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Vol. Ll.
To Gentleineii
"Who aro dcsirous of plac
ing tlieir Fnll ordora, we
would state tlint our slore
is now finislied, and our
entire stock of
m mm
On oxhibition.
utock of
Our new
Wim HFoolens
Is quito twice as large as
we havc herctofore car
ried, and will bo found to
For fine work never bcforo shown
in this city and fully equal to
our growing trade We
would suggest that an
JEZ y Call
Is advisablc, as favorite styles arc
being closed daily.
We shall strive to improvc in
Elegance of our Garments-
so as to compare favorably with
the improveinents in our place of
Turk & Bro.,
The Leading Olotliiers,
156 and 158 College Street,
DEtvloliliocl 1837,
Cheapest Book Store
ounty Hchds.
A fcw of our peoplc startcd on Tues
day for Xew Vork.
A new slgn has appeared on one of our
streets tliat tellsof "oldchalrs to nioud.''
Dr. Townsend has rcutod and niovod
Into tho Krot houso below the Congro
gational church.
Tlu long-looked-for sldowalk is appear
ing slowly l)iit surely. lloglunlng at the
Congrcgatlonal church It will go just as
far a the lutnher hold out, whlch at tho
lreout tlniL' Is oiily half way to the
5Iothodlst church.
A niceting was callod last 5Ionday
oveliliig to di'clde as to wliethor it would
be bcst to buy a fcw aore of land for a
trottlng coure. It was doelded to or
aiilze a stock cotiipaiiy, and Saturday
night was ilxed on for a ineothig at the
town hall.
Dr. I.evl Hasseltiue of Brandon was in
town over last Sunday.
E. 11. Pattersou returned to hts duties
at the capital last Momlay.
Whitinore ifc Clark's inlnstrcls wlll ap
pear at Holley hall, October 27.
l!ev. 1'. 15. Strong arrived home froin
Lansingburgh Tuesday night.
Dan Strong lias the foundatlons lald
for a houso on Mountaln street.
The Methodlst peoplo are putting a
new roof on their church sheds.
ltev. C. S. Sargent of New Haven
preaehed at the Ilaptist house last Sun
day. A s(iilrrel hiint is in progress at this
present writing. led by O. V. Carpenter
aml Dr. D. A. lllsbie.
5Irs. quincy Shattuek is very 111. .1.11.
Dike eontlutios very low. The fever
cases are all eonvalo-eent.
Mr.. Williain Grant of ltutland is in
town. Deaeon Grant Is oxpected hoine
froiu Fort Klward next week.
We looked through the new hotel the
other day. 5Ir. llateli ha- tliinr in tip
top style. The llnlshing and tlie furnUh
ing are tlrst-elass in every respeet, and
51 r. Ilateh inay fairlj' oxpeet to niake a
sueeess of his new venture. The hou-e
is to be opened with a dunco in a few
We are very happy to state this week
that fears in regard to the Bristol Lec
ture assoeiatioii, expressod I:it week,
were groundle-s. It is not dead. nor
even sleeping, but is gettiug up a pro
grainine for a eoureof lecture that will
bo a souree of both pleasnre and prollt
to all who attend. The sale of caon
tieket will begiu at Holley hall ou Sat
urday, October 10.
5Ir. and 51 rs. Slineon ltockwell are
coslly located in tlielr new roouis, lately
added to the nmln dwolllng. 5Iay tliey
live long to enjoy their pleaant hoine.
5tr. and 5tr.. C. He.ctt of Orwell
wcre in town last week, also II. 'I'. Cutts
of the saine place, Mr. 5lyers of Xor
wood, X. V., and K. Adains of l'aiitou.
I.at week we had lieautlful weather,
baliny and soft ns southeru air. Kann-
ers linpioved it by plckinjj their apples,
of whlch there ls a llne otipply. 5Iany
ire bclng carrled to tlie tnlll for cider.
'I'he work traln, with a gang of nien.
has bcen on the Addison railroad the
pat week.
51rs. K. D. Peck is stlll slck in Itran-
don, but is iniprovlng slowly under Dr.
Dyer's care.
The comlng Wednesday the I.adies'
Hewini: soclety nieets agaln at the vcstry
rooni of the Congregatlonal church to
tranact lmlnes.
C'harles Seyiuour, an old townsineii,
now located In Illluois, was in towit last
week v I s 1 1 1 1 1 n his lirother and slter and
calling upoti old fricnds. All were glad
to scc llllll.
