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Yol. Ll.
No. 42.
DXibbkbuvy 2ccssta
Minm.r.mitv, - - viHt.Movr.
Enttreil at the MliMhbnrn I'ontofflcr as Second
rd Mnllrr.
E. H. THORP, Editor and Manager.
Ti;i!M s :
Onc Yi'ur,
Mx Months
Foiir Mnntli,
Tlirrc Mnnth,
AdvtTtNliur Itiilcs on npplleatlon
ttB-Aflcr tltN datc papcrs wlll not bo dl
continui'd nt tlic o.pliatlon riftlu' tlnif l:iil
ior, tmlo-s notlcc 1 frlvon :t tlie thno ofsub.
sorlntloii or bol'oiu tlie -ub-eTiption o.piri".
V'nUx mk'Ii iiotlci' I Klvi'ti tliu iKijiur wlll 1k
cnntlniU'il to ri"-pon-.lllc! pi'i -oiiM tlll tlioy iv.
qui'-t It" ill-uonthnmin'i! und pay up all nr
H'liruKi"" ThN -I't'iii" tliu brt plan, iiuil wlll
1)0 iulhftx'il to in tliu toniluct of tlils papcr
.I011 I'ltixTiMi ol I'vcry vnrlety at tlio lowot
prloci conUti'iit wltli j;ood work and cpiallty
ot tnck.
fimdav, orroisKi: m, isso.
rxiTKD Stati:s Skxatou I'iku of Xcw
llnmiishlru droppcil deud at hte liomc
last l'riilay. Tt is intiinatrd tliat ux-Sec-retary
of the Xnvy W. K. C'linmUer would
not bo avurc to reeeiving the appoint
iiieiit to the vncnnuy thus inade.
Tiik Cliicajjo anari'lilst nre rcfncd a
new trial. aftcr a full hcariiig, and tlioy
will be liangcd on tlio :d of December.
Tlicir sentoncc va jut. and tho enorj;y
of tlu; prosocutinn and tlie viftni' of
tlie imnNliiiicnt will convuy a salittary
k-son to tlKnc tlni and aiiln of
the sinii; sort that till roinaili to cur-e
tlie eountry.
Tlll. jrreate-t joke of the ea-on i the
nopo-nl eoiitiiinrd in a iwent i-ue of
tlie Montpelier .lonrnal, tliat the I!emli
liean iiHMiilii'r- of the lcjjNluture hold a
caueii- to nominate a -iuvoor to Sena
tor lMinutid-. Xobody lia vet been
able to a-eertain that there i- any eandi
date in tlie lield in oipoition to tlie Sen
ator; and the only man who ha- been
suiiuctud ol an anibition that way de-voto-
all ener;y to deiiyinn the laet.
so that the inopo-ition i very aiim-iiif.',
epceially in view of it onrce.
lx-l l!.N(M: nien iire -;ieatly agitated I
over the bill introdneed in the llon-e the
other day by ilr. llnrvoy ol 'l'opshain.
lt U Piib-tantially the "iiine thinj; a the
"valned poliey" law that wa pae-ed by
the New llani-hin' lej;ilatuie a year
a;o, and nrovlde that the amount of in
surance on anyjbuildinj; inea'e of loss by
lire, or lijjlitnhi;, fhall betaken to be the
amount of the los, providinj; there be
no criniinal fault on the part of the in
sured. In any uit iiredleated npon a
poliey the aniount exprcpsed therein
ghall be the nieasure of dainae and no
other evidenee on that qtietion shall be
admitted a to the value ot the projierty
Ministku 1'IIKl.l'S' lettcr to Thomdlke
!iee, editor of the North Anieriean 'e
view, is nmch eoininented upon. The
llevkjw lately eontalned a bitter attaek
on Sceretary of State liayard sujiposed
to have been written by ex-Kditor Jlurl
burt of the Xew Vork World, who
wanted the plaee .Mr. I'help liold. Mr.
liice, being in I.ondon, aked to be jire
?ented at the I'rinee of Vale levee
:uid was refued that lionor by Jlr.
l'lielps, wliereupon hedenianded reason,
whieh were Kiyu" in a letter from Mr.
