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The Beaver herald. (Beaver, O.T. [Okla.]) 1895-1923, February 07, 1895, Image 4

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0 M Kkyicr. of Hrunswlclc. Me., cut
Chriiittnaii day n watermelon that ho
Kught Inst August,
Lotii) Uomiiikky has given WO to tho
boys of tho training ship Cnlei'onln to
rtart n bngrlpo band.
11. h. Fajukon wcnrs a Now 'Aon
land grcon-stonons a watch chnrm, nnd
nttrlbutos nil his good hick to Us pos
frobfilon. Joshua i ,JlAvti., tho rcpubllonn
governor-elect of Delaware, wears his
henrd mttcl after tho fashion of Dr.
I'nrhhurst's but his features lire mora
Maiiy Vamhso, ii colored woman of
Alabama, lies gone out us u missionary
worker to tie Dark continent, nnd has
sold her Uttls home to pay tho expenses
of the trip.
I'lltur riUW.AU was tho first metric
nl writer In Mils country who attained
any popularity, and ho was matorlally
befriended br Thomas .lofT-irson. His
songs were s iggostod by passing polit
ical and historical oveita and only one,
tin Indian bsllad. outhvotl hlsileath In
Itonr.HT KMnncoN and John I'.urney,
of Orando, IHa.. both secured license
to marry Jennie Hortou, of Sanford.
About two hjurs elapsed between tho
tlmo of tho f'rst and ncootid Istuancc of
tho license. .There was a iwv for tho
brldo, and ll.o man who was t'.ie Hwifter
runner won f,hc prl.o.
Tin, best yvoy toolcnn bamboo fund
(iro Is with a brush dipped in salt and
Ilv distilling It at n very high heat
wood may be made to yield a g-xd nrtl
Jo of gas.
Tim origin of the use of the term
"btcrllng," applied to Ihigllli money,
is lost In obseitiily
Si.i:r.iMNn In linen Is nowadays gen
erally considered us being unhealthy,
cotton being pivferablo
.Tine roar of Xiagtmi has been phono
graphed iukUuhv be heard in any pint
of Ameriea for a small fen
Made JAe Strong
H'onclaolids and Pnins Cured.
. "I can roenramoud Hood's Barwipnrllln
as tho host mcdkluo I liuvo taken. I was
5j torrlbly run down
In lienltli anil Pard
ly ever cnjoyrxl a
well day. I suffered
With torrlblo pains
In my stomi oh,
breast and head. I
road in tho papers
regarding tho won
dorful cures by
Hood's Barsaparllla
and I thought I
Mr.?Inrr M. Mentions would give Itatrlal.
Crone Vnt, Ohio. 1 have taken almost
Ix bottles and am happy to say that I nm
cured of thoso tcnlblo pnins. I glvo
Good's Barsnpot Ilia nil tho pratso lor glv-
Hood's Saraa-
Bf ure to ures
get Hoods W ,
ing roo good liccUh nail making mo fool
strong ngnln." Mas. Ma? M. BTiiriiEVS,
Uriino Nost, Ohio. Got only llood'a.
Hood's PlllB ao ttia best ftftcr-illrer
Vllls, assist illcostlan prevent constlpattor .
fc rih Sk h H rfi hm i s tu r nrn r.
H38 Fine Cait &KAN&V3&.
OvcrOna Million People wear tho
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All cur shoes nrc equally satisfactory
Vtiey tl Hie hrst vnlue for tin) nionc .
1 hey nqual cutlnm lioei In it Je and fit.
Their nenrlnn qualities ure iiniaiepaMtit.
The firlce nre uniform, tnmMd on sole
I'rom $i lu fi smeil ovr other make.
If our ileal" eannt upplvnu ut can.
with Pastes, Pnnmols, nnd Paints which
ctain tho hnnili, Injure tho Iron, and barn
red. Tho lilting Sun Stovo Pollih Is Ilrl!
llant, Odorless, n'ld Dundtlo. Pitch pnekago
contains six ounces; whan molstcnml will
tnako several boxos of Paste Polish.
aB well as fertile ground-
are required in successful farming or
flower raising. For 50 years our seeds
have pioved pure and vital. No fear of
our ruining our half-cemury's reputa
tion this year. Send for our free cat
alogue of new and standard varieties.