(.'. I'. Parker, station agent at I'ort
Henry, was home visltlng his fatlier's
friuily Saturdaj- and Sunday. His wife
and two boys returned hoine with lilm
Sunday afternoon.
Sattirday evenlng, October 10, Hon. W.
K. lloward of Fair Haven will dellver
one of his al)le lectures at tlie town hall
for the benelit of tlie I.adies' Aid society ;
subject, "True 5Ianhood" ; ;i llfteen-cent
adniUsion lee will be charged.
The Oli Corner Book Slors,
Corner Church and College Sts.,
Is the Place to Jiuif Jli'cvi
flihuj in theline of Jiooks.
Wo would rcpcctfully unnouucu to thu
lieoplo nt .Mldcllrbiiiy uml the unoiiiuUii
coinitiy tlmt wo aro lui'iKireil to tunilsli
Uooks t'lther new or old, Mundurd or MUccl-lillluou-,
M'liool or College, ut iirlces not
quoted by otlier dealer-. end in yotirorders
or wrlln for ii'lcui )o-t i;ild. W'u shall jmb.
llnli In this paper luter on u prlcu Ilst of stiin.
durd Works In &ot. I.ODIC KOlt IT.
S. Huntiniton & Co.(
BUltlilXCiTOX, - - VT.
ifQ Fine .Srationery, Kngraved Wed
ding and Calling cards a specialty. 40
Wlll be. sold at iiubllc auctlon, on the prem.
Saturday, Nov. 6, 1886,
Allof tliu lands ln Sliorelmiu, AdilUon covm.
ty, now beloiiKliiK to tho estato of tlio lnto A.
11. Tremlway. Snld liiniln eontuiiilng about
375 ucres, and conslHtlnt? of a vnrlety ot lands
(memlow, woodhunl und imstnrnKe) and ln
eludo tho lioino plnco ot xald Treadway, nnoa
whlch thoro U an oxpeiiAlvoinodern dwellliiK
hotiHo, with Hiilllulent ontbulldlnKx In talrcou
dltlon. Theni! liindH wlll bo .old ln n untlro
jmreel or ln lnoverul lurcel, to xult cuitoin
ers, und iih hIiuII eoin most benctleial to tho
estnte. TorniH uaay, bnt inudo known on duy
of Milo. 1 wlll n t .- nt tho NHino tliao ell a
(iiuntity ot huy nnd graln aud tltty houil ot
reitlstored nlieeii.
Tliln farin nnil tho dwellliiK houso nnd burns
aro well supnllcd with good and durublo
uprlin; wiiter.
Aixl Included ln tho lands olferoil in nbnut
ucroH ot woodlaud, upon whleh thero ts u
lai'Ko iiantlty ot wood, two Hiiar orehards,
and a laruo iimount of Hitwlui; tlmbor, hein
lork, butteruut itud busMWOod.
Ailmr. of A. II. Treadway.
A. II. lll'liiunii, Auctloueer.
hhorehaiu, Vt., Oct. 1, lssti. 40;w
Tho old Kord cider-iulll is aj;alu liclnp
run this ea-on by.Ianiu- Steven.
5lrs. Fayette 5Iiller of Whiteliall, X.
V., is vMting her sl-ter, 5lr-. K. D.
lioseoe ISruce. who has been in tlie ein
ploy of Dr. F. Hond, ha- nioved to Or
well. The sewin-circle of South Cornwall
will ineet witli 5Ir. .1. Atwood on
Thnrday atternoon next.
Several of our people attended the
cainp-nieetln at Silver Lake lat Sunday
and rcport a very interesting ineetin.
I.ewi Italdwin, who ha been operat-
inj; in Fred Dean's hlackmith .-hop, has
nioved to Weybridge, leavin hi entire
lot of tools for sale.
Last week X. 11. Doulas attended the
I!ay State tair, takln with lilm .onie
speciniens of the protltivt' of his cream
ery, whlch were pronounced superior.
On Tuesday last 5Irs. S. S. Oale cel
ebrated the tlilrtieth anniversary of her
marriage with a rood old-fa-hioned ipillt
lug. 'I'wenty-four ladies were present to
enjoy the occaion. Some useful pre.
ents were received.
New Haven.
5Irs. H . W. CarterKnuiteoutof health.
Dr. Dcan of ltristol is in uttendance.
