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Gannrtary of tho Daily Mown J
Tnr.' National Council of Women
closed their session nt Washington on
the 2d. Hcsolutlons wcro ndoplcd set
ting forth tho alms of tho council. In
tho conlllct between labor and capital
the resolutions urged co-operation in
stead of competition and submission oi
disputes to arbitration, nlso equal
woges for equal work.
At noon on the 4th tho Fifty-third
congress concluded Its work and ad
journed sino dlo. The usual congratu
latory resolutions wero adopted in
' both houses and the Doxulogy was
sung by tho press reporters In tho
house gallery.
Tin: American ltlmetalltc lengue at
Washington TsJlietl aTtntemont of tho
issues Involved for tho formation of :i
silver party and also published a long
address to tho American people enlarg
ing upon tho statement.
Tub names of tho house democrats
who signed tha address recently given
to tho public, urging democrats to
malco tho money question tho para
mount Issue and to place that party on
record for the free coinage of silver at
a ratio of 10 to 1, have been published.
They represent sixteen states nnd two
territories. Tho canvass of tho bonato
was not made.
Thk olllclals of tho pension bureau
will soon take activo measures to put
into operation tho recent legislation
raising all pensioners receiving less
thnn Sfl a month to that rating. It was
estimated that 4,000 cases will bo af
fected by tho legislation and will in
volvo an Increase of about 81,700,000.
The bureau has given notice that tho
pushing of individual cases will bo un
necessary. Pm:sini:XT Ci.RVKi.Axn, accompanied
by "his physician and one or two other
friends, left Washington on the 5th on
board tho Violet for ten days' shooting
on tho Inland waters of North Carolina.
Ki'icciAr. Aoknt Nr.WTox, of tho nn
tIonalTdcpartmcnt of justice, who wns
sent to Oklahoma to investigate
charges against Judge Scott, has made
a report unfavorable to tho judge and
recommends his removal from olllcc.
Thk jury in tho C 11. J. Taylor
Chase libel case at Washington, after
being out only ten minutes, returned
a verdict of guilty against Chase, the
colored editor, as indicted. A motion
for a new trial was ontered.
Capt.-Gkn. Calt.i:ja has demanded
tho recall of tho, American consul
general at Havana, .Cuba, and the
Spanish cabinet at a meeting eyi tho
0th agreed to support the demand.
Thk emperor of Japan has formally
"executed tho ratification of the new
treaty with tho United States and the
document has been forwarded. It was
expected to arrive, nt Washington
March 20, and tho ceremony of tho ex
changes of ratifications will be held
shortly nfter.
Chaui.ks A. Dana, editor of tho New
York Sun, and William Laflin, tho pub
lisher, havo boon Indicted by the Dis
trict of Columbia grand jury for crim
inally liboling Frank 11. Noyes, pro
prietor of the Washington Evening
;ic.M:itAi. xuwa.
Thk principal of tho Burroughs
school at Chicago, Samuel Harrison,
was severely beaten by Albert Holston,
a constable. Kolslon claimed that
Harrison had blacked tho eyes of
Rolston's son and badly marked tho
boy's faco. Tho light lasted so long
that tho patrol wagon was sent for.
Kolston had Prof. Harrison arrested an
the chargo of assault and battery.
Miss Tili.ii: Hanoel lies in a dying
condition at Cleveland, O., as thu re
sult of a murderous assault committed
on her by a robber. While hho was
nlono in tho house a man camo to tho
door and demanded all tho money sho
had. Tho girl declared thero was
nothing of valuo in tho house. This
angered the robber and ho attacked
Miss II an gel with a sandbag, fractur
ing her skull.
At Temerane Oak, Ala., some stories
defamatory to tho character of some
young .ladies woro traced down to a
young man named Luke Coleman and
ho gavo tho names of two brothers,
James and Martin Lontz, as his in
formants, which caused the brothers
to cherish a feeling of resentment
against him and they waylaid him at
night and shot him and Coleman
emptied his rovolver at them, killing
both. Public sympathy was with Colo
man. Thk National Wholesale Lumber
Donlers' association concluded Its an-
nual session on tho 7th in Philadelphia
' by tho election of officers, all of whom
' are eastern men.
Diiikd beef poisoned tho cntlro fam
ily of Mrs. Eliza Cowon, of Northfiold,
O.', and Mrs. Cowen nnd her three chil
dren wero lying at tho point of death
on tho 7th. Tho members of the fam
ily wero taken 111 within fifteen min
utes after partaking of tho dried beef.
In Now York Mrs. Rose Kennolty, 50
years old, perished by Are in a six-story
double Hat building, and for a time tho
forty or fifty other occupants of the
building woro in great peril of sharing
her fate.
At Winston, N. C, a shook of earth
quake lusting several seconds wa3 felt
at 10 o'clock on tho night of the 4th.
Hulldings wero shaken, but no damage
was doue
W. C. Coup, the circus manager, died
at Jacksonville, Fla., of pneumonia,
aped 09 years.
