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No. 9.J
cmn Copics.
For bcncllt of boy rcadcrs I dcscrlbc
two farms nnd thclr owncrs fnmllar to
mc. Thobulldlngs of onoarcdllnpldatctl,
soveral wiudow pancs outand theirplaccs
fllletl with old liats and ragsj fenccs
down, stock only partly liouscd, fainlly
unkcmpt, nnd tools scattcred. I saw on
tliat fnrm ln Doccmbcr a ncurly new
sprlng-tooth hnrrow ln tlio flcld whero
uscd last at wlicat-seedlng, u nibbinp;
lioc liangln on thc funuo wherc luf t last
sprlng, an augcrnll riisty on tho wood
pllc out doors, and a hoghook on thc
ground whero It was uscd a ycar ngo.
Thls farnier leaves nll tools whure used
last. I d!d not bolicvc thls posslblc nntll
a nelghbor who borrows of lilm often
told mc he never nsks wlicre a tool 1s, but
wherc hc used It last, certaln of llnilliig
it therc unlcss stolcn uicauwhllc, whluh
is often thc casc. The farmer's land was
glven lilm; hc 1s ln dcbt andcomplalus of
liard thncs and bad luck; spcndlng tho
evenlngs at thc grocery dlscusshig tho
tarlft' on wool and tobacco ; hc lias no
ehcltcr for his sheep, but aniplc storagc
for"thc wced."
Thc dwclllngs and outbuildlngs of tho
othcr farmer are always ncatly palutcd,
fenccs iu good order, caeh tool stored ln
its place, thc stock nll liouscd, hc and his
family tldlly clothcd, hc is out of dcbt
and hasa good bank account, nlthough
hc bcgan with little. IIo attributes his
Buccess to thc pcrslstcnt carc of cvcry
thlng that conics into his posscsslon. IIc
says his father had aplaceforcvcrythlng
and rcquired his boys to kccp everythlng
ln place, so they could put their haud on
aii' tool or Implcmcnt ln thc darkcst
nlght. Many tiuies whcn a tool had bccn
carelessly left out of place his father
would ln sonie way dcteet the culprlt
wlthout asking any questlons, and thcn
when nlght sct ln he would ask for that
tool and scnd the guilty one to gct it.
Once thls man was callcd out of bcd iu
a storiny nlght and requircd to go half a
miie into the woods to gct an axc hc had
thoughtlessly left therc. "Such constaut
drllllng," he says, "tnade a man of nie."
Galen AVilson ln N. Y. Tribune.
Tca and coffcc, like other stimulants.
oll'cr the opportunity for nbusc an op
portunity ijuite often availed of. Their
devotecs drink, for the mere love of thciu,
morc thau tliuy ouglit: thc seholar de
privcs liiinself of necdcd slcep by thulr
usc; the daily toiicr llnds a tcmpoi-ary
surceasc of sorrow iu tlic frwjuunt cup.
AVhile there are uudoubtcdly many who
over-indulge ln cofl'eo, they "are probahlr
fcw ln cotiiparison wltli tlic victinn of
tlic tea-lmbit. It is an every-dny cxpor
ienco in tlic out-patlent dcpartmeiits of
thc largc hospitals for sutl'urers to apply
for thc rclief of syinptoun reasoiiably
nttrilnitable to the abusc of tea. It thu
sauie old storv with thc washcrwoman,
the kitehon-girl, or the poor inother of a
large lamlly a lauK ot appctltc, a ilistress
nftur eating, a serios of hcadaelie.s, oeea
sioually attacks of dizzlucss. "I has no
mliid for thc vittcls, and I has thc pain
in my stoniach, and so I jun takcs a sup
of tea now and thcn." 'i'liero is no dav
in the ycar whcn at every dispensary and
out-patlcut room in the largc cities some
woinen (for thls Is essentlally a feiniuinc
dlssipatiou) does notprecnt lierself with
n ctntnmnnt ,f tlilo cMft- M'lm t'It,r1tii.3
account Is an "o'cr truc tale." Either
froin cscess of tca, or for some other
reason, she loses her appetite, and grad
ually conics to lonthe food. ln thls ex
trcinity she seeks solace in the cup, and
thm increascs tlieconditionshclsalready
bcwailing. Whcn thls sort of thing has
rcaehcd a ccrtaiu point, she applics for
mcdical aid, and, it is needless to sny,
usually scorns thc suggcstion to go wlth
out tca. It has been suggestcd that the
dyspepsia in these cases attributcd to tca
may rather be duc to iiisufllcicnt food.
It is very doubtful, howevcr, if, iu the
casc referrcd to, the food Is sulllcieut.
