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Ti BeavBr.Heralfl
liailimj Jttp sTMbV
dal syiJsT Hssusaii ssashafl assai ifaasaai
wiaiT fBrawna anwi avrv wvwmw ivrW
ia ii
tmMni ms & nWKAf WlWf
Xitt4atla4ofllaat BMW) OkUboau,
a Miami cUm buB matter.
' '
AirerMtlnft rates made known upon
af4icatlori. Prices reasonable.
afcserlpfloa Prkc. Sl.ee a Year
Official Directory
Dirt. Judge
It. II. Loofbourrow.
John A. Spohn.
John 8!m.
Ueo. II. Wright.
Geo. II. Healjr.
John E. Swalm.
Go. Any.
Co. Trejuurf r
Co. Clerk
Co. Judge
Clerk of Diit. Court
Clerk ot Co, Court
XtR. ot Deeds
C F. TrueU.
MIm Mae Maple.
II, D. I'eckham.
II. M Bullck.
Oscar Gardner.
Com. 1st Dist. A. II Fox, Iranhoe.
Cora. 3d Dist. A. A. Haskell, Elmwood.
Cot. 3d Dist. V. 8. Vandeburp, Couch.
District No. 92.
Ttirtitn9 mm timnmMim -ifilltnf.
areas to be the present fad.
Mr. Iltnton had a splendid crop of
wheats 1,202 bushel from GO acre.
Geo 8 trend is pulling brush for Mr.
Mr. Cleaver is threshing for J. 8.
HflMteU at this writing.
Little Paul Buxton got hurt rather
twill? last Wednesday. He was play
lug em a bez aad slipped someway, get
tlag kaag up on a sail. Dr. Anderson
dressed the cut. taking two stitches.
He Is getting along nicely.
A number from here and also from
Apaietea attended the revival as Ty
rfte Saturday night and Sunday. Geo.
Whitman, Bob Herrol tM family, Bam
Kimble, Mr. Root an family, LeeTay
ler aad mother, rad Mrs. Jennings
were some of tbo. who attended.
B. F. lleusfijan la at home, after
belaf gone six weeks, helping Mr.
Akera tVi-ii.
A few from here attended the picnie
at Bertrand's grove.
" The Men Who Succeed
as heads of large enterprises are men
ef great energy. Saccess. today, de
msmIs health. To ail Is to fall. It's
titter felly for a man to endure a weak,
raw-down, half alive condition when
Xtejettk Bitters will put him right on
Me.feet lu short order. "Four bottles
did. me more real good than any other
medletae I ever took," write Chas. B
Alien, gylveala, G., "After years of
saterlag with rheumatism, liver trou
Me siecaaeh disorders, and deranged
kidneys, I am again, thanks to Electric
Bitters, sound and well." Try them
Oaly SOeeaM at Fred C. Tracy's.
Camp Creek.
A Iro rala visited this part of the
SKHiaty, accompanied by a heavy find,
aad Pmo n,,,
8uaday School was lurgely attended,
Everybody welcome.
GnlmaGtmn,nrivKk Springs, Mo ,
( visiting her daughter. Mrs. George
"" , T m
mk r-ezTr irt w
I used to be troubled with a weakness peculiar to
women," writes Mrs. Anna Jones, of Kenny, III. "For
warty a year, I could not walk, without holding i,iy sides.
I tried several different doctors, but I grew worse. Finally
wr druggist advised Cardul for my complaint I was so'
m, siy weight was 115. Now, I weigh 1G3, and I am
jwtr sick. I ride horseback as good as ever. I am In
JUc ssttMfe at 52 years.
Jitve tfcowsafld of
ilairr. Suck earnest
Javt irksl M, wcly proves tke -
jpwie taedkiitc, for women.
r , viwiwi wetvts wowch's
'ssaaTv .TLj uSLS?
