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Yol. LI.
1 nbolutly puro nncl hlehly conrentratecl. One
ouncc ln worth n iinunil nf nny other klml. lt iij
strlctly n niedlrlne in be clven wlth fnod. NotlilnB
on rarlh wlll makn liens lny llltn lt. It curcn rhlrk
cn diolcrn nnd nll dlscnscs of liens. Is wnrtli iis
tvnleht In cold. lllustrnted liook by mnll froo.
Solil ovorvwhern, or sent by mnll fnr 85 ronts in
Mnmps. 3 1-4 lb. nlr-tldht tln cnns, Sl.OOi I ly mnll,
81.20. Slx cans by expross, prepnld, for S5.00,
DK. I. S. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mass.
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Newapapcr Advertising Bureau,
lO Spruoo St., New "Yorlc
lond lOeta. for lOO-Pago Pamphlot
J JcMhlln IV.
Tlm mulei'slirm.il. lmvlnir lwi'ii iinnointpd bv
tho Him. I'robute t'onrt for tho Ili-trU't ot Ad
dison, ConimN-loin'i-, to recelve, oxninlne
nnil ucljii'-t ull elulins iiinl doinnnds of nll por
sons uiculnst tlu1 e-tuto til .loshnii W. lloyn.
lnn, lato of Orwell, in !iil lltriet, ilcet'.T.'-L'il,
iinil nllolalniHoxhlbllodin otr-ot thoicto.hore
bv Kivo nntlco that we wlll moet for thu pur.
pb-cs nfoiusnld, nt tlii' liotel ln Orwell villiiKo,
on tho.inth duy of Octoborund lstiltiyof April
next, lrom 1 o'elock, p. in. untll fl o'elock. p.
in., each ol said chivs, und tliat six uiouths
lrom the lst duy of Octobur, A. 1). ls'Sii, isthe
timi! lhnlted bv -ald ( ourt lor sald crodltor.s
to prescnt tlii-lr cliiliiit lo us for oxuiiilnutlon
und nllowanco.
Dateil at Orwell, thtsidduy ot October.A. I).
.101IN IIALL. iroins
41 ItODNEY F. WHITE, i ooms'
to ranvass lor th wilr "f Xuriry Mock!
M'U(lv cniplovmcnt KuimiutiH'.l. ALAUV
asu Y,xvy:s: vmu, wy at oiut, mu.
tlnjr awr. lttftr to tl.N paper.) Jtfw
CIIASi; llltOTIIKItN, ItmlHHttr, A. V.
fletdi are nearee, bnl tboit wbo wrile to
Stinnon ACo .Portlani Mtvlne.wlll teeeive
frfe, r ull fnformAtlon sbool work wblcb
theycmi do. and live at hom,that wlll psy
thera from S5 to S25 per diy. Soroe bafe
carnerf over tn a dar Either nex. yoonc ot old. Cnpiul
not terjulred. You are ctarted rree. Those whoitart at odcb
are abeolutelj Bore of snug little rortunej. All 1b oew.
Farm for Sale
TI1E Farm in the soutlieast part
of the town of Shoreham, of late
the home place of William G. Will
son, deceased, is ofTered for sale
Tliis farm is supposed to contain
147 acres, eonsisting of mcadow,
pasturage and wood-land, in desira
blo proportion. The dwelling
house has lately been tliorouglily
repaircd md modernized; and is
neat, convcnient, coinfortable and
commodious. The out-buildings,
though not new, are in fair condi
tion, and entircly amplo for the
wants of the farm. The farm is
well fcnecid, and has itpon it a
young, thrifty and bearing orcharl.
Tliis is a fine ojiportunity for any
one desiring a good home and a
farm with more dcsirable and fewer
objcetionable fcatures, than the av
erage of farms. If desired, easy
tenns of paymcnt will be granted.
For price and other partieulars, in
quire on the premises, of
Or of E. J. ORMSBEE, Brandon.
Shoreham, Vt.,.Tan,2, ltMJ.
Tho Sumncr furin, sltuateil ono mile north ol
tliis vlllano on thu New Ilnvcn road, contalning
2)0 acres. Has a ttooil variety of soil for
Is well wateml; buililings in talr comlltion,
Will sell all or onc-half. Consiilcrinir its near.
neRs to tho village and its quality, tbls farm ls
chcap propcrty and a good investment for any
ono. Sncli land, so ncar any othcr place of tliis
size, coum noi uo uoulmu lor iwice me moncy.
