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2STo. 2.
nnnouuccs a rowaril of $1000 for tho ar
restaiid convletlon of tlic inurilcrcrs of
tlic followhi,' naiued porsons iti the city :
Mrs. Eula l'hllllps anil Mrs. M. II. Han
cock, both white, anil Mollle Hinlth, Kliza
Shelley, Ircnc Cross, lary liainsy, Or
ange Washington and Graeio Vanse, all
eolorcd. Tlic ili st vlethn, Mollie Sinlth,
was numlereil Peceiubor HO, 1881.
Lawrenee lVtcrsou, a boarder at Kreil
Wnlters's houpe on Callfornla street at
Chleago, pald dearly for a JoUe nbout Now
Ycar's Thursilay. It hail banlly lef t lils
liioutb, whon Waltcr.s plekcd up a pun
and alined it at l'ctorsoii.suylng "I won't
let any one tell sueh a ehcstnut ln my
house." The gun went oll' and IVternon
was shot ln the let;. Walters clalins that
ho dld notknow the gim was loaded. Ile
was arrested, but released on hail.
Dctroit, Mieh., hegan the year with
dlsaster. A llre starting l'riday niornlng
ln D. M. Ferry & CVs seeit-works des
troyed that eoueern and nearly the whole
squarc eontahiiiig it, lnehiding White's
thcatre and Wesson's bloek. Tle loss ean
not bc lcss than $l,r00,000. Ferry & Co's
stockalone va valucilbetween $1,000,000
mid 31,200,000. One thcnian was klllcd
and another badly hnrt. The llre is bc-
lievcd by many to have bcen sct purposo-
A looal cast-bound freight train on the
I'ennsylvaniu railroad fell throiigh the
bridge at Sliernian's creck,ncar Dunean-
iion, 15 tniles fioin llanisburg, la.,Mon
ilay pvening, one of the span heing weak
euod hv the hlgh water. Kight ears went
into the stroam with llve inen. Two of
the erew sneeeeded in reening the engi-
neer. who was badly Imrt. A brakcman
named Tmbit wsi Ullled. Theeonduetoi-
i reported dead, and the llreinan and two
brakenien are niising.
EI"lit or 10 worknicn were rciiairhig a
leak in a nmin at C'ineinnati, O., when
suililonlv the bank irave way and water
began rushing in upon theni ln a llood
The inen began desporately to elninher
out, but the earth oruinbled beneath their
feet. Suddenly John lieckley, the foro-
nian, stationed hhnelf elo.-eto the bank
and ealled to hi inen to eliinb up on liis
sdioulders. Kverybody eeaped, and
lleekley was the hit nian to be imlled out
of the diteh. The water had reaehed hi
arinpits, and just as he was hauled up the
two sides of the diteh eaved in.
A desnerato atteinnt to burn down the
town of Tareiituin, Pa., was niade early
Sunday lnorning. The villains had taken
every preeaution to niake destruetlon
pttre. They had cut the ropcs of the two
alanu bells, broken the principal pumps
in the vlllairc and earriod oll" the huck-
t'ts and tubs. Tlie orie of the arou'-ed a
lad named Wlliaiu Dibell, an eniploye of
a larire lilaininjr iniil, upon whlch was u
beli. He ran to the inill, and, linding the
bell-rope eut, elinibed to the roof and
soiuuled an alarni bv striking the boll
with a haiiiinor. This awakened the en
tire eomniunity, who turned out iu a body
and soon extinguished the Hanies. The
loss is 89000. About two weeks ngo an
otlier atteinnt to burn the village was
made. Six or seven large buildings wen;
destroycd, entailing a loss of over .")0,.
Capt. Lee Hail, Indian agent of the
Couianehe, Kiowa, and Wiehita Indians,
Is in Dallas,Tex., iiroseeuting thieves who
have been stealing ponies from Indians
and ruuning tnein into icxa. m iin m-
terview he iaid:"What is needed inost to
niake the Indian a fanner is for hiin to
work side by side with white fann haml
I would rather have llfteen white fann
boys to work witli my Indians than all
the college graduates and theoretieal far-
niers in the eountr'. The Indian is an
iniitator, and the plan I suggest would
make a fine fanner of hini. If adoptcd
at all Indian ageneies the problein of eiv
ilizing the Indians would be solved in
eightecn ntonths. A few nionths' praeti-
cal fann expfiriertce at the ageney is wortli
more to the Indians than all the theory
larining that can be taught in as many
years at the Indian sehools of the East.
