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by fiocd policies in strong companies with
Prcl Scttbccnt in Cccc o! Loss
b xhat every property owner should have.
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CQirad Si Oailes
234 S. Beech Street
z:: - jt::::::
SEABREEZE, May 9. Saturday
morning It was reported by a white
man coming down from Ormond that
an automobile with, no tires on the
rear wheels had been abandoned In
the road, about half way between Or
mond and Seabreeze.
The automobile management com
muntcated this Information to Mar
shals Lowe and Bennett, of Seabreeze
and Daytona Beach. They started on
a search for the automobile and found
it as had been reported. It proved to
be a car belonging to George W. Card
ner, of Seabreeie, and Minneapolis,
Minn., who had it stored in his gar
age on North Halifax avenue Just be-
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lata. If net cjci:- v
htrth a faw day cr C
t a O. MeSrfi v
the belief of the phyricUa lt axu
Ht and thrive. '
area lanywa
Copyright, 1W. by the UcClur Newspa
per Syndicate.)
Sally gad eontemplaUvely at the
little set of chlnU-covered drawers
that she had indulged In by way of
celebratlngHhe occasion of having sow
T WBH tSftMY UW w I il I.
iiamAif to nurchase something for tne .lMa(. . grandmother of ttrta.
. . - - . nron T . .. I
equipment oi ner wnuu - l an was married at me -1 n t7 "Orf
ueh riorious arrival of a check. f". , t.. t her oresent hustxxi r
"" . All I LOQU M
234 iC
fore he left for the north about three
I weeks ago. Mr. Gardner had taken I looked through her file and
the precaution to remove the tires I ner Bcrap books, but the manuscript
from the automobile so mat it mignt i remained In its hiding place, eua
not be available for ready us in Just ieniy she remembered that she .had
such a case as happened. However, it I sold an old file case.
seems that the thief was not so read
er . trrito fmm morning until I . mM- .nr old. Botlf crt
.nwn no.N she told herself hap- . v..Ui.. rv stock, though cnrxl
pily. "I must sell another story be- hWhB canonly be traced on the faCi-
fore I can get we wasvo 7 erg Bldt where twins nv n
match." She Dondered for a moment.
-I think I will rewrite The Test That Jmr. B0 Tlilltors at the.Mo-
ought to sellit's a good plot. Knight farm home next day. in Pte
Sally looked high and she looked low Qf remote location. Among them
for -The Test." sne too out ot newspaper men.
Among our many
Summer Novelties
are the DIMITY BED SPREADS in white
and colors. Very attractive in ap
pearance and price.
-T have no statement to make," aald
McKnight, "except that I am a eur
HSed father. We certainly did not
expect anything extraordinary.
. a. mnarvlinri sent a
Tha next morning she dressed her- Mai , Mr.Knixht home
ily discouraged. He equipped the car eelf with her habitual care and weni ng for her to caU upon
with two Urea and Btarted it on the ionn m searca i ui vt vw. the county for necessary nnanoiai wu.
She gazed open eyed at tne cieri .
who told her that a certain set or DDftTi:rTs a 11 mniM MAID
rnuibviw n
South Ceach
at la:
Special FacUitlas f
and Perfecting I
way, but for some reason unknown
abandoned it after getting about two
miles or more away from town. Mar
shal Lowe had the car brought home
drawers had been sold.
"Is there any chance of my nneung
C. M. RC
U. Am. S. C
civil, ekc:
Daytoaa, FI:
Offie Phnx 122-B la
Saturday about noon and restored in important," Bally said, with her friend
me uaraner garage aiier laning me 1 lv Bmiie,
for Girt With a
precaution to have one of the wheels
taken off and turned over to the gar
age men for safe keeping.
This started Marshal Lowe to in
vestigating other garages. He found
that the lock on the garage belonging
to Mrs. AinBworth on North Atlantic
avenue had been tampered with, and
he suspected that it had ben used.
So Mrs. Alnsworth is being com
municated with, and will be advised
to have her car disabled as a precau
Published Every Afternoon Except
Sunday by
At Daytona. Florida.
T.B. FITZGERALD. .Editor and Manager
a 8. HARRIS Assistant Editor
Subscription 15 cents per week ty car.
rter: M cants per month by malL
Entered aa aecond-clasa matter. Au
ra at 10. 1914. at the Doatofflc at Day
tona. Fl& under the Act of March I.
un. .
opening banquet of the Daytona
Beach hotel, Saturday evening, under
the new owners and managers, Mr
and Mrs. V. F. Ayres, was a brilliant
success, just as everybody knew it.
would be.