No doubt there are thosc who sull'erfrom
lack of suitablc food, and who, if they
usc tca, losc morc than they gain by it ;
but such are unt fouud among thc tca
drinkers of the hospitals, cxcept as they
wiltully forsakc good food for tea. It is
to be borne iu iiiiiul that the pcople of
whom these are representatives get froin
tea all the hann there is iu It, sinec, in
one of the slaug phrascs of the day, they
"work it for all it is worth." Not only
do they get all the theine and most of the
volatllc oil, but tlieir niethod of prcpar
ing it extracts all the tanuiu nosslble.
The Chluese, who are the ideal tea-drink-crs,
pour boiling water on the leaves at
tlie very inoinent of use; but it is thc
practice of the poorcr class to kccp a
"potof tea" stecplng on the stove all
day loug, to be drunk from at intcrvals.
It Is probable that much of tho dyspep
sia and coustipation to which thls class
of tea-drunkards is subject is due to this
continual use of an astringcnt dceoction.
It Is not to be inferred. howcver. that tlin
auuse or tea ls conllned to tho poorer
classcs. It is true that its relatlveeheap-
uess invnes ineui more especlally to ttiis
forin of indulgcnce. But It is withln thc
experleuce of every physlclan to be often
callcd upon to treat patlcnts suflcring
from the evils alreadv deserlhfid. U'llfl
lack thc excuse of poof food and n hard
iue 10 pieaatorovcr-lndulgonce. Proba
bly every one numbors ainong his frieuds
woiiien who are actually slaves of the
tca-habit, and who would tlnd tca as
naru to iorsake as men ilnd tobacco. It
Is not unllkely that tho funetional disor
der often spoken of as tho "tobacco
heart," duc lo nervous derangcnient and
accomnanlcd by iialnltation and
tho eardlac reglon, ls niore otten duc to
tea than to tobacco. ln fact, tho dlsor
ders Induccd by excessive tca-tlrlnking
have been grouped as a spccial disease,
to whlch lms been glven the name of
thclsm, from the (tea). This includes a
irain or syniptoms, usually progresslve,
many of whlch have bccn already referrcd
to loss of appotite, pain after meals,
headache, constinatlon. iali)itation. car.
dlao dlstress, hysterlcal manlfestations,
dizziness, paresls. Whether wo aro Jus-
nueu in tnus sotting oll these syinptonis
as a disease, is open to doubt; but tho
fact that it has been done emphasizcs tho
importance of tea ln comparlson with the
rest or the group, lu reference to the
mlschlef tliat wlll follow tho abuso of ir.
It is necdlcss to sny that tlio malii factor
Iu tho treatment of thls conditiou is ab
stltionco from the plant that causes It.
I'opular Sclcuco Xews.
Tcoplc fiuseeptlblo to JtypnntlMn.
Pcrsons of n nervous constitution, nnd
ln particular thoso subject to hysteria,
nro most npt to fnll Into nrtiflciai Klcop.
Thcro is thcn produccd in thein n pecu
liar neurosis, hypnotism, having psjxhl
cal nnd physical charactcra of its own a
genuino disease prcscnting n diversity of
Byinptoms. Hcnco hypnotic phenomena
ouglit not to be callcd forth rnshly nor
without the )recaution8 suggestcd by
inedical scienco. 'VVomcn aro spccially
Biiscoptiblo to hypnotio manipulation, par
tictilarly during tho period bctwoen the
18tlinnd tho 30th ycar, whcn tho ner
vous system is in full nctivity. Young
lncn may bo hypnotized, but it is very
difllcult to produco hypnotic slccp in old
uion or in ehildren. Pcrsons who in carly
llfo nro subject to naturnl somnambulism
or slecp walldng are latcr in life good
hypnotio subjccts, just as they aro nlo
likely to Imj victiius of hysteria and othcr
nervous complaints.
Jlany aro tlio processes oniploycd for
prodticing hypnoais. One that is very
frecjucntly used consists in fixing tiio gazo
upon soino hriglit object placed a littlo
abovo tho eycs and in front of tho median
lino of tho forohcad, so that visunl fntiguo
uiay cnsuo quickly, tiio eyeballs being
dircctod upward and iuward. This pro
cess, or othcrs of a liko kind, may Ihj otn
ployed in tho caso of pcrsons wlio havo
novcr bcforc been hypnotized. Dtit after
awliile, when the subject has, so to speak,
been eduoated. various nioro exix?ditious
uiethods may be employed. Thus a jct
of elcctrio light or a violcnt blow stmck
on a gong near tlio ear of tho subject will
quickly induco sleep. Again, in hypno
tizablo ixji-sons, the surface of tlie body
often prescnts special points, "hypnogenic
zoncs, " as thoy aro called, analagous to
tho ''hysterogcuic zones." Simplo pres
8uro upon theso produces hypnosis.
