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Ip1 a&W SMI? i3&j3j
Suhscribb for the IIkram).
Em Herring of Zelma, was shaking
hands with friends in town Inst week.
Help Wanted Inquire of the Hea
ver Hdw A Furn, Co.
1 -t
A W. Tooloy, of Hibbs, was a visi
tor at the county seat Saturday.
Xtnas furniture just arrived at Bea
ver Hdw. & b'urn. Store.
Mrs. C H. Tvlor made 'a business
trip to Libera the first of the week.
George Babb was up from the Kiowa
Monday transacting business in town.
Tin work a specialty, at the BeaVer
Hdw. & Furn. Store.
One School Section For Sale.
0. V. Bulick, who has been in Beav
er for some time disposing of some
property, returned to Downs, Kansas,
last week. He will keep tab on Beav
er uotngs by reading the Herald regu
larly. Mrs Bobbins is employed as waitress
at the While House. She understands
that lupines thoroughly, having
worked at it for years and always con
ducts a iieut aud well-appointed dining
No better values and no better as
sortment is shown In this "nck of the
woods" in skirts and cloaks for ladies
and children, than ours. .
Englewood Mer. Co.
Englewood, Kansas.
There seems to be considerable
"buck door" patronage not a thousand
miles iromj this ofllce. We are not
sure if this be a "Sally in the alley" or
not, but would advise "Sally to chase
herself" and that soon
Mcsdames Stone k Mansfield have
completed their remodeling and reno
vating of the White House hotel and
opened the same to the tnulo last
week. They are worthy the patronage
of the public and we tnke pleasure In
recommending their popular hostelry
to our readers.
The composing room at the Hi: rami
ofllce has been made more beautiful to
look upon, also much lighter by an ap
plication of white paint Bob Hogs"tt
wielded the brush and has decorated
everything except tho office cot. The
only reason it escaped was becaue wo
have no cat.
S. A. Aaron was over from Floris
Saturday attending to various business
mattersabout town.
Miss Sadie Clifford, of the North
Flat, has charge of the dining room at
tho East side cafe at present.
A full line of Drugs and fancy articles
also paints and oils.
The Gem Pharmacy.
J. B. Lea, of Wichita, but rccontly
employed on tho Englewood Tribune,
came over to Beaver Monday. Mr.
Lea is a practical printer and has been
enlployed to take charge of the me
chanical work at the Herald olllce
A. McArthur was among those who
transacted business in Beaver the past
Miss Jennie Maple is visiting with
her slsler, Mrs. Grant Harman, at
JU'-ihfield, Kansas, at present.
J. A. Russel, of the Kiowa, was
among the visitors at the county seat
Monday. Don't bo sulky but come in and s;e
our lino of Sulky plows also New Yan
kee gang's how in stock.
Tho Carter Tracy Hdw. Co.
Mrs. George Healy left last week for
Manhatten, Kansas, where she goes to
Join her son Ledru, who is in school at
that place. She will remain frll winter.
Miss Maude Stalling has been con
fined to her home the past few days
wjthaBlighfillne-ss.butls again able
to'resunifr her work.
Emmott Gardner Is ucting in the ca.
paclty of chief deputy during tho ab
sence of Sheriff Maple and Deputy
Lester Naylor
Lester Naylorv deputy sheriff, went
over to Guymon last week to deliver a
Texas county prisonor to tho olllcials
of that county.
Pure drugs and chemicals. ' Fresh
stock crery few days. Prescriptions
' carefully compounded'
The Gem Pharmacy.
The school children are enjoying a
few days vacation tin's week on account
of Thanksgiing and the absence of
the teachers who are in attcudanco at
tho Tri-aouuty Teachers' Association
which is in session at Guymon
Among those who went over from
Beaver are : Prof. Fickle, II. Mitchell,
Mrs. Essie Thuckston and Miss Mac
Eugene TilleaUx, a promoter of rail
roads, who has been over at Beaver for
several weeks among the railroad
bolsters, waB in town a short time
Tuesday evening. Mr. Tlllcaux says
the Pnver people arc not joking about
the railroad but there is a seriousness
about tho proposition that would sur
prise tho casual observer. Liboral
H, D. Meeso and family are enjoy
ing a visit from relatlvesof Ft. Wayne
Indiana, whom they had not seen for
twenty-two years. Tho visitors aro M.
