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uAY MORNtNG DailY N ws. DaY'I ONa. KlORiua. SUNDAY. MAKGH Ih'tvit
icfors of Daytona Golf
dnd Country Club Elected;
jjPres. Knappe Makes Report
'From the foregoing you will see' CI ! F?
WiH BuHd Double
t npiUr list of directors
rere a th ,.,..,. .,.! . .
-j. rvin!ted the eleci,, v L """7? concerned.
h if iuwa ooti ana i ouctrv
.tvPrCticlly two-thirds of the work
e remaining seven holes has been
uouh. u will be a seriou drawback i
i: we are obliged t oh,,.i.. , t ;
7JSTce,Si Track OtierSMohhs
bonds this will have to he dm,. ni ;
mn,ci of the wo"k that has been done I
JACKSONVILLE, March 26. Plans
lor the new Florida. East Coast rail-
Unless sufficient funds r Tii mil
? there will be tnore 0r to earry on the w.ork on the last seven! 'ay br:S spanning the , Su John
v. (uiiutn.uai.tMj It Will DO far utltl"' ,npr at a usum luv uu n srcx-w
-t, k(rn.n aeetin. iVni TrtW!. especially oa the sandy tlorUS 10 holes .for the mt?mpiated lor tne past two years,
r .rr - Lfter, f 1 pMs' bat tnis obviously Tome i',,,lJlnS season and apply all energy ; " previously announced, are now
tti & f thTd - ' lUe head of "Pkeep of the tu p,ac,n the ten holee haViaHly Bearing completion, according
rf i I , , 8n 1 a t oars'- ' lne Erst class. condition. : to a statement made at the general
w iii t-r. 1 r:i v ir in .-t . t. . . . i ..... ... utvwoij iir us iu i LI 1 itl ' -- - t m. -
i done so far on the wvpn om permanent lockers equipped wUh-i While no definite date has been an
IioU h. x io lia ;;; ? mdin-j showers, lavatories and locker, thai-n"" for he beginning of con-
ith the eitrf.j.iw.n ,.r ... - we niay adequately provide the iaa.iv! "rat t.on work, it is apucipjued tt
SiMir reluctated unanimous- heen
ittart r iv: f. H. Knatme. 11. in
s -. F. N. f mrad. L. E. Holmes.
Af tibald. W. M. Hankins. E. H.
-xrtMl f. K l. WiMKlliury ail M. P.
tn.;:S, '
i.UirR rt-r rt was made by
r-t !! -f the uh to those
-n.i! ' ii l''e t"ha-!)ter of t'otn
i It h st a bnsir.esH session
-i-4;j I? fHtn ih' ch-rtion of
i f t'.ire; iiars:
ikv4 ,Ue -i'u.w;re l rein-rt ivf
cnsill nl...
...... , . " ' ' 1MU.C UU
of roois. Ai1 of No. H has been
Piowed but n,)t raked; No. 13 has been
date, ami wLat we hope mav be ac-coinpuMt-d
during the coming year
p.owed. ri-.kod and planted to grass
and the permanent green built; No
14 has lieen plowed hut not raked-
f srTa ,or ln!s "o'e has been built;
-s. i) and
. .. .... . ... .... . , " r-ii ifii.iwrr.i
.. . .... s. -. . . i mom piantea as tius sImo
" 1 " "l " iuipteieii so fart about tw thirds of No. 17.
Easier Greetings' 1
ilk I
piayers that I know will wish to avail 'work .wi'libe completed- - with in .twt
themselves of '-tbe privileges on ouriy1""1,3. which will ueeessita-te letting
course. The matter of piping .the.f comraots within a abort tima. -course
and getting sufficient water'' W'cm the election farrie to bond
supply will hate to be gone into. Te;i- i hs onniy for a St. . John a ..- r'ver
tative arrangements have been ms. bridge there was a discussion of the
to have a four" inch main laid, tu thu plans of the Florida East Coast for
sue of the proposed club house; from i double-tracking : bridge acroea the.
this point we can carry a much Knall-i river, but cnly re-eatly have the plans
er line to the different holes, thus as-, been competed for the coastrnctioa
suring us that our greens for the com- of this bridge.
ing year can be kept in perfect 'con- . i v rally speaking, according to
Circuit Court to
Convene April 12;
Jurors Summoned
Mra. T. If. Lang and. her three ; ' . ... . y j v .
chriaJng daughters. MUsea Clara, EVerC - ,
i Ethel and Helenv of Columbus, Ohio,! KatirT orVlC2 lllCrl '
jwho have spent ery pleasant win ITnj..-n an,(r ftt 8
dition( and making good our claim!
that we have the best course in the
state. The possibilities are there; it '
is up to the directors to see that they
are carried out.
"Your directors have practically ar-i
rangetl to have Charles Clark, of the'
ri'f.ons from the ollice of the Florida
Hast Coast yesterday, the plans will
provide for the erct-on of a bridge
clos to and paralleling the. present
bridge, (if much the same design with
heavier- steel construction, and - as
soon as this is completed with one
continues to attract
who appreciate quality merchan
dise at low prices.
New Spring arrivals are included.
30 South Beach St.
Engineers club. Long Island, in charge' track, the present bridre can be torn
- of the course nest season and he is ;
to bring with him an assistant ami.
also a green keeper. Ciark is a
professional of excellent standing and .
will no doubt be an asset to the club. ;
"There has been paid iuto the treas
ury from the saie of bonds, $ !.4S.".74.
Of this amount the hotels of Daytomi
paid J4.000. the business tr.cn $7.0ou
and our good friends from across the .
river have paid $S.2n. The balar.iv, ;
, I13.7S5.75, was subscribeil by private'
; interests. The total amount received
i to date is $52,104.04 and the experdi-
turts $49.;4 1.22. leaving a balance:
on hand of $2.4i1.42. This balance
will keep us going for about ten or
eleven weeks, provided we do not
start work ens the lust seven holes.
