
niadc no dill'croncc. Shc would ccrtainly
not havc donc thc sanic thing liero, and
ilotthtlcss shc sharcs thc fccling ol re-pul-ion
with which niany Ainerioan
ladio- rogard thc ascrtion of thc right
of doing what -bo did. I.ady ('burchill
was tumping for licr hu-band. It wi:s
not "(iiiccr" in Kngland, aud it sliows
that thc brow of thc rospcctahlc HrltWh
niatron sliould not bo liltod at tho "IV
nialc cbauipioli ot licr -cx" in Anicrica,
hccansc -lic !- plainly a HritMi survival,
liko tlio local .l;i.i-c or word.
Thc sainc iiitcrc-tiug fact is illustratcd
in othor way-. .lohn llull at his I.ondon
club. liko yinmg ltull C'alf at his club lu
New York, is hockcd by tho vitlgarily
and "blaokguardism" of Amoricaii poli-
tic. It stiiko- him as vcry undignillcd,
and hc sj.'hs to think "it i so trausat-
lantic." lsit? I- it iicculiarly Amcri-
in? Xol at all: it i only a -urvival ol
tlic dcar niothcr couiitrv. lo onc who
ilU llogarlli. and reiiienibers ClrantV
,'aiiiloui liocollcctiolis of tho IIou-c ol
(iiiiiiioii-. and Ui-racli'- and llulwcr's
nd Dickon's storic-. and w ho ha dipped
little into ICngli-li political and party
hi-torv. nothiiu; is niore (ucer than that
lohn llull -hoiild think vulgarity aud
laekiruardisiii nnd wor-c. in an clcctoral
niupaign, to bc .-o Anicrican and (piccr
Tlic other ovoning. Iu an ordinary oloc
tion cauipaign. ?ucb a- that which is just
ndcd in Kngland, poor l.ord I.orne, the
.Mieon s son-ln-law. was a-sc;iii(.(i with
tich uproar, and cvcn with oggs, so fu
riously. that hc o-capcd trom tlicplatforin
md r.an. (lrippinir, througli a hoavy rain
to tlic railroad station. and sbook thc
mud of tho lown froin oll' hi fcct. X'ow
i thc condiict of tlio wifc of l.ord
C'lmrchUl. upon which tln-( halr pasc
no jiidgincnt. howevcr hiniiliar and ac
cciitable in Kiurland. would havc becn
thought Mipcrlatively (piccr iu thc I'nitei
Statos. ihc vitupenitive vigor of Kn
li-h political -pcaking is uiip.inillolcd
bcrc. aud a- proccoillug lroin a rcalm iu
which olcotion vitlgaritv i- thought to ln
o Anicrican. it is uudcuiably ipiocr.
Thc appoaraucc of a high dignitary of
tlic Kpi-cojial chtirch upon thc party
sluinp on this -ide of thc watcr would bc
iu oxtraordlnary aml aluio-t an uiipreco
denlod ovcnt. ltut that, if ho appoarod
ucli au ccclc-iasuo .-liount pcaK ot au
opponcnt a Ihc enoralilc Archdoacou
(icorgc Aulhony !)cni-on. of Tatintou
in Kngland. rccently spoke of Mr. (Jlad
tone. is incrcdiblo. Thc rovcrcnd gcn
tlouiansaid: "l havc known Mr. filad
tone forty-tlvo yoar, but I would not
tru-t him witli a 'bras- fiirthing.' Thi1
Whigs nightly beforo lcciing cxpr
Ihc hopc that souicthiug will happen
-Mr. lilad-tone bcfore morniug." Can w
llgurc lllshop l.ittlejohn, or lti-hop or
Asclitant HMioii l'ottcr, or IlMmp Io
tiii, or lti-hop lluutlngtou, or liishoi
Coxc, all of them Now York eoelcsiai-tics
eithcr speaking upon tlic stunip at all, or
under any conccivablc circunitanccs tall.
ing in tliat strain of anv opponcnt?
ccrtainly vcry luieer, and wc sl
dccpl- to thilig how Knglish it Is.
