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OldNt Oklikoai Nevspapar RoDUbllcin for Principle
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jeetvty etyle tot afreet wear, et a 4dstxtyl tot ares, you'lTm!
WeW ef ewa ta d
rfmWBw Z&Mkf. SHOES
bceem tlu mM poplr U V i4ec m Aauc. la rcry way yeuK
tU k & btt u& roaaa dt val.
Cem kaaascekowMNtyttMtolM atrdy fittca n aa Aameu
LaJy Saec, ana how quickly you m b(mm year acy nwa ear &aj
Wi4ekeIFItaadWiatertyU.. '
Of both American Lady and American
Gentleman Shoes.
Satoerlbe forTac Bsirita IIbbalo.
Oalf IXO Par Year.
If you want Iiuurasce, or a loan on
yaurUrm, eall ob or write Will G.
FieUi. 4.11 tC
Mr. Claud T. Smith and children rr
tnrntd Sunday from an extended visit
with relatlrM in Maryland.
Money to loan on farmi. See John
W. SavaKo, flrst building cut or the
Court Houm.
The Liberal Hardware Company has
moved to the 8oath aide, Liberal, Kan-
8-22 tf Thoj. W. Paw.
Co. Supt. John E. Swain) and L. B.
Tooker, of Forgan, vltifd home folka
at Blue Mound nrer Sunday.
P. & 0. Canton dle. wood boxea.
hard alien, balanced tongue, no seek
welfhL Liberal llardwure Co.
8-22 tf TadiWGAW,
"Where the heart ipeaka the Ilea are
dumb'-Are we to Infer that tfali ia
the Aattte of eo many dummieeT
Loam and iBfuraneo, I Lave what
you wast. John W. Sae. Srat balld
la ett of fMf House.
Waterloo Boy gaaollne engtne, tira
pie, atrona and low priced.
Liberal Hardware Company.
2 tf . Tnoa. W.Oaw.
Francii Baeke Piano Tuning: nd
Sepalrlng. All Work Guaranteed.
t-5 8-19 Beaver, Okla.
Drop Head Bewlag Machine with'full
et of attachment, guaranteed for 10
yean, II3.W cash, at Liberal Hardware
Oo'. rfJi tf
Frank Lausbrln and wife returned
Tueeday from Ezeetiior 8prlogf,'Mo.,
where they had been for the benefit of
Mra Laughrln'a health. She waa Im
proved whn ahe left the Springe, but
the trip home waa hard on her, and the
k set mw feelfng eo: well. We truet
tht aay eeea lapreve.'
AtMtraeta Sxaaalaed.
; WWT AawTRAOTgfaapUr made.
OWmmi ReaeeaaUe. V'l ttuiui
N.wfttti far'leaat
xaaea- f a u0
WeWi NN Wft Wf
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wjim .m.,avavranaai saatai as mm - w
aliaar rtaitalr Itawi .mi rmm W ."Vrrtf-T..?
925v 3H90f 350
35v 4v9a 450 SA9
Call at RoberUon'a Millinery Store
forButterlek patterni. tf
For Hail Insurance, aee Will G.
Fielda. I represent the St. Paul.
; 4-11 ti
Quick Money, Easy Terms. Apply to
John W. Savage, J art . aeroas the
bridgy" for yourjarm Iiaaa.-
Boax To Mr. and Mn. John L. T.
Reeves, a fine girl baby, Wedaeaday,
September 11th.
P. A O. Canton diem, wood botes,
hard oilen, balanced tongue, no neck
I weight. Liberal Hardware Oil.
8-a tf Tnoa. W. Gaw.
MrsjO. P. Parke and little daughter
Velma arrived Honda; from Benton,
Kansas, for a visit with her elite. MUs
Erma Crabtree, and brothers J. K. and
J. A. Crabtree and other relatlvea.
For Sate Twp good milch eowa with
calves by their sides. Both excellent
milk stock. One a Jeney and a No. 1
cow. Inquire of A. G. Thomas at Car
ter Tracy Hdw. Store. tf
The Beaver Hdw. A Furn. Co , have
had the south side of thrdr building ar
tistieally decorated with an attractive
sign this week. It shown up well and
is a ise advertisement.
Keff'a restaurant has a neat sew
menu bulletin' painted in attractive
style", placed conveniently in their es
tablishment. It helps In figuring out
what one wants to eat and the "cost
lvitj,rrof tame.
Rev. Chas. B. Leeer arrived In Bea
ver last Saturday from Mtaouri to
take charge of the pMtorr.te of the
Presbyterian Church. He will conduct
services at that edifice regrilarly each
Sunday, morning and evening, In the
Wesley lilbbs, of Clear creek, and
nephew Clarence. Hlbbi, of Beaver,
who have been as Hot Springs, Arkan
sas, for several v.eeki, returned home
Friday greatly benefitted from their
atay at that iamous health resort and
use of Its ruedlctlnal water.
