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Oldest Oklahoma Nawspaoar RBDubllcan for Principle
No. 16
"I -
IB II1!aIIIH,,,i,,,,'I1!5Sii!iiiii!
THIS is the
store where
you will find only
the most distinctive
merchandise. We
serve every customer
with as much care as if the
whole success of the busi
ness depended on that
particular sale. In hats, we fea-
tuV. ,he "STETSON."
Bubioribe for Tub Beavxr Herald.
Only 81.00 Per Ycnr.
If you want Insurance, or a loan on
your farm, call on or wrlto Will G.
Fields. 4-11 tf
Money to loan on farms. Seo John
W. Savago, first building east of the
Court House.
Attorney W. M. Rush rcturne'd last
week from Enid, whero he had been
on legal business.
Mrs. 0. A. Parham left Tuesday for
Seymour, Kansas, In response to a
message announcing the death of her
The Liberal Hardware Company has
moved to the South side, Liberal, Kan
sas. 8-22 tf Tnns.W. Gw.
P. A 0. Canton discs, wood boxes
hard oilers, bnlanced tonuo, no neck
Liberal Hardware Co.
8-22 tf
Titos W. Gaw.
Loans and Insuranoo, I have what
you want. John W. Svnirc. first build
ing east of flo" House.
Waterloo Boy gasoline engine, sim
ple, strong and low priced.
Liboral Hardware Company.
8-22 tf Tiioa. W.Gaw
Drop Head Sewing Machine with full
set of attachments, guaranteed for 10
years, $13.65 cash, at Liberal Hardware
Co's. 0-5 tf
Mrs. II. W. Coz and children expect
to leave Monday for Hutchinson, Kan
sas, where thoy will spend the winter
with Mrs. Cox's parent. Rev. Cox
expects to tako up evangelistic work.
Mrs, 0. P Parks and little daughter
Velma, who have been visiting rela
tives here the past week, departed
Wednesday for their home at Benton,
Kansas. Miss Krma Crabtree accom
panied them as far as Woodward.
II. M Bullck and family returned
Wednesday from an extonded visit at
Kansas City and St Louis where thy
had gnne for treatment for little Cor
ino, who was left a cripple as a result
of an attack of spinal meningitis. They
think that the little lady was relieved
and will ultimately be able to walk
with the aid of braces. We trust their
Hopes may bo realized.
$Vif Abstracts Examined.
BEST ABSTRACTS Promptly made.
Charges Reasonable. I furnish you
prompt, reliable service for least
money. Thero Is a Legal Education
and years of experience back of my
Beaver County Abstract Office
Bonded Abstracter
We Recommend the
"Owl Brand"
In Dry Goods
We Have Anything
You Need.
The Beaver Mer. Co.
Beaver. OKla.
Call at Robertson's Millinery Ston
for Butterick patterns. tf
For Hall Insurance, seo Will G
Fields. I represent the St. Paul.
4-11 tf
Miss Opal Bagsloy, ''Hello! girl" ai
Forgan Central, spent Monday with
relatives here,
The festive candidate was much It
evidenco during tlin Fair, and no doubi
reaped many promises.
Quick Money, Easy Terms. Apply tc
John W. Savage, just across thi
''bridge'"' for your farm loans.
Dr. U. L. Long and wifo rnjoyeU r
visit during the Fair from a nephew
Mr. Renfrew, and his wife, of Wood
ward. J. 0. Miles and family have returnee
from their ranch and have again taker
up residence in Beaver. Mr, Milei
will re-open his mercantile establish
ment at an early date.
LOST Pair gold rimmed pectaoler
in black leather case at the Fair
Grounds last week, Finder wilt confer
a great favor by returning to this
ofllce. 0-26 tf
P. & O. Canton discs, wood' boxes
hard oilers, balanced tongue, no neck
weight. Liberal Hardware Co.
8-'J2 tf Tnos. W. Gaw.
pasture to rent, mile of Beaver
Also one two-room house and large
stable, in Beaver,
0-20'tf Waltfb C. Frazkr.
