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Official County Paper.
MI;T nml 1I0I.I.V iVKH.'IIT
IMIIum nml Proprietors.
A Kreinrr Dillitn.l In the Truclir-rs of
iJrarrr Cnuri.-, August 10, 18115, hj
ltKV. 1'. U. M VSSKl.L.
"Lvhtn Omnia Vlncrt" la the motto of
(HUlosa. Whether the mln.1 tint first
m.ceivcl it was iuailred by the spirit of
j .lutry that began early to show ilself it
illilnjuililnp chrclf ri"llc tit tin? tbotiaaiids
lliat peulMed Oklahoma's prairies in an
heur, I ra unable to as. Saeli might well
J- lie nplptlnn f Its origin: for, com
jMriipn ott" history an-l our irogms: with
Jltat of any other slate or lerritr of the
CnUtt.ll.clors tl.e fact that, In point of
rapi'l aJvancrment in nil line, we stand
, without a parallel. Truly at hti hetn a el that .hall conaiin.i juu. that (ball
. ' L'v . ! .li. t actually draw yiu rnaar from nil things elie
Tlral.liUe.r,J ara.n from (he lee.nre , 'p,,, ,, l0 fif, your fir,t ,, b,
jJalfcrra and the pulpit In our beginingwa endeavors to the noble work you bate es
iitlfilM, la a political sense, that divti.e poiiied.
prophecy vrbkb say that a nation -ball l.t j "L"bor ,0mnU V'0"1" ' h!1
' i . i. . i - . .L . .1 . , I ray effort has uot been in Tain if I shall by
horn U a .lay; but I. that all that can he ,(, ltttutf ri ii. piling any one of
Mid. o, nut all, that nation lint wa born hrou a deeper realization and more forcible
in a day ha grswn to full slslure in less ' recognition of the truth anj Iirportance of
than a decade. In a few abort years he b ' ,u"e "!'. "Labor Ootni Vlncel." Labor
taken Urr nlar.. B.Bn l..r .!.,., ,...
' "
weullhf. with tho.e in the ran. aa a powerful
factor of the government. Phe occupies thia
pflion and enjoyt the-e ndtanced citlc
blr-lns, not wholly bj reaaon .f ay " ,urc I. lht or work;" and the wort de
ide all, or Influence foreign to her own meaning thought that forces itaelf in upon
Vmindriee; but. for the greater part, becuute out minds is the paraaltical tendency of a
..a . f . a a ' latreta rr atit nf itaa nari nf rx.tt mi It ta
I "
.upro,..WDgxel. d untiring indu.try. " f,,,, ,, ,, wh jr0I( feei1I mJ
ebtrarterMic. nolicably preealei.t In hrrMnB upon the itor. to which they bare
iitdtidual inhabitanlf, and I say this mar I not contributed: and thtngh oerhaps llier
well har beH the inapiralion that tugestrd
"Itbor Omni Vlncel" aa our motto.
He that ai il Inaj- 1 cannot help but be
iiera the reierae lobe true, that the motto
hsj been anJ Ii the l.iapirHllon of the ex
celling, prreerering. eonquering spirit that
.INtingutahe Oklahoma's sons. Ilelierlng
mi.iI acting upon this solid, unihaken, lime
ilemtinitrated law that work nccompliioes
ererthing, they hare laid bold of the plow
'hare and graaped the pen and opened the
tcx!taok, and, bjr a persistant Gghllngawajr
an these lines with Oram's detertuiualiou,
tbry hare literally tranaformed in the ehort
ppace uf a few years the wlgwniu villagra of
the red int.. ii.to flourihlng cities and the
beak latrren prarles iulo beaullful, growing
f.rui. -Ijtlror Omnia Vlncetj" and rec
oulilng this fact they have guuo forth, not
with any experimental slew, but with full
assurance uf and dependet.ee In the In
mailable result, to steadfastly work out a
practical and viaabledemoualratioa; and Ok
lahoma, as she stands to-day, politically,
eocialljr, religiously, and best of all edu
catiouilly, is that drmoustratioD of this great
uuirersal taw.
Krotn an educational standpoint, we can
ictrand ret lew Ihlademostrntion with much
enthusing inlrrtst, for in this methinks per
haps It la lh cleareat. In respect to our
Internal political advancement, our govern
mental pulley, it nrceasirlly teqitlres much
time and study and experiment before wc
can arrive n thoie melhoda and thnae laws
which are beat adapted to our peculiar needs
The higheal social standard can only be
r milied as our civic and religion nml olli-r
relaliuna combine to conaiice it. Our re
ligious side can only be stimulated by the
MlliCuI planting and cultivating the diiino
eeed of truth, which accoriling to Ood's plan
grows slowly. Hut our educational work
has had no fetters to bind its step, nothing
to relard ll rapid advancement Io the
practical and praise-worthy level on which
vre tnSay find It. Along this line we have
had the fSnei'tv actoaa to all the advanced
methods and prinoipte;t.nd oar Interest snd
e'nthuaUsm la irnlulng the young 'and ill)
-ciliaiag the rising generation for the po
sUIouaof trust tf.ty will one day be called
-upon to occupy, have led us to adopt lhee
"atetbod and puraue the best po-tslble ad
vantages; aod though we niny still feel that
(hare is much room for Improvement I j our
educational slaudard, yet it is nut without
pride that wo point to the progress we hare
already am.lo in so short a period of history.
