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Oklahoma His Society
Oldest Oklahoma NowsDapor RaDUbllcan for Principle
No. 50
UillhlUtlkliiaAlLii, tfckiitlfckUilfckUilhL AAk ,U.lfch..i.lfckU.l..kUilil.Ul
New Spring
A Alasterly Showing of all that's Newest in Men's and Ladies' wear for the
Spring or 1912, now ready on our shelves. Months of careful searching and dis
criminating buying by us enables you to come to this comprehensive exhibit,
confident that what you see and what you buy will be the "last word" in style
and the best value for your money possible to procure.
All the Now Shades and Patterns With Style seldom equalled for
in Staples and Tissues, ranging in less than, double the price and quality
price from C 1-2 cents to 25 cents. that will make you wonder, "Why
SILKS don't it ever wear out so I can get a
new one?" Grades, $5.00 to $20.00.
All kinds such as Taffeta, Messa- QHfiF
line, Suesine, China, Jacquard and all '
kinds of fancy Wash Silks. Our complete line of Men's Boys'
Ladies' Misses and Child's Shoes and
, Slippers have arrived. Snappy styles
fashioned to tit the foot. All prices.
GROCERIESA complete line will be found at our store at all times.
Even if you have no intention of buying you will find a visit to C
The Beaver Mercantile Company worth your while.
The BEAVER MERCANTILE CO., Beaver, Oklahoma.
ltoy JdcKliKps
ltuby Chllcott
Flower Girls to Decorate Graves
Kdyth Mile
Kthcl Smith
llortha Turner
l.lzzlo Dunlnp
Cclia Hlnkle
Nellie McKilllps
Okla AVrlght
Mao l'ruelt
Mao Kickel
Ktta Meeso
Kdyth I.onfoourrow
Opal UaKsluy
Clco Miller
Mary McCord
Susie Milton
Julie Maddux
Maudu Murdock
Jessie Hanson
Little Girls to
L. L. Lone and Mrs. B. T. Kuxsell,
All the little girls of tho town and
surrounding country of ten or ulovvu
years of ago and under. Wo want all
the little folks. Co mo prepared with
baskets of Mowers.
OlarcticoTackctt Persecution. Puro mu Slmnlrv
Chalmer Strong. I c ii...
oiija tv ultima.
According to the statement of O. M.
Williams, of the legil llrm of Prlgg .t.
Williams, of Hutchinson, Dr. Kugcno
Toilette, of L'beral, is the subject of a
systematic plnn of persecution. Mr
Williatrs rcturm-d yesterday from Lib
eral, where ho defended Dr. Toilette
ngalnst tho cliarfio of murder in tho
fourth degree.
It is alleged that Dr. Toilette, who is
a practicing osteopath, was iudirecl'y
the cause of tho death of a Liberal wo
man and tho charge of fourth drgrec
murder appeared In the Information
against him, succeeding hi' arrest Mr,
Williams tiled a motion to quash the
information, alleging that it was tech
nically In error and that tho facts as
set forth could not be proved, Tho
court, it seems, was about to sustain
tho motion, when tho prosecution ask
ed time to present additional author
ities. Tills was nlloivctl and tho mat
ter was taken under advisement.
"This so-called persecution, puro and
simple," declared Allo'iiey Williams,
Kiln a Under
Kmm Grabtreo
Mao Maple
Maudo Hester
Mildred Uoguo
Loubclle Groat
Uessie Kratter
Florence Strong
Ethel Ilibbs
I'd nu Dickson
Myrtle lloguo
IsU Stono
Naomi Under
Nellie Humphrey
Kcola Mansfield
Desslo Cox
Hula McKilllps1
Ksthor Kile.
Strew Flowors; Mrs1
ill Sfotftt I
Christian Church.
Services at tho Christian church Sun
day, May 20, ns follows ,
jion.Ni.sn skuvk-w.
Bible School at 10:00 o'clock.
Services at 11 :00 o'clock. ',
Junior KndeiUornt 3:00 o'clock.
OhrMlan Endeavor at 7:00 o'clock.
Services at 8:00 o'clock.
Special music by the choir. A cordial
Invitation is extended to all.
L. L. fliiAw,' Tastor.
The Heaver Hands will furnish music yesterday. "Bmlness men with whom
for tho occasion. , I talked ill Lihernl pnie nut llm imnrix.
We've Cut Out the Patents.
i'.s was suggested in theso columns a
few weeks ago, wo this week issue only
the home print pages of the Hekald
and will continue to send out the paper
in that form in future.