Thk richest gold strike yet made in
Bouthcrn California Is reported in the
Plain district In tho mountains 00 miles
cast of Hanniug. Tho discovery was
made six weeks ago, but has been kept
quiet by the prospectors, two cattle
men. Two tons of ore run through tho
stamps yielded 013 gold. All of the
gold in sight seems equally rich.
Is Lincoln county, Ok., two drunken
Indians entered the house of S. L. Holing
uudonoof themchasnd Mrs. Holing and
children n long distance across fields,
but they escaped. The two then held
up Holing with Winchesters while
they a to ull tho food in the house uud
stole icost of tho valuables.
Official dispatches stato that the
Cuban provlnco of San Kriel has been
declnrcd in n stato of siege. Tho captain-general
hns asked tho Spanish
government that reinforcements for
tho island bo sent direct to Santiago do
Cuba, equipped and ready to tako tho
field. Tho cruiser Mercedes will tako
2,000,000 cartridges to Cuba from Spain.
Tho government troops camo upon n
largo party of Cuban Insurgents neat
Ullao and succeeded in routing thorn.
A dispatch from Kingston, Jamaica,
6tated that there was a full-Hedged
active revolt in tho northern provlnco
of tho republic of Ilnytl and that Presi
dent Hippolytc, having failed to raise
funds, by means of n loan, finds it dif
ficult to carry on effective military
operations against tho insurgents.
A skciikt meeting of western brew
ers wns in session in Chicago on th
7th. Tho object of tho meeting war
carefully suppressed.
At Adcl, In., a mob of masked farm
crs attempted to get Crawford, the
bank robber, from tho sheriff, but
were unsuccessful.
At a meeting of tho Southern Memo
rial and Literary society at Richmond,
Va., It was decided to put tho Jefferson
mansion in thorough repair at a cost of
813,000 preparatory to converting it
into a museum for confederate relics.
Five mon dlsgulsod as whltecaps
entered tho house of Farmer George I.
Wagner In Extra township, near
Wllkesbarrc, Pa. They heated a firo
shovel red hot and applied it to Wag
ner's feet, at tho samo time demanding
all tho money ho had In tho hduso. Tho
farmer told them and tho thieves so
cured 32. 17, Mrs. Wagner nnd her lit
tle daughter were prostrated by fright.
There is no clew to tho perpcrators.
Thk League of Amorican Wheelmen,
in session nt Now York on the Cth,
awarded tho contract for publishing
tho L. A. W. llulletin to Sterling El
liott, editor of Good Roads, Uoston.
Tho yenrly dues will bo 73 cents prr
capita and tho voluntary subscription
to tho Ilullotin 73 cents. The national
treasury will refund 33 cents of the an
nual dues to the stato divisions nnd re
tain 40 cents. This arrangement was
made to renovato tho treasury.
Thk seventh annual congress of
Scotch-Irish of America will bo held
at Lexington, Va., from Juno 20 to 22
inclusive. The announcement was
made by tho secretary of tho society,
A. (i. Floyd, of Chattanooga, at tho
direction of Mr. Itobert ltonner, of
Now York, who is president of the
Tnn Hod Star lino steamship Frlcs
land was reported ashore at Port Said,
Egypt, her steering irear having be
come disabled. She was chartered at
Now York to carry a party of American
excursionists through tho Mediter
ranean. Several Kansas City people
wcro umong those on board.
J. L. SliliorsiilliK, tho cashier of tho
Central railway, of Georgia, committed
suicide. Tho deceased recently fell
Into bad company and gambled. Tho
railroad olllclals refuse to dlscloso tho
condition of his books.
Tin: Gerry whipping post bill has
passed tho New York senate unani
mously. It had ulrcady passed tho
house, and will become, a law unless
vetoed by tho governor.
Fivk persous wore killed and twenty
wounded in a riot and destruction of a
bull ring at Pueblo, Mex., because a
spectator was dissatisfied with tho class
of bulls furnished for fighting.
A riliK in tho npartmonts of John
Lewis at Brooklyn resulted in tho death
of his 4-year-old daughter, Gertie, and
I tho serious burning of his 2-year-old
! ton, Daniel. Both children had been left
alone, when tho clothing of tho little
girl ignited while sho was playing at
J tho kitchen Btovo. Tho other child,
j though badly burneil about the body
and limbs, will probably recover.
A Knv Wi:st, Fla., dispatch said that
' news had reached thoro that an en
1 gagement had occurred botween 300
. insurgents and a battalion of Spanish
regulars near Manzanillo in tho south
eastern part of Cuba. The Spaniards
I wero routed.
Jacoh SiiitoN-nmcK and wlfo, living
near Toledo, O., wcro brutally tor
tured nnd robbed by four men who,
nfter searching tho houso and finding
81,200, asked for more money. The old
man and woman wcro hold 07er a red
hot stove. Tho man fainted, but tho
woman told them whore tho money
was hidden and tho robbers secured
54,000 more nnd left. Both tho victims
wcro in a critical condition.