Krederick Kischel, a young Gennan H:
years old, iiad heen ror several years
prior to Septeml)er the eontUIcntial clcrl
of August Ik'inlieiin & IJauer, elothing
nierehants at 510 IJroadwav, Xew York
Septeinber 15 was the JewNh Xew-Yeai
and a meiuber of the lirin that day
handed 1-isehcla eheelf for 250 as hi
Xew-Year's gift, at the sanie time re
picstiiig the eleik to balanee the bool
of tlie lirm and after the holiday hand
lialanee t-heet to tlie head of the lirin
Flsfhel took the gift of 250 and lled,
leaving a letter eonfessing that he had
forgcd elieeks and rolibed the lirin. Hi-i
einploycrs found by aid of experts that
Fisehel had taken 75,000. The elerk lled
to f'anada, where iie was found at a little
town, firavenhurst, Ont., Friday. He
came back witliout a re(piiition, arrived
in Xew York Saturday and is now loeked
The dlfilcultics encoimtered in the cn
foreeuient of the prohibitory low in Iowa
are shown by tlils Des Moines dcspateh :
Deputy Sherifl'I'ierce went to the saloon
of I,oreiizo III, in the Des Moines House,
with a warrant. Xot llnding any eon
trabaiul iu the bar-rooin, he tried a door
Iwullng to the eeilar, but found It loeked.
Vhen the burkt'cjter refused to open the
door, I'icree broke it open. Descending
the stairease by a dhn llght, ho saw a
beer keg in the eellar and started for it,
but walked into a pit about niiio feetdecp,
the bottoni of which was set with sharp
ened stakes. I'iereo threw out hls arnis
and cauglit on tho sides of the hole, aud
by tho aid of (.Vntable llansen, who au
foinpanied hini, he was reseued before
falllng on the stakes. The ollleers say
the plt hail been freshly dug, and had
every appearanee of havlng been espe
elally eonslrueted for a trap. When re
leased, I'icrcc seied tho beer, earrled it
up stairs, and plaeed it ln tho hands of
Constable Ilaiiscn. Meanwhllc the bar-
a-eper had scnt for tlie pollee. Two po-
licenien eaine up and arrested l'ieree on a
harge of injurlng the bulldlng. l.orenzo
111 also llled a eoinplalnt agalnst hlnt for
nialleious Injury to a bulldlng. The ease
has not yet bcen deeided.
The small pox is disappearlng rapidly
in tho villages around Monlreal. The
oniy one now in whieli patients are
found Is Stc. Cunegonde. Only ten
houses are Infceted with sinall-pox. The
nuinber of patients in hospitals is les
senlng every day, and all but one of tho
institutlons will probably be elosed iu a
It is said at l!oino that the pope Is dan-
gcrously slek. His appetltc is had, it
pains hini eruclly to walk. Cold is al
niost insufterable to hini, but the hcat
glves hini iieuralgia. Ho has invlted
guests to hls table scvcral tlnies reeently
only to send tliein away liefore ilinner
was served. He has reeently taken to
shuttiug hinielf up ln hls rooin. In tlie
evciilng he writes and reads, however,
till far into the nlght. i et in tlic inorn-
ing liis valet oftcn linds hini up and
The Dairy Interest.
Kililor llegMtr:'Vu' Klcut iuiMlini whlch
nL'llutes nml Itilt'ivN cvi'i-y fuiiiH'r nl tlii'
Hriwnt diiy 1m tlil". W'liut nlmll 1 ilo, or wlmt
llnoof bUMlni'i.MHlinll 1 imr-m', ln onlerto mci'l
niy omii'nt t'.ii('H"L-' nncl niaUi; my I'nrniliiK
lmy? With ovi'r-proiliiction iind u rulnntiM
I'oinpi'tltlon ln abno-t every linincb of hls
biitlnrss, tho oullook l.s (U-couriiKlnn. iiiul be
liinywcll pnu-o nml uk, Wlmt Minll I tlo?