Chas. W. 5Iason left for Denver, Col.,
on 5Ioudav of this woek in the sheep in
Will Kik.s child, who has been danger
ously 111, is thoulit to be soinewhat iin
proved. II. D. Sfpiier has beeu tnore poorly of
late, liaving ueen couilueu to tlie nouse
for several days.
Delegates apiiolnted to State Sunday
school conventlou.are Y. W. Warren and
Dea. II. It. Harrows.
The pastor gave an excellent dUcourse
last Sabbath inorning, and in the after
noon occupied the desk of the ISaptist
church in Bristol.
5Ir. Henrr of San Franelsco, C'al.,
spent Wednesday in town, having conie
East to attend the golden wedditi; of his
parents, who reside in Geneva, X. V.
5Ir. Satterly Phelps of Washhifjton, D,
C, a brother of Hon. E. .1. Phelps,
lTnlted States niltilster to England, was
in town a few days, the guest of Hon.
Wm. P. Xash.
West Cornwall.
ltev. J. II. Hond of ltensou was lu town
ou Momlay.
5Ir. and 5Irs. O. C. Dalryinple of Ver
gennes were guests of 5Ir. and 5Irs. G.
T. Dhiiinock over Sunday.
Lucius White and Olive Abear of this
place were uiarried at the Catholic churcli
in Shoreham, Sunday morniug.
Iiutter is stlll advanclng in this inarket.
ltev. A. A. Itobertson preaehed in Or
well last Sunday.
Wiu. E. Greene is considerod ln a very
critlcai condltlou.
Fresh tlsh were (juite plentiiul on the
.streets, inarket day.
ltichard D. Kingslund is a great sutlerer
from rheiuuatle fever.
The lmblie niiss tboe tiark serenades
by the Vergennes cornet band.
Fred W. llaley of i'ort Henry, X. V.,
called on his friends hero 5Ionday.
The illness of ltev. 5ir. Uennett's wife
luevented his preaehhu: here Sunday.
itepresentative W. S. Hopkins, 51. D.,
visited friends in Vergennes last week.
Tho steainer Vermont went into winter
ipiarters, Saturday, ln Shelburn harbor.
We liave seen some llne speelmons of
amateur photography by Lieut. C. A
Fiftv-four swarms of bces yielded Al-
exander Fraer of Hinesburirh one ton
of honev.
Several loail of those " noico onion
were on muu, Saturday. " unlv .-eventy-
llve cent."
5Iayor 5IeCuen 1 arranging tor a new
brick sidewalk in front of his preinises
on 5Iaiu street.
5Irs. Wm. '(iwlnn of Cleveland, Oliio
daughter of Wni. E. Oieene, KJ1., ar
rived here Saturday.
Only thirty ceuts a liushel was paid for
uotatoes bv 5Iartin A Xoonan, Xorth
Ferrisburgli, for shipment.
Harrcl- for apples are ln good deinand,
and the weather for barreling has been
very favorable for ome tiine.
A round waiion-load of llne Iturbank
potatoes were Miid, very slowlv. inarket
day, at thirty-ilve cents por lm-hel.
5Ilss Field ot Xew Haven aud 5Ii
ilarv Everest are vi-itinir ('. 1!. V. Pal-
mer's faiuily, at WooiKville, X. II.
The low water in the lake has c
pelled the Keindeer to tie up for winter
nearly a iiionth earlier thau last year
The Iiaptist sociable netted sonie twelve
dollars, whlch, con-idering that they had
no opportuiilty to advertise, was doin
Three tou of honev wlll be the result
of the eeasou's work by Thos. Fish'
bees. They did better last year by two
Wm. Frisbee of Cold Spring place
Waltham, has an ear of coinmon twelvi1
round corn liaviug ixtv-two kernels to
the row.
Fridav evenlng's sociable in the vestry
of the 5Iethodlst church was llberally
patronied. Iletween fortv and flftv dol
lars received.
The Xew Vork excursion took from
this place, Tuesday, 5Ilss ICate Dolan
5Iiss Cyntliia Perkins, 5Ilss 5Iary Klin
ball aud Johu Douuelly.
The fraine for the new barn, on the
slte of those lately burned ou the prem
ises of Hon. J. 51. Dyer, West Salisbury
Is nearly ready to be ralsed.
A petition in favor of legislatlve action
ou the niatter of iutroduciug teinperance
study in the schools of tlie State has
beeu circulated aiuong our cltl.eus, and
is very largely signed.