Wo make the change purely for rea
sons which we deem will, in the end,
placo us In shape to give our readers a
butler paper. Wo havo had to pay
more for the four patent inside pages
than they were worth and wo feel that
we can expend that sum to a better ad
vantage in otherwise improving the
appearance and value of tho all home
We want to know how our readers
like the Hkralii in its' new form and
would bo glad to hear from them from
time to time as to how they and their
neighbors like the omission of tho pat
ent pages. Wo want to build up tho
paper and mako it bigger and better
all tho time and we believe wo can best
do this by making it all home print. If
however, our readers prefer tho form
er style and size, after a fair test of the
new form, we'll return to the "pat
outs. " Lot us have youroplnion. The
Herald is YOUK paper and wo want
it to suit YOU.
Lamo hack is usually caused by rheu
matism of the muscles of the back, for
which you will find nothing better than
Chamberlain's Liniment. For sale by
all dealers.
We'll Print the Nevs.
In times past, the Herald has sacri
ficed Its news columns, in a few in
stances, to shield certain persons or
enterprises from severe criticism, mere
ly because they camo to us with tho
idea of their family .namo, an aged
mothor or other sacred ties but In fu
ture, we want to say to one and all, the
Herald Intends to "hew to tho line,
let tho chips fall where they will" and
if anybody commits a lawless act, be
they of high or low estate, they may
expect to see tho FACTS published in
the Herald. If there is any shielding
of "family honor" thoy must look to
that themselves boforo they commit
tho misdeeds which will bring them
prominently leforo tho public perhaps
in a compromising light.
It is our duty as a newspaper to print
the news, all the n iws, all tho time and
in tho future it will come In tho ven
aoulor of the aplring candidate
"without fear or favor."
HE farrier says, "No
foot no horse.".
The law says, "No
title no land."
, Held for Stealing.
Alfred Ault and Jessi Leo wcro ar
rested last week in Colorado on a war
rant sworn out by Bob Kidenour,
charging them with stealing a horse
from his pasture on tho night of April
Wo havo heard several reports in re
gard to tho raso but have not published
anything before. It seems that tho
horse disappeared on or about tho time
that Ault was to lcavo for his farm in
Colorado. Kidenour seemed to think
that he know who got Ills horse and at
once began a still hunt, his first move
was to go to Beaver City mid notify
the olllcurs of his loss and to seok tiicir
advice. He also went to Liberal, Kan
sas , where ho Inarned that two men
that answered the description of Ault
and Loe had mot there and that they
had a horse that answered tho descrip
tion of his miEsing animal, ho again re
turned to Beaver City, where ho got
nut a warrant for tho arrest of Ault and
Leo. Tho papers were then sent to tho
ofllcers in Colorado and when tho boys
got to thoir ranch tho sheriff of that
county proceeded to nab thorn and to
notify Sheriff Teckham that he had
mado the arrests. v
Teckham went to1 Lamar, Colo , to
bring back tho prisoners and Itldcuour
accompanied him to return with his
It seems thut the horse was raised
by O. W. Ault, father of Alfred, who
used to reside on his farm a few miles
northwest of here. Mr. Ault gave tho
colt to his sun and then later he gave
It to his daughter, Maggie, who is now
Mrs. Ben Jett,"but Alfred always claim
ed tho horse. Tho horse was in tho
possession of Ben Jctt for sovoral
months and ho sold it to Bobcrt KIdo
nour about six or eight months ago.
The boys were brought back to Boaver
City last week and lodged in tho oun
ty jail. Their bonds wero fixed at &00
each. Ivanhno News.
Escapes An Awful Fate.
A thousand tongues could not express
the gratitude of Mrs. J. E. Cox, of Jol
iet, III., for her wonderful doliveranco
from an awful fate "Typhoid pneu
monia had le.'t mo with a dreadful
cough," she writes. ''Sometimes I had
such awful coughing spells I thought I
would die. I could get no help from
doctor's treatment or other medicines
till I used Dr. King's New Discovery.
But I owo my life to this wonderful
remedy fori scarcely cough at all now."
Quick and safo, its the most reliable of
all throat and lung medicines. Every
bottle guaranteed. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free at Fred O. Tracy's.
My Abstracts show whether or not
you havo good title. There is a legal
education and years of experience back
oftllom. You can have the advantage
of Ht.
Beaver County Abstract Office
Bonded Abstracter
First Door North Mansfield's Cafe.
It would surprise you to know of thu
great good that is being done by Cham
berlain's Tablets. Darius Downey, of
Newberg Junction, N. B., writes, "My
wf fe has been using Chamberlain's Tab
lets and finds them very eltoctual and
dojrig her lots of good." If you have
any troublo with your stomach or bow
els give them u trial.. For sale by all
Quick' Money, ErayCTcrms. Apply to
John W. Savage, Jrtt across the
'brideo",-for yotxr farm loans.
Decoration Day Arrange
ments. Tho Old Soldiers of Beaver G. A. II.
Tost selected Miss Maude Thomas, Mrs.