A. Meess, II. D's. mother and a broth
er S. Allen Mecse and his family. It
is tisoless to say that they are having a
regular love feast after a -.separation
for so long u time. It is not at all un
likely that Mr. Meeso muy decido to
locate permanently with us as he lias
loft "Old Indiany" for good.
Paul Roberts of the'lirm of Roberts
& McKillips, is taking a' much-needed
rest anfl' visitjng homo folks in Illinois
for a few weeks. '
County Sup'eriiitendent Meeks and
wife have arrived in Beaver and are
now located permanently among us.
We welcome them' ,
Miss Viola Ives, of Balko, has 'been
. employed in W, 0, Frazer's abstract
nfllce. Miss Ives is well qualified for
that work and vyill bo a valuable ad
dition to the olllce forco.
Just received five thousand pounds
more of Colorado cabbage, worth $1.75
per hundred.
Exolewooh Mbr. Co.
Englewood, Kansas.
' If everything proves out as planned
a real, railroad will bo constructed
from Beavor to Liberal about the time
tiiat thnnextpreslUent takes his seat
in the white house. Liberal Nows.
W..A, Bcrkey, of Holland, tho race
horse man, was in Beaver the past
wnnlt seelnir old friends und telling of
tho merits of that fine race horse of
his which, by,the-way is a hum dinger.
Tho po"t office now presents a better
appearance tho sheet Iron window coV
oring made necessary by tho blowing
out of the glass front having been re
placed by heavy glass this week.
Judge LoofLourrow, wife and baby
returned from eastorn Oklahoma Tues
day. While away they visited with
Dyke Ballinger and family at Anadar
ko. " ' Mrs. Beulah Hall left early Thurs
day morning of last week for Wocd
ward, to which place she goes to ac
cent H. position aV .deputy register oi
deed.', i Haul's tjuullfleat'ohV tor,
that work are ''0. K. While wo are
glad she has secured such a pleasant
employment yot we regjet to lose her
,ro'm Beaver's social circle.
Frank Laughrin did a commendable
piece of work this week in grading
down the street in front of his resi
dence. This is something that was
badly needed, a well as many other
like streets in Beaver and should have
had the attention of tho street com
missioner long ago, but since the funds
for that work is a little short other
property owners will probably havo to
take tho hint from Mr. Laughriu and
do, tho grading act themselves.
Reports from Beaver say that the
proposed railroad to be built from tin
county seat of Beaver County to a
point on the Rock Island Is being
seriously considered by tho farmers.
Already organizations aro being effect
ed for the purpose of securing the
necessary means of constructing the
road. The people over there have
about given up the idea that outside
capital will build a road, and believe
that the best way is to simply go to
work and mak" a road of their own
A plan is now being submitted to the
people working to tho idea of having a
railroad co"structed by lumo capital
and labor. Liberal Nows.
F. C. Tracy returned from Guthrie
Friday. He gives a great account of
the innugural and, democrat that he
U, is prouder than n peacock of Okla
homa's governor and regime of state
officers. Wh'le away Mr. Tracy, who
Is already an attorney was admitted to
practice before the district and su
preme courts
Miss Ella Baker and mother depart
ed Wednesday morning for Lumonin,
Iowa, where they expect to mak their
future homo These estimable people
have resided in Beaver for a number of
years and have many friends who re
gret their depurture. We all join in
wishing that success and happinebs
may attend them In their new homo.
Miss Ella will probably return tu
Beaver at a Liter date to adjust some
business mutters.
J. W. Goode, n substantial citizen of
Floris and a good Republican, has sold
out his Beaver county interests and
will go to Missouri and invest in an
apple orchard. Mr. Goodo has not lost
faith in Beavor county but says ho has
always had a hankering after an applo
'orchard and thinks he Is too advanced
in yoars to attempt to grow one sinco
his change Ho departed Wednesday
for his near home. We shall await
with a great deal of anxiety that bar
rel of Missouri pippins, Mr. Goode.
