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It wns stated that before tlic summer
was over seventy new shafts will havo
"been sunk in tho Lcndvlllc, Col., gold
A movement to organize colonics to
occupy anil Irrigate lands In the arid
west was reported In various parts of
2fow England.
Tun "curfew law" adopted by a Min
nesota town for tho purposoof keeping
children off tho streots after 0 o'clock
lit night is being generally commended.
A secret conference of the leaders
of the now silver party was held in
Washington recently. Mr. Sibley was
understood to bo very sanguine of tho
outlook for the party in Pennsylvania.
The United States consul nt Uruns
wick, Germany, recommends that tho
great packing houses of America turn
a portion of their attention to the
preparation of horsomeat, which would
ilnd a good sale in European markets.
Rev. Chahi.es Davis, pastor of tho
colored Baptist church at Ilarrodsburg,
Ky., broko all baptising records re
cently when in twenty-nine minutes
lio immersed seventy-six colored con
verts. The water was exceedingly cold.
Senator Palmer deprecates the com
ing Illinois democratic convention and
thinks that even if tho authority of the
state committee to call a convention
for tho purpose proposed was admitted,
-the present call was highly injudicious.
Sf.ciiktaiiv Morton, in order to pre
vent tho monthly grain reports of the
agricultural department from getting
to speculators in advance, has made
changes in forty-four of the state ngen
cics, and further measures will be taken
to prevent leaks.
The most powerful light in the world
is now being set up on Tiro island, off
Js'ow York. It will be ready for busi
ness about July 1. To ships it will bo
visiblo 100 miles out at sea. The light
will be electric, having a power of fiO,
000,000 candles without tho lens. The
lens will increase the power to 250,000,
O00 candles.
Tun first car load of cut ilowers ever
bhlpped from California has been sent
to Chicago. It is expected to reach
that city for Easter Sunday. The car
contained 35,000 calla lilies and Mar
guerites, English ivy and many other
varieties of Ilowers. It was regarded as
a very important thing at Los Angeles,
as tho venture promised big returns.
The annual meeting of the English
Bimetallic league was hold at London
recently. IMght Hon. A. J. Ualfour,
conservative leader of tho house of com
mons, made a strong speech in favor of
the double standard. He said that tho
belief in bimetallism was growing, not
only in London, and elsewhere in Great
Ilritain, but throughout the civilized
world. '
The Canadian government has noti
fied all quarantine oiliecrs to exercise
the greatest possiblo vigilance in ex
amining and quarantining all cattlo
from southwestern portions of tho
United States. Tho action was taken
on information received by tho Domin
ion department of agriculture that
pleuro-pneumonia existed In western
In his message on the convening of
tho legislature at Tallahasse, Fin.,
Gov. Mitchell in strong terms recom
mended that "these prize fights or
glovo tn'ssts bo mado felonies by
statute with such penalty attached as
will causo theso thugs to respect law
and to respect law-abiding, God-fearing
people of tho statu In pursuit of all
their rights as citizens."
The directors of tho Lick observa
tory, in California, havo received
notice that Edward Crosslcy, lately
member of parliament for Halifax,
Eng., proposes to present to tho ob
servatory his great 3-foot reflecting
telebcope, with its dome and apparatus.
Mr. Crosslcy, himself an enthusiastic
astronomer, makes no condition to his
gift, except that his telescope, when
set up on Mount Hamilton, shall be
called tho Crossley reflector.
A new resort for consumptives has
been discovered in the Orango Freo
state. South Africa. Tho United
States consul there, in a report to tho
state department, talks of tho benefi
cial result experienced by persons who
have tried it. Ho says: "No country
on earth can rank with the Orango
Preo statu as a health resort. Persons
whoso lungs are far gone should travel
"by stages from the sea to the Orango
Freo state that is, such persons should
stay for a month at Ceres, next at
Beaufort West, etc., until they are
prepared to stand tho dry climate of
tho Orango Free state."
The talk of an extra session of con
press has almost totally subsided, and
the surface indications which a short
time ago seemed to point to possible
assembling of the Fifty-fourth con
gress before next December havo dis
appeared. The treasury officials pro
cess to be confident of the ability of
the government to get along without
iurther legislation, their confidence
being based upon the apparent safety
of tho gold reserve, under the agree
ment with tho syndicate with which
tho last bond deal vnis made. Nearly
n month's trial bus proven that tho
gold reservo is now safe.
Preparations are well advanced for
the third biennial meeting of tho
"World's Women's Christian Temper
unco union in London. It will begin
Juno 19. British women aro display
ing the greatest Interest in tho con
vention, which will be held nt the time
of the National Council of tho British
"Women's Temperance association un
der tho presidency of Lady Henry
Somerset. Many representatives nre
expected from the United States and
it was anticipated that tho occasion of
the world's meeting would bo the nost
Important which has yet taken place
In London relating to temperance.