O. D. Smith, Messrs AV T. Qainn, II. T.
Garrett and J. H. Grabtreo as a com
mittee to make complete arrangements
for tho proper observance of Memorial
Sunday, May 0th and Decoration Day,
May 30th.
The Committeo havo selected the
following named persons for the var
ious committees each of whom, as in
the past, are expected to take hold of
the work and bo responsible for its
completion. This will bo their notice
that thcr have been so selected hud
personal notice from thu general com
mittee will not bo given. The proper
observance of these two days is a debt
we all owe. Let us take hold of the
work and boo to it that the Old Boys aro
honored by our services in tho most pa
triotic manner.
Memorial Sunday, May 20va.
Memorial services at the Christian
church conducted by Kev. L. L. Shaw.
pastor. Special music to bo arranged
by Music committee. Services at 11
o'clock a. m.
Decoiiatiok Day.
Asscmblo at the G. A.' K. Hall at 10
o'clock a. m. and procoed to he como
tery for decoration of graves.
Everybody Is requested to assist with
G. A. K. service before conducting
their own, for this is their day.
Wo urgently request that all busi
ness places of thu city bo closed on this
day from 10 o'clock a. in. to 4 o'clock
p. in., so that 'nothing inny mar this
important service.
The following are the committees ap
pointed : ,
Marshals of the Day.
A. G. Thomas. Ben Bogue.
Conveyance for Band. '
H. P. Garrett. ,W. T. Quinn.
Musia Committeo, ,
II. M. Bullck, Chr. Mrs. W. T.iQulnn.
T. T. Braidwood Mrs. B. T. Russell
Mrs, A. G. Thomas Mrs. BcnllDgue.
Finance Committee.
"W. II. Thomas W. T. Quinn.
Conveyance committeo to furnish
three big wagons for ilower Girls.
Lucicn Wright Lynn Moore.
Warbas Provost Ed Hanson.
Reid Miller Elmer Fickel.
Committeo to Decorate Church fori
Memorial and Decoration Days.
Mrs. D. T. Millor Mrs. Ben Bogue.
L L. Shaw Mrs. E. II. Mansfield.
J, I. Bunyard John E. Swalm.
Committee to Gather Flowers ancl
make Bouquets and Wreaths for Flower
Mrs. Edna Dickson, Chr. OrvetaQulnit
Afternoon- Trooram.
To ba given at tho Christian church,
Decoration Day, May 30th, commenc
ing at 2 o'clock p. in., sharp.
Music Ladies' Band.
Music Ladles' Band.
Children' Chorus.
Address Hon. John A. Spohn.
Music s Ladies' Quartette.
Music Beaver Orchestra.
Recitation Lenore Long.
Music Mens' Band.
Recitation Enid Miller,
Chlldrcns' Chorus.
Short talks by old Soldiers.
Music Male Quartette.
Recitation, "Tho American Soldier."
Harold Loofbourrow.
Song, "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," All
Address Hon. J. W. Culwoll.
Music Beaver Orchestra.
Music, "Marching Thro Georgia," All
Music Menu' Band
slon and I know' from tho nuuibor of
failures to convict my client, that there
is no foundation for tho actions. I)r
Tellette has boen arrested on nine dlf
ferent occasions since hu began prno
t'oe in Liberal and has not been con
victed on a single one of tho charges.
They aro trying to run him out, hut he
is going to stay."
On one occasion, tho attorney said.
Dr. Toilette was arrested, charged with
brutally spanking his child. It devel
oped at tho trial that tho'littloono was
crying and that tho parent was simply
clapping his hands, in an effort to quiet
it. Dr. Pelletto is tho boh of Mrs. Ila
M. Tcllctto, employed in the Reno
county treasurer's office. Hutchinson
.Homestead Bill Passed By
House Will Become Law.
Washington, May 4 Tho conferees
on the threo-year homestnd bill have
reached a tentative agreement.
Their report will indorse tho bill as
it passed the house, providing for a re
duction of the timo to completo a
homestead entry from llvo to three
yean, permitting an entrymon to bo
absent for not more than flvo months
in each year after establishing resi
dence, and allowing In caso of sickness
or climatic reasons twelve months from
tho date of filing in which to commence
a residence,
Tho amendments agreed upon by the
conference committee require cultiva
tion on each homestead entry of ono-slx-tecnth
of the area the second yoar of
residence, and one-eighth the third
year. Tills cultivation requirement
will also apply to enlarged homesteads,
thereby reducing thu area required by
tho present law one half on homesteads
of this class.
The secretary of tho interior, upon a
showing of good faith by the entry man,
may further reduco the area required
for cultivation in Individual cases. The
conferees' meeting was attended by the
secretary of the interior and the bill as
agreed upon by the committee is ex
pected to have tho support of the in
terior department and bo approved by
the president.