1'helpp, wlio says :
lt tlie artiele onMr. Hayard wa im
lly a tirade of in.illeioiis and ;ratultoiii
abiiie, imworthy the pa'es of any re
sHctsible iiublieation, an outpouring of
lnalignant wrath by ."otne writer withoiit
the eonraije to jjive hi nanic, and iiitend
edas a f;ros and deliberate iniult to Mr.
liayard. If hi- blainele- and aniiable
cliaraeter and eminent publie ferviee
nhould not have proteeted liim frotn sueh
an a?-ault, the hij;h olliee he holds, at
Ieast, entitled hiin to decent trentinent
by his countryinen. To tJii iiroduetlon
you thoiifjht lt proper to jjiv1 elreulation
and pennanenee in the North Anierk'an
Jieview. For doin so you had not even
the poor excue ot pohtieal ojiposltion,
as the lteview rofcscs to be of no par
ty, nor any personal provoc.ition that 1
am aware of. Mr. llayard U not merely
ny peronal friend, he is the liejid of the"
departinent of the Kverniuent undc
wlileh I serve, and throiifjh wliich t'ie
relations I am coneerned with are c.irr'ed
on, an otllcer to whom I owe seru.m
lous respcet, and for whom I am uxpact
ed to rerjuire lt, from all who have hvter
course with my Kovernment through ine.
If, upon this state of facti, you sujipoee
ine to be eapablc of oH'eriiij; to you the
most distiiiKuished ollleial courteyy In
my power, and of prefentlii; you to a
jtrince wliose sense of the proprietles of
jiersonal conduct U as exalted as his
rank, you do 1110 a grcat injuBtlee.
The Texas Method.
It takes the Texau fair manager to get
up startling programiniis to draw the
crowd. Here is the olllcial aunounce
lnent of the last day's performant'es at
the comlug State fair at Dallas :
Satunlay, Xovember C Twelfth day
of tlie Fair aud Kxposltion. C'oncerts lu
Mule Ilall. Zouave Drill. Itieyclo l!aee.
Cirand Cavale.ide of all Ptoek ' that have
reeelved Firt and Second l'remiunis un
derdiieetlonof Superintendents. Halloon
Aeeiislon. Marriajro in Mld-Alr. Grand
Flreworks at !l ji. m.
The Andover "HEnESY."
The burnlii!: religious (ineptiou of the
day not only In New Kngland but tlie
whole eountry over i that known : the
Andover "liere'-y." The polnt at Nuc
ha been afated. we believe eorreetly, in
llie-e wonU : " Wliether it i herey to
believe that heathen who die willmut
livariug tlie go-pel have anolher chaneo
ior silvation." Tlie old Pehool .ay that
the doom of thee heathen i-" ealed,
while tlie apotle of the new pehool are
eharged with teaching the oppo.Mte doe
trine. nainely, that they have another
The eontrover?y took deflnite hapc
but recently, tliough it ha been conilng
Into proinineiiee for a liumber ol year-.
The inimediate rause of the warni debate
that fornied a proniinetit leattire of the
meeting of the Aiiieiieau board at I)e
Moine, last week. was the cae of Mr.
Huine. Jle had been abroad under the
eniploy of the board and returned to this
eountry a few inonlhs ngo. At the diu
ner of the aluinni of Andover Thcologi
eal st'ininary, in the suiiiiner, he inade .1
sjieeeh in whieh he expressed a leanlng
toward the jiositiou taken bj tlie niore
llberal nieniber of the laeultv 011 this
question of probation. AVhen lt eame
tiine for the board toaetupon the matter
of -endlng Mr. Huine baek to hi ml
sionary work they voted to defer aetion,
whieh was equtvaleiit to saying that hi
servlees would not be aecepted. The
ipu'stion thu eame before the board at
it anniial nieeting, wlicre it was debatcd
with niueh warinth and veryably. l'nif.
Sniyth of Andover, who U eoliidered
tlie ehiel of the " new" foree. led the
dieuion 011 that hk while .-ueli nien
a liev. Dr. lloardinan of ( hieao. I're
itlent liartlett ot Dartniouth and ex
l'reideiit Mark Ilopkln- ot Williatn
poke lor the adherent of the old doe
trine. The leport of lloine .eeretary
Alden of the board, whieh told of tlic
pi udential eotnniittee'. aetion witli refer
enee to Mr. Ilunie. and whieh lormed the
ba-i- of the diH'iiioii, wa adoptcd, and
thu- the lollowers ol the old sehool won
tlie vietory so tar a- thi hiilanee wa
coneerned. It appears troui whnt wa
said by the peaker 011 this oeeasion tliat
the stalemeiit ol the ijiietion whieh we
have ipioted does uot fully repie-eiit the
reiiuiremeiit-i of tlie board. They wMi
their iniiionaries not only not to believe
that there U a luture probation, but lirni
ly to believe tliat 110 sueh probation is
The eurrent week has brought out. an
other phae ol the agitation. '1'hree
" proniineiif C'ongregational minUti'rs
bave preferred eharges of heresy against
tive of the profesors at Andover, who
are also the editor-; ot tlie Andover lte
view. It is held that a part at leat of
the funds whieh upport the institutioii
were lelt in trut for the purpose of
teaehing the old ereed, and that I'rof.
