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Vol. LI.
occil HTattcrs.
The Weather.
nm tiii: wixk i:sih:ii wi'.ii.m'.iiiay,
. .... , Thermomrler.
7 ii. ni. Hoon. 0 i.in
rhiHK. lec.2l, X. :il 23 H
nt. " ss, nv. io so io
Nt. " 2(1, XV. 0 8 2
MUi. " 2T, XW. 4 B 12
Mnn. " 2f, MV. U Ii 2
Tui's. " 211, SIV. 27 M 2.1
Wcd. " 30, SK.SW. 11! !W 31
Sllverwnro iit WnW.
Oydcr ut Jluiini'y'x.
lMnrlos ut .MnrfdmUV.
Tulilc cutlury ut II. F. Wulon.
I('iikiiih2."ic. ii ilo.i'ii nt Mnnnoy'a.
Tubs, piills iiiid ull klnd ot w(xilon waro nt
Kou H.VLi: or cxclmnnu fr lumbor, n jmlr
ofinnres. W.M. Danti'.w.
Forsit A S.11111II sniii iit nioncy. Anply to
Yt.H. Al.DKN.
JIuisliiill 1ms a 1I110 llne of Hllvprwiiro al low
Full Hno odor ciisch, IiiiikIi hiuI comb Hctn ut
llcst tcn vcry I'hcup for onsli, kICunp A Kl
dor tlni) Moru.
Fou Sai.i:. A .skulcton .dcltfh.
(ii.o. M. I''i.nrciii:it.
roilllllu WIHll bodts llllll KtOCldllffS, Blll'Cp
lrKKtiiKii luinberiimrii'M ovorn, nl riholdon'M.
A full llnp of wilder uood-i for man, woiniin
fiud ohlld ut sholdon's sliou (U'partiupnt.
I.ndles', iuN-cn olilldron'H, iiioh'h nntl boy.V
nrctlt'M iti Kicat nricty, at Ilc-okwllli H Co'n.
Moro f tlio-i- cli'Kiiiit haiiRliiff lamps at
M'ali's. Twentytwo dlllricut ntylon at WiiIch.
Wo dcdrc td imnlti notlfy thosn indcbtcd to
U9 tliat .lau. 1-t Hlhc tlint! to p.iy np past
ducs. F. A. ItONH fc lllti).
All ucooiinti duc tlic old llrm o( Rliclilnn &
Co. lllll-t 1)1' "I'tlll'll Ut IIIH'I'.
W. II. Kiiki.hon.
Wi ilc-liv to njjnln notlfy all ImvlnK ovcr
thirty iluy iii'C'oiinti to call und Helllo at oneo.
r.MtNHwoin ii A Co.
A lnw vuilrty of (jniidlo-' for tho Clirlitinas
trndo, nNo pi'rfitiiu" und tollot (joodi nt tlm
Cuno & lildi'i-(lnu? Mnic
A full Hno of 1'. 1'. Stovrurl HtnvcH at A.
Callionn'-. Call and -cc tlu'm, Uio lipt licat
Iiik Moo iu the iimrkct.
Ffit. Tho lillut cuxli prleu wlll be pald
forall klnd-of ruw Iiips KiuHoiiKiind Ijpomwiik
nt C. Ii. Kiirlc's liunUvuii' -torc. cvcry Monday.
lii.ll' M. I,. Mounv.
A palr of slciN wltli lir.ikc, a yokr of oxcii, n
two-M'Utcd plcaxurc lt'ili, a fcuiulng-iiiill and
two i ultci x lor .-alc rlii'np.
Cliir.MAN 0. SMmi.
Wilder cloaks of ull and ruHliloiuiblu
st) li'. at pili'rs llial I'an't lni boat iu tlic. Stutc,
ut K. Ii. ( !;iy'-. .pi'clal uttcutlon ialil In tliln
ltni' of Koods to iit and Kood miiterlul.
