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A moTftST against tho denudation of
tho forests of tho country for railroad
ties has been sent to tho department of
..the interior.
Tub Chicago civic federation reports
that there are 00,000, victims of tho
opium habit in that city and 100 places
where opium is smoked.
It was estimated in ofllcial circles
that tho income tax would yield about
8.10.000,000 tlds yeai and that about
300,000 persons and corporations will
have to pay it.
Tiir National Itaseliall leaguo season
of 1605 wlllopon on Thursday, April
18, according1 to the schedulo which
'resident "Young bus prepared and will
submit for approval to the next league
meeting. y'' . . . ..
It has been discovered thai 24,000.001
spurious silver dollars aro In circulation
in Spain. The coins aro of full mint
weight and fineness. Tho Spanish olll
cials say that tho dollars aro made In
Franco and America.
Tnrcitr. aro about 1,300 Indians in tho
Osage tribe, and the government holds
in trust for them tho bum of SS.SCO.OCO,
or over ?0,.r00 per head. Nevertheless,
they are supported at public expense,
Hlco so mauy destituto persons.
The agricultural department at
Washington has issued a bulletin to
farmers informing them how to feed
stock. The department has estimated
that up to last-November upwards of
40,000.000 bushels of wheat had been fed
to their animals by the farmers.
TilK country's uet exports of gold in
1894 amounted to a little over $81,000,
000. This was the heaviest loss of tho
metal ever sustained by tho United
States in a singlo year. Thus far In
1805, however, tho gold exports have
been greater than thoy were in the
samo time In 1801.
Timr.n was a marriage in tho "the
atrical profession" at New York re
cently, tho contracting parties being
John W. Cofteo and Miss Gortlo Matt,
who!e combined weight is 551 pounds,
to which aggregate tho husband sup
plies but 50. Mr. Coffee is known to his
friends and admirers as "the skeleton
A r.r:rTK!! written by Judge Iluford,
of tho Oklahoma supreme court, asking
for congressional relief was sent to
congress recently, He said that unless
congress appropriated money to pay
tho actual expenses of the- judges in
going about holding court in different
counties thoyjwould bo reduced to
penury, y' '
r TiiKUnllcd States consul-general at
Berlin, In, a report to the state depart
meril, stated that there was great un
rest among tho agricultural classes in
Gormany, owtyig to tho depression in
grain prices. Ho also said that there
was an agitation in Europe, and espe
cially in England, for somo legislation
like the Unite I States antl-option bill
to forbid trading In fictitious food
values, owing to tho harm it did by
lowering prices of agricultural products.
Tin: rumor is current at Paris that
tho real reason for tho recent resigna
tion of ex-1'resldent Casimir-l'erier was
domestic ditllculties and his desiro to
begin divorce proceedings. Ho has
been married twenty-two years and has
two children. Mine. Casimir-l'erier is
regarded as one of the handsomest and
brightest women in Franco and has
long I eon a leader in society. She has
been far from extravagant and has
Becmingly been a great admirer of her
Thk undertakers of Illinois, who re
cently held a session ut Galcsburg,
discussed reforjus at funerals. They
favored a law creating a license for
undertakers, and advocated making
funerals less expensive in the matter
of flowers and carriage hire, abolish
ing tho custom of showing the body
after tho service, of removing hats at
tho grave and having long remarks
that bimply harrow up tho feelings.
They advocated more privacy at
funerals and less curiosity becking.
One undertaker advised a faster gait
for tho procession.
Tm: largest sailing vessel In tho world
will go to lialtimore, Mil., In February
to load her first cargo and begin her
first voyage from that port. She will
bprcad 10,003 squaro yards of canvas,
and carry over 5,000 tons of coal to San
Francisco, a voyage of 10,000 miles.
The vessel is the transatlantic four
masted bcrew steamer Persian Mon
arch, of the Wilson line, between New
York "and London. Sho is now at New
port News, Va., being converted into a
full-rigged four-masted sailing bhip.
It will cost 875.000 to convert tho ship
into a balling vessel.
A KOHTV-Foun page issue of tho
Cleveland (O.) Plain Dealer, written
and edited solely by womon, was pub
lished on tho 24th. Tho first two pa
pers were printed on bilk and were
beautifully embroidered, and were to
bo sold to the highest bidder. Already
81,000 has been bid for the first issue.
There were articles upon fifty local
topics which had never been touched
upon before by tho dally papers. Each
article was Illustrated. Tho news cf
the day was handled exclusively by
ladies. The proceeds of the venture
were to bo given to a charitable insti
Arsawvkmexti, have been practically
1 )
jrfecwsdtfor an International athletic
1 lurnamwjito ,be hold at Travers lsl-
id, N. Y., during tho coming summer.
'J ",aras
1 ihlutic
S, ic ub wl
V 11 stl
it, of
J-.aras representing the New York
ihletic club and .,ho Loudon Athletic
ub will compete Tho tournament
stimulate nthlotlc clubs in all
the country to renewed efforts
fa , suluce men that will excol in run
j ..njtJmjihitfhurdling, shot-putting,
ilkKjr po! vaulting and other mild
i -ad hjtUii'Hl&Mit-door sports. The
U.ferAia jBt has notyot been set.