Middlebury, Vt., Oct. 21, 18S5. 4i:tf
Two yearliiiK HolBtein Krolslan llulls outot
prlzu wlmilng cown, ulred by a prlzo wliinlng
For prlcos hikI pediijrees address
1). F. JIACAl'l.V, JlnnntuT,
C'rvnm Ilill .stock Farm,
20 &horcliam, Vt.
At Cream Ilill, Shoreham, 05
Avim'.h of 4moo1 Iastiire to
MuyiO, 18Sfi. 2J-tf
Flftv thniisund leet fencn boards 1ft teet
lotiK. 5 and II inches wldo und 1 I I iiiches
thick; IW.OOO teut uooil spruco shliiKlo, also
60.0(10 leet (jood spnico boards, planed. In.
miiroot 1IESUY SMITH.
21;tt LiiKUil l.Oul lnn.
Central Vt. Railroad.
Tralns wlll lcav Middlebury as lollows:
3:33 a m
7:56 a m
S1QUT EXl'UESS. lrom
Sew York for Montrcal, Og.
densburir and the WeBt,
Slccping car to Montrcal
daily cxccpt Uondays.
3:25 pm
6:15 p m
EXl'UESS MAIL.from New
York, New London, Troy,
Albany, SiiringPU! and llos.
ton for llurllnston, Mont.
pclicr, St Albans, Montreal,
Ogdcnsburg and the West.
EXl'RKrS, from Se.w York
Alhanv and Troy for llur.
ungton, st. Aiuans, Mon.
trcal, and the West. I'ar.
lor car to St. Albans.-
9:50 a m
EXl'UESS. for Iloston, Wor
cester. N'cw London. Surlna-
flehl and New York; also
Troy, Albany New York,
wlth Wanner Orawinir
Hoom car to New York. ar
rlvinir 7 p. m.
L.RQ MIXKD, for Rutland and
H p III intcriiicdlatf atatlons.
3l37 p m MIXEU, for Kutland.
Hri'-IR StUIITEXl'KESS.fnrTroy,
LK-'-J-0 P 111 Albany, New York, and
itnsion. A siueimig car
throush tn New York and
also to Boston.
Coing South-B:33 a m-Mixpd traln
leaves Ticoudcroga lor Leicester Juncuon, ar
riving 7.2.').
Colng North-6:00 p m-Mixed traln
icaves Leicester junction, arriving ai iicon
deroga 7 :20.
- Throueh Tickets for Chlcago and the West
for sale at the principal stations.
Gcneral l'asscnger Agcnt
Gcneral Manaxcr.
of riti,iX(ao, v
orfi'i-s udvaiitairus ot thoroiiKh lntnK'llon
and every I.iclllty lor aequiiliifj a praetlcal
Iluslne'.H hducation econtl to 110 other Iml-
lar iiistitutloii, und on term" nmeli below
thoso otany other tlrst-clai lliwinei" ColleKu
as may be ceen by a coiiipai'isoii with our
rates of tultion
Cotnliii-rclnl fonrrte, !l Moiitlls. $!25
l'lloiiof;i'aplkle 1 tiirNe, II .Tlontlis, U
The C ollece is oien daily, lrom 8 a. m. to .1
p. in. nnd flrom Oetoburlot to Apiil lnt) lrom
i to ii p. in., lor Doni sexes, wno iceeive i.mm
VlDl'A L l.NSTKL'LTlON in all branches. Dav
studentM admltted to cveniiifr esslolls riti:i:.
Send for our new (drenlar
lUSlll'o j:. ii. KV.VA.N, Pilnclpnl.
Kecp on hand, or lurnish on ehort notlce, all
Kuihlers' Hardware
(Embraclng, with the old vaneties, the new and
cclchratcd Niles goods),
Tails, Ioors, Sasli, ISIiiul.s,
I ii addltion tn other mateiial previouxly
kept wc! havt) Ju-t l'eeelved a car load ot eholeo
C'aiuula IleartiipriiciibhliiKles, (lslncli) whleli
we will nell at veiy low llt'iii'es.
Oltlce and mlll llrat donr on MIU Strect.
To eorrcnpond with party liavini; Mocked
hoihe stock farm to let out on shareH to rc
sponslble party, or wlll hiio by yi-nrtorUrht
party, licterenco furnl-heil and requlred.
Aiblress Iteuister otlloe, Jliddlebury, Vt. 33
gjTlie Greatest Blood Purifier
This Grcftt GermanMcdlcIne ls conv
nosca Ol XCllow I10CK. Wandrko. o
ticntian, jjancieuon, jttnipcr licr-.
nc, cic, coraoineu wim xno jsr.
trnci or &uipaur.wnicu maKcs lt
IHknown. vo not CTcr tako
n i III? n i i r
duwu r i u u o ii
or arsenlo, they aie dcadly.io'' Kid III
Dinrn TilTTriie i,n outoforuer
ettand bestacdlcluoeverAOAS- OLKl
aro tlck. nolll
mattcr whataUsl II
vou.usa II
wlth a ycllow BtlckyA , IJ
brj; SSnlptap fiillera lg
lChirontotornernDon,tir,lII: ia ?