LuM cliaiu'i1 to buy bulfulo ovnroouts; a
Kood, wludc, durk -klli coat t'lin Ixi boiiKlit ut
llond'n for 2i. AVowill tdo.xo biilHneu of otir
stock at li1. 1 prlcrn llian any ollior dvaliT ln
tlir statc. Call and m'u,
Tliomas i;. Flint's oil rimtn fr ouo wni'k :
Cornwall und Salisbury, ,11111. I ; Middlbury,
Saturdnj ; Weybridge, .Monday; MuiiRor and
Cnso Mri'ct, Tuc'Mlay; .Mlddlehury, Wodnos
duy, MilNubry und l.uko liuiiinorci, 'rhursilay.
N01111. to T.vxi'.u i:um. ()n aooiuiitof Hick-nu-s
I bnvc bi'rn nnablu to attciiO (( buslnitsH
U" 11itii 1 for tlic ln-t fuw wcckH, ciiiHeqii(!nlly
llllVO lUlll'U lH'lllllll injniy oolloctioiiH. Wlll
tlio-y tbut liuvi' tlic iiMdy moncy brliitf it in
nt ouct', undtho-'u tbut liavo nut m&ko ittlicir
ftrt biiilui'.-s to gut it, us tlm trcnsuriir iuust
linvutlu' liioncy.Olllci' ntll.W.ItrowHUir'HiHpi
ciul olllee days, Jlouday.s aml rinlurdayH. If
any onp lluds it iiK'onvcnlcnt to como to iny
olllce, pli'U"0 lct 1111' know nud 1 wlll call 011
tlicni. t. A. .MUMitOK, Collputor.
Dcc. IIs, Kss.
Tlio national liimk of ili(ldlel)ury has
(k'clari'il a M'liii-ainiiial (lividetid (if foitr
l'liil. I!. Stuwart, who is uow scnior
ut Yale. is sjiciidiui; the hollday vacation
nt liiinii.'.
llon. .1. X. Xortli of Sliorcliaui was iu
town 'l'ncday and WiMliiMday, a gwM
at ( . .). .Moore's.
'l'hc winkT tcnu of tho uollce wlll lic-
nii i nur-ilav nt nt'xt wwli hikI ton-
tiniu' till Marcli 'Jli.
I-raiik li. Ilydu rutuniod 'rimr.sday to
lil studk's at rnlon 'rht'ological scinina'
ry, X(!W York clty.
i'lt'y ootL-r, who wcnt West to
work for A. S. Jiraucy, has rftnrned. IIo
was ab-fiit about a iiionth.
Wlll II. Hond, whoso illncKS of typhold
fcvor at llurlintoii hns hocu incntloncd,
wa- alilo Io hu brouht hcre ou Tucsday.
Tho lirloo of potatoos has riscn in thls
inarkot lo H8 and 10 conts and inany
. , . .
aiiil 10 I'onts and iiinny
i'lllnj' tlicir Btoc.k nt tliests
fanncrs aro sc
Tho f?radod sohool vlll .resunin work
ou lomlay. Allss Drako, oneof Uio teach-
ors, who has hocn 111, is aaiii l)Ie to lie
Tho danoo at tho Star rlnk on Ohrlst-
inas was (iiiite well attonded. 'J'hu com
iany hrokc up, howovor, t an early
Thorc was oxoollont skntiuir on the
crook tlif oarly iartof thoYook,of whloh
tho youiiKor part of tho ooiiiiiiiinily took
3Iiss A. V. Ilaniinonil Is spondlng tho
liolldays wltli her slstor, Mrs. Th.id M
C'linpiuan. Sho has hoon iu Itoston llius
fnr ihiring tho wlutcr.
Mrs. O. C. Oiaiiman and daughtor,
31133 Ilattle, returnotl liomo last wcek.
Tho Iattor has heen abscnt sluoo carly ln
tho Kumnicr on a visit to fTlcnds ln tho
Tho wcather of Saturdaj- nud Sunday
was notably gcvero cveu for n Ycrmont
wlnter. The thennornctcr did iiot long
ptay so low as zero, but Uie wlud UIcw
a gale from tho north.