After this week the Custer County
Clarion will bo no more. Capt. J. B.
Nicholas, its manager, lias been pros
pecting in New Mexico for a desirable
location. His ambitions have been
met and tho Clarion has announced
that it will anchor at Tucumcari and
will be called the Tucumcari Sun.'
From what we learn it Ib a fine location
for a paper and we predict great suc
cess. Clinton Chronicle..
The above tain will bo of- interest to
many of our rcadors who know J. B.
Nicholas as a resident aud merchant of
Beaver sonic fifteen years ago. We
wouldn't wonder but that J. B. will
drift back to old Beaver pretty soon
He is getting closer.
Adjudged Insane.
George F. Northway was before the
insanity board Friday and was adjudg
ed insane and sent to the state asylum
it Nornlan Sheriff Clyde Maple and
Tom Dowda accompanied the insane
man to the asylum.
Bright Lights Entertainment.
The tableaux entertainment given
by the Bright Lights Society at the
M. 12 church Saturday night for the
benefit of that church, was quite well
attended and about $10.00 was realiz
ed Tho Micioty did credit to them
selves m renlerlng the program, and
ho tableaux wore good considering
the fact that thoy could not procure
the colored lights as they desired.
Pos Offices.
The order for the discontinuance of
tho post office at Balko, Beaver coun
ty, has been rescinded, and the post
olllce at that place has been ordered
The dcpartmant, however, has order
ed the post office at Pnulis, Braver
county, discontinued, and tho mail
hereafter will go to Oshuskey.
A new post office has been ordered
established at Hidnlgo in Beaver coun
ty, with Albert G Burns as postmaster.
Thanksgiving Entertainment .
Lhe Ladies Circle of the Presbyter
ian church gave a very enjoyable en
tertainment ct tho Hall Wednesday
night of this week for tho benefit of
their church. The program was in
keeping with tho season being of a
Thanksgiving nature and was rendered
In a manner which made the evening a
pleasant one. Beaver pcoplo are al
ways generous when It comes to wsstst
ing the church and its societies and in
this case there was no exception, lhe
entertainment was well attended und a
neat sum realized.
Human Life Seems Centered In Stomach?
All Else Is Secondary.
Tho Immense success whtch has fol
lowed L. T. Cooper during tho paet
year with his now preparation haB ex
ceeded anything of tho kind evor bo
foro witnessed in most of tho leading
citleo whoro tho young man has intro
duced tho medicine. Coopor has a
novel theory. Ho bcllovea that tho hu
man stomach is directly responsible
for most disease To quoto his own
words from an iutorvlow upon his ar
rival in nn eastern city: "Tho avorago
man or woman cannot bo sick: if tho
stomach Is working properly. To bo
suro, thcro aro diseases of a virulent
naturo, such, as cancer, tuborculosls,
diabetes, eta. which aro organic, and
aro not traceable to tho Btomacbr but
ovon fevers can, in nine cases out of
ten. bo traced to somothing taken into
tho stomach. All of this half-sick,
nervous exhaustion that is now bo
common, is causod by tho stomachic
conditions, and it Is because my rem
edy will aid 'does regulate tho stom
ach that I;Ma.' meeting with such, suc
"To sum tho matter ud a sound di
postivo apparatus that is dots Its Ml
duty, gotting every particle of TlUlltr
out of all food by transferring It to Uto
bowels in a porfectly digested state
this abovo all else brings health."
Mr. A, C. Brock, chef et tha Brock
Restaurant, Market District, Boston,
Mass., who is a staunch believer In Mr.
Coopo'r'a theory and medicine, baa this
to say: "I had chronlo indigestion for
over thrco years. I suffered terribly,
and lost about thirty pounds. I was a
physical wreck when I started this
Coopor medicine, a month or so aot
Today I am as well as I ever was la
my llfo. I nm no longer nervous, y
focd docs not distress me in the, least,
and I havo a splendid appetite. I'.am
gaining flesh very rapidly In fast, at
tho rato of a pound a day. I VMM
not bollove any medicine on earth
could hvo done for me what this ha
dono. It is a remarkable preparaUea.
and Mr Coopor deserves, all his Ms
cess." ' '
Wo recommend tho Cooper prepara
tions as being remarkable
V. C. Tracy..'
Somebody got busy last week and
put out poison killing nine dogs and
Tom Bulick (tho cat) all in one night.