The L'l-iinni lus oftbo woild are fitll, and coiisc.
queiitly tb; fooit siipply of tho thnusaucH ot
nillllims of the huiiiaii raco ls abiiinlant ln
every bmnch, and prlees are low. The mw
lnatcrlals from whleh are made the fabrlcx
deinanded by elvllizatlon for the comfort,
convenlenco nnd adornment of the hnman
raco are ln large. mipply, iiinl the toreli(m.es
of the worldaru full ofthose fabi lcs. ln hhort,
ln this tlmu of Kencral peace thtouboiit tho
world, evei'ythbiK noee-iaiy for the comfort,
eonvi'nlcnee and luxury of tho bnman nice
niay bo bad ut prices unprocedi'idedly low,
Tlils supoinbtinilanee, apparently tho resnlt
of over-prodnetlon,l ln no i-enxo the result of
over-iiiodnctlon of tho ruw materlal. Th In-
Kemdty of unscruiiulou.t inen, Impellod by tho
Kieed of (?aln, has enabled thoni to linltato
and adnlterate abnot every manufaetiued
nrticlc,M that ncnrccly iinytbliiK l'nt npon the
mai'ket, unlexs ln itt natnral t-tato, ls wlmt lt
purpoits to bo, but ls a ciinnlnK and less valu-
ablo Imltatlon of the Koiiulnc nrtlole.
Tbls ls empbatlcally the aeof ailulteratlon
ilivliiK forlnnes anl pro-perltj- to tbe-o vllo
eounterfoltern ut tho e.peno oftlie nm-M'S,
WhiKt tbii adulteratlon Iihm a rii'prt!sluf; ln"
llueiico upon all brancbes of le,'ltlinato basl
nes nowbero are Its elVecls moio keenly or
dlsetrously felt than upon tho ilalry IntereM
ol'thr woild. I.eKltlmato lalryliiK ean nover
be overdono. Tho ellmallo llinlt beyoud
whleh dalry piodnets eannot bo pioibieeil ln
tbelrKioateKt e.eelleneo Is micIi tbat tho Mip
ply eould raiely e.eeel tho demand for Mieli
KooiN( aud they would unlformly eomniand
roinunoratlvo prlees. ThU wus thoeasol'ora
Ioiik term of yearn dmliif,' whlcb tho dalry ln
du.Htry was moro unlformly pwperous than
almost any otlier whleh eould bo named
llut tlils Indiislry, too, was destlned to bi
salleil and rulned by 1 1 1 1 samo vunnlnK and
skillful imltatlon aud adulteratioii of the
l?enulne artlele. A eounterfolt ot sullleleiit ex
eelleneo has been eompounded us to decelve
ulmost anyono tbat ean bo und ls lai'Boly Mild
as puro dairy butter, aud aKuln-t whleh tho
ordinary dairyman eannot i-ueeessfully
eompeto unless ho is ilolnti bu'.iiiess on Mich
a sealo itfU enablo bim to call In tho aid of
tho most approved mothods and nppllanco.s
and thus niake an urtlclo far superlor to tho
ordinary produot. Tho ruxult ls that the mnall
dairyman, or tlio ono who keeps from llve to
ton eowH, Is erippled beeauso from the natiiro
oft bo easo ho eannot witliout too lnucli exponso
and troublo mako an artlele that will bo uul
foriuly llrht-olacs.
W'ero tho bous eompounds nold uh dalry
butter driven from tho marketa, tho dairy iu
turuit would resumo ils normat condltion
hoeuro u healthy "anl Meadlly.inerealnB vx
panslun, thoreby rolleviiiK otlier depressed
Induftries. As lt is, tho only remedy ls in
usMiclated dalryinK, whlch is tho erenmery
Hyntem ln its various nhases, enabliiiK tho
Hinall dairyinen by tnkliiK their milk to
contral plueo to reeelvo all the benellts of tho
inost npproved mcthodn and applluncos at
Miiull cost aud heeuriiiK a more unlfonii und
desirablo produot for whlcb thcro ls a Hteadlly
lncreaslnt; dunmud, showlnB a Rrowlnf? fav
tidlousness of tasto in tho eonsumers, whlch ls
oncmra(;lnB, and uiiou tho cultlvation of
whleh tho Amcrlcan dairyman ean roly moro
than any otlier means to neutrallzo tho cllect
upon tho liiarket of tho boKus butter.
