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DECEMBER' 29, 1922?
Now is your chance to fill in your
Ivory Sets.
Frost's Pharmacy
5S ITInlu St.
A. D. S. Preparations.
Ten cents a Iine each instrtlon. Minimum
thsrjc 20 cenls.)
Terms strictly cash in advance.
THE l'RESCRIPTION SHOP MIDDLEBURY LOCAL3 Misa Mary Sullivan went Saturday to
... uorcnester, mass., to viait relatives.
Miss Mary Fletcher is visitmg Miss Jaaper Ferland of St. Albana ia visit
Laura Button in Brandon. jng his sister, Mrs. William Farrell Jr.
Next Monday, New Year's day, the A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Register officc will be closed. George Dwire of Court street Christ-
Judge and Mrs. C. I. Button spent masday.
Christmas in Brandon with relatives. George E. Abbey has returned from
Roger Ryan has returned after pass- visiting hia son, Luwrence Abbey of
ing several days with friends in Rut- New Ilaven.
land. I Darrell Butterfield passed Christmas
Philip Aines is in Pittsburg and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T.
other Pennsylvania cities for several Butterfield.
days. i John Halnon of Worcester, Mass.,
Mrs. Olive McCormick of Burling- passed Christmas with his mother, Mrs.
ton passed Christmas with relatives in Isabel Halnon.
town. . I Raymond Bruya of Belchertown,
Dr. Slocum of White River Junction Mass., ia visiting his parents, Mr. and
is a guest of his mother, Mrs. Jennie Mrs. E. H. Bruya.
Slocum. Mr. and Mrs. W. E.,Gorham of New
I 'Mrs. J. E. Condon is visiting her sis- York came Saturday morning to pass
ter, Mrs. E. A. Tobin, in North Ben- Christmaa here.
'nington. I William Ready of Burlington is in
Mr nnil Mrs. A. C. Talipr nassed town tO snend a few davs with hia
middlebury christmas with Mr. Taber's parents iti cousin, William Farrell, Sr.
Best in the world Vergennes. Miss Katherine Hammond of Brattle-
; Miss Theodora Crane has gone to boro passed Christmas with herparents,
Philadelphia to spend several days iir. ann Mrs. jonn Hammond.
with friends I Mr- an(l Mrs- Ralph Marcette and
Mrs. P. E. Dillon visited her sister, daughter, Edna, were guests of Mr.
Mrs. Theresa Brunelle, in Burlington and Mrs. R. F. Pinney, Tuesday.
during the week. I Mrs- "ichard Fericy has gono to
Dr. E. L. Cushman of Brooklyn, N. I Syracuse, N. Y to spent the holidays
Y., is a guest of his parents, Mr. and j wl'h Mr and Mrs. Michael Fericy.
Mrs 0 H Cushman. I Ine MissesGeorgtannaand Julia Par-
Mrs. Mary T. Wimette and daugh- of. Shoreham are in town to visit
ter, Agnes, are visiting relatives in ! th?'r sister, Mrs. Georpe L. Moore.
Rutland and Florence. . M.r- and Mrs. James Farrell of Rut-
Robert C. Ryder of Akron, 0., was a , Ia"d Pas9ed Christmas with her par
Christmas visitor of his parents, Mr. I & Mr. and Mrs. P. H. McMahon.
OYSTERS at Myrick's and Mrs. Eben C. Ryder. Uf. i .JNortnampion,
! Mr. and Mrs. Henry DeFreise and "B"v.18 own " a vlslt gher par-
'fhrPfi rhildren have returned to their ents, Mr. and Mra. Ransom R.O'Bryan.
Boneless FRESH FISH at Myrick's home in Brooklvn N Y vvarner fletcher and ArtherTrudeau,
Market. Mrs W II Brevster has returned ta?omt.tJinB th
t w t,nm !n Wirtfnrfl rnnn iftpr Christmas vacation with their parents
SPECIAL Chocolate Cararaels, 25c t0 h" horae . Conn- after here.
r,er 1b, at Healy's. ,SpSe Taylo a s udent at New AIMr' and Mrs- George Tupper of St.
CHAIR SEATS of all kinds at Yk i&Ttt
Gardner J. Duncan's. for the Christmas holidays Hathaway.