Glonnod By Tolograph and Matt.
The comptroller of the treasury has
rendered a decision In which ho holds
that Judges Springer nnd Kilgore, re
cently appointed to the two districts
in Oklahoma, cannot receive compensa
tion for their services as such judges
until after they have been confirmed
by tho senate.
TltKAsuiiY officials are greatly dispir
ited over tho supremo court s decision
on tho income tax case, and express
tho belief that the net result of tho de
cision will bo a loss of at least CO per
cent, in tho receipts from incomes.
Gov. Marvil, of. .Oolawcrc, died on
the 8th.
Chief Justice Fuller read the
decision of the United States supremo
court in the income tax cases on the
8th. Tho court decided that the tnx
on rents was unconstitutional, as was
also tho tax on incomes derived from
state, county nnd municipal bonds. It
was ruled that the law being unconsti
tutional in those two particulars did
not invalidate tho law us a whole.
Justice Field took issue, with tho
majority, and thought tho whole law
of 1801 was null and void. Justices
White and Harlan also read dissenting
opinions, but upheld part of the law.
John G. -Moore, of New York, who
brought tho original suit contesting
tho validity of the Income tax, said on
the 0th that ho intended to press tho
contest against the tax to a finish.
W. Jenninos DEMoiiEsr. tho well
known prohibitionist, died at Now
York on the 9th after a week's Illness.
He was several times tnlked of for pro
hibitionist candidate for president, and
was the founder of Demorcst's Maga
zine. William Count Gully, liberal mem
ber for Carlisle, was elected speaker oi
tho llritish house of commons on the
A CAm.EORAM to Washington on tho
10th stated that seven out of the eight
terms of peace between China and
Japan had been agreed on.
News from Santiago tells of a battle
at Trosenes. near tho Canto river, in
which tho Spanish Gen. Salcedo, with
1,000 men, engaged n band of tho revo
lutionists under Itnbii Tho Spanish
loss was said to be 3S0, while tho Cuban
loss wns four killed and thirty-nine
wounded. The Spanish troops were
mostly boys, it was stated, and in tho
battle pity was taken on many who
were caught and their lives wcro
The Tennessee senate has adopted a
joint resolution nsklng congress to en
act a frcu coinage law at a ratio of 10
to 1.
A nil.L has been Introduced in the
Illinois legislature to give Cook county
and Chicago entirety separate govern
ments. An authoritative statement of the
terms of peace being negotiated be
tween Japan and China lias been se
cured from official sources and has
been mado public in order to clear up
much apprehension nrlsing from spec
ulation. Tho terms are five in num
ber, as follows: Tho independence of
Corca, permanent cession of the island
of Formosa to Japan, indemnity of 300,-
000,000 taels in silver (equivalent to
S215,000,000 in gold), permanent occu
pation of Port Arthur and the Immedi
ate contiguous territory and a new
Japan-China treaty opening tho inte
rior of China to commerce.
A mef.tino was held In the provinco
of Matanzas, Cuba, nud a proclamation
was promulgated by tho insurgents
declaring that Cuba was a free nnd in
dependent republic. Tho proclamation
was modeled after the American De
claration of Independence.
The eight round contest botwecn
"Kid" Lavigne, of Saginaw, Mich., and
Jerry Marshall, of Australia, which
came oil before the Triangle club at
Chicago on the 11th was declared a
draw. Lavlgno did all the leading and
fighting from first to Inst.
Seventy-five miners struck at tho
coal mines of tho llrecklnrldge and
Pineville syndicato nt Plnevllle, Ky.,
on tho 11th. Tho strike was caused by
the system used by tho operators in
weighing and docking. Tho men wero
firm nnd said they were out to stay un
til concessions were made.
The boiler of the Lebalm brick works
nt Lansing, 111., exploded recently, kill
ing an unknown man and injuring sev
eral others. About seventy-five men
wero employed at the plant.
The April government crop report
makes the condition of winter wheat
81.4 per cent., a decline of 7.0 per cent,
since December. Tho April condition
last year was 80.7 per cent.
In Cincinnati the striking coatmakers
had a parade'on the 10th and got sev
eral shops out In the line of march.
They now clnim there are 8,500 on
strllcc. At tne meeting ol tne man
agers the Pressor's union joined tho
At Pittsburgh, Pa., tho oil excite
ment on the 10th resembled in a mild
way tho halcyon daysof the Pittsburgh
oil exchange. Tho Standard advanced
its price 8 cents to SI. 35, making an
advance of 25 cents In tho last three
The quarantine proclamation against
Texas cattlo Issued by Gov. Holcomb,
of Nebraska, on the Oth, is in conform
ity with the order of Secretary of Ag
riculture Morton of February 5, 1S95.