A.1 Blosser and wife, of Clear Creek,
have been spending the week In town
on account of the serious Illness of the
former's father, Sol Blosser, who Is
sick, at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. F. A?1
For Sale Two good milch cows with
calves by their sides. Both excellent
milk stook. Ono a Jersoy and a No. 1
cow. Inquiro of A G. Thomas at Car
ter Tracy Hdw. Store. tf
Miss Susan Milton, sister of Mrs, L.
L.Shaw, returned Monday from Ra
ton, Now Mexico, whero she has been
spending the past few weeks. She will
be employed at Mrs. Robertson's mil
linery store.
For Sale: One sorrel horse, weight
1200 pounds, good drivor single or
double. Call or write,
II. F. Ludmjm,
Beaver, Okla.
0-12 tr At tho Garage.
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Sharon, of Marl
on, Indiana, who have been here on a
visit to their son Fred and wife, are
spending the week on Clear Creek
with T. D Campbell and family. Mrs.
Sharon, Mrs Campbell and Mrs. Sol
Blosser are sisters.
Sol Blosser and wife came In from
Clear Creek last week to attend the
Fair and have all theigood tlmo going,
but their pleasure was brought to a
sudden halt Thursday ovo, when Mr,
Blosser was taken seriously 111 of Im
paction of tho bowels. For a tlmo his
condition was considered critical, but
at this time he is mueh Improved. Ho
Is at the home of his nephew, F. A.
Sharon in this city1, and is being
nursed by Mrs. Belle Robison, of La-Kemp.
September Wedding.
A pretty homo wedding occurred In
our llttlo city Sunday morning Septum-
ber2Al, 1012, at eight o'clock, when
Miss Mae Maple was united in mar
riage to Mr. Emery Trekell, M. D., of
Milan, Kansas, at the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs. Martha E. Maple
Rev. W. B. Leonard, former pastor of
the Beaver Presbyterian Church, but
now filling a pastorate n; Coldwatc-r,
Kansas, was the officiating minister,
and In his characteristic and impress
ive manner spoke the solemn nurds
which united the lives nnd destiny of
these worthy people Miss Edith
Miles, niece of the bride, rondered
most beautifully Lohengrin's Wedding
March, Only the Immediate relathes
of the bride were present. Immedi
ately following the the ceremony, an
elegant four-course wedding breakfast
was served. Tho table nasartlstfoally
decorated with white carnations and
ferns, and tastefully arranged with the
daintiest of china and cut gltiss. Tho
brldo was most beautifully and becom
ingly robed In a gown of white chiffon,
draped over silk and adorned with
shadow iace and whito satin rose-buds.
She carried a bouquet of lilies of tho,
valley. Her trareling costumo wastirl
blue whipcord serge. The groom looked
handsome, dressed in an elegant suit
of black broadcloth. j
The couple was unattended. i
Tho happy young couple departed
soon after the wedding ceremonies for
an extended honeymoon to Niagari
Falls, New York, and other points r
interest in the East. They will bo a
n oine to their friends at Milan, Ka
sas, after October 16th, 1012. J;
The bride is one of Beaver's md
popular and highly accomplished jou(
ladies. Sha has resided in our mioT
since childhood and has many frleni
who love and admire her for her ge(T
tlo, kind and loving manner, and wit.
rrom ine cany uays oi tier youin nuv
known her to be worthy tho hlghes
esteem. Sho has filled wllhcredit and
.great honor to herself different posll
tions of responsibility, both in educa4
tional and business circles, and iu cacln
mo lias maue a recoru seldom equalled '
and never excelled. She will be great
ly missed by Beaver's social set; for
the was a leader, and her presence
ind asttstanco Insured the success of
my social function in which sho par
ticipated. No css will sho be missed
by the wide circle of friends to whom
'he always brought pleasure by herde
llghtful presence and pleasant and en
tertaining manner. She is indeed a
most highly accomplished and talented
young lady, and by her beauty, charm
4nd culture will most fittingly grace
the home in which she Is to reign.