Such bolnB tho easo, it neeins to bo liupera
tivo that tho Miiall dairyinen eomblno and
nsoclato tliem-olves tootlicr or abandon tho
lmslness ultoKether. And now eoines tho
iMientiou as to what systein of iihsoeiated
dalryiiif; i tho best and will nivo the lii'ht ro
sults. Vnrious syntems aro ln use, all havinj;
tbelr strenuous advoeates, yet all subject to
objectlons of nreater or les importnuco. T
mymlnd, aflnr a thorouuh lnvostltration of
tho evldeneo for aud UKalust, obtaineil by ex
teiiMivo eorreiiondoiico wltli partles ln all
partsoftlio Novthern States tho centrlfiiKal
cream separator process is open to tho feweid
objectlons and istho Hystem whleh isdestinc
to suiiercedo all othors. Itisa Kuropean in
ventlon.tlio inventiou of I)r. Dol.aval, aud Its
Introditetlon thero commeneed ln 1870, sinco
wlilcli ovcr 3.100 have been M)11 thoro and tiro
ln uso, about 1000 of tbem havlng been ttold
withln tlio pust year. Two years ngo Its lntro
ductlon was commeneed ln tlils eountry anp
withln tho two years (100 havo bcen sold und
nro givliiK goneral If not uiilverHal sutlsfuc
tion, boiiiK flilly endorsedby many of tlio vory
llist dalry iih'u oftbo eountry.
Tho udvantUKeH of tlils systom uro muny
and will bo obious to uny ono on a luomont1
consideration. Am tho mllk ls brounlit totlio
factorj' It ls Immediatoly passed throiigh tho
Heparator uttlio ruto of WK) Ibs.or overnn hour,
whlcb perfoctly scjmintes tho eieam from tlie
mllk and tlio ImpiirltloH from both. Tho bcp
urated inl'lr ls ready to bo rcturned to tho
patrous iu tho ereuin ls retalneil by tho
inamifuctiircr, eared for und rlpcned prepara
tory to beiug clmrnod Into brttor.
Ily otlier upproved inotliods tlio rotention of
tho wholo mllk Is iiee(wHry forat least twolv
liours anil tho uso of u, lurKO qifintlty of leo to
rcdiico tho teiiipciiitiiro to ;i low degreo lu
ordor to got tho ciciim ln u sliort spaeo of
Ily tho f.eparntor proccss not ovor 15 to
pcr ceut of tlio wholu mllk ls ie,lalned ln tho
shapo of eream to bo miuilpulutcd by tlie
manufacturer, rivpilrltiR not to exeeed ono
slxtlior one einht llnMimount of leo. Tlioud-
atitftKes of tlio cepi tor system tnny bo mtin-
tned up as follows:
I. Thero Is a hiivIiik "f fully one-lmlf the
travel to tlio patrous, for tlie ctcaiu ean bo
piirutcd ut uny tlme bcfore the mllk wmrsi
no that, exeept ln the vory hottest weuther, II
neednotbu brouj?ht to tho faetory oflener
than once a day und lato Iu tlie fall only onee
ln two duys.
II. Thoro Is u hiivIiik of at least ono-liiilf ln
tlio eapuclty of the buildings neeessai-j- for tho
111. And ulo u hiivIiik of not lcs thitn half
tho laborbi the faetory.
IV. A Hiivlug of thieo-fourtlis tlio lee, lo say
the least.
V. An Increaso of produet vurlously stated
of from llve to twenty per cent.
VI. Tho limklng ot n produet not oxcelled
ln any resiieet by tho produet of any otlier
J will now reviewiue lOHiiinony upon wuieii
1 havo based my eoncluslons. On every polnt
the evlilenco ls cumulatlvo und 1 slmll glvo
only a Hinall jiart ln my posoHslnn.
'iVAh to the savlngof travel to tho pat
rous. Tho pructlce ot earrylng tlio mllk but
oneo n duy wns piirsued ut the two ereunici-
les ln New Ilaven thu past heuson nnd I uui ln
formed by the iiuintifueturers nnd patrous
gave geneinl Hatisfaetlon. f.ate in autumii
tho mllk was reeelved oneo In two days ut
I.andon'H faetory at New llnven Jlllls.
tSrcoml As to the eaimelly ot tho bulldliifts
lieccosnry for tho faetory. I.ess tlmn ono-balf
tho utenslls nro reijiiired lu u fnelory usIiik
tlils H.VHtem, and as a eonseiiueneo lenn rooiu
ln tho Mitno proportlon Is needeil.