The northwestern portion of Oklaho
ma is north of the line and excluded
from tho quarantine provisions. Tho
other changes from last year include
tho counties of Cherokee, Kan., nnd
Jasper, Mo., ten southwest countios in
Teunessoo and Culpepper and threo
other counties in Virginia, which aro
all .left in tho proscribed country south
of the line.,,
A TKHUlBi.K explosion has occurred
in ho Bluo. Canon coal mino on Lake
Whatcom, 7 miles from Seattle, Wash.
Tea deadf'boJ.ies havo been taken out
and eleven ure st 11 in tho mine. Tho
fans wero kept run iln-r nil tho time,
nud the cause of th explosion was un-knpwp
Secretary Mihton has written n
letter to Dr. Salmon, chief of tho bu
reau of animal Industry, nsklng hltn to
Instruct his agents to make thorough
Inquiry Into the high price of beef, and
to furnish him ns rapidly as possiblo
with nil data nt their command show
ing what diminution, If nny, there is
of tho cattlo supply of the United States
for 1S95 ns compared with previous
The citizens of Portcrvillc nnd Visa
11a, Cnl., organized a vigilance commit
tee to rid that portion of Tulnro coun
ty of tho lawless element nnd they
ordered n supposed outlaw to leave tho
iountry. He opened fire on tho crowd
from his cabin and badly wounded
threo men.
CiiAitLEs Hart wns hung shortly
after midnight on the 11th in tho state
prison nt Columbus, O., for tho murdor
of Elsio nnd Ashley Good, children 7
nnd 9 years old. Tho children wcro
gathering nuts in the woods, and Hart,
who was only 18 years old, joined
them. Accorntng to his own confes
sion ho killed tho boy nud then rav
ished tho girl, nfterward killing her,
and burned their bodies In a log heap,
having first dismembered them to con
cenl their identity.
At Covington, Ky., Stato Senator
Goebet shot and killed John Sanford.
president ,of the Farmers' tiational
bank. The immediate causo of tho
shooting is said to have been tho
Goebet road law. Sanford is president
and owner of several turnpikes. Sen
ator Goebet secured tho passage of a
bill reducing the tolls. This wns bad
for tho turnpike stock nnd Sanford
wns reported to have Ubcd severe terms
in talking about Senator Goebet nnd
his law.
The mall and exprc3s wagon which
connects with the Mldlnnd Terminal
railroad at Grassy was boarded on tho
11th nbout 3 miles from Cripple Creek,
Col., by two men who overpowered the
driver, Robert Smith, secured nn ex
press package containing 810,000, and
escaped on horseback.
At Easton, Ph., on the 10th tho water
in tho Delaware river had reached 27
feet above low water mark, the high
est known since 1879. Tho electric
cars wero compelled to stop running,
ns tho water was in Edison station and
tho machinery was useless.
The Florida senntc adopted a resolu
tion declaring that it most heartily
sympathized with the Cuban patriots
in their efforts to free Cuba from for
eign control and to obtain for tho peo
ple of that island the right of self gov
ernment, believing that they had the
same reasons for their actions that
America's forefathers had.
Peter Maiier has signed nrticles for
a fight with Steve O'Donnell, to take
place under the auspices of tho Atlnn
tio Athleticclub.at.Coney Islnnd, N. Y.,
on Thursday, May 30. Tho conditions
are Marquis of Qucensberry rules, five
ounce gloves, limited to twenty-five
rounds, the contestants to receive 50
per cent, of the gross receipts, of which
the winner is to have three-fourths,
tho loser one-fourth, the fight to be at
catch weights.
While trying to put an unknown
trnmp oil tho Rock Island westbound
passenger train nt Allerton, la., on the
11th, D. W. Perry, the train porter.,
was shot through the right breast.
The wound will probably causo his
death. Tho tramp escaped.
Judge Thompson, of tho district
court at Cedar Rnplds, la., handed
down an opinion recently in a contest
ed school election case holding that
tho Iowa law granting women tho
right to vote in school nnd municipal
olections on tax levies was unconstitu
tional, on tho ground Mint the consti
tution of the state provided that only
male citizens may vote.
Pueblo, Colo., April 14. Two men
answerlug the dc-cription given of the
Cripple Cieck express robbers were ar
rested hero yestei day. They gave the
mimes of F. M. Miller nnd A. E. Wll
hite, and said they had just come from
Oklahoma City. Chief of Police Abbey
will hold them until Mieir identity can
be established.
Toteka, Kan., April 14 Colonel J.
W. Hughes, tho colonel of militia who
was removed by Governor Lewelllng
nnd court mnrlialed for not driving
the republican house from the legis
lative halls two years ago, wns np
pointed mnjor general of the Kansas
militia yesterday.