The city hall will soon be ready
for the reception of exhlblts. Fri-
day and Saturday of this week are the
day.s for tho dlU'erent articles to bo
brought to the hall.
ltev. 51 r. Calhoun of Orwell preaehed
iu the Congregational chutch last Sun
day. His serinon was on the tlfth verso
of the l.'lth chapter of 5Iatthew, aud was
listened to by au attciitlvc audlence.
E. F. Ileuton Is niaking additions to his
lake shore property, whlch is located
just south of Fort Cassin. It is surinised
lilm the next season. He has a very llne
Tlie entire editlon of the hlstory of Ad
dison county, gotten out by 1). 5Iason &
'o., Syraeuc, N. V., has been destroyed
by llre. .ludge Snilth has received as-
surance from the llrni that It will be
Verinont butter caine to the front lu
tho receiit Ilay State fair lu Iloston. The
second prlze of 810 for tlie best thirty
liomids of butter, inade at any thne at
prlvate farm or dalry, was awarded to
, I). Evarts of Waltham.
ltev. 5Ir. liobblns of Xorth Ferris
burgli olllclated at the 5Iethodlst church,
Suiiday,andconducted theservices at the
crcek, at 2 ii.in., on whlcli occaslon three
were sprinkled and two immersi'd. Tlie
place seleeted for the cereiiiony was just
below the Curlew doek, opposite tlie
State school grounds.
The loss of the ltoyal George, oll'Spit-
heatl, England, with her "twice llve hun-
ired souls," ln 172, has bct'n Inimortal-
l.ed ln song. Its memory wlll be thrll-
ilngly revlved by one of tho exhlbits
that wlll be lu the loan exhlbltioii at tho
city hall next week. It is a carvliu:
knlfe and fork, flnely tlulshcd, inade from
steel taken from the ltoyal George. They
were presented to a lady of this place by
the late Capt. ltichard W. Sherinau.
niong the old newspapers that wlll
glve interest to the exhlbltioii ln the city
hall next week will be a eopy of the
" Vergennes Gazctte" of Thursday, Feb.
1SLKJ. It is Xo. 74 of vol. 2, and was
" printed for Saiuuel Chlpiuan, .lun., at
his priutlng olllce adjoinlng the Court
Ilouse.' Among other niatters of in
terest, it contains a funeral oration on
Geiieral Washington, bv 5Iai. Gen. Ilenrv
Lee, 51. ('. from Virginla, and was deliv-
cred at the reipiest of ( 'ongress.
51. .1. Graves, who sold out a stove and
tinware establislimeut here, .several years
ince, and went to near Fort Collius, ou
the northern border of Colorado, and
enibarked lu sheep raising, iu coiinection
with W. G. Illxbv aud .1. X". Hawlev,
was brought back by 5Irs. Graves hi-t
week, to 5Iontpelier, greatly reduced by
iiioiintaiu fever. Ho was so low that he
was carrled on a bed. We learu that the
hange of air is lielping iiim, Uecidedly.
5Ir. Graves has niaiiv friends in Ver
The Iloston aud Lowell mall traln due
at St. lohiisburv Fridav afternoon was
throwu from tlie traek three nilles west
of that town by the breaklng of the for-
waru truckou tbecnglne, whlcli pluuged
2." feet down an embankiiieiit, carrylng
the englneer and flirinau with it and
brulsing the tlreman soinewhat. Xone
of the passeiigers were hurt.
Custoinsollleials from Pkitt-burgdrove
iwav from tlie aneletit wreck oll'Valcour
island the two Iloston dlvers whoin a
Ilrandon man had set to work to recover
silpposltltlous treasure. They had ex
plored the hulk for two days, Imwevor.
aud liad loiiiid many olil-tasliloiieil silver
spooons, as well as a quantltv of lmllct.
caniiou balls and bar shot. The vessel is
beliisved to be the llritlsh llagslilp the
ltoyal Savage, whleh was suuk by Its
crew diiriiig tlie Itevolutlon to prevent it
from being eaptured by the colonlsts.
Orisson Hutler, tlie Plymouth fat boy,
is dead. He was 14 j-ears'of age, woigheci
.'WO lbs. and iiipasured 01 luelies around
the wait. Attcr his death no collln
could be found large enougli for blm,
and one was made, but it could not be
carrled ln a hearse, and to get It ln the
rooni wlierc he died they had to take oll"
tlie casings of tle door. When he was
but four or llve vears old he could easilv
lift his father.' Xotwlthstaiiding lifs
obeslty he was a briglit boy. llarnum
had tried to get hlm tor his sliow.