LdtW.wW jwbbly become a fixture
Gloanod By Telegraph and I&aiL
Fkancois CintTAtN Canhoiikut, tho
last Held marshal of France, died on
the 28th, after a long Illness, aged SO
Tiik statement was made by one of
tho prominent labor leaders in tho
United States that the position of pres
ident of tho Universal Labor union,
which is now in process of organiza
tion, would bo tendorcd to Gov. John
P. Altgeld, of Illinois, within a short
PnKtfmn.vr Ci.kvki.am) sent a special
message to congress on tho 28th on the
necessity for prompt financial legisla
tion. He reviewed the recent bond Is
sues and confessed his reluctance to is
suing any more with no better results
than had lately followed that course,
but he was anxious to meet every na
tional obligation with tho strictest
Tiikiik will be an Important meeting
in Washington of men interested in tho
arbitration bills now betoro congress.
Chairman McCann of tho houso com
mittee on labor, expected the chiefs of
tho order of railroad conductors, fire
men, trainmen, engineers nnd brake
men, to confer together nnd, with Attorney-General
Olney and Strike Com
missioner Kornan, to appear before
tho committee on labor. It was under
stood that they favored tho Olney plan,
and that tho members of tho strike
commission wore willing to accept that,
with minor amendments, as a substi
tute for Wright's bill.
It was reported in Colon that serious
trouble had occurred ir ihe interior.
Troops had been sent to Gauca, the
largest of the departments of Colombia.
TliK senate committee on privileges
and elections has voted that as tho 4th
of March was so near, when tho term
of Senator Martin, of Kansas, would
expire, it was inexpedient to give any
further hearings in tho case of Ally vb.
Thk two houses of tho Arkansas
legislature balloted separately for
United States senator on the 29th, nnd
Jnmes II. Uerry, democrat, the present
ineuinbcut, was chosen. Tho election
of Uerry was to bo declared in joint
session on the 30th.
Tiik house labor committee has
agreed to report favorably the labor
arbitration bill prepared by Attorney
General Olney as amended at the in
stance of tho representatives of rail
road employes who were in Washiug
'ton. Tun btate department at Washington
has been Informed by our minister at
Madrid that the Spanish senate has
placed tho United States again in tho
most favored nation column as to
duties on imports into Cuba and Porto
Hlco. This restores tho customs rates
under which tho United States has en
joyed a largo trade In Hour, bread
stuffs, lard niid other products with
those countries.
Tiik senato has ratified tho treaty
with Japan. (
Wr.l Hai Wra was captured by tho
Japanese after two days' skirmishing.
Tho Chinese bolted when tho actual
assault was made. It Is stated that
their loss was 2,000 men. It was re
ported that during tho fighting all the
Chinese men-of-war and ships in tho
harbor sailed away uninjured.
Tiurrepubliean caucus at Olympla,
Wash., nominated Congressman John
L. Wilson for United States bonator.
Wilson received 44 votes; nccessar' to
a choice, 41.
Tiik twenty-seventh annual conven
tion of the National American Woman's
Suffrago association was called to or
der at Atlanta, tin., on tho 31st by Miss
Susua 15 Anthony, its president. The
stage wab decorated with Hags of
the national and btnte suffrage organi
zations and tho members of the con
vention all wore yellow badges. Hev.
Anna Howard Shaw openod the pro
ceedings with prayer. Tho roll of del
egates was called by Miss Alice Stone
Blaekwell, recording secretary, and a
majority of tho states were found to bo
Thk National Hoard of Trade, In boi.
slon at Washington, adopted a report
recommending in caso the present con
gress falls to pass legislation to relieve
the present financial situation, tho
wholo thing be referred 1jy congress
to a monetary commission. Resolu
tions were nlso adopted favoring tho
enactment of a uniform trade mark
law; recommending that congress ac
cord to tho interstate commerce com
mission such amendment of the laws as
may bebt promote the uilicleney of Its
supervision of railroads; and favoring
the adoption of an American bysfem of
naval reserves.
A lioir.Klt In tho Denver (Col.) Tram
way Co.'s powerhouse exploded, kill
ing two men outright and injuring a
number of others, ona of whom will
die. The exploded boiler Hew over 500
feet and the force f, tho explosion
wrecked tho entire, brilldlng, dajAuiy
ing property valued at' 3100,000. -P
The house committee on commerce
has ngrced upon a bill to punish train
wreckers and robbers with death in
case any ono is killed, and with from
one to twenty years imprisonment
when no fatality attends the vreck or
It was reported ou the 29th that
many congressmen believed gold would
soon bell at a premium, because the
treasury had only a few millions in
free gold, tho great bulk of tho reserve
being in' bullion aud the mints could
only coin about 81,500,000 a week.
Mastku Wohkman Connelly made
tho offer on behalf of tho Brooklyn
trolley strikers to tho railway officials
to return to work upon the terms
which they were working for when
tho men went out, President Lewis
replied that tho men would bo given
employment on thoso terms where there
were vacancies to be filled, but that he
would in no case discharge now men
to make vacancies for tho old. Two
disturbers were shot on the 28th, one
seriously, and thcro was a good deal of
IpettY rioting.