Washington, April 14. The presi
dent has appointed A. B. Reeves ic
celver of public moneys nt Dodge City,
Corsicana, Tex., April 14. Nelson
Calhoun, colored, was taken from the
authorities yesterday, carried to the
scene where Mrs. Hughes was ravished
some days ago, and shot. Airs. Hughes
Identified the negro. The ven'lct ren
dered ut the inquest closed with the
following words: "Was carried where
his hellish crime wiis committed and
there received wounds which caused
his deuth a punishment certain,
speedy and deserved.
Paducah, Ky., April 14. News by
steamer from Shiiwnectown, 111., Is
Mint there are thirty-nine cases of
small pox there. There is said to bo
great excitement nnd m:uiy citizens
iiuvo mil. ine iuwu leiuj'oriiriiy. uuo
case was discovered in P.iducuh. y
uuthrie, u. t April 14. News
reached here yesterday of the killing
of a woman nt Oaks. A dunce was in
progress at tho house of n Miss Will
lams, and her nxphew, L-onard Tralu
or, did the shooting. Ho asked u
youug woman to dance with him uud
upon her refusing ho drew a pistol
and shot her.
Perry, O. Tm April 14. Carl Shaw,
treasurer of lilaino county, Oklahoma,
is in jail for embezzling. Ills shortage
is placed at overS7.000. Ho has been
indicted by tho grand jury on five
Tacoma, Wash.. April 14. Tho dead
body of Paul bchulze, general laud
ugent of the Northern Pucl'Jc railroad
was found iu his bed yesterday
morning by his Jnpauese servant.
Two B rothors Charged with Inciting
the Husband to Kill Their Slstor.
Tim ltobberof a Station Accnt a Monitor
of n Ilaptlst Church A llor Slashed
to Deuth Village Annihilated
bj- Floods.
Cnowx Point, Intl., April 13. What
at first appeared to be nn ordlnnry
murder committed by n drunken hus
band promises to dovclop Into a sensa
tion, for instead of being n practically
unknown Hohemlan woman, tho vic
tim turns out to be tho sister-in-law of
ex-County Commissioner Michncl Was
scrman, of Chicago.and tho undivorced
wife of nbout threo men. Horhusbnnd,
It Is thought, Is either n fugltlvo from
justice or hns himself been murdered,
while tho woman's two brothers nro
locked up, practically charged with in
citing her husband to murder their
A Good outh bs n llanillt.
Spokane, Wash.. April 13. The young
bandit nrrested In California for tho
robbery of the station agent nt Ar
royo Grando, when 87.2S1 In money wns
taken, has apparently been Identified
as Charles Clayton Hump, of Spokane,
onco deputy city clerk, a member of
tho Baptist church and a youth ngnlnst
whom Micro had never been a word
said. His mother is prostrated.
A Unit Hoy Slashed to Death.
Denver, Col., April 13. Joseph E.
Soils, aged 17, while returning homo
from Lenten services at a church last
night, was teased by a crowd of boys.
Ho started to run, and Thomas De
vnncy, nged 15, caught hold of his coat
tall. Soils whipped out a big pocket
Itnifo and slashed back at his tor
mentor, without looking around. De
vnncy was killed.
VIllaKcs Annihilated by riood.
Vienna, April 13. The Hoods in
Hungary nro Increasing. Two moro
villages near Scmlln, near Slavonln,
have disappeared beneath the rising
wnters of the Danube. Many of tho
Inhabitants wero drowned.
Street Hallway Employe to Hand Thcin.
elves Together on n New llnsls.
Cleveland. O., April 13. A new na
tional organization of street railway
employes lias been formed In this city
to take tho place of tho Amalgamnlcu
Association of Street Railway Em
ployes which, it is claimed, Is now
practically dead. Tho new society will
bo known as tho National Strcot Kail
way Employes' league. Organizers
will stnrt out nt onco and visit nil tho
principal cities.
The leaders in the movement hero
clnim they are In communication with
hundreds of street railway mon who
aro anxious to becomo allied with them.
Tho resolutions ndoptcd by tho now
association said that because previous
organizations had failed to accomplish
their object, and ns strikes had failed
to givo relief, municipal ownership of
strcot railways was tho only means
whereby tho objects soughtcould bo ob
tained. Street enr men everywhere
are urged to join in ono mighty effort
to gain political power in municipal
elections. The plan Is eight lrours for
a day's work, weekly payment of
wages and tho licensing of street rail
way employes. Insuranco and sick
benefit is provided for members.
ChoTnpoka OHico itecolves nn Additional
Ono Hundred Thousand from the Treas
ury. Toi'EKA, Kan., April 13. United
States Pension Agent Glide has re
ceived 5100,000 from the treasury de
partment with which to pay pensions
for tho current quarter. The S3.500,
000 sent In February and tho 5100,000
on hand at that time wcro not enough,
and it was necessary to order S100,000
more, making 53,000,000 for the quarter.