"Respectfullv submitted.
"(Signed CAUL H. KNAPPE.
! President Daytona Coif and Country
;ivav and replaced with the other
unit, joi'iing t. make a double track
bridge across the river, with draw
meeting pricticaily the same specifi
catio::s. As yet no bids have' been taken, or
estimates compiled of the cost of the
construction, the cost being estimat
ed in a general way as from $500,000
to $1,000.(1(11.
It is not anticipated that the con
struction of the bridge can begin un
der SO days, as it generally requires
from fiO to 90 days to secure the nec
essary permit fiotn -the war depart
ment for any bridge construction
work over a navigable stream.
Circuit court meet- at DeLand . on
Tuesday. April 12, and jurors will be
summoned this weefc-. The Jury-as
drawn from the box at tba elos of
the last term consists-of the; follow
ing: Francis . Wootttn..
J. E. Field.
; D. P. Wood.- .
tie. S. Towrav-
Wm. Tomherlin.
- C. R. McGlon.
; F. E. Melton.;
' V. C. Graot...
J. E. Fan-is.-
T. H. Hord.
George Dillard. :
R. K- Bradd k. ,
i F. J. Davis. "
Wesley L. AUntan.
; J. E. Braddook. -
R. R. Smallwood.
O. A. Hatcher.
H. F. Thompson. '
C. F. Spaulding.
Geo. Goodson.
J. H. Tatuiu.
. H. C. Finney.
Carl Turnquist.
W.- M. Richardson.
: T. G. Thompson.
R. L. Pappy.
J. E. Langston.
J. R. Berry.
N. R. Roberts.
W. W. Watts. v
E. L. Crenshaw.
W. H. Powell.
H. W. Mann.
R. A. Pellett.
W. H. Courtner.
J. D. Byrd.
ter at-. 212 Gooriali street, left yester-
day for their-northern home. Thyl
exet to return next November.
MwMm Wtrks, H Cottac Av.
a EX Reddick
Office: Pearl St.
Phone 748
Payntr? Cl Sen
429 VOLUSIA ;AVE. TEL. 401
Fresl Grocerleasi Evtery Day Betr
! That Cat Be Butont.
Pr4ce Always Attract.
Kind, Courteous Treatment i
Come and S Us
(Newspaper Enterprise ' Association.)
CAIRO. Egypt, Msr. 26 Amina Ni
azy. native Egyptian woman. . wants
facilities for educating Egyptian wo
men. She has asked permission for na
tive women to attend the monthly lec
turer at the Egyptian university.
houses of furniture at the new loca-j
tion. giving that firm greater facilities
for this nature of work.
Theus-Sumner Co.
Lease Big Store
House Building
Whipped Cream Rolls at A. B. C
Pakery. 343-1 13-tf.
The Theus-Sumner Furniture com-1
pany closed a five-year lea- e today for j
the large LaRue Williams storage!
warehouse west of the F. E. C. tracks. ! :
which the furniture company will use j
, for the packing, shipping ard storage
' of furniture for patrol's of that store.
The warehouse gives the Theus-;
Sumner company 1,000 square ft-et of;
storage room, sufficient to take care j
i of a large part of their storage for;
; sunimfr months, in addition,- ihej
i fiwn will pack for shipment complete j
Bicycles and Wheel
Graham Thompson
296 So. Beach St.. opp. Yacht Club
Tele. 52-J.
One of "Those Easy RldlnsT
Sold and Rented by
i A larger line than usual
I Greeting Cards. Novelties,
Scarfs, Hats, Bags, etc
128 South Beach St.
Greatly Reduced
A tremendous volume of building must .be done oa the East Coast
of Florida and wo want the users of lumber to know we are doing our
part to reduce the high cost of building. Po not wait for lower prices.
General business conditions are improving and the next change iu price:
will be an advance.
We are manufacturers of Genuine Long Leaf
Yellow Pine Lumber and can make quick ship
ment, carload lots and less, of all Lumber,
Mouldings, Roofing, Sash and Doors required
for your building.
Be Convinced of Today's Low Prices
Mail Us Your List and
Let Us Quote You
I ; I
f or tho days to follow we feature '
fl Silk Crepe Fabrics and others of Crepe de
Ciint. Taffeta and Tailored Linen Owns'
for now but with a certain "summcrness '
about them that assures a long life and a
mrrry one.
D( m't forget, a Mat either makes or mars.
Get the right one at Anthony V. Get the
Libit Meet your friends on Anthony V.
delightful porch.
l ake the elevator to the second floor.
ytyifi Air -v,fiMiiir
a ;
i g
i e
a ; i
I s
5 i 5
h 1A
Wiping Bust
rom a
Table Top
3 C
...'I I - ... -r-
lit- ; . : j
I f 5
3 ; a
3 :
-s ;
Just think of it. You can keep this gas range spic and span
with no more effort than to wipe the dust from a table top.
The closed top catches all the dust and food that boils over
and keeps it from the burners. No corners to catch dirt .- .
all smooth surfaces. Just run over the top with a rag and
your range is clean.
This is one advantage of the
Vulcan Smooihiop
In addition the closed top
Saves gas. Prevents pots and kettles from tipping.
Holds any size vessel. Will fit in less space than any
other range that will do as much cooking.
Will keep a whole meal hot waiting to serve with
only one burner going. Automatic top burner light
er. Just press the button. No matches.
See the VULCAN SMOOTHTOP Gas Ranges at our
store Three sizes. One for every kitchen.
The Public Service Company
14 Magnolia Avenue

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