Thk bodies of Mrs. Vcronla Muslat.
aged CO years, and hor sou, Koinnn
Prcbcro, 20 ycarsold, Polos, were found
frosou in their beds In a small farm
house at Strongsvlllo, O., recently.
Thoj hnd been dead three or four days
and the remnants of a charcoal tiro in
nnopen furnace in their room Indicated
that they had teen suffocated.
At Philadelphia a eat knocked ' vor
a burning lamp in tho houso of C(5trnd
Zlndllnger and it was burned. .Mrs.
Zindllnger on getting out of tho nmiso
found that her twin children, nld 1
rear, were loft bohlnd aud sho ruf hod
back for tlicm nnd all three . ere
burned to death. jm
ll.vuitm Stkvknso.v, colored, lu-as
hanged at Dawson, Ga., for tin murder
of .1. G. Wells, white, last year. All
the testimony was circumstantial, lie
protested his innocence on tho gallows
aiid begjred the sheriff to discover tho
real murderer and bring him to justice.
Tin: officials of tho North German
Lloyd say there were 331 persons on
board the Elbe, which was sunk through
n collision with another steamship off
the coast of England, of whom twouty
wcro known to bo saved, making a
total of 314 persons drowned.
Tub Denver, Col., Kocky Mountain
Nowb published a dispatch from Gen,
J. It. Weaver saying that as the presi
dent had Ignored silver nnd roitorated
his purpose to force upon the people
the single gold standard and had called
for tho destruction of tho greenbacks
nnd the issue of gold bonds, tho peoplo
in all sections of tho country ought to
unite in opposition to the scheme and
meet tho Issue presented.
In order to go on witli tho trolley
strike at Brooklyn Master Workman
Connelly has decided to Issuo bonds on
tho credit of his organization to tho
amount of 8100,000. The denomina
tions will bo small. Now York trades
men have offered to accept tho notes
for provision-) in lieu of money.
Tiik Japanese licet made an attack
on Woi-Hai-Wcl on the 20th and tho
Chinese fleet and shore batteries opened
fire and repulsed them. At tho samo
time tho Japanese mado a land attack
on tho same placo which was also re
pelled by tho Chinese. Tho Japanese
losses amounted -to more than 300
killed and wounded. Several foreign
ers were said to bo assisting tho Chi
nese. Tin: question of holding institutes in
tho-west for the henofltof teachers and
others in the Indian scrvlco was recent
ly under consideration at tho Indian
It was reported that Cherokee 15111,
the notorious negro Cherokee outlaw,
was captured on tho 30th near Nowata,
I. T.
Vigo Andkhson, solo flute player oi
Theodore Thomas' orchestra nnd one
of tho noted men in his profesi ion,
gave a muslcalo to his friends at hli
home In Chicago and then killed him
self before his guests and at tho feet
of a young woman, to whom ho was
said to have been engaged.
Tiik United States assistant attorney'
general has decided that the scheme
frequently resorted to by merchants of
offering to eacli purchaser of a. desig
nated value of goods a numbered
check and giving a prize to tho party
holding a certain ono constitutes a lot
tery. David Hampton, who cut tho throat
of Mrs. Aherns, a woman of 70, and
robbed her of her money, was electro
cuted at Sing Sing, N. Y., on tho 28th.
Tin: Chicago board of tradu markets
were wildly excited on the 29th and
mado a sensational decline affected by
heavy soiling under the Iniluenee of
tho gold exports scare'and tho strained
financial conditions. Cash wheat went
below all former records and wab worth
only l'J cents a lushel.
tiii; i..vri:sr.
Washington, Feb. 2. The personal
encounter between Mr. l!reckenrld,'o
of Kentucky, vt ho figure! In the no
torious breach of promise suit lust
summer, ami Mr. Heard of Missouri,
who has been a member of the houso
for ten ycais, overshadowed In Im
portance all elho that occurred in tho
house yesterday and was almost tho
only theme of conversation. Thcro
was i, lenso excitement when thett
gentlemen came to b ows In the center
of the aisle. For three or four min
utes there was a wild sci amble which
resembled a football rush, while all
tho members of the houso crowded In
to the aibles and wildest confusion
Toi-EKA, Kan., Feb. 2. Yesterday
afternoon the state board of railroad
commissloncis was named by tho ex
ecutive council. Tho new commission
ers aro J. M. Simpson, of McPherson,
Joseph W. Low c, of Washington, Sam
uel T. Howe, of Topeka. Lowo is tho
democratic member and tho other two
are republicans. Simpson la elected
for a term of three year, Lowe for two
years and Howe for a term of ono year.
Lkavknwouth, Kan., Feb. 2. At
2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon a
special Santa Fo train steamed out of
Topekq for Leavenworth, the home of
United States Senator-elect Hake,
witli nearly 300 people aboard, includ
ing Governor Morrill, wife and daugh
ter, tho members of tho houto and
senate and their ladies, the state
officers and their, ladles and tho cor
respondents of the. dally sapors In
the legislature. ThoNccaslon of I his
joyful event was the banquet tendered
by the citizens of Leavenworth, tt the
legislature of Kansas in honor of the
election of their townsman, Luclcn
Baker to the United States senate.