Even in tho caso of tho most susceptiblo
individuals rarely does sleep nppear when
tliey. for tho flrst time, undergo tho hyp
notizing manipulations, howcver skilled
tho ojwrator may be. Tliero is necded a
completo surrender of ono's will and nb
senco of all mental preoccupation, and
on tho part of the company prcsent abso
lutc silcnce. In most cases exhibitions
of hypnotization develop, at flrst, only
vaguo jihcnomena not easily classified,
foreshadowing, 60 to 6)eak, what will
follow later. North American Eoview.
A riuclij Frontler 'VVonmti.
On tho plains, in Assiniboin, I found a
littlo lady in the larger of tho only two
stores in tho place, who told nie that tho
Indians on a reservatiou closo by had
bcgun to grow restless, and were mani
festing tho fact by unusual insolence.
Only tho day beforo a dozen of tho bravea
had como into the Btore. when sho was
dtark alono in it, and had dcmanded
whi.sky, a commodity they were not al
lowed to touch and no one was penmtted
to sell. Sho told them she had nono.
and they sat, as Indians will, for n long
time, as if to show her they would not
go away until they got it. Ctiriously
t nough, no ono catno to tho storo from
tlio settlcineiit. By and by tlio Indians
proposed to bcarch for tho whisky. Sho
laughed at them and told them they
could bearch. They did to, pecping and
poking evcrywhcre that thoy could think
of AVhen they olfered to go up stairs
to ner living apartmcnts, she stood in tlio
doorway and told them they must not
vcnturo there. She flattened her back
against the door and defied them.
Sho was less than tho ordinary height,
and did not weigh over 100 pounds, but
sho quailed them with the cye of a bravo
nnd determined womau, nnd when, pres
ently, Bomo white men camo to mako
purchascs the Indians took tlicmselves
off. Only a few nights before that this
samo wouian had seen a wolf in hcr
back yard, and had gono out and
"shooed'' it away with her apron and
Bcoldiug, just as one of our girls rnight
do to a cat. I never saw a man that I
thought moro plucky than Bhe. Per
haps, though, what no Indian or wolf
could do might bodono bya mouse. But
it is bcyond all reason to expect the
bravest not to fear a mouse. Albany
Fair Jounial.
Sivlss and l'rench Roldkrs.
Thero is very little contrast between
tho Swiss and French Boldier. Both are
below tho staturo of tho German, Eng
liah and American soldier; inferior intel
lectually and phj-sically. Tho Swiss war
rior wcars a cap helinet, which makes
lum look at onco liko a member of a
rural band in Anierica. It is of black
cloth, with deep blue trimmings and
with black silk braid about tho edges.
The front is cockcd and tho rcar slopes
and has the helniet brim. IIo wcars a
navy bluo cutaway coat, dark graj pan
taloons, and cach is decked with a very
narrow red cord. At his bide is a short,
heavy swor 1 always. His side arms aro
complcted by a five-shot 42-calibro re
volvcr, heavy enouuh to bo used as a
bludgeon in closo quarters. Also, like tho
French soldier, the Swiss is armed with a
magazino nccdle gun, and is givcn so
much active training tliat ho is invariably
a fair marksman. In this, as nearly all
continental armics, thero is by govern
ment authority an inducement for boI
dicrs to bccomo fino niarksmcn. But
tho pay of tho continental soldier is so
low and generally his Bervice so nearly
meninl that ho takes littlo interestin what
ho does. The pay is about one-fourth
that oi tho American soldier and less than
half of that paid tho English Cor. Phila-
adelphia Times.
Artlflclal Aglne of Whlsliy.
A way has been found of ageing
whii,ky artiflcially. A dealer showed tho
writer two Bamples of what ho called the
"straight" article; ono was mndo in
188.1, tho othcr in July, 1887. Thoy
wcro i-qually good, ho Baid, in coior, )ou
quct, tasto and overy other quality, and
yct tlio 1887 saniple was sold at flO less
a barrel than tho other. Iu other words,
tho whisky makers can now funiish a
threo months' articlo equal in evcrj- ro
BixK:t to tliat which is threo ycars old.
By this proccss Hiey savo tho threo
years' btoragc, interest and ovnporation.