Two old paiutings, valuable for hUtor-
le assoclations, liave beeu glven the Ilel
lows Falls llbrary assoeiatlon by Dr
Willlain Dickinson of St. I.ouls, "a de-
scendant of Geiieral Ileujamln Ilcllows
of revolutionary fame, for whom the falls
uml tlie place itselt were nanied. lliey
were, iu 1771, owned bv Colonel Crean
Ilrush of Westminster, a torv. so falth
ful to King George as to cause liis arrest,
and tlie coiillscatioii ot lils property.
The liaintiujrs were boutrbt at auction bv
Geiieral Ilellows, and were always kept
in tlie lanuly tlll now.
A 5Iontpelier disiiateh of Fridav savs:
Great exaggeration has been inade iu
the rcport ot the amount ot liipior cap
tured in tlie reeent rald under tlie pro
hibitory law. hollowing is a statement
of the value of the linuor taken Ironi
eaehparty: William 5Iiller. s.lil.70; F.
1!. Steven-, sil'.rj.i.i; .J. A. I.ocklin, sKJii;
Omer 5Iiller, 82!.:(l: Ed. Sullivan, S22.
2:; D. C. Sloan. S:i70. Total. 10115.20,
not includiiig lager aud dome.-tie ale
valuedat less than 81.0. but Includiiig all
foreign ales. At tlie county court Omer
5Iiller was convicted ot adultery thi- at
ternoon. He took an appeal to the su
preme court aml his ball wa- tixed at
ssOO. He va theu arreted for selling
liijuor as a reult of the rald and put un
der .fj.'OI) boiid. All the liipior dealers
iu town, incliiding the druggl-ts, were
taken into court to-day and jiut under
bonds to an-iwer indictnient.s.
State ZTcws.
(Bcneral 2Tcirs.
5Irs. Dan Averill of llarre cominitted
uicide Saturday by takiug laudanum.
E. W. 5Ieigs of (ieorgia has ralsed and
sold ,"000 bushels of potatoes this season.
lienntngton Is j.oon to liave a new
hosierv uiill HO bv 70 feet iu sie and two
storics high.
The palr of big oxen shown at tho
State fair liave beeu sold by L. D. Ilaen
to 5Iooro & Hastings for 'r00.
While nlavlng "su.ip the whip"at Ilar-
tonsville, the other day, Arthur Day,
four years old, had a leg "broken.
Tlie auditor of accounts has caused to
be paid 81S00 for bouutie on bears and
lyuxes for the pat two tNeal years.
i)i the eiglity-elght couvicts iu the
State prison Ilurliiigtou furnishes ten,
5Iontpelier eight, and Rutland twelve.
.laino Fallon has been killed at St. Al-
baus. He was throvMi from a car, the
whcels of whieh passod over lilm and he
llved but !)0 minutes.
Senator EdiiiiiiuN has goiie back to
Ilurlington, liaviug tlnislied his work a
meinber ot the Seuate couiiuittee to
look into the tlherie ipieslion.
(irand 5Iater X. P. Itowman of St.
lohiisburv bas issued a call for a coneu-
tion of the Itebekah I.odges of Odd Fel
lows, to be held in Ilurliiigtou, Xov. 1.
Iturliii'rtoii man takes railroad rails,
has tliem paiuted black aud the liauge
iMiied lor wlres, and tlieii u-e tliem lor
fence posts. The ellect is said to be
uuiqitc aud striking.
larrold Itassett of Waterbury, aged 12,
was fatallv wounded Saturdav bv the ac-
cidental dischargo of a guu lu tlie haiid
of Calvin Townsend, a coinpanion with
wuoin he was out guunlng.
5Ii-s. Sarah 5IcLellau Watts, aged
about 45 yeai, committed suicide, Sun
day, at .lay with a rlbbou tied to a bed-
post, wlille tlie lamlly attended clinrcli.
Iiitaultv tlirougli (lomestlc trouole caused
the deed.
The Vermont 5Iarblo Co. of ltutland
has contracted to furuish materlal for
tlnisliing the west terrace of tlie capitol
at Washington, aud will soon begin work
in getting out the marble for It. llie
amount of the contract is about $7.",000.
The 8 10,(HKI whlch the late .lolm P. I low
ard inade a couditinn of his gltt of 820,
000 for the endownient of the glr' de
partiueut of the Verinont Eplscojial in
stitute at Ilurlington has been raNed,
and the plans will be drawu up at imce.
