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NO 23
Admitted To The
Saturday Np
vember, 16th.
The Brightest Star in the Con
stellation Now Shines for the
46th State Oklahoma.
F. C. Tracy was transacting business
in Guthrie nml Oklahoma City the
pis', week and attending Oklahoma's
first inauguration ceremonies.
Pure drugs and chemicals. Fresh
stock ocory few dys. Prescriptions
carefully compounded'
Thr Gkm Pharmacy.
Washipgton, D. C, Nov. 16 A new star was added to the
American flag today by the admissiou formally into the Union
of the Stale of Oklahoma. President Roosevelt at 10:16
o'clock this morning signed the Proclamation admitting the
territories cf Oklahoma and Indian Territory jointly as one of
th: American States. Little formality attended the ceremony
which meant so much to the people of the two territories. In
appending his signature to the proclamation the President used
a pen formed from a quill plucked from the wing of an Ameri
can Eagle. The pen will be deposited with the Oklahoma His
torical Society.
Guthrie, Okla., Nov. 16 A message was reoeived by Governor Haskell at his
rooms at the Royal hotel at 0:20 this morning announcing that President
Roosevelt signed the statehood proclamation admitting Oklahoma to the Union
at 10:10 (eastern time) this morning. The word spread like wildfire, and it
was but a few moments before pandemonium reigned supreme. Every bell in
the city rang out the glad tidings, scores of factory whistles screamed piercing
blasts of overflowing joy, and the hotel lobbies were filled to overflowing by
cheering men. Guns were fired, gianferackers exploded and the air was rent
with the general gladness.
Ex-Chief Justice Frank Dale, chairman of the inauguration executive com
mittee, presided as master of ceremonies at the Carnegie library. Terrfiorial
SecrotaryChas. H. Filson was introduced by Hon. C. G. Jones, of Oklahoma
City, chatunan.of the statehood committee, and in a distinct, clear voice read
the proclamation of President Roosevelt admitting Oklahoma into tl- Union,
which was received with enthusiastic cheers by the crowd.
Then came the wedding of Mr. Oklahoma to Miss Indian Territory winch was
solemnized by Rev, W. II Dodson, pastor of the First Baptist church of this
city, who declared them united forever Hon. C. G. Jones, ,of Oklahoma City,
in an eloquent and witty address, ma-fe the marriage proposal to Miss Indian
Territory. "Wm. A Durant, a Choctaw indian orator, responded upon the bo-
half of Miss Indian Territory, in a masterly manner accepting the offer of Mr.
Oklahoma. Mrs. Dr. D. O. Bennett, a beautiful Creek Indian woman of Mus
kogee, represented Miss Indian Territory.
Leslie G. Niblack, qditor of the Guthrie Leader, then administered the oath
of office to Governor Haskell and the crowd rent the air with cheers for Okla
homa's first governor. Governor Haskell then delivered his inaugural address
which occupied about t)iirty minutes and held the immense throng's close at.
tention until the very close.
J. D. Burke, chairman of the board of county commissioners of Logan county
then administered the oath of office to the other state officials.
The inaugural parade formed at the Carnegie library and was the longest
processioil ever witnessed in" the new state, being fully two miles in length and
including l,r00 militiamen and cadets, ten bands, thirty carriages carrying
state officials and committees, which were followed by hundreds of surreys and
buggies carrying-visitors, besides the different city delegations, civic orgunizr.
tions, etc.
Mrs Vena Gosney has accepted a
position in this office. She is an expe
rienced hnnd at the business and is
filling a "long-felt want" hero.
Don't be sulky but come in and S..-0
our line of Sulky plows also New Yan
kee gang's now in stock.
The Carter Tracy lldw. Co.
F.M.Allen, of Lorena, come down
Friday and remained over to -sec the
new county olficers safely installed at
the'eourt house Saturday.
1. N.Edwards has purchased an in
terest in the Palace barber shop. Mr.
Edwards is a tonsorial artist of note
and is right at home behind the chair.
Don't fail to read carefully McCon
nells big ad in this issue- They have a
great deal to say that should be of
interest to those who need anything in
this line.
Farms in Washington, Benton, Se
bastian, and Scott Co, Ark. To trade
for land in Beaver Co Okla.
