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The Beaver Herald
Official Co. Paper.
MAUDE 0. THOMAS, - - Publisher.
I lUrrl at lb po.tollte" at Ilwrer, Oklahoma,
icool iliu mall maitar.
Advertising rates made known upon
application. Pries reasonable.
Subscription Price, $1.00 a Year
Official Directory
Dist. Judgo
Co. Atty.
Co Treasurer
Co. Clerk
Co. Judgo
Co. Supt.
It H. Loofbourrow.
John A. Spohn
John Sims.
Geo. H. Wright.
Geo. II. Healy.
John E. Snralm.
Clerk of Dlit. Court O. F. Pructt.
Clerk of Co. Court Mil Mae Maple.
Sheriff H. D. Peckhani.
IteR. of Deeds II. M Italics..
Surveyor Oscar Gardner.
Coin, lit Plat. A. II. Fox, Ivanhoe.
Com. 2d Dist. A. A. Hatkell, Elmnood.
Com. 3d Diat. V. S. Vandeburs, Coucli.
s rvryv i?i ,
Sophia Clatter.
Sept. 27. We have had two killing
frosts on the low ground on the 23th
and 28th. Pretty early (or froit In
old Beaver county, laii't It?
Preiton Allen ii seeding broomcorn
In our neighborhood and doing a flno
job. John Caaiady had 00 balls put
out by them this week and they nro
finishing Mr. Lanaon'i job today.
There hain't been any broomcorn
buyers in thl neck o .the woodi yet
thli year.
David Catci returned home Inst Sat
urday. Ho report hli father resting
eaiier but with small chance for re
covery. Mr. Lawion Is nbht to bo up and
about the house, toma but Is still vary
Fnrmeri nro nil hustling to cut their
feed cut up since tho frost. Tills cool
wind howling around tho corners of
the houso does tnuko ono think of win
ter nit right.
Mrs. It. D, Thomas is suffering from
n very soro linger; something liko n
fellou on tho tnlddlo linger of the right
Tho drpaded horso plnguo lms reach
ed the LnKcmp nuighlrarhood, so wo
hear, there being several horses that
have died appenred to be tho symptoms
given In Hint disease,
Aver Swnn mid Louis Kezvil juit
got In from HlgiiliiH the llrst of the
week whom they I mil gonuwith wheat.
Thomas Black has laid nil the pint
for tho ort-ctiou of n nuw house. We
wondor when ho Is going to Missouri
itgain and if wo will gut u clgnr when
hu returns,
Still the cry goes up for moru farm
laborers. It seems as though there
would bo no loafers as good wagia its
they get uuw but they are mill In ovi
donee, John Cassndy cut feed for Mr. Thom
as one day lust week.
School begins at Dist. No, 100 on Oc
tober 7th. Only a few more days of
idleing for tho kiddies now. Our snhool
house was to hnvo been pit In ted but
it Is still the sumo old color.
Wonder why wo haven't any rond
boss In Kim wood township. There was
very little road work done last year
and non this yenr. Thu county was
put to tho expense of getting material
on the ground for a bridge west of the
II. W. Juitksou farm two years agonml
tho job was bungled up and the plnuk
piled up to rot mid there they lay, and
tho road on the hill south of the Thom
as place is almost Impnssnble. Some
one get to work nnd seo tho voters fix
It or send the women out after them
and bee if In thirty days tho weaker
sex don't have n different looking road.
News Is scarce as also Is tlmo so we
will make our bow and lenvo for this
Sophia Tattlkr.
Saved By His Wife.
She's n wlie woman who knows just
what to do when her husband's Ufa Is
In danger, but Mrs. R, J. Flint, Brain
tree, Vt., Is of that kind. "She in
sisted on my using Dr. King's Sew
Discovery," writes Mr. F."fora dread
ful cough, when I wns s,o weak my
jfjrlends all thought I had only a sjiort
t.mo to lite, and It compjutely cured'
me." A quick cure for 'coughs and
colds, It's tho most safe nnd reliable
medicine for many throat and lung
troubles grip, bronchitis, Group,
whooping cough, quinsy, tonsllltls,
hemoi rages. A trial will convince you.
DO cts. and 11 00. Guaranteed by Fred
Kiowa Flash Light
Cold, colder, coldest Well how do
you enjoy the change? From the torrid
hot breezes from the south 'o the cold
nnd chilling blasts, from the north pole
cautfl a great many people to hustle
around for warmer wrapi the forepart
of the week.
Well, yes, there are quite a few sick
horses hereabouts and a few have died
from the Kansas dlscaae. People are
tiling all precaution to guard against
the disease. Mint nil horses have been
taken off of pasture and turned into
green fluid This comes at a very bad
lime when there is so much work to be
done and tome people have quit going
to the road on account of the disease.