Wiiril As to tho mivIiir of labor. Jtr. Wm.IC.
iruhani of Siismox, New llrunswlek, suys that
lor the Hiaee of two luoutlw ho M'parated and
nianufaetured-over lono lbs. of milk ilnlly, as-
Nted only byaboy, o nNo ucled usoiikIii-
eer. Ilv uny otlier svstem lour inen ut least
would be I'eciulred lo dotheNinie auioiint of
FoNrlh Tlie wiving of lee ean but be appar-
ut to any one; anil on tlils polnt notestl-
niony ls ealled lor.
F(fih Am to tlic Incrcni-c of produet. .1. und
J. DarlliiKton of OailliiK, I'cnn., Miy that jthc
thrce separators whleh they havo run for to
car.s pay for theinselvcs every .thirty days,
Klvliif? an Incrcaso oftcn per ecnt over leo
methods, The Darllngtons aro aiuoiift tho
foremost dairyinen ln the eountry, tlielr but
ter brlnglug the hlghest prlpo ol anyiiiadoln
tlic rnlted htateH. They say oftbo separutors
that "they aro llke an old liddlo tlio louner
they wear, the botter they Kot'" The socro
tury ol tho Oncidu coninninity says they nro
gettlng Jlo )er eent moro butter than previ
ously by tlie l'erfcetlon and (). K. crcanierles.
11. K. llrownhuek of Kairniouiit, Chester Co
renn., says : "HV aro rcall.ing over a pound
moro butter to tlio 100 pounds ol milk than by
tho HottniK proeess and tho butter ls botter
iu every way." Tlils ls a gain of at least 20
per cent.
Sirtli As to tho quallty of tlio produet I
would say that I liuvo taken cspeeial pains to
aseertaln tho taets upon this polnt, as partles
inlcrosted in otlier MyMenis of iimnufaeture
have lubored hard to ercnto the liupre.ssloii
that butter mado by this proees wus veryde
fective, cspeelully ln Its kccitiiiir iiualitles. I
shull glve only the testlniony olmyowii eor
rcspondents. 31 r. C. W. (iould of Klgln, III.,
who probably has had more experlenee with
tho Heparator thnu uny otlier iiiuu, wiites mi
tlmt butter niade by tlils metliod erpials that
made by uny otlier, und ndds: "lf you uit
luuking butler on u largo sealo, wc oulil ud
vise yon to uso this ninclilnc."
Irnin C Iteed of Syrueuse, X. Y., a H, "Thc
xcpsirntor Is lnds)eusab1o to us nnd we nre
uslng butter now (Icc.'2l) wbleb I umdc in
luno und lt is as tlne us you eould nsk tor."
Nenryl,. 3II1IIs,umiii ofb. 3Iilll, m ton.
eouneclcd with tlie Kutland A. lluiiliiKtoii rail
road, writes 1110 from Kast 31cdway, 3Iass.
.Mnss., that they nro usinn two j-cparutors aud
tlmt ull their butter Is muilo by this Hystem
nnd that lt koops better than butter made by
other syntonis. Hoadds that (!ov. Smtth of
Vermont lius threo Hopainlors in uso iu that
.11 is. ii ui. i.. Mimson, a iaiy wen kuowii ln
this coiiiiniinlty, writes nio from Saratogu
SjiriiiKs, wluuo Hho, in connecticut with licr
dcccuscd busband, retulled u gooddeal ofbut
ter mado by tho Weybridge centrifiignl
croaniery und by Mr. Kvarts of Vergennes
the )ast Hcason : "I hnvo taken hoiuc pains
to imiiilro ot thoso usingtho hcpanitor eream
ery butter, and but ono oplnlon is given nnd
that ls, it is thc most rcllahlo butler in tlio
inarket for lts keeping nualities us well uNo
for its tlavor."
Clnrk Itros, ol" Worcester, 3Iuss., wlio liuvi
hniulled u lurgo shure ofthe butter mado at
tlio two contrifiigal creuineries ln New llnven
tho pust senson, write mo : "V cnn say for
tho centrlfugal butter that we nover saw uny
better butter iniiilo ln uny otlier way tliim
wliut we have hud trom Kvnrtf' und I.nudou's
creuineries. We nover huw butter kcep uny
better than this kiud does. Tlils has been our
llrst benson to handlo their goods nnd every
one wo havo sold to hasliked tliem. U'csluill
be glnl to hnndlo all you enn niuke. Creum
ery butter ls growlng moro In dcmnud every
yenrnndcommon dalry butter will not bo
wunted ut tlio prioo of 'olen ln n low yenrs
Ono polnt moro und I uui done. IIow does
tho eentiifugul sepurntor butter htund tho test
whon subuilttcd to experts to puss upon its
compnrutivo merltM? At tho Amcrlcun Dalry
sliow, reeently helil iu Chieago, It took tho
grand Hweepstakes premlum for butter mailo
ntuny time, Kilbourne, llros., of Oswego, 111,
gettlng tlic prizo. Tlio tlrnt, Hceond und thlrd
prciuiiuns on butter muilo iu 3Iay or.luuo cf-
fcctunlly hettlcd tho iiucstlon of its kcoplng
ipmlltles. Tho Hceond premiuin on best two
tubs of butter inadounywhero by any proees.'