Geo Austin
10-31 11-21 3w Tyrone, Okla.
Just received five thousand pounds
more of Colorado cabbage, worth $1 7G
per hundred.
Enolkwood Mer. Co.
Englewood, Kansas.
Moody Barrett, who has been so
seriously ill of typhoid fever, is gradu
ally recovering and was able to be on
our streets Saturday. His many
friends gave him the glad hand.
Miss Maude Stratton of Kansas, who
was here a short time ago and accept
ed a position as stenographer in A. F.
Rock's loan office, returned the past
week and has commenced her duties in
that capacity.
No better values anu no better as
sortment is shown in this "n"ck of the
woods" in skirts and cloaks for ladies
and children, than ours.
Enulewood Mer. Co.
Englewood, Kansas.
Read the new advertisement of the
Blue Front restaurant, at Liberal,
Kansas in this Issue and whin in that
city patronize our former Beaverite,
Legislature to Convene.
Governor Haskell lnit night issued a
call for the first, session of the Okla
homa legislature to meet in Guthrie,
Monday, December 2, 1007.
Entertains the Band.
J W Webb and wife entertained
the band boys and their wives one ev
ening last week A very pleasant ev
ening was spent of which a delicious
lunch had no mall part Mrs Webb
possesses that fnc.il ty of ploasing "the
inner man "
Hung Jury.
In the case of the territory vs. J. S.
Fischer, who was prosecuted for crimi
nal libdl and which was heard in Pro
bite court last week, the jury after an
all nights deliberation failed to agree
and were dismissed. The jury stood
nine f ir and three against n verdict of
"Guilty." This decision calls for a
new trial which will be heard at the
January session of the Probate court.
Thanksgiving Dinner.
The Ladies Guild of the M. E.
church have arranged to give an old
time turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.
The choicest, fattest turkeys have been
marked for slaughter and will be
served along with ninny other good
toothsome eatables on that day.
Make your plans to take dinner with
the Guild and you will always feel you
have much for which to be thankful.
Dinner only 25 cents.
ClairrCof Central Figure in Recent Contro
versy Is Novel.
Clarence Robison, the proprietoi, by
eating at the Blue Front.
Judge R. H. Loofbourrow, wife and
baby are absent from the city this
week, being on a business and pleasuro
trip to Wicinta, uutnrio anu uuiauoma unij j,ejj, jt aiong.
Uity. Juuge attenueu tne "inaugura
tion ceremonies at Guthrie Saturday.
R E. Judd and family, who have
been at Tucumcari, New Mexico, for
the past year returned to Beaver the
past week. Oh pshaw! Yes. They
always come back. Wo welcome you
Mr. Judd.
R. M.McFnrland, who purchased J.
C Wlliamson's residence some time
ago, moved into the same tho past
week. Mrs. Ada Smith, Register of
Deeds, is occupying thd house former
ly occupied by Mr. McFarland.
Important Railroad Notice.
The ollicers and directors of the
Beaver Valley and northwestern rail
road company have in coute iiplation a
plan for tho reorganization of its
directory and ollicers.
Owing to the financial flurry, mat
ters have slowed up some in tho htib
scriptionsxo the Capital block of the
company, and in coiiM'.quenco Mr.
Eugene THleux, who had been em
ployed by the company as goneral
manager, has severed his connection
with the company. And now'the peo
ple of tho country, effected by this
enterprise have determined to re
double their efforts to pifsh tho mutter
to a final issue. To this end it has
becivdecidcd to hereby call a mass
jnccwig of the citizens and clock
holders to meet at tho court house
in Reaver on Saturday November 30,
1007, at 2 o'clock P.' M.. for tho pur
pose of effecting a reorganization, and
to devise plans for the speedy comple
tion of the road. Every citizen should
take an active interest in this enter
prise, us it means much to each ope,
Do not wait for your neighbor to take
the lead in this matter, but get busy
Everybody is urg
ed to be present at this meeting.
By Order of tho Board of Directors.
Tho now theory advnncod by L. T.