Hut this has not been accomplished with
out work indeed, labot, persistent, hard,
euergeile, aggressive, is the secret if this
accomplishment. Il Is the foundation upou
wbiih our educational alruclure has been
reared, and it is this that shall lay the bat
ilemcnta of perfet lion upon her high walls,
mid hiat themluartlanf effective beauty and
simplicity upon hor lofty towels, who.e sub
lime pinnacles of power shall be seen fur and
near and whose shadow of influence shall be
felt In remote places. Such ia. and shall he,
the demostratloQ of tbla great underlying law
of progress from an educational standpoint in
Oklahoma, by Oklahoma's educators.
Uut in face of all this, it Is sadly true that
we who live in this long narrow strip of
-.Sorlbwest Oklahoma do not fully enjoy these
privileges. We are in an iaolatrd region, shut
Ktfaloioat entirely from the great body of
Oklahoma, aud enjoying uo immediate con
nection with our more fortunate neighbors
in the north auj south. Our local ad
tantages also fur lung years have hen very
poor; aud, such as they were, have been met
fur the most part by a spirit of dialnleiett
on the part of thetranaieitl, ut.setl.ed people.
In the eye of the Kail and North and even
of our owu foster parent, primitive Okla
hums, IJeuver county is juat next to the
"jumping off plate," aud for year she has
u'Jtred and bteti retarded in her develop
taint by the array of missiles of unfavorable
criticism and evil report hurled at her from
til sides. This slate of thiug has naturull
Iwrue down upon our educaliunal tendencies
nnd kept us from making that progress which
has beeu made in the mors south and east
ern counties, I teed not emphasiie this
fact; for the teachers attvudiug this .Vortna'
teisiou can lerlfylt by their own pat ex
perience in the school room; aud there comes
a well grouuded complaint from all tk'ea to
Attest its truth.
Let us, boisertr, turn to the brighter i4e.
This normal tcrlou that is just half coo
cJadfd to.night coiumpw ot; by en.
hUiiM.-n and tuierenl ro f,,r ditplayed by all
in attendance,! which I lake to be anrtrerne
repreaenialioii of the cliool force of the
euuty.) that the niuoli belter vducaliotial
faellitiea which we eiij.yr now compared with
our pat. aJJucel by ilip much patience tn
work and endurance of deprirntion and
LanMilp lr our faithful leacherv; will ln
crea In an hiindrrtt fold prrnlrr ratii in
the future, III. Ihry rliall equal thoie of our
more ileelped Oiiinll'f.
.So fellow leaehm and elu-lrnta I wanld
hateutlt linderiiland nio to conipllnieiit
our prteel. Ihniuh uiily an adoptrd
vliiht uf vtir fixler parent, wi lure iwtn
bineil iiotae of Iter piuh with numwii natural
ability and pluck lliat hare anabled m tot
brate eerj rlunn, ruriiiontil etery obstacle,
hererere under e-rr trial, and itcli at 1
lait the homier or plain nf literary pro
gieOTr wblcli we my look with iutereiled
ailiclpalicn and buoyant pro-pecf. and we
Know rf a rurrly thai the aaait h.rd work
and firrr Jrler.nl,.!,,,, il... I,,,. .r,rr-d
u en lhu far. will coiiliuue to be the thar- j J'"' ' bu brokeo; wh j,re nut yet free.
acleritic spirit of nur further ifTort There i fircatrr llhcrlj Jet lu be pjr-
nd to thii end I adtnoiiUlt jou. 1 call ( c,oo.l, a libcrl whost- price Is not (hat
"f:".?.!l.?.iI.,"-,,.!,,.,,",.!0.r,' fn,,"irii'oodbtttnr enduri..- toil and hard
any utile of lethargy into
bate uuconacioUflr fallrn
Let the import
ur Oklahoma' uottn. "Labor Omnia Vinctl"
he plstilej in jour minds and tire jou with
I -"-v-l"."" tv.....,g.
No true excels
leace wltuoul wor-
"lliii I n a of work." and he who
! doea not work ii a usurper of the fruit of
fhe nihllcat thouhi thai
"""" !. "lUe n ltillcal tliounhi thai
.la.. 1.1.1. ,-! ii.i iL. l.t.. !.. l..l- I
i i , , , . , , .., Mt " ' , -j
or the hive, yet, in a ane, they should !e
killed on to give room to the iuJuatrious.