There is no doubt but that Beaver can
very well afford to spare some of her
canines, but it occurs-to us that this
method of wholesale poisoning is not
just exactly tho proper remedy. Too
often, as in the present case, valuable
dogs are killed ana tho worthless curs
still remain. The best way is to shoot
the dog then there is no mistake. There
are many valuable dogs in town and
dogs on, which tho owners pay tax.
These doiis have as much right in the
street as you or I or anybody elso and
it is a gravo offense to kill such a dog
and one for which the person guilty of
killing could be orosecuted to the full
extent of the law. This poisoning bus
iness is absolutely wrong aud wo hope
our citizens will not indulge in it soon
again Wo reaiizo the situation -and
are ourselves sometimes tempted to
sling; a little poison but that Is not Uie
proper cour&u .-to, pursue. The city
iharsfiall fs tho "" trouble cure" and'
everyone that has a grievance against
dogs Should -constantly '-trouble" that
said marshal! until ho performes Jus
4 duty. It don't pay. It is not humane
Tho twelve days revival at Hibbs,
closing Sunday, November 17, resulted
in four conversions, six sanctificatious
and one reclamation. Three fathers of
families, one of whom is 72 years of
age raised their hands for prayers, and
we trust thoy will continue to seek the
Lord until he is found of them. Let
the people of God continue to pray and
lot the revival continue. The many
anxious souls should search tho scrip
tures and pray through to Christ who
is the salvation of .God, "aud in none
other is there salvation, for neither is
there any other name under Heaven,
that is given among men, wherein we
must be savad,"
Rev. H. 0. Vernon and his estimable
wife who is a singing evangelist, as
sisted tho M. E. Pastor In these meet
ings. May tno .Lora continue tno worK
until it reaches scores of unsaved souls
in tho vicinity is tho prayer of the
T. B. PAitAMonn.
H. C. Drum of Beaver County, 0. T.,
is a pioneer settler of state3, Kansas
and Oklahoma. -Forty years ago he
was a resident of Kansas and was
handling longhorned Texas steers .on
the open ranges, of the Neosho river
country He well remembers the time
when he drove cattle across the open
country to Kansas City, camping oat
wit.i tho herd at night on the open
prairies. Then about 21 years ago
when the part of Oklahoma where he
now lives was thinly settled, ho located
there and again "grew up with tho
country." Yesterday Mr, Drum
"brought in a shipment of cattle, and
while about tho yards recalled the fact
that he fcaw this Kaw valley wherp the
stock yards aro located when there
Woman Commits Suicide,
A Mrs. Smith who resided with her
family 4 miles Southeast of Marango
committed suicide the first of the week
by drinking carbolic acid. No one
knew of tho. rash deed until her dead
body was found near a feed stack some
time after life was extinct.
It is presumed that tho unfortunate
woman took her life while temporarily
insane as no motive Is known for such
an action. It is stated that she lost
her mind at one time during tho sum
mer and it is probable that it again be
came unbalanced. Tim cause of her
temporary insanity last summer is said
to bo homesickness, she having remov
ed to their farm from Chicago only a
short time ago.
Lands U. S. Commissioner
Appointment .
Hon. Tom P. Braid wood, 'who was
reported by tho oapsrs early last week
as being appointed U. S. Commission
er for ueaver county, receivcu His
commission Saturday, from Judge
Cotteral. This appointment was a
most worthy ono and well pl-asing to
the people hero who will havo business
before that ofllce. Mr. Braidwood was
tho logical man for tho place and we
aro indeed glad to know of his appoint,
ment. He has a clean, honest record,
both as a public nnd private citizen
and no one can say but that his quali
fications aro first class.
We cheerfully recommend him to
the people of Beaver county as a care
ful and efficient officer and one who
will give the olllce of U. S. Commis
sioner the best possible attention and
servo all promptly and satisfactorily.