Coopor rolnt'fo to tho human Btom
ach has nttracted isuch wldoBproad
attention that Uio public In cltloa
vlsitod by tho young man haa boon
Joined by many physicians In n dis
cussion of bis bollofa and modicinea.
Mr. Coopor says that human health
Is dependent almost entirely upon
tho Btomach. Ho says that no (lis
caso can bo conquorod without first
alleviating nil stomach dlsordors. Ho
furthor says that most men and wom
en of this generation nro half-sick,
owing to dogonorato. stomachs. And
lastly, ho claims that his Now Dis
covery modlcino will rejuvonato tho
human' stomach in 90 days.
Coopor haa boon traveling from
ono city to another, conducting In
each what ho culls n campaign of
oducatlon. For tho past year ho haa
mot tho public In tho largor cities
of tho country, and his success has
boon phonomonal. Thousands of
pooplo havo flocked to his heudquar
tors whorovor ho has gone, und tho
ealo of his modlcino haa been boyond
anything of Uio ldnd over before
Possibly tho most Interesting foa
turo of tho attention this young man
has attracted Is what his army of
i'ollowors, whom ho has convortod to
his bollofa through his medicines,
havo to say on tho Bubjoct Tho fol
lowing statements nro from two well
known rosldonts of Chicago and Bos
ton, respectively, nnd tho enthusiasm
of thoso la characteristic of Coopor'a
admlrors gonornlly.
Mrs. II. B. Mack, of 3201 Stato
stroot, Chicago, says: "I havo been
Bufforlng for 12 years from a com
bination of stomach troubles, catarrh
and constipation. I had a gnawing
pain la tho pit of my stomach, a sort
df & dnll pain that I could not quit cm
dorstnud. Then thoro wan n doll head
nclio, and my mind scorned to b
wandorlng continually. I could not
oat, nnd what ltttlo solid food I did
oat I could not retain on ray Btomach.
I tried overy remedy I could think of.
nnd also tried out a numbor of patent
medicines, but without nny apparent
roaulL It wns through ono of ray
friends that I heard of Cooper's prep
aration, and I Immediately decided
to try bouio of It. It Is two weeks
alnco I took my first doso of It, and
1 fool llko & now woman. Tho head
ncho scorns to havo disappeared, and
tho pain In my stomach along with
it. Tho modlcino la worth Its weight
in gold, and I want to thank Mr.
Coopor for what ho haa done for
Mr. Edwin F. Morso, of 20 Oakley,
strcot, Dorchester, a Buburb of Boa
ton, saya: "For three yoara I had
not a won day. My stomach was la
frightful shapo; Uio mcro thought oC
food would nauscato mo, and I real!
had a horror of anything to oat All
solid food would causo mo oxtrema
Indigestion, bloating and gas on my,
stomach, nnd nothing tastod right
Somo timo ago I got Bomo of this
Coopor'a modlclnos, about which
thoro Is so much talk. I sctuftlly
feel aa woll nnd strong ub a boy ever
alnco tho first bottlo. Every alga of
stomach troublo has disappeared, and
I havo a hearty nppotlto and eat
thrco squaro moals; every thing
enema to tnsto good. Anyone who
knows whnt chronlo Indlgostlon la
can approclato what this means to
mo. I conBldor this tho most romark
ablo medicine I over heard of."
Wo Bell Mr. Cooper's medicines,
nnd find them to be all he claims.
F. C. Tracy.
pw i-m-s? m&& tmm
I H0ili MEMS, i
Xmas furniture just arrived at
ver Hdw. & Fum. Store.
W .Chris Plain, of Elmwood, was mar-
f , keting some fine ulfalfa in town Satur-
W 7W2 "57S?(S& 'SffSW i day
Subscribe for tho Herald.
O. II. Curt, of Floris, was marketing
kaffir corn in town Saturday.
"Wo are now "State of Oklahoma" in
the fullest sense of tho word.
Mr. und Mrs. Will Stafford are oc
cupying the residence recently vacated
by Sheriff Naylor and family.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Art Neidef
crofthe North Flat, a fine son lust
Help Wanted Inquire of the Bea
ver Hdw. & Furn, Co.
piiver Prultt visited at his home
near Clear Creek Sunday,
Many of ouryoung ladies enjoyed a
horseback ride'Suuday.