1 Mr. antl Mrs. G. W. Walker, who M f M p T j , , ,
ORANGES, Bananas, Dates and have been visiting their son, Wayne raol N H are vlsitine their narentt
Healy's. Walker, in Bridport, have returned Mr? and Mrs. John Doo at the Mid-
' T, ; ; ; ; ! Lawrence and Frank Cole ol Hart- deh,lrv inn
FOR SALE Good second hand fnr.i nnn mwd Christmas with n. , ,
nvp r.PD W Fissett mn 1 2 l'0n l'asseu r""slaf Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burke return-
-tove. Geo. W. Fassett. oltdp their parentS Mr, ami Mrs Fehx Cole. ed to their home in Shelburne Tuesday
SPECIAL Assorted Hard Candies, ! M- N.' J- Sa"fr0nrpd. a"'L "'. after passing Christmas with Mr. and
50c lb at Healv's Paulme, have returned from ten days Mrs Tnomas Corvin.
: 1 visit in New York city with Mrs. A. T. , Mrs Abbi(J Wiiey an( dauRhteri
FRESH and crispy Salted Peanuts, Lane. ' Miss Ellen Wiley of Ansonia, Conn.,
jnccial 2 ll 33c, at Calvi's. I Mrs. Joseph Novak, who has been at are spendinjr a few days with Mr. and
the Fannv Allen hospital in Burling-, Mrs. EdgarJ. Wiley.
YOl'TH'S Ovcrcoat, 2 pairs Shoes, ' ton for treatmcnt, has returned to her Mr. am Mrs, Dugald Stewart of
kates. Gardner J. Duncaii. home . Brooklyn, N. Y., were in town to spend
FHTIITS. randics. NL; a,l V, ! .. M5ss. atcA,?l ? Christmas with Mr. Stewart's parents,
' ' . nip Tnimir scnntjis iti v aiuuic. i. n.. r iinn rq . nnn n stnwnrt
in town to visit her parents, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stokes, and Mrs.
i a f t r . . . o c?-i. .n m tr ur i . i e .
next to J111" ijnuiao, otuiun iiiuLiiui , mrs. n. v . Junts, leil
Sectional Book Cases at Duncan's.
SPECIAL Peanut Brittle, 19c lb, at
'ables at Myrick's raarket.
MO ED to 74 Main St.,
ose lnus Gardner J. Duucan
I The Woman's Missionary society ol Saturday for Davtona Beach. Florida
the Congrcgational church will meet where thev will nass the winter.
WAN'TED Fresh Eggs and Live .at the home of Mrs. P. E. Mellen next Mr. and Mrs. Edward Higgins leave
oultry Wood's Market. j Tuesday afternoon, January 2. tomorrow for Florida. They will stop
.Miss Maucle Hoimes, nnotype oper- in bpnnglieKl nncl JNew York on the
My paslure in Leicester of 14 acres'ator with the Vermont printing com- way and will be at Eustis, Florida this
fsr sale T. J. Sumncr.
pnny, iirattieDoro, visiteu ner sis'er, winier.
' Mrs. J. J Ross, for two days this week. Judge and Mrs. Leonard Wing of
Mrs. Arthur Bristol, who has been Rutland, Mr. and Mrs. Barrrtt and
earinc for Eben C. Rvder for several children of Shelburne and Henry Kid-
KODAK finishine done at Kodak wceks, has been called to her home in der of Burlington were guests of Mr.
Slnrlin T.pnn Tnrnpr 10 Min ?t Lincoln. Her place will De nueu ny uim nirs. uuure n.iuuer. onnsimns.
I niest Djreau, Shannon St.
Mis Itilia Farrell of Rutland. W. H. Nichols, a widely known and
WANTEI) t once ten bushels ' Mrs. F. A. Farnsworth left for New successlul Vermont newspaper cun
od clcan H-heat. H. B. Hagar. 52tli York city Thurday and on Saturday vasser and who has recently thoroughly
witli Mrs. iimotny Acviue vergennes vmcu mi; niaiu uciu auum muy
Kipling at Hla Best Wrotc With Com
plete Comprehenslon of Their
Many Charms.
