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tiib -Beaver Herald
Official Co. Paper.
MAUDE 0. THOMAS, - - Publisher.
EiMradatthepoitolllceat nearer, Oklahoma,
aa aecood clan mall mailer.
Advertising rates made known upon
application. Prices reasonable.
Subscription Price. $1.00 a Year
Official Directory
Dist. Judge
II. Loofbourrow.
John A. Spohn.
John Sims.
Geo. H. Wright.
Geo. II. Healy.
John E. Swalin.
O. F. Pruett.
Miss Mae Maple.
Co. Atty.
Co Treasurer
Co. Clerk
Co. Judgo
Co. Supt.
Clerk of Diet. Court
Clerk or Co, Court
Reg. of Deeds
II. D. Peckham.
II. M Uullck.
Oscar Gardner.
A. It -Fox, Ivanhoe.
. Haskell, Elmwood.
Com. 1st Dist.
Com. 2d Dlst. A
Com. 3d Dlst. W.S. Vandeburg, Couch.
Around Surprise.
Burditt & Crosno will soon
move Into their new store.
Guy Wagner fell and broke two
ribs when his team scared at a
train while in Shattuck. He is
mending very fast.
Levi Eckle, who owned a fine
100-acre farm near Surprise,
died recently while on a visit to
his mother near El Reno, Okla.
Levi was a bachelor and well re
spected. Considerable wheat is being
sown here.
.The Surprise school house is
being moved. Mrs. Peterson
will teach the school at $60 per
month. Most all schools will be
gin on October 7th.
D. W. McKnight will teach at
Dlst. 146 near Riverside. Mr
McKnight has been on his home
stead now five years. He says
it has raised in value on an aver
age $300 per year since ho got it.
What's the matter with Beaver
county? Nothing at all.
Wo need a direct mail route to
Beaver. I "guess we will need a
democratic Congressman if Dick
don't get it for us soon.
Saved By His Wife.
She's a wise woman who knows just
what to do when hnr husband's life is
in danger, but Mrs. K. J. Flint, Drain
tree, Vt., is of that kind. "Sho in
sisted on my , using Dr. King's Mew
Discovery," writes Mr. F." for a dread
ful cough, when I was bo weak my
friends all thought I had only a short
time to live, and it completely cured
me." ' A quick' cure for coughs and
colds, it's the most safe and reliable
medicine for many throat and lung
troubles grin, bronchitis, Croup,
whooping cough, quinsy, tonsilitis,
hemorrages. A trial will convince you.
60 cts. and $1.00. Guaranteed by Fred
O. Trany.
Kiowa Flash Light.
Sept. 29. We had a light fall
of snow that fell like sleet lasting
about five minutes. '
Mr. McGuire went to Laverno
Saturday with a load of wheat.
A. N. Howe had a fine display
of stock at the Speermoro fair
consisting of cattle, hogs, horses,
and jacks. And, by the wqy, ho
came borne with a big bunch of
blue ribbons, too. Mr. Howe
makes stock raising a profession
for he handles only the very best
ther.e Is. A visit to his largo
ranch here on tho Kiowa will con
vince the most skeptical.
A few of our neighbors fonnd
time to attend tho fair at Speer
moro Friday and Saturday.
Ered Cox took a load of broom
cdrn to Shattuck but could not
gc't'an offer.JOftany-Jdnd.for it.,
jttemember, wo love tho sum
mer, but oh! y6u,fall weather,
If seventy-five percent of tho
average man is water wo don't
know where some fellows put the
stronger llulds they imbibe.
Summer is waning, autumn is
close at hand and the price of
coal looms up as big as ever. And
so tho years roll along and before
we have time to think about it
Father Time has added another
year to our lives.
School began on the 7th at tho
Sand creek school. Mr. Farrell
will teach a seven-mouth term
and Miss Ellen Hughes will teach
the Overstrect school and will
start the same day.
IF you see it in the HERALD
you know It must be so.
Fruit jars and binder twine is
a hard thing for the merchants
to keep a stock of on hand.