Thk bill to legalize prize fighting,
which will likely become a law In
Oklahoma, has caused great oxcltement
among the admirers of tho pugilistic
art In Perry, Ok. A purse will bo
offered forCorbott and Fitzslmmons to
fight in Porry if tho bill which has
passed tho house and probably will
pass the council becomes a law. Perry
sports offered 525,000 for tho Corbett
ond Mitchell match, which was fought
at Jacksonville.
A SEitious conflagration was narrow
ly nvoldcd at the Pawnee, Ok,, bchool
agency recently. Tho farmhouse and
nil tho outhouses wero burned and tho
fine government school buildings hnda
narrow escape. As it was, something
liko 55,000 worth of government prop
erty was destroyed und several Indian
girls had a narrow escape.
Ix Battle Creek, Mich., tho general
conference of Seventh Day Adventists
closed on tho 4 th. Delegates have been
present from all parts of tho globe. A
great amount of work was accom
plished at tho session. Thirty mission
aries will bo sent to foreign fields at
once and tho work will be pushed in
A dispatch from Panama, Colom
bia, said that advices from Cucua,ta
confirmed the reports of a government
defeat and tho recaptnre of tho city by
the rebel forecs. More than 800 wcro
killed on both sides. Tho streets of
the city wero strewn with tho bodies
of tho killed. Tho powder magazlno
was blown up nnd manv houses in tho
city were shattered. Tho government
forces lied in disorder toward Grala
An' immense aerolito shot out of tho
northern heavens und passed over
Reno, Nev.. on the 2d. It exploded
with terrific force and shook tho build-Jug
A LAnon boiler nt tho works of t!io
P.- D. Goodrich Rubber Co., at Akron,
O., blew up with fatal results. John
Vance, n machinist was Instantly
killed, John Summerville was terribly
scalded nnd otherwise seriously In
jured. A number of surrounding
buildings were mora or less damaged
by1 the explosion.
Thk loss to tho American Missionary
society through tho shortage of Treas
urer Oakley will amouut to about 512,
000. Ox tho 110th ballot Licut.-Gov. Miles
was nominated for congress by tho
Michigan republicans to succeed Mr.
Burrows, elected senator.
Tin: strlko of tho miners of tho Pitts
burgh (Pa.) district was on in full force
on tho 7th. Oilers of compromise scales
have been rejected.
Chaui.ks Trios, a well to db houso
mover nt Chicago, poisoned himself be
cause a 53,000 judgment in a breach of
promise suit against him had been
awarded to Mrs. Matilda Stewart, who
had answered an advertisement nnd to
whom ho wns engaged for n time.
Gkohok L. ShoOP has been re-elected
United States senator for Idaho, after
a long struggle, tho vote being: Shoup,
27; Sweet, 12; Crook, 11; absent, 1; nec
essary to choice, 27.
Two men demanded of tho cashier of
the bank at Adcl, la., that ho turn
over the funds nnd on his refusing to
do so they shot him. A merchant of
tho town was in the bank nt tho titno
and ho wns nlbo bhot. Tho robber
then lied With all tho funds they could
lay their hands on. A posse afterwards
went In pursuit of the robbers and one
was shot dead and tho other captured
alive. ,.
PoitTO Spain-, Trfuldad. was almost
wiped out by fire, tho business center
being tho scene of tho conflagration.
Tho snilors of the three Ameiican war
ships in port thero went on shore with
buckets and helped fight tho flames.
Nearly 51.000,003 damage was done.
Whilk Mrs. William Kennedy, wifo
of a farmer living In Lincoln county.
Ok., was abseut from tho houso a few
moments, leaving her two little chil
dren alone, tho clothing of her 4-year-old
son caught firo from tho stove and
ho was burned to death before tho
mother could get back. Tho 7-year-old
daughter was also badly burned in at
tempting to rescue her baby brother.
Timr.K is n shortage in tho accounts
of the American Church Misslona-y so
ciety In New York nnd tho booksof tho
organization havo been found to bo in
such confused condition that the ex
perts aro not as yet In u position to
make n detailed statement. The secre
tary nnd trensnrer have been removed.
Utah's seventh constitutional con
vention mot at Salt Lake on tho 4th to
begin tho work of drafting a constitu
tion for the" new state. The most im
portant matters to bo considered woro
prohibition and woman suffrage.
Youxo Uiurro, the lightweight from
Australia, and Hornce Leeds, of Phila
delphia, boxed a twelve-round bout bo
fore tho Seaside Athletic club at Conoy
Islnnd, N. Y., on tho 4th. After tho
tenth round Griffo had decidedly tho
best of tho fight.