Mr. GHok says Missouri gets 51 per
cent, of tho money paid out through
his oillco, Kansas 43 per cent, nnd Col
orado the remaining 0 per cent.
The Court. Mnrtlulml Hero of the Leglsla
tlv War Miiile Majnr-'ieneral.
Toi'EKA, Kan., April 13. Col. J. W.
F. Hughes, hero of the "legislative
war" of 1893, afterward court martialcd
and dismissed from the militia service,
was to-day nppolnted by Gov. Morrill
major-general of tho Kansas national
gunrd, succeeding ex-Licut.-Gov. Dan
iels. Western Packing to date.
Cincinnati, April 13. The Price Cur
rent reports western packing of hogs
as follows:
March 1 to April 10 1S0S. l$9i
Chicago 5S5.00J 483,100
Kansas City I15.0U0 237,000
Omaha 115,000 I7.V000
St. Louts S3,00) 91,000
Cincinnati 45,000 48.000
Indianapolis 47.000 S8.0M
Milwaukee 30.VX) S.000
Cudany. Wis -T.0OO 45.000
Cedar Rapids, la SI.70) 18.30)
SUJosoph, Mo 3V.700 S-J.7.0
Sioux City, la S-'.OOI 34.000
Cleveland. 0 3J.0O) 33.000
St. Paul.Mlnn 37.000 18,00
Den Moines. la 11.000 9.800
Clinton. la 11.30) W
Llncoln.Neb 4.600 1,700
Jones Did Not Commit Suicide.
OMAHA.Neb., April 13. J. J. J. Jones,
the Omaha lawyer, who was supposed
to have committed suicide at Norfork
Monday, was located yesterday in
Omnha.in perfecthealth. Unexplained
that ho knew nothing of tho numer
ous letters ho wrote, saying that he
would bo dead when they wero re
ceived, Ilroko Ills Neck.
St. Louis, April J 3. Alfred Ilushlo,
tho 22-year-old son of Alex. Ilushie, a
teamster employed by Martin Durkins,
a contractor, was thrown from his
wagon in a runaway at Twentieth and
DcSoto streets and instantly killed,
tho fall breaking his neck and lower
I'lrkpocki-ts Hob C hurch l'eople.
Memphis, Tenn., April 13. Three
pickpockets robbed many members oi
tho congregation nt St. Peter's Cathollo
church this morning. They were fol
lowed to a restaurant and urrested.
Tim Owner of tlm Rochester llrewcry nt
Kliliini City Makes nn Assignment.
Kansas City, Mo., April 13. Joseph
D. Her, proprietor of tho Hochestcr
drew cry nt '.'OKI Washington street,
made an assignment nt 10 o'clock last
night to Lawrence F. Hieger, tho real
tstnto man, for the beneiltof creditors.
Tho property conveyed cinbrncos real
istnto and brewery property hero nnd
eal estate In Kansas and Nebrnskn.
According to Mr. Iler's ntlldavlt tho
raluo of all this Is about 5350,000. Ac
cording to a statement made by nn In
terested person tho liabilities aro about
5102,000. The liabilities consist of n
first mortgngo of 07,000, a second mort
gage of 535,000 and unsecured debts to
the amount of 510,000. The assignment
was hnstencd bv foreclosure proceed
ings begun yesterday for 533, 000 under
tho second mortgage.
Judex l'arker Hold lied Cltlrens
Anipuahln to Nntltn Laws.
Fort Smith, Ark., April 13. Undent
recent act of congress nn Indian may
go before proper Authority nnd become
i citizen of the United States without
forfeiting his property rights ns an In
Hon, but to what extent his personal
rights were nlTectcd by tho net has
been n question nt Issue.
A Chcroltee convicted In tho Indian
;ourts, secured a now hearing, but be
fore the second trial he becamo a citi
zen of the United States and under his
newly accrued rights set up at tho sec
ond trial want of jurisdiction. Tho
case going against him, he applied to
United States District Judge Parker
for a writ of habeas corpus. Judge
Parker held that jurisdiction remained
with the Indian court.
An Ex-dermnn Judge Heokft Divorce In Ok
lahoma on Notel Orouudn.
Perry, Ok., April 13. Alfred Clcss, a
wealthy German, has begun suit for di
vorce from his wife, Pauline. Ho do
rilarcs that thoy were married at Peters
burg, Germany, nnd that soon after
ward ho was elected to a judgeship,
but that ho lost tho position by
tho wrong doings of his wi.'e.