AunoitA, Mo., Feb. 2. Uev. Hud
Ellis, pastor of the Methodist church
at Clay Hill, bouth of this city, sliof,
and killed his wife, little 7-yeur oltj1
daughter and himself yesterday. Ellli
and his wife had some words about j
trade he was going to make, when lij
drew his revolver and shot
Ills win
twice in tho neck. Ho then bhot hi,
. 1.1
llttlo girl three times. Ho reloaded
his revolver and wont to tho house T
his brother, thiee miles distant an
into a bedroom, placing tho revolve
to his breast, ho fired, the ball pent
trating hla heart.
Mil IntroiliKjf Ijto Cronto tlio Oillpu
. 4,ot'XJii.tjj Attorney.
llesnliitlnn to President t:ivi"luml--lllll
Inlroilurril Croutlni; Olllrn or Ciittlo
Inspector nml Drllnliik' Dutlm
Tlio Ofiiiilj-Ciiutsoii Content.
Senator Doom's contempt bill was
passed in tho afternoon iu tho council
and Senator Sco't's bill providing that
civil cases be tried the same term of
the district court that they are entered
for Issue, was umli-r consideration in
tho committee of the wholo.
Tho houso passed House Bill No. 24
providing for tlio duties of road over
beers, tho method of procvedure, and
the punishment for non performuueo
of their duties.
Senator Hay introduced a bill In tho
council which proposes to create tho
office of district attorney in each ju
dicial district to .ssist tltu. county at
torney in criminal prosecutions. The
bill provides that each district attorney
bl.all receivo 82,000 a year. There are
five such districts
The council was in tho commltteo
rooms most of the day and did not In
troduce any bills of importance.
Tlio houso considered House Bill No.
37 In tho commltteo of tho whole It
provides that county commissioners
whero thcro is no court house built
furnish quarters for the county officials
and ono flro proof safo vault for tho
safe keeping of records.
The Gandy-Coulson contest was to
have been up today but on account of
the absence of Mr. Cousou who was
kept at homo by tho snow blockade It
was postponed.
House Bill No. 41, introduced by Mr.
Nesbltt, by request, is entitled "An
act pertaining to animals and to crcnto
the ofllco of county Inspector of hides
and animals and proscribing the duties
thereof." Tho bill piovhles that tho
inspector hhall receive five cents a head
for all cattle inspected up to ono
bundled, nnd three cents ahead for
all over one hundred. '
Tho owners of cattle aro required to
register them with tho Inspector, and
ho Is required to keep a description of
them and if branded the kind of
brand, and n butcher must when he
kills any, shin them, hide, hoofs nnd
horns, and keep tho said hldo at least
five days tor tho Inspector to compaie
with his record.
This bill 1i its operation would re
quire moie attention on tho part of tho
farmer than all other intcicbts com
bined. A resolution was introduced addiess
ed to President Cleveland, by Mr.
Boycr, declaring that tho issuance of
more bonds was not for tho beft inter
ests of tho people, as advised in his
message, and Dclegalo Flynn was in
structed to present tho bamo to 'tho
president. Tho resolution was tabled.
Bills were passed by both houses
legalizing tho orgnnlntlon of tlio
c'tiesof Hcnnessoy and Edinond. Each
had a defect that it was necessary to
hao remedied by such nn act in order
to secure title to property.
Tho council passed a bill provided
for the punishment of those wearing
false badges of beciet societies. J was
introduced by Senator Oiner.
The matter of tho contract with pri
vate parties to have the insane kept at
a sanitarium at Norman was brought
up and had a hot discussion. Senator
Boles declared that the contract should
not bo confirmed by the legislature
until nil the facts connected with it
wcro known, as it involved tho bum of
porhaps 8300,000 yearly.
A bill introduced by Senator Prouty
provided that iu all public places
w'-ero a soldier Is competent to fill the
office he shall be given preference.
The council decided by a vote of 8 to
i that George II, Coulson was not el'gl
bio to his beat. The matter of the con
test came up in the council as a special
order of business upon the report of
the committee having charge of the
contest. The commltteo reported four
separate reports, two majority nnd
two minority. The first mnjority re
port signed by Hay, Fegan, Orner and
Prouty, recites that Mr. Gandy did not
receive the plurality ofytho vote of his
district for councillor; tho second
signed by Hay, Allen and Fegan that
Mr. Coulson at the time of the election
was uot ellglblo to a seat in the Okla
homa legislature for the reason that
ho was at that time a mcmbe- of the
Kansas legislature. Tho first minority
i eport, signed by Prouty nnd Ornor,
lecltcsthat Gandy is entitled to his
seat and tho second, signed by Alios,
that Coulson is entitled to his seat.
llTl. TrnublnTlAkelr to Follow.
A Cross ftfopatch sayb: J. W. Lynch
wliofto pV-?'t$to portion of Ponca
ivcrut 'Yal been assailed in tho
To t!w VjitltScourt on tlio rround of
tonne, 'tm aSfifi-aiid. Satm-dnv Ktnnr.ii1
, . VTrl ... ... ...