Smith and his asioeiate who proniulgate
the 'new'' opinious are not complying
witli the tenns nf the trust. The naines
of the aeeusers are not made iul)lie, but
one of theni i said to be Itev. .Ioseph
C'ook. The eontest between the parties
is likely to be long aud interesting and it
will be attentively watehed byiuany who
ordinarily eare little for theologieal dif
ferenees of opinion.
The Governors' Messages.
Following the ciMom of their prede
eesors, the retiring aud ini-oniing gover
nors delivered ine.sage to the legisiature
011 its asscnibling. The doeuments are
both very long, a- is apparently neee-i-sary
in order that the matter dNeu-.-ed
may be intelligibly st forlh; aud the
mot we ean do in the paco at our dis
poal i to toueh upon i-ouie of the niixt
imjiortant points of eaeh.
(iov. l'ingree, atter some general ob
servations, tell of the Stati; benetlciarie,
deaf mutes, bliud and feeble-inlnded,
where they have been taught and the
amount exiiended iluring tlie last two
years 011 their aeeount SI'J,0."iS.7H. Ile
reviews the sehool statisties of his tenn
and shows that twenty per eent of the
oUlldren of sehool ago are not enrolled in
thelnjblie schools, while thirty-tlve to
thirty-sevu per eent of those enrolled
do not attend regularly; and urges that
Komething be done to promotc the etlleien
cy of the seliools for whicli the .State
spcnds over 3300,00o. a year, besides the
loeal taxes, whieh inereabes the suin
spent upon schools to uearly 1100,000
a year. Only thirty-four towns have
adopted the town systeui, voters mani
festing 110 interest iu tlie bubjeet, and the
governor wants the legisiature to pro
vlde a remedy for their iuditrerenee. He
commends the work of the board of ag
riculture, but thlnks largereditions of Its
reports should be priutcd. He speaks of
Arbor day and is of opinion that the
movement will bear good fruit. 'J'ho last
clause of the llrst seetion of the hlghway
law of 1884 Is not elear, he says; aud he
recoinmends that Itbe made more siiecille.
Ile thcn deals with tlic eleetlon laws, a
eompilatlon of whieh has been issued;
the Xew Orleans exposltion; the State
lliiaiices; therallroadeoininlssioner, who,
he says, is not elothed with sulllelent nn
thority under exlsting laws; thehiaiie;
penal and reformatory Iiititution : tlie
Bennington battle inonuinent, whieh lie
thlnks ought to be put up prettysoon;
the State lnilltary history ; tho State 11b
rary and the dcath of (ien. Grant. Tlie
meage i an able slateinent of the eon
illtion and need of tho State, and will
doubtle" be of L'reat value in guiding
CJov. Ormbee. in opening, urges upon
the legisiature proinpt and ellleient ae
tion 011 tlie subjects that demand atten
tion at their hand. Ile analyzes the
report of the treaurer, from whieh it
apjiears that the resources of tho State
exeeed lt liablllties by 8:i:H,aO."i.nj. The
reduetion in State expense tliat has been
ctl'eeted In late years I a eause for con
gratulalion. lie says; and ho points out
where further progre-s iu this dlreetlon
ean safely be made. The corporatlou
tax law. under the prov!ions of whieh
tJie State raUes the bulk of its revcnue,
I in his opinion a wKe and praetieablo
measure. The State trcaurer estlmates
tliat tho reveinie from this souree the
eurrent year will be about 8-200,000. He
(piotes with approval the jiortion of the
report of the iuspector of liuance relating
to the Investtnent of the funds of savings
banks, and refer with spcclal eniphasis
to the iuspeetor's recoininendation that
the pereentage of investinents of these
institutions allowed in western farm
niortgages be redueed to -10 per ccnt.