All the prisoucrs, three lu number, es-
capeu irom tlie iJeiinington jaii, saturday
night. They sawed the lock of an irou
door and siirung it so that they could
crawl through. Two of the prlsoiii'rs
were ltaliaus, arresteil for boycottlng,
and the other was Edward Perrault.
The lawyers of ltutland county talk of
establishiug a law llbrary in ltutland aml
also of biiildlng a "barrlster'.s block" iu
town, tltting it up with law otllces
enougli for all the praeticing lawyers iu
town. For the latter purpose a stock
coinpauy s proposed.
Emily Williains, a crazy woiuau be
lougiii" in Jell'ersouville. left her hoine
inysteriously and was found iu a house
at Ilurlington, wherc sbe had sought
shelter and food. She had wandered
through all the intervenlng towus, walk
ing 18 uiile.s the afternoon of the llrst
The auuual ineeting of the lteunion so
ciety of Verinont olllcers wlll take place
at 5Ioutpelier on the :(d of Xovember.
The business uieetiiii: wlll be held as
( hicago is liooded with counterfeit 810
silver certiticates.
5Iinater Cox returned to Xew Vork
51onday from ( 'onstantlnople.
About 820.000 worth of siniurgled opium
ha been eied at San FiancUco.
The cranberry crop iu the vicinity of
Sanilwicli, Ma., has been badly daiu
aged by frost.
The publlc .-chools at Herwick, 51c,
liave closed because of the diphtheria
raging hi town.
Slight shocks of eartlupiake were lelt
Saturday inorning at Charleston, S. C,
aud Augusta, (ia.
Tlie Tamuiaiiy hall Democrats liave
iiouilnated Abram T. Hewitt for inavor
of Xew Vork city.
Tlie new congresslonal llbrarv biiildlng
at Washington will eot .-ij.oiio.ooo: it
erection will take tive years.
From Septeinber 7 to October '.I.217.-H2
ration-were ili-tributed by the hailes
ton earthijuake reliet coininittee at a co-t
of 814,s;i!l.
Tlie late .Milton Shirk'- 82..'0O,0O0 go to
lil- three cliildren iu a w III prluted on a
Mtiglc page ot note paper. Ile wa- a
inilllonaire bauker nf Peru, lud.
.ludge .lones at Cleveland. Oliio, on
Fridav, intructeil the grand jury to in
dict i'iII per-ons who engaged i'u prie
tlghting or are iu any way concerued iu
Tlie Presldent ha appointed Col. W.
II. I). Cocliran ot Xa-hiia, X. II.. pen-ion
ageiit for Verinont and Xew Hamp'hire
to -ucceed Col. T. P. Clieney of Concord,
X. II.
The Southeru Express conipanv has
been robbed at Fordyce, Ark.. ot' 82000
by II. II. 5Iiller, a t'elegraph operator,
who lias lost one arm betwen the elbow
and wrist aud wears au artlliclal leg.
X. X. Xeeld, inanaging partner of .I.C.
Ferguson tt Co., Chicago pork packer-,
lia riiiued the tlrni by speeulatloii aud
lled to Cauada. Ilogus warehouse receipts
lor 2."0,000 were isued. Xew Vork
lianks will l()?e.
Willard Thaver Siiupkins, about 22
Ganibllng ln stoeks citue(l hl' ruln. The
hoiidsmcn wlll make the dellclency good.
.flist bnfnfn tlui linirlntitiKr nf tlii, fivnti.
Ing perfoiinaiiee ln tlie Alfiambra varie
ty theater at St. Louls, Sunday, Frank
Handeineyer, a worthless fello'w, had a
nuarrel with .Tosle 5Iartello. :t(), a rather
pretty "peciaity woinan witli whoin lie
was sald to llve, and suddeuly plitnged a
knlfe into her breast, The blnde pene
trated the heart and she f(.l dead. Iland
mever tben stabbed himself to tlie heart
with the weapon and fell dead beslde his
victiin. .Tealousr caued the ouarrel.
The trial of I'rofeasor Ira G. Strunk
charged with klllilig Charles V, Hoover
lu Xew Albauv. lud., about three iuonths
ago ended Saturday nlght at Loulsvllle,
Ky., ln a verdlct ot "not irulltv." Hoov
er wa a prominent drilgglst and the evl-
dence went to sliow tliat tlie sliootilur
was tlie result of his intlmaey witli
Strunk's wlfc Strunk inet Hoover and
shot hlm down ou the street aud also ac
eldentally and dangerously wounded
Hoover's father who was walklng with
hlm. Strunk's plea wa in-iinlty.