J. R. OrabUreo, who left Beaver
about a yar agti and during that time
visited, -many point in Kansas and Mis
souri 'and Journeyed to the Pacific
Coat,eturad Monday to agala take
up hie reeldeBee ia Beaver county, lie
la looking-,! iat hearty and at If the
world had ear ted him well.
Mr. and Kin. Albert Finley, the lat
ter a slstetj or Met. J. R. Norton, ar
rived the pe. atweek from Arksntas oa
a visit to f eUVvea and te seek a leea-
eawea. v,r. rrialey baa beea a
e eW 4ee fee a number of yean,
eae f tteeted a nestrloa In the Rea
eRWe. We aee eJ4 te wel-
it, ttwa Mn- FlttJef te ear eetf .
A Uw Political MetHInjj.
Ilea. Die T. Morgan spoke at the
eeart hours In Beaver last night to a
Urg auaienee. Tito Ladles Cornet
Band furatehed rome splendid tnutlo
for the oeeaslon, whleh was highly ap
preciated hy lovora of harmony.
Dick T. Morgan has represented the
people of the 8eeoad District in Con.
greea eo long, and has visited every
earner of this county to often, that
everybody knows him, and, what U
better, most everyone likes him and.
while he cannot be called "a silver
teegued orator," yet everybody like
to hear htm. He has a way and manner
of placing a subject before anaudlence
which leaves no doubt of his meaning,
and gives the impression that he i
honest and earnest In advocating any
measure which he believes is for the
benefit of the people In the district be
Mr. Morgan ta bow serving the lat
year of hit second term as Member ol
Congress from this District, and he has
most certainly rendered good service
to the people be representa. We doubt
It any other man could have secured
aware favors for his constituents than
he has for the people of this District.
He has been watchful of our Intern ts,
and lost no chance to secure favors we
asked from the government.
In order to make n success In ary
publla position, experience is atwajs a
valuable asset. Dick T. Morgan ha
now had nearly four years of expert
enee In Congressional work, and wr
oanuot consistently throw away thr
value of that experience While many
of us may differ from him In political
faith, yet we cannot deny the fact that
while he hat been In Congresa he ha
been the representative of all the peo
ple, regardless of political affiliation.
Even If a member of Congress could be
elected by any ether political party
than the Republican, the new member
could not be of as much benefit to all
tae people of the district at the man
wttohas served the people faithfully
for four yean In that position, and
knotva the crooks and turn of getting
a bill aeeeptea ana pusnea uy u.e
proper committee.
The best thing the voters of th's
Congressional District can do for them-
selvrs Is to go to the polls on the flth
of November and cast their ballots for
Dick T. Morgan for another term a
Representative In Congress.
The Fair in Progress.
TheBeaver County Fair is in pro
gress In Beaver this week, and every
thing looka favorable for a most suc
cessful meeting. For a time it wa
feared thLt rain, which hung on u te
na.rJously, would spoil the whole affair,
but Tuesday afternoon tho element
abated, and now conditions are most
favorable. Everything Is going off In
good shape, a large crowd is in attend
ance, aed the exhibits and attractions
are exceeding the expectations of even
the most optimistic.
A detailed description of the entire
meeting will be given lu next wrelV
The Implicit confidence that many
people have In Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea- Remedy 1
founded on their experience In the ue
of that remedy and their knowledge ol
tbe many remarkable cures of colic,
iltarrlioea and dysentery that it has
nllected. For sale by all dealen.
Dr. C. J. Lukcns
Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat SpeelalUt.
of Enid, will be at the White House
hotel, at Beaver, Thursday, Septem'xr
26Ui, for one day only. It you have
tore eyes, cataracts, need glates, or
have any trouble with your rye, ears,
nose or throat, be sure and see him fur
this will be his only visit. 9-19 lw
MIsa Buta Wilson, who hat been a
guest at the home of her aunt and
unole, Mr. and Mn.O.J.Loofbojrrow,
for tome time, returned to ber homo
at Gage Th'ursday of last week. Mn.
Lttofboarrow accompanied her for a
thort visit with her brother C, W. Wil
ton and family.
Saturday afternoon a "Sheeney" ped
dler with hit tongue hung In the mid
dle, loose at both endt and well oiled,
MtBdiwitad an auction aaleof drv eoodt
oa the street eerar, He told tbe fiflHftt
and at a good profit for the raot jpPp
far maea ef the ttatT he offered for sale j
weaa't wersk carrying home. At a
rule, It dea't pay te patronise these J
1 Mraala (7) teiee tee Mttea even though
the aRereetsasa ef aa aactlea tale are
aiaJI 'ats a-fiL- aM tariisjVtV 1fea
tJFWtHs"""sl sT""eT"""""tBe""t7"tP""""f eV t"""""I"tT "
a. u. iij-Brf-saJadtaJ ayfJa wj-At tMnt"ttltirl xa-1
J'W'ltW CjptttBB--a Ba-Btasjsji "ayraa-tBaav Basa---ra m
Bible School Convention.