Vrofc.ssor Tyndall also took jiart lu tlic
latc I'arllaincntary canii)aign, so fur i
to writo a lcttcr (lcclining to stauil for
scat. ln tlio lcttcr rofcrring to ovcnts
tho Soudan, hc too said of Glad
stonc : "If thcru bc a day of rctrlbiitiou
for thc niisdecds of nicn, I would not
willingly accompany to tho judginont
scat thc unpurgcd spirlts of thosc who
wcrc rosponsiblc for thc bloodshcd in the
Soudan. It was a daiunhig aud danimi
blo busiuoss from boginning to cnd. Yct
thc nian who is answcrable bovond
othcrs for this wastc of blood, who scnt
Gordon to the wilds and thcrc abandoucd
him to dcath aud iniitilatiou, now daro
to talk to the pcople of Midlotliian as
no llcck rostcd upon his workmanship
'lliat Is as bittcr as any thing that h;
bcen said upon the Anicrican stump for
niany a ycar. Our pcrsonallty and ln
vcctlvc and cxtravagance at clcetions are
only a survival of qucerness. Our fath
crs hrought tlicm in the blood whcn they
left I.ngland. 'lheyarca connnon herl
tnge of tho racc, and not distinctlvely
"so Aniorican," after all.
From the llmcrson Calcntlar.
Wo lovo charactcrs in proportiou
they are impulsivo aud spoutiincotis.
Victory ovcr things is tlic oUIco of nian
Of courso untll It is accoinpllshod, it
thc war and iusult of thiugs ovcr him.
Whnt is it that makes thc true knlght?
Loyalty to his thought. That makes tho
bcautiful scorn, thc clegant siinpllcity
thc dlrcctness, the comuiaudiiig port
which all nicn aduilrc and which nicn uot
noblo ad'oct.
.Icsus Christ belongcd to thc truo race
of prophets. lic saw witli opcn cyc the
inystory ot tlie soul. Drawn by its sc
vore liarmony, ravishcd witli its beauty,
ho llvcil lu it, and liad his bcliig thcn.
Alonc lu all history, he cstlinatcd the
grcatncss of man.
Slavcrj it is that tuakcs slavory; froe
dom, frecdoni. The slavcry of wonicn
happcned wlicn the nicn wcrc slavcs of
klngs. The mclioratlou of manucrs
hrought thcir mclioration of courso. It
could not bo otherwise, aud hcucc the
new desiro of better laws.
Thc paintcr Glotto, Araarl tolls us, rc
ncwcd art, boeauso ho jmt inorc goodncss
into his heads. To awako iu nian and to
lisc the scnso of worth, to cdiicato. his
cllng and judgmcnt so tliat he shall
scorn liiinsolf for a bad actlou, that is tlic
only aim.
And I Unow no suoh uii(iiostionablo
badgc aud oiislgu of a sovoroign inind, as
that tonaclty of purpo-e, which througli
ill chaiigc of coiiipanlons, of partics, of
forlune, changcs ncvcr, batos no iot of
art or hopo, but woarios out oppo-itiou
ind arrivos at Its port.
A man niiist hc clollicil with sociotv, or
c sliall leel a certain liarrelincss and
poverty, as of a (ll-placcd and uiifuriiMiod
nicnibcr. Ile is to bc dres-cd iu arts and
ilistltutloii!-, as well as in bodv iriirnients
X'ow and thcn a nian exuuisitolv maili
in nvo aioiie, aiut niiist; out coop up
tuost nicn aud vou iindo thcni.
Who can sct hoiiniN to tho possibilitics
of a nian? Onco inlialc thu upper air, bc
ing adniiltcd to behold tlic ab-oluto na
turcs of lusticc and trttth, and wc lcarn
that man has acccs to the cutiro tuind ot
thc Crcator, is hlm-olf tlic crcator in thc
Scck nolhlng, fortune scckctli thoc;
X'or mount, nor divo : all good things kcci
l'hc midway of tlic etcrnal dccp;
Wi-h not to till tho islcs with cvcs
0 fctcli thoc birds of paradi-o:
On Ibino orcliard's cdgc belong
All thc brags of pltime and song.