Over 100 residents and house
guests enjoyed the sumptuous ban
quet and the evening's festivities, and
with this beautiful social send-off, the
new Daytona Beach hotel, under new
ownership and management, starts
the summer season most auspiciously
The lobby, reception hall and din
Ing room of the hotel were artisti
cally decorated in a wealth ot spring
and summer flowers and potted
plants, among which the pink and
white oleanders-and ferns and palms
The doors of the dining room
opened promptly at 7:00, and to the
strains of sweet music, dispensed
throughout the evening by the Wilson
orchestra, the company marched into
the dining room by twos and were
soon seated around a "festal board"
arrayed in fine linen and glittering in
sliver, where they leisurely discussed
a tempting menu, as they listened to
the wise or spicy flow of talk in the
toasts expounded.
The host, W. F. Ayres, as first
speaker, explained that he and Mrs.
Ayres had been looking for a favor
able locality for their business for
more than a year in a search from To
ronto, Canada, to southern Florida,
and had found no spot they liked so
well as Daytona Beach. They had
purchased the hotel and meant to in
vest further by improving and en
Iarging it. It was now up to their
friends to co-operate with them in
making the hotel the popular success
they planned it to be. Mr. Ayres' talk
met with enthusiastic response and
calls of "aye, aye, sir."
As toastmaster of the evening, the
mantle of selection fell, as usual,
upon R. C. Waterson, who was the
man for the occasion. Those respond
ing to toasts were: Rev. J. M. John
son, Editor Codrington, ot DeLand, C.
F. Burgman, Dr. J. P. Esch, Rev. John
Treadwell, L. II. Ayres, William S.
Holmes, C. Garvin Gilmain, and Mes-
dames H. F. Stewart, Esch and Ber
nard. The toasts were: Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Ayres, the Daytona Beach
hotel, Daytona Beach, the schools,
hotels and churches of the peninsula.
ine company returned to the re
ception hall at the conclusion of the
banquet and were splendidly enter
tained for two hours by Mr. Gilmain
in his role as character actor, in
which he was assisted by Miss Mit
chell, of Daytona. Dr. Lauren Jones
gave two very humorous readings
which were enjoyed.
By this time the electrical storm
which had been raging was broken.
the rain had about ceased, and so the
company, with many congratulations
and wishes for their host and hostess
took their departure.
The host and hostess were ably as
sisted in the evening's entertainment
by Mr. and Mrs. .A Ayres.
Another ten minutes passed and
Sally went worth. The address given
was down in tho lower Twenties and
Sally found herself ringing the bell
of a small flat
. A most delightful girl answered the
ring and opened the door wide that
Sally might enter.
"Yes. we found the story," the girl
was saying, as Sally followed her into
a room that was homelike and cozy,
and in which a good-looking young
fallow lolled comfortably while ne
Okmulgee, Okla. Judge Mark L.
Bnzarth has aDDOlnted E. W. Kimbley
as guardian of the person and estate
of Katie Flxico. an incompetent. She
is an Indian who owns a valustle tract
of oil lands in the north end of the
Cnshlng flefd. Title to property -worth
in the neighborhood of a million dol
lars will be affected by the. ruling of
the court.
The Iidco Oil company, operating
on the land, holds a lease dated three
See A. E. DO!
Real Estate
Money to Lc:
tion to some one "borrowing" it for scanned the pages ot Sally's own man- years ago, given through the county II S0UTH BEACH
joy riding this summer.
i uscript. Sally's eyes opened wide ana
a flush darted into her cheeks.
"Davie," Madge Cartwright said.
this Is SaUy Seward. Miss Seward.
my brother, David Cartwrlght Miss
Seward has come in search of her
story," Madge added, and offered Sally
a chair.
"Now for the story," he said with
his boyish laugh that Sally was be
ginning to wait for. There had not
been so much ot laughter in Sally's
Love Is like the strong canopy ot
a tent, which "bears" the pitiless hail
and the driving storm, protecting ev
erybody who shelters beneath it. Love
is a "hiding place from the wind, and
a covert from the tempest." She
"bears" the passions of envy and "the
slings of outrageous blasts of fierce1
contempt She is always rearing her struggles that she could afford to let I grade, and that she knew nothing ot
court. On the day the girl became ot
age she gave the lease to Harry u
Denton on the theory that the first
lease expired with her minority. The
land was sold on the following day by
her to Walter Morton, brother ot her
former guardian, for $23,000.