Mr. Ormsbee devotes niueh spaee to eon--ideration
of the sehool probleui, saying:
"Atter a eareful eonsideration of this
subjeet, I am eompelled to eonelude that
the trouble liiainly lies in tliOfC -niall
-ehools; that, o long a dil di-triet
lines are held too -aered to be disturbed,
tlie tniuble inut. from neees-ity. not
only reinain with u. but inerea-e rather
tlian dliniiiisli. Aud. not wltli-tanding
tho adver-e expre-sion of the voter- ol
the everal town-. I thould Jall short of
a full perlornianee of what I eoueeive to
be my duty liould I omit to ay that lt
i- my earne-t eonvietiou tliat adequate
and la-ting reliel ean eome only by an
adoptiiiu (d tlie ''Town Sy-teiu," or onie
oilier ystem by whieh the aine elid ean
be aecouipli-hed or arrived at. I am not,
liowever, wedded to thi or any other par
tieular ytem, but I earne-tly -ubniit
that the imporlanee of the subjeet is
fpiite eiiough to eall lorth your be-t ef
lort aud unbiased aetion in seareli of a
reniedv and iu jiroviding for au appliea
tion ol it." Tlie various State institu
tions reeeive hi earetul notiee. Ueal
ing with tlie li(pior problem, the gover
nor relers to the dillleulties niet with iu
the enloreemelit of the law, aud urges
the iinportance of effeeting a change
for the better. Ile says: "I do not
aMinie to inyself that degiee of wis
doni reipiisite to solve these ijiiLtious
or to point the way to a solution
of theni, further than to eall your atteu
tion aud eonideration to the dii-tunce,
theshittiug, the uiaueuverlng, tliedi?iilay
of ingenuity and the eseapes between
a llrst aud -eeond eonvietiou under the
law; and to say, if it is the M'litimeut of
the jieople at large that this law, or the
laws 011 this subjeet, should be treated
aud made to operate as a prohibitory law
lu faet as well as lu naine, rather than to
operate as a lieense law, the end desired
would be niueh nearer reached by m
aniendiiig the law that tlie penalty jiro
vided for a llrst eonvietiou should inelude
a short tenn of hnprisoninent as well as
a llne." Speaking on the subjeet of ag
rieulture, ho eouiuieuds the natlonal
nioveinent for the regulatian of inter
Stateeoniiueree, and Ui:gests the need of
a State experiment statlon at tlie agrienl
tural ecdlege at liurlingtou. The law
providlug tor State ald to tow ns Uirough
whieh pass highways that are us-il by
iuhabitauts of other towns as uiaiii thor
oughfares ls, he believes, liable to abiiM
in its present ghaie, though he ls per
suaded that the general scope of
lt should be pre?erved. Mr. Orins
bee goe over the subjeet of a rail
road eoininisslon with great eare. Ile
states his eouelusions thus : "J believe
that tho objeet aud euds of further de
sirable legislatlon ean bo best seeured
through a c'oiumUsiou, aud that the exls
tenee of a coinmissiou lnvestcd with sueh
povvers and authority as aregiven to like
boards iu severnl of tho States, Massa
ehusetts and Xew Vork for instauce,
would go far towards curing or remov
ing all real or faneled grlevanees. Aud
experienee lu other States has deiuon
strated that where eompctent eoiumis
sioners, projierly empowered, liavo made
exauiiiiatiou as to alleged grlevanees,
and upon tlndiug theni real aud well
fouuded, have inade sueh reeomuieuda
tious to the railroads couiplaiued of as
the board deeuied ealled for, there has
been, with rare exeeptions, a proinpt and
ready eomiliauce with the recouiuienda
tious of the board, aud thi, too, where
tho board is powerless 10 enfbree Its rec
oinmeiidations. The cominissiou, if one
should be ereated by our legislatlve ae
tion, should doubtless beemioweied aud '
reuulrcd to report to future lcgislatures
as to all coniplalnts reeelved, exainina
tions and rccotnmendntions by lt inade,
and also what, if any, further legislatlon
is rcqulred. While I believo
that the Intcrcsts of the publie reipilre
lcgislative aetion in the dlreetlon above
suggested, 1 feel certaln that many of
the honcstly entertalned grlevanees of
the people against our railroads and theU
mauagenient aro not well fouuded, and
that some of the most liiiportant of
their eomplaint.s eannot be sueeessfully
reaehed short of, or without, natlonal
legislation, sueh as was souglit through
the inter-State eommeree bill." 'J'ho re
nialnder of this exeeptlonally elear and
aduiirable messajre is devoted to general
Upholdino the Law.