I am perhaps a little severe in my opinion,
but I will stand forever upon the belief that
he who is willing shall not lack opportunity.
Uorkl Uhy, dear friends, Cod is a
worker. "He is not au infinite q.tieiceuce.
but rather an Infinite nctiviiy- Jeans said,
"My rather workcih hitherto, and I work,"
and a man, true to his origin tad liue to
hin.aelf, is a worker, fur he is made iu the
image and likenrxa of God.
N ork l the magical key Ihtt unlock, the
Ireaturies t-f heaven aud earth Kverylhing
of any value ia under this combination of
four letter, w-o-r-k. and it not only requires
a knowledge nf the coiob.natiou but a work
ing It out before tboae valuables can be se
cured Jewels are not found scattered pro
miacously about, but In the secret, silent,
bt-il rock ef earth, aud he who would possess
them must work for them. Lnbor ia the
only route to prosperity aid it is more or
lesa a burdensome oue. Il la full of dis
courageu.euts, lull of snares, full of dis
appointments. There is uo ty, roundabout
way tu success. He who would gs.iu llto
priie tnuat
"Itesr the lull, endure thop.in."
"Work is the organic cundiliun of things
natural anil supsruutursl. It it Uod'a
thought and law forever stamped on the
body, bruin and spirit; henc, 'Redemption
by work is ttie great world thought touching
us at every vital point. Hy work the body
is redremed from the curse of lailness, the
weild from the curse uf thorns nud
briars, the mind from the thralldom of igno
rance." Kman;ipatiou from the slavery of
idleiie-s nith lis distressing consequences of
penury u.nl want is surely brought about
by a rigid application of oue's self to physi
cal and mental loll. Only llirou;h this
ihauuel call the lughcat excellence bo at
tained, In fac', idleness never gate uu
ounce of impetus to the world. Tho great
est men of the world have been without ex
ception the greateat world-loilrrs, The
great Legion of II. nor" embracer, lueu who
hate merited this di'linctiou by their hard
work. The marks of nobility in a mau are
hia furrowed brow nud callouaed hands,
beautiful u.eiiiori tls of tho triumphs uf his
Columbus fr jcurs whs thinking and
atudjlng out his tuyagc. an 1 then i.fler stur
mouullng the gieitteal dithcultira iLrou-.lt a
series of disappointing years, soiled it out,
Uranus was uot diaioveu-d by accident.
Kersehel. from a most careful -Iu ly of the
pluuets, obaerved n slight perturbation
among some uf them, and knew there u.Hat
be a cause, and then through weary months
marked out the problem of the en nee, and
lifted hia plan tu the l.eavei., and knew
there mual be a planet at auch a spat, and
lifted his telescope to the place, and, Io the
new planet L'rau.ial Michael Angelu's
"Last Judgment," oue uf the twelve marter
paiutinga of theuges, was the product of
eight yeara' toil of this brainiest of paiuters,
Over two ihouaaud "-ludies" of it were
found uiuong hia papers. Aud so you may
'ook ilowu into hiatory and suumuu before
your luiud for inaprctiounny man of poner
whose name embellial.es its narrative, aud
you will uot find on idler among them
lhry are all workers, and each by his well
tempered, well-sl.urpeued chisel of convic
tion applied to the graulle of uuiveianl
prejudice and false !uipreioit by the mallet
of u.irrmilllug loilj has chipped mil for
himself a niche lu the polished Malrwuy of
tits world'- beautiful trmpla ol honor La
bor is back ot all achievement. All civiliza
tion is built up upon it( Of it, aud it alone
depeuJa the lulure prosperity nnd stability
of our honored -country, nud (he ,uun or
woman that believes this and ia uot nfrahl of
work cau bo eulogited as the most loyal if
her citlieis.
Labor, well directed, wisely planned and
extcuted, makes all things possible. I do
not caro what a man undertakes, if he ia
wire in hia deliberations, aud houcsl in hia
endeavors and hold iu his procedure, he
shall real. io bis cotetej aims depeud upon
it. There is uo chance iu honist toil, it Is
a sure inistmrnt of original capital Iu the
shape of btaiu and muacle, and the income
from this investment is the richest this earth
affords. This is most sublimely (rue of the
particular line of labor which iutereita us
most to-uight tho acquiring aud imparliug
of kuowledge.
Indeed i do uot overotinuie tho im
portunce uf ducatioti when 1 s.iy that it
is tho oulj KUuranty we liuvo jf the per
petuity ol our fcdprul government. Jet
our educational institution dxindlo u
wa and die, til civilization would soon
depart from our co.ists. 1 ho schools of
the lau J unite aa vertebra to form the
ure.it backbone ot tho united common
wealth, upon which the vi-rj vitals or
our institution of liberty ban;,'.