OsaiB rUE Mi Oulilaiiilhllrer Watcut'i.O
a Mr SB It Mlier Tea Siu. Mantel Q
0 W -m jm Clocu. UmbrHln. vie. o
Cuuubn CerttUciilet,
(01 a
Init V
U9ti O
Tft HnCllTQi;'iu'?!!"!,,";P "J".'.".'"!'!:
3v 7
Ai ' Tk
JMM afeVKi'lbV
-! II uiirii I .i o....". worm oi ivmrei v . , t
JJI U nULIIIU, fnrtiirr pnriictiinnip moved for washerwomen are migra
gtfuT'iV T'ruVAftW'AVi.Xi'.g tory-if even Aunt Hannah should fall
ejiQQrmts.'ftnoaoQCKSQOCffS.QfSOGii i'you."
...-,.. -j.
Iiv0tirnwvro(UruiRtl lf r Kettl In I
I America. M 9 rr I'ur uma Minute iuf
lirtlina Usailnn) tylvrn In Atltll Wilt LTVO m TL USIMi? .
tcttcji. Mamniuth tn im T
tO i?ua fcnl ! I v t - Mniarr trtol rlr.J
B1IITH Ftaii iii, tin i (-Haw-! "it n
H cO", " f ijp.ij
m iATCMS-f ll.tMU
TlVSMa ,i.t.fl. Mrir
SH .McVlcUir'.'l'hciUer, CltUuuu, III.
1 rre ,o meliuiiif lor
nolliltitf In returit llualvy
.U Lu., tlrcen Clly, Uw
'i'"'l'lH CSV HS
or Hit lVf Y'Tj
, u ijtf v c r
slnvi. .l 111 J I
ffowwwa mji Att.uwwUK. tal
Ho brought hor n thick gray shawl,
tvlifcli ho draped over hcrnhoulders. It
qultii covered her, and sho looked
very smnll and odd.
"You look like a child In Its big sis
ter's clothes," Oliver wild, abruptly
leaving hor. Ho wan not mado of Iron,
nnd shs kept looking at him with
happy, affeotlounto eyes. "Haven't
you a shawl-plnV"
"How could 1, when I had no shawl?"
fthu laughed. "Do yon think women
uro pincushions?"
Hcdeivnrted and rummaged nround
In his room; then ho returned in tri
umph with n diamond scar? plm
"Some woman gnvo mo thalntrocity;
it will do well for tho shawl."
"I am glad to take it away because a
woman gave It to you. I bate to think
of anybody elso liking you. Is Dr.
John a young man?"
Oliver thought she was either nn ex
perienced lllrt or tho most iniiocent of
young persons, but hor liking was so
honest and apparent ho folt the better
for It.
"Tio, Mrs. Mlnuy; ho is nn old chap,
llko me."
" do not think you old," with a ten
der glaueo. "Ilesldos, I'm twenty my
self." IIo put on his overcoat in hIIcucc and
turned out tho lnmp. "Must tho dog
go?" ho asked, resignedly.
"Of course. I would die without
Mike was waiting with tho horses.
-Whero will I be afther tollln' tho doc
tor yo'vo gone, sor?" ho asked, calmly,
as if u midnight elopement was not un
usual. "Tell him," said Oliver, thoughtful
ly, "that Mrs. do ltestaud camo to mo
for assistance to get to !'ie railroad,
and 1 took her there; tin ro was noth
ing olsoio do. Ho must say nothing if
Do ltestaud comes, and keep him from
finding out, If possible, that 1 helped
his wlfo. I trust to your Irish wit.
Miko, to send lilm away from tho cabin
in thn dnrk. If I can make it I will bo
back hero by noon to-morrow."
"The greaser llvln' foronlnst tho
wnthsr tank have a good harse, sor,"
wild Mike, as hu cautiously roleased
tho horses' heads and thoy started
down tho road at a gallop.
Tho night was warm and pleasant;
tho chluook blew from fnrBiin-warmod,
plains, nnd myriads of stars pierced
tho darkness. Tho road was fairly
good, though seldom traveled, and lay
mostly on nn incline towards the
plains. It took all Oliver's strength to
bold tho horses, shut in for a day or
two and headed for Denver, whore
they keenly remembered tho comforts
of oats and n city stable. Mrs. de ller
tnud, as tho backboard swung around
often touched him; sho caught ids arm
onco with a little cry as they plunged
into ,i hollow; but ho talked distantly
of hor journey, restraining any tilTee
tlouate conlldonees on her part with
reference to tho absent Aunt Hannah.
Sho would go to Colorado Springs;
tho train passed through there; sho
had a friend a poor woman well,
their washerwoman when sho and
mamma lived there that winter; and
this washerwoman was really a nice
lady, who could buy her some proper
"Hut tho money!" sho cried, in dis
may. "Hnvo you got any with you?"