One School Section For Sale.
Gus Hant was over from Floris the
latter part of la9t week.
Tin wdrk'a specialty, at the Bea"ver
Hdw. & Furn. Store.
Roy Brown was up fro.n Lockwood
ov'er Sunday this week.
A full line of Drugs and fancy articles
also paints and oils.
The Gem Pharmacy.
Henry Foshur and wife of near Zelma
were visitors at the home of Al Fosher
and family the past week.
Mrs Blanche Fee dispensed drugs at
Fracy's Pharmacy tfiis week during
the absence of Mr. Tracy.
The sale of land for delinquent
taxes was held by County T easurer
Sims this week.
The Bright Light Society of Beaver
will give an entertainment at the M.
E. church, Saturday night, November
23, for the benefit of that church.
The program is a good one and con
tains fifteen tableaux, pantomime
taken from the Bible, also vocal solos.
Music by the Band. Admission 15 and
23 cents.
A. P. Hatfield, commissioner from
the 3d district, brought somo fine spec
imens of white Bermuda onions in from
the farm Saturday. This offiec has a
sample. Mr. Hatfield says ho produced
about fifteen bushels of that variety
all fine largo onions from u'unit n half
pound af seed. If Mr. Hatfield serves
the county as successfully as he tills
that fine farm of his, there'll bo no
room for complaint from his constitu
ents, and we say lie will.
B. C. Lewis made his usual trip to
Beaver tho past Saturday but some
way he was togged up just a bit more
and was mot by tho glad hand of his
many friends. B. C. was over to
qualify as commissioner of 2nd district
and set as member of tl-at august
board in their first regular meeting
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. McFarland are
the parents of a fine son born to them
Mouday the I8j.li Inst. , .
which was held Saturday. Mr. Lewis
is among the few, very few, Republi- .
cans who will hang out at tho court
house this term nnd the only Republi
can member of the Honorable Board of
County Commissioners, but he is big
enough and broad-minded enough to
hold his Democratic 'jolleaguea level
and, by-the-way, they are all pretty
gpod fellows anyway. Wo predict ono
of the fuirest administrations that
Beaver County has ever enjoyed.
Subscribe for THE HEkALD.
The Old and the New.
A change has taken place at the
Court House. Those who Lave bcrved
the county the past three yeairi have
stepped down and out and the officers-
elect have stepped in to direct the des.
tinies of this commonwealth for the
same length of time.
In the out-going officers Beaver coun
ty loses many pains taking officials and
those who have devoted their best en
ergies to the benefit of the county.
On the other hand, those who have
stepped into the harness are just as
anxious to serve the whole people with
out fear or favor.
The majority of the incoming officers
are of the Democratic persuasion but
politics is not the order of thedny now.
Election is passed, politics must take a
back seat and each ollicer takes his oatli
of office to serve tho people without
prejudice or partiulity. Wo have eve
ry reason to believe each officer will
fu'fill tiiat obligation and give us n
good clean administration With that
belief in mind und being personally ac
quainted witli the present regime of
ollicers wo extend greetings to them
and recommend them to our readers as
honorable and upright mid worthy of
your every confidence.
G. C Maphet, commissioner from tho
1st district, was up to bo initiated into
his new office Saturday. He took all
the degrees and is now fully qualified
to look uftor Beaver county's interests
for some time to come. We have
known of Mr. Maphet for yearn but un
til this time had never hud the pleas
ure of a personal acquaintance. Wo
find him a very pleasant and agreeable
gentleman and one who, though even u
Democrat, will give Beaver county "a
squaro deal." Fact is, his polities is
all that Is wrong. He is fully uware of
the needs and possibilities of the coun
ty and there is no doubt but that his
administration will be a good one.
Those who have known him for years
speak of him as aconbclentlous, w11
Program .
Program To Be Given , by Lidic'
Circle for the Benefit of the Presby
terian Church, Wednesday even
ing, Nov., 27, at K. ot P. Hall.
Overture By' Beaver Band,
Bolim Mrs. W. T. Quinn,
Recitation, Thanksgiving Day Isls
Piano Solo, Turip Phebe Sjonc,
The Thanksgiving Spellers By Twelve
Little Folks,
Recitation. Murdock's Music Box
Vivian Wellborn,
Male Quartette,
Recitation Blanche Stedman,
Piano Duet Miss Walker and Mrs.