Iltev. llcnry Kcntlall in l'opular Sclcni.'c
l'hc numbcr of a man's anccstors doub
lcs iu ovcry ircncration as his dcscont is
traccd upward. In tlio lirst gcncraliou
he rccUous only two anccstors, his fatlic
md niothcr. In the sccouil gcncratioii
thc two are convertcd into four, sinoc 1k
had two grandfathers and two grand
niothcrs. Ilut cach of thcsc fourliadtwo
parcnts, and thus in thc thlrd gcncratioii
thcrc aro found to bo oiglit anccstors
tliat is, oljjht grcat-grandparcnts. ln tlio
fourth gcncratioii tho niimbcrof anccsiors
-ixteou; in tlio ilfth, thirty-two ; iu tlic
ixth. slxty-fotir; iu tho seenth VI. In
tlio tcnth it has Hscn to 1,021; in thc
twentletli It bccomcs 1 .() 1S,.170 ; iu tho
tbirlictli no fcwcr than l,07.S,7ll.8.'tl. To
i-ccnd no higher than the twciitv-foiirth
iencration wo reaoh tho sum of 10,777,
.'10, which is a grcat deal inorc than all
thc iuhahitauts of (ircat ltritaiu whcn
tliat gcncratioii was hi oxi-tence. l'or 11
wo rcckon. a gcncratioii at .'l.'l ycar-,
twoiitv-four such will carrv us hack 702
ycars. or (n a. d. lOll.'t, whcn William tlic
t'onipioror bad bcon slooping in lti ;ravc
at C'aon onlv slx vcars, and his son Wil
liam II. surnaiiied ltiifti-, was reigning
ovcr thc land. At tliat tiino the total
numbcr of tho iuhahitauts of Kngland
could havc bcon little niore thau two mil-
lions, tlic aiuount at which it is cstimatcd
diiring tho roign of tlie C'onnuoror. It
was only oiicoighthofa ninctcoiitli-i'cntu-rv
lnan's ancostors if tho nonnal ratio of
progrossion, as just shown by a shnpli
proocss ot aritlimctio, had rccclvcd no
chcck, and if it liad uot becn boiindcd bv
the liinlts of thc population of tlio coiin
try. Sincc tlio rcsult of tlio law of pro-
grc.s-ion, liad thcru bcon room for its cx-
pansion, would havc bcon oiglit timcs tlio
actual population, by so niuch thc inorc
is it cortain that tho lincs of ovcry Kug-
lislinian's anccstry run up to cvcry man
and cvcry woinan iu tlic roign of William
I. from the king and (picon downward,
who lcft (lcsccndants iu thu island, and
whose progcny has not diod out thcrc
From Uclttravia.
One aftcrnoon wc wcnt a mo.st intor
esting expedition up tlie rivcr, and thcn
turncd aside into one of tlio niany crooks,
to tho village of Faa-tco, and thcncu on
ward in scarch of onc of tlic grcat duck
liatchlng cstabllshincnts, whcro inulti-
dinoiis oggs are artillcially liatchcd. Tho
lirst wo cainc to was closcd, but tho lioat-
nicn told us of anotlicr furtlicr on, so wc
lauded aud walkcd along narrow ridgcs
bctwccn large tloodcd llolds, iu wlilch
lotus and watcr chcstnuts aro grown for
thu sako of thcir cillble roots. lloth are
uicc wlien cookcd, but tho collceting of
thcsc iu tho dccp niiid inust be truly dc-
tcstablc for thc poor women engagod ln
it. I'assing by aniazlug hcaps of old
cgg-sliolls (for which cvcn the Chinese
seem to havc as yct found no usc) we
rcaclicd tlio liatchlng house, in which
niany tliousands of cggs are helng grad
ually warmcd iu grcat baskets llllod up
with hoatcd chalV, aud placcd on sholves
of vcry opcn haskct work, which aro
arrangcd in tiers all arouud tho walls,
while on thc grouiid aro placcd cartlicn
waro stovcs full of burnlng charcoal.