So?rT:iKU-wl-WTll0 Invnlld's Trlfinif.S
orcar The vnnnir iUni ,i
IT IS tcruigaro soonmadoucll by;
FltS USO. ItPmpmhni wlin, vni,
fi" i-v::v B"u,Jru,ui
Wrr i liaM ,f ......
Try a Bottlo To-Day!
AtO TOU low-fDlrttetd nd wpnW. nr
F.BUfferinfE tYom the ere4ea of voutli 1
A, P. Ordwajr & Co., Co.tou, SU .
Send two 3c stamps to A, 1'. Oriiwny Cn
Boton, Mass., and recelve an ele'.ir' iti :M
eardi free.
An Old Sklpper' Oplnlnn Skarklng
l'artlen Oottlng n Illte.
Sharking is tho summor craze at this
quoer old occan resort. Any ono can
catch all tho Bhnrks liu wants at Nan-
tuckot. Partios of visitora go out aftor
thom oach moniinR, and roturn lato in
tho nftcrnoon, Ladies nro vcry fond of
shnrking, and flsh daily in thelr bright
holiday attlro for thcni. In hauling in
a shark it is estimated that a woman can
pull about Ilvo pounds anil scream 500
pounds, and skippers say Bho is a very
valuablo lnoinber of n boat's crow,
"Ycr seo," explninud an old captaln of
a shark boat thu other day, "a Naotuckot
shark novcr seen such a crittor as a
woman got np in j-or city stylo, and jest
lookin' at her in tho bow of a boat.
shaking her parasol and lettin' of
Bcreeches tor moro'n beat n steam tug
whistle, sorter paralyzes ther shark and
ho is willin' ter let yer do most anything
with lnin."
Tho sharking parties all go to tho
south side, or to the east end of the
island, whore tho best grounds are. They
tako a car from this town on the little
rusty three-foot gaugo Nanlucket rail
road and rutnblo and bound over the
twisted rails, which often inako a rise
of several inchcs in a few feet, to 'Scon
sott, on tho east end, where tho Norcross
brothers havo two whaleboats in which
to go through tho surf to tho flshing
grounds. They tako tho sharkers to tho
deep water off Haulover, boyond tho
great Saukaty lighthouse, and drop the
lines ovarboard. To catch a shark it is
necessary to havo a long rope, bigger
than a clothes line, to which is knottod
a long-shanked, heavy hook, about
which string a lot of fat, luscious, round
clams. Thero is nothiug that a shark
is so fond of as round clams, and when
ho beholds a string of them dangling be
foro his noso, all divested of their shells,
which aro rather dysiieptic eating even
for a shark, ho generously overlooks the
hook as an unhnportant incident in tho
bpread. Iln takes right hold, and as ho
swallows the big hook and then tho
clamp, and begins to reel in his end of
tho rope with ultimato acquisitive inten
tions on the boat and other parapher
nalia, tho sudden sharp tug lio gives
notifies the ilshennen that they have got
a bite.
Then they begin to pull on their end
of tho line, and the double in-gathering
process speedly brings tho boat and tho
shark to a point whero they can scru
tinize each other. Usually six or seven
mon pull on tho rope, with ono or two
Iadies to holp. A shark almost always,
,rtfter ho has bcen hooked, comes right
along through the water like a log, un
resistingly. Tliero is no moro sport in
him than in a codfish nntil ho gets closo
to tho boat and can seo tho people in it.
Then ho begins to make a fuss, dashing
hither and thither and splashing tho
green billows into beaded foam, but his
struggles avail little. Quickly the boat
is pulled up to his furious front, and a
brawnj' sailor, standing on the prow,
brains him with a few blows from a
heavy club. After tho shark has been
butchercd, his carcass is towed ashore
and Ieft on tho beach, and the party re
turn through tho surf to set their
hooks again. The bodies of sharks go
to tlio mills tliat mako fertilizers. Tho
headss&re savod, the teeth being ex
tracted o be fiushioned into delicate little
ornaments, bet in gold, for ladies to
wear. The shores about Nantucket are
strewn with bleaching sharks' heads.
Sharking partios have been unusually
lucky this season. In ono day one whale
boat party caught eight that weighed
botween 400 and 700 pounds each. New
York Sun.
l'roce fif 3Iakilig l'retzels.