The rcvlval ineetlngs wlll coutlmie ln
the Jlojhodist church ncst vrcck. Mlss
3fary ('. Woodbury oi Massachusotts
wlll as-slst tho pastor uext Raliliatli and
the weok followln
The Chrlstinaa scrvloos at St. Stophcn's
on .Monday evenlng wcro wcll attonded
and passcil oll'ploasantly. Aftor thoo In
tho ehureh wero at an end tho elilldron
had a trce ln tho vostry and a sitpiier.
Tho eentcnnlal annlversary of the blrth
day of Sarah Weoks .Sheldon, a descend
antot .lohn Alden tho Pilgrhn, was duly
eoiuincniorated at the roonis of the Shel
don niusotiui on Tnosday hist.
John Jaekson may not bo tho oldest
man ln town, but ho Is by all odds the
llvollost ono of hls ago. Though consider
ably ovcr 80, lu; was out Tuesday wltli
tho boys skatlng on tho erook and appar
cntly gettlng a good doal of fun out of it.
A little automatie eatoh, wlth butts, to
hold tho front of letterboxoslnniall cars,
Invontod and npplicd by Honry I.. Shel
don of thls placowheu mall agcutinl8.i0,
Is now in general usc In tho Unlted
Col. A. A. I'letehcr ha reeonslderod
the mattor of tho trusteeshii and docidod
that, if tho peonlo of tho vlllagc wlshhlni
to oontinuo in ollloo, ho wlll do so. IIo
wlll, thorofore, in all probablllty be re
eleetod, as ho has bcon an oxcellent ollloial.
Horse trading is one of the nialn pur
sults ln town just now. W. C. Danyeau
has iatoly rotumod froni Boston wltli a
ear-load of steods of various degroos of
niorlt and is selling thein oll to rosidents
of thls and suiToundiiifj town.
We wish thosc of our suboribors who
have friends that do not take tho 15i:is-
tf.ii would send u tho namos of those
who thoy tliink would like to soo n eopy.
A laige nuinlior of speciinen eoiiies is to
bo sont out; honeo this requost.
Tho niuseiini in this ilaoe has a tax
book containinga lKt of the taxesasesed
in tho town of Pomfret, Conn., in tho
year 1771, slgned by tho llvo soloeluien,
one of whoni i Oen. Irael Putuain, tho
horo of tho storv of l'utuani and tho
wolf. Ilis signaturo was sold at auotlon
in Xow Vork a few days sinoe for i;t.
Tho library of Middlebury oollogo ha
Iatoly eoine into poesion of the Miihllr-
huri Mimmj, tho llrst newspaper printod
in town, froni 1S01 to 1SKI. Thero aro
now iu tho villa;o bound lllo of Middlo-
bury nowspapers froni 1S01 totho prosont
tiine, oxoopt lSll-l'J, whon' nline was
printod, and ISIi.'i-li and i, whieh have not
vet lieon found.
lohn ('. Klint, who-io trial for burglary
tt tho rooent terni of tho eounty oourt
rosulted iu a disagroeinont of tho jury,
did not proouro tlie S7."0 bail whioh tho
court'romtircd, as ha heen stated. On
tho oontrary, the prospeet now Is that ln
wlll rouiain in iail till tho .luuo teriu,
when ho i likolv to havo ii new trial.
Our papor Is late this weok, as wa ox-
peototl. The inakors of tho press liavo
not kopt thoir iromiso, and thore niay be
little (lolayagaln next wooK, iml wo
hoiie not. Tho paper was printed thls
woek at tho Fnc Press as-ooiation's os
tablishinont, Uiirlinj'tiui. Utit for theirr
eourtesv thiiiirs would have lieon worse
than thev aro.
Doiiutv .Sherill" liidor and I'olioeinan
Diokiuson on Christnias dav found C'urt
I!obin-on lvinir on tho irriiiiinl baok of
W.II. Kllls' livory-s.talile barn, and nr-
ted hhn. liiiliiii-ou pleaded guilty to
intoxloation uhen arrali'ned bofore .lust-
Knaiip Saturdav inot'niug: and, not
bohi; able to pav his Hno, went to the
houso of correotlon for (10 davs Saturdav
ifternoon. .lailer C'obb took hliu down.