Hon Fitzsimmoxs has written a lottcr
to Corbett nppealing to him for time to
put up his forfeit, as ho is financially
embarrassed, owing to his trouble at
Syracuse, N. Y., through tho killing of
Rlordan nnd tho mismanagement of
his affairs by Capt. Glorl. Fitzslm
mons has put up 55,000 and tho third
deposit of 52,500 is now past due.
Thk republicans wcro generally
victorious in the municipal elections la
Iowa on the 1th.
A DixitKi: of nbsoluto divorce was
granted Mrs. Vaiidcrbilt from her hus
band, William K. Justice ISarratt, of
New York, nwurdod tho oubtody of tho
children to the mother.
tiii: i.ATiiir.
Cincinnati, 0., March 9. Tho mag
nificent New Orleans steamer Long
fellow was crushed on a hiidgo pier
and sunk In less than five minutes
Thursday night. Five persons nro
known to havo been drowned, Un
fortunately tho conipleto list may
never be known. All tho iccords of
tho steamer were lost with it, and no
passenger list Is ever left ashore.
M1NNKAPOM8, Minn., March 9. "In
two hours I will be a free man." Thus
said Harry llayward vestiudny, and In
less than three hours n jury of his
peeis gave tho lie to his words nnd
placed Its bcal upon the word "guilty."
With tho same immovable stolidity
with which ho has watched the trial of
his case, the prisoner received the ver
dict of the jury. According to the
statues of Minnesota only one fate can
await Harry Iluyward a sentence to
be haugud.
Nkvkii:k, O. T March 9. A qnarre
took liluee vesterilav six llllh-H i-.ist nf
this city between Bert Coleman und
Cyrus Cowans, over disputed school
lands and a fight ensued in which Bert
Coleman and his brother Willie, aged
respectively 22 and 111, were killed by
Cowans. Cowans guvo himself up to
the authorities and is uow in jail iu
this city.
Topkka, Knn., March 9. A charter
was filed with tho secretary of state
yesterday 'for the Bat ton County Irri
gation company, of Great Bend, to
construct dams and channels for irri
gation purposes, with n capital of
gJOO.OOO. The directors are J. V.
Hrlnkuian, G, L. Chapman, C. E,
Dodge, B. P. Tyi.cr uud E. M. Holsliig
ton. Guthiuk, O. T., Marcli 0. Yesterday
was the last tiny of the session of the
Oklahoma legislature and was ouo ol
uproar and confusion. A resolution
was rushed tluough tho low.er house
nt last night's session continuing the
governor in chargo and authorizing
him to lease the western lands iu bulk
to cattlemen. The senate killed tin
bill to allow prize fighting, n commit
tee of preachers uud W. C. T. U. mem
bers having camped with them for
tin co duys nnd nights. Tho civil
rights bill died on tho calendar. The
house pabsed n bill in tho forenoon
creating an oil inspector, who shall
liod his olllcc for ouo year.
Wlint tlio Law Sinker. of Oklahoma
nro IulnjlIr It People.
ltoth IInuii- Puililng I1IIU Through A
11111 IntriMtiiri'it In llui llmno to
Authorlm, Alhli-lln sport
County brut al Wnr.
A bill wns Introduced
by Mr. Little
allowing athletic sports and tho or
ganization of uttilolle societies. The
bill was introduced by request.
The bill does not provide for prize
The houso passed a bill tixing dogs,
which makes them personal property.
A general divorce law passed the
house. Tho only amendment to the
present statute Is that allowing divorce
to bo granted on the refusal of elthor
party to reasonable sexual relations.
it was attempted to include in the
bill a provision granting 11 divorce In
c.i&o of insanity of either party, but
It was defeated.
The houso spent most of tho after
noon lu considering n school laud
lease bill. There are many changes In
It from the present method.
The council spent 'the forenoon on
tho general herd law. It Is n vital
matter to the farming portions of tho
territory, while the grazing portion
doxiros free range. Tho bill was re
commended for passage.
Mr. McCoy Introduced n bill in tho
house providing for a bank examiner
and compelling thu banks to niukn five
statements a year of their standing.
The council defeated thu provlsl n
now In the statute book allowing liens
on property for rent.
Tho bill transferring the leasing of
school binds from the governor's olllco
10 tho olllco of the secretary of the
territory passed tho house. The
change entails tho extra expenditure
ofk8J,400. , Tho bill provides'forii-com
mission of three to appraise tho lease
value of the lands, who shall each re
ceive 51 SO n quarter for uppnilslng.
Tho council passed the bill raising
the jurisdiction of Hie probate court to
almost equal that of the district court
and making none but lawyers of first
class htaudinj elllgible to tho olllcc.
Tho house passed a bill forfeiting all
land sold for taes to the county in
stead of selling them to tho highest
bidder, as heretofore. '
The bill locating the soldiers' home
at Fort Supply passed tho house.
The two houses are pushing tho pas
sage of regular bills, and there Is at
pietcnt no prominent or interesting
legislation, but tho lobbyists of differ
ent towns are busy coining and going
iu the interest of 11 change of county
scats, county lines and tho location of
public institutions.