Vhere wero iretzels lirst made? Vell,
that is a disputed point, but the best
claims to the honor of having originated
the articlo are, I beliove, put forward by
Tolz, a little town near Municli, in the
Bavarian Tyrol, the arms of which are
two gilt pretzeh tied together with a
blue and white cord. Tho motto I have
forgotten. The pretzel is far moro
popular on this side of tho Atlantic,
howover, than in the Fatherland, and I
havo moro than once been nnitisod to
hear Americans say: "Why, T thought
thu protzel was an institution over in
Germany, but I nover saw ono thore."
That is not very remarkable, howover,
for although a vast number are eaten
ovor there, one seldom sees them sold
with beer, and at tho llno cafes patron
ized by foreigners they aro almost un
known. "IIow aro thoy made? Oh, it's a very
simplo process when you know how, but
it takes somo tinie to learn, and tho
baker must watch verj- carefully, so as
to get just tho right crispness into his
warcs, for a sof t and doughy pretzel is
an abomination to good judges of tho
articlo. They take a brisk and hot flre,
and the polish is put on with a little
white of egg dabbed on beforo tho bak
ing. Tho niaiu trouble is in forming the
pretzel, which is done by hand, and
somo men work with amazing quicknoss
at turning them out. I seo that two men
in l'ottsville havo invented a machino to
mould them all ready for the oven. If
it turns out to be -practicable, and I
don't seo why it should not, they ought
to make a very nico thing out of it, for
pretzel bakers aro sure to adopt it."
Pliiladelphia Uecord.
AVhen Katlug Green Corn.
The meal of tho corn is porfoctly
digestible; not so, however, the shining
envelope which surrounds tho meal and
makes up each individual grain. Use
your teeth to bruiso each grain well;
chew your corn, and eat all you choose
with impunity. Neglect to uso tho teeth
with which uaturo has provided you,
swallow the grain vhole, you can not
digest it, it will irritato the stomach and
bowels and you will be apt not infre
quently to havo the same kind of a tinu'
that was enjoyed by tho historio parrot
and tho monkey. If you aro tootliless,
uso your knife and fork to accomplish
this purpose. Annals of Hygione.
A Bangor, Me., inan has constructed a
csnvas canoe in which ho intemls
put small steam engine and propeller.
The Latest News.
Is that nll wlio havo trlcd I.aw's lllulng find
lt far suporlnr to IiuIIko at lcss expenso. It ls
tied for bluiiitr clotlies uiid for bleaehliiK new
or old Koodt to a xnowy white. Also, forcol.
orlnerntrcnrpottit Is uiiomialled, and as un
liik it tnakes ono (iuart, which llows uiiunl to
tliebet wrltliii?llulil.
For sale by lleekwlth ,t Uo., Ilond Uroi. nml
lleliedlct Allird. 23
i, .:t;
nvalids'HoteliSurgical Institufe
buppalo, axr.
Urxniilxnl wllli a rull Sinrr r rlehtcen
i:r;pi-rlcnc'il niul bkllirnl I'lijslcluns
nml MirKcoin for tlic trculiiicut or
all t'hronlc lls-iicv.
CUronle Nnl Cnlnrrli, Tliront nnd
t.nng lllsoa.CM. l.lver nnd Kldney
DlsnnMci, Uladdor IlinenNCN, Dlnrnacn
ot imii'il, lllood nisoaHCs and Nci v
on AflORilnns, euied here or Rt home.
wlth or withont seeliig the pntletit. Come und
y ih, or R'Mi 1 tcn centa in stainpa for our
Iuvnlidn' (Juldc llook," which gives
iUI partieulars.
Nrrvoii" Doblllty, Impo.
I llrinnTj- J tt'licyj N'oetui-iial Lokdck,
i Utl.HJAlt I nnd nll iMorlild CoikIIIIoiik
i r. t ciiiipii iiy lolltllltll tol
' ll(!C'S!sF "' nnd I'ortilcioui Soll
I tary I'liielleon nro speediiy
Boolc, post-tmbl. )i) cts. iu stamps.
Ruutiiro. or Drench. radl
Diinrnor I call,v cured. without tho knlle,
nUrl UnC. wltliout dopendoncc npon
trusnes, nim with very itt'
it,,.v -.. .....
in stumi-3, """" ""
treuted with the greutest euen'ss. liook scnt
lor ton cents ln Btiunps. Addross Wom.n's
Stivut, Huirulo, N. Y.
nu Thn trenttnrnf nf Tnnnr
thousnnds ot rnses of those
disoascs peculiur to
3 Wnwni 9 "covcxr
"tUHiCH. I nt ,!l0 invi,is- !ote nnd
l ...... sm.pici jnstltute, hns nf-
forded larve experieueo in adaptinjr remcdic-s
for their cure, and
Fevorite PrescrspiiQr
i3 t'ue result of tliis vast experience.