Thoy were going up a hill, tho horses
panting heavily. Oliver took a roll of
bills and put them In her hand. As his
Angers mot hers, every nervo in his
framo thrilled.
"This seems a great deal," sho said,
Hmldly. "Perhaps Aunt Hannah would
not llko to pay so much."
"You need not spend It all, Mrs.
Mlnuy, then; and, besides, tho bills
are Binnll; that's what makes them
Mem so many. Now pleaso put them
carefully in your pookot, and don't let
tho dog chow them."
Sho laughed merrily. "Of course
not, you gooso! Oh, this rldo Is lovely!
I never saw horses go so fast. Kven If
ho should follow us you would not lot
hitn tako mo." Sho clung to his arm
but he freed himself, gently.
"I hnvo to drive, you know," ho said,
coldly. He meant to dii or say nothing
that tho whole world should not know,
but It was very hard to bo distant, sho
seemed such n child. He folt bho cow
ered away from him at his words, hurt
nnd frightened, but he forced himself
to be slloiiL At Inst bho said, timidly:
"I know you hnto ino, and 1 soem to
realize all at once you nro almost n
Btranger; und I have asked of you more
than one should uvon require of tin old,
old friend."
"I'lcaso, Mrs. Mlnuy, don'L I nm
silent becuuso I'm thinking of your
lournevr If wo should miss the train, If
the washerwoman tJioulil bo dead or
,. ,,,., i
"lilll mo town win oo lucre, iiim .-r.
Perkins, the depotmnster, Is a neigh
borhis wife takes care of Aunt Han
nah's cat and parrot when sho goes
"That, of course, niters things."
"Tho ouly thing I fear from Au;
Hannah," sho bald, dubiously, "Is a
long moral lecture about tho duties oi
married women and their having
chosen n path sho says parth; thoy do
down thoro and ought to walk In IL
Sho wouldn't lot ma run away with
"Show hor your brulbos," Oliver said,
"I will; ffor sho told mo if ho struck
mo I could couio to her; und bowo-
HUP "Mil ""I Bi(jr?! 1l1krs'v?
-Jty i
times, honestly, Mr. Oliver, I used to
U-nso him so ho would and I might
have my chance."
Oliver whistled softly under his
breath; ho would not have liked Dr.
John to hear that Inst speech. "You
must not toll her," ho bald, quickly,
"about this ride nnd coming to my
"Why not? I would llko her to know
how good you were."
There wns no need, but ho stashed
his horses angrily; then ho snld, curtly;
"I am sorry you cnuuot understand.
Could yon explain It satisfactorily to
Mr. do llestaudV"
"How cro,syoti are! and I know you
look just as you did when I talked
mean about hint a sort of disgusted
Impntlence. Hut ho Is not a reasona
ble being. Other people may be."
"Would you have gone to those nml
able friends of his for nssislunce to got
to tho tnllroinl?"
"Of course not. You know that."
"Well, how is tho world to know I
am any better?"
"I suppose being n lawyer umbos you
so smart," sho wild, in a melancholy
tone; she assured her dog In a whisper
he wan the only being who loved hor,
her only friend; that she was silly and
frivolous, Aunt llnunuh said, and
seemed to bo a great trouble to mere
Rtrangers of good dlppuslllons. Oliver
said never u word; a little wnile curved
his lips, but lie did not turn his head
Soon she grew quiet, and her head
dropped against his shoulder, the soft
wind lifting her curls to blow across
his cheek Tho dog, ornamented with
tho doctor's cap, slept In her lap.
Across the level bind bcfoic them
crept tho gray glimmer of tho dawn.
Hose-colored light flamed In tho far
east, relleetlng on the new snow on
distant mnuntnin-pcuks. Prairie dogs
hopped out of their holes and sat on
their hind legs discussing local polities
and happenings, tho bill to abolibh
free rents for rattlesnakes, and tho ex
tortions of horned owls. Tho Kkyo
terrier disgustedly flung off the doe
tor's enp and barked angrily at tho
small dogs. Mrs. do Ib'statid lifted her
h d with a llttlo start, blushed and
slapped tho Skyo terrier.
"Do bo quiet, Skyo. I am afraid 1
tired yon, Mr. Oliver."