Thlrty years ago, Rudyard Klpllng
found the American glrl above com
parc. In "American Notea" he sald of
"Sweet and comely are the maldens
of Devonshire; dellcate and of graclous
scenilng those who llve in the pleasant
places of London; fasclnatlng for all
their dcmureness the damselB of
Frnnce cllnglng closely to their moth
ers, and with large eyes wonderlng at
the wicked world; excellent In her
own pluce and to those who under
stand her ls the Anglo-Indlan 'spln' in
her second season; but the glrls of
Amorica are above and beyond them
all. They are clever; they can talk.
lea, it ls sald that they thlnk. They
are Instructed In the folly and vanlty
of the male mlnd, for they have asso
ciated with 'the boys' from boyhocW,
and can discernlngly mlnlster to both
vlces, or pleasantly snub the possessor.
As certaln of their own pocts have
Man' i.s nre and woman la tow,
And the devll he comes and beglns to
"In Amerlca the tow Is soaked In a
solution that malies it flreproof, In ab
solute Uherty and large knowledge;
consequently accldents do not esceed
the rogular percentage arrnnged by
the devil for each class and cllmate
under the skles."
SEVEN PASSEMGER PACKARD will sail for Panama City, Pauama, to subscribers, is at the Middlebury Inn,
for hire. Gorhatn Bros., 120-3 23tf spend the winter with her son, Frank. where he will passa week before con-
At the Methodist church last Stin- ""uiub m uia mi anuuia aciu.
services ap-
propnate to the Christmas season and
Dr. Burrage read Dickens' Christmas rulwulc ol nia impondofce.
Carol. After the church service the Incstlmnbh' viiltii- ma.v he ilerivcd
,TAT , i At tiie .Metiiouisi cnurc
. ,SPCIAJ, Marshla!1?"' Xut Cakc. ,iay Cvcnins therc were
Irr 2Sc They are dehcious, at Calvi's. ))rn,)riate to the Christma
TO REXT Seven room tencment,
eam he.r, etc. E. C. Gorham. 4itf
ynung people sang carols about the from the stticly of rolklore In all its
Whole Lot Better Than Keeping Con
stant Watch for Maraudlng Band
. of Chickens.
One tlme wlien Frank Wallace, state
entomologlst, was a smull boy, says
the IndlanapolLs Star, his father as
slgned hlin to guard a garden from a
maraudbig band of chickens from a
nelghbor's coop. Frank dld not llke
the Idea of wastlng his preclous hoyish
tlme on unprlnclpled chickens and set
his wlts to worklng.
He bored holes through gralns of
corn, tled notes to the end of a thread
atlached to the gralns and set the balt.
Tlu foolish ralders fell for the trick.
Frlghtened by the flutterlng notes a
few inchfs from the ends of their bllls
and the sensatlon of the threads in
their throats, the chickens went rly
lng home and tore aronnd the yard.
This attracted the owncr and the
chickens were caught and notes read.
This Is what they read:
"I've bi'en over to Wallace's this
Tlic next day the same tlilng oc
ctirred and this ls what the notes sald
that day:
"I sct-iitclied out Wnllnue's onlon
bed today."
On the thlrd day tlie notes read:
"Say, now llsten: This Is the last
day I'm going over to Wallace's and
ooiiie back allve."
Thcri' wa-; no fniirtli day to the
T -iST CALL for Christmas candy, streets and the Community Christmas branches, and prlnclpally from Its story exccpt that Ihc owncr of the
11 ner U ? fnr '.'kv :il Hp.tK-'s Hnn'f tree
i.. . it T. S. Gregory has recently complet-
ed and erccted a radio set at his nat-
BEAl TIFUL VERMONT" by terv station at Zeno's Garage. The ap
latc Nuttiug, S3..")() prepaid. C. F. paratus was tried out for the first timc
'ECIAL lirick Ice Crpam combi
W 'iis for New Year's. Leave ordcrs
' alvi's
niuslc and poetry. Where hlstory re-
lntes deeils of pxtraonliiinry Iraport,
forklore with its songs euables us to
analyze the eleineiits that were re-
W,1nc,1.,., pvnnincr itwl nrnvnf vprv oJU"'ie ior uieill iiiiu unriners uie
;.r AT- r n K1 CaUS(K for tllPfiO lll'f( S. V I P his.
to tune in on all tlie Smpnrtant'hroad- tory deals wltli the nutward actlons J Krlptural statute of lindtatlons. After
casting stations in the East. of mon. folkloro deals with their "" yu owe n actlve dutles; for
Christmas exercises and a tree for Uiouchts. ! yn the strenuotis llfe Is over. You
chickens and the fntl.rr of yming Wal
lace neaily got into a liyht.
Mustered Out at 70.