i'lio eash lueniliini for tlic besl tub ol" buttc
on cxblbltlon wns uwurded Sinltli, I'owcll
it r.uinb of Syriiciise, X. V cnthusl.istie
tiseiH und endorsers of tlie Dol.uvul heparutor
Iu ndditlon to tho uboMi tho llol.uval eream
separator was uwurded tho highost prlze of.
fercd n hiindsoino .sllver medal.
Thatan inipleinent so novel und In lts work
lng ho Ineoinprcbenslblo to tlio ordinary liiind
Hhould linvo uindo such progrcss lu jiopularlty
In Kiicli u Hhort spaeo of time spcaks volumos
for lts futurc, und it will bo well for overy
duirymun to fully investlguto Its merlts for
hlmself und not tnko tho hiiy-so of of uny Indl
vldunllnterestod in tho huccchs ofuny otlier
eouipurutlvely worthless nyctom.
What the Papers Say.
lUutlaml Heruld-
Tlio Sllddlebury ltKuisTKU Iiuh u new dress
of type, n now mako.up, has dlseontinucd tho
"patent lnsido" nnd uscs lts own typo oery
where, ls mucli lmproved In ull reHpcct.s nnd
innkcsoiiu of tho ueutoHt looklng papers ln
tho Stuto.
Ilurltngton Krco I'ress.
Tlio Ilddleburj'l!K(ilsTi:itgreets Itsputrons,
nt tho oponlng ot tho new yenr, with u fneo ns
siiilllngunil brlght us tlmt of Knthcr Tlmo's
latest productlou liinisclf, but with u dres.s
ruther moro ndequnto to tlio ilemuuils ol our
Inclement ellinuto und tlio exnetncss of eon
veutloniil Hoclety. Iu sliort, our valued Addi
son county eonteinimrnrj- eomes forth ln
lmndsoino now typo, with u gri'Utly lmproved
mnkn-up, und no pnteiit luteruul eeonomy. lt
Is now ono of tho hniidsoiuest und bct edited
wccklles lu tlio Stuto.
The storin of Monday and Tuesday
seetns to bave been inote severo on thc
ast slde of the Slate than herc. AAfont-
pelior dlspateh of Tuesday says: "A
lieavy rain prevailed heni all last nlght
and most of. todav. The iee on therivers
as broken up and the entlre valley bo-
tween Montpelier and Ibirre for six inllcs
llooded. A long trestle on the Harre
braneli of the. C'entral Yermont railroad
was swept away, and another so badly
amaged by lee that tho tralns dld not
are eross lt to-nlght and brought the
passengers baek to Montpelier. Xo sueh
thaw has been known lu .lanuary for
years:.'' Kroni Ht. .lohnsbtiry eoines this
despateh of the same date: Tho rain
for the last two davs here has mado a
ise ln tlie river and a breaking tt of the
lee at the Centro vlllage. I'eople on the
banks of tlie I'assuiniisie river are niov
lug out of their houses, whlle tho high
way to the east is eovered with water.
Unless lt freeze.s soon great damago will
be done.
From tlie llruttleboro Uefonuer.
lt is Hald that the llqtuir dealcrs of the Stuto
lmve liclil u privntc convcntlon nml forincil u
lcnguo for tlio "protectlon of thclr Intercsts."
It Is not stuted wlietlicr they rcsolvcd to hang
together ln support of tho prohlbllory law,
iinder whleh they enn hoII wlllioiit puylng
nnytlilng. Ilut they dld tormnlly denounee
Hpeeial prosceutors us hn uneoiiHtltutional of-
llccr, und thc "trlbc Jof Infonncrs who trade I
upon the funutieisni nnd bypoerlsy of tlielr
Claims on a Democratic Administra-
l'roni Teus Siltlngs.