And dear frieuds vrhut ia true ef tli"
t-oveii.titent in true also of the individuals
who go to nuke the governiucut. He
who has his mind stored with knowledge
is better uble to cope with tho world
than be who has uot. It burets cou
lidenct; it bcuei an ambition for some
tiling higher to tho tound of life; it be
gets aa exalted iew of life and its
possibilities and puta iu one's breast a
dctlrc to atlaiB )t3 loljeif. cods, 1 j
mmZ "---" mwKiwvnMNKVJiii & wttj.1 gjtocwKc.1
J w.ii k ll.ui .?.., gitc Us these ti.tai.niicuts.
hilinr ticeouiplt flies cvei-jlliing- mil he
who iyouM be erudite mut be a close
nprli:ntit ol IhioLs mid a close ob-erfcr
ul I tin world aruund liini
W'lint tlicn tlear friend-, U the in
spintinri we can j;et I'rum lliii beautiful
motto, n- citizens ol Oklahoma, nod
resident of llnvpr County, mid fallow
in. tin irost noble j rulV"iii. of lift'.'
Tlie'ifjf pirtiiiu it imparts ii this thai
if we put v.ir rlioultleri to the whcol it
tvill move Ttu-re i a great reform
a'lun to be brought about tti l'eaver
vou'ity in the tio.tr future; but it will
only tin oy Inird work nu the part l
the rclbriiicr-i The chains of iuor.ince
that one JtV botttid our ankle have
hren broken under, ami n raj of rn
. litiltucut bettillt to spread IU ctttiquer
j, r,irc(4 .,, ug j , frou, hi.
i , , . . ,, ,, , .
I I Iiralll.un; hut lll.re ure Other vhalOS
f IViifl' Waa t luinn n.iiut Iia tliaa nlitn.
pimu of education io this part or God's
vitiejard, aril fellow teacher", let the
same itnpuNe that has prompted jou in
the p't and which uu are fhowiuj; in
tltcfu fetv abort weeka of roview, char
acterize your futuie wnrk of lraininc;ihe
jouti miods nod eleratiu the cduci
(ional standard atuorg all c1aes and
in all parts of the county. Give it jour
best rudcavnrn and your most honest
lbor. Keen ibreat with the advanced
thc.iric and ttrincinlea Cultivate h
ta-ile for olid, prolilnble rradinj; Kffj
acqu-iinted rriili the doings of the
,,rbJ Kround j lit bj reading the new.
papers and magazines Labor n, your
celrra to hhow the marks nf true heroim
in the caitfe nf cdueatiun Such a plan
adhered to with all one's rower- wilt
Ipan film In n RfifA unri unrlhv vicfnrr
,n,l ctablMi in hia experinnce the trull.
0f this rcat lar of hiltoin prourcit. '
ur .... M.....: . ". . n
jj--"i y-iiiua unci. ,
Takr in conclusion ooo verse from
Longfellow's famous poem
"Let us then he up and doing.
With a heart for any fate,
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor"
And turn it nrnund labor to learn
it is juat n Rood one way ni the other
"Learn to labor, ami tn wait."
Tho Lord inspire u all with a noble
From our rrgnlar correspondent.
Wabimnoton, I). 1)., Aug 2o, lSU.'i
KxGovcriior Jam is K. Cutuphell hu
been nominated for Governor of Ohio
for tho third time, and he will be culled
upon to lend the Democratic party this
fall, The lmnnr was fairly forced lipuii
him against his protest, he beiri-; inter
ruptcd Ittrtn a apecch iHitiiiunlint!
Judjie Hiram I). lVck of Cincinnati,
and he wag nominated by ucchiuutiim.
All of the diret tors of tho America'!
Itailwuy iJuUii except President Debs
havo begn dUehaiged from cooflncuunt,
due to thu recent bij; strike at Chicago,
they having be-m committed for eon
tempt of court. President Debs' term
has uot yet expired.
It is reported heru tli.it Richard Cni
her is nlati-d for re-appointment to his
old posiliott in Tammany Hall, m chair
man of the finance, committee. Mr.
('roker is now in Knglatid, and it ts
sat-1 tho place mil not bo filled until he
reiurna. It is not unlikely that Taui
nuitij will nwalceu and iu the our-e nf
some time .n-niime its former leadership,
but hard.;, wo think, lull it be an strong
as of ore.
Politics in Kentucky are assuming u
vcrj peculiar situation. The latest ru
mor is that Secretary of the Ticaetiry
Carli.-le iua been a-ked tc enter the Sou
atonal racu against Mlaekhurn. If miuIi
a eomplicati.iii fhoubl arise then the
ltepublicans take on a fresh coat and
point to Jud.o Harlan as a posMblo
Sinutor from their ranks to iho next
Senate. This is nil very interesting,
for Judge Harlan waa, and is to-day, u
gte.it war chief of the Kentucky He
publicans. He was a power iu the old
Urant day, and at the Cincinnati con
ventinn, wbeii Ulainu went down, Har
lan led the forces of Uristow while that
able Kciituckian had a show to succetd.