Ho would havo liked 1 i say a sweet
thing to her to most women lie would
but his rolo now was that of benev
olent friend; so ho only nnswored
vaguely: "Not at all," as if ho did not
know to what sho referred. Tho horses
dragged themselves wearily forward;
it was six o'clock, and they had come
fifty miles over a dllllcult road in less
than seven hours. Two parallel linos
of iron stretched far In tho dtstaiico;
tho clumsy outline of a water-tank
loomed up just ahead. Tho goal was
reached, and away In tho north a rib
bon of smoke outlined on tho sky pro
claimed tho coining train. Oliver lifted
Mrs. do Uestaud down. Skyo rushed
madly to tho hole of a venturesome
prairie dog who had taken up a resi-.
denco nenrtho tauk nnd was out en
joying tlietmorning air. Tho terrier
found only n vanishing, and vented his
nnnoyanco at this and nil tho other
vagrant dogs In shrill barks. His mis
tress was vastly amused; the strungc
ness of her undertaking had quite
gonu out of her head.
Oliver, in some concern, gave tier ad
vice regarding her journey; ho wns un
certain of his horses about tho train
and had to stand by their bonds; so
Mrs. Mlnny frisked about with her
dog, entirely confident her difficulties
were over.
"You must send mo word to Denver
when you get to Mulno," ho said, "and
bo sure and make no acquaintances on
the ears."
"Ono would think I wus just out of
"Tho primary department," ho said,
crossly. "I wish you would bo reason
able and listen a moment. I shall
tell tho conductor you nro ono of
a camping-party and your mother
Is ill at Colorado Springs that
you had to leave in snub a hurry to
catch the train .ou had no time to got
ivady. If 1 must toll wrong stories for
you, Mrs. Mlnny, please don't mnko
mo out in a lie tho first thing."
"How good you are!" she said, softly.
"I shall never, never forgot what you
hnvo dono for mo. I shall say to my
self: 'Mlnny,' you may bo frivolous
Aunt Hannah says as unstable as water
but one big, handsome man is your
friend and always will be.' "
"Always, Mrs. Mlnny, to tho end of
my life."
Tho rush of tho near train terrified
his horses almost beyond control, and
ho was obliged to send her for tho con
ductor when tho train stopped for
water. Tho obliging ofllolnl showed
no surpriso at Oliver's ingenious story;
ho was used to camping parties. Ho
"ooon-nv," said omvi:ii, holdi.no out
us 1IAM1.
Imparted the welcome news that the
stuteroom was vacant sho could havo
that and neeepted two line cigars.
"My daughter Is unused to traveling
alone," Oliver said, gravely; "so will
you telegraph for a carriage to meet
her at tho Springs, and see that sho
gets out nt the right place?"
Tho conductor would bo very happy
to oblige. Then tho young lady asked
meekly If a dog, n vory little one,
might. also ride in tho stateroom.
"Ho might," said tho ofllclal, "If
hidden under n bhnwl; for, If this pre
caution is not taken, on the next trip
all tho women lu tho train will be
bringing along tholr dogs. And 1 guess
it'a time to get aboard."
Good-by," said Oliver, holding out
his band.
Mrs. Mlnny picked up 1-er dog; with
It under ono arm, sho took Olivir'e
hand, reached up, and shamelessly
kissed him, a ghost of a kiss touching
his cheek.
"(Jood-by, papa," bho 'called, running
to tho car, und from tho otep waved
farewell until the train vanished in
the distance
Oliver, m ho drove along the road by
tho track In search of the Mexican who
had the good horse, wan almost dazed,
lie could not forget that farewell. Ho
was haunted by the presence of tho
little lndy of the Troublesome. IIo had
not retunu-d tho kiss well, there was
no tlmo but howthu-'ghtloBs, In front
of tho train! and wit there ever an
other womnn like her? Ho had nover
seen one. Trying nu sho wns nil that
long wny, could any man have plaved
the rolo of honost friend better? "Not
even Dr. John," said Oliver.
M. Do Uestaud looked up from his
cards as the chill gray of dawn stole in
the window.
"Heavens!" he muttered, "what n
night Pro bad!"
He pushed tho chips aw ny, for ho hail
been n heavy loser, und staggered to
his fcot. 1 1 'j flung1 the bn'-'-r at t'to
game n roll of bank notes and fumbled
In his pookels for gold. The villainous
faces of h'a four compinio-'s lo"!."d
sallow and hldeQUS after fie lung
hours. His own head was ueliipg. his
mouth dry nnd parched. He .eaned
out the window, drinking in tho fredt
chill air an Icy water. The room be
hind him wns foul with eig.ir-smoko
and the smell of dregs of liquor in
ninny glassos.