Three score years and ten! It Is the
N TICh Came tu me December 10,
'.lack jnd tan hound. Eugene
kett, R. F. D. 1.
the nrimarv departtncnt of the Sunday
school of the Congreeational church
y)ti were held iti the vestry last Saturday
T J afternoon. On Saturday evening the
VNTED A farm to rent, or on intermediate department held appro
cs, witli 10 or f)0 cowv Ed. Prieur, l"ate exercises and gave a Christmas
i Dunmore, Vt. ,')lt2p play.
i There will lie a meeting of the Wo-
V NTED -Registered Avrshire man's Auxiliarv of St. Stephen's
For glasses, see Dr. Slader, Optom
etrist, at the Sargent, Tuesday, Janu
ary 9.
are a tlme-explred man, to usu Klp
ling's mllltary phrase: You 'iave
sen'ed your term, well or les well,
and you are mustered out. Mark
Twain n his 70th hlrthday.
for ltnmediate service.
SaliiLrry, Vt
C L. Ilar- church Tuesday. Tanuary 2, at tlu
.")2tlp home of Mrs. Isaac Sterns on High
" , . . , " i - "; , street. Deaconess Stewart and Miss
. )R bA! r. -- - .r 't wood S3.00 per Wheeler (Hstrict vicc.presjdent, will
. i T ' 1 m'!1 'VJ1 Pun Pnnts. a(i,lress the meeting. All are cordially
i '' - j invitcd.
nv is the time ior Picture Fram-1 X- A- Scymour and Frcd Chayer
- . New line just in. oval convcxi,,ave "tlv received two browu fer
f ',es. Gardner J. Duncan. rets wh.ch they are h. use m rabbit
. liuntmg. The little hunters came frntn
11. MOST BEA "TIFUL gift ! Oswego, N. Y., and are said to be very
1 ' seeu Middlehurv at'tamc and alrcany are very lncmuy.
lc'i': them over. ,As non : mtii'zlcs arrive for thctn
their skill in the bush will be tested by
Messrs. Chayer and Seymour, who cn-
1. liUit Portland !)ect tq bag rabbits galore this winter
'.e seen at I)r. Tl,P childrpn of the church scliool of
TTTE AI'I'RECIATE your valued patronage duriiig the year just
vv closed, and to merit a continuation of your 1'nendship will be
our aim.
We widh you a
Ages of Common Tfcm.
The heart of the oommoa oak, It
Is sald, beglnfl to rot at the age of
300 years, so even wbcn on oak is
undl.ittirbed it rarely lives much be
yond 500 yearB. A larch may live
275 years, t silver flr 425, and a ptne
over 500 years. The yew has a re
markable power of reslitlng tlme's
ravages, and may survlve for 1,008
years or more.
Dr. H. A. Pike, graduate optometrist
and eyesight specialist, will be at The
Middlebury Inn Tuesday and Wednes
day, Jan. 2 and 3. All prices reduced.
Telephoae appointmeat. Regular
World'i Largeat Boiler.
A boller capable of heatlng 1,000
elght-room houses has just beco
placed in operation in Detrott St
measnres 19 by 20 feet inslde, and tba
helght from the grate bare to tho tfip
of the plpe colls ls 35 feet. It can
tnrn 190,000 pounds of water into
steam In a slngle hour, requiring Vb
tons of coal to accompllsh this feat
Water Lllles as Food.
From the Iowa conservatlon board
comes the suggestlon that we grow
water lllles as a staple artlcle of food
It ls clalmed that the ltly, when peeled
and nolled, Is as farlnaceous and taste
ful as the potato.
' seen m
- ( liiii in ,i
rn r is right.
R SLB-A g'm
.'1 riKht. C-'
' !!!!.' barn
iddlchnrv, R
r.,I crift-
R -iM. -Pair ma colts comnm' f ,,, 'i.:i,i, fr .i,,vu ,fct,. ?
old Dair,- native Mor- lnens vere wvet After the exercises
. IVrcherons Pnce Yight for for the cllil(Iren there was a social
' ' uLme ,a'ld ,se: meeting of the parish and refreshments
.1" r Son, Weybnd.e IIill. jltf r 0,i.ilt ' ,i.c ,t pnrtf, .r
Culiiiiibin Urnfonnln.s, Jidison Tiilkinjj Machiius,
aiui UvvorcK on las,, aniiciih
Orders Taken For All Kinds of Papers arj Perioa'icals
has. W. Mat- St. Stephen's eujoyed a Christmas tree 4444044&44O-O I
Xo ."). ."lt2 at the rectorv Tuesday night. Santa
Claus appeared
" Econoray is new to the keystone of charactcr and succesi.