Senator Boles introduced u bill in
the council establishing 11 normal
college at Alva. 'This does not inter
fere with tho one at Edmund.
Mr. Little has Intioduced a bill in
the house that hereafter tho leasing
money for the Cherokee outlet school
lauds shall go fur the benefit of the
strip schools alone, while at the same
time It shall gut its pro rata share of
the money derived from the balance of
the teirilory. Ho bases this bill on n
provision opening thu strip, which ho
states meant to retain biich money for
the strip schools alone.
The Ket-ley cure druuknrd bill hns
passed both houses. It provides that
not more than four drunkards from
cuch county can bo sent to the institu
tion the same year.
A gambling bill similar, and taken
from 1I14 Kansas bill has been intro
duced in the council by Senator
All inrty lines on thu county-seat
removal omnibus bill have been
thrown down. Tho bill has been re
ported fnvorably and rcfcriod to the
proper committee.
Mr. Smith's bill locating tho peni
tentiary nt Pond Creek was recom
mended favorably by thu commlttuu of
the whole.
Both houses of the legislature met
nt 10 o'clock. Tho council adjourned
after tho iutioductlon of several bills
until 2 o'clock iu tho afternoon In order
to do committee work while the house
worked on until the noon recess, pass
ing tho bill allowing appeuls from
justices courts and also one taxing
Lint-rant fakirs who como to tho terri
tory. speculation is still uncertain as to
what the council will do with tho om
nibus couuty-cut and public institu
tions bill should tho houso pass it; but
it is generally bollovod that it too will
pass it. Tho lobby from llio dlffereut
parts of the territory interested is in
creasing nuil tho week promises to bo
n lively one.
The sosttn dies Friday night nt 12
o'clock. As has always been tho case,
ull kinds of measures will bo rushed
through at tho last moment. Almost
till the Important meusures touching
tho polities and Iho Htiunces of tho
territory nro still undisposed of und
prominent men o on tho ground
unxloua that they shall pass to suit
pnocr.i'.nt.Nos foiitiktii tkv.
Tho first part of the approbation
bill .is introduced by C U. Elliott, en
titled "an net making appropriations
for current expenses of tho territory
for tho years of 1395 and 1690, nnd for
other purposes," Is ns follows:
lor superintendent of public Instruc
tion, ns salary, tho sum of 52,100 for
tho years of 1S0.1 and lSOtl; for traveling
expenses per year, SlOd; for Incidental
expenses, 5300.
lor tcirttorlal auditor, tho sum of
81,200 as salary, oflk-o expenses, SOOOj
cleric hire, S00J.
For territorial trensurer, 5-1,000 as
salary and 000 for contingent ex
penses. For tho jrovernor for l"gnl advice for
tho years 1895 mid 189J, tho "im of 5000
per year, the olllco of ultornoy general
being abolished.
For tho seorclnry of tho tcriltory for
blanks of his ofileo, 5200 und 8193 for
furnishing teiritoriul statutes for hu
For defraying expenses of tho su
premo court on tho territorial side
5250 11 year.
For tho governor lu on forcing the
criminal Inws of tho terrl ory 81,0'K);
for Incidental expenses of his olllco
For tho keeping of tho iiibuuo of the
territory S70.000.
For commitment of persons sen
tenced to the penitentiary 819,000.
For luvlslng the statutes of Okla
homa S30.000.
For the board of health 82,000.
For thu regent, of the Oklahoma uni
versity at Norman JS00 and for furni
ture ami boohs 51,300.
For tho regent of the normal school
nt Edmoiid 5500 nnd fur furnishing thu
institution 83,000.
For s ilary for territorial librarian
For salary of inspector of quarantine
ns provided by law 83(H).
For expenses of governor In relation
to leasing school lands 81,215
The location of county seals is ns
Thoatof Woodward county shnll
bo at Woodward; of Wood at Alva; of
Grant ut Medford; of Kny ut Black
well; of Garfield at the government
townslto of Enid; of Day at Grunt; of
Dut lalogn; of Blaine nt Wutonga; of
Klu figisher til Kingfisher; of Logan at
Guthrie; of Puyno ut Stillwater; of
Lincoln at Chandler; of Pottawatomie
ut Tecumtoh; of Cluvolund ut Nuriilau;
of Canadian at El Uenoj of G at Arapa
hoe; of Boger Q. Mills ut Cheyenne; of
Washita at Cloud Chief; of Noble ut
Perry; of Pawnee ut P.iwuoe; of Bea
ver at Beaver; of Oklahoma ut Okla
homa City.
'Gbve'ruor Uenfrow has given out a
statement llif.t ho will not sign any
bill that is of 11 nature of reciprocity
and which intends to toueji on tho
leasing ef school lauds uud the uppio
prlalloii bill.