"Oo to bed," ho Raid, wcariedly;
"you know your rooms. I've played
onoiigh, end you're nil winner:,; you
ought to be content,"
One man muttjrrea about giving him a
chance, but De ijtostnud shook his head
impatiently, anil they all wentnwuv.
"I was ugly to tho little girl last
night," Do Kcs'taud said, half aloudi
"What did I do? odd 1 can't remem
ber. I wish she would lieop uway
from mo when I'm not myself. She
lias no more sonse about some things
than a child. I'll go see her."
He tried herdoor; no sound, not even
the angry baric of her inseparable com
panion. "1 wonder if I killed tho dog when I
kicked it. Wisli I bad; but she'd nover
forgive me. She riding down the road
to see that follow thinks of him all
tho time. I know in my heart she's as
Innocent as a child about it, just outof
school when I married her, but he will
think she's like other women and tuko
her nonsense In earnest, A man of
the wot 111, evidently. IIo had bettor
keep out of my wny. Those boorish
Americans ho has a fist like a black
btnltli." lie went muttering down tho cor
ridor to Ills own room, and Hung him
self, still dressed, on bis bed. The bouse
was silent for hours. Annette in tho
L, went softly nbout her work, monsieur
was so dreadful if awakened. Louis
currying the horses in tho corral
scarce spoke abovo n whisper, but tac
iturnity had become n habit with him.
Tho poultry, however, clucked merrily
in the back yaid; the gobbler gave bis
views, nnd tho hens, women-like, cack
led about It, while tho ducks enjoyed
tho bonanza of deep mud and pools
lifter tho rain. The cows, loath to go
upon tho hills, huddled near the barns.
Annette, round-faced, beady-eyed, neat
as a pin, stood in the door, her hands
on her hips. She looked with pride on
her fowls how well tho plumpdnrlings
repaid her care then she glanced
across at her husband, ten years her
junior the beautiful man who had
spent her dowry and told her so charm
ingly ho mnrried her for that money,
and who had brought her to this wild
country. She bimlod to herself in sat
isfaction; in this wilderness no girl
could tnko him away. Those Paris
girls were such wretches, brazen
things. Tho ranchers' daughters here,
however, were well behaved; no matter
what eyes Louis made, they would
have none of him. Tho young girls of
tho mountains wore brave and good.
How thoy must suiter, though! for
Louis was so fascinating.
"Louis," sho called, t-oftly, stepping
out on tho plank walk, "madamo is
not yet nwake, nor tho little dog. It
is a strange silenco for them who nro
usually out so early. You climb up on
tho oof of tho corral and look In her
window. She never would open her
door to us."
Tho man hurriedly obeyed. He had
been thinking all tho morning some
thing was wrong, if she were dead
monsieur was wilder than common last
night, and so hasty; ho had beon
gambling and losing nil dav. The dog
must bo dead; ho hated Louis, and
generally made his appearance at tho
window early to bark at him. Louis
climbed up ono of tho posts of tho roof,
crossed und looked in tho open window.
Aunotto watched him, shading hor eyes
with her hand.
"She is there, Louis?"
Ho shock his head and dropped to
tho ground at her foot. "No; sho is
gona. Tho bed hasn't been blept In."
"Hcaveus!" cried Annette, wringing
her bands. "Monsieur will bo ter
rible." "Ho ought to kill her, tho little cat.
You need not pity her; sho makes
game of you always because you can
not comprehend her English tongue.
I must wako monsieur."
Followed by Annette, who prayed In
n whisper, ho knocked at monsieur's
door. No answer. Then ho went In
and shook tho sleeper gently.
Monsieur," ho bald, tremulously, ns
Do Uestaud sat up dazed and haggard
eyed, "I hate to toll you, but 1 must;
madamo is gone."
"Liar!" cried tho other, leaping to
his feet, "Sho would not dnro. Get
my coat, Gouol Whero? Who would
tnko her in? Ah, I know. I was not
far wrong all tho time. It is madden
ing. Ureak In her door, Louis; I havo
no strength."
pro dk coSTtxccn.J
A cenla Iluilte.
"What are tho objects of special In
terest around hero?" asked n party of
tourists going through Arkansas on
"Wul, thnr's var'ous things wuth
lookln' at. Thur's Hud Jackson's bull
pup, ouly six months an' kin lick uny
year-old daug In these parts. An' then
thur's Si Dobson's twins, both on 'em
got twelve toes an' twelve lingers. An'
If yo wuntcr see a reel curiosity yo
orter ride over to old Hon Hobbses nn'
see a calf o' hls'n with four horns an'
no tall, yes blreel An' I kin pilot yo to
tho Identikal spot whar Hob Higgins
uii' Hill Jeffries fit a duel with com
cutters, an'"
Hut tho tourists had piloted them
selves on tholr way, and tho native
buid in a tone of disgust:
"Kcekon they're lookln for water
falls an' natchrel bridgohnn' mounting
lakes nil' trash o' that sort Somo folks
is quoer." -Dotndt Free Prss.