During the absence of Bean
Gaines from his home sonic kind
hearted person, or persons, vis
ited his granary and helped them
selves to a part of a load of oats.
Bean says ho don't care so much
for the oats but they emptied a
couple of sacks of chopjcd feed
on the floor and took the sacks.
That is what he don't like about
it. Perhaps they had no use for
the ground feed, Bean.
Red Martin made a hurry-up
trjp to Laverno Monday to get
repairs for his corn binder.
Since the frost came the fall
woik has doubled and It is hard
to find help to do the work.
Broomcorn seeding started in
our neighborhood Wednesday at
M. B. Crossman's old place.
We have been told that brush
Is being bought at Shattuck for
$30 to $30 per ton, and a good
grade of brush, too.
George Ainsw'orth went to
Shattuck Tuesday to bring out a
new broomcorn seeder for Jack
Brush has been marketed at
Laverne for $30 per ton. Now
that is going some. Word comes
to us from a broomcorn seeder
man that informs us that the fac
tory men want the broomcorn
producers to hold meetings, and
seta fair price that they want
for their brush and in that way
there will be no cut throat work.
Get busy, boys, all along the line.
A Log on the Track
of the fast express means serious
trouble ahead if not removed, so dos
loss of appetite. It means lack of vi
tality, loss of strength and nerve weak
ness. If appetite fails, ,take Electric
Hitters quickly to overcome the cause
by toning up the stomach and curing
ttie Indlgositon. Michael Hessheimer
of Lincoln, Nebraska., had been sick
over th'ee years, but six bottles of
Electric Bitters put him right on his
feet again. They have helped thous
ands. They give pine blood, strong
nerves, good digestion. Only 60 cents
at Fred C. Tracy's.
Twin Mounds.
Sept. 26.
T. L. How has returned from
Colorado. Mr. How says that
cbuntry Is O. K. but we notice,
in passing, that he lost no time
in getting back to old Beaver.
Lon McClurg and Leslie Cone
went to Sunset yesterday even
ing. Broomcorn pullers are so
scarce and are kept so busy if
they must go'to town they have
to go by moonlight. How many
saw the eclipse of the moon this
The Yeomans-Jones families
arc sorry over the death of old
"Queen," the family dog. Faith
ful old Queen was one of the old
est settlers in the 'neighborhood.
Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner
wero welcome callers at Belle
Meade today.' Air. B. has a new
Mrs. Sarah Thompson visited
Mrs. Johnson last Monday and
helped peel peaches.
Mrs. Ever was a caller at the
Martin homo on Wednesday.
The cold wave of the last two
days seems to be a thing of the
past and today Is typical Oklaho
ma weather again.
.A light frost visited this sec
tltmiastr nigh-t nipping sweet po
tatos and pumpkin vines in low
places but doing no other, dam
age. H. H. Martin is cutting feed
Harry Jones and J. A. Howe
are running a broomcorn baler
for Cha3. Foutfh.
Messrs E. A. Mney nmf Walter
Turner seeded their broomcorn
this week. Mr. Macy has over
one hundred and thirty bales.
We have no report of Mr. Tur
ner's crop.
J. S. Johnson went to Laverno
today Leslie Cono and A. W.
McClurg are pulling brush for
Sam Harford. .
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Grace and
son Jimmy and Miss Ethel Baum
gartner, who have been visiting
and attending to business mat
ters, will return to their homes
tho first of next week. The form
er to Quincy, III., and Miss Baum
gartner to Louisville, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. Wagner of near
Sunset attended church at Twin
Mounds last Sunday and visited
the Johnsons afterward.
Roy Hopper will go to Shattuck
next Tuesday to meet his father
from Maryvillo, Mo. Mr. Hop
per was here two years ago and
has been a little homesick for
Beaver county ever since.
An interesting feature of the
church service last Sunday was
a beautiful solo, "I heard the
voice of Jesus," sung by Mrs. C.
E. Binns.
Oct 4. Mrs. Harry Jones,
little daughter Margaret and
mother, Mrs. Yeomans, drove
over to Ivanhoe yesterday.