On returning home from ShnttucV
Harry Davidson's team ran away and
he fell out of the wagon and the wheels
paised over his body. Aside from n
few painful bruises he Is none the
worse for his fall.
Sept. S3, Eddie Ripple loft for Mos
qnern, New Mixico. where ho goes to
visit with his siiter, who has been vcr)
sick. Eddie went for his health as he
has been very poorly nil rummer nnd
if the climate does not agree with him
down there, then he will go north.
In other words ho failed to keep his
lacrcd promise. The marriage of one
of our prominent nnd highly esteemed
young ladles of the Texns side wits to
have taken place last Monday but wa
Indcdnutety postponed for tho bride
groom "failed to be thar." Tho wed
ding wns to have taken place several
months ago nnd everything was got li
readiness. The fatted calf had been
killed and tho old folks were waiting
with outstretched arms to recive their
new son-In-law-to-bo A few days be.
fore the bride-elect had received h
letter from her lovey dovey stntlng
when he would be there nnd on what
truln he would arrive. Ho tho would
bo brldo dons her bridal gown and set?
sail for Hlgglns to meet her nfllnnced
From there they would drive to the
county seat and procure tho license,
after which they would locate the
minister and thu knot tied. After that
they woro to return to thu brido'
home whoro tho wedding fenst wnf
iprcad for tho multitude. And In the
meantime the bride's mother hikes to
town and goes Into tho postollluo and
right there she gets n letter for her
daughter whom she supposed wns hap
"oily married by Unit tlmo. Hut upon
reaching homo she decided to open tht
missive and found that It contained a
very short message nnd showed the
faint heart n( n poor man. The mes
sage, ran ns follows: Owing to bushiest
matters ho could not come nnd asked
that tho wadding be postponed till he
got there.
P. 8. If business Interferes with the
wedding cut out your .
On tho morning or tho 20th Ice win
found on the tanks nn eighth of an
Inch thick but tho freeze does not
seem to hnvo hurt tho Into knlllr corn
or broomcorn.
Several horses have died around here
the past wenk from the fntnl Knnsa
horse dliensn. Most stock has been
taken In oft of the pasturo nnd preven
tative measures used to try to prevent
ns much ns possible.
Everybody is ringing them, ringing
them. Everybody Is ringing them now.
Ringing who, Rube? Why, ringing
Madison, you simp, on tho Ivanhoe
phone lino, of course. Are you on?
Strings of new buggies nro still mov
ing .westward, so wo presume thnt
Denver county peoplo will enjoy life
this full by discarding tho old worn
out rig for the new.
The :..an who lives in n little town
nnd behaves In a milliner thnt keeps
people from talking about him Is prettj
sure of landing in Heaven some time.
O. Tracy
A Log on the Trade
of the fust express means serious
trouble ahead if not removed, so dus
loss nf nppetlto. It means lack uf vi
tality, loss of strength and nerve weak
ness. l,f appetite fails, take Electric
Bitters quickly to overcome the cnuse
by toning up the, stomach nnd curing
the (ndlgnsiton. Michael Hessliolmer
of Lincoln, Nebraska., had boon sick
over tli'en years, but six bottles of
Electrlo Bitters put him right on his
feet again. They have helped thous
and. They give pine blond, strong
nerves, good digestion Only 60 cents
nt Fred O. Tracy's.
Wo nro glad to bo back ngaln; hav
ing been nwuy from home wo wero un
able to write.
Miss Ophelia Stout, of near Dombey,
visited Mrs. Peters this week.
Wyntt Williams, of Boyd, nnd Miss
Florence Uyurs, of l)o:')ey, woro mar
ried Inst week. Florence had Just re
turned from her visit in Colorado. Wo
wish them n long nod happy UK
., Churley Gntcs has relumed from
"Kansas City.
Wo had a lovely ruin last week. It
lastvd so long thnt sonic feared for
their broomcorn which was down, but
not much of It wns ruined.
Broomcorn pulling is almost finished
In this neighborhood.
Palesttno school houso Is boing ro-
modeled.and an addition being built
to it, which makes us clad.
John Claybrook and family moved
last Friday.
Henry Peter traded his mules for a
fine team of mares last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wyatt Williams have
not moved to their home yet.
We hear that n broomcorn seeder
lias started Its work near Gray. We
ure expecting It In our neighborhood
News seems to be scarce.
Saves Leg of Boy.
"It seemed that my H-year old boy
vould have to lose his leg, on account
of nn ugly ulcer, caused by a bad
bruise," wroto I). F. Howard, Aquone,
N. O. "All remedies arid doctors
treatment failed till we tried Bucklen's
Vrnlca Salve, and cured him with one
box " Cures burns, boils, skin erup
tions, piles 25c at Fred C. Tracy's.