Mho greatest row yet in tho council
happened over the inoasuio allowing
townships to voto bonds for road and
bridge fund. Scott nnd Fegan wero
against the bill on thu basts that It
gave speculators a chance to buy up
warrants already Issued lu the strip
for such purposes.
The house was lnsf night nnd this
mornlug in consideration of the Fegan
county feu and salary bill, aud made
many amendments.
Temple Houston, 11 sou of General
Sam Houston thu famous pioneer is a
lawyer ujitl lives at Woodwind.
Joo Ambler, an Indian farmer, neat
Perkins, has made it known to tl;q
Iowa tribe that no has been approach
ed by tho assessor of P.iynu county
and has glvon a valuation of his prop
erty. Tho Indians aro indignant ut
this action uud threaten hiiu with all
sorts of trouble.
J. Howard Puyno county attorney of
G county wns found do.id two miles
from Arapahoe on thu (1. It is sup
posed that during a blizzird ho wan
dered out of town, lost his way nnd
wns frozon to delta. He was a rela
tive of and named after tho author of
"Home, Sweet Home."
A great source of future wealth for
tho Indian Territory which will 0110
day bo Included in Oklahoma, is thu
oil depos'ts which underlie thousands
of acres of hind. At 0110 place neur
Wen oka, in digging u well, n strong
flow of oil wns struck, but tho Indians
filled tho whole up for fear whlto peo
ple would overrun tho country. At
Oil Springs, iu the Chickasaw nation,
south of the Arbucklo uiouiitpins,
there Is n spring the waters of which
are always covered with oil, and thu
sedlmoit around the spring has for
years been used for uxlo gicuse.
London has been listening to n new
nfant prodigy, a ninu-year-old pianist
lamed Basil Gauntlet.
All undent music was In the minor
ey, without harmony or counterpoint,
ind entirely vocal and rhythmical, liko
sur recitative.
Skvkntv-nink now operas nnd oper
ettas wero produced In Italy last year,
iccordtng to tho Gazctta Muslcale of
Milan, twenty-five of them operas in
three nets and four even longer. Tho
Unzuttn Is charltuble enough to say
that blxty of them wcro good.
"La Montaouk Noiiik," a fp-nnd
opera,, composed, book and music, by
in Irishwoman naturalized In Franco,
Miss Augusta Holmes, is about to bo
brought out nt tho Paris grand opera.
Miss Holmes Is known as thu composer
af n cantata, "Lcs Argonautcs," per
formed nt the l'abdcloup concerts In
1880, nnd of two syrophonicul poems,
"Ireland" nnd "Poland.''
Gkn. Sin Gap.nkt Wolhclhy says that
ono secret of the superiority of Japan's
military system Is that tho profession of
arms Is hold In high regard, while in
China, tho lowest classic only ore re
cruited Into tho army, nnd soldiers uro
rather looked down upon.
A CoiutrrMlonnl Committer! llrltrvc It
Un lMM-iirrrrtl thu Ciiimrtl Ilomoillm
Washinoton, March 8. The majority
of the members of lho houso committee
on ngrlcultnro of the last congress
filed yesterday with tho committee
the report authorized last December to
Investigate tho degression In ngricul
tnre. By unanimous consent, granted
by the houso on Sunday Inst, tho com
mittee wns nllowo I ton days af tor tho
adjournment of congress to make this
report. It 1. to be used and discussed
by tho next congress.
Tho committee spont somo tlmo tak
ing evidence from pnrtioi from differ
ent parts of thu country nnd tho ma
jority report submitted Is signed by
both republicans nnd democrats, tho
members of the eom"jvJ.tesypivtrently-;
being very much divided in tho matter,
but not on party lines It is
held in tho majority report that
tho present depression In agriculture
is duo to tho demonetization of silver,
torlff legislation nnd food adulteration.
For n remedy, romonctlzatiou of silver
Is recommended; tho adoption of tho
plan submitted by Daniel Lubin, of
California; passagu of an antl-optlons
law, remodeling of tho tariff and pura
food legislation.
Tho Lubin plan, referred to, is that
ngrioulturnl products, not raised In suf
ficient quantities to meet tho demand
of home use, should bo aided with a
bounty. In this way, according to
Lubin, tho attention of the farming
classes would bo directed to certain
classes of business that could bo made
a success in certain parts of thu coun
try, and in some degree relieve over
crowded branches of agriculture
It is observed with regrot lu tho re
port that all efforts, so far, at nntl
options legislation havo failed. It is
said this Is duo mainly to the efforts
of grain gamblers from tho cities, who
havo their supporters In congress, nnd
who, while making opposition to legis
lation of this sort, nro ut the samo tlmo
forcing prices, down for tho benefit
of tho city consumers aud taking an
undue advantage at the agricultural
classes, who should not bo subjected
to this sort of commercial slavery. It
is recalled in the report that an anti
options bill passed the lato houso and
nlso tho houso of tho Fifty-second con
gress, but was do fen ted In tho senate
by senators believed to be interested
in tho gambling business, aud espe
cially in matters whero they havo
control of tho secrets affectlug tho
markets. In this way, through Influ
ences In the senate, nil bills thus
passed In tho Interest of the farmers
have been smothered to death by those
personally Interested in tho option
gambling busiucss, nnd to tlilsiegreo
'tho" seiuito'Ms -'madi'-YosponslulofoF
present depression lu prices of ugrlcul
tural products.