Messrs Martin and Johnson as
sisted by Leslie Cone, Evory
Booth and Lon McClurg are har
vesting a big crop of cane hay
this week. '
Some of the neighbors still
have broomcorn in tho field.
Rev. C. E. Binns has moved
into the Grace property.
Mrs. J. S. Johnson received the
sad news of the death of her
brother-in-law, Rev. C. A. Wat
son of Kansas City, this week.
We arc informed that Walter
Moore, southeast of Clear Lake;
and a Mrs Howard drovo over to
Beaver and were married on
Wednesday. Mrs Moore and Mrs
Hater are sisters.
Mrs Douglas has the thanks of
this household, individually and
collectively, for some of Mic finest
melons of the season.
J S Johnson and Herbert Lee
and families enjoyed tho splen
did hospitality of Chas Gumin
and wife on last Sunday.
Our school begins next Mon
day with Prof Hcnson as teacher
Miss Bessie Reld begins the
same day at Madison
Once a Wek.
Fortunes in Faces.
There's often much truth in the say
ing "her face Is her fortune," but its
never said where pimples, skin erup
tions, blotches, or other blemishes (lis
llgure it. Impure blond is biick of
them all, and shows thu need of Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They promote
health and beauty. Try them, 25 cents
at Fred 0. Tracy's.
Clear Lake,
Jesse Thompson was one of
the unfortunates to lose a horso
by tho new disease. All his
friends regret his loss. He has
rented his place to his cousin,
Chester Barrett.
Mr. Wllkerson has a colt sick
but at noon Sunday was yet liv
ing. Wo do hope the ravage of
tho disease is passed and it will
be:otne more mild.
Caryle Groves was using about
all the help he could get pulling
Jerry Holderman made final
proof September 18th. He will
soon have his sale and then off for
Watterloo, Iowa. We regret to
see him go, ho was our band lead
er for somo time and during his
stay of a few hours Sept. 18, he
listened to tho band and compli
mented it quite highly.
Edward Lane was offered $5f00
per day for himself and team to
pick up and stack brush. Many
men are gottlng $3.00 per day
single handed and no few $2.50
and very few $2.00.
Stanton & Thompson have do
sided to sell their sorghum mill
but molassas will be made and
sold just the same. Chas. Thomp
son is going to quit tho county
for a short time, thus the sale.
Maurice Clifford has moved to
Arthur Howo's place one-half
mile east of here.
Wheat sowing is at a standstill.
Do not know why there Is no
seeder in our parti and can't sny
what brush is worth. Some tiro
anticipating from $ to$12o per
Quite a storm struck up Sept.
2 llli and turned quite cold for
September weather.
One of our young men made
$1.00 per day puulng brush at
oO cents per row one-half mile.
Report has It Arthur Stanton
is to be a broomcorn buyer at
Clear Lake.
M. A Mucy is to soon hac o
sale and run n machine shop and
general bliicksmlthing, also gar
age work.
When a 13 year old lassie can
and does keep house, cook and
care for the thresher and live
men at another time sho is hard
to beat and well worth waiting
for, for sho Is beating somo man
out of a good wife every day she
Is single. Such' Is the step
daughter of Ed Crosno, 2 12
mile east of Surprise.
Saves Leg of Boy.
"It seemed that my 14-year old boy
ffould have to lose his leg, on account
it an ugly ulcer, caused by a bad
bruise," wrote I). F. Howard, Aquono,
N. O. "All remedies and doctors
treatment failed till ne tiled llucklcn's
Arnica Salve, and cured him nlth one
box." Cures burns, boils, skin erup
tions, piles. 25c at Fred C Tracy's.
Independence Uosslp.
(Nwir l.orrna.)
Pretty cold weather for Sep
tember. There- was ice on the
morning of the 26th.
The farmers arc very busy get
ting up their feed and finishing
the broomcorn harvest since the
Mrs. G. W. Rennick is visiting
with relatives at Lcady, Okla.,
t$e past week.