A rouxuMXO nyslum in Moscow, es
tablished over ono hundred years ago,
by Catharine II , has been supported
entirely by a tax ou playing cards.
Speaking from her Experience,
After years of practical use and a trial of many brands of baking pow
der (some of which she recommended before becoming acquainted
with the great qualities of the Royal), Marion Harland finds the
Royal Baking Powder to be greatly superior to all similar prepara
tions, and states that she uses it exclusively, and deems it an act of
justice and a pleasure to recommend it unqualifiedly to
American Housewives.
The testimony of this gifted authority upon Household Economy
coincides with that of millions of housekeepers, many of whom speak
from knowledge obtained from a continuous use of Royal Baking
Powder for a third of a century.
Uoma.n ladies had safety pins closely
.osembling the modern article.
Tilt: natives of equatorial Afriu have
a system of telegraphing by drum
beats. I r Is about thirty miles across town in
Loudon, und for lliul entire distance
there is an unbroken line of residences
nnd stores.
TiriM.i'.us found drunk in the streets
of St Petersburg nre shamed Into a
sense of decency by seeing their names
displayed on posters in the loading
Tin: I'gyptinns bestowed great labor
on their tombs und little on their
homes They regarded the latter as
mere temporary abodes, but the former
they looked on as eternal habitations.
A ri(i:xc!i government ollieiai lately
sent In n bill of 1-t.UOl) francs for cab
fares in a single year The yil was
disallowed and the official dismissed
from the service nt once, anil will bo
prosecuted In the courts.
IlAMMl'.ltl'UST, Norway, the most
northerly town in the world, has a
climate so mild that its great bay is
never frozen. Christinnia, which is ono
thousand miles to the south o.' Htun
racfest, Is Ice-bound in winter
In 1805 not a si'igle town In India had
a supply of pure water; now nearly all
tho large cities nnd cantonments have
wnter works, with tho result that tho
death rate among the Hrltlsh troops of
CO per 1,000 thirty years ago has been
reduced to 15 per 1,000.
Tin: money to run tho lunntlc asylum
in Alicante, Spain, became exhausted,
nnd tho authorities were dilctor 7 about
supplying more. Tho raanngir took
twenty-three of the lunatics off on a
concert tour, vast audiences greeted
them und the mad people had lots of
Tho abovo is tho stylo of tho firm which
manufactures Plso's Cure Tor Consumption
and Plso's Hoinedy for Catarrh, nt Warren,
Pa. Tho company wus recently incorpor
ated, succeeding E. T. Uazeltlnc, under
whoso paaio tho business lias been con
ducted for niai y years, In fact the busi
ness was established in lbC4, when $8.") was
p.iid for tho tlirt barrel of sugar bought,
that wus !! i-cnti 11 pound ;othcr things were
proportionately high, as much of tho 1'lso
Curo is now sold for " eeuU as was then for
Whilo tho firm has been a very ))' nhlent
advertiser hi newspapers, Its ngcreirato out
lay annually has been comparatively email,
eo tlmt tho steady and rapid increaso in
sales to tholr present largo proportions cer
tainly indicates that Plso'o Curo for Con
sumption posscsstsi high merit ns a remedy
for coughs, coldi and throat und lung
troubles generally. Tlio pleasant tasto of
tho curo has doiibt'css contributed materi
ally to its popularity.
Growth la busimm has necessitated tho
Inioiitlon of mime 'oils labor-saving 11111
cliinos. Notable am ing thoso are apparatus
for washing, illliiiR corking and sealing
bottles with whli It throo men cuslU turn
out'J.OJU bottles uu 'lour. In tlio "dveilis
ing department lmpiovcd machines in tho
bindery uulsli KW.ooO Pocket Hook Alma
nacs in a duy with only twenty operators.
Another labor saver 'h the box machine on
w lilch ono lniin puts together a thousand
cartons dally which 111 1 lllled with a dorcn
Piso's Curo for Conaiiuptlou b. another
man in tho s'.mo spneo of time.
Tlio Piso Jotnpauy fives steady employ
niei.t, to 11 small nnny of workers, of both
soxes, nud its uniform liberal treatment of
employes is n topic of much favorublo com
ment among tho citizens of Warren. Alto
gether tho prosperity of tho eompnnj ap
pears to bo peculiarly deferred.