He also charges that his wife misrepre
sented her ago to him before marringo
and also stated to him that she was of
rich parentage. In fact, she was old,
having mado herself look young by
face powders, was of low birth and
never loved him.
Vnniilnn Test Cnnea Nut l'eareri.
Washington, April 13. A letter hns
been sent out by Commander Tanner,
of tho Union Veteran legion, request
ing tho various encampments to con
tribute to a fund to bo used in testing
in tho courts tho validity of tho action
of tho commissioner of pensions in re
ducing or suspending pensions. Com
missioner Lochrcn declares that ho
would bo glad to havo such legal tests,
but he is sure that nothing can como
of them.
John 1'erry for Ilecetver.
Washinoton. April 13. John Perry
was this morning nppointcd receiver
of tho National Hank of Kansas City,
Mo., which suspended payment March
10, and will take charge of the trust
next Wednesday. He spent the morn
ing with Specinl Agent Lynch In ac
quainting himself with tho status of
tho bank's affairs. In the intervnl ho
will prepare tho bond In tho sum of
5100,000 which tho comptroller re
nulrcs him to file.
Hill Against tho Greater Nnir York.
New York, April 13. Senator Hill,
who was here on his way to Albany,
said that ho did not believe that tho
people of New York and llrooklyn wero
quite ready for consolidation and told
his friends that beyond the npjrtl'nt
ment of a commissioner under tho
greater New York bill very little pro
gress toward tho consolidation of tho
two cities would bo mado for somo
years to come,
A Kemarkable Good I'rlday,
Charleston, S. C, April 13. Kev. J.
S. Hnrtzell.an Episcopalian clergyman
living ntar this city, publishes this
statement: "Good Friday of this year
the heavenly bodies which gravitate
around the sun will be In exactly tho
same position relatively to each other
nnd to the earth that they occupied
on tho dny Christ was crucified. It
will bo tho first time such a thing has
occurred since that day."
California's Elower Shipment n Failure.
CillCAdo, April 13. Tho shipment of
a car load of California flowers to tho
Chicago market for tho Easter trado
proved an unprofitable experiment,
three-fourths of the flowers arriving in
a worthless condition. Out of 25.00T
Calla lilies less than 4,000 were fit for
the market. Tho only flowers that
will bring a good price were 50,000 yel
low Marguerites. The sale will not
cover the expenses.
Warner Miller's Discovery.
New York, April 13. Ex-Senatoi
Warner Miller, who has recently been
in Chicago, says that while there hu
discovered that there were many free
silver advocates In that part of the
country. .He says: "Tho prairie beemi
to be on fire with sentiment in favor oi
free coinage. I believe the feeling per
incites many western states."
The New Utile Heated OlilcUlr.
Washinoton, April 13. -The war de
partment has been obliged to Issue n
general order warning soldiers ngainst
burning their hands in using the new
small boro rllle. Tho heat generated
by firing the smokeless powder is sa
great as to require caution in handling
tho piece.
rourth-Class I'ostmasters.
Washinoton, April 13. These posl
office appointments were mado to-day:
In Missouri At Caruth. Dunklin coun
ty, Mrs. M. Douglass, and at Clever,
Christian county, Frank Netzer. In
the Indian territory AtAtlec, Chicka
saw nation, J, Tulley.
Threatened I'plduinio of Scarlet 1'ever.
Fayette, Mo.,' April 13. The public
bchool board of this city at u special
meeting concluded to dismiss the
school for ten days on nccount of scar
let fctcr, which threatens to bccom
It Will Not Do Extended IfPear.o
Not Concluded.
Chtneae OnicUW In the Capital Dennely
Ignorant of thn ritnteof Affalm-rcklu
In Confusion and Almost
Yokohasia, April 13. It Is stntcd
hero on reliable authority Mint unless
pcaco Is concluded the armistlco will
not bo extended nnd Jnpauese armies
will ullvnnco upon Pekin.
It Is oillclnlly stated that the cholera
In the Pc.scadoro Islands, recently oc
cupied by tho JnpancRO forces nsn base
of operations ngainst tho Islnnd of For
mosa, Is abating.
Ignorant of thn Situation
London, April 13. Tho Times hns n
Jlspatch from Pckln stntlng that tho
officials In tho Chlncso capital nro
largely ignornnt of tho situation in
.cspect to Japan. Discussion of wnr
questions is limited. The forolgn office,
sspeclnlly tho grand council, hns fow
.'onsultntions with the ministers of
tho foreign powers. Theso consulta
jions nro now fewer than when LI
flung Chang wns In Pektn. The Man
iuu people strongly resent the Idea of
icdtng Manchuria to Japan. Tho for
ucr war fnctlon Is still strong nnd
;hero is danger of creating dissatlsfnc-
llon nmong tho people This faction
.vould not yield to Japan, but fears
hat resistance is impossible.