A Itrpnhllriiii Itlimit nf the Mutiny Ap
pniprluti'i! iy tlm l.utu Concrvsa.
Washinoton, Mnrch a Representa
tive Cannon, of Illinois, on behalf of
the republican minority of tho house
committee on npproprhitlons, has pre
pared a summary showing the total
expenditures of tho Fifty-third con
gress aud comparing them with the
expenditures of tho so-called billion
dollar congress, in which Mr. Cannon
was nt thu head of the appropriation
committee. The statement will be
published ns n part of the Con
gressional Record.
From this statement it appears tho
appropriations of the Fifty-first con
gross, wdien Mr. Reed wns speaker of
thu house and thu president nnd thu
senate wero republican, wero in .round
numbers 933,000,000, while the appro
priations for tho Fifty-second con
gress, when tho house wns dem
ocratic and Mr. Crisp wns speaker,
was, In round numbers, Sl,027.003,000,
and tho appropriations for this con
gress, with president, house nnd senate
all dempcratlc, nre. In round numbers,
5000,000,000. Moreover, tho late sale of
tho thirty-year 4 per cent. United
States bonds, the payment of Interest
on which Is permanent, swells the total
appropriations for this uud the next
fiscal year by SJ.000,000, making the
grand total appropriated by this con
gress, In round numbers, S903.OOO.OO0.
This exceeds the appropriations made
by tho Fifty-first congress, called by
our democratic friends "the billion
dollar congress," in round numbers, by
Thry lluvo a PI 1: lit with Corrrnment
Troup und Aro Defeated.
Madrid, March a The report that
thu Cuban provlnco of San Kriel had
been declared In a state of slogo is con
firmed by official dispatches received
here to-day. The government troops
in Santa Clara, who nro pursuing a
band of insurgents under the leader
ship of Matagas, havo not yet caught up
with them. Gen. Challeja, captain-general
of Cuba, has sont n dispatch to the
government asking that the reinforce
ments for the troops on thu island be
6cnt direct to Santiago do Cuba,
equipped und ready to tako the field.
News has been received from the
governor of Santiago that Licut.-Col.
llax, in seeking insurgents neur Guan
tanamo, came upon n largo party near
Ullao. Thoy were soon joined by two
other parties under command of Pcro
qulto Perez nnd Henry llrooks. The
government troops attacked tho insur
gents nnd thero was a fierce fljht.
The Spanish troops succeeded iu partly
surrounding tho insurgents, who finally
gave way.
No Svv Hlntrlbytlom.
Washington, March a Secretary
Morton says thero will be no distribu
tion of seeds to drought sufferers in
Okluhoma, Kansas and other states,
Although both houses adopted nn
amendment to tho sundry civil bill
appropriating S300.000 for that pur
pose. According to Secretary Morton
Mr. ) loveland notified the conference
committee tliat ho would veto the bill
if this provision remained in it, and it
was therefore surreptitiously strlckeu
aut, a thmg which tho conferees clear
ly had no right to do, as both houses
uad agreed 1 1 it, but which was done
Tho Grip AlmoQt Won Whoro tho
Bullot Folio d.
Our Hrtnpitthlc Altrnyn Knllatotl In tho
Inflrmttlcn of tho Veteran.
(From tht Iltralit, Wooditoek, Va.)
Thoro la an old soldier la Woodstock, Vo,,
who served In tho war with Moxlco and in
tho war of tho rebellion, Mr. Lov' MclnturtT.
Ho passed through both tlieoo wars with
out n serious wouud. Tho hardships, how
over, told seriously on him, for when tho
grip attacked him four yearn ago It nearly
killed him. Who can look on tho Infirmi
ties of n votoran without a fooling of tho
deepest sympathy I Ills townspooplo saw
him confined to his houso so prostrnlod
with grcntjacrvouBness that ho, coukLjpot
hoUW kulfo and fork nt thVBiulo; scarcely
nblo to walk too, and as ho attempted It, ha
oftou stumbled and fell. They saw him
treated by tho best talent to bo had buUtill
ho suffered on for four yoars, and gave up
finally In dospnlr. Ono day, however, ha
was struck by tho account of a euro which
had beeu effected by tho use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Ho immediately ordered n
box and commenced taking them. Ha
nayg bo was greatly relieved within threa
days' tlmo. Tho blood found Its way to his
lingers aud his hand. which had been pal
sied assumed nnaturnl color, and ho was soon
enabled to uso his knlfo and fork at the
tablo. Ho has recovered his strength to
such an extent Unit ho Is ablo to chop wood,
shock corn and do his regular work about
his homo. Ho now says ho can not only
walk to Woodstock, but can walk across the
mountain, lie Is ublo to lift up a fifty-two
pound weight with ouo hand and says ha
docs not know what Dr. Williams' "Ink
l'ltls havo done for others, but knows that
they luivo ilono a great work for him.