Hcrc tho cggs aro kept for a whole day
and night, thc jiotion of thc baskets
with rcfcrcnco to the stovcs licing con
tlnually changcd hy attcndants who rc-
servo thclr apparcl for uso iu a cooler at
mosplicre 1 After this prellmiuary hcat
ing the cggs are rcniovod to other bas-
kcts iu anotlicr hcatcd room, to which
they arc (loxtorouly carricd in cloth,
acli colitalniiig about 50 cggs. Xo one
but a noat-handcd ('liinauicn could carry
such a biirdcn wltliout a broaknge. I Herc
thc oircs rcinain for about a fortiilirht,
ach ogg licing fro(iiioutly inovod from
placc to place to otpializo thclr sharc .of
hcatluj;. After llils tliev are taken to a
thlrd room, wlieru thcy are sprend ovcr
wlde shclves and covercd witli shcots off
thick, warm cotton : at the ond of afi-
other fortnlght hundrcds of little duck-
lings slmultaneotisly brcak thcir shells,
md by cvening pcrliaps a eouple of thott-
and llutiy little bcauties are launehcd
Into llfe and are forthwith fed with ricc
watcr. Duck farmers (who know pre
clscly wlicn each grcat hatchiiig is due)
ire ln atteiidancc to buy so niany hiin-
trcds of tliesc prctty infants, wliom they
carry oll" to thclr farms, whcrc thcre au;
ilrcady an hnniense nuinbor of ducks
and goose of dill'orcnt agcs, all in sepa-
rate lots. Tho goesc, by tlie way, arc not
hatchcd artitlciallv, owlng to the thlck-
noss of thcir sliolls, oonsciMicntly thcy
irc not so vcry niiniorous as ducks.
Still, llocks nunibcrliig 000 or 800 arc
rcarod, and aro providcd witli wattle
liclves on which to roost, as dainp
irround is considered iniurious to tlie
young birds. A vcry large goose markct
hcld cvcry niorniiig in Caiiton, which
is supplled by geese lioats, cach of which
brlngs -200 or .'100 birds. As to tlic baby
ducks, thcy aro fod on boilcd ricc, and
after a whilc aro proinotcd to bran, niag-
gots and other dclicacics, till tho dav
comos whcn thc owncrs ol tlic duck hoats
conio to piirchase tlic half-jirown birds
md conuncncc thcproccs of lcttingtlicm
fattcn tlioni.-clvos as aforcsaid. Thiscon
tinuos till thev are. rcady for the markct
and are eithcr (-old for iinmediatc con
-umption or boiight wholesale bv thc
provision dcalcrs, who split, salt and dry
them in thc siin. The hcart, gizzarri and
cntralls are al-o dricd and sold cparatc
Iv. and the lnlls, tongucs and fcct arc
iicldcd iu brine.
From tlic Troy Tlmus.