The groom is equally as cultured
and refined, and a fit companion for
her whom ho has vowed to ''love,
honor and protect." He is ei. gaged in
tho medical profession, and is a physi
cian and surgeon of much ability. He
enjoys an extensive practice, and Is un
influential and leading citizen of Mi
lan. He is a young man of excellent
habits, sterling character, energetio
and prosperous.
Tut Hkramj Joins with pleasuro In
extending best wishes to these happy
young people, and trusts that their
matrimonial voyage may ever be at
tended by calm seas, favorable winds
and fair weather.
Mr. and Mrs. H.N, Lansonand little
Miss Grctchen returmd Saturday from
Hutchinson, KaiiB&i, where they had
visited relatives and attended the
State Fair. '
Hurt in a Runaway.
Mrs. 0, J. Loofbourrow and Mixs
Edith, together with llttlo Hale and
Bernard Loofbourrow, sons of Judge
and Mrs. R. II, Loofbourrow, aud little
William Robertson, met with quite a
serious accident last Thursday wliiio
returning from the fair grounds.
They were driving a single homo,
which the day before had become un
manageable and almost got an ay from
them on account of a broken shaft
striking him in the shoulder. He be
came frightened and unmanageable
and they were unable to control him,
being thrown out and badly shaken up
and bruised by the fall. Mrs. Loof
bourrow and Miss Edith were both
badly bruised but escaped Internal or
serious injury, and little Hale suffered
a fracture of one of tho lowor bones of
his left arm. Bernard and William
escaped Injury.
The buggy and harness wero badly
demolished, and the horse slightly in
jured. While the accident was a frightful
one, yet It could have been much
more serious, and it is Indeed fortun
ate that they escaped as luckily as they
did. All are feeling much improved
at this time.
Air. Voter.
llwAvrit, Oklahoma.
I wish to enumerate r few tilings
Hint I bellow In and shall work for.
and I believe that overy officer anil
oter lit tho count) should do the
I believe in lower taxes, economy in
expenditure, and that each oillcer
should give n dollnr's wortli of service
for eacli dollar of tho people's monej
I believe in common honesty, and it
seems to nie that common honest)
means more than to simply refrain
from stealing the people's money out
right Common honesty means for
cnuh oillcer to bo just as ntlentlve to
his business, nnd work just as hard fur
tiie interest of the County, ns doou the
cashier for tho bank, or the clerk bo
hind the counter for his employer.
The public otllce is a public trust, nnd
not a private snap.
The Government is not to make men
richer, but better, nnd the oillcer that
dues not labor with tliii end in view is
not doing Ills whole duty
If these ideas meet with your up
pioval, and you with to havo n Count)
Clerk that IJLJirk U.carry them
-cr-rr.m., -nrrriurrltoiiTa, rnr am ..
i, Clnrenco E. Cooke, uf Knonlos, Okla,. hell
K Cooke, of Jllloi.kntunS.
918 UHl iw (Im. D, DgNmi lleglMcr.
Kotico For 1'iiblieiitlon.
Department ot tho Intorlor, U S. Iiiul ifflc
at Wooilnarl. Oklahoma, Auk M, lOli.
Notice Is Imreh) glton that William D Cnmp
tall, nf Imi!i. Oklahoma ulio.on f olmiarj i
lB. maHo llonifMlimd l'ntrj No. SgM7H
for Lois t a -ill! n ml HuSoutli Half ottli? Nortl
Katjuartrrof Section 6 'township I, North o'
Hangout, K C M
llmfllol notice of InlPnllrn to Mlalio flnnl
three rear Proof, to eMnbUOi claim lo tho lam
ttioie describe., In-fore Thoinm V IluMtio,l
U. S. CominlsKlonor, at hli olllco In Ileawr. OU.
laliomn.on tho 22ml ilar of UctoW. MM.
Claimant nalne in nltnoumi Deoige Trrnt
V llurcli, Tom While, John W. Hennlck, nil of
Lorenn, Oklahoma.
9-19 1(1-17 1w duo. D.ORtII, Itesliter.