It Is n poworful Itcxtorati vo Tonl
nd N'ervlne, lmpnrts vignr nnd stri'nu'
) Mio systeni, and cures, ns if bv mairic, lifii.
,'orrlien, or "wliHes," exccBlvr
tlowinjr. palnful liieiiutruatloii, un
ii.Kuial Mippresslons, pi-olapsus o
:illiiur of tlie uterus, wenk baok.
iiilct erolon, rotrovei-hlon, heiiriiiv
liav.1 Kpiisat lon, tliionlc v-oiiiie.
io:i. li:f laiiimntlon and ulcoratlr.-.
jf t!io '.voiub, inf lanuiiat lon. jm '
:i;t londorncv lti ovarlos, liitc'Mi;.
it, and iomnle veakn,,!B."
U nroinnrly rWi' ves and cures .r.,:fi
d U'e.-ilci.cas ol Slomaeli, Z::0. lces
.01:. Itloatiuir. r,"crvou I'roslratlo::
:ttt .SleeplcssncsK, in clther fci.
pmcE $1.00,
)R c norT ,r.
Scld by J)ruscit cverywlicrp. cr-'
t, 11 ei-nt3 in itiiinpj ter Iir. Ii, ive'- !,r
Trt-btisi) on Diseases of '.Viineii, Uiustrut, J.
Vorld's Dispansary Madicai Association,
003 Main Street, DUFFALO, N.Y
'MUnti Hendnca
iHj:iiies, ClllKl
lion, Ind iKCAtl 0 .
an.. Jtlllous Attaeli
! u I't.y cured by )"
I'leree't Plennaii
I'uruallvp lellet.
centa a vlal. by Drugifl!!
Keeps constantly 011 hand a laiw and well
selecled stock of
and H preiiared to make them up in latest
style, bet manner and at tliu lowest prices.
We Kuaiantee our euttlnj,' and work to be
ftrt-clax, and all work iiiade by us is subject
to the appioval of our cutoniers.
We havo receiitly addeil to ourciistom tnl
lnrinjf, Ready-Made Clothing,
A Fino stock ot
At tho Lowest l'rices. ey Call and seo lor
yoursel ves, aiul you will be convlneed ot what
we say.
Uyor's Block, Opp. Stovons' Houso.
VeiKenues, Vt., 1?0. 7-ly
1 havo declded to cloe my creainery in Mid
dlebury on
Saturday, July 3,
becuuso o laek of patronage, and otfer for
sale ull the tuiiks, ehurus und llxtures ot a
llrst class ereamery iltted to haudlo thuiiillk
of I'lOOeows;
Or, wlll enter Into partnersliip witli a man
wlio kuowsota locallty wliero inilk wlllbo
dellvered twico a dny, wliero 400 to wiO cows
can bo seeureil und wliero thero is plenty ot
I'unnlnK water. For lurther partieulars en
qulro of or addross
West Salisbury, Vt., July 1, lSsfl. 27;tt
lou on College lllll lor sale.bctt li towu.
$1.00 FOR 25 CTS.
To nny ono wlio wlll eud in 2.1c. and uct as
our nnent we will send tho followint; t?oods,
that cotild not bo botutht separatoly for less
than il.ini 1 Dozen Sheets ot Superllno Corn.
liiurclul l'aper, 1 llozeu Envelopes to luateli,
2 Lxtra-lliiK l.udles' Meel l'ens, I Gents' Gold
en I'en, l lsk. i:oi.u:i Got.n IIino, worth moro
than wo ehargu tortlio p.lekagu, 1 DixonLead
1'enell, 1 Faber'8 l'eneil Hubbcr, all llrst-elass
trooils, 1 Sheetot lllottliiK l'aper, 1 Ilolled Gold
l'inted Collar lluttoii, 1 set ol ItolledGoldCutr
Iluttons. Wo havo stated that tho (,'oods
boiiKht separately eould not bo bouuht for less
than J1.00, but to secure new aKentswuwlll
sell them put up In u packago for 2.1o. 21Mlm
ACME MFG. CO., Kssex, Conn.
f)omc I)cpartmcnt.
For tho Heglster.)
Withln tho rmt Oetober wood
Tho dnitiilnerelioo n statlon ttood;
A fallcn heiuloek, lontiiry old,
Aeross two rocky hlllocks rolled ;
And here, wlille yot tho dawu wn Krny,
I hoard tilm sound his lcvcllle.