A lcttcr dovotod to I.eipsic univorsity
would be wor.-e than inoouiilcto if nothlng
wcrc said about thc hours dovotod to tho
loctures. I hc lccturc-rooins aro hv no
moans pictiiresquo. They are furnished
with plain boiichcs and dosks, thc board
running along tho back of one seat scrving
as a desk for tho scat ncxt bchiud it
Thcrc is ovcrything ncccssary for work
nothing for ornaniont cvcrvthing thatis
ncccssarv cxccpt frcsh air. One advan
tagc aliout thc looture hour is that it 1.-
miuutcs long. l'iftcen minutc- are allow
cd lor tlie students togct Into thcir placc
mtl lor tho proleors to gct trom onc
room lo anotlicr. licforc the lo minutc
are ovcr cvcrv onc Is in his placc, or,
lcast, is oxpoclcd to bc thcrc. Tho latc
conior. who disturli- tho quict bv cntcr
ing tlie room a niiiiutc after tho lcctur
ha bogiiii, is grcctcd with a liullliiur ol
thc fcel and hlsc. A glancc aromid thc
room at anv of thcse lcctures will rcvc
Ihc lact that umongtlic 100 or 200 presont
othor lands arc rcprcscutcd be.-ides ticr
many. Thcre aro a fow Kiijrli-hinen
inorc Ainerican. hcrc and thoro a I!u-siaii
ora.swcdc, and a low .Iapanco. Xot
long ago onc of theo ycllow-skinued
oricntals, who bad taken notcs of tho
lcoturo in Gerinaii, wa seou reading and
translating his notc into KiiglNh for thc
bonollt of an Aniorican ,wlio had becn so
unfortunato as not to tindorstaiid tho Iec
turc. And yct tho Japanosu arc barba
riaus !
I.otlcr iu X. V. Trlhunc.
ln the Allcghcny rogion now stands
tlie largc.t body of hard-wood tinibor in
tho temiorato .onc, and herc upon the
frontlcr bctwoen the sylva of the X'ortli
Atlantio and of thc South is grouped an
opulcneo of arliorescont I'orin uiikuown
olscw liore uiiless it is parallclod In some
favorcd forcst ot Japan. The size attam-
cd hy individiial trccs undcr thcsc moit
sUics and upon this lniltliil soil is as
notcworthy :is thcir varicty. We saw
that day by actual count 20 spoeies that
would out a ."iO-foot stick of tinibor, aud a
fow davs lator ln going the sanie dis-
tance on the llank of Xcwman's llald
anotlicr baro-toipcd jicak, fcoparatod by a
sag from CllngnianV, Ddino, all of thcsc
with a half-dozeii niore two plncs (I.
mltls and 1 taoda), two hickorios (C.
amara and C. tomcntosa), black walnut
and silvor licll (lialcsla). Thc other big
trccs wcrc cucumbcr magnolia and tulip
poplar, white asli and black loetist, rcd
and sugar maplcs, blaek guin (nyssa),
basswood, sycamore, black chcrry, buck-
oyo and black hirclt, hcoch and chestnut,
rcd, white aud ehcstniit oaks, black
sprucc, balsam and hcinlock.
Ono miglit journey acrossthocontinont
of Kuropc aud back again aud not Ilml
half as niany. And thcse werc only
tho giants. Tlie botanist of tlio expedi
tion nained from nieniory in the evening
07 distinet treu specics that grew along
tlioso 12 inlles of mouutaln road. Upon
all this coplous growtli theru rcsts the
chariii of hoary ago without a syinptoin
of deeay. Ilero is tho lorest prhncval,
without a llgurc. Its sccds wcre sown
beforo thc cra of man. Tlio chestnut and
tulii-trcos havc had tho loisure of long
conturlcs to roach thc glrlh of 20 fcct and
inorc, which is commoii ainong tlicm, for
ahiindant molsture has bcon thclr safo
guard against desolation by llre. Vcncr
ablc in tlicir gray antlquity, niajcstic in
thclr coluinnar strcngtli, thcy woar that
plncld exprosslon of longevity, which
unltes the rcmolo past with the dlstaut
uiost oloiiucnt of
volcclcss :iipcals to the imagiuation. In
mcro bulU the trccs arc exccllcd by thc
colossal conlfcrH of thc I'aoillcmounlains.
llut ln thcse llmltlcs solltudos thoio Is
cnougli of inystery and solcinnlty inot
impros.sivo wltliout thc broodlng glooiu
and awful monotoiiy of tlie overgrccli
mp.erancc dolumn.
W. C. T. U.
Thc I.ortl of Jlust.i is f itli nx, tlir (iod of
Jacob is our llofKijc"
Mc.s. k. i:. nicn.
Mlt. (ii:o. C. W.vuu-n.
- Mus.,1. W. I.ovi.iT.