Notice for Publication.
Depirtment ot tho Interior, U. S. Lamt OftVf
at WolwarJ, Okla , Sept. 7, 1912.
Notice la lierohr (.lirn tliatChalloi U'.SilUott.
if J'lorls, Oklahoma, who, on Kehrnar; 4. llXf
made Homestead 1 ntry No. .1V17J (IllOlt. fr
.Vorth East Quarter of Section .11, Township b
North ot ItaDK" K, E. . M.
ftl-V. nrtVl.nt !wrJl )i in..-..
fiiiuuiki iiiiiaiiij .
Mrs. Geo. II. Wright und children
experienced a runaway last
Friday while coming in to attend tin
Fair. A singlotrco broke, frightening
the horses, and they plunged for
ward, pulling Mrs. Wright", who was
driving and liela on to the lines In an
effort to control them, out over the
dash-board f the vehicle. The chil
dren jumped nut, and the team got
away from Mrs. Wright, circling
around and stopping at their tegular
hitching post at the Christian church
Mrs. Wright nnd the children were
not Injured, and the vehicle and the
horses wero only slightly damaged,
thus the accident terminated fortun
ately. Tlioeo horses liavo hnd good training,
do doubt of that, and perhaps only run
away In their anxiety to go to church
It might nut be bad if u great number
of people would(y"fearn a lesson from
these horses. '!
Dr. Laird at Forgan.
Dr. Laird, of Oklahoma City, arrived
on tho passenger last week, iu his pri
vate Pullman car, accompanied by Ills
wife, mother and little daughter Be
sides having the professional work of
the construction gangs, Dr. Laird is
treating chronic diseases, including
complaints of the stomach, kidneys
and blood, also nervous, sexual, and
skin diseases, Ortliopeodlc'Surgery and
private diseases of longstanding. He
takes no incurable cases, removes
tumors, cancers, and growths. Tho
eyes tested scientifically by the latest
Improved methods, anil lenses correct
ly fitted for defective vision.
Dr. Laird is well and personally
known by many of our loading citi
zens, who are unanimous in recom
mending him. He lias his office in his
privato car, which has all the latCBl
methods for examining patients elec
tricity, microscope, and chemical ro
agents. Dr. Laird will remain here
for some lime, making headquarters in
tho car. Examination and consulta
tion free, 0 26 It
Arnica Salve
Heuls Everything Htalable. Hums,
Uolls, Sores, Ulcere, Piles, Eczema,
Cuts, Corns, Wounds and Urulees.
If you have money we want it.
If you want money we have it.
We nte prepared to
customers money
market their
(he implicit confidence that many
iple have iu Chiimhcrlain'y Collu
iiern aim inarrlioea Remedy Is
'iiiiled on their experience in the use
hat remedy and their knowledge of
1 many remarkable cures of colio,
Wrhnea and dysentary that it lias
rctcil. Tor nalo by all dealers.
Farewell Sermon.
Ilcv. H, W Cox, pastor of tho M. E.
mcli will preach his farewell sermon
that church Sunday night, Boptcm
20th. All nro eordlallv Invllcd to
f ton knew ilia real value of Chain-
rlaln's Liniment for laiio back, sore
s of the muscles, sprains and rlieu-
itic pains you would never wish to
w itlinut It. Par sale by all dealers.
Jlass Harvests Broomcorn.
flie "Loyal Men and Women" of the
Christian Cliurolv secured a patch of
hroomcorn for tho pulling, this week,
und all hands wont to work and liar
veHted the crop in short order. The
Marthas were on hand, as usual, with
mu of their famous dinners and fed
tho hungry IiandB, The class secured
tlinost a ton of brush.
Carney Spoke Friday.
Judge J. J. Carney, Democratic can
didate for Congress from this district,
was hero last week interviewing tho
voters, nnd spoke at tho court house
Friday night.
Burn or .Bury.