A su)iisingincideiit of the dlsturbanee
on our strects, last Saturday cvenlng,
was the viirorous advoeaev of Mr. Stenln's
eause by a nuinber of respeetablc eiti-
zens. ut eourse there were reasons for
sympathizing witli liim wlien his side of
the story was known, but tliat was 110
excuse for upholding liim in his reslst
ance of the otlleers. lt is tlic part of all
good eitizens to assist oflicers who are
trying to do what they believe ls tlicir
duty, and it ls none of the cltizcn's bu
incss to judgo whether the otlleers are
right or wrong iu a partleular instance.
If tho otlleers err, the law provides a
remedy for the pcrson or person who
may lecelve injuries at their hands. 15ut
in the perforinanee of their funetions as
guardians of the eoniniunity the otlleers
are entitled to the support of tlie eom
inunlty; every good eitizen should let
them alone or aid tliem, as the eireum
stanees reiiuire. and tlien let the eourt
deeide the merits of the ease. Failure to
sujtport otlleers will stirely bring both
tlie law and its olllcer into eoiitemnt.
I!ev. B.Fay Mills is "onduetinga -eries
ol evangeli-tie nieetings in liurlingtou.
Mr. W. II. II. Murray. who ha.- ot late
lived in liurlingtou. is giving readings In
Iloston and other large elties.
Mr. and Mr-. M. 11. Wllliainon of
Cornwall have extended their we.-tern
trip to Texas, where they now are.
Ilon. A. (;. Sailbrd, foriuerly of St.
Albans but more reeeutly of liurlingtou,
ha formed a law partner-hip with a
Vest Virginian. and they w iltEopen au
olliee iu Washington.
The oldest ineinber of the present
llouse ot I'epresentatives is (.'apt. X.
Ii. Proctor of South liurlingtou.
It is ruinored that a ehange of editorlal
eontrol of the Itutland Herald is likely
to be oceaIoued before long by the res
ignation of C'ol. Albert Clarke, who has
not found his tak an easy one. Free
Tlie annual Field-Day eame olV very
sueeessfully, altliough the eontestants
were not iu traiuing aud so iu 110 eondi
tion to make good reeords. Following is
a list of events and winuers :
100-yards dash, won by Kdgerton, "SS;
Douglas, 'S!l, eeoud; tiuie, 12 :i-l.
Standlng broad iump, won by Itoss,
'00; Kdgerton, '8S, second; !l feet 0 1-1
llunuiug hlgh jumj), won by Itoss, '!I0;
Kdgerton, "SS, second; . feet 2 1-2 inehes.
220-yards dash. won bv llouglas, '$y;
Howe, "87, second; tiiue,! seeonds.
l'unnlng broad jump, won by Duuton,
'8!; Kdgerton, "SS, second; 1.") feet !l
Standing high juui, won by lioss, "!I0;
1 feet.
tuarter mile run. won by Dunton, "Sii;
Douglas, 'Sii, second; time, .S 1-1 see.
.' juuips staudlng, won by Dunton, '811 ;
ltoss, !), seeond; 20 feet 10 inehes.
1 Iop, step and jump, won by Kdgerton,
'88; nunton,'81l, second; 2(i feet 2 Inehes.
I'ole vault, won by Koss, "IH); Hiteh
eoek, 110, seeond; 8 feet 0 Inclie-.
Throwing base ball, won by Koss, "!I0;
Douglas, '80, seeond; 27Ii feet li iiiches.
r-niHe run, won by t'ollins, 80; :u min
utes 11 t-eeonds.
The freshmen liiues from here and the
V. V. M. played 011 the campus Saturday
afternoon. The game was Interesting
throughout,aud was wltnessed by a large
uuniber of siiectators. The score by in
nings is
12 34se;g9 Total
U. V. !., -m, 11 s 3 :i 0 5 ii u 1 11
Midd.CoU., 2 0 3 3 0 1 1 1 1 11
Struek out by Ifoss, Midd. Coll., 10;
by Johnson, lT. V. M., 11. Itase hits,
Midd. Coll., "!)0, 11, total, 10; U. V. M.,
'1)0, 15, total, 10. Krrors, Mldd. Coll.OO,
12 ; U. V. M:., '90, (!. Passed balls, Clift,
Mldd. Coll., 2; Flanders, U. V. M., 0.
Time, 2 hours 10 mintites; umplre, Mr.
Morgan, V. V. M., '87.
At Belden's Falls
The marble mill of F. W. Smlth & Co.,
whieh was disabled by the dostruction of
the wheel-house at the time of the burn
ing of the pulp inill, started up this week.