"I'm a littlo worried about my wlfo, and
would llko to havo you rim up and sco her "
Uoctor-"What uro her symptoms'" "Sho
allowed mo to loavo tho I1011-.0 without ask
ing for mouoy." Chicago Inter Ocean.
IIiourc "Thero goes a mnn who takes
things as ho iinds them." Hobbins "A phil
osopher!" Higbeo "No; a rag picker."
Brooklyn Lifo.
Brings comfort nnd improvement nnd
tends to personnl enjoyment when
rightly used. Tho many, who livo bet
ter than others and enjoy lifo more, with
less expenditure, by moro promptly
adapting the world's best products to
tho needs of physical being, will attest
tho value to health of the pure liquid
kxativo principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in tlio form most acceptable and pleas
ant to tho taste, tbo ref resiling and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the sjtem,
dispelling colds, licadnches nnd fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of tho medical
profession, because it acts on tho Kid
noys, Liver and Howels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by tho California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whoso name is priuted ou every
package, also tlio name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
I I bawjnmtwnuMiaftnrMn
I -- a .i i t
wwmsmi ninMrfmiuwn
I I Lmmw2mmTmumammMKiz.MitoMBaummMi.mk!nMaxxmBMMrwinmmtmwmtMmrn , , , , t T tjj
M. W , . ii. . ' "-'
"Tiik I'east of Fools" was the nnmo
givon by the monks to lite Christian
holiday which took tho place of tho
Tiik Hrltlsh nnd German dniids Ii- I
a festival Unit ncailv corresponded m
the time of its observance, toour Chi 1st
mas son. soil
Mav '-'O. tlie nnniver ,.:.'y of tho sign
ing of the Mecklenburg rV duration of
independence. Is a lega, holiday In
North Carolina.
Dcccmiikii J.,, Christmas day, is' a
legal holiday in nil the states, end in
South Carolina the two following days
are -ilso holidays
Lmivkiuhi N.woi.hon made his own
birthday. August Ifl.uholiTlny In France,
nnd facetiously called It the "Festival
of St. Napoleon."
a?iu wins run uo;
A novel way to obtain a suitable
name for their great, yes, wonderful
new oats, has been adopted by the
John A. Snlzor Seed Co. They offer
8.'100 for n name for their new oats;
their catalogue tells all about it. Funn
els are enthusiastic over the oat,
claiming 00 bushels can be grown per
aero right along. You will want it.
Farmers report six tons of hay from
Salzer's Meadow Mixtures; 112 bushels
corn per acre in a dry season, and 1,101
bushels potatoes from two acres.
with 10c postage to tho John A.
Salzcr Seed Co., La Crosse. Wis., you
get free their mammoth catalogue and
a package of above S300Pnii: Oats, k
At the Money Changer's. Lieutenant
"Whatl you demand 15 per cent interestfor
three uioutiisl Don't you blush to own tho
factt" Hanker "I change monci ; color
nover I' Memorial d'Am iijnt.
8100 Howard, S10O.
Tho reader of this pa.jer will bo pleased to
learn that thcro is at least ono dreaded
dlseaso that sclenco has been nblo to curo in
fall Its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Curo Is tho only positlvo curo
known to tho medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional diseae, rcrpiires a
constitutional treatment. IInll'8 Catarrh
Curo Is taken Internally, acting directly on
tho blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system, thereby destroying tho foundation
of tho disease, and giving tlo patient
strength by building up tlio constitution
nnd assisting naturoin doinglts work. Tho
proprietors havo so much faith in Its cura
tive powers, that thoy offer Ono Hundred
Dollars lor any case that it falls to curo.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address, V. J, Ciicxcv & Co, Toledo, O.
C&TSold by Druggists, T.Vn
Hall'b Family Pills, 25 cents.
Tiiuee policemen stood around tho fallen
man. "I think wo ought to get an iimbul
aneo for him," said ono. "All right," said
another. "Let's club together " And it was
done. Hnrlem Life.
Out In tlio Cold.
Political candidates may bo nnoxpectedly
loft out in tho cold v. lion tho returns coma
i117hutpe4.plowhne.Lvt to uso Hoxtettor's
Stomach Hitters f,jr dj spepsiu, liver, ltidney
or bladder inactivity, constipation, malarial
complaints or noi-vou9ness, tro never leltin
tho cold or elsowhoro. Well may phvsfci.itiS
lend their umpjallnnd sanction to tliis.in.o
honorcd and unfailing medicine.