E? ILi ,H ,,0J,k,.
zSL 555r V "le kom
Mmttmj Qtf a4 k-ratsier Will-
ZHmm avy
A pfeitjr Ht4le wise wade Her aapeer
anee at the heme of Mr. tad Mrs. Bob
Tailor, Bert. 15th, 1B.2.
Mr. Bam 8tareher and Miss Frarl
Atno Siiodayrd with Walter Horsfori
and family.
Wood i Brother made a trip to
Woodward the last of the week, re
turning with a load of hands to help
harreit their enormous crop of broom
Jim Hendricks atd wife Sundered
with Will Maltblo and family.
Camp Creek has been receiving lomr
fine rains.
Miss Ida Summers commenced school
at Camp Crtck Monday, Sept. Oth.
Frank Glldewcll and family and Sam
Searcher Suitdaycd with Milt Atno
and family.
Mrs. Ilertha Done and daughter
Lcta.nf Coffeville, Kama. Is vlsltinp
her sitter, Mrs- Walter llorsford.
Mr. D. G. Hendricks and Mrs. B. It
Steadman spent Monday evening with
Dob Taylor and family.
George Kroue had seven hands pull
ing brootneorn last Friday.
nillle Maltby contemplate starting
the first of the week with hi broom
corn feeder. Those having thrashing
will do well to consult with liillie be
fore feeding.
Willie Stout, of Klrcrtlde, ha pur
chased a new buggy of Tiffin Hro.
Hanre Bulling and family vpent Sat
urday night and Sunday with Georgr
Coberly and family.
What Wc Never Forget
according to science, are the things as
sociated with our early home life such
as Bucklen's Arnica Salve, thatmotliei
or grandmother uied to cure our burn
boll, scald, sore, kin eruption, cuts,
praln or bruises. Forty years of euro
prove its merit. Unrivaled for piles.
corns or com sores. Only 25 cent at
Fred C. Tracy's.
Kiowa Flash Llfht.
TmneyV smiling face was teen on
the Kiowa a few days the pait week.
Here Is a model young man who ha
wurki-d from a newiboy up, and a
prerent it Held manager over a bunch
of salesmen, who are tcattered over
Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. He has
now been among us for over a year,
and In tbat time has made man)
friends. He has encountered compe
tition sinew last winter, and, whit wi
nave roasted mm to a certain extent,
it seems like the shoe has pinched ii
another direction at least it teemt tc
be getting tighter. If the shoe fits. lei
them wear it. Anything wc have said
in the past we have the goods to prove
each assertion.
Mr. and Mrs. McGuire were vliltlnr
Sunday with the Ripple family.
By the way, a great deal of campUln
Ing Is heard about some of the new
buggies that were recently bought nj
traveling salesmen. Several of them
have proved defective in construction
and material. But then, what can yon
expect. The best way would be to
buy at home, and then you have
chance to tell the other fellow Just
what you think or him.
Eddie Hippie has been laid up for a
few weeka with a very sure back, and
had to quit work fur awhile, but at
this writing Is somewhat improved.
Mr. r?rTMamtl ! mnal f a-ut,
uoods to Ivanhiw fmm in,-in. -.i
can be found lumnlnc the mime
It seems somewhat nut of r.1.-. ...
Burdette behind the counter. Onl
about six weeks ago he was a full
fledged farmer.
Frank Hippie h pulling brush for Q.
' Bixter for the past two weeks.
audi letters, and mn a.
testimony fom thrKo.wim
great value of UiLs vegela -
sufferings, and buildsweak
W are a woman,
yo- tor H kas lIped a mill
wre karraksa, herb Ingredl-
Yowdmsnt attta tt.
The earntva-1 at IrftvetiM was very
orly attended oa aceatsai mt the peo
ple being loo buy to go M plenles
Robert Kldonour has bend hit
malse aod has It In shock. We no
sooner get done pulling broomcorn
until we have to hurry to cut feed and
prepare for winter again.