IV .w...,e oi tlio cuitors oi tlio
Voiica City -mahawk, on tho street
I unVitrwU i-Jlra when Shaver pulled
' Ills ,7 111 K nnflaMG , ill. txncin to.1 ha...
ulg.Vby Jrtandcrs. Lynch rushed
(Ub Bertyiwloon and asked for a
ruH .Koaj'nefusod
A Southern l'nrlflc l?xirrn Train llrlit l)
ami KiiIiIkmI of (?A,UO In Arlronn.
DKNvr.li, Col , Fob. 1.--A special from
Phounlx, Ariz,, says: Tho Southern
Pacific westbound train No. 20 was held
up tl miles this- sido of Wilcox Wednes
day night at 8:35 by a party of masked
men. They separated tho express cat
from the train, hauled it 5 miles west,
and putting six shots of dynamite on
tho through safe blow It wide open. It
contained 810,000 in Mexican silver,
which was removed. Tlio trail of the
robbers vt ns marked yestorday morn
ing by a profuse hcaltorlnir in tho Sul
phur Springs valley of tho Mexican
Besides tho S10.0C0 In Mexican monoy,
tliero was n good deal of coin on the
train which had been sent to pay the
railroad employes along tho line, and
this was also carried off by the rob
bers, who rodo away In a southerly di
rection. Grant Wheoler, a well known
Arizona desperado, who Is believed to
bo tlio fifth member of tlio bandits'
party, purchased a quantity of gianl
powdor in Wilcox on the tiny preceding
tho robbery. Tho a Southern Pacific
company and Wclls-Fargo Express Co.
offer a joint reward of 8500 for each ol
tho' robbers.
The robbers left sovcral bags of gold
and silver in and about tho car, not
caring to take it on account of its
wijlglit. All aro tl.ojght to have
escaped to Mexico. Tho passengers on
tlio train woro greatly terrified fot
several hours. The loss Is wild to be
between 850,000 and 875,000.
A Ca-.Stnrtnu Firn In l'tillmlrlnhln WliM
Cntipn Tlirne Dimllift.
Piiii.ADKi.i'iiiA, Fob. 1. In tho house
of Conrad Zlndltnger, early this morn
Ing, a houso cat jumped on a tablo aud
upset n burning lamp. Tho burning
oil fired the carpet, and tho flamci
spread rapidly. Four of tho chil
dren ran screaming out into tho btrcot
and ore boy shouted up the stain
for his parents. The fathor awoko,
but was too dazed to know what had
happoncd and began to throw tho fur
niture out of tho window. Policeman
Smith tried to send in an alarm Irom a
box near the scone of tho fire, but It
could not bo opened, and when tho fire
engines did arrive Humes wcro burst
ing out of the Moors and windows.
Mrs. indllngur, in tho meantime, had
left the houso, but was horrified tc
find that her twin childrdu, aged 1
year, had not been taken fyut. Slit
rush back up tho smkolpiledtairwaj
anil was ton ml with not children a
fow minutes later. Tho m remon were
compelled to cut a hole ins tho roof la
order to get tho bodies ou$
Itullnns to Kuilcrato from IjOuUtnnii Biljrm
Ni:w Oki.kanh, Feb. 1. Tho steam
ship Monte Hello leaves hero to-daj
for Palermo, Italy, with over 501
Italians aboard, who aro returning t
Italy to permanently reside. Most ot
them camo to Louisiana to pernia.
nently locato hero and went to worl
on tho sugar plantations. The repea.
of tho bounty law, which has been fol
lowed by a cut In wages and a reduc
tion in tho number of hands employed
has thrown most of the Italians out o!
employment, and they have deter
mined to return homo or emigrate tc
other countries. A general feeling ot
unrest provatls among tlio Italians ol
Louisiana, and it is expected that sov
cral thousand of them will emigrate
during tho next few weeks. About 400
Now Orleans Italians hnvo also ro
turned homo by way of New York.
ltrcommoniliittonii Mudo by the Nation:
itnurit ot Truilo.
Wabhinoton, Fob. 1. The National
Board of Trade adopted tho report o
tho finance commltteo recommending
in case tlio present congress falls t
pasb legislation to roliovo tho preson'
financial situation, tho whole thing hi
referred by congress to a monqtarj
commission. Resolutions wcro alst
adopted favoring the enactmont
of a uniform trado mark law
recommending that congrebs nccorc
to tho Interstate commerce coin in Ii
sion such amendment of the lawi
as may best promote tho cfllciencj
of its supervision of railroads; and fa
vorlng tho adoption of an Amcricar;
bystcm of naval rcservos.
Look I.Ike War.
City ok Mkxico, Mex., Feb. 1. It it
rumored that somo kind of definite an
uouncement will bo made to-day bj
Mexico. Although matters arc quic
it would not be surprising should I'
provo to bo a declaration of war. It it
reported that the government is con
scripting men in different sections o
the country. Part of the commissar
department of tho Twonty-flrst regl
ment was at the depot of tho Inter
Oceanic road yesterday awaiting trans
portatlon. It is said that this and twt
other regiments will go to tho frontior
within a fow days.