Tho purcliaser gcnenilly gets tho beneflt
of this. Tho now proccss consists brieily
of rockiug tho barrels day nnd nlght on
patentc-d "cradies." Charred barrels nro
uscd, as is custoniary that is to sny, tlio
barrcl is burued out before tlio whisky is
put in, thus converting tho inner surfaco
) to charcoal. Tho constant motion for
u 'o months dissipatcs tho fuscl oil and
it.iparts tho ricli color which new whisky
has hithcrto never had legithnately.
Philadelphia Times.
Ctirlou Cuntom In tho Timcnn HlKlilnnils.
Salnta' llonos VM1hKO I,otlcry.
In tho Tuscan Highlands nt tho villngo
of Cutipliano thoy keep hlgh fcast on tho
8th of August in memory of Saint Auro
liua nnd Saint Irennjus, whoso boncs lio
in btato in the town clturch. Tho 6acrcd
rcmnins cxhibitcd on tho holidny nro pro
Bcrved iu richly gilt shrincs, witli glnss
front nnd sides. Tho Bkulls nro baro in
all their grinning hideonsncss; tho rcst
of tlio skeletons aro happily hld in rich
costumes, tho hands covercd with silk
glovea nnd tho feet with clegant stock
ings. After mass is ovcr in tho church nnd
tho peoplo havo twcn blcssed, u jiricst
Btnnding nt tho nltar holds up n rcliquary
containing tho bono of n saint for tlio
ndoration of tho crowd. Ono by ono tho
men como up to the altar ttcps, dovoutly
kiss tho glass tliat covcrs tho prccious
bono, nnd drop n coppcr or two into tho
brass tray which is carricd by an attcnd
ant. After each o?eulntion tho glass is
carefully wipcd with a napkin and thcn
presented to tho next in order.
Tlio womcn como after tlio men. Tho
faith of thebo is ajiparcntly moro livoly.
They Beem fully satisded that by tho act
of adoration they havo conimittcd them
6olvcs to sho ciTcctual safcguard of tho
saint, and thoy turn away their faces
radiant with peaco and coutcntment.
Ilerocomesa family group. a mother
leading a littlo girl by the lmnd with a
baby on her arni. It is touchingtOBee tho
earncstness with which tho mother presses
the pouting lips of her infant against
tho sacrcd charm and tho joy with which
sho brooda over him when bIio has thus
Becured his salvation; behind comcs an
old woman, wrinkled, inilrm, alono in
tho world, but tho weiKht of her vears
and trouble soeins to grow light when
sho has secured the good will nnd inter
cession of tho saint.
So they come in a loncr succession of
every ago and condition, but all belicv
ing and dovout. Long after tho servico
i over the worshippers remnin absorbed
in prayer, kneelinK in different narts of
the church, utterly lost to all tliat passes
After leaving tho church tho Tuscans
repair to tho villago green, whero a lot
tery is in progress, nnd every ono, from
the gray head to tho toddling infant in
vests in a tickot. Thoy aro very super
Btitious about eignificant numbers. Ono
man chooscs eight becauso his cat at
homo has that number of kittens, an
other twenty-nine becauso his son fell
and broko his leg on that day of tho
month : still another fif teen becauso thero
aro that number of letters in tlie saint'a
namo whom they celebrate.
t-ven- one is in good humor while tho
drawing takes place, and even if tlieir
numbers aro unsuccessful they leave with
tho conviction that it will surclv como
upon tho next feast day. Foreign Letter.
AVatcr CliHligcd ti lllootl.
Thero is an animalcule, sometimes
callcd tho englena sanguinea, or tlio
blooU red englena, which multiphcs so
rapidly in 601110 placcs that the surfaco
of the pool soon rchcmblcs a grcat clot of
lilooa, to tlio wonuer ot thobo who seo it
f.-.r t!iu flrst time, nnd do not suspect the
causc. Tho little crenturo Beems to bo
abundant all over tho known world, and
Elirenberg, a German naturalist, who
dis-covcred and namcd it, Buggcsted that
the flrst plaguo of Egypt, when tho water
was nppaiviitly changed into blood, as
narrated in the Bible, may havo been
caused by a prodigious and miraculous
increase of this littlo blood red infuso
rian. WitUn very recent times an apparent
change of water into blood has como to
the writer'a notice in the White mount
nins, in northern New York, and in sev
eral places in New Jersey. Tho phe
notnenon is not very rare. Tho creaturo
that causes this chango has itself a pecu
liar color habit according to its agc. In
early youth and middlo lifo its color is a
vivid green ; in matttrity and old ago it
assumcs tho crimson huo referrcd to, and
often tho samo individual lnay bo both
green and red as cithcr color reaches tho
surfaco during tho body's movement,
cach coming and going in a wavo that
flows across the littlo creaturo, or a
minuto 6pot may bo rosy red in the gen
eral green, or an emeral island may np
pear in this miniature sea of crimson.