To-day all of Judge llnrlau'H old
strength aiidJfroi-iigc.Biill livo in Ken
tuckyT .VrKlftifiii tho geKcral tuix-up
of the Democracy the Republicans should
Work through andwin. the v.-..r nf 'fill
is likely to hoar a vast deal of the big
jurist. It is also said (hat his koine
Ux ruling is somewhat of a card in hia
favot. More development will follow
"VnlUric 111" tho Kngli-h boat
which is to do the honor for Great
Htitaiu in the coming nee with the
American "Defendtr" has arrived in
port at New Vork. Of courso tho veu
tursome vessel hopes to carry home the
cup ana tiophy of her crute, but it is
the wish of evejy American that her
hopes will be Masted.
The Vigilant and Defecder both went,
to meet (he Knglisli Yacht. The ltrit
ih Racer in almost as big aa an ocean
liner. Her beau is immenso nnd she
shows tremendous length. She was 2'J
days making the pa-sage.
Tho Philadelphia Mint yesterday re
ceiled unolhrr shipment ol 310,000,000
iu (.old from tho New Ywrk asay office.
It was all iu the form of bullio.i. The
miot is coining tuottly iubidiary coins
juft now, there being woro demand for
them thuH ary thing elee. Qiarler and
half dollars pieces ate bci Jg turned out
and brunzd blanks are being cut fjr
stamping cents. The press for ue at
the Atlanta r.xpoition for coining
eouvmir uudai.s has becu ju.kcj raaJy
fur shipweat-
wiwi rurw m qkwk,w MMjiiwig
Also carry a stock of Notions, Furnishings, etc.
flr3Call and examine my goods and get my
piices, Satislaction guaranteed.
Beaver, Okla.
Insist on
tin paclcageaSvj
Costs no more thin inferior oackare soda
:i- iu. a t - ci
W Made onlr bv CHURCH & CO..
r ucvci ipjiu nit nuui, fvCCJi ouu, mm u uni
V versallv onknmaledstd titirtst tn thf. tnttrlit.
Soil by grocers lively what.
TVriU Ut Aim aal Baauaar Book ot TalsabU Oaal-w THKX.
Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used iu Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard,
Locate on and cultivate the RICH, and PRO
DUCTIVE lands of the valleys 01 the Beaver ancl
cimarron rivers, and their numerous tributaries.
No finer lands for Agricultural and Stock Purposes
Cctn be found in the Great South-west.
Lands cm be had in small or large tracts at low
As good land as' can be found .anywhere can yet be
homesteaded, for the cost of filing and final proof,
being .111 old not ,to exceed. $25.00.
Stop and Think a Moment.
A GoodHomc where you can have all the advan
tages of the older settled countries, (where government
land can not be had,) and where you can obtain wealth
in the healthiest country on earth for the small sum of
25.00. for 160 acres.
Do not take our word for it. Come and see for
yourself, examine the Lands, sec the Products of the
Soil, our Advantages, mingle with the people and
judge for yourself.
Beaver the county-seat ol the largest county ;in the
SoutliAvest (being 34 miles wide by 168 miles long)
will ultimately make it an important business point.
Come to Beaver and be convinced.
For full and reliable information Address
Beaver, O. T:
ropiaqaMaapCiaccocMri3gtfyirffc wt i fcV"y; i
McDoimlHrowley Farmer
Live Slock
Commission Companu.
Corttentnenta, lne
atidtmall. wilt reeelTu
prompt attentloil
Lire Stuck E.-ieiinnge.
Telephone tJA
Nat, Bank; ot Com
tneree.K. C
Pleasant Kill
Banklna ('.
Pleasant Hill, Mo.
ol ImlUtloa
trade mark5
and labels.
j !- ....
Hew York.
V. S. Land Offlce Woadwai.l 0. T
k.ni lunn , li, ti'rlfttk
furnlah tctlmoDy coocrnln
aid allfffi
W M. HAwMfXK, Hesat'r
II It Patios, Kcccivtr
U. .. Land, Oflcc. WooiiwaiiIJ. O.T ,
Aognat 10,19).
Xoilo la hcrrbv plvsn lliat the followlns
nam-d st tit r l.a fll-l noU- of bl Juten1 n
to make Dual prooU n sontwrt of hia ""
anil thai silil rroof vrl" be matte Vf-ire
CarterTracT. Probsts Jud o i.tUfaver county,
and In lilsaWnccb-rore h f. Trncy.tlcrk of
aide art, at Heater. O T . on September .
Ii5. vis Krall X -""t " ,nM
ror the Wi 8V(i a'd S . EH Sec S3, Tnp
5 n of Kanire ST, K C M.
He name- tho lollowlnr; wltnrasea to prne
hlseontliiuourfld-nce ujxm aud cnlllva
Hon or, wild land, viz:
Fred C Tracy, Heater, O. T , Harver
Willlama.Ciite, ii T., Ira llnkan, John Tay
lor, I.aumr, . T.