Con fusion In I'ekln.
Vancouver, H. C. April 13. Mnllnd
ices by the stenmcr Empress of Japan
.cport that when the vessel sailed from
Chtnn all was confusion In tho city of
Pekin, nnd threatened to culminate In
i panic. Scores of cowardly ofllcers,
fearing tho nppenmnco of tho Jnpancso
irmy, wero nsking for leave to visit
ilek and nged parents. Two Ameri
can Indies, walking on Legation street
In Pekin, wero nttneked by soldiers,
while the native gunril, posted on
tho street for police protection, looked
on and grinned. Tho ladles' garments
wero badly torn, but they managed to
freo themselves and run Into tho houso
of tho Uusslnn logaHon close by. Tho
soldiers who nttneked the ladles wero
afterwards caught and almost beaten
to death by the nngry husbands of tho
women. Tho Pckln authorities have
allowed Vho two Indies to have a guard
of Kussian soldiers to guard them Id
their walks.
The Latter Dny Saints Htlll Fraying for
Independence, Mo., April 13. The
sixth day's session of tho annual con
ference of tho Reorganized Church of
Latter Day Saints brought out some
interesting developments. In addition
to tho attempt to centralize power and
authority in Joseph Smith nnd tho
twelve npostles, which is being made a
prominent Issue, It Is proposod to abol
ish tho custom of sixty-five years'
standing which admits prophecies nnd
visions to como even to tho humblest
worker, nnd authorizes him to relate
tho manifestation to tho national con
ference when tho spirit dictates.
Yesterday morning tho first step was
taken looking to this end. Elder I. N.
White openly frowned upon tho idea
of telling these experiences to the
world, nnd stated that all such dlvino
Intelligence should come rather
through the higher ofllcers of the
church, instead of from tho laity.
Tho saints nre ntlll praying for revel
ations. Tho Interest in the prayer
session is growing daily. The vacancies
In the quorum causes the delegates
nnd members to fcol very solicitous
concerning the future wolfnro of the
church, and to be all tho moro desirous
that these vacancies should be filled by
revelations at once.
Tho conference has decided to meet
In Klrtland, 0., in 1S90.
The Now Cuban Itepubllc Is Founded at
Havana, Cuba, April 13. Jose Marti,
who was selected as president of the
new republic Wednesday, at tho con
vention held nt Guatanaro, province of
Puerto Principe, hos been proclaimed
by the Insurgents as their chief ex
ecutive. He lacks tho popularity of
Mnceo or Gomez, yet he is generally
regarded as the most learned man and
statesman nmong tho rebels. Maceo
declined the honor in a most positive
manner, as he desired i'.t be in the field
when the fighting begins. Tho names
of the ofllcers of the government, with
tho exception of president, have not
been made public. The new president
is in the United States at present.
New l'lie Dollar Counterfeit.
Washinoton, April 13. Chief Hazen,
of the becrt service, has issued a cir
cular of warning against a new coun
terfeit of a $5 treasury note of the
series of 1801, a specimen of which was
circulated in Columbia, S. C, and was
discovered by Mr. Work, teller of the
National Park bank, of Now York city.
The counterfeit is u photogiaphio pro
duction touched up with pen and ink.
and bears the treasury number 11
Aspen Wood Good for Matches.
Washinoton, April 13. Consul T. M.
Stephan at Annaberg, Germany, has
transmitted to tho department of state
a report on the use of aspen wood In
tho manufacture of matches In Ger
many. He says pine, poplar, linden,
birch and aspen nro nil employed in
tho manufacture of matches, but that
aspen hns made itself indispensable.
Tho aspen grows iu all parts of the
United States.
Tor Strullng u Droiv of Hogs.
Wariienshukg, Ma, AprilI3. Cyrus
nnd Harry Newcomb. farmers, wero ar
rested this momiug for stealiii'f u
whole drove of hogs from J. T, Cheat
ham's furm in December. Fifteen ho.id
of cuttle were also missel ubout tho
same time, und ttio Newc rab nre also
huspectcd of this theft. Tho s.ook vu
driven lo Cent -ric w uat cold.
The Chief Just-Ire nf Kansas Supreme Court
Out David Martin Ills Successor.
Topf.ka, Kan., April 13. Chlof Jus
tice Albert II. llorton, of tho Kansas
supremo court, has resigned and David
Martin, of Atchi
son, hns been ap
pointed to succeed
him. Judgo Ilocton
tendered his reslg-.
nation to Gov. Mor
rill lato yesterday
nfternoon. It was
promptly accepted.
In less time than it
takes to tell It, his
excellency named
Judge Martin for
j , y tno place nnu nou-
... . ..,
A. li. horton, fled him of tho ap
pointment by wire Judgo Horton's
resignation takes effect April SO.