A remarkable looseness iu the keeiing
of accounts has been discovercd at Wash
ington ln tlie olllce of the register of the
treasury and lu the olllce of the tbird au
ditor. In tlie lornier the reglter hlinsclf
would liave seemed to be a defaulter to
the auiouut of 8:i0.U00 and a salaried clerk
to the ainoiint of 82."0,0O0, but for tho
raklng out ot old vouehers whlch
ehanged the sittiation. The accounts in
the thlrd audltor's olllce, compared with
vouehers, show that the State of Iudlaiia
is indebted to the L'nlted States 840,12:1.
A man nanied ltudolph Hosburg of
1110 Allen street. Xew Vork. was taken to
a poliee .station Sunday barking and act
ing like a dog. Hospital attendants. when
they arrived, found hlm runnlng ahnless
ly about the station-house liitlng his
clothes, snapiiiiig at the rungs of the
chairs and throwlng himself on the lloor
frothing at the moiith. Thoy pronounc
;d It a case of liydrophobia. The police
inon tried to catch hlin, but he darted
about .-napplng and barking. It was
some tiine before the man was caught oll'
hl guard and bound hand and foot. His
barking-, as ho wa being taken to the
bo-pital, were so loud aml so iniich like a
dog a- to cau-e wonder among pas-ers-by.
It took six nien to liold iiliii while
being fa-tened to the hospital coucli. He
said he had been bltten by a dog tive
years ago but the wound U e"idently not
over tive inonth-' old. It 1- -uppu-ed he
s sitil'ering from rabies, but hi-' inother
say- that he has had similar llt.- ince he
was truck by a brick on the head ix
year- ago.
The long-overdiio Anchor llne -teamer
Anchorla trom Gla-gow lor Xew Vork
was tnwed by a tug into tlie harbor at St.
.lolin's, X. F.. at :i o'clock 5Ionday morn
ing and now rides ?afelv at anchor altr
a perilous voyage of 22 day-. Her 422
pa-scngers appeared none the wor-e for
their experience and spent Momlay at st.
.lolin's awalting the Anchor llne coni-
I pany's arrangemeiits to transport theni
to Xew ork. The Anchorla left (ilas
gow on the isth of Seiitember, bound for
Xew Vork. She had 700 souN on board,
including pa-engers and crew. On Wed-ne-day.
Septeinber 22, lour ilays after the
-hip liad cleared trom Glasgow, a strong
gale -prung up aud during its progress a
heavy -ea -truck tho -hip, and in tho
lurcli whlch -bo made. tlie .-haft of tho
propoller -uddenly broke. Tho ship at
tho thne of tho accidout was iu latitudo
.1(1 s 10 north and longitude !J0 west.
She wa- reekonod to be about 1200 nilles
we.-t ot Ireland. Attempts to repair the
-haft were inade, but were uusiicco-sful.
and -ails were hoi-tod. ()u saturday the
-hip reached a point ahout 70 miles" ea-t
of st. .lolin's and a tug went tlienco and
i towed her into the harbor. There were
two deaths and two births during tho
vovago. One of thoso who died was a
l'oli-li .lew aud the other a scotchiiian.
They were buried at -ea. Tlie new ly
born inlaiit- and tlieir inother- are doing
sir William White ha- accepted the po--itioii
ot Ilriti-h miul-ter to Turkey.
Haulaii ha- accepted Ito's challenge
to row a race on the Thaines for 82.100 a
j side.
'I'he rcport of destitution iu Labrador
j 1- conllrined by thu crew of a ve--el
I whlch ha-just returned trom there.
j (Jiieen ( liristina of Spalu ha- -igned a
j decree lreeing the lave- in Ctibii trom
the leinalnder of their term-ot -ervitude.
I The boundary dispute between Xicara
! gua and Co-ta "ltica ha- bcen reterred to
! tlie Presldent ot tho l'nlted state- for
I deci-ion.
! The explorot-s who liave been engaged
i in the work for two years lind that the
I propo-ed Iludson bay route to Kurope
i ean be navigateil 41-2 iuonths in tlie
' Two American conipaiiies and one
Freiich couipany are coinpeting at the
city of 5lexico tor the contract to drain
the vallev id 5Iexico at an estiuiated co-c
I ot ?ii,0ixi,000.