An iipplleant tor u Tcxtis postolliee ls nbso
lutcly ecrtulu that Clevclnnd will glve It to
hlni. As thero nre nbout twenty in liol pur
Hiilt of thc olllce, wo hud tlie curloslty to know
i hat nmde bim so positii v.
Are you tho wldow of a deeeascd Deino-
cratle unny ollleer with u famlly to support,
as wns tlio puhc with 3Irs. 3tulllguu at C'hlcu.
go?" we nsked.
He rcpllcd thnl ho hud nevor trled to be
nnyboily's wldow.
"Dld you Muinp for Clevclnnd?"
"Xo; but you sce I've uindo pursonablo sac-
rlllees for Cloveland."
"IIow so?"
"It's coullilential, rcnicinber."
"Ccrtalnly ; honorbright."
"Wcll.I lostiivognllonsof whisky nnd
wortli of elgurs hcttingon lllniue. I buvc scnt
on the recclptcd ldlls with my npplleatlon."
viuimo.vt ruonrci:.
.SV. AlUanx. At M. Albnns on Tiiesiluy tho
ntteniluneo wus llght, reecipts Miinll, inurket
ilull und priecs ubout tho samons last wcek.
I.ute ninde butter, 15 to ISe; October mude, IS
to 'JOc; scleetlons, il to i.'c, und some extrn
dairics at u little hlghcr tlguri'. Shipiuent 200
tubs. Kggs, 2."ie lor strlctly fresh.
IVrfiiHf. Iluttcr was u tritle (lriner on
inarket day. I.utc inakc Irom II to I'.ic perlb.
Oetober niuke, l!lto22eiicr lb.; cggs, 2.1c per
d07.cn; benns, $1 to $1-1.1 per bushcl ; npplcs
dull at f 1 to 1.10 pcr bhl. I.lltle dolng in po
tutoes at 110 to 40c. icrbu.shcl. Ileef, 4 to .lo.;
pork, 1 to 4 l-2c. pcr II).; huy, JlOto iVi per
ton, ctru, fll per ton.
liosTo.v ruoDLTi:.
Iluttcr ls iu llght requcst und cusy. Wo
(uotc cAtru Xortlicrn creuniery ut 2"tn2Se,
elioico ut 2:i to 2.1c, und good to cliolee ut 1" to
22c pcr lb. Westcrn ercuiuery utllJto.'ilo for
cxtru, 27 to SOo for elioico und 15 to20e for good
to eholei!. Kxtru Xoithcni dulry hcIIs ut 22 lo
2Se, und clioicc ut ls to lHc; Wcstern dulry ut
IS to 20e for cholec, und 10 to 15c for fulr to
good; luiltutiou ereumcry at 22 to 2leforcx-
trn und 1.1 to ta lor good to cboieo. Chccse ls
qulet nnd steudy, with sules ot" extrn ut 10 to
10 1.2e, fiincy ut 10 1.2c, und eoniinou togood nt
5 to So pcr lb. Kggs uro ensy nnd wo quote
extrn Kustcrn nt 27c, fnncy ut 2se, Xew York
nnd Vermont nt 21 to2.1e, Westcrn fresh ut 2.1
to 2lc, Miehigun nt2t to 2.1c, und Xovu Scotln
tit2.1to2iic pcr doz. llenus nre qulet nnd
weuk, with salcs of Xortlicrn ut i 1.7(1 to $1.7.1,
XewtVork nr? 1 .00 und mcdium nt $1.(W iier
bushel, incluillug liaud-plckcd. Cunudn peiiH
uro Helling in sinnll lot.s nt 85c to $1 pcr bushol
as to quallty. l'otutoos uro In niodernto de
niund nnd wo quoto roso nt 55 to 70c, Hebrons
nt 4.1 to 70c per bushel und Hweet nl J1.50 to
J2.50 per bbl. Applcs nro stondy, with Xo. 1
Uuldwins hclllng ut $1.75 per bbl. l'oultry ls
dull und unsettled und we quoto elioico
Xortlicrn nnd Knstcrt turkeys at Uc; Westcrn
turkeys at Uc, nnd ehlckens ut 10 to 11c per lb.
nosToy wooi,.
Tlio dcmuiid lias bcen good und prlees rulc
flnn on both ilomestio und foreign und nre
wati:ktow.v i.ivk stock.
W.iTiaiTowx, Jun. 5, lSSrt.