Alfred C. Stokes, M. D., in Harper's
Young People.
Causo of Uecay ln fiteel.
It has recently been discovered by a
board of na val experts at tho United Statcs
navy yard, Maro's Island, Cal., that tho
causo of tho sudden deterioration in the
steel used in building tho new cruisers
for the government ia not duo to tho
ravages of a worni, aa was supiwsed,
but is caused b tho f ungua peronosporus
infestans, bo well known as tho causo of
potato rot.
With tho delicate apparatua procurcd
by tho gowrninent for testing the quali
ties and detecting fraud in mctals in
tended for government uses, it has been
asccrtained that tho minuto 6pons orsuds,
which float in tho air, aro introduced into
tho metallio body whilo in tho molten
Btate during tho process of carbonization.
They also iind that this form of steel rot
is alarmingly epidemio in much of the
government material.
A large and proiltablo flcld is open to
inventors and scientiflo men who will do
viso means to arrest tho spores of this
fungus as they aro drawn into tho car
bonizing furnaces, or who can prevent
their growth and spread cither in the
ingot or manufactured forms of Bteel.
Detroit Freo Prcss.
VIId Silkirnrui of Inilla.
For a nunilxT of years tho deflciency
in the production of mulberry bilk has
drawn tho attcntion of bericuiturists to
ho rearing of tho wild bilkworms of
India, China, Japan, Aineiica and other
parts, and a grcat many reixjrts have
been published 011 theso wild bilkworms,
Bomo of which nro nlrcady bred in u
6tate of domesticity or Bemi-doniesticity.
Many of these wild silkworms produco
silk of grcat strcngth and beauty, and
could all be profltably utilized if bred in
their uative lands on a large scale. Spcci
men cecoons and cardcd and rcekil sill;s
of nbout twcnty ditTerent sjK'cics havo
been scnt to tho Societo d'Accliinntation,
and tlicy will bo cxhibitcd iu the Paiis
International exhibition of 18S0. togcther
with tlio specimens of tlio iuoths nnd
prcparcd larvtu of tho various specica.
Public Opiniou.
An IslaiKl or UnrmlliiK Suinincr Not Fnr
Away Tho Ijiy Inhntltanta.
Nassau ia oro of tho Bmallest of tho
Bahama islands, covering n lcngth of
twcnty iniles by nn nverngo of flve milos
in width. Tho clty is built, facing tho
north, uiKin tho Blopo of a ridgc. ninning
west to east, nnd nearly 100 feet at its
highcst. Tho soll ia thln, the island con
sisting of nn oldcoral reef, clcvntcd gmd
ually from tho occnn, and during that
leriod Bubjcctal to tho action of tho
waves, leaving it honeycombod and
pockoted. Tliis rock is compacl, of sand
lnado from disintcgrated corals, vellow
ish crcamy in color nnd boft in lexturo,
bo that it is quarried by sawing and chis
eling, lieconilng considerably harder by
exposure. Tho Burface of tlie mck ia
covered with looso pieccs, oxcccdingly
irrcgular in form. Over this 13 n very
littlo soil.
Tho streets nro graded through this
natural rock, with natural gutters nnd
walks. Tho streets at right anglcs to tho
water front cross tho ridgo generally
through dccp cuts in tho natural rock in
order to lcssen tlio grado. Tlio dwellings
of tho letter Bort aro squaro or oblong
Bquarc, scldom moro than two Btorics
hlgh, with low ceilings and low pyra
midical roofs. Theso houses nro nlwnj'a
Burrounded 011 at least two bides with
broad verandas, closed in with blats to
kccp out tho light. For this reason tho
houses nppear largcr than thoy aro.
Dormer windows abound. Tiio houso
colors aro Btonc, light yellow, cream; tho
blinds aro brown or green. High stono
walls, wkh broken glass bottlc3 cementcd
into tho ridges, incloso tho housea and
gardens; ornamentcd openwork gato
ways alTord a glimpso withln.
Tho cocoanut, tho royal tho palmetto
nnd tho silver lcaf pahng nbound. Tho
giant Cuba, or silk cotton trce, oleandcrs
of largo sizc, enormous nmary)lid3, with
tho many species of tho citrus family,
hang up their yellow fiuit ngainst tho
Bun. Tlio msset japodilla just coming into
fullness adds n special charm to its back
ground of dark green waxy leaves. Tho
vcgetntion seems rather sub-tropicnl tban
thoroughly tropical. Thia resulta not
from want of heat, may be, but need of
Tho city of Nassau Is cxtromely pict
uresque with the quaint narrow streets,
white, deep gutters cut from living rock,
largo dwellings, with tho lowor or Btreet
stoy, for wareliouse or Bhop, tlio outside
Btairwaya nnd balconies? Every building
has sonio special individuality about it
which adds much to tho sum total of tho
charm ono flnda in quietly roaining round
the Btrects.