At llist tho throbs woro solt und slow
As liearts uinnoved by passlou gn,
Then tast, ns llcry pulsos bcut,
Wliun lurious loes In Ircnzy lncet,
And swiller yet, untll, at last,
ln timi lonti, miuiiitirliiK lcill, they pnssed.
llehlnd the creepcr's screen ot llainc
The siealthy-iiiovlnK liunter eatnu,
Wlth cautlous loot.fall, sure nnd slow,
Lest bieaklng twlg his proseneo sliow.
Atnld thu vliios ho takos his stnnd,
Ills brlKht, brown rltlo In lils hand.
Ilu parts tho leaves, und, peerliij; tlircnigh,
Tho heedless (lruinmer mcets his vlow,
With rult orect, dellant heiid,
Andstruttliigleg, and wlnj? outspreud.
hlow upward doth tlic rillu wheel
As 11 it nioved ln kioovcs ot steel;
Ono momuiit, polsed betore thu sliock,
Onu lnouicnt llrin as llvln rock,
Then whlp.llke crack and tontniu of flre
Tell out tho rltlo's deadly lre
Tliu scntlnul crow his plnlon pllcd
And loud his note ot waiiiinir cried;
And, dartliis through thu lollanu j;ay,
Mirlll latiKhed the erested robber, Jay
llut, all his mottled plumauu rolled
In blood, low lay thu druiumer bold.
ir. II. lllhs.
( Ldward Dtift'uy in tho Ilrooklyn Maaazlne.
ln a largc and ltixurioulv furnUhed
apartinent in a four-'tory brown-toiie
hoitse on State strcet, in the city of Al
bany, and almost withln a stone' throw
ot tlic grv.ii ( apitol, sits or walk or ru
cline throughout the dav a inan of 70
ycar.- ot ae. With hair that i silvery
white, a ftill beard that i. jrray-whitc, a
lonn tliat i lient aiul cinociateil. a step
that is slow and tottcring. and a cheek
tliat i- pallid and slirunkcn his lilui
eyes yet tull and ltitrous alone indicate
the stienth and pride of other day-.
Thi man is Johu Uodfiey Saxe. the poet.
it i oniy a lew years sinco tlie ver?e-
of Saxe were eaerlv acceiited bv the
leading periodical. and hU scrvice a
lecturer were every whero popular. ln
his day he was u bright lnember of iiiany
a ntcrary gatlienng, being Kiiown per-
soually to all of the inot proininent ot
conteniporary poet'. and proe writer.-
lle wa- tlie nation's wit and liuniorist.
wlio-e delicions rliyine- broujjht to hhn
M'lf liimt' and a eompeteiict'. and to niaiiv
a hoiiseliold the eheerful .-mile or hearty
laugh. Kveii aeross the sea he wa? known
a.- the "Thonias llood of Anierica."
Yctala-I how Intenselv pathetic i-
the rouiidiii"; out of thi mau's dav-! Kor
somo year- he has been deail to all i
worlil. J-ew people know tliat he i vet
alive; few ot his liiinierou- foriner ar
dent adinirers thlnk of him now other
than a- one wlio has been, but who n
longer inoves anionj; his kind. The vie
tim of a deep eated, over-prc-ent mel
ancholy, hi eloslng year- ari' toiiehingly
sad and unevuntful. the never-cea-ing
care of the few relatives that are spared
him even failing to rid liiin of tlie deei
glooiu ln which uuhappily hi- iniiul i
now sliioiided.
i p to ino year in.i .lonn ."saxo wa
a splendid and con-iih'uoiis -peciinen of
viiile maiihood. lle stood six feet two
inchcs tall, pioudly erect and niuscular
witn a large, roimd and llnelv poi-ei
hcad set upon broad aud stalwart
-houldcrs. lhe late-t iihotograph ot
lnin. now po-so.-ed by his I'aini
ly, iepre-ents his fnce ' in lirotlle :
broad, high, iutellectual toiehead,
wavy brown hair iu abundance,
larsc, keen eyes set in deeply. and with
strong and siigcstive featuie outlines
set oll by a iiiustache and "lliiruside"
whiskers. Less than a dozeu years ago
this pifture was fully jmtitied by its
The beglnniiif; of the end was the poefs
dreadtul experience and remarkable e
cape from a revoltin death in a Western
railway dlsaster iu the spring of 1S7.",
while on his return to lJrooUlyn at the
coneltisioii of a lecture tour in the Voutli.