The girl appeared in court recently,
and during her testimony it was shown
that she did not know a word of Eng
lish, that she had left school at the
aee of eighteen while in the third
tent above the smitten and stricken
children of men, and In her gracious
shelter they find security and peace.
J. H. Jowett.
Quite a number of Daytona's citi
sens became imbued with the spirit
of "clean-up week." inaugurated by
the civic department of the Palmetto
club, and there was much stirring up
of back yards and removing of trash
and rubbish to the betterment of the
individual places and the general im
provement of the residence portion of
the city. The -campaign was started
rather late for the best results, but
it was a good beginning anyway.
Chief W. E. French, of the fire de
partment, suggest that it would be
a good plan to have another clean
up week about the first of November,
to get the city in the best of shape
for the returning tourists, or, better
still, set apart one day in each month
for cleaning purposes and thus keep
the city in good condition all the time
It could possibly be arranged for the
city teams to be used once a month
to assist in removing the collected
trash from the residence sections of
the city.
The Favorite Flower,
One reason why violets are the fav
orite flowers of the world is that they
belong to sweet woods and dooryard
gardens. We can plant, tend and pick
them ourselves, make borders for our
walks, fringe a brook or star a cor
ner of the lawn with their flecks of
deep rich blue. Year after year they
will come to remind us of our first
planting. The Craftsman.
Strongest Timber.
The yate, one of Australia's numer
ous hard woods, seems to be the
strongest known timber, with an aver
age tensile strength of 24.000 pounds
to the square inch, and a maximum as
high as 35,o5o about equal to cast
and wrought Iron.
The True Philanthropist.
A true philanthropist is a man who
is willing to study harder to give his
money away than he did to earn it.
Afternoon and Forenoon Tides Occur at
Approximately the Same Hour
and Minute.
Phoebe's Only Chance.
Cats at a cat show are not scored
on their rat catching records; there
fore it would be of no use to enter
Phoebe. She'll have to be shown in
a steel and wire trap exhibition.
Toledo Daily Blade.
Late. I May June July 1 Au,
1 2:36 4:04 4:31 5:25
2 3:25 4:56 6:19 6:11
3 4:20 5:52 :0S 7:00
4 5:17 6:46 7:00 7:50
5 6:17 7:40 7:45 8:41
6 7:19 8:30 8:33 9:36
7 8:14 9:15 9:21 10:27
8 9:07 10:02 10:09 11:19
9 9:56 10:48 11:00 12:05
10 10:43 11:33 11:47 12:48
11 11:24 12:15 12:31 1:26
12 12:07 12:54 1:15 2:04
13 12:47 1:40 1:54 2:40
14 1:25 2:18 2:32 3:15
15 2:01 2:56 3:12 4:00
16 2:35 3:32 4:00 4:41
17 3:11 4:10 4:47 5:24
IS 3:50 4:53 5:45 6:35
19 4:35 5:43 6:48 7:40
20 5:31 6:35 7:54 8:47
21 6:34 7:30 8:59 9:53
22 7:11 8:25 10:55
23 8:05 9:22 10:03 11:55
24 9:00 10:20 11:04 12:47
25 9:52 11:19 12:05 1:36
26 10:47 12:20 1:00 2:20
27 11:41 1:15 1:48 3:00
28 12:34 2:06 2:33 3:43
29 1:27 3:00 3:16 4:25
30 2:19 3:44 4:00 5:09
31 3:17 5:02 6:02
slip one golden hour. She rejoiced
that her manuscript had wedged itself
into the chintz drawers, and that she
was sitting beside David Cartwrlght
while he outlined the plot of an ex
ceedingly good Btory. .
"I will write It," Sally told him
while Madge's voice came from the
direction ot the kitchen humming a
little snatch ot song, "and if it
brings a big check, you must promise
that we three will have a dinner to
gether." Madge had entered with a
fragrant tray of tea and hot crumpets.
"Did you hear that. Miss Cartwrlght?"
Sally questioned.