Judgo Horton hns been chief justice
of tho supremo court since Jnnunry 1,
1877. Ills third term, which Judgo
Martin has been called upon to fill,
will cxplro January, 1897. Judgo
Horton has mado a national reputa
tion a a jurist and tho announcement
that ho will resume tho practice of his
firofesston will doubtless bo read with
The Grand Jury nt Hnnsas City Hard Aftei
Election Thieves.
Kansas City, Mo., April 13. Shortly
nfter noon to-dny the special grand
jury returned nnothcr report, in which
wero four indictments for election
fraud. Ono of the persons indicted for
election crimes Is Chnrles A. Mill
man, who two years ago repre
sented ono of tho city districts In
tho stato legislature and who
was subsequently a candidate for jus
tlco of tho peace In tho Latshnw dis
trict. There is renson to bollevc that
there aro two indictments ngainst him
for voting In n precinct In which ho
did not live and for "drugging" a judgo
of election, F. D. Fenton. Anothcrtruu
bill returned Is nn omnibus Indictment
ngainst John May, Alderman John
Moran, ex-Uccorder of Voters C. S. Ows
ley, Justice O. W. Krueger, Harry G.
llristow, Gcorgo J. Pearco and ltaipn
L. Krueger. It charges them with
having entered into a conspiracy to
commit tho various crimes committed
In tho Second ward. All of them havo
been indicted for separato offenses pre
vious to this report.
Their Annual Conference Convene In
Guthrie, lllshop Ilargraves Presiding.
Guthrie, Ok., April 13. The Okla
homa Methodist conference convened
in this city with a largo attendance,
lllshop Hnrirravcs, of Memphis, presid
ing. Ilov. Webster Frill, of Perry,
wns elected secretary, and II. J.
Ilrown treasurer. Tho following
prominent visitors wero present,
and invited to seats in tho con
ference: Rev. J. N." Moore, of
Muskogee, editor of Our Brother in
Kctl; Rev. G. W. White, nnd Rev. K. D.
White, of Temple, Tex. Tho election
of delegates to the annual conferenco
was ns follows: J. J. Collins, E. V.
Johnson, W. II. II. Johnson. J. P. Lane.
Atchison's Canal a Failure.
Atchison, Kan., April 13. Although
tho Missouri river has been flowing
Into tho canal through the Island
ibove tho town over a week, tho cur
rent has cut no channel, but on tho
contrary the canal Is filling up with
sand. It cost 513,000.
Arbor day was generally observed in
Kansas on the 11th,
L. J. Mcintosh has been appointed
postmaster at Amador, Butler county,
The militia has been called out at
Cincinnati, la., to suppress tho trouble
between miners.
IC G. Fleming, a 'prominent poli
tician living near Abilene, Kan., war
killed by a runaway team.
Judgo Sprtngcr says the Indian terri
tory courts arc self-sustaining, the finer
last year aggregating 30,000.
A cadet appointment to tho West
Point military academy has been is
med to Ralph M. Seay, Kingfisher, Ok.
Tho eight-round contest nt Chicago
Thursday night between "Kid" La
rigno and Jerry Marshall resulted In a
A bill has been introduced in the Il
linois legislature to give Cook county
and Chicago entirely separate govern
ments. Sam Jones, the celebrated evangelist
of Georgia, is on a tour of the west and
iouthwest, and will be In Kansas City
in June.
O. J. llreeden, a stockman from
Birmingham, Knii., was robbed of 5115
at the Kansas City stock j-ards by a
Iu the Illinois senate the bill ap
propriating S&S.OOO to mark tho posi
tions of Illinois troips on tho Chicka
mauga battle field has passed.
The Mid-Continental Poultry and Pet
Stock association will hold another an
nual convention at Kansas City, Mo.,
November 27 to December 2, of this
Mrs. Hettie Green, of New York, is
the financial backer of the Chicago &
Worth Street Railway Co. which pro
poses to cover 28 miles of streets In
west Chicago.
The receipts of tho United States
post ofllce department for ttie quarter
ended December 31, 1P94, wero Sl.l&V
209 greater than for the corresponding
period in 1893.
All documents relntlng to the serv
ices of soldiers and civilians during thu
revolutionary war havo been placed in
charge of tho records and ponslon
bureau of tho wnr department.
Tho odd fellows of the Indian ter
ritory have elected II. C. Cook grand
master, William Noble deputy grand
master. William Clardy grand treasurer
ind C II. Hatfield grand secretary.
A number of thinkers in tho charity
field at St. Louis havo decided to try to
bring about n test of tho Detroit plan
ol allowing thapoor to grow vegetables
on vacant lets, and havo is-uetl a call
for a mass meoting of citizens to put
tho Idea into shupe
r trVB
h I i iryirf

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