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NO. 5.
Beginning Friday,
Jan. 24
Overcoat Sale
, 5 oo Overcoats,
4- 25
Suit Sale
$ 5 oo Suits,
1 25
7 50 Overcoats, I 7 50 Suits,
now 5 75 1 now 5 75
o 00 Overcoats, 10 00 Suits,
now S OO now S OO
- 00 Overcoats, 1 2 00 Suits,
now 0 OO now ) OO
5 00 Overcoats, 15 00 Suits,
now 11 OO now 11 OO
S 00 Overcoats; 18 00 Suits,
now 14 00 now 11 00
20 00 Overcoats, c .
1 tr 20 00 Suits,
now 0 00 ' , r fu
now lo 00
.25 00 Overcoats, 25 00 Suits,
now 1S 00 now 1S 00
A Well-known Cornwall Rcsldent
Passes Away Aftcr Long lllness.
Augustin Muller, agcd 70 years, died
nt his hotne in Cornwall on Saturday
morninc at 0:30 o'clock. Mr. Muller
had been ill for some time with cancer
of the stomach, which was the cnuso of
his doath. He was onc of the best
known farmers in Addison county and
was vcry successful in the raising of
cattle and was a shrewd investor in
farmiiiR lands. Mr. Muller was born in
St. Valentine, P. Q., and came to the
States when 17 years of age, settling
in Cornwall, where he spent the re
mainder of his life. He was married in
1870 to Mary Ella Shackett. They had
five children, two of whom have died.
He is survlved hy his wife, one daugh
ter, Mrs. Iloy Vancelette, and two sons,
I.ouis AuRUstine and Emery Edward
Muller, all of Cornwall. The funeral
was held at St. Mary's Catholic church
Tuesday morninf;at 9 o'clock. Itev. J. J.
Iioyleof Brandon conducted'the services
at the church and also at the jjrave jn
the absence of Hev. J. D. Slmnnon.
The buriul was in the Catholic ceme
tery. A larffe niunbpr of friends from
Cornwall, Middlebury and other sur-
Mr. and Mrs.John H. Sargent Re
model Allcn House-
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sargent have
purchased the Allcn House on Washing
ton street from L. 0. Allcn and took
posession of the propcrty on Saturday
last. Mr. Allen gets in cxchangc as a
part of the consideration, the fine new
rosidence on Court streot, which the
Sargents built thepast season.
The hotel has been re-named "The
Middlebury Inn" and will be opened for
the accommodation of the public in
about two weeks, or as soon as exten
sivc altcrations on the first story, al
ready begun, can be completed. The
house was largely rebuilt during the
past year and with the other changes
in contemplation completed will makc
a higb grado up-to-date hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Sargent have been in
the hotel business in Middlebury most
of the time for nearly 30 years, more
than 21 of which were spent in the
Logan house on I'ark street, which Mr.
Surgent at various times enlarged and re
modeled and which became and remaincd
a very popular house. Eight years ago
thev sold this propcrty to Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Lawronce, who managed the
rounding towns attended, which showed i house suecessfully for four years. In
the close friendship he held with his
i neighbors nnd acquaintoncfs Mr.
j Muller bore his long and painful suHer
I ings rnanfully and without a word of
i complaint, and when the end came
I seemed ready for the great beyond.
The bearers were William IJissett,
I William Lavalley, Edward P. Seymour,
the ineanwhile the Sargents purchased
the old Pierce house on Court street and
this they so largely reconstructed as to
make it practically a new house. This
hotel they conducted for four years and
then sold it to Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. O'Connell, who are still in
possession. After looking around
Ives & Shambo,
Henry Vancelette, Gilbert Dumas and for some months they bought back the
Frank Nison. , Logan house from Mr. and Mrs. Law-
rence and finally sold it again in the
Funeral of Bernard Grace. j fall of 1911 to Mr. and Mrs. John H.
The funeral of Bernard Grace, who Uurns, who are still in possession.
died on Friday morning as the result of And now comes the latest change, mak
a fractured skull and other injuries ing the Sargents proprietor of the third
which he received through a fall on the ; ilotel they have owned in this town.
walk in the Addison house parkThurs-j
day morning, was held at St. Mary's
Catholic church Sunday atternoon at 3
.Mr. and Mrs. Sargent have always
run a clean and respectable house, al
ways had a large natronage in their
Something that will give you more Ueal Sorvice and Solid
Cimfoit than you've ever iiaii before, try a pair of Elite Shoes
for men or Queen (Juality and Grover for la.hes. Vlf you're a
little hard to flt, we've got leathers and lastn that can't help
but nppeal to your good tnsto rml judyini'iit. in faet wo'll
shuw you more notable styles in v,n lous lemhers than youU
tee- in any other store in this becliiin and our gnarantee goen
with every pair. tWe have a nico ussoitment of Phonograph
Records for the ditferent disk machine?. Como in and hear
them. lore Shoes added to our Bargain Tablen. l)o not
ask U3 for credit Our Terms are Cahb.