Wm. Thomas,
Violin riolo Charles Laughton,
Reading Dr. Long,
The Tiny Puritins,
Piano Duet, Trot du Cavalier, by S.
Jackson Miss Walker and Mrs. W. T.
Recitation, Thanksgiving 1808 Earl
Vocal Duct Messrs. Jackson und
Recitation Ralph Willhour,
Male Quartette.
Selection Band.
New Order of
Commutation Proofs.
The following order received by tho
local U. S. Lund Office ut Guthrio, Ok
Inhomu from the Commissioner of tho
General Land Office, Washington, I).
C, relating to Homestead Commuta
tion proofs, namely.
1 Commutation proof offered under
a homestead entry made on or after
November 1, 1007, will be rejected un
less it be shown thereby that tho en
tryman has, in good faith,. actually ro
sided upon and cultivated tho land em
braced in such entry for the full period
of ut lcdst fourteen months.
9 AV1ur (iiinli I'nmimitntinn nronf in
ordered under an entry made prior to
November 1, 1007, if it bo satisfactorily
shown thereby that the cntryman had
in good faith, established nctuul resi
dence on the land within six months
from the date of his entry, ho may bo
credited with constructive residence
from tho date of entry, provided that
it be also shown that such residence
was, in good faith maintained for such
period as, when added to tho period of
constructive residence herein recog
nized, equals the full period of four
teen month's residence required by the
homestead laws, nnd
3 In no case can commutation
proof be accepted when it fails to show
tluit the required residence and culti
vation continued to the dute on which
Alasqucrade Ball. .
At K. of P. Hall in Bcavor, on Nov.
29th, 1007. Begin early nnd prepare
your costumes. ' '
Giucoo & Fraipokt.
Shooting Match,
""5omo'rind win u turkey for Thanks
giving uttlie Shooting Match at Beaver
on Huturduy, Nov. 23d.
H. P. LAnsoN.
No Hunting Allowed. t
1 positively forbid hunting on-- my
premises. Trespassers will bo prose
cuted. R. McFarland
Beaver, Okla
Watch for Announcement.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the .Prcs
byterian Church are planning a mng
nilicent afiair for Thanksgiving., The
full purtiuularssof the afTairwill appear
later. Watch for announcement.
To Our Customers.
Owing to tho change wo expect to
make in our business January 1st, 1008,
we are going to ask all custbmerr to
help us out during tho month of De
cember, by paying CASH for all mer
chandise. Please consider this as a business
proposition us we MUST havo tho mon
ey for everything that month.
Do not hesitate to send us checks to
apply on your account if you have your
money in tho bank, as wo aro prepared
to take care of all checks with .great
pleasuro. Bulick&Co.
11-11 11-28 3w.
Mrs. Kuto Stafford has accepted a
position ns deputy register of de'eds.
This lady's ability is very well known
and all agree that Mrs. Smith made a
wise choice in bcleoting one so well
qualified to fill the position,
A number of our stockmon who had
cattle in Texas pastures have been
down gathering them the past few
weeks.. They roport a number 'mis
bing. Among those who had stock
there were: O. D. Smith, J, R.
Quinn, T. P. und T. 0. Braid wood,
Peckhum Brothers nnd others.
informed citizen und ono who will dis
charge his official duties carefully ami application for notice of intention to
fearlessly. make Kiich proof was filed.
County Clerk Beardsley, wife and
daughter, Miss Edna arrived in Beaver
Saturday, the former to assume his
official duties and Miss Edna to assume
tlio duties of chief deputy. It is with
u great deal of pleasure that we wel
come thin desirable family to our city
nnd we shall hope to retain them for
some time toconiOj
J C. Williamson left Monday for his
home at Caplu, His family preceded
him homo duys ago. Beaver truly re
frets their departure. Better people
or more desirable citizens it would be
hard to find. However, wo wish for
them contentment nnd prosperity on
tho farm and shull expect some mam
moth specimens of farm ana garden
"craps" from Farmer Jim next year.

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