A bojr that is tiught to save his money will rarely be a bad nun or a
faiture. The maa who saves will rise in his trade or profession
steadily : this is inevitable." Gladstonc.
This Bank pays interest on Savings Deposits at the race of
Wz P. c- per annum.
W. B. FRENCH, Preaidtnt
E. E. YOUNG, Vlce Piuldtnl
0. L. WELLS, Cuhlei
t ' t
Tom .11 ix in
I A 3tory in which Tom Mix's horse takes the leading roti. Ic ii a
i picture that you will enioy.
Z Rutli Rolaml in
Pathc Reicw
Two Shows 7:1' ani '3:40 Prices joc and ac
Rudolplt Ynlciitino and Liln Lee in J
Story by the author of "The Four Horsemen " and produced by the
man who made the " Three Musketeers."
I'athc New aiiti Special ?Iusic X
Two Shows-7:1" ani S:40
Prices 17 and 30c J
Same as Wednesday
' Special Cast in
A western dramiot" plotting yillians. a tighting hero and a bra
Two Shows T:l ind 8:10
ve girl. X
Prices 10c and 20c t
Noiiim Talinacl'c iti
J Coniedj and News
Two Shows-7:1" ani :4"
Priee.s ioc and 20c 4
'i. SAT.E Dry hard stove wood,
ilf wiite hirch. put in !ied early
rinu:, averaging 13 and 1 1 inches
1 50 Good eatin? and cooking
. 1, .-() pouuds S100 Good Tim
.ny with a verv little cln-.vr, S10.
i-d Iioracc iiow .jOtSp
' served.
IBetsey Buttles Tea House
Jost Limi Di7ni!.r"
26 Court Street
Telephone 10U
New Fall Samples
$25 to $50
Mlddlcburf -:- Vermont
tVew Cobb Blotk.
of MifHiIt l)nr.v
.L'XDAV. DECF.MB! " "1
BIUI.E SCHOOL 9:30 a. tn Junior De
partment. SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP 10,15 ,
Sermon by I'rof. Vernon C. Harring
I ton.
I termediate and senior departments.
i Classes for all and a hearty welcome.
j Community Men's Bible Class in Me
morial Baptist Church. 1
iCHRISTIAN ENDRAVOR 7:00 in the es-1
I try. 1
, at the Memorial Baptist Church. Mr. I
j Newell will speak. 1
iviuiNUrti, r.M p. m. veeK 01 rrayer.
Umon Prayer Meeting at the Metho-
dist Church.
TUESDAY. 3:00 p. m. -Regular meetivig
of the Woman's Missionary Society
at the home of Mrs. P. E. 'Mellen,
South Street.
TUESDAY. 7:30 p. m. Union Prayer
Meeting at the Memorial Baptist
WEDNESDAY, 7:30 p. m.-Union Prayer
Meetinu in the vestry.
THURSDAY 7:30 p. m.-Mid-week Prayer
r . : j : . i . .
F". E fE I 1 !
A Very Pretty
Given Away
ITII every 2 packagts of
Tcaberry Criiin you pttr-
chase at the regular price, 5c
a package, yougeta free guess
on the nmuber of cranberries
in a glass jar.
The customer that guesses
the uearest to the right num-
ber receives this handsoine
Don't forget to call for the
every week for your Sunday
niorning breakfast.
Boudreau9s Grocery
Our 'Best AJbertising: "Somebodv Tells Somebody"
Wishing all of our patrons a Happy and I'rospet
ous New Year, wepass 011 to the more important
fact that during' 1923 we intend to give the people
of Addison County more for their money in the
shapeof inerchandise than ever before. With our
store enlarged to nearly double its present capacity,
we will be enabled to inake a finer showing of the
high-grade stock we intend to carry.
Watch for atinouncements in this paper which
will help to keep you informed as to just what we
are going to do in 1923.
Remamher you alivaya pay tea for the beat at
Middlebury Supply Go.
Tho Store That Satlsfles
Lazarus Block Formerly Chapman Block Middlebury. Vt.
Telephone No. 52-2
4ieeuug in uie vebiiy

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