Weaver' llrlef Manifesto.
Dkxvku, Cob, Fob. 1. Tho Rockj
Mountain News to-day publishes tin
following dispatch from Gen. J. 15,
Couscil Ilr.urrs. la , Jun. 3a Tbo presl
dent hn defiantly Ignored nilvcr and reltcr
atod his purpose to force upon tho people tin
hIdkIo sold utandard and ha callei for the de
struction of the Kroenuaok and the Issuo a
gold bond and pleadt with controls ta enlargl
the power ot the national banks. Now let tht
people of all sections unite in opposition to thli
heartless kcheme and meet, lllce men, tho tisui
presented. There oan bo no furthor exsuse foi
division anions tho people. J. II. V.'aveu.
Fot of flolil Dug Up.
GI1KKNV1I.I.K, Miss., Feb. 1. A pot o
gold containing 830,000 in coin was dug
up by Mr. Pesso Drow, a bawmll
owner, near Hollondale, 30 miles front
Greenville. It Is supposed to hav
been buried thero by Cant. Banfield,
during tho lato war.
Woman bufTrucliU Meet.
Atlanta, Go., Feb. 1. Tho twenty
Leventh annual convention of the No
tlonal American Woman'b Suffrage
association was called to order In the
opera houso by Miss Susan H. Anthony,
its president. Tho hall was comforta
bly filled with delegates and visitor
North Gormn.n Lloyd Stoivmor Sunk
in n. Collision.
trr Three Hundred I'rrxnn tin Down
with tlm lll-1'nti-il WmcI SIciiiiin
KiiKiilfhiMl In Twrnty Mlniitrs
After llplng Struck.
London, Jan. 31. Tho North Gorman
Lloyd steamship IClbe, bound from
Bremen for New York, was sunk In n
collision with tho British steamer
Crathlo fifty miles off Lowestoft early
yesterday morning. Sho carried 380
Fouls. Hut twenty-ono survivors havo
been landed, but n fow others may
still be afloat in one of tho ship's small
From tho details now at hand it la
learned tho Hlbo was proceeding along
at her usual rate of spcod and keeping
tho ordinary lookouts. Tho night was
dark, but tliero was no galo. Sudden
ly tho forward lookout on the rilbo re
ported to tho officer on deck that the
lights of a steamer were close aboard
over tho port bow. Before tho course
of tho Klbo could bo changed so as to
sheer her off from tho approaching
steamer tho latter struck her just
about tho engine room, going through
her plates as though they wcro paste
board and slicking her nose almost
completely through tho hull ot the
Kibe. For a time she hold the El bo on
her nose, but then her engines woro re
versed aud sho backed out of tho aper
ture sho had made. As sho did so
tho water rushed Into tho Elbo'ln a
torrent nnd sho began immediately to
sottle. Tho officer in cliargo of the
ship at o.i co saw she was doomed and
gave hurried orders to clear away the
life boats for launching. Three ot the
boats woro cleared and lowered but one
of them Bhortly after It got clear of the
steamer, capsized and It is thought that
nil occupants wero drowned. Tho first
boat contained tlio third officer, chief
engineer, purser and about twenty of
tho passengers. Thoy wcro picked up
by a fishing smack and taken to Lowe
stoft. From tho survivors it is learned that
as soon as tho Crathlo backed away
from tho Klbo, tho in-rushing water
flooded tho aft of tho engine room sa
quickly that nobody bolow decks in
that part of tho ship had an opportu
nity to escape. Tho shock of tho col
liblon was comparatively ellght in view
of tho damage done, but this is ex
plained by tho fact that It was a direct
cutting blow. Nearly all tho passen
gers wero asleep at tho time, but many
of them wero awakened by tho shock,
slight as it vas. Thoy could hear the
rush of tho rapid inflowing water nnd
with crlcrf of terror sought to make
their way to tho upper deck. The
steamer being loaded by tho Btcrn,
water naturally rushed aft, and thlj
allowed many of tho passengers for
ward to reach tho deck.
In the case of tho baloon passengers,
howovcr, tho result was fatal. As they
rushed from their stato rooms into tho
saloon thoy woro caught by tho torrent,
against which It was impossible foi
them, to mnice headway. Thoy wero
caught u) and swept aft toward tho
cock pit, whoro thoy wcro drowned bo
foro tho ship foundered. Altogether,
about fifty of tho passengers reached
tho deck whero tho wildest confusion
existed. Wild rushes wcro mado for
tho boats, but tho torrlblo excitement
prevailing impeded tlio efforts of those
who wero trying .to clear thorn away.
Many heart-rending scenes wero wit-
nesbod between parents and children
in tho fow moments preceding the sink
ing of tho vessel. -t
Tliero is bomo disagreement among
tlio survivors as to tho number of
boats that were launched. Ono sur
vivor, Karl A. Hoffman, declares that
only two boats wero launched. Oue ol
these was swamped instantly, and only
ono of its occupants, a girl named
Anna Boecker, who was bound for
Southampton, was rescued. Sho clung
to a piece of wreckage which she
giasped so tightly that it was onh;
with difficulty that sho was drugged
into tho second bo.it She was just re
turning from tho death bed of her
father and mother.