A magistrate at Toripiay, England, tlie
vears of age, sou of a well-known broker other ilay -eiitenced tliree o ucers ot tno
of Xew Vork citv, while riding in Cen- Salvation Ariny to one moiith simpr Uon-
tral Park on Saturdav was thrown from
meiit at hard labor for conducting a band
iu pioce.s-lo n through the streets.
Captain (iuigley of the llritlsh cruiser
Terror bauleil "dowu tho American
llag on the schooner 5Iariou Griiuesatter
her ow u captain had refu-ed to do so at
his bldding. Thl- luippeuod on the Cana
dian coast.
Five thousaiids nieinbers of the League
ot the Cross, a total ab-tinence soclety,
paraded through tho streets ofCork, Ire.,
Sundav to celebrate the anuiversnry of
the blrth of Father 5Iathew. Thoy were
accomiiauled bv bands of inuslc, aud
his hor.-e and dieda few liours later. He
was worth 81,000,000.
The Iloston jNiirnal of Saturday pub
lishes a stateinent prepared by an'export
employed by tho directorsof the Atlautlc
cottoirniills", showing that the late Wil
liam Gray, jr., who embezledhalf a niil
liou dollars aml coiiiuiltted suicide when
discovercd, lost heavlly Iu stocks iu
which he dealt on inargiu.
It is reported to the treasury depart
inent that the Eastport vIe.) 'collector
of custonis has beeu allowim' stutl'ln-
voiced as "iron sand" to be huported from sang Irish, French and Ainerican natioti
St. .lohns, X. 11., at a duty of 20 per cent al songs. Although rain was falling'iO,-
ad valorein, wheu iu fact it was said to 000 persous vloweil tlie parade.
be pure n.etallic cast-lron in the forn. of T, , d Chionicle's correspondent
tlno shot. All investlgatlon wlll bo held. j ,,.u.is he has ,Ust from
The ,11st Indiana regiment adopted res-; vieniia the details of a startllng anarch
olutlons at Indiaiiapolis, recently, de- ' jit ,,iot to destrov Vieniia and to assassi
nounciug the President's penslou vetoes, j ,mtu Kmperor Francls .Joseph. The cou
especlally the bill for the relief of Ayres, i 1,ir.or;ji w,0i,. piaus were frustratetl
whoin the Presideut holds as a deserter. uv tilu authorities, had iutended to carry
The resolutions deny the charge, and say oiit the plot October 4. Various thnber
that Ayres served throughout tho war, ; stores were to be set tlre to throughout
spending part of thetlino iu Libby prison. tlt! cjtV) aluj during the confusiou public
Four indicted Xew Vork alderinen of ' buildiiigs were to be blowu up wtth dj
tho boodle board of 1SS4, Williaui P. 1 iiamite. The police seized iinmeno
Kirk and Patrick Farley, Democrats, and iquantlties of bombs and other explo.-ives
i William II. Miller and Henry L. Sayies, 1 in iiiilereut part. ot tne city, e.peciany
j Itepubllcans, were arraigned before j near thehiiperialresidenceatSehonbruuu
usual in tlm ireneral eoinmittee room iu .IiuIl'c Cowhi!r in the court of ceneral and beneath the bridge leadlug
the State house, and the oration wlll bo sesslons at New 1 ork, 1-rlday, and placed palace whlch the emperor cro
delivered bv Gen. Francls
Iloston, iu tho evening.
As Dcunis Donohue and Ilorace Ilar
noy were returnlng to tlieir homes iu
llerllu and 5Ioretown on Saturdav iiiirlit.
their horses. attached to a luinberwas'oii, i da. Ile has been away .sluco Saturday
became frlghteued and ran, throwingout (and sent word from his home iu Lan-Ing-both
of the nien. llaruey struck upon j burg that he was ill. The inouey wa
his heail and his neck wa" broken, aud taken at once aud Ilurrage's accounts up
that additioual cottages niay be bullt by l)onohiie was severcly brulscd. to Saturday were found to be all riglit.
Walker of under 82.1,000 bonds to appear for trial
when wantcil.
Assistant Postniaster Edward W. Bur
rage of Troy, X. V., is a defaulter, hav-
1 Ing stolen 8.'ti00 and departed for Cana-
to tlie
It wa aUo iutended to inako an atteuipt
upon the lite of the emperor at the same
thne. A large number of foreigners aud
Austrlans were arrested. The riuglead
ers c-capeil to Germany.
A tea-poonful of leiuon jieel choiped
very tlno and added to thegravy of fowls
or s:anie is coiisidcred a good addition.

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