Mr. Mefluiro Is binding feed for
Herbert Williamson and Mr. Johnson.
Mr. Essex, of Deaver, was visiting a
few days at the home of A. N. Howe
last week. ,
Farmers, get posted on this new epi
demic that is killing so many horses
In Kantas. Use great care in feeding
all kinds of Stock, as the dry weather
has cut pasture short It is now a case
of feeding or let your stock starve, so
everylody should kcp In touch with
all his stock all the time so as to safe
guard any ailment.
Stark Moyer is again laid up with
Inflammatory rheumatism. The second
attack came on Just as he got all hi
bruh pulled. Bob Ridenour. his
brother-in-law, is hauling and stack
Ing his brush. We hope to hear that
Stark Is all right before long.
Wedding bells are Jingling In th
distance A faint sound at first, but
growing louder.
A nice rain fell in our neighborhood
Thursday morning, which was certain
ly very welcome.
Avtjlita Pet.
Uncle Ezra Says.
"It don't takemorna g'll uv effort
to git folks into a peck of trouble" and
a little neglect of constipation, bilious.
nes, Indigestion or other liver derange
tnent will do the same. If ailing, take
Dr. King's New Life rills for quick re
suits. Easy, safe, sure, and only Z
cents at Fred O. Tracy's.
Twin Mounds.
Sept. 12. Local showers this fore
noon will prove a blessing to every
thing excepting broomcorn on the
(? round.
A F. Grace wt at to Knowles today
to meet his wife and her sister, Miss
Kthel Baumgartncr, who came for a
visit to parents aad friends Mrs. Du
nont. another sister, and her husband
from Enid, arrived the first of the
week. We wish for them a pleasant
family reunion.
O. C. Klepper had the misfortune to
lose a valuable mare last week. She
was a beautiful animal, a prise winner
tt the Beaver fair last Tear, we have
been told. Cause of death unknown.
J, A. Howe has a new buggy.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Susan
Thompson and A. W. MeClurg spent a
very pleasant day with Mr. and Mrs.
T. E. Harford and their father, James
Harford, last 8unday.
Mr. and Sirs. Wagner were calling
it the Martin and Johnson homes last
Mr. Ilenson is building a new hoove
)u his farm north of Marengo.
If you think there Is no money In the
country. Just advertise peaches for sale.
Mesdames Baggerly and Foreman
visited at the Johnson home recently.
Rev. end Mrs. Blnns took dinner
wllli Leonard Glrton and family after
hurch last Sunday going on to his ap
pointment at Ridgeway In the evening.
While threshing la t week E. E. Har
Ian lost about ISO bushel of wheat by
thr stacks catching on Are from the
Mrs. A. P. Gilbert of Logan returned
two wee.s ago from Norman, Okla.,
where she had been spending her va
cation with her son Frank Gilbert.
Mr Gilbert had been visiting his moth
er at Logan and she accompanied him
home. He was a resident of this eoun.
y in 1680 and notes a few changes In
the country This was Mrs. Gilbert's
third vacation In twenty-two) ears, she
having held a commission as post
master at Logan alnce Feb. 3, 1800
This speaks well or her efficiency and
faithfulness. If anyone in this Pan
handle of Oklahoma has held .a like
commiwion longer than that Mrs. Gil
bert would like to hear from him or
A. A. Brown, postmaster at Lock-
wood, has gone to Michigan Jo attend
a Soldier's reunion and visit relatives
Mr, Winfrough lost a valuable horse
Jesse Barrett, living east of the
school house, had a birthday surprise
Monday night, planned and executed
by his wife and neighbors. .
The pastor and wife were supper
guest or the Martina Monday evening.
Mrs. Jenka and dtufjhters, Ethel and
Florence, drove over to Surprise Wed
Mdsdames Gaum, Martla and John
son each got a bushel of tomatoes from
the Eyer garden this week.
Bohmj of these Tteras should have
reaehe the naMisber'a oce last week,
few failed ow-wf to a task of business
a Mm part af ye swrifce.