Messrs. Sinith & Allen, who are re
bulldiug the pulp mill, ralsed the frame
llli lnaRiilllccnt tockof nowlnll stylrs ls
eoinplcte, liicliidttiK all thlnks usfiul, oniu
liiental iinil lnIIiuiiiililf, lu
Tho priccs tell,
Tho quality sells.
To anv lallinail -tatlon In AiMUnii oounty on
all IjllN aniiiiiMtuiK t over tell tul lal -..
Burlington, - - Vermont.
Fall ni Winier kk
and finally unything in the
garmentline forLadies, Misscs
and Childrcn.
Wo are also able to show you a
large line of
Itlack aiul Colorcd
Dress Groocis,
V olvOtH ,
All wo ask is for you to inspect
Goods and Prices before buying.
23ustnoss (arbs.
Olliee In Tuppei's Illock.
Mlddh'lmiy, Vt.
I'pMaiiN In Allen Illnck.
Ofllce liours lioin ! a. in. lill ,1 p. m.
.Middlebury, Vt.
Maimraetuier and denlcr In all klnds ot
With Old .Mlddlclmiy .Mail.lo Co.
Hll'TON, Vt ,
IX HIS offici: DAII.V
unk'SH ealled nway. Corn-poudciico eare
lnlly iitteiided to whcn tiinip Is rndncil.
E. MELLEN, D. D. S.,
Oniee homs, S to 12 u. m., 1 to 5 p. m. Olllco
over Frank A. Faniswortirs toic,
l.uUKlinij? tras iiiliinnNtcicd.
lllnnk llncik .ltniiiirnrtiii-liif;.
Papcr ruled to order. Itlank Uooks lic-bouiid.
For Impuro ltlood, DppppIa, Indlpcstlon,
Coiistipatliui, Loss nt Appetitc, lllliuus
ncss, llondachc.Iaunilice, I.sof Meiu
ory, IMles, Kniptlons of tho sklii,
licnernl Debllity, Iihoiuuutistu,
niul ;dlilisene's arl-Incfruiu
DNonlDrcil I.lver, l)ow
els or Kklncys.
movino Tiin nowni.s TiionounnLV,
Purely Vegetable, Perfectly Safe.
Sold by all Druggists.
UoincBopnthio Pellets are pleutnnt to tukf , vety
mild, but ellicacioui', uiid ilo not gripe. They
Dave no equni
They are a purely
prepnrntion, and hne for n lonu time proren
theraselvei a specitic for the nljve conditions,
nnil nre eepeclully (nhipteil for
Laflies, CWldreu & Delicate Persons
Coll (or them, Rive them i trml,and llieirown
inerita will prove thnt lt u with reaun that
wherever intro-lucetl they nrt- univers.illy cou
fhlered the Miifet. mil'lext anil rnot emcncioua
FAMIIiY MEDICINE o the market.
One I'cllcl n llnie, .' I'rllrU lll every
Itottle. I'nr Nulr liy ull Diiilein.
If your dealer tloetf nut have them, please tell
him to get heiu.
Addison ISaiiroad.
Tlu- Mocklioldi'r-i ot" tlir ildi-on liiillroad
C'oiiipiiny iuo lii'ivby notitlfd thut tln lr "An.
mml MfvthiK" lor tlin I'li-ctlou ol' Diin-lorH
uud lor tlu tniiuaL'tliin ot' any otlii'i- lnisincs
tlmt niiiy i-omo liffori- thi' ini'ftintf, wlll bo
held ut tbo oilloo of tlic liiithind lt:illrnad Co.,
lu ltutland, on
Friday, tho 22d day of Octobor,
at 2 o'cliK'k, p. iu.
liiltlaud, Vt., OctobiT 1, lNi. 4l-2w
Sovon Poi- Coiit
Tha rarmers' L:m and Trd Companj.
Ciiltsl S'J."iO,0OO. (iitariiiitrr S.TOO.OOO.
Cim bo luid upon application to
Judirti I.yiuaii K. Kuapp, Mlildlcbiii'y,
Flrst Xiitlonal llank, Montpelli'r.
ti. S. Dowlcy, Ciisliler Voriiiont Xatlnnttl
llank, llrattk'boro,
. It. Uottum, Casldor Ilnxtor Xnft Itank,
F. K. HrlKKS, Ca9hlcr Flrst Natlonal llank,
lt. II. Hadlov. Caslilcr Sniloi.nl lt ,,t n,,i
lows Falls,
Aimruw llosi, Cttsldor Natlonal llank ot
lloton Olllco fl Dovonsldrci strt'et and 20
utor trt'ut. U-iu3

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