Oklahoma City Makes Good.
Deeds for all the more than six hun
dred acres of land for tho Capitol, and
tho $100,000 in cash wcru delivered to
Governor Cruco Monday and Tuesday
by Oklahoma'City and iris announced
that the Governor will immediately
proceed with tho erection of thu State
Thus it seems that. Oklahoma is pro
ceeding faster than Missouri Urn aid
tlie erection of a Capitol building, tho
nno to be a present from tho mctropo
lis'of tho state, whilo tho other Is to
cost the people thrco and it halt mil
lions of dollars,
It was originally bollcvcd by tho men
who havo donated thu 050 acres of
ground that they could maku f'om a
quarter to a half n million out of tho
land, above tho million to be paid to
the state. This of course was when
business was normal, but there will
Rome another timo when the laud will
jell for bb much and mure than thcBo
men hoped to get out of it, and tho
state of Oklahoma is going to get this
profit. Not only this but it has now
received an additional hundred thous
and in cash from Oklahoma City. All
tho stato of Oklahoma has to do to get
Its million dollars out of tho lauds do
nated by Oklahoma City, and sovoral
hundred thousand dollnrs besides, is to
take her time in selling the hind. By
thu time thu eapllol Is completed, which
will' probably bo three or four years,
that will have como to be onu of tho
most nttractlvu residence sections of
the motropolli, and tho slate's lands
will be selling for fancy prices.
Apy man who wants lo be fair must
admit that under thu financial condi
tions that prevail alt over this country
that Oklahoma City has mado gocd "ti
this proposition in a manner that no
other city in Amoric.i would or could
havo done.
Oklahoma City is the metropolis mil
tho center of tho state, being the most
accessible and by evil odds tho pride of
Oklahoma; and certainly this state m
not gulug to bo foolish enough to try to
move the Capitol again. It ought to
bo plain that no other such proposition
will over bo madu thu stato, and it
would bo just a plain case of "cutting
oil tho nose to spite the face."
Certainly Oklahoma City has mado
good Oklahoma:!.
School Cloacs at .Twin
Logan, Okla , May l.", 1CIT.'.
Twin Mound's -8,'monlh" term of
school closed today with an entertain
ment at night consisting of drills, reci
tations and dialogues. It was a sue.
cess in every particular, whilo the e
wcro no tears sent up to Heaven to l.
bottled up for Mim Reid and wo am
glad to report them wore not, for tours
are an 'emblem of sorrow and havo no
place in Heaven. But wb can, and am
pleased to report, "Joy and Happiness '
and the well wishes of all tho patrons
of Dlst. No. .10 are sent up to Heaven o
meet Miss Bessie Reid, when sho
reaches that happy throng on the other
sido of the Great Divide
One nno was there.
Stole a Horse.
Under Shcrllf Fickel went over to
Clino Monday after O. M. Laverty, who
was charged with sloiiliug a hone from
(irunl DaviiUou. lie returned with his
prisoner that evening and tho offender
now languishes in the county bastile
nwaltipg trial.
.Cane Seed For Sale.
We havo some fine cane seed for sale
$1.00 per bushel. 4 miles south
l)a miles west of Beaver, Okla.
5-2 0-0 Ow Barker Bros
Lois Quinn Enid Miller
Lucilo Hodge Gall Hodge
Lola Meeso Eula M cKillips
Bnrnio White Lealle Ml ParluiiuV
Hazel McFarland Lent ro Long
Clara Mason Marie Tackett
Jetta Lewis Clara Judil
Sybil Strong Myrilo Rusk
Clarencn Strong Bernard Loofliourrow-
I David Kilo
Will Meeso
Harold Loofbourrow
Dale Kile
There is more Catarrh In this section
of tho country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable,
i'or a great many years doc ton. pro
nounced it a local disease and pro
scribed local remedies, and by constant
ly failing to cure with local treatment
pronounced it incurable. Science has
proven Catarrh to bo a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only Const!-
tutional euro on the market. It is tak
en internally in doses from 10 drops to
a tcaspoonful. It acts directly on tho
blood and mucous surfaces of tho sys
tem They olfer one hundred dollars
for nnv caso it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
Address: F. J. Oiikmky & Co., Tolu
do, Ohio.
Sola by uruggists, inc. ;
Take Hall's Family Tills for constipation
Is the place to buy your
We carry a good line of
Paints, Oils and Builders' Hardware
You can net your TANKS made tiny size or slutiw
right here in our shop. Well Casing of all sizes.
Pipe and Pipe Fittings, also Pumps.
Have a few Farm Implements that we
are going to sell at a loss, come
and get yours.
We Try to Jtiecp What You Need.
i Phone 23, Day or Night.

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