OihtkA Waist.
II raw vsastit a mesa sssw
Stat wt 0s, Crt orTatane,
Lvcas Cftcsrrr. J ac
sTswwK f VTsTrlfy HVA-lWv 0WWl HMrv IMI
Ii sealer pertsier rf tJM ftm f F. J.
GfccntyAOo.) date 'sl)w Mm
City ef Tetafo, CetHrtjr and te ateee
said, and that satd tern will pay Hie
for esah and every ease of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of Mall's
Catarrh Core. Faaxs: J. Onaxav.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presence, this 6th day ot Decem
ber, A. D. 1666,
Seal A. W. GtA.nH,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter
nally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces ot the system.
8end for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO, Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation. Notice of Publication.
State ot Oklahoma. I
Ikavtr Counts. I
lath Old -Set Omit
or mm Croat.
farmer's A ttrrchaaV-BtateFanli ef Corjdoo,
Iova, a Corporalioa, rulBtUT.
J. T. Blake If, Mao4 EUktlr C Z. Bars. Df and
fUM der-adaaU. J.T. BUW1-. Mar4 RaWI;
aad C.E. Ham. tn take notlea tbat ther kare
bfvn ce4 la Us aim nassol Ooert nsea a
certain praolwMT noU for tbs tarn ot Tare
Tkontaatl ttwta Hnadrsd Klcht fir 80.KO
Dollars (Snuvam and atast aatvsr Um txtlOon
ftUdth-relatamH pUtaUst oa ot Infers the
S9Ji ear otOetobr. IMS. or nil pvUtssa !
UkaastiM,aM)ao4cmatfeesaM sUIatifl
la aaM acUon for tba Mm of (ana&JQ) aad Is
tbaatttthBMattntrctn granted win fes trad
AUatti O. F. FacsTT,
Isaal. CUrk ot Said Coert
Dicssoa, Rna a Dtcasew,
MS 10-3 k Attornrr tor PlalattS.
Notice of
Stat of Oklahoma.
o tb-Dl. trie t Cos! t
Bearer Count.
Antoa O.Urectu
) of
8M Coaol.
Jaf, I. fhi-Uoa aod
i. J
Bald DetraJaata, Ja. I. Hotlton and C B
rrro, lll taka rMlce that titer naro beta
sued In the abore naroed Ceurt bf Aaeoa D.
Oreea.oponc ceTtala promlHnrr acta for tin
mm ot Two Hood red Tveatr Fire Dollar aad
wreotr-oo oeat ($34.11) aad latemt at the
rata of tra pf cent f rsta Beptecaear tl, tttt, aal
an Attomer feo ot Plftr DotUrs, and saast aa
trtirapeUUoaaled'Brefa br saU ptstotlC
oa or before the Soli day ot Oetobor, Mix. ei
aid petition UI be taken a Une, aad a Jodf.
meat Par aaM jJalaUS in aaM actlea (er tbs eoo
of ToHandre4Tiratrri-aadTUeQ will t
Ukeaaod in tba atuttbmcat tbareia freetoi
will be rcedrred aotoretaslr.
Attaatt O.F. ranrrr,
.BAL Oerkof tba Bald Ceort,
Dtcaaoa, RcsaA incsaoa.
f-ts 104 lw Attoraors for PlaiaUC'
tfouth Ehnweod.
Very warm and dry in this part ol
the country.
We want broomcorn hands Is the cry
Mrs. Groves was able to ride out last
week tor the first time since she war
taken sick.
Gladys Haskell and Fern P.lxley pull
fd broomcorn for Perley Johnson last
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Haskell left for
their Colorado horns last week.
Cecil Johnson had tho misfortune to
lose a calf a short time ago. It was
supposed to have been killed by light
ning Etta Mcese returned to her home at
Beaver last week, after a few months'
tay with her grandparents at Elm
wood. An article that has real merit should
in time become popular. That such Is
the case with Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy has been attested by many
dealers. Here Is one of them. II. W.