Theic cold chilly days makes one
think, where has their summer wages
.(one to.
Some vary welcome rains reached
this part of the county last week.
The farmers are busy as "cranberry
merchantf" with their broomcorn.
The cry for hands Is plentiful but hands
iro scarce.
Mrs. Gregory nnd daughter Anna
vent to Mr. Evan's on the river for
peaches ono day last week.
Soino hnvo seeded their broomcorn
md ready for market while others are
not through pulling.
G. B. May had tho mlofortuno to
lose a couple of horses last week,
Quito n few from this pnrt attended
the fair while others wero too busy to
Prof Little was tnken suddenly ill
Wednesday night. Dr Long was call
ed and wo are glad to report him much
bettor and able to stir around.
A number from this neighborhood
ittended church nt Camp creok last
Miss Virgle Miller has been assisting
her brother Chester with his broom
Tho llttlo three year old son of G. B
May linn beon on the puny lUt for the
hist week.
Coy Stnrchcr purchased n span of
uares ni'd two colts from Fred Wilson
last week.
Sam Stnrchcr had his best horse crip
pled by stepping on n nail last week.
A pretty llttlo school ma'am nrrlved
it tho home of W. R. Llttlo Sunday
Coy Stnrchcr nnd Miss Ethel Shock
ipent Sundny evening with Miss Anna
Tim Larc.
Fortunes in Faces.
There's often much truth In tho say
ing "her face is her fortuno," but its
never nald whoro pimples, skin erup
'ions, blotches, or other blemishes dis
llguro It. Impuro blood is back of
them nil, nnd shows thu need of Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They promote
health and beauty. Try them. 25 cents
it Fred O. Tracy's.
b'outh nimwood.
Tho school in District 73 commenced
September Oth, with Miss Edna Cayler
is teacher. There nrc about IS pupils
enrolled nt the present tlmo.
Asn Kilo nnd family nltonded the
Denver County Pair three days.
Broomcorn hands is still tho cry.
'Tho cool nights make one think of
winter and tho terrible snow drifts of
I list. winter
Dude and Will Bennington nnd Ter-
ley Joi,ii8on attended tho Fair Thurs
day nnd Fridny.
Estot Pnrkhurst has a sick horse,
supposed to bo the Kansas plague,
John Kile's folks are busy caring for
their tomatoes and sweot potatoes.
Alfred Kile came very near getting
seriously hurt last Thursday. A wheel
on their seeder engine burst nnd ono
of the pieces struok him, but ho got oil
with n fow bruises.. A Oai.lkr.
Hero Is n woman who speaks from
personal knowledge and long expor
lonco, viz , Mrs. P. II Hrogan, of Wil
son, Pa., who says, "I know from ex
perience thnt Chamberlain's Cough
Itemcdy Is far superior to any other.
For croup there Is nothing that excels
It." For sale by nil dealers.
District No. 92.
The writer has been attending tho
protracted mooting at Tyrone, and
consequently havo not been getting
our Items in. Hope to do better in the
Mr. nnd Mrs, Noncll's daughter nnd
granddaughter, from Duoklln, Kansas.
hnvo been visiting them Mrs. Grllith
returned home Wednesday, but Georg
l.innn stayed over for tho circus at
A number from tMs neighborhood
are going to Liberal Sept. 18th.
John West i;un n meal wagon Satur
day, and everybody had beef Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. Martin returned to Elk
City, nftwr a month's visit with Jim
Mr. and Mrs. Ackers and family,
J. Sapp and family. Emmett Turner,
Geo. Pennington. Miss Nelllo Turner,
and Mrs. Jennings were all at lyrone,
Sunday at the meeting.
Our school commences next Monday,
with Mrs Ssrah Kulow as teacher.
Mrs Wllholt is tho first ono In this
neighborhood to sow wheat.
John Bowen, Jesse Hale and Rome
Jennings are ajl cutting feed.
Miss Eula Robinson accompanied
Mrs, Martin home to spend the school
year. Rasuek.
$100 Reward, $100
Tho readers uf this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able' to cure in all its stages, and
that Is Catarrh- Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is the only positive cure now known to
tho medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutinnnl treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is ttVj.i internally, actingdirectly
upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of
tho system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution nnd nsiisttng nature in do
ing its work. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers that
thry offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that It fails to euro. Send for list
of testimonials.
Address F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O
Sold by all Druggists, 7fc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
Report of Beaver school for
week ending September 27:
Total enrollment 120
Enrollment for the week
just ended 120
Average dally attendance
for week 120
No. of pupils attending
everyday 111
No. of cases of tardiness 4
No. of pupils enrolled this
week 10
No. of visitors registered 11
New pupils enrolled this week
were: Ray IJayden, 12th grade;
Harvol Padget, 0th; Harold Loof
bourrow,9th; BasilPeckham, 7th;
Zekie Rush, 7th; Ivy Hightower,
7th; Francis Peckham, 4th; Dale
Peckhtun, 2d; Billy Culwell, 2d;
Gretchen Lawson, 1st.