.10 as WiuovM Hammock, Heglatcr.
Land Offlct at Wootlwsrd, O.T. Ans 10, 135.
Notice la hereby clven that llie followlng-naine-l
settler have fllfl notice f Ilia lnten.
tloii to makpfl'ial p'tif In support of Ills
claim, and that said cro fwlll tx i.iuilo be
fore Carter Tracv I'rjbt.e JudRS In nd for
Ueaver Conuly O T , nnd In caeof hia nil
se.'co before V li t racy; ' Icrk or slid ctmit,
at Heaver, O T., on ."cpt m' er a, 1-rO, li
Joac h A. Ie, II K No 2E. cavt-r Scrl,
or the .Vt;-VxScc 7. and E1,' NK fcee
S!. Tw n 4, t. U me MKCM.
tlooamca tlb following wl'nesacs to prove
bla e tl uous rcsldvnie up.ni and cnlthutlon
t'f, saldlanl, viz:
WI Ham H.tJabbert. William It I.avcriy,
Clliie O T , Henry Miller, L.iulus, O.'l.,
liedC. Iracy, Heaver, O T
30 J1 WlL'OHM. IlArfMoCK, ltegbter.
U.S Land Ofllee, "Wood srd O T
Augnt 8, IrStf.
Notice Is hereby Riven that the follnning
nnmeel settler has Hied notice of hia mtcptlo
to make Unal proof In sappori of his claim, and
that a!d proof will he made Kfon- Cart'T
Tracy, ITobate Judge of Heaver Cn , O T , at
Heater, O.T., on SHt, Sept., 1MU v z: John
.1 ulkion, ii. E. No 311 lor thcSE'i Sec. I,
Twp I n Itange a I K. U. M .
He names the following wllneases to proe
his coutlu.iuna residence upon nud coltUntlon
of, said land, viz:
Ocorgo II. Merchant, foraadore V. Nelll,
Abe 1. Smith, nil ofl'alndora, O, T., John F.
Todd.tf lolton, O. T
W M. Hammock,
SO S3 ltejlatcr.
Notice Tor Publication.
U.S. IjAXDOimck, Woodward, O T.
August 'J. IRj. '
Nollcs Is hereby given that tho follow
ing nanvd settler h t tllct notice of his
Intention to make float proof in snpt"rt of his
rla m, nnd thai said pro-'f ulll tu made before
S. U. We'r Deputy Ditrict Clerk, at Heaver,
0 T .Heptemb rJI I'fli, viz l.nil.rlif I.nslroU
for the NS'SKJf anil H;i NE'i fcee aa, i'ttp
1 n of I'.angc itKC M
He names the following wltnecs to prove
his continuous nvlucnre upon nnd cultivation
of, -ilil land, Iz.
Uotleb rstreull, I.awrt-ncc JlcCabe, Noah
I.aue, John Hognc, all of Ucavcr, O T.
Wilson M Hammock,
30-3S lleglslir.
U. S. Lamp On-ics,
WooDWAitn, O T,
August 3, IBM
Notice la hereby nheit that the following
named aottler hat illcit notice of his Intention to
makefliiitlpriofln stippbrtof Ids claim, nnd
that snld proof will be made before
Carter Tracy, l'robuto Judge In and for Heaver
County, Ht licit cr. O. T., on Se. tomber :,
115, viz. Joseph C Hodge II. E No .(7 fjr
the .)Ki. Sec. 11, Tt pin Kangc St K C M.
He unmos ihe following it.ieHt to prove
hlit continuous reldenccupon and cn.tltntlon
or, Mid land, viz:
David Miller, J V. Thomnon, M.crman
Lane, Mamucl 11 Weir, all oriluater, O.T.
.1035 W. SI. Hammock, register,
V 8. Land Offlce,
Woodward, O T
July 3d, IiK
Notice Is hereby given that the following
nmned c tiers bine tiled ounce o tin lr In
tentlon to make Hi at pioifin support oftheli
culms und bat said proou will be nail bo
fore Carter Tract Prolmic Judge In and for
Heatcrcounit.OM.iaiHiiu, at iliuvrr, Onl.t,
on Aug 17. Ib'15, mi Joel C. Slurt'hy ii E no.
303 for 8 E K s.c-0 I Twp 4 n, of It ii KOJI
ANiJamea II Sin by II Kun. .,10 for St, of
vXift an(1 N d W ' eC3' Tl1 "' " '
. C SI
They name the fo.lon Ing wltneases to prove
their coutlnuoua residence upon and lulihitt
iouof, said lands, viz:
William St U Gubbert, offline, Oklu., Joel
C Murphy.Jitnic't II Slurphy. Slury E Uabbcrt
ofUate, OT, r red O Tracy of lleuvcr, OT.