Hero it Ia literally always afternoon.
No one works. Ask a question and it
will bo answcrcd the day after to-mor-row.
The few shops open alxmt brcak
fast time. nnd aro thcn shut up during
that mcal, nnd brcakfast time is not
early. I wcnt into n wholcsalo storo at
ikxjii time. Tho ono clcrk was fast
iihlocp in liis chair, and I left him undis
turbeil. Tho blacks, beemingly twcnty
to 0110 of tlic whites, sit lounging, gab
bling, chntSng, talking loud and laugh
ing, lut I havo not Reen oue at work.
The Engli&h majebty of law is thor
oughly respected here. Tlio principal
ciiincs profanity, jawing and blandcr
nre among tho colored raccs, nnd thoy
enjoy dcfcnding themselves at law".
Shops closo at 5 p. m. Saturday is a
half holiday and Sunday a Puritanical
Back of Nassau propcr, over tho ridgo
nnd down on to lower levels Bwarm tho
colored pcople. Tlieir Bmall garden
picces aro walled in with tho looso piccca
of coral rock. Tlieir cabins aro small,
with ono or may bo two rooms, of rock
or coral, palmetto thatched. Tho gar
dens nre bare, honeycombed coral rock,
whero with a crowbar the banana, tho
cocoanut or maizo is planted. They aro
unkeinpt, unthrifty, dirty; but every
whero kind mother naturo covera tho
garden walls with lichens and tho con
volvulus, nnd tho grcat lobed leaves of
tho bread fruit, tho alumna and tho
palms give to tho eyo nn ever vnrying,
nn ever entircly satisfying picture.
Tlieso cabins of tho colored peoplo (our
inheritanco from Spanish crucltj-) liter
ally swann with ehildren. Tho trn
ditional stair of from tlvo to twelvo little
pickanimiies is found in every cabin.
"Jlnssa, gib mc coppcr for bread!" They
nro invetcrato beggars. They say they
can't get work, or if ihey do get any but
little is paid twenty-five to ufty cents a
day. Tho truth is, thero is 110 desire,
perhaps 110 incentive, to work, no nmbi
tion to 6!itiafy. Hungeris easily satisflcd
by fruit, sweet potato, yams and fish.
But littlo fruit is exported. and that from
tho outlying islands, not from here.
Spongo flshing is tho ono industry which
here is active.
For the climate, I would jtulgo wo had
in tho United States no spot equal to this
for uucuding summer. For peoplo nd
ranccd in lifo who desiro to nvoid our
wiuters, for tired brain workers, for
cases of low vitality, for tho bcginuingof
tliroat and lung troubles, I should say
Nassau is the place. Fred Stearns in
Detroit Free Press.
Solf MaMacn for Dyapepnta.
This treatmcnt requires much perse
veranco and practice, otherwiso it may
to somo extent jirove a failuro; but re
newed vigor will always bo in propor
tion to the practice. Be not discouraged.
First thing in tho morning and last thing
nt nlght rub the nbdomen down tho left
sido and up tho right in a round circlo,
nlso rub down the brcast; now paco
ncross tho room onco or twice, and thcn
Biiap the lower limbs, liko a whip lash,
for cxercise. Now twist tho lower limbs,
first on 0110 bide, tlien on tho other, and
rock up 011 tbia toos. Now for tho lungs
and nbdomen j first, tako in a half brwath,
thcn cxhalo nll tho air possible, then flll
tlio luugs to their full eapacity, wallc
across tho room and back, at tlio samo
tinio throwing tho arms back. Now in u
half breath scnd out overy partilo of air
till you beo tho nbdomen working liko a
bellows, and you will soon lxjconio a dep
breather. For moro extended practice
in deep breathlng the mornmg before
rising is a good time, provided thero is
full vcntilation and that tho air insido is
ns puro nnd fresh ns thnt 011 tho outbide.
Beforo a gtxxl fire wnsh tho hands nnd
fnce, wet tho lmck of tho neck, arma and
lower limbs hlightly, and rub dwvn with
a coarso towel. This is suilicicut for a
iKjginner, but entircly inadequato for tho
old, chronic dyspcptic. J. N. Semplo in
Uerald of Ilealth.
BECAUSE it is so unusually handsomc and attractive in appcar
ance, many pcrsons think the Ivory Soap is intendcd for toilct
usc only. While it may be uscd for the toilct with plcasant and
sattsfactory results, it is a laundry soap in all that thc namc implics.