Meanwhile tho cry was raised on the
doomed vessel for the women and chil
dren to go over to tho other sido ot the
steamer away from tho port sido, in
which was tho great gaping hole caused
by tho Crathle. Tho half-fainting
women nnd terror-stricken children
hurried to tho btarboard side, but thoy
had bcarcely reached tho boats when
tho huge vessol lifted her bows high in
tlio air and then slowly and silently
bauk, stern ''oremost, beneath the
wavos, taking with her her human
freight. Barely twenty minutes elapsed
between the collision and tho sinking
of tho steamer. A heavy sea was run
ning and the wind, which was from
tho east southeast, was bitterly cold.
Tho small boat containing tho sur
vivors tossed about until 11 o'clock In
tho morning. Several vessols wcro
sighted in tho meantime, but they
mado no replies to tho signals that
wcro bet for them. Tlio survivors wero
nearly frozen, having hardly any
clothing, and their sufferings wero in
tense. Hventually tho fishing smack
Wild Flower saw tho signals and bora
down on the boat. In a short tlmo the
survivors were taken aboard of her.
Mr. Karl Hoffman, Anna Hoffman
and Henry Hoffman, of Grand Island,
Neb., wcro among tho cabin passen
gers. Mr. Karl Hoffman is among tho
survivors, but his wifo aud sou wcro
Distribution of t'u-Operatlto Kiirnlngs.
Hf.KHAltT. Ind., Jjiu. 31. Tho unique
innovation was witnessed last night ot
tho public distribution of 815,000 to tho
operatives of the manufactory ot Con
gressman Charles Glrard Conn. Mr.
Conn, who Is now the proprietor of tho
Washington Times, successfully estab
lished his factory on tho co-oporativo
plan In 1S91, and each year Jm wit
nessed an lncrcat.o of profits. Lust
night 2,000 porsons tilled tho Hucltlen
opera houso and lustily cheered tho
name of Mr. Conn. Letters of regret
wero received from a number of con
gressmen and United States senator?
ConIrncd FrnrcrrflnirN of the Bcnnte nnd) "
llniMn. '
IN tho senato on the 23th tho revrtatlon of
Mr. Mitchell calling for detailed Information
at to tho amount of nugnr bounty clnftns was
ns;rced to nnd tho Hawaiian question camo np.
Mr. Allen (Nob ) addressed thn senntft Mr.
MI1U (Tex.) also spoke on tho question. Ho
arraigned tho sugar Interest as tho cauo of all
tho trouble nnd defended tho courso of the ad
ministration In tho matter. He characterized
tho sugar trust a mora powerful than the gov
ernment of tho Islands. Tho Nicaragua canal
bill was further discusiod und about 8 o'clock
pasted by tho dedstvo vote ot 3t yeas to SI
nays. It guarantees tho bond ot the company
to tho nmount of ITO.OOO.OW, the government ot
tho Unltod States tnMnsj n flrst-llon on Ml tho
property of the company ns security... Tho
houso, after further debate, passed tho sundry
civil bill. It carries trajiVTil. Two proposi
tions wore olTcrod respectively by Mr. Sayors
and Mr. Coombs, the former's to giro tho socro
tarv of tho treasury power to Issue bonds of
such dimensions ns ho should see lit instead of
-s at prcsent.nnd tho latter' to rcttro nad cancel
tho gold ccrtltlcatct nnd mako them non-ro-
rclvablo for customs dues after JMyl neit,
furnished tho principal theme of dlnennslon.
Mr. Saycrs' proposition was defeated, while
that of Mr. Coombs wns carrlod without divis
ion. Tho majority report In tho Judge Hlck
enso, rofuslng to profor charges, was presented,
and Mr. llatlcy (Tex ) rccolvcd permission to
present n minority roport.
Tiik senato furthor continued the Hawaiian
debate on tho :3th. Senator Lodge replied to
tho remarks of Senator Mills, denying tho
chnrgo mado that Now Kngland held Hawaiian
bonds. Senator Fryo followed In n very severe
opech, also declaring the charge untrue. At
the conclusion ot tho debate a vote was taken.
Tbo policy of tho administration was sustained:
tiy a voto of 21 yeas tc E! nays. Mr. Pcttlcrow
voting with tho democrats and 1'cffer with tha
republicans. After deciding toglvo tho bank
ruptcy bill tho right of way tho senato ad
journed ...After routine business tho houso
went Into commltteo of tho wholo to consider
tho bill repealing that part of the tariff bill of
1891 In regard to differentials on sugars Import
ed from bounty paying countries. Tho 'debate
continued until after B o'clock when the house
THEitB wns a small attendance In tho sen
ato until noon on tho I8th, but when It was
announced that a special message on tbo finan
cial situation would bo sont In by the presi
dent vacant scats wcro soon occupied nnd tho
galleries filled. At noon tho message was ro
colvod and tho closest attention given to Its
reading. Tho message was refcrrod to tbo
flnnnco committee, nnd the senate then con
sidered tho houso bill (with eenuto amend
ments) disapproving tho agreement with tho
Southern Uta, Indians, providing for removal
from Colorado to Utah and locating others in
Now Mexico. Tho bill finally passed ...Soon
after the houso met the president's mossago
wns read and referred to tho banking commlt
teo. Mr. Springer presented what was known
as tho ndmtnlstratlon currency bill, which
went to tho samo coaadttoo. Tho house thon.