Anype-aon who desires to proteat agnlnit
the .llouiu.ee of such proof, or who knows of
any aubatontial rraanit, under the law atd
the reg.iUtlons of the Interior Department,
why snea proof shouM aot be allowatl. will
bo Klven an opportunity at the above men.
tloned time and place to oroaa examine tha
vrltneMsanfsaldoloimant, and to or.-er vl-
demalnrsbottaJofUialsubmltUdby claim
ant. WlL-OXM. llVMWOCK,
Si-30 ncilstcr.
I' . E. Ijtntl Offlce, Wootltt ard, O T,
July 3l, IK.3
Notice la hi febv given that the followlng
nuintil aulilera haelllrd notice of llulr In
tention lorunkc ill p.wiiln Mipport nf their
claim, aud lliat ealtl r.iofa will bo nude be
fore Carter fiacy Probato Judge In and for
Hearer count). OklhnniH, at Heaver. Okla,
J-AW.Ih '. viz: William AI ti Gabberl
for Jl k lie. Siiu for Kt, S W und W; SEK
Sec sa Twp? i n or it a r. o M,
Also Slary K Gabbert ror II E no. a-Si Tor lols
B tt.un antTA J N W X Seo IT p. I u Itange 2s
r. l i
Thcj name the following witnesses torroso
tin lr continuous reddeut'e upou and culllvat
ttnof,sald land, viz:
,?""."".n J!rphy. Joel C Slurphy, of Gate.
J'W Jln SicGoaern . Wlll.a in Sf O Oahbert
ofCUne, Okla, red O Trury, of BcavorOkla1
Any peraort whodealrea to proteat aialnav
the allowanc of such proof, or ho knows of
any aubatuntlal renano, under the law acd
Ilia regulations of the Interior Deiutrtment,
why aueh proof ahould not be allowed, will
..' Klnauopportunliy at the above men
Uoued time and plaoe to croaa examine the
vrltneasca ofaHld claimant, and tn otfer evl
dene la rabuttal of that submitted by claim-
SI. Hammock
U. H. ljk.au Oirux.
v,. ""-"-'- i itinoati. I85.
..!' ,.her,bJr.FlT,n " th following
Wootlwanl. o T Juno
herrhr crlrt.n tlitt ,..
riamci settler hit. fllI notice ofhla lni,.m
He ni.-.ie the follnwlng wltnesMs to prove
1 or '.3d !L" fwr"' UIM'n nd "' a"".,
j TbcmaaJ hnson. Thomas Martin, John W
Spurgeon, Havld if, Macaeyall of.Vje. 3 T ,
' An person srhodeilrea to protest aralnat
( lbs allowance of audi proof, or who kuotts of
any subaUntlol riatano, under the law acd I
life re;uUtlona nt the Intvrlor Ipurtmcnt.
vbr au h proof ahould not he llotrl. will
ntaaopwlu. rl the alatn W
Uoned time and p ce to c o exai.ilne il.
wliceuet ofaald claimant, nml to otTcr evl-
l -" icaiui ut tua. auomutea uy rialnt
bv William T Brace aslanst .U
abami.-nln 1.1 "'i SYIVu NK'
iltl Ilrccmbcr n 1 jrjV'U , Ycav r
section IT. twi. 0 '"uiyj th" "an
conoty. Oklahoma. l-hi'u ,,.,Vii, .
c-llatftm ofal cntrr. ' "'i',';8 J'CT R !
.tcrandltcwlvfronl.ct SI -nJ. "J" ,Vr
WoodTvaut. OktKli'-ma. ?n he Ti'h.rr.i
. . ii. rii.uu vhu
- ''- ! ; uu maim u?iore I arler
1 ray, I-robateJudgo of Heaver. Co. at Il4ve"
Ji T., rn Ausrct -.' lv3 ,-t It"l'rt I
Smith, lor the KK Vl'.H R.e as. nnd VjS "wtf
H SI, TtvpC a, Ilnsc 24 E C SI. ' "
I uik
SctcntlHo American
Agency for
For lnfrmatlnn and free Handbook write to
MUMN OO- &l BnoADWAT, Mw onc.
O10etbaren for aeeurln patenta In America.
Krtrr patont taken out by us I brmicht before
the public bra notice given tree of cbarg in the
jLIWMtftic JUumwu
tarreatetrettlatlon of any selentlflepjpcr In tb
world. Kpleitdldly lUnatratetl. lo rbti-lllsent
man should be arlthoul It. Weekly. S.t.fid s,
Vevi IIJOsIX montht. Aildrcaa MllS.S A CO,
t'L-BUJUasJ. 361 JJmr.Ne? VorkU
mm va'W. -vV" A, v
Ten yeara wcra
spent revising, loo ,
editors cranio) cd, '
and ovor Jano rst
(iTnnnilrul li- ierm
Syjwifel.V tho first copy was '
'should own 'this
i Dictionary. It an
ewers qulekly and
correctly tho ques
tions so constantly
arising concerning tlio history, spelling.
j ronuncuuon, anu mcauiiu ui irom,.