A Fnii'.Nii "ITyon lovo her, old fellow,
why don't you marry her '" Duchclor Doctor-"Mihtj
lar) Whj, sho is otio of my
best patients "- Lifo.
SK & tf
HE a "J 'PO'tf'im imvn
&. ts. yu4 uavc
s Rhemn&tism
Or any other
ft' S',7?u ??,?'' 19ko
iEf-yf0 U1U Paln
' mmmmmmmmzam
r .- HE
gj - - Jr.T?
r.:i wPnvraiyiiHWKN m iLWrj
1 hi jms w jw ma wim nw uuw in sn rw m
mwn,MiiHifi'iamn""lin 1 JL u
Cim-n "Whv dnn'tyott hn'-oyor.r dinner
tabl&pcmlodr Hostess-"Mondedr Cnild
"xlirjn It's verv weak and rlckotj , i -11 1
. Ill" "Hostess "Win, no. dear. Its wild
Imihofi-nnv." Child -''That's nnccr. Wanu-ia
said 1 mest remember nut to lean iii"olbw s
on It while eutTii'. Our table is real strong."
(treat 1'ock Island ltoiit" J't.iJ lug OariN.
If you send 15 rents la stamps or Coin to
Joiint SinASTiiy, Geu'l Pass Agent. C , P..
I. ,c P. 11' y, Chicago, you will receive p. t
paid tho slickest pack pt playing cards
l ou over handled. Heautlful steel engraved
tVhist llules accompany them free.
"Womiv," 'aid tho sentimental boarder,
i-ho is unmarried, of course, "went mi is the
sweetest fruit of civilization " " es.1' as
sented tho cheerful Idiot, "she docs nuikea
a great jam at the bargain counter." Cin
cinnati Tribune
AoTons, Vocalists, Public Speakers praise
Halo's Honcv of Horchound and Tar
Piko's Toothache Drop Curo in ono minute.
A max's curiosity never reaches the
feminine standpoint until somo 1,110 teil3hlia
his nnaio was in yesterduy's paper.
Wc don't know what wo can do till wo
try, and then wo frequently llnd that wo
cu'n't - Puck.
recovery, the
no tu an
who Is taking
Doctor Pierce's
1-avorite l'ic
scriptton. In
maidenhood, wo
manhood, wife
hood and moth
erhood the" Pre
scription ' Is a
supporting tonic
and nervine
that's peculiarly
adapted to her
needs, regulating,
strengthening nml cur
ing the deranociiients
of the sex. Whv is it'
so many women owe tlicir beauty to Dr.
I'ietce s l'uvoritc Prescription? because
beauty of form and face radiate fiom the
common center health. The best bodily
condition results front good food flesh air
and exercise coupled with the judicious use
of the "Prescription "
If there be headache, pain in the back,
bearing-down sensation;, or general de
bility, or if there be ii'.ivous distitrb-iuce, v
nervous prostralioiiyAml slcejilessuess. Ihc
'Prescription" rcyhes the otjcbi of the
trouble ani corrects it. It dihp?rTStelre--i--aud
pains, corrects displaceiucnlsnnd cures
catarrhal inflammation of the lining uieui
brancs, falling of the womb, ulceration, ir
tegulaiiticsniid kindred maladies,
Mrs. Frank Cam
fii:u. oiEmt Dickin
son, Fiaukliit Co., N.
V.. rites : " I deem it
my duty to express my
deep, heart-felt grati
tude to you for having
been the means under
Providence, of stor
ing me 10 health, for I
I have been by spells tin-
I able to walk. My
troubles wr of the
, womb inflammatory
and bearing-down sen
sations and the doctors
all said, they could not
I cure me.
' -
Tu clve bottles of Dr
Mrs. CAMKir.r.D.
Fi'.c's Monde
has cured me."
fa! Favorite Preset lptloti
A N.K. II.
lalo dint jou Raw llio Advcrll.euKiit tliU
.- .1. 11 r 1 ih',wift,;-ij
ohrnees with Bt. Jacobs Oil- f or twenty
nntl il a been paln-kilUng over oinco.
mm km
- r. w j
?&1 flTII IfflfP , We think Pfco's CURE fe
H tor UUiNSUUPTiniu ic !,. vs
only '.nediclne for coughs."
Jennie Pinckariv s-nrn.
- -- w a-wai j t!4l r
" ,,elJ "l-i October 1, 1894.
SOLlTTiv nffs&!.PU(lH SYRdP.... fe
m 1

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