"If the story brings a big check,"
she said, I will agree to anything, but
it would be so comfy to' have dinner
here you may get a chicken and fix
ings it you like, but couldn't we cook
it here? It is so much nicer than
restaurants." She glanced eagerly at
Sally and Sally smiled back at her.
Friendship linked the eyes of the two
girls, and Davie looked on with a pe
culiarly introspective expression.
"And I will get seats for the thea
ter," he added. "Is It a go."
Sally looked from Madge to Davie,
and if there was a throb in her throat
no one was the wiser. She put a hand
into each of theirs and clasped them
warmly. The hand that Davie held
trembled and his own closed about It.
"We will be the best of friends, I
know," Madge said, quickly.
"We are going to be more than
friends," Davie said but he did not
say it aloud.
Madge knew as she went homeward
that she would become a great writer,
that her table had grown doubly dear
to her, and that the little chest of
chintz drawers would always be fra
grant with love and happiness and all
that goes to make life a wonderful
thing. Perhaps she kissed the things
that had given her happiness, or per
haps Bhe only ran slim fingers caress
ingly over them. But Sally smiled.
the value of money.
Conrad Grcc
Has a Selected
Stock of
High Grade Grc
Phone 61
jAcob espe:
Office and Shop
Manufacturers of
Laths, Shingles, F!ofvC
ing, Brick, Neponatt I
gles. Lime and Cemc
in Stock.
Ofllce and TartJ
East Coast Railway aad C
Three of a Kind.
it was company field training. The
captain saw a young soldier trying
to cook his breakfast with a badly
made fire. Going to him he showed
him how to make a quick cooking fire,
Hardware Co.
Nothing but
A line ol completeness
Just Received a Fresh
Shipment of
Jones Dairy Farm
Bacon, Lard, Buckwheat
n Mrtal Shingle. '
Juan Mrtl CeUtnr.
Bt Tronjfh and Gotn.
Conductor Mp FHtln.
Cvrrnrsted Sheets.
Corrugated Awning.
Sheet Metal Roofing.
Metal "Brick" Siding.
Metal -Stone" Siding.
Acme Nestable Culvert.
Imperial RiTeted Culvert.
Turpentine Still and Cop.
Sheet Metal Cornlre.
Sheet Metal Skylight.
Dredgo Pipe and Fitting.
General Sheet Metal Work era.
Afc r r dealer or writ n for eata-
ut. Fritz Wilhelm Holm ot New
York Is a former newspaper man of
China, Denmark and the United
States. He was born In Cnnonh
Denmark, In 1881, is the son of the
late Consul General Frederick P. Holm
and has traveled all over the world
several times. In 1906 Doctor Holm
organized and commanded a scientific
expeamen into the Interior of China,
from which after many month of dan
gerous and arduous work, brought
back the famous nestorian monument
of A. D. 781, a replica of which stands
"Look at the time you are wasting.
When I was on the coast I often had to in the Metropolitan Museum la New
uuui uijr ureauasu i usea to go I xork.
about two miles In the jungle, shoot
my food, skin or pluck it, then cook MQT PARTFn FVPM BY nCATU
and eat it, and return to the camp rAHILU tVtN BY DEATH
under the half hour." Then he un
wisely added: "Of course, you have
heard of the west coast?"
"Yes, sir," replied the young sol
dier, and also of Ananias and Baron
Munchausen." Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Likes Sunday Dinners.
Robert had always visited his aunt
on Sunday. One week day she asked
him to stay for dinner. She prepared
just what she had no dessert When
the meal was finished the aunt noUced
P.obert was expecting something.
Soon he looked up and said: "Aunt
Emmy, you have lots better dinners
Married Sixty Years,. End for Aged
Couple Is Almost Simultaneous.
Stamford, Conn. In Creadley
Heath, England, more than elehtv
years ago, two children were born a
boy and a girl within a stone's throw
or each other. They played together,
they went to school together, they
courted and sixty years en th ma
rled. Jhey moved to this country and
died here within seven hours of each
other. .
. 'The two people, whose lives ran
happily Bide by side for more than
H. F. THonr:
Brick Busln:
on beach smr
South ot Urane.
Bingham & Tfc:r
174 South Bctcb f
MSO ETtuma Are,
than this, don t you? Guess 111 coma
"ireeuaners of a century, were Mr.
on Sunday next tlme."-lndlanap0lls 15?llam wodhalL 195 Hen-

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