Prof. Silliman, of Yale College, says: "As a laundry soap the
Ivory has no superior."
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the ' Ivory';"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of
the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copjrlght 1SSG, by Froeter .t Oamblo.
taliamoriVlldCbcrry. Therearecounter
fettl. GetthOBcnulnc,hlchiaBlgned"I.IlUTTS
on tho wrnppcr. ITeparcd by Seiu W. I'owle &
Bohs, Bosiu.v. Sold by all dcalers.
tO.nJII.SSIOAKHS' XOTICi:. Kslate of
Tlie uiulersliriu'd. lmvlnir bi'i'ii nnnolntpd lv
tho II011. l'robato Court tor tlie Diwtrlct of Ail.
illsoii.Comnilssloners.torecelve, exainlnuniul
niljust nll olulniH and iluinnnilH of all pci'Mjns
iiBalnst tlio estato of Calvln Ktown, latc ol
leicester, ln sald Dlstrlct, (li'oenseil, anil
all clalms exlithitcil ln oirsut tliureto, hereby
Klvo notlco tliat wo wlll niL'ot fnr tho ymriHws
alorosnld, at tlio latn rosldcnco ol tho sald
Calvln llrown, 011 tho 3d day ot Aprll and 1st
day ot AiiKUt no.xt, froin 1 o'clock p. 111. until
4 o'clock p. 111., oach of wilddavn, nnd thnt slx
momns irom 1110 4tn uay ot i-enniary, A. I).
1SSS, Isthotlmo llinltcdhv sald Court tor sald
credltors to jiroscnt thulr "clalms to 119 for ex.
ninliiatlon and ullowanco.
Datod at Leicester, thls 6th dav of Februarv
41. Ut lOOOt
j. r. roTWix, 1 -,n 3
STATK OP VKltJIOST-lllnlrlcl of Ad
llUOH, ln tlio mattcr of Edgar L. Unnfortli, Insolvont
Tako notlco, that Edsar I.. Dnnforth ot Mid
dlebury, In tho dlstrlct ot Addir-on, did on tho
10th day ot Kobruary, lt-, tlio in tliiscourt his
liotltlon lor adjudicution of iiisolvoncy ; nnd
that a inoptliiK ot crodltorsot sald Insolvont
ilcbtoi wlll bo liolil at a court of Insolvoncv,
at tho l'robato Ollko lu Middlebury, iu sald
dlstrlct, 011 tho 2.Mh day ot Fobruary, at 10
o'clock ln tho foronoon, to provo thclr ilebts
nnd chooso ono or moro asslKiioos of his es
tato; nnd tliat tlio pnymont of any dcbU nnd
tlio delivery ot any proporty buloiiKins to
auld dubtor, to him or fnr his use, and tho
transfurot any proporty by him, aro torbid.
don by law.
Dntcd at .Middlebury, thU lOthday of Fobru
nir, InSS.
lly tho Court. 7
Attest : GEO ItG E E . KN'A l'l', Heglstor.
K 1 llUoil, M.
Do lt reineinbcred, Tliat nt a scssinn of the
l'robato Court holdon at Middlebury, withln
nnd lor tho Dlstrlct of Addison, on thu 25th
day ot .Tnmmry, A. I. 1SSS.
rrosont : Hon. I.vmau E. Knanit. .Tudirn.
Whercas, .1. W. llalladay, adiiiinlstrator of
bury, ln sald dlstrict, deccnscd, has thls da
nrosontcd to sald court. his notltion in wri
iuu usuiio 01 uonn .jacKson, laio ol .MUIdle
niK, settlng fortli, that it will bo noccssary to
toll n part of tho roal estato of tho sald do-1
ceased, lor tho paymont of tho dcbts nnd I
charfrcs of uilmlnlstratlou; and also tliat lt
wlll be boui'flcial for all nartics lntor(!atcd
thorcin to sull tho wholu ottbo roal ctnto of
sald di'coaspd, nnd thoroln uinkiiignpplictitioii
tosaid court tor licensoto mako such sale.
And sald adiiiinlstrator hnviuK producod to
sald court tho asscnt ln wrltini; ol nll tho
ht'lrs rcsidiiiKlu thlsStato, intorostod In said
ronl cstato, It Is ordcrud tliat nll pcrsons lu
tcrcstiMl 111 tho cstato ofjsaid dcceascd.bo no
tltlcdtoappear butnrosaid court, at tho pro
bato offlco ln Middlebury, ln sald dlstrlct on
tho 5th day ot Mnrch, A. I). 1(188, nt 10 o'clock
n. m., by publlcation ot thls order, threo
woiiks succcssivoly pruvtous thcreto, ln tho
Middlebury ItcKlstor, n nowspapor irinted
nt Middlebury nibresald, to show causo, Itany
thoy may havo, why sald llcenso should not
bo granted.