The sleepin car in which lie hail a liei th
was thiown down a steep einbauknient,
and he wa rescued therefroin by the
merest chance. As he lay wedged in be
twcen tlie broken timbers, stunned and
bruised, a fellow-passenger who had es
capcd bcthought liiin of a sum of niouey
which he had left behind him. On rc
turniiig to the car he stunibled npon the
iiiscnsible poet. The latter was thereby
discovcrcd and rescued from ihat woulil
inevitalily havo been death and destruc
tion by llre, as the sleeper in which he
was found, atter abrief Interval followiug
his rescue, becanie a mass of seethlng
tlame. His llesh was bruised but no
bones were broken. Outwardly he ap
peared to have escaped with slifjht bodily
Xot so. A grleyous hurt was there
deep, insidious, and lastiug, though at
the thne it was unseen ami unfelt. The
poet's nerve systein had reccived a shock
trom which it nover ralllcd. Kxhaustion
set it; slowly but surelv the consefpicnt
wcakness oversprcad ami uudarfuineV
his whole physical being. He Megan to.
experience a jreatcr degree of bodily and
mental fatiguothau had been usual wlth
lilui. Worat of all was its depressiug In
Ilucnce on his exubepint spirits, which
becanie moro and tnore subdued, untll at
last his mind had lost nuich ot its wouted
Other atllictions werejyct instore. Uur
ing the year jjist prior to that of the rail
way accldent he had interred his daugh
ter Laura, in (ireenwood ccnietery. h ive
vears latcrfleathagain lnvadedhts Ilrook
lyn home, the second victiui being his
daughter, Sarah. Jlarely auother year
had elapsed when the uiotlier of his chll
drcn, a noble woiiuin, was put tcnderly
away iu dreaniless rest. Karly in the
year ot 1SS1 thedarkreaperforthel'ourth
time laid his cruel sickle at his door, this
tlnio cuttlng down llattle, tho poet's only
reiiuiiiiing daughter. He had two sons
llving iu Albauv. Turning hi mount-
ful steps thither ln .lune. 1881, he soucht
rest and rcfuire from hU porrows wlth
his eldcst son, .lohn Theodore. Onco
agaln the Inexorable hand of fate was
laiii neavlly upon him ; death siiatehcd
away tho sou eie the fnther had been a
inontli bcneath hU hoapltnblc roof ! The
son"s wlfo had dled nine wceks be
foie. llere wa a daiiL'hter and a son'n
wlfe and a son hlinself all thrce ciit
down withln the bilel nerlod of two
nioliths Thil for tlic second thne was
broken up the poetV home. Then he
tilined to lils youngest son and onlv re
inainlng ehild, ( harles (.;., wlth who'ni he
has elncc llved, and who w lth tlllal ten-de-ne-s
and sollcitiide mlnl.ster.s to the
poet's slmple daily wants.
I lie old poet is now inucli chaiiL'cd ln
forni and leature. mercly being a shadow
of lils foinier self. Iiiirlnir the Hrt
thrce years of hl re-ldence Iu Alhanv he
spelit pome hour each pleasjuit da'v ln
strolliug about the beautlfiil park near
oy, or traiKiullly slttllur there u a shadv
arhor, watchlng the childreii at thefr
play. llut during the pat two vears no
publle eye has seen hini, for in that long
interval he has of his own choice been
catefully sccludcd in hi rooin. Ho
nelther rldcs nor walks abroad. Tln-
iliai tineut in which he Sliends his nielaii.
choly days consists of a sulte of three
rootns, located In the rear end of tho
house on the third lloor, imd overlooking
the noble Hudsou to the south. Here by
a witidow he whiles uwav miich of his
thne in watchlng the busvrlvercraft, and
in coiiteuiiilathig the ptcturesquc land
scapc. Ot street attlre he no longer has
a need; lu ilrt?lnir-!rown and slliniers
he paces the tloor with slow and trein
bllng steps, seldom or never golng be
yond the contlnes of his own rooms. He
piefers to have nerfeet nuiet about h!m.
and oftcntlmes dislikes to be diturbed
even by a tnember of his own famllv.
It is a long thne sincehelast eonsenterl
to recelve a stranger, or even a friend. or
an acquaiutauce of former davs.
"1 cannot bear. he sald with patho,
"to be foivibly rcmiiided ot what I once
wa of the days of lnyhopeandstrength,
when the world had c'harins that now un
dead to me; before siekuess haddeiirlved
tne of my health, and death had robbed
me of my luved oncs."
ln 1SS1, on his lirst coming to Albanv.
einlneiit physiciaiis whomhis famllv eon
sulted in his behalf prcdicted tliat he
woiihl not survivc for two years longer.