- Mll. W. W. Tiioms.
nt Virc Presttk-nt
l Vfce- VresUhnt
Coloncl Ilobcrt Ingorsoll was latoly om-
ployed ln a case which Involvod tho niaii-
ufacture of ardcnt siiirits, nnd iu his
pcccli to tlie jury bo uod the following
lauguagc :
I am awaro Ihcrc is a proiudico airalust
my man cngagcd iu tlie uiaiiiiriiitiirc of
ilcohol. I bclicvc lrom tlio tinic il i-ucs
from thc. coiled siiid poi-onous worm in
tlio distillcry until it ciuiiilc inlo thc
holl of dcath, dislionor aml criinc, ih.ir i
sdouioraliilig tocNcrvliodv that !oiu lu s
It, lrom tho source to whcrc it ciid I
do not bolievc tliat anvboilv can conn m-
ilato tlic subjcct. w illioiit bchig .rejmliooil
against the criinc. Allwchac to do is
to think of thc wrccks on eithcr sidc of
tho strcam of dcath, of uicidc-., ol' the
insanlty, of thc poverty. of tlic dc-iruc-
tion, ot tlic little ohiltlrcn tiijrjring ai Ihc
brcast, of wceping and dcspairiug wivcs
isklng for bread, ol tlio man ol gcuiiis U
has wrcckcd, tlic man truggliug with
imaginary serpent produccd by thi"dcv-ili-li
thing; and wlicn vou thi'nk of the
jails, of the altns-hou-os. of tlio aylunis,
ol tlio pnsons, antl ol ino scallold on ei
thcr hand, I do not wonder tl.it cofy
tlioughtful man is prejudiced again-l tlii's
vilo Htiill" callcd alco'hol. Iiitciiipcianco
cuts down youth iu its vigor. iiiatihood in
its strcngth, and old ago iu its ,w
It broaks the fathcr' hcart, borcnu thc
dotiiig mothcr, cxlingiiilios uatiu-il af-
cction, urascs coinugal lovc, lnoN out
lilial attachmcnt aml bligln- ji.ni-iil.il
hopc, and brings irciiiiiture agc ln -urrow
tolhegrave. It jir odiicos w oal.n, not
troiigtlt; sicknc.-. not licallh: di .itli. not
lile. It makes wios wulow. clulilrt n
orpbans, fatliers licntl aud all i.mpi rs.
it fecds rheumati-m, nurcs gniii.wc).
comos cpidcmlcs, in itc-cliolcra. an.i r
pestilcnee aud enibraccs coiiiiliip!.ini. It
covcrs thu land with mi-cry. i 1 1 m and
crimc. It engonders cotitrovcrie.lotcrs
(piarnds and cheri-die riots. It crowd
your pciutontiarics :inti Iiiriii-hc- ictun
"to thc scaflbld. It is the blood of thc
gamblcr, the clenicnt of the butlar. thc
irop ot tho liighu iiyinan. and tlic up
port of tlic iiiidn'igbt inccinli.iiv It
coiintcnauccH tho li-ir. rcpect- tlie thiet.
ctccms the blasplioincr. It violale- ob-ligatioiis,revcrcncc-
Iraud.lioiior- inlainj .
It dolanics bciiooleiicc.lialos lovo. -corn
virtueand iiinoccncc. It incilc- tlie lathcr
to biitchcr hU hclplc oll'-pring, aud thc
chiid to griiid thc parriciilal axi . It
biirns up nicn, coii-uuics women, di .i -ts
lilc, curscs (!od and dc-pisc- hcavcii. It
iiborns w itnc.sc--. nur-e- pcrlldy. dclllc
thcjury boxand taiu- tho jmlicia'l crminc.
