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NO. 8.
We Are Overloaded on
Boys' Knee Pant Suits
and Must Reduce
Thursday, February 20, until Saturday, March 1. &ny Knee
Pant Suit at One-Half Price.
This Means to You
Boys $7 00 Suit for 3 50
Boys' 6 00 " " ... 3 00
Boys' s 00 " " - - - 2 50
Boys' 4 00 " " - - - 2 00
Boys' 3 00 " ' - - - 1 50
Boys' 2 00 " " - - - 1 00
Boys' 1 50 " " - - - 75 cts.
Sizes Three to Seventeen Years.
Note; double co-operative coupons during this sale; bring
your coupons Saturday, March ist. The party having the
most coupons gets Five Dollars in Trade.
Ives & Sha
cti i;u block
This $5.00 Razor
at Introductory '
m ! S
1 H
ky ; .1
i : 'i
I am the
Mode in the tmportant Mountalns
of the Old World.
Through the generosity of the Appa
lachian club of Boston the Bread Loaf
section of the Green Mountain club has
an opportunity to show to the people of
Middlebury a part of the most wonder
ful collection of mountain views in cx
istence. They will be on exhibition in the new
High school on Monday February 24th
frotn 3:30 to G and from 7 until 10 p. m.
There is no cxpensc to the public.
The pictures were made by Vittorio
Sella, who was born at Biella, 1859, in
northern Italy, under the shadow of
Mt. IMane and Mo'nte Itosa. Ilis
achicvements in mountaineering and
photography are suflicicntly monu
mental to have contented any ordinary
man as a life work, but these pursuits
have bcen the rccreation of Vittorio
Sella as since early manhood he has
been actively engaged in his large busi
ncss interests, the ancestral woolen
manufactory of his family at Biella.
From 1880 until 1890 he made annual
forays into the important mountains of
Europe. In 1897 he accompanied the
Duke of Abruzzi on his expedition to
Mt. St. Elias. Again in 1899 he is found
far afleld when he accompanied the
Freshfield expedition into the high Him
alayas of Sikhim and Nepal.
In 190G Sella accompanied that hardy
explorer, the Duke of Abruzzi, on the
expedition to Mt. Purvenzon in equa
torial Africa, and 1909 found him in the
Himalayas ot Kashmir, attempting the
ascent of K, and making a record in the
climb of Bride Peak.
A review from the Nation on the
book of the Runvenzon expedition says:
"The reproduction of the splendid pho
tographs, nearly 200 in number, by a
member of the expedition, Cavalier
UfHciale Vittorio Sella, (evidently
knighted for his achievements), make
this volume one of the most sumptuous
books of travel within our knowledge.
The wonderful beauty o'f the represen
tations of the forests and the superb
panoramic views of the range, it is im
possiblc to describe.
Prof. Charles E. Fay of Tuf ts collego
sometime president of the Appalachian
ciub and the American Alpine club orig
inated the movement by which the Ap
palachian club began its Sella collection.
One hundred and fifty of its members
contributed to the purchase of 400 pic
tures, including the Alpine and Cau
casus groups. Vittorio Sella himself,
an honorary member of the Appala
chian club, generously presented the
club with an additional set from the
Caucasus, a series from the Mt. St.
Elias expedition, and the pictures taken
on the Freshfield expedition. A second
club subscription has secured the Ru
venzori and Kashmir expedition photo
graphs. The Appalachian club has freely
loancd selections from this collection to
the libraries throughout Massachusetts,
nnd is now generous to its younger sis
tor, the Green Mountain club, in loaning
about 100 photographs from this collec
tion for exhibition at Burlington, Mid
dlebury, Brandon and Rutland. The
exhibit will have representative pictures
from the 11 Alpine regionsand from the
six regions of the Caucasus, and from
the Himalayas of the Freshfield expedition.
Banquot and Buslness Meetlng
Held at Masonlc Halt.
Nearly two hundred Methodists sat
down to a splendidly prepared banquet
in Masonic halt on Wednesday evening.
The banquet was served by the Ladies
Aid society, assistcd by the social de
partment of the Epworth Ieague. The
hall was beautifully decorated by the
social committee of the league. After
the banquet a brief program, consisting
of music, readings and an address by
Dr. Coleman, the superintendent of the
Burlington district, on "The Social Life
of the Church," followed by the busi
ness of the Fourth Quarterly confer
ence of the church. The reports of the
various departments of the church in
dicated progress and gavc reason for
Thefollowing oflicers were appointed
for the ensuing year: Trustees of
church and parsonage property, Prof.
H. M. Scely, Dr. M. H. Eddy, V. N.
Cady, C. G. Cady, William Jackson, W.
K. Foster, N. A. Brooks, Prof. M. R.
Sanford, H. A. Peck, G. E. Marshall;
stewards, II. M. Seely, W. N. Cady, II.
N. Dow, Prof. F. W. Cady, Dr. S. S.
Eddy, H. M. Bain, W. S. Huntley, S.