A Sad Misfortune .
Ono of tho saddest misfortunes
which has been brought to our atten
tion was that which occurred here
Saturday of last week when Mrs. Wm.
R. Wright and her young son of about
fourteen years, were adjudged insane
by the insanity board and sent to the
stato asylum at Norman.
There is no doubt as to tho insanity
of tho patients for thoy were iu a rav
ing condition und it can only be hoped
that with good caro at the asylum they
may bo restored to their right mind.
Mrs. Wright is very wc'l known to a
wide circle of acquaintances here and
in this vicinity aud they sincerely hopo
that her deranged condition may only
bo a temporary affliction.
The direct cause of tho unbalancing
of the minds of tho mother and son are
not known, but it was probably due to
Archer S. Barrow
Auctioneer and Live Stock Salesman1
Will cry sales anywhoro, Address,,
Floris. Oklahoma, 11. F. D. No. 2.
11-28 tf.
No Hunting Allowed
I positively forb'd hunting on my
premises. Trespassers will bo prose
cuted. It. McFarland
Beavor, Okla
Bound Over to District Court .
Mike Herman, who was arrestoa on
the charge of stealing a plow, had liis
preliminary hearing before Judge Cul
woll Saturday and was bound over to
tno District court. v
Art Ucidef for, charged with attempt I onjoymentof being a t
rapej was tried Friday before Judge !-.U tho great union pf,fc
Cuhvoll and
bound over to District
Thanksgiving Proclanuttoa.
Tho season has again returneptfhen
I the nation in its quiet security and, th
tun enjoyment or tnoiruits oi an uon
rablo peace makes formal acknow
ledgement of blessings material and
otherwise. This feeling of thankful ,
ncss from tho bonoflts derived from a" "
kindly providence is dcepseated andr-
of constnnt'reality. -
Iu keeping with the annual emtota'
throughout the UnltedStatesa'dayj
has boon designated"'- the president
to be observed1 as ThanksgivlngDaj-t
for the. nation. In the setting,(partv,
and obsorvanco of this day tWsjear .. t
thcro is special propriety for QkisJsa S)
ma. Tho long covetedhbon Csejiis-"
i ... v... ' ' 2-A
uooa is at last a reality mm smmhi
sov8fftasjt)Sllsv -,
states is uprsjsis.rj
: ?.
To Our Customers.
Owing to the change wo expect to
make in our business January 1st, 1003,
wo aro going to ask all customerr to
help us out during tho month of De
cember, by paying OAS1I for all merchandise.
Please consider this as a business.
proposition us wo MUST havo tho mou
ey for everything that month.
Do not hesitate to send us checks to
apply on your account If you have your
money in tho bank, as wo aro prppoed
to take caro of all checks with great
pleasure. Bumck&Co.
11-14 11-28 3w.
v r rt .
v I-
nit A
Eugeno Tilleux, railroad promoter,
who lias been in Beaver for some time
past in tho interest of tho Beaver Val
ley'and Northwestern railroad, return
ed to his homo at Hutchinson, Kansas,
last week. Ho is perfectly satisfied
that the proposed project is feasible
and says that it all lays with tho peo
ple whether they will havo a railroad
or not If they do their part tho rail
road is assured. If not, tho old condi
tions will prevail and wo must contin
ue to oxist fifty miles from tho "kivor
ed knrs."
ma Imt n fnti- ftftttlk nnnc nrirl i citinll
... . Tt . , over-oxcitement and a wrong concep-
packing house hero. "It was' a very I , , ., . .. .? , , ,
1 .",. .., ., , , .... i ton of relgious matters as the r whole
theme of conversation was along that
line. It Is indeed an unfortunate af-
tame looking place around here at that
time," ho said, as ho pointed .out tho
place where he thougat the little one
story frame exchange building then
stood, "And I havo been watching it
ever since, us I havo been a regular
patron of the market all those years.
The way tho market grows is simply
wonderful," Droyer's Telegram.
Dopartraent of Interior, I.utid Olllce at "Wood
ward, Okla., November 23, 11X17.