Hcedrlcksoa Oblo Falls, lad., writes,
"Chamberlaln'a Cough Remedy Is the
best for Coughs, colds and croup, and Is
my best seller." For sale by all dealers.
Around Surprise.
R L. Crosno has rented his farm for
the coming year to his son Ed. R. L
and wife will likely visit friends In the
east for awhile.
Quite a few tanners are buying new
wagons and buggies with Uielr wheat
and broomcorn money. Crops look
tine. Most of the fall plowing Is ready
to put In wheat.
Fanners are hauling most of their
wheat to Laverne, the roads being
better than to Hlgglns or Shattoek.
There was a railroad man In Bur.
prist last week talking up a Fort
Worth, Texas, road, via. Canadian,
Bosbo have been offered $123 per ton
for their broomcorn, but refused to
sell. I bear.
Burdett A Crosno, of Surprise, are
building another store roam, IkUtO
feet, shingle roof and drop eld I rig.
Jar. Beebee has added a sew store
room and aa oil nous te his atere
There la aame talk ef moving tba
school bauae to the center ef the dlt
trlet, K a bowse mover en be aeevred.
Mrs. Petersen will teeefc tin fall aad
winter sefcae! at Burpriee. Sfce sjcia
Jr pa aWaWJWa
The ase. at aWttt wetlt
alKalwawaalBWawrflaHk fWWi naV sVlt ..BSmaBaaWSafvV W awsrBa I I J til
allBnlBwaBBlrlBawsP lfiB
BBBwawsawSaawSaW' ' dflsfea W w aaadsW- VTsP aJsaFna4awfcsL.
MgPsTalU l "WZaVValBawsV-NNf
A Ditlinction With a Difference'
YOU may not always get what you pay for.
It takes a good judge of values to do that,
bat if there is ono euro rule in business it
is -yoa pay for all you get You may not b
able to see the difference between engines of
simitar appearance at different prices, but if
you buy from a reputable firm you may be sare
the dilerence in quality is there.
I H C Oil and Gasoline Engines
cost more than some others because they are
more carefully made, and more thoroughly
tested. Skillful designing, better material,
better workmanship, more careful assembling,
and more thorough testing, tell in the long
run. Given equal care an I H C engine costs
less per year of service than any other engine
you can buy. If an I H C engine is given all
the work it will do, pumping, sawing wood,
running the grindstone, feed grinder, hay press,
silage cutter, repair shop machines, cream
separator, churn, washing machine, etc., etc.,
it will pay for itself in a very short time in
money and labor saved.
IHC engines 'are made in every style
horizontal, vertical, air and water-cooled,
stationary, portable and mounted on skids, to
operate on gas, gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, dis
tillate or alcohol, in sizes from 1 to 50 H. P.
Kerosene-gasoline tractors, 12, 15, 20, 25 and
4S-H P.
The IHC local dealer will give you cata
logues and full information, or write
IieUial Harvester Ctapaiy f America
Tfca porn-, of this Barf au Is to tarnish, free
ef chares to all. lae.best Information oDtsJaabl
on better fan-ilac If joe have any -wonhr quv
iT v?nTf.,"B sons, crops, una arainir
mitea. inUl(ers.et-umaiireurlnanlrlris
Coal - Cement
Liberaf, Kas. - - Forgan, Okla.
A Sqnare Deal and the Right Price.
Notlco ot BberlK's Bale .
Katkaltbarcbf glrao. that fa Mismuic of
aa orJo of aals, Is-aad out of tho DUtri't Court
of Beat Coaatr, OkiahaGia. co tba Ma daj of
BUtBit, 19U, la aa actloo vtwrala a. 8.
BlakavaSplalaUaaad P. T. 8 baa and Ltlll.