Mrs. T. Thomas visited room
No. 1 this week.
Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Cayler
visited the High school last "Fri
day. IJMrs. D. Kinder, Mrs. J. W.
Cayler and Mrs. P. L. Thomas
visited rooms 2 and 4 the past
Alfred Huguloy and Walter
Maness from Balko, winners of
the first and second prizes in the
milo contest for the Agricultural
Clubs, stopped at Beaver last
Friday while on the way to For
gan to take the train to Oklaho
ma City to attend the state fair.
While in town they made a visit
to room No. 4.
Tho new school building will
be completed in a few days and
will be occupied October 7. Tho
furniture is being installed this
Tho law class was organized
Sopt. 28, witli six members. The
class will meet each Friday night
with A. S. Dickson as instructor.
Tho names of the mombors are:
G. T. Ayers, Arthur Turner,
Rosco Rlzley, Lena Wright, Edna
Tweedle and JohnE. Swaim.
Dr. Long, who will deliver a
series of lectures on Hygiene dur
ing the school year, will deliver
his first number next Thursday
evening. While these lectures
aro directly for tho benefit of the
7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th
grade pupils, they will be of groat
value to the general public and
we invite thoso interested to at
tend. As a school Beaver entered
more contests and won more
prizes than any other school com
peting for prizes at tho Educa
tional Fair. Blue Mound was a
close second. Tho total cash
prizes won by Beaver as a school
was $14.50. Tho total amount of
cash prizes won by individual pu
pils amounted to $9.50, making a
total of $21.00 won by Beaver5.
Considering tho amount of the
cash prizes this was second place.
Blue Mound winning prizes
amounting to $14.00, besides firltt
prize in tho milo and broomcoih
contests. Beaver won four pen!
nants: for numbers, appearance,
contests entered and the creates
number of prizes won. J
Costs You Nothing When Idle
Almost Nothing When It Runs
WHEN an I H C engine is at work, it is
tho cheapest dependable power you
can use; when not working it costs
you nothing. It will work just as hard at the
close of the day as at the start will work
overtime or all night just as readily. It is
ready to work whenever you need it; always
reliable and satisfactory. You can use an
I H C Oil and Gas Engine
to pump water, to run tho wood saw, cream
separator, churn, grindstone, washing machine,
feed grinder, corn husker and shredder, en
silage cutter, or any other farm machine to
which power can be applied.
I H C oil and gas engines are constructed of
the best materials; built by met. who know
what a good engine must do; thoroughly tested
before leaving the factory.
They are made in all sizes from 1 to 50-horse
power; in all styles vertical and horizontal,
air and water cooled, portable, stationary and
mounted on skids, to operate on gas, gaso
line, naphtha, kerosene, distillate or-alcohol.
Kerosene-gasoline tractors, 12 to 45-horse
Ask the IHC local dealer to show you an
I H C engine and explain each part, or write
for catalogue and full information.
International Harvester Company of America
IHC Service Bureau
The purpose of this Bureau Is to furnish, free
of charro to all, the best Information obtainable
on better (arming. If you have any worthy ques
tions concernlnr soils, crops, land drainage, irri
tation, (frtlllzers, etc.. make your Inquiries specific
and send them to I H C Service Bureau, Harvester
llulldlnr, Cblcaso, USA
Coal - Cement
Liberal, Kas. - - Forgan, Okla.
A Square Deal and the Right Price.
Don't Suffer!
" I had been troubled, a liltle, for nearly 7 years," writes
Mrs. L. Fincher, in a letter from Peavy, Ala., "but I was
not taken down, until March, when I went to bed and had
to have a doctor. He did all lie could for me, but I got no
better. I hurt all over, and I could not rest At last, I tried
Cardui, and soon I began to improve. Now I am in very
good health, and able to do all my housework."
You may wonder why Cardui is so successful, after
other remedies have failed. The answer is that Cardui is
successful, because it js composed of scientific ingredients,
that act curatively pn the womanly system. It is a medicine
for women, and for women only. It builds, strengthens, and
restores weak and ailing: women, to health and happiness.
If you suffer like Mrs. Fincher did, take Cardui. It
will surely do for you, what it did for her. At all druggists.
Wrlll to: Ladies' Advisory Dent. Oultinaon Medicine Co.. CtuHinnnn Tnn
for Srtctat iiulnutloiu, and 64-raje book. "Home Treatment lor Women." tent free. J 60

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