Notwllhstamllnx th dlarerab1e
ne nf ttit. wrather KstunUy and
Sunday, v h ch prevented tiianyr de'e.
gates from nttendlng, a it)o,t pruflta
ble and fntortalnltig trlon of the an
nual Convrutlon of the Christian llllile
SchouU of Beaver County was held
at the Christian church, at Heater, on
Uue day.
State Kupertntendent Gilliam wa
here and took a prominent part In the
doing of the convention. County So
perintendent V. A. Sharon, alo L. I.
Shaw. pasor of the Braver Church,
and It. It. Coffey, pallor of the Elm
wood and Kokomn Churches, wereal
wld awake to the occasion, and up and
doing to make the elon a succeu.
Special rnutto for the occasion wa
rendered by Mis Cleo Miller. Mrs. W.
T. Quinn. Mrs. It, P. ltuell. Mn. W.
H.Thoma. and the Braver 0rchetra,
all of which wa greatly appreciated,
ane added much to the interest of the
A basket dinner, Sunday, war an
other feature of the session which wa
heartily enjnyrd by all and proved em
phatically that this gathering was i.o
exception to the rule, when it comes
to devouring good things to eat.
The convention ciosrd with an en
thusiastic servicn Suuday night which
was largely attrnded. Follatting atr
the retolutlons adopted:
To the Beaver County Christian Biblr
School Convention assembled at Bra
ver. Oklahoma, September 15, 191?.
We, your Committee on Resolution.
beg leave to report as follows:
let. ItEvnvtti: That we recognise
the necessity and hnpo'tance of a pro-
grelve modern Itlbli School, and ac
knowledge tho worthy rfforis of Coun
ty Supt. Sharon, aided by Elder Sha
and State Supt. Gilliam to promote
tho growth and interest of the same,
and wn recommend that the conven
tion extend a vote of thank to them
for their faithful service.
2nd. That we sincerely thank the
promoter of our National School for
the Front Rank School, they hate
reached a a standard of school excel
lence, 3rd. That we appreciate the Chris
tian spirit 1th winch the good people
hare cheerfully eiitettalned the con
vention and its delegate.
-3th. That we acknowledge the kind
ly favors of the Hearer Orchestra, am)
all allien who have furnished such ex
cellent music during the convention.
filh. That we appreciate and have
enjojfd loan inexpressible extent the
plendid noonday feau prepared by
the good people of H-aver.
6th. That, in our separation we feel
that we and all have been creatly ami
substantially benefitted by this con.
ventlon, and that we further hoe
that our good work, Just begun, shall
have reached a standard of excellence
as Bible School workers that shall
make us worthy and etllcient laborer
in tbe Master's Vlnevard.
R. It. Corrar,
A. S. DicKtux,
W. T. Qiixx,
Beaver, Sept. 15. 1912.
To the Christion Bible Schools In Con
vention Assembled;
We. your Committee on Recom
mendations and Nominations of 0 ni
cer, submit the following:
1st. Thtt we emphasise the Front
Rank standard in the Bible Schools of
the county.
2nd. We recommend that our coun
ty ollleen, so far as they can, during
the coming year visit each school In
the county.
We further recommend that each
school be urged, through our County
organisation, to observe Girls' and
Boys' Rally Day, November 21th, and
Utat aeh school pay the apportion
ment Uiat may he made uion thrm
for State Bible School work by our
State Bible School department.
We suggest the following named
persons for county oflicen for the com
intr year, tn-wit:
For President F. A. Sharon.
For Secretary Maude O. Thomas.
For Treasurer Mrs. O. F. l'ruett.
W. T. Qi-ijix.
G II. Watutir.
O. F. Pacarr.
vwf? ...V tlBHUiUV.
I'i.ta KverrtMiur JlrekUe. Sarae.
L-jH. Seeea, Uwwta, file, lraataa.1
iCulvCataa, Weatsta aed javaset.!
f eaTiriK. sshcy MrJ I
I ssataTaTlLam ssViaW At 1 hBk2aMaaklflBBlk
1 If you have money wcwim-tjl M
I If you want money we kri;k. W i
1 We are prepared to baa yreit. , M J
am J& lm ' ' Ti
M) customers memey to kanrMt !' 1
market tkeir fall crepe. M
nrroRTorTiiBcosDmoHor mum la
THE BANK OF BEAVER Gift, Iff Wrfftll 1
at iVeier. In Um tuts ef oaltbooa. st
dowot miar Rtpt. Ilh. ItlX.
asdlHseaeaU Baa.TM.VI
UrvrdrmfU. uniM ami UMreirM.... l.tSU
Klorkm. hind., warrant. JadpneoU... l.tlttSt
nmunc turn..,, .. ,., ........ ... iahu.ui
tttmiuireaoit llUnre...... ,.. XHU.1l.