A Library In Itself, it also gives
in a form conv'cnicct tor ready reference
the facu often wanted concerning eminent
persons, ancient nnd modern; noted ficti
tious persons and places; the countries,
title, towns, nnd natural features of the
glotie; translation of foreign quotations,
wonla, phrases, and proverbs; etc., etc.,etc.
S This Work is Invaluable in tho
C l-ousehold, and to tho teacher, Bcholar.iiro-
feslonal uan, nnd self-educator. f
t' JT7A sa inc of lh rce rents per day for a ,
j j c tr nisi jiroviua inoro man cnougu tuoncy
j in punhaao n copy of the International.
S Lilt ou auornto uowitnou.itr
Have your Ilaokscllcr show it to yau.
, it- C. Mtirrlam Co.
SprtirJliltl, Matt.
tyirt not Imy , liep boto
traplilf rcnrf.il or au-deut '
C?.rn 1 for f r- prorvtiia
The Human Electrical Forces!
How They Control the Organs
of the Body.
Tho electrical force of the human body, as
Clio norvo Muld may be termed, li an cipo
clally attractive department ot science, its It
exurta so marked an lnfluenco on the health
of tho organs of tho body. Norvo force il
produced by tho bruin and 'lonveycd by
means of thoneres to tho various organs of
tin) body, thussupplylng tho latter with tha
vitality nocessary io in
sure their health. The
pncumngustrlc nerve, in
bhown hero, may bo said
to bo tho most Important
ottboontlro ncrto sys
tem, as It supplies tho
heart, lungs, stomach, i
bowels, etc., with tho
ncrvo forco necessary to
keen them nctlvu und
healthy. As will bo t-oen
by thocuttholonnurvo
descending from tho
busu ol tlio brum aim
terminating In tho bow
els Is the pneumogastrie, i
win. a hid numerous tn-i
tie branches supply ilttl
uuiio, lungs ituu atom
ach with itoeevtarv vi
tality. When tho brain I
becomes In any wny tils-
ordored by Irritability I
oroxnausiion, me ucrvo l
forco which It supplies
Is lessened, nnd tho or
rans receiving tho dl
Jilntshcd bupply arecon-
bcnucntly weakened.
Physicians generally
tho imuortitncu nf this
fall to rcoirnlzo.
fact, but trout tha
organ Itself Instead ot tho cuuso of tho troiihlv
i,"tjtou iipcciai.sr, rranKiin aillcs.il. Ji.,
LL. II , nas given the greater pnrt of his llfo
to tho study of this subject, and tho principal
discoveries concerning it aro duo to his offnria.
I,)r-.1119 KeatOTullvo Nertino, tho unri
valed bruin and nerve food, is prepared on tho
nrlnclplp that all nervous and many other
ulllicultiea originate from disorder- of tho
portecpnters. Its wonderful micccsjlncurlng
thco disorders Is Instilled to by thousands In
every part ot the land.
I.cstoruttvo Nervlno cures sleeplessness,
nertpus prostration. dizziness, hysturln, mjx
ual debility, tit. Vltua-dance, opllcpsy, elc It
is free from opiates or dangerous drug. It
Is sold on a positive guaranitx) by nil drug-F.ls,sl-?,rcnt
'T01 by tbo Dr. Miles Medical
Ca.Ukhart.Ind., on receipt of prico, ft vu
Wttle.eU bottles for 55, eiprcss prepaid.
Is That Sew ?
J)r,i'' -t .;tc your money on n
'c.; sfi.'1'ij; machine. 'tVhcn yon
u , r t oi,o t'wt is reliable tha.
'1 .'! I'- -r.r..s work, ami which,
mi'i iiril: ,t c: -e, will last a lifc-
:i!:n 'i'li.rv 'ire, i.i buying a
f '"- "3-mjrrtP
l ra
t v u! sr.-- money, time anil
i vri : dr. I t'icl is a cood deal,
-m vt: i jiuiLv- t V.. nk of it.
.' !vr t'eo'ti j v. ttotl whore we ari
sot rc)rcscnt.'tl.
VhJi" 8Wi::a MACHINE COa
-Ml Oil! t.
a '!- i,u iizea. U2uit, j
Mkft tn Mil .If,... H4 .i ... . I
,-..-.. . vt,;. wun.138, nrUf, na.;,!,!,
a u.u.. .ccurate, incut c impact, anil aoat
a taoaera tor sale br all HcaleM in anna.
w..wttu.-a uiaueu ires ey
Tho Marlia Tiro Arms Co.,
Mr lUtrryy 0Q5., tj, s. a.
fu2 r-SSSSft JSk
u cptw rnj&r'
e Tmlirr .-.
C rfffrit
Z A ttfimj Jtlr
S Sr
r P.?fVpac
-- . -c r-
1 ra.a-y'
L&W i
W. JI UAXXOCX xulsttr.

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