B. Aines, C. II. Bain, W. E. Clement,
F. V. Bacon, O. H. Flannagan, Charles
Youtt, M. E. Damon, Theodore Foster;
Prof. J. A. Morgan, president of the
Epworth league, Prof. F. V. Cady and
A. E. Austin, local preachers.
The following committces were ap
pointed: On foreign missinns, Prof. II.
M. Seely, Prof. M. R. Sanford, Mrs.
M. H. Eddy; on homemissions, Mrs, H.
M. Seely, Dr. M. II. Eddy, Mrs. P. S.
Severance, Mrs. F. V. Bacon; on Sun
day schools, Mrs. G. E. Mead, Miss
Ruth Dow, Miss Mary Cady, Mrs. Fred
Hill; on tracts, O. H. Flannagan, Mrs.
H. N. Dow, Miss Mary Cady, Mrs.
Fred Hill; on temperance, G. E. Mar
shall, W. N. Cady, H. N. Dow, H. M.
Bain, C. G. Cady; on education, Prof.
M. R. Sanford, Prof. J. A. Morgan, Dr.
S. S. Eddy, Mrs. F. W. Cady; on freed
men's aid, C. H. Bain, Charles Youtt,
M. E. Damon; on hospitals, Dr. S. S.
Eddy, Prof. F. W. Cady, V. E. Clement;
on church records, Prof. Seely, W. N.
Cady; on auditing accounts, F. W.
Eacoi,; on paroonage and furniture, Mrs.
Huntley, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Aines, Mrs.
O. P. Moore, Mrs. H. M. Bain, Mrs.
' Morgan; on church music, Mrs. William
, Jackson, Mrs. J. E. Weeks, Prof. G. H.
I Cresse; president of the Ladies' Aid
society, Mrs. E. II. Martin; president of
the Woman's Foreign Missionary soci
ety, Mrs. F. C. Dyer; president of the
Woman's Home Missionary society,
Mrs. M. H. Eddy.
Oeath of John Thompson,
The remains of John Thompson, a
former resident of this village, were
brought here Saturday evening on the
ilyer and taken to the home of his
father-in-Iaw, William Cady, on Sey
mour street where the funeral was held
Monday at 11 o'clock. Rev. John Evans
Bold, roctor of St. Stephen's Episcopal
church ot this village, olliciated and the
burial was in the family lot in the West
cemetery. Mr. Thompson was at one
time employed as machinist at the
Beldens works and has many friends
here who were greatly pained to hear of
his death.
When you are weak and debilitated there ia troublo in regaining
your vitality becauso all of tho organa of the body are debilitated.
Your henrt, stoniacb, liver and kidneys must be able to work
harder beforo you can bo built up. That is why our
ia so effective a reinedy in any run-down condkion. It renews
the activity of tho vital organa and aupplies material to rnako new
blood and to revitalizo the nerve centers,
Price 89c for Full Pint Bottle.
Sheldon's Rexall Store
H. A. Sheldon, 1847. Dr. W. H. Sheldon, 1913.
Make Up
Your Mind
That the next time you are going to have a pair of shoes
that feel good on your feet, comfortable everywhere, and yet
exhibit the very latest style tendencies. Think of all the good
qualities you would like to get in your shoes, then come here.
We will gratify your fondest hopes.
Everything C?sh.
W. E. Clement,
The Big Shoe Store
Middlebury, Vt.
Take me for my Face Value.
Let us show you.
John H. Stewart,
Middlebury, Vt.
n 1
Fire at Power House.
About 10:30 Friday night an alarm
was sounded for a fire at the power
house of the Middlebury branch of the
Vermont Marble company. The fire de
partment were soon on the scene and
had the blaze extinguished in 11 short
time. The fire started from some oily
rags and ropo which were on the steel
tube that carries the water into the
wheel inside of the power house build
ing and was discovered by some of the
occupants of the Kidder block who were
in theback partof the building and saw
tho blaze which was just breaking
through. ThedamagewaB slight.
Students to Give Entertainment-
Eight Middlebury college students
will give a minstrel show at Allen's
hall, No. Ferrisburg Friday evening,
February 21. It will be under the
auspices of the Y. M. C. A. of No.
Ferrisburg. The program will consist
of songs, coon songs, musical stunts,
dialogues, jokes and a cotnedy entitled,
j "Ihe Automatic bervant liirl.
I The people of Addison co.unty are
spcaking very highly of the entertain
I ments which have been presented lately
by the college students. Ihis is no ex
ception and the people who miss it will
regret it.
That we are headquarters for feeds of
all kinds that are profitable to use.
A car of corn goods this week at the
lowest price that you will see this
winter. Call us up.
"The Big Store"
Salisbury, :: Vermont.
and get your share of the
money saving bargains of
fered by
Main Street
Middlebury, -: -:- Vermont.
$10 00 Suit or Overcoat,
12 00 " "
15 00 " "
16 50 "
iS 00 "
20 00 "
22 50 "
25 00 " ."
S 7 30
) 00
11 2o
1-2 :is
13 50
15 00
10 ss
IS 75
Remember we only ask you
to look. You are to be
the judge.
Oheney & Co.,
lUoclcm American Clotuler ,
38 Main St.. , .iMiMlfibMrv,. Vt, ,

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