In commltteo ot tho wholo, furthor considered
tho sugar differential bill, pending which tho
houso adjourned.
In tho senate, on tho 29th Mr. Mandorson of
fered a resolution directing the flnnnco com
mittee to report a bill for tho. relief ot tho a
treasury. The resolution ombodted tho re
quirements of such bill. It looks to n com
promise mcasuro on tho administration plan.
In presenting the resolution Mr. Mandersoa
spoko In favor ot compromlso and concession
on the part ot senators In order to meet the re-''
qulrcmonts ot tho treasury. Mr. Toller
promptly replied that no uoh -iBefiMUs)
pass tho nrescnt rnnirrnnsT ifWitnrIVl
- . .... ' . ." -i. . 7 1- rr.'-a
passcn, ana ma remainaer e3
The house engaged In a losrtt!
It'.ng riobaUi on the pending differential '9
bill. General dobato on tho bill then closed
and, tho moasuro was further discussed tinder
tho Hvo-inlnuta rulo and tho bill finally passed
yeas, CM: nays, 31 and at 5:35 o'clock tho
house adjournod.
An animated discussion of tho financial situ
ation took placo In the senato on tho 30th. Mr.
Cullom presented dispatches from Chicago
bankors urging tho adoption of tho president's!
suggestions, and Mr. Vest presented similar
petitions from tho St. Louis chamber of com
merce, which, ho Raid, did not represent tho
sentiments of tho people of Missouri or the
country on tho financial situation. Mr. Vest
declared against tho policy of tho president
and declared ho would never voto to Issuo bonds
to securo gold and place tho country on a single
standard. Ho did not bellvo tho llnnnco com
mltteo would ugrco upon any measure to report,
to tbo senato, but party fealty would never lead
him to vote to fix tho gold standard upon tho
country. Mr. Sherman spokn for the first time
on tho financial question. "Wo havo reached
tho point," he said, "whero wo aro being told
that no relief will bo glvon the country unless
wo oonccdo tho f reo coinage ot stiver," lie bo
llovod such a concession would bo disastrous.
If thcro was to bo a cholco ho believed In taking
that metal recognized by tho world as the best,
but ho did not believe such a choice Impera
tive Ho still bolloved that both mctnU could
bo used. Other senators took part In the dis
cussion and regular routlno business followod.
....The houso considered all day the bill to
fund the debt due the government from. tho
Union l'ucltlo and Kansas PaclUo roads with
3-per-cont. fifty-year bonds.
While the senato was wearily considering
tho District of Columbia bill on tho 31st, the
condition of the treasury was suddenly sprung
Ly Mr. Gorman In a vigorous speech In which 1
ho charged that tbo secretary of tho treasury
was keeping back tho truo condition of affairs
and ho defended the senato from tho chargo3
made of Its Inefficiency or unwillingness to do
something to furnish relief. The result was
tbo adoption of several resolutions calling- on
tho secretary for full Information as to- tho
condition ot tbo treasury, nnd what legisla
tion Is necessary to relief e It... -The house de
voted six hours to debato on tho Facitlo rail
road funding bill and It was. still unr con
sideration at adjournment.
The lienstly Urautlful Came Dw.
Poto Amsterdam! You look as if yo
had tho blues. What's, tho matter
with you, anyhow?
Johnnie Malier I've-got good reason
to feel blue.
"What havo you been doing?"
"Well, you know that for Boveral
years past wo'vo not had any sleigh
ing worth speaking of in Now York."
"Yes, there was hardly any snow."
"WolU thinking It would bo that
way this year I invited live young
ladles to whom 1 am engaged to go
sleigh riding. And tho hlro of a horso
nnd sleigh Is flvo dollars every time.
Well, If I mysteriously disappear until
next spring you needn't bo surprised.
I never was in such a hideous fix In all
uir natural llfo." Texas Sittings.
Wide for the Mark.
Dusty Rhodes I've been a prisoner
In a box car all tho -way from Omaha
to Now York,
Fits William Why didn't you get
out at a transfer station? r.
Dusty Khodos Door shrunk; "car
loaded with dried apples and export
beer. N. Y. World.
Some Caution Neceisary.
First Hurglar Everything is fixed.
You an' mo Is to enter tho houso an'
bvlng out the things, and Hill an' Jim
will bo on the outside, with four or llvo
wagons to loud 'cm In.
Second Hurglar (doubtfully) Batter
uot pet moro'n four wtigous. I'm
afraid flvo might attract tho attention
of tho pcrllce. X. Y." Weekly,.
t-ho Couldn't lie lllaiueU.
"Wero you surprised wha Charley
i&ked you to be his wife?" '
"Surprised Is no nam for U. Wky,
Hollo, I never gave UUs any "irovo
Uon." Judge, "

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