Ho was In town Inst Monday, court day,
nnd was loud In his pnusos of tho medicine
that had given him no great relief. Ho puts
chased another box nnd took It homo with
him. Mr. MelnturlT is willing to tnako
altlilavltfto thnso facts.
Tho proprietors on)r.Wllllaras'PlnkPUl3
state that thoy arc not a patent mcdtclnobut
a proscription used for many yours by an em
inent practitioner who produced tho most
wonderful losults with thcui, curing all
forms of weakness arising from a watery
condition of tho blood or shattered nerves,
two fruitful causes of nliunnt every ill to
which Ilc9h Is heir. Tho pills uro also a
specific for tho troubles peculiar to fcinalcj,
such ns suppressions, all forms of weak
ness, chronic constipation, bearing down
pains, eta., nnd In lho case of men will glva
Biioody rollof and elToet n permanent euro In
all cnecs nrlslng from mental worry, over
work, or caecsscs of whatever nature Thoy
are entirely harmlosn ami enn bo given to
weak and sickly children with tho grcatCRt
good and without thosllghtostdangor. Pink
Pills aro sold by all dealers, or will bo sont
post puld on receipt of prlco, (50 cents abox.
or six boxes for ftJ.ftO they nro never sold
In hulk or by tha HKJ) by addressing Dr.
Williams' Modlclno Company, Bchcnoctady,
N. Y.
Tnn news of tho engagement of tho
Kawjuprinve of aplit-ifcPrincess-
Maud of Wales Is confirmed:
Miss R. V. Cotmci.ius, of Phlladol
)hln, has devised n now way to bo of
.crvlco to her sox nnd malco n living nt
.ho same time. Sho Is n "professional
Yvkttk Uuu.iikht hns mot with her
Irst check nt Naples. Tho Neapolitans,
jvho expected to see her dance tho can
ian, covered with diamonds, hissed her
)ff tho stngo.
Tadzu Suoivn Is tho name of n Japa
3eso young woman who has been stutly
ng In Wellcsley collego for three years
tnd who Is now teaching In Osnkn in a
christian school for girl3.
Hi.la Vhki:i.::h Wilcox Is an untir
ing patron of manicurists, givers of
facial massage, chiropodists and sham
pooers. She says sho believes on prln
;lp1u In being as good looking cs sho
Mils. Paiiht, the wifo of Bishop Parct,
f Maryland, Is n friend of the birds.
Sho is trying to form a society in Ilal
ilmoro tho members of which will be
pledged not to wear any feathers on
their hats except ostrich feathers.
Unohmous butterfly bows of bias vel
vet on thu fronts of bonnets nre mon
fashionable than becoming.
A vklvdt bonnet with bows so ar
ranged that tho silhouette would font
thu ears of a cat. Is ono of the novelties.
SKII1T8 made with very narrow gorca
each scam outlined with narrow jot.
gimp, galloon or other fancy trlmminj
nro among tho novelties.
A iii:co:hno and sensible stylo for ar
ranging the hair Is to crimp the sldei
slightly, curl tho front over thu fore
head and twist the back Into a rathci
soft, loose knot, fastened with fancj
pins of various sorts.
Aiiono the popular color combina
tions for spring will be yellow and
white, yellow und black, gray nnd
black. Green nnd tnn will be popular
very pale gray, almost a pearl, and
dark blue, medium brown and light tan
and old roso in a great variety of tints.
A ruin. 10 monument has been put up
in Lou vain his birthplace to the mem
ory of Father Datnoln, tho priest of the
Thk mnrquls of Duffcrln is going to
erect In Dover, Hnglnnd, a life-size and
hcrojo statue of tha King Lear oi
A monuuknt to Thomas a Kcnipls,
author of the "Imitation of Christ," is
to bo erected in tho Church of St,
Mlchele, Zwolle, Holland.
A suuscniPTiON is being raised in
Mnryland to erect a monument on Long
Island to mark the place whore tho
"Maryland Four Hundred" by their
bravery saved tho American army un
der Washington nt a critical moment,
Tho site has not yet been determined,
but It will probably be somowhero near
Prospect park. Hrooklvn.
Tiiouqiit Is tho property only of
those who can entertain it. I'raerson.
Tlicitis Is an idiom in truth which
falsehood can never imitate. Napier.
II K hath a poor spirit who is not
planted above petty wrongs. Fulthnm.
Wkll-ap.uanokd tlrau Is the surest
mark of a woll-arranged mind. Rous
seau. Tub irencrous heart should scorn a
pleasure which gives others pain.

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