TIic IHfj Slioc Storu
o'clock and was largely attended. The various hotel ventures, so that a similar
remains rested in a black broad cloth cxperience may be looked for now.
rjket. Hev. Fr. J. D. Shannon con- j And it may be further said of them
ducted the services at the church and at I that they never disposed of a piece of
the grave. A mass was celebrated on j property which they did not tum over
Saturday morning for the repose of his to their succcssors in a greatly im
soul. Mr. Grace was a life-long resi-1 proved condition from what it was
dent of Middlebury and had many when they acquired it.
friends who deeply feel his untimely
death. The bearers were Bart Landeis, j, S. IVIoran Leavcs for Virginia.
.lames Barron, George T. Kidder, Mr. un(j m,.s. j, sterling Moran and
George N. Shambo, Daniel T. McCor- family will leave tonight (Friday) for
mack and Edward Hughes. Burial was Ashbum. Va.. the native home of
Mr. Moran, where they will reside.
Mr. Moran has been in ill health for
, some time, the result of an operation
for appendicitis which hesuirered sev
,' eral months ago, and which necessitated
his resignation as county secretary of
! the Y. M. C. A., which position he held
, and filled with marked ability for sev-
eral years until forced to resign to seek
, in the family lot in the West cemetery
1 besicle the remains of his parents.
Birthday Anniversary.
Dr. Merritt II. Eddy arrived at his
eightieth birthday on Saturday, having
been born in Winhall, this State, on
January 23, 1333. Dr. Eddy prepared
for college in the Black Iliver academy
at Ludlow and at the Burr and Burton t heath and strength. During his resi-
semmary in Manchester. Atter his (Junco in this section Mr. Moran has
graduation from Middlebury college, in , been a zealous and untiring worker
the class of 1800, he was principal of j jn the cause of the Y. M. C. A. and
the Ticonderoga, N. Y., graded school much of the good accomplished along
for three years and then studied medi-1 these lines is to his credit. The many
cine at the Ilarvard Medical school dur-, friends of Mr. and Mrs. Moran will
ing 1SG3 and 1801 and at the University l deeply regret their departure from this
of Vermont Medical school from 1SG4 to t0wn and hopes for a speedy recovery
1805. Since 1SG3 he has been a practic-1 ami Well wishes will accompany them
ing physician in Middlebury, lle is a 0n their journey. Lyman E. Morhouso,
very hale and hearty man of his ago. ; a graduate of Middlebury college in the
His only son. Dr. Stnnton S. Eddy, is j cass of S)I0 wj)) take up the duties as
one of the young physicians of Middle- county secretary for Addison County
bury and has a wide practice. Dr. I an(j Ui-andon.
Eddy married in April, 1807, Louise M. j
Seely, a sister of Prof. Ilenry M. I Middlebury Dinner.
Seely, a member of the faculty of Mid- j The annual banquet of the New York
dlebury college from 18G1-18G5. ! Alumni association of Middlebury col-
There were a large number of con- lege is to be held at Delmonico's this
gratulations by mail and otherwise on eveniug. President Thomas, Dean
his birthday and many friends called at 1 Lambert, and John A. Fletcher are in
his home to extend best wishes on the j attendance from Middlebury, and also
occasion. the college (juartette.
That we are headquarters for feeds of
all kinds that are profitable to use.
A car of corn goods this week at the
lowest price that you will see this
wlnter. Call us up.
"The Big Store"
Salisbury, :: Vermont.
and get your share of the
money saving bargains of
fered by
Main Street
Middlebury, -:- -:- Vermont.
hen you are wealt and dehilitated there is troublo in regaining
your vitality becauso all of tho organs of the body are dehilitated.
lour henrt, Btomach, liver and kidneys must be able to work
harder before you can be built up. That is why our
is so efTective a remedy in any run.down condition. It renews
the aetivity of the vital organs and supplies material to make new
blood and to revitalizu the nervo centers.
Price 89c for Full Pint Bottle.
Sheldon's Rexall Store,
orrosiTi: post office,
H. A. Sheldon, 1847. Dr. W. H. Sheldon, 19 13.
Six Reasons Why Every Enterprisine: House
Wife Should Use the UNIVERSAL
FIRST Because they are the best.
SECOND Because they are easily cleaned.
THIRD Because they will last longer and give better service than any
other make.
FOURTH Because they will chp any kind of meat and make a tough
steak taste like the best porterhouse steak you ever tasted.
FIFTH You can grind Horsetadish, Cabbage, Potatoes, Crackers, Cod
fish, and in fact, anything you wish to grind.
SIXTH Because it keeps peace in the family.
If you will come lo our store we will be glad to tell you more about this
chopper. No trouble for us to show goods.
John H. Stewart,
Stock Enough
For a town of 10,000 inhabitants
Means Better Selections. Our mis
fortune but your gain because we
have to cut the price to put it
where it belongs.
At One Fourth Off
You ought to take advantage of
the opportunity and stock up.
It's not a soheme to get your
money, but a chance for you to
save some.
I Oheney & Oo., I
H niodcni Aiucrlcnu Clotliicrs I
I 38 Main St.. Middlebury. Vt. I

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