He goes to bed between the hours of '.)
and III o'elock in the evciiing, and rUes
at about half-past (J iu the nioiniiig. He
couiplain- inucli of in-oinnia, and during
tho day is olten very rctless, suil'ering
lioui neitralgia iu tlie head. When tuit
sitting in an easy chalr or movinu: lci-ure-ly
about liis room, he recllnes upon a
couch. He eat often but ver v spai ingl v,
aud partakes of the ilainest of food. iii
digestion being one of his principal bodi
ly ills. 01 his valet, a iniddle-aged col
ored man (who by reaon of prior service
wlth emineiit people at Washington and
other places is moro than onlinarilv in
telligent and entertaining;. the poet i
very fond, chatting witli him now and
again i ith a more than usual degree of
interest and animation.
I'ntil (iiite receiitly he devoted a good
-hare of his thne to a perusal of the staiul
ard jioet- aud the leading niaga.ine-,
those ol tln latter, to whoo pages he
was once a valued contributor being -ent
him regularly and unsollcitwl by the
pulilisher thereof. in kindly lemeui
brance of jia-t serviees. Kor some year
he lia- not read the daily papers ad
evlnee- little or no interest in curreut
'lt pains me," he sald. "to meet with
the details ot so inucli eriine and so maiiy
Indeed. he reads comparatively little of
any kind now occasionally a'page or
two niaybe of one of hi lavoiite pio-e
author.-, that inaiuly eon-ist of Ilaw th
(irne.Diekens, and 'i'hackeiay.jiulicioti-lv
-eleetiug therelroin matter' of cheerfiil
tone and suliject. When undisturbed he
i-miich given to musing: but at time
w ill converse willingly and lluenth, di
playing theieby a power ot memorv that.
iu view of his leeble phyical condition,
i- (uitc unlooked for, receiitly surprising
hi- .-on not a little by repcatiiig vcibatini
one ol ( harles I.ainb's longest e.-.-ay.-.
Hi- thoughts oflen revert to his ii'repai--able
loss t w ife and childreii, speaking
ot each tenderly and regretlully, and
nianite-ting a keen intere-t iu the 'proper
care ot their grave- over dwelling on
the doniestic alllictions which have brok
en lils heart and enveloped his ouco bril
liant Iutellect iu a broodmg and incurable
ln his riliiin han- a small portrait of
Thonias Hood, which was given hhn by
the Knglisli humorist's son, aiul to which
lie attaches a moro than ordinary value.
lle sometimes reiuarks inournfully, while
gaing at this pleture:
"I wonder it poor Toin Hoodcver suf
feied iu his latter years as keenly as I suf
fer now !"
Again the observation escapes him :
"1 do not see how any huinan being
can contiime to live iu'a condition so
utterly hopele-s as niine."
ls not all this very, very pathetic?
At rare intervals, in his tirightcr and
more hopeful moods, his retentive inein
ory revives a former interest in old
friends and pleaant associatious. The
nauio of I.ongfellow is ofteu on his lips;
that poet's death alTected him deeplv,
contributiug not a little to the glooni
which was just then fastening itselt upon
his buoyant uaturo.
W'u shall not here undertake to quote
froui, or advcrt at length to, the niany
gems of ver.e by which the name of .lohii
(J. Saxo has bee'n made illustrious in tho
literature of two hemispheres. We may
presunie that all cultured people have
iong been familiar with them. Most of
the coinmou people are likewise taniillar
with them, appreeiating their wit, and
satire, and huuior. moro fully perhaps
than they do tho cholcest works of the
Old, or of any other of the New World
poets. A seore of years ago Iumimerable
scliool boys memorled them, and, w hat
was better, understood them; and
though thelr author is to-day resting iu
voluntary seclusion, and t'o'rover witlt
drawn from the publlc gaze, those rich
tlowing aud melodious rhymes are yet
.nd we ferventlv hope long" will coiitiiiuc
t be, iucluded fn our lloating inlscellany.
.Inexpressibly sad aro the closing years
of tho once gitted aud genlal poet, his
mind still hauuted by the joyous niemo
ries of tho golden jiast ; brooding hope
lessly iu solltude over the alllictions
which have darkeued his old age and ex
pectautly awaitiug the tlnal suuimons,
which helongsfor. The Amerlcaupeo
jile, who for a considerable period were
atlbrded uumlxed pleasure by his hapjiy
genius, will sympathie with hhn. wheii
they realbo the depth of his sorrow and
tlie" keen mcutul iind physical anguish
which ls now his daily lot". As for the
essenco of lils old kindliucss aud the
richest treasurcs of his once playful
fancy, thcv are still spared to us withln
his priuted pages, Ily those ho may bo
rlghtly judged as maiiaud poet.

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