Postmaster Evans and wife,
Charles N. Molter and wife and
Miss Sanderc of Liberal, Lansas,
attended the meeting at lnde
pendencc last Wednesday eve.
Mrs. G. W. Rennick is expect
cd home today.
Bro's. Ward and Groat took
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Slayton on Sunday.
Sunday School every Sunday
morning a t 10:30. Epworth
League every Sabbath evening at
8:00 o'clock.
The broomcorn buyers arc only
offering from $10 to $90 a ton for
brush. Highway robbery, we
Hero is a woman who speaks from
personal knowledge and long exper
ience, viz., Mrs. P. II Hrogau, of Wil
son, Pa., who says, "I know from ex
perience that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy Is far superior to any other
For croup there is nothing that excels
It." For sale by all dealers
Camp Creek.
Broomcorn seeding is the o
der of the day.
Henry Maltbiehad the bad luck
to get his ankle sprained while
bdleing for Will Amos.
Frank Glidewell and family
Sundayed with Jim Hendricks
and family.
Misses Ida Summers, roarl
Amos, Susie Jones and Messers
Chester Miller, Sara Starcher,
and Bruce Foreman called on
Miss Pearl Hendricks Sunday
Mrs. Frank Glidewell has been
nursing an ulcerated tooth tho
past week but is better at this
Mrs, Jlnunic Stains and Robt.
Hermon of Knowles visited
friends' and relatives tho latter
part of the week.
Broomcorn pulling still con
tinues as hands are scarce.
J. W. Copelanil, of Dayton, Ohio,
purchased a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Hemedy for his boy who had a
cold, and bofore tho bottle was all
used the boy's cold was gone. Is Hint
rot better than to pay a five dollar
doctor's bill? For sale by all dealers.
Dress hats, Street hats and for ladies tho Corduroy two-toned
hat, for the Misses the Keversiblo hat, for tho girls, Toques of Felt
with cord trimming, also bonnets for the little folks. Automobile
Scarfs In all shades the newest out for ladies, also fancy Silks and
Corduroy for Waists, Skirts and Dresses. Fancy Overlacc and
Trimming Buttons. The new Red Tie and Belt for tho Misses.
I have in my store most anything in
the Dress line for Ladies, Misses and
Come in and be welcome.
The Sanitary Shop.
amnoos ' It-ndis Laundry
Gouts' Tailoring Suits all Styles and all Prices,
('loaning, Pressing and Mending Done Right.
Work Called for and Delivered.
Clyde GrcgKi Prop.
(I '
Bakery, Ice Cream, Candy and Soft Drinks
Come in and See Us.
E. W. NEFF, Prop.
Gave Up .Hope
"I suffered five years, with awful pains, due lo woman
ly (roubles," wrilcs Mrs. M.' D. McPhcrson, from Chad
bourn, N. C "They grew worse, till I would often faint.
I could not walk at all, and I had an awful hurting in my
side; also a headache and a backache.
I gave up and thought I would die, but my husband
urged me to try Cardui, so, I began, and the first bottle
helped me. By the time the third bottle was used, I could
do all my work. All the people around here said I would
die, but Cardui relieved me."
LARDU I WomlnsTonic
For more than 50 years, Cardui has been relieving
woman's sufferings, and making weak women strong and
well. During this time, thousands of women have written,
like Mrs. McPhcrson, to tell of the really surprising results
they obtained by the use of this purely vegetable, tonic
remedy for women,
Cardui strengthens, builds, restores, and relieves or pre
vents unnecessary pain and suffering from womanly troubles.
If you are a woman, begin taking Cardui, today.
ll'rll tn' Ijdln" Advlannr DrnL. Chattanoofl Medicine Co . Chattanoota. Tcnn .
lor Sptdal Inttructions. and M-pice book,
imwa -m amaBau.L-. 1 -- -w - t
W fcSSF e? " T
' '2i' IB fJ
1 11
explosion behind the shot. That mile-a-minuto on
coiner" can't beat out the pattern driven by a steel
Gripped charge.
And with ET't Factory Loading, uniformity of