It would be well for thoso who are
so unfortunate as to loso horses by the
plague which is sweeping tho country,
to remember that the law requires
that all animals dying of a contagious
or infectious disease, be burned or
buried, and prescribes n heavy penalty
for violaiion of the law. IT you have
dead horses, don't fall to burn or bury
There has been a wholesale slaying
of dogs this week ns a result of some
one's putting out poison broadcast
While the number of homeless curs
about town have been a disgusting
nuisance and they should havo been
gotten rid of, thero In a humane way
to do it nnd it is mighty poor businoss
for anyone to throw out poison regard
less ot results. Many good dogs, mhoio
owners valued them and had paid
county nnd city tax on them, wero kill.
d. Such owners pay the tax to secure
protection for their dogs and. if they
could find the person who maliciously
poisoned such an animal, they could
mike it exceedingly warm for him
Wo hardly feel llko centurfng the in
dividual whoever ho maybe, for this
wholesale slaughter nf dogs for the
nuinbor of worthless curs which have
made tho nights hideous and the day
utterly disgusting, has been enough to
causo thoso who were being pestered
to uso any means at hand but, it would
havo been best to use some means less
hazardous to dogs in general for it is
Interfering with a follow-eltizeus per
sonal libertv to destroy his property
which he lias complied with the law
to protect and no less a crime to kill
his horse or cow. We would advise
thoso who omploy tho use of poison to
get ritl of the surplus canines, to be
very careful in its use. They might
kill tho wrong dog ant then business
would pick up.
Fence For Sale.
240 Rods three-wire fence, with
locust posts, Two miles of Beaver,
loan prospective
to harvest and
fall crops.
Christian Church Services.
Sunday Sept. 20th.
Biblo School at 10:00 o'clock a. in.
Morning service at 11.00 o'clook.
Christian Endeavor ot 7 00 p. m.
Evening sorvlcoe at 8 (XI o'clock.
Special music, morning and evening.
You aro cordially Invited to attend.
L. L. Shaw , Pastor.
Methodist Church.
Thero will bo Sunday School at the
Mothodlst church overy Sunday morn
ing at 10 o'clock and preaching at night.
'Fvcryhody Invited to attend.
II. W, Cot, Pastor.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 o'clock a. m.
Congregational Meeting at 2:30 p.m.
Preaching at 7:30 p. m.
Oitas. I). LiErm, Pastor.
Miss Edna IUdor, who has been
spending somo months at Alva, re
turned homo Saturday.
Harvey Borden, merchant, of Couch,
was a Heaver caller Monday, and a
business caller at this office.
Miss Virginia Wlckham, assistant
principal of the High School, was ill a
few days the first of the week, but Is
much Improved at tins time,
C. A. Allen was marketing ome nice
apples iu Beaver Saturday. Mr. Allen
has produced quite a nice lot of fruit
on Ills farm this season, and has found
ready gale for all lie had to sell.
Chas. Whlto, who has been seriously
111 at the home or his brother William
for several weeks past of heart trouble,
is still in a serious condition, and his
recovery is considered doubtful.
Mrs, W, II Itobortsou was called to
Missouri, Thursday of last week, by
tho serious Illness of her father. Word
received sinco her arrival at his bed
side Is that he is much improved.
A twelve-year-old daughter qf Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Henderson has been
seriously 111 of typhoid fever the past
week, and for a time her condition was
considered critical, but wo are glad to
to report an Improvement at this time.
A nurse was called from Liberal, Kan
sas. Friday, for her.
I have a few Disc Harrows and Peg
Tooth Harrows yet for sale. Will sell
on next year's terms.
0 JO 10-10 3w Couch. Okla.
T. P. Braiduood, Republican candi
date for Representative, was looking
up political fences in Harper county
last week. Ho dropped Into Wood
ward to see old friends for a few dayH
Ho tells us he found our old friend,
Mrs Joseph Hunter, formerly of Bea
ver, confined to her bod as a result nf
a fractured hip, which she sustained
from a fall some six weeks sgo We
are indeed sorry to hear thi? Mrs.
Hunter is an aged woman, and such
an accident is very serious to one of
her age, We trust she ;,...y ultimately
recover fully.

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