7 GEOHGE E. ICNAl'lMlcglster.
Adillaou, ss.
Ho it remeiiibered, that nt n scsslon of tho
l'robato Court holdon nt Middlebury, withln
nnd lor said dlstrlct on tho fltli day ot Fcbm
iirv, A. 1). 18tw.
I'resont : Hon. Lymnn E. Knapp, Judno.
Wliereas, Wm.I..llc!knapp,iuluiinlstratorot
tho estato of.Iohn M.KliiK.latoof Middlebury,
lu said dlstrlct dcceuscd, has thls day pro.
sented to sald court his pctltlon In wrltlnir,
scttlnK forth, that it wlll bo nccessary to sell
thowholoot tho rcal estato ot sald deccased,
lor tho pavincnt of tlio dfbts and clnuges ol ad
mlnlstrutlnn; nnd nlso thnt lt wlll bo bcnefl.
clal for all pnrtlcs tnterestcd theretn tn sell
tho wholo ot tlio real cstato ot sald deconscd,
nnd thoroln maklni; nppllcation to sald court
for llcenso to mako such snlo. It ls onlercd,
thnt all porsons lnturestcd in tho estnte ot
sald deceascd, bo notltled to nppenr beforo
sald court, at the probato offlco ln Middlo.
bury, ln sald dlstrlct, on thofith ilny ot Mnrch,
A. D. lS88,at 10 o'clock u. 111., by publicntlnu
ol thls order, threo woeks successlvely provi
011s tliereto, in tho Middlebury ltcKUtcr, n
uowspapor prlntcd nt Middlebury ntoresald,
to bIiow causo, if nny thoy may havo, why sald
llcenso should not bn Rrantcd.
7 GEOltGK E. KXAl'r, ltcgtstcr.
Reaay-Made ClolbiM
In itreaf varicty of stylcB and at vnrioi.s frlcce
1 1 suit thc wants of all iu necd of clnlhliic aod
as the same gnods can bc had for anywhcrt
Call, lnspcct lils goodh and eatlsfy tourBclvc
that thc abovc etatcincnte aro facts. 111b stock It
andcontalns morc b.irgains. Thc novcltlrs lu
Hats and Caps,
Ilavliiir a ttnc nsuorlmeiit of tlic mosi fnshlon
iblc fabrics n r
Dress Suits, Business SuitBj
and Men's ucar jencrally, hr nlll cu them lc
thc Intcst elylcs anil mnkc flicni up tn n tnb
stantlal maniK-r and nt lldTTOM 1'lilCES.
Scpt. 1, 18S7. MIDDI.EIll'UY, VT.
K. Brown's Iron and Quinine Bitters,
for strengtheninq the bones, muscles
and nerves, and for the cure of Dyspep
sia, Indigestion, Nervous Prostration,
General Debiuty, Fever and Ague, &c,
I110X F0U THE ItLOOl).
. and Q. Bitters for Everybody.
Price, 8oz. 50c. and 16oz. $1.00.
H.K BROWN & C0., Prop's, Burlington, Vt.
Aro you dlsturbed nt niKht nnd broken 01
your rest by 11 slck chlld suircrlnt; nnd crylnff
with pain ot cuttint; tei-tli? It so, send at
onco and et n bottlo or Mns. Wissuiw's
Its vnluo Is Inoalculablo. lt wlll rolluvotho
poor littlo sutrcrer Inimediatoly. Depond up
on lt, inotliers, thoro ls no mlstuko ubout lt.
lt cures dysentery nnd dlarrluua, regulntcs
tho stoniach nnd bowols, cures wlnd collc,
sottens tlio KUius, reduces lutlaminatlon, and
Ulves tono and enersy to tho wholo system.
Mns. Winslow's Suotiiiso Sl'UUI' KOU ClllL.
hiikk Tketiiiso Is plcasant to tho tnsto, nnd
ls thoproscriptlon ot ono of tho oldest and
best feiunlo mirses nml phvslclnns In tho I'nl
ted States. and ls lor salo by nll ilint,'Klts
througliout tho world. l'rlco cents a bot-
lo. 41-iy
For Llvcr, Illle, lndlgcsttnn, cto. Freo rrom
Morcnry; coutalns only l'uro Vegctablo ln-
Srodlcnts. Agcnt; C, IV. CIUTTKIVttOX.
Iw York. Hyj

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