Notlw is hereby g en that William 0. Neil,
ofkorena, Okla., lm Mod iiotleo otlita Inten
tion to mak Until no )enr prcot in snpiort
of lils claim, viz: H K No 1K made Qct-
borl310U2,fortlHStfSecl5, TiSN.,H 21 K
and that Mlil proof will boinado bofori W T
Quinlt, U. S. Commls-loner In Ills offlco nt Hou
vr,Okln.,on Juimary 7th WW.
Ho uamoi the follow Inn wUiicmm to iml
liU continuum residence upon, and cultivation
of, tho land, viz.
William C. Shaffer. Frank MiriYetlir, .TIm I-.
Bjrned, Ben D. Wolflngton, nil of Iorenu, Okla.
o Willlnm C, Slinffw. of Lorenu, Okln., H
nNo.l3Si9mndOctolicrl319U2, for tho NK'4
fcci5,TpBN H21 KCM.
He name tho following wllnejwi to jmrteliUi
continuous rrMdenoo upon, und cultliallon of,
Mid land, viz;
! William O. Neil, Frank 'McWcthT. John !.
Hymen, lion D. Wolflngton, all of Lorena, Oklu.
H-28 1-2 Dick T. Morgan, Itegister.
fair and ono much to bo regretted,
Deputy Sheriff "Willhour and Wm. K.
Wright accompanied tho unfortunates
to the asylum.
Subscribe for THE HEKALD. .
R, (i Dunlay was over from Clear
Lake Wednesday. '
-Mrs. L. A. Koed, of 'Clear Lake, re
turned to St Louis this week to spend
tho winter. She will return"1 tho
spring, v. TV ' ,
Oklahoma is possessed of great
turial advantaces- Her fertile
aro brown wi h ripened corn.wWie
with hurting cotton, and, ard, her, 'har
vests abundant, , Her cities andrM
nourish on every hand. Ileal tprcjMr
Ity underlies bor industries and1 her
condition today is cnviablejndeed
Theao thiugi sliouWmako uia '
fortunate commonwealth, vory Mte
ful tc the Great Giror of All. &
Abundcnt aro tho bloMingp;;r jfull
storehouse, rich as is our favorMs'Jtar
ritory iu houses and lands, 'sttheaine
and even beauty of litirclimateOMa-1
homa is riciior still iu tho charaaWf or
hercltlzenshlp'in tho uneven, olifum-
ntniincti which thus beset '.the aodfttnr
far and wide during the reeent'dleturb- )""
mice of her financial and indiiUrlal i ,-
conditions, there can beino trur..ow- -!
mentaryor eviaenoe ox tne.anw
character of tho people of;'Qkll)fMa
than the sensible manner in wWjjfc all '
Iter people havo behaved, in of.c'
what might havebcon a Berious.'djtWe.i
Verily this fact wo asa'pcopleiyenW
appreciate. It means that as aelti
ienship wo havo that witlilh u$hich
can weatnor ino common upt aim
downs of this llfo and come up smiling
withal. . f'V
Oklahoma shoul bo and is thankful
for statehood, for these material' bene
fits from tho Creator's hahd, tiioe" ev
idences of substantial worthy and
worthiness of character in her citizens, ,,
and above all for tho continued lavor
tho Almighty has shown iu these, and
innumerable otner ways. ,
Whereas, tho President of tho nation
has designated Thursday November 28,
1007, to be Thanksgiving Day, r""
Therefore, I, Frank Frantz, Governor
of Oklahoma in conformity, do Hereby
mpolnt the wame Thursday, November
1&,1907, to bo '
aud a holiday for this commonwealth,
as described by law. t
1 earnestly urge the pcople-'to" give
expaession to thiir gratituee and ren
der under God thanks which arodu
for favors of tho abundcnt year' now
paht. v i
In test! Sony whereof, I have; here
unto caused tho seal of tlie '.territory
U) be affixed, at Guthrfo, Oklahoma,
this UHh day of November, A. I)', '1907,
and in the year qf. our natiqtimlinde
pendonce. the 431st. ' '" "" Q
Uy the Governor. ' " tii
"4, Beuretaryoftho Territory
' o
ft. -I
ft '&
o, o

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