Saaa -nrradafondajoU.dlrtct-4 1 ma. th ttt4r
a!(al ttottS of Baafar Onat. coaBundlnf
BM la latr npoa, BBc-al a-4 u tho foUowlac
dalbrt prt)tri Tba Booth West QoarUr
of See Ini S.,bTa Tairty Fear (U) la Towu
.hip Bit (4). North of Baste Tvsotr flfa, X.O.
JC, ti4.fr a lodgastat aafl decree ef for-'
ckaara la fsror of aatd aUfotlff bA u
aid at-adoal oettla4 aad mads l .M w
oolMll(areAraMfX. fortoa saaa of
aiBsVtTaa4eausVLIlaMilater-a tharaeci at
gHWinimisaiMlawtt, mt and
eatts asaraiaci I HB e hVe Hah M oate,.
Hit. at is boa aft, as. of h?h 4a,, at ho
rreataMtef A fSe-trt HtW. T.1 S.Ti
M."rl'.t!a!mt'MM. oBarforsala
TrTT . "-Uan for aashiMi
TT ""' smsA taewelM trtM
"J mm sa a mat a4 eosta.
.U r - -.CSlat.
- - a-TvSsa-ajai aaa-a--i B-ssr-rBi4
J1S22? A " "WZSXZS
- rwuJiK M
ssaWkaajawAsar "tsaal -saaV. Biati
. - ' m Baa, aa-aa
f Hotlce of Bheritl's Bile or Land.
Nolke U bardtr slen. tbat la pontauKe fit
aaorilrofale.UtiM4ottotiBa nutrtctCoatl
etBMmCooal', Oklahoma, on thtZnd day of
mptmbsr.nl, in aa action tibncln KobtrtU.
Carrwai ptalilill aad J. P. Chilstla aa d
fsoaant. dlra Ut to ma, th ttadartlsMd SbartoT
of Boar Conner, comraaodlnc roatolarrepor,
sppralMBadiMltba folloalas describtd fio:
arf-t Boulh3alf of the North-wett Matter
ad north half ot tha aootn-wail Quarter aad tte
noth -at qo-crtar of the north-- qautar ot
tMcuoa Ho. u,mb4 taa aortavoaM oartr of tba
oorta-a.tQortofBUou si. aad Mm east
balfef tha-oatb-saateaarteraod setahhaHot
tn aortaau q oarUr and tha sealh kaM ef the
boi ta bail of Um nerta-aast Qaartar of BccUoa
Bo. 11. aU ia Tvwatfclpt. Kofrh of sUaaa , X.
CHtoiatMr.ajBaBaataadaaare ef fore
elasM la faioiTof aatd plalatal aad aaat SaU
dilMitut.obtladada4ataMowt ea
tba tftrd ear tt Apill. Mst. for the saaa of 9ssaje
of par coot f r ssa tba latd da? ef . BM. aad
easts aactaaac 1 U eaabaMMi dee .
am. at Mr bar a- ot t iatoe k p. Mk at MM day . t
ttoftadoerWaaeCotrtatb, lMss(rof
BHr, as aslJ Coaatr aod (Haak. a r ,'
- -. wm -- jn-a-MBt b----w wm wum an
rtf oUr sVaarHwd s aa smak tboaaaf
aaasar' saaBBajaaai soaaBBB aaaaaBi bbbjbbf fBs)
9a) BJjsits1Mric MiaMt srt
sasafam 4sssaiBa
rtiiag I
lWW-,-M(M, 1M
MBjfaW, Wafk iUBa&aagtaf- -Baaawa-a1 fa-aa kk thtf,!. jUfa T.aWaifeBBal
.8SaTtaBj( ajaSBf aaaaaaBBBBspBBB, sasvaaaa-a-a- aaaj BaBBSBJ oBSlVai aBBjBsFf as"a1ajsjsj
, Wmb-bsi 0. asai. '
- -"---- ' - w t'
irTHsaiataj.-ti. afanssaj li ft'
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