I'bos. I.ovlok, tho boss at tho Iluntiug-
ton I'alls iti 1 1 of tho firoen Mouutaiu
ulp Co., was the rooipionl of a hand
onio frold wateh ehaiu tho dav bofore
'hristuias., Whon tho gang ohaligod at
uoon of that dav, Christophor Conners,
the eldost of the inen, stoppod i'orward
ind iiresontod tho ehaiu, together wlth :i
list of the donors, 2."i Iu nuinber. Mr.
I.eviok aoknowlodi'od tho irift ln a bricf
Tho ereaniory lnootlng, adjoiirned froiu
last woek, was hold iu tlie town rooin
Wednosday ovonlng, wlth ip'ilto a full at-
teiulanee ol tnoo inlorosted. A eoni-
iniltee of llvo was apiiointed, I'on-dstin
of .1. W. Ilolladav, Saiuuel Itaeon, Chas
W. Matthews, .lulius Seoloy and Goo
Ilauiniond, who aro to furthor Investl
gato tho niatter of tho ltablishlng of
eroainery In thls town and report at tho
illlllfltl IICII 11
, , "
A llauover (X. II.)
adlirurnod inoothi' in two woeks, .Tan
ind plaoe.
dlsiiateh of Wod
lesday says: "WAV. JCaton, profossor of
(Ireokin Allddlebury eollege, and Jli
M. M. Wrigbt wore niarrled thls evenlng
by l'ev. T)r. T.eeds at tho resldenoe of the
bride's brothor, l'rof. .lohn II, Wrlght of
Dartinouth collei'e."' The brlde is well
known here, havhig sjioiit last year
C!ov. Stowart's faniilv. Mlss KlgaStowart
was ono of tho four bride's-inaids. Vlu
l'rof. and Mrs. Katon returntotowuthey
wlll ooeupy tlio Daiiuls iiou.se, eornor or
South Maiu and South sticets.
Davld Laura, a Liuooln Krcneliinau
was jallod horo the latter part of last
weok toawalt thoaetlonof the grand Jury
at the .luue (erm of the eounty eourt
lie Is eharged wlth haviug stolen tw
wolf-skln robes helonglng to Win. W
Varnev and Khner E. I'arent. Tho hoar-
ing ln tho caso was had at I.luooln on
Thursday, Dee. '21. Tho prisonor, who
Is only 2!) years old, has already tw lee
gone to State prlson froni thls eounty
oneo for steallng a trunk at Granville,
and oneo for burglarlzlng the store of W.
X. Govo In Lincoln.
The Cathollo ehureh of thls place has
a new pastor, Itcv. Kathor Tjuio, who
uouios from Itutland, where ho has boeu
asslstanttoFatherlloylan for sonie years.
IIo ls an ablc and eloqueiit man and has
boon vcry suocessftil ln hls work at Hut-
land. liov. Father Maloney, who oanic
horo whon Falhor ('uuninghaiu went to
Hrattloboro, goes honoe to Winooski to
issuine tho oaro of tho ehureh ln that vll-
ige. lie loaves inanv frlonds liere who
III rejrret hlsdoparlure. Tlie now pastor
.iiiio and the old one left for Winooski
The anniial nieetllig of tho Itaptlst
ehureh was hold on Tuesdav ovonln'',
Deooiuber 20. The rop'ort of tho treas-
urer showed a sinall doileioney on ae-
eounl of oxtra exponsc for sidewalk and'
rejiairs ou parsonage. Thls wa iulokly
inade up by those prosent, and the year
elosos without anv iuilobtednoss. The
followlngoDleers wore ehoson : Clork aml
treastiror, Vlrgll .M. lSonodict; prudontial
onunlttoe 1. Al. Uogers, Dea. .1. .