Tho following Istho weckly rcport of tho
Wutertown Union I.lvo .Stock Murkct for tho
week cudiug to duto:
Amount of I.lvo Stock at 31arket.
nnd Ilors.
Cnttlo. I.uinbs. Swlno. Veul.s. es.
This week sfi'.l 4,118 !),:(Sl 2.11 1.1'
I.nstwcck 1,077 2.1KW 14,M)I 201 m
Xuuiber l'roni the Hcverul htute.
und Ilorn.
Cattlc. I.ainhs, Swine. Veals. cs.
Mulno 140 :imi ' "
Xew Iluinpslilro tcl 7H7 4 8.1 "
Vcnnont Sini 2,'IU 70 (II "
.Miissuchusctts t:i " " " "
Scw York 01 100 " " "
Cunudn " 1IS " ' "
Westcrn Stutcs 147 " U,:U0 ' "
ltliodo Islund 1(1 " " " "
Totuls 801) 4,118 U,3S ill 152
l'riees of beel cnttlo per 100 lh., dressed
weight, lnngcd from 1 to J7.75.
l'riees of Xortlicni nnd Knstern beef cnttlo
per 100 lbs., llvo weight, ninged trom iiM to
l'riees of Wentern beef euttlo pcr 100 lbs, llvo
weight, rungod from ..25 to 0.2."i.
Brighton hldos 8o perlb.
llrighton tnllow .lc icr lb.
Countiy hldos (heuvy) 7 to 7 1-2 pcr lb.
Country tnllow 2 3-4opcrlh.
Culfsklns 10o per lb.
Slu-ep iiiul liiiubskins $1 to f 1.M eaeli
Tliere wero more hbeep nnd lnmbs ln uinr.
kct this week tliuii thero wcro ono week ugo,
1 ut tlio Mipply of euttlo wns liglitor, wltliinoro
good bcovcs uiuoug theni lu proportlon to tho
nuinber tlmn thero wero ln lnst week. On uc
coiint of tlio sovero stonn, tho buslness wns
dull nnd luuetlve for eoiuinon grudes of
bcovcs, inot of tlio mllch eows und working
oxon boing put in bnrns to bo put ln cntnll
tion for tho legulur tnulout llrighton on Wcd
nesdiiy. Wlmt few extrn beel euttlo thero
woro In murkct Mild well nt prlce.s innglng
from 0 1.2o to " 3-4o por lb. dressed weight.
- OF
Fur Caps, Grloves, &c.
&o., JUST
Thc Cash Clothiers and Furnislicrs,
The Prudent Man
INSURE.'i ngainst incvitablc Loss of Life or Propcrty, and rea
sons that DELAYS are DANGEROUS.
Includes tho Iiargcst,
mi iiiiiin i iii'its,
" Reliablo Intlcmnity, Prompt Sottlemcnts," is tho motto of this
of tho eountry also tho
Old New York Life Insurance Gomp'y
whlch has pnitl ovcr EIG1ITY-ONE iULLIONS DOLLARS CASH in claims to
policy-liolders, and now holds tho largest surplus of any Lifo Insurauco Company
in tho eountry, upon n -1 per cont resorvo basis.
Insttros against Accident, Guarantees Fidelity to Trusts, and instircs Plato Qlass.
8200,000 dcpositcd with Stato of New York to protcct policy-holders.
CS?" Oivc Brooks' Agcncy a call beforo insuring clsewhere,
MILTON A. BROOKS, ProBialok, Middlebury, Vt.
jini rimiiKU!
Ono lieavy yofcc of OXEN lor futtcning or for
wors. uncup ior cauii.
Lincoln, Vt.
Safcnt nnd Beat
I !
Neither timo or Spaco to go into details.
Aro closo upon us and tho publio is in-
vitcd to call and
Examine our Stock
navo only to say that will guaran
teo tbem
Wo shall not permit onr Inamediato
Competitors to beat us as longas wo
can get cost for goods. You
can depend upon this.
fiSy-Subscriptions to nowspapors and
poriodicals to auyjaddress until Jan. 1 at
about wholosalo priccs and cxpense of
Ve Seyioir klki
Dec. 18, '85.
Tlic flrm known as Hrooks & Xoland, palntcrs
ls this day lUssolyed by mutual consrnt.
Jllddlcbury, Vt., Dec. 4, 18S5.
tt3.lluelneas will bc couUnucd byS, Brooks.

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