It bribos votcrs, di-(ualilics vou-, cor-
rupts clcetions, pollutc- our intitin
and cndangcrs tlic go ci iiuicnt. 1
grades tho citi.cn. dcbacs thc logi-1
di-bonors tlie statc-inaii aud diurn
r. tln
patriol. It bring- -liaine. nor h m.r;
tcrror, not saie-, : de-ii;iir. imi 1 p ,
nil-ery, not happiuc: aud with tln u
, lcvolcncc of a lieiid cahulv siif..v- ,i.
friglitful desolation. nnil.iiusiiiiaicil w
liavoe, it poisons lelii it j . l.ill- pcaci', i ti -
morals, w iics out nationai iionor. i.
eurses thc world and lauglis at it- v i".
It docs that and niore it uiurder l'
soul. It is thc sum of all villiani s. b
fathcr of orhucs, tho
niothcr of all u'i"i
niatlons, tlioilcvil oc-t incuii, tiuu t. a
worst cncniv.
A pitiful story eonii to us uf n i-ciic ln
a I'biladolphia policc station, wbere a
roiigh tangli'-haircil wonian, who h.td
becn arrctcd, liad lought liko a lur,aiid
storniod at tho ollicer iu thrcc bmgiiagi ,
was followcd iii a fow hour laior h a
little tot of a girl. w ho looked from out
ollicer to anotlicr, and akcd tlicm it tlu
had put hcr mothcr in jail. shc was
little that the policc ina'u liad hclpcd n r
iii tho stcps: but hcrc -hc was. in -i-iinli
of hcr iiiotlier; tlic dcgradcd woinan
hcard licr voicc aml callcd to hcr. so
they swting ojien tho door aml let hcr ln.
and tho little thing askod hcr niothcr, w ho
liad slirunk back, a-hamcd, " hy,
mothcr are you iu jail?" Thcn thc baby
droppcd upon hcr l;ncos on thc stonc lloor,
and bcgan tojiray: "N'ow I Iayuicilowu
to slcep, and I hipe my niothcr wi'l lic
lot out of jail." Thcre wcrc tears aiiii'iig
thosu rough uien al the sound ot tliat iu
nocout voico; aud whcn tlic ni-c was
hrought into court the jiidgc wlii-pcicd
to thc woinan to go liouic aud tr to lic a
1'Otte.r inutic.r. It wa tho drlnU tliat
matle the trouble. It Is thc drink tliat
is always working woc .S'i';'i.',
Thoso mcn who dcstrov a hoalthv con
stitutiou of body by iiitomporaiioo as
mauifestly klll tlicm.clvcs as thosc who
liang, or poison, or drown thoin-clvos.
Tlie chureh and the tciuiiorance catisc
havc becn orderlng the resorvcs to the
f ront, and thc rcsorvc forcc of tlic chtirch
iu tho world, to-lay, aro tlioGod-foaring,
noble, intclllgcnt, cncrgetie wonicn.
7fet'. Mr. Wtie-elrr.
Ah ! we little know how closoly ehildron
watch and imit.itc what wo do." Tliorc is
a tcaclicr, a Huiulay-scliool tcachcr, who
llvcs ln a ro.ad hard by; ojipolto his
house llves afaniily, from which llvcchil
dren coino to tlic sainc Sunday-scliool ho
toachcs lu. Two of them are'lnhisclass :
little docs tho tcachcr Unow tlie iiillucncc
ovcr thoso chlldrcn ho has lost boeauso
ou thc Sunday whon he camo out from
sehool he wcnt into a puhllc housc.
Think, tcachcr, of your cxamplc your
iiilluenee. VW.
Wiile it istruo that tho pcople niust be
jiroporly cdticatcd hofore thcy will cn
forcc. prohlbltion, it is ctpially true that
pcople aro never bcttcr than "thclr laws.
If tho laws fall bolow tho standard of
high moral rcforin, tho pcople will, as a
rule, iiovcr go bcyond thclr laws. so
long as our laws pormit thc salo and use
of any hitoxlcatlng ilrinks, tho pooplo
will indulgo in tlicm. Thcre is no douht
on this subjcct henee tho ncccssity for a
strict prohibltory law. It Is our onlv
eafety. L'x. J

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