IflMfnim itt&U.... u. .............. u ZL23ULI1
Coxrkt and Otbrr Cath lums . ....... TJu
vasii is bok ................ ........... ajsesT.
crrtiJFtckruta...... ajejse.n
firUmmo4 auu
L'nJhfcVMl IToats, Ini Bipnues na
t(KtiTlduaUrtKa4titih)e(ttiCBk... MStUM
poMOMiOntMnf Urtril UuO
SUteotOtUbota. Csitror Brartr.
I. r. UtQcferin. fhw of the than suwl
(Untuda trtnaaif mr Isat U ate ttal-
nflt U trnn, to lb test wj Jwtt aM I-
Ikf. o bHp nw i4. r. laraaJsCossatrr.
PutwrtUsI and nam to beFaro M Ikia ICUt est
ol S.,4. I It
Jici n. rtuitic NaUrrrftUfO
Ur Cosmluia Ei(4res Aau Jlih. Oil
J. w, Wksk )
r.CTaicT. I Dtaectoo.
ait i r
Snow in Colorado.
Denver, Colo.. Sept. ll.-Soow fell
in Central Colorado and parte of Wy
oming to-day. More than 3 inches fell
in Denver. The thermometer stood at
31 degrees A cold rain tell over both
tatc. in the nighl, changing to snow
about daybreak.
Rain! More Rain!
This section has been visited with
Itountl'ul rains the past week and, for
the most pari, they hare been unwel-
tome for tbe excessive moisture baa
interferred seriously with tbe broom
eorn harvest and haa not been the best
thing in the world for the Beaver
County Fair. But, It will put 'the
ground in tine shape for fall vowing of
grain, ii is learea mai muen nmom
corn which bad been pulled and not I
dried out and placed in ricks, will be
VV"-rTr-rrtt teettt
T w,rtr v TTTnonmnViTi -
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
eta ft
SEPTEMBER, 21st, 1912
Everything New
display in my store on
Dress hats, Street lists and for
list, (or tho Misses tho Reversible
with cord trimming, also bonnets
Scarfs in all shades the newest oat for ktlyi,
Corduroy for Waists, Skirts and Dresses,
TrirxmioK Buttons. The Heir R4
I kart irm wty tora
tHK Drwri liu for
,jTmm t
- tStzz. ?m . .
Jl JUWHfrf M 1
8unday Sept. 23. '
Morning service at 11
Christ Ian Endear as T p, .
evening tervieee at
Special merle, nunstegtaj
oaareeewKeyU,Wed t
There will be 8aad
Methodist ehufeh. every
leg at 10 o'cleelr. aed pwtJtiikgsJsWkB,
ave , a-a-fj inttrVtag fV itr'wVVtrV i
H . W. Omc.
Sunday School t 10 n(
Preaching at 11 oVIeeera. ml
8 o'clock p. m.
Citab. R. Laaraa.
nfANTED-The CcwOTptMtaa Qmm
' requires the service mt a res
sentative in Beaver bmI serss !
territory, to look after r-liirfil.Ji
reneeal. and to extend elnnteHew lay
specUl methods whiek here Itraeedl
unusually tocecsaful. Hefctrresid Cams-
mlMlon. Previous exptrignst
ble but uot essential. Wheat I
spare time. Andrew, wMi
Charles C. Bcbwer, The .
Group, 381 Fourth A venae.
CRy. Km
Itvou knew the reel eae e(
eerlaia'a Linimeat far latreaaefc,
ne.tot therawelet.tprtlea
.. . "-j"-
matie peine, yea week! aeeer wMh re
be without it. For tale lay aHlitlttr.
tHHH4lll j tf$ 1 1
and Nofefry wii a
trie above mm.
ladies tbe Cecwttvety
hat, for tbe ffIrit,
for the litlte
Tie i
L - mI i
a Ajtm
sMbsmi aa II
. i
.Bulk t
ItakkajhaAfjaBaam aBaTl 3aVaalUB rW
Mtm. Aammmm .-.,
BaM- a Jfcsj mwmtL f .
tReJia aataTalBTSaBBTakTaT. SBSSk'(. NntRBI
r- g i. "www1' '"d ' 'dMflHB
t m-mmmmmmr esntaiaat , aBtsBsn
.. '
JgF - H&U aaTaatasBBe - -j " Q t " -: ' .i-ii ! .
wr ' wVRT ' MT' ,"' '-.. J ' j, ,sssatpi essssv t WT7 " r&. Tr m
,. 0 , 'HMj
0 " "r Mill
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