Uonodie, Doa. II. .1. C'hapnian; ehorlst-
II. C. Tennant; suporlutendent of
Suudav seliool, Doa. II. ,1. C'hapnian;
isslstant suporlntendont, II. C. Tennant;
soerotarv and treasurer. Uort 15. Hrown.
Annual Review.
8ermon by rev. 8. lewi8 b.
8unday morninq, deo.
Ti:xt Walk about Zion, und Koroundaboui
bcr: ti-lt tho towors tliorcof. l'salm xlvlil, 12.
To moasuro the life of the ehureh, it
hotild bo renieinberod that Its demauds
intagoui!o all wrong self-indulgenoe.
riiere are iiistltutions that thrlve and
lnultlply beoause thoy eator to solf-indul-
goneo; the ehureh thrives and inultiplies
notwithstanding its eonstant relteratiom
like tho Ton C'onimandinonts, "Tliof
There are niany who fondly love thls
hureh. It has a grand hitory. Godly
and able pastor have minltored at Its
iltar; dovotod and faithlul doaeons have
prayed and planned for its upbuilding;
hundreds aro now in glorv who horo llrst
learnod to sing tho Lord's songs and tos
tify to his dying love. Our work as a
ehureh, ls of great eonseiiuenee to our
solvos, our faiulllos and tho eommuultv.
I.et us note
I. Tho leading faets of the year; and,
II. Tho lesous we sliould learn froni
thosc faets.
I. Faets.
Kighteon havo heen added to our ineiu-
borship: six by lotler Ironi othor eliureh-
, and twelvo upon iirol'e-ion of faith.
l'ive have bcon dNniied to olher ehureh-
and the s-anio nuinber havo passed
froni oarth, loaving a not gain of eight.
wo, not inombcrs of the eliureh, havo
boon removed bv doath.
In oonnoetion wlth tho weok of prayor,
ind later, extra praverand preaehing ser-
iees wore hold in tho veMry, wlth good
resulls to the ehureh, and .-onio who havo
inoe joinod spoak of a now life begun at
that tiino. Sabbath sorvieos have had
the usual attendaneo, and teaehors ln tho
Sunday Sohool havo lieon able to give
more iunetual attendanoe.
Contributions to bonovolont soeieties
liavo. galnod somewhat. For the lat four
years the advanee has boon sloady and
niarkod, untll for Ilome and Forelgn Alis-
lous eoutributlons have multlplicd about
throe-fold. For the past year thoy are as
follows, vlz:
Auii'rii'iin Tract .Soclcty
CiiuKrt'Kationul l'ubll-liliiK ioclcly
Coui;ri'i,'tlonal 1,'nlon
r.ducutioii s-ocli'ty
Itlblo Hoclety
lloniu Jllsslons GL'ntlcincti J2I1.13
I.udios 11:1.00-321.13
ForciKii Ml-cions Gcntlcuicn 1S7.I10
I.adU's 147.12 :i'U.O
Tolal TS1.T.1
Soino sinall sum have boon reinitted
direotlv bv tho donors. Tlie Sabbath
ehool lias eoutrlbuted 8t)l.(iS, whieli has
boon appropiiatod to odueatlonal work
uuong the Morinons ; to tho pureha-'e of
matorial for a inisslonarv box; to tho
Xational Divoroe Loaguo; and totho Rip
ton Suudav sohool. Tho Ladies'Misslou-
try soeioty, tho oldest in tho State, has
eontributod iSlO to tho support of MKs
I'lyinptou, teaehlug at Maeklutosh, Ga.,
ind iltlod out an exeollont box of suii-
jilios for one of the hoine missionario
of Verinont. A Ladles" Sewing soeioty
ha boon rooently organized. The Voung
I.adios' soeietv the United Workers
has sont south one barre! and four boxes
of elothiug and fanov artieles and eon-
tributed Sti!l..'t7 to llomeand Foreign Mis-
At ilrooksvillo, Jlunger Stroet, Doa.
Hoyee's and tho Sooley tllstrlet, Salibath
sehools are kopt up until eold weathor,
and prayer-iuoetlngs follow wlth regu-
larlty and Intorest. Although the niein-
borship of theso sehools eomes from all
tho ehurohes, tho suporintcudeuts eoine
froni thls eliureh. Three of those have
boon establishod iu tho last three years,
and had thoir boginniug ln our spooial
ellorts. I.et us hope that the sohool
house iu liro. llolladay's tllstrlet wlll soon
bo used Iu like inauuor; thon evory dis
triet save thoo noar the East Middlebury
U.hureh hill have
a Sabliath sehool and
lirayer inootlng. The young inen of our
euuren nave arraugeii io proviuo gosjioi
sorvieos for Sabbath afteruoon at the
1 have loarned from otlleial souroes,
what I ain sure you wlll all bo glad to
know, that our Treasurer and 1'arUh
Couimlttee, alded by one of the brethron,
havo appllcd businoss uiethods to tho af-
falrs of tho parish, and havo raisod a suin
fully amplo to meet the expenses of tho
eurrent year. The ladles have raiseil a
largo addltional hiiiii for repairs upon tho
ehureh edirleo. A new fttruaee and some
oriiamoutal work iu tho vostry aro fore
runuers of a goneral and lnueh-needed
improvoment soon to eoine.
It ls usual for tlie pastor, in sueli re
view, to glve soino aocount of hhnself.
Thls 1 have havo never dono In any por-
j tlou of my mluistry, preferrlng to let my
work toll Its own story; and, bosldos, I
generally look forward too htislly for
eomlng duty to glve intieli thouglit to
eountliig results already seeiired.
I have boon ln Iho iiulplt oaeh Salibath
for whieh 1 am responslblo, w lth tho ox
ceptlou of soveli. I regret so few ex
ehanges wllh iny follow pastors, boeause
pastoral oxohanges are a prominoiit waj
of maintaluing followshlp wlth sUtor
1 have divlded the wholo parish Into
thlrtoon routos and endeavor to eall at
every houso at least oneo a year, and as
niuch oftenor iu spoeial eases of sleknessi
eto., as possiblo. Consulting my roeords
I tlnd the nuinber of ealls to date ln lSSo
to be 81!).
1 have had niuoh to enoourago mo ln
eordial weleomes from houo to houso
and iu words of geiierous appreeiatlou.
II. What prolltable lessons niay bo
drawn from tho year's ex)erlcnee?
llistory Is ahvayg a lii'lpfiil toaolior if
properly interrogated.
We aro dovoutly thankful that tho roll
of those ealled froni oarth was no longor.
Great tho loss whon so niiieh ablllty and
plety, so niuoh of holpful oxamplo eeasod
aniong us save as thoy live in momory
and liy the law of iiilluenee.
Dld you observe, as those names wero
read, there was not one ehlld's naino?
that no brothor of Iho ehureh, and only
two of tho ooiigrcgation bosido, had becn
taken? I.et us not fail, horo and now, to
breatho a prayor of thanksgivlngfor suoh
sparing merelos truly reinarkablo, in
viow of our nuinbers. -My dear frionds,
sbould not tho-e nierelos spoak to u in
tonos of adinonition and serious instruo
tion? l'erhaps tho roason for sueli foi
lioaranoe was beeatHo we had lieen un
faitbful to duty, and so sbould have only
ontered upon the rewards of unfalth
fulnes had we boon ealled away.
We havealargo lNt of absont niombers,
explained iu part by our being the eol
lege ehureh. I suggost a eouunltlee of
eorrespoiideiieo to send our I'hrNtlan
greetiiigs to lirothron and sitors iu dis-
tant plaees, and got thoir roturn words
ol' l'ellowship.
The work in the out-lying dilriets
niay bo wUely oonnuonded to your pray
or. and support. You wlll ret liest
froni wook-day toll by Sabbath diligonei
for tho Master. Do you wih to ho l'reh
lor ciiir v on -iloiidav niorning. aml eagor
to lay hands to it'; Go to tho ahn-houe
and oomfort tho poorand lnliriu. or go to
a sohool houso, teaeb in its Sabliath
sehool, or sing and lirav with the I'hris-
tians there.
I wi-li to make an appoal, wlth all ear
nostno, for Iho ehureh oonfereneo
nioetiiig of Thur-day ovening. You wish
this ehureh to grow iu liuinber and
siirituallty. You hope and pray that
your ehlldrou niay early give thoinsolve
lo tho Savior; you wish a revival of reli-
gioninight roelaim baekslidor. arrot tho
earoless and bring all iuto eloer union
wlth the Ala-ter. Did4you evor know a
ehureh to prosper iu those rospeet that
had no prayor ineeting, or onlv a life-
less fonnf
And horo, let mo ask, Do not our nier
ehants slave unnoeessarily ? Monday
and Saturdav ovening aro all thev need
to glve to eustoniors. Eeonomy, strongth
and thno, fainily life, iiitelloetual eulturo
and diverslon, all domand that every bus
inoss house in town, with tho posslble
exeeptlon of bakerie and nieat markets'
hould not lio ojionod aftor tea on other
evonuigs. l lion this ( inneso wall
againt tlie prayro inoeting would bo talv
eu awav thon olorks ooulil attend ; and
those froni other town would get ae
(piainled with tlie ehureh, and the latter
would have a hettor ehaneo in her dltll-
eult eompetition with the saloon.
I trut ouo tlioii''lit inav go witli us m
all tho eoining year, nay Iu all the years
the ehureh ol l nri-t I more 1 li:m a more
huinan lutitution. An invlil)le fonn
walks nii and down those ailos, and tar-
ries ln pulplt and pews. Wero our eyos
open-ed, wo sliould see prints of nails iu his
hands and foet, and a thorn-piereed brow
Devotion to thls ehureh, in any way, to
Its cdillcc and aiiiiointuieiits.to its iroSDel
(irdlnanoos, to ili-lneinliorshlp, to its 151
blo intruotion, to lts songs of pralo or
servioo of prayor, if from a pure lieart, is
porsonal devotion to the I.ord .lesus
Christ. This it is that gives slgninoaneo
to all the forogoiug storv.
Avcr's Clioirv l'octoriil ln locoinmfiidoil by
iilivslcluns of irrout finltioncu. onbotli sidus of
tlic Atlunllc, ns tlui inot lcllublo reiiicdy for
oolds. coiiL'lis und ull lnilinoiiurv (lisordcrs. It
ull'ords pronint lullcl. No lainlly sliould bo
without It.
Tbo nunio of X. II. Kowns' still llves. ul
IIioiikIi bo lniH boon di'iid inaiiy yoni. Hls
Kli.xlr lor tlui curc of coukIi und colds I1118 ul
rcady outllvod blni n qmirtor of u century.iiiul
is siiii Krowiiiji in invor wmi 1110 puimc.
All tbo(i who liuvo used Huxtor's Mundi-uko
llittors MH'uk vcry stronuly ln thoir prulse.
Twcnty uvo ccnts pcr bottlo.
ln oao of linrd eold notliini; wlll rollcvo tho
broathlnu ho quickly us to rub Arnica & lll
l.lulingnt 011 tbo cliost.
I.AKAYKTTE 1IHOWN ln I.I1100I11. IJec.
21, by Uov. C. I). Iturdlck, Mr. Dnvid I.ufuyotto
01 MUiKsuoro iiuu jiihs i.ivo jirott 11 01 Lin
coln. COWLKS ln ltivcrsldo, Noro eounty, Kan
sus, Kluthtirn (Amtrew "1 Cowlos, wlfo of tlio
Into Ollvcr 1. Cowlos, fiinni'rly from Now Hu.
von, Vt., ine( Sl years.
DOTV At her liomn in llrldport, Duo. 10.
SiiMiii, wlfo of Davbl l'. Iloty, ntsed M yonra
und 11 inoutliH.
.Ilcaltli ls liniiosslbUi whon tho blooil is liu-
niirn. tlilf.L. iivi.l ul,n.irlt4l. nr wlion It 14 1 1 1 1 11
iiiul iinpoverlshod. .Sueli conilltloiiH nlvo rl
to IkiIIh, pluiiiloK, InmdnchcM, liouriiiiou, luru
iuutisiu und ollior (Ubordcrs. Ayor's Sarsai'
nrllln inakoa tho blood imro rioli und ritaliz-iiiK.
Overcoat Sale!
33 "V
LiOtNo. 1, - $ 2.25
2, - 3.50
3, - 4.50
4, - 5.00
5, - 6.00
6, - 7.00
7, - 8.00
8, - 9.00
9, - 10.00
11, - 12.50
12, - 15.00
13, - 17.00
14, - 20.00
And Scveral other Lots in MEK'S, YOUTITS, BOYS' und CIIIL-
DllEN'S at
inasli - Up Prices !
Make NO MISTAKE. Bring your CASII and Improve thi
great opportunity. Tlie only place
T"Iie People;
Thcir LibsraL Pita,
Merit a Continuance
For tlie li of hwj
is at
Dlaeiuos of the Norres, Kldneys, LlTer,
Stomacb and Bonela, und acts as a
To tho Ocncrnl Systcm.
fenng from any form of complaint caused by malarla it
is spccially rccommended, inducin a healthy action of
the Liver, curine biliousness in all its forms.
strengthens and quiets the nervous system, and pro
motes rerrular and qutet sleen.
plaints in the market. It contains all of the best reme
dif for these diseascs, and never fails tn cure.
curcs habitual constipation. itchinjj niles, sick headache.
and all diseases of the stomach and bowels, with none oi
the evils consequent upon the ue of powerf ul cathartics.
btrengtneni t the
stomachi and is a
tonic and stimulant to the digestive organs, making it ono
of the best cures known for dvspepsia, indigestion, etc.
CELERY CUMPOUNQ a,1n.eoverreln
cure rheumatism and neuralgia. In severe and obsti-
naie cases 01 rncumaiism, auu onciounn ouncc ut
lodide ot Potassium to each botlle, then use the medidne
faithfully accordtnc; to directions, and it uill cure you.
GELERY UUMPUUNU best remedvin exist-
ence for all the diseases incident to females, as thous
ands can testify.
had 36 years' expericnce in compounding medianes.
Its ingredicnts are purely vegetable, consisting of roots,
herbs, barks, seeds and nowers, the names of whlch are
given on the.Ubel of every bottle. It is the best medi
cine in tne v,ona lor agea pcopie, quieting, Dracing ana
toning the nervous svstem.
for 5.00t and may be obtained of every wholcsale and
retail druggist in tne United States or ol the proprietor,
M. rv. l'Aih, windsor vi.
CETo introduce Tho Celrrv Coinnound in
nlaces wktre dtaltrt do not Juive it in stkt I ill. on
receiptof tv-o dollars, send two bottle s to any address
in New England, securely packed and exprcss cbarges
paid. ta your nearesi exprcss omce.
A. G. FISHKK, General Western Agent, U
Waba&h Avenue. Chica&o. IU.
ivournearest cxpre
The rceulr aunual mectlng of lli 0 National
ttank ofMldctlehury will bo held at tho hanking
houso ol sald bank in Middlebury, t., on tho
12th day of Jani'ary, A. I). 1SS6, at 2 o'elock p. tn
for tho purpoaa of chooalng dircctorsfor tlio year
cnsulnb'i and transactlng such other builneas 89
may como bcforo tho mcctinj;.
CHAS. E. I'lNSKV, Cathler.
MUldlebory, Vt., Deccmlicr 8, 1SS5, 505
H. H- ROSS, A.M., Principal.
UoardiiiK Sehool for lloys. Thorouith iiri'imrn.
tion for llualness or Collese. Mllltary Drlll. I'n
lilU receivcd nt any tlmc. Send to tho rrlnclpa
lor cataloguc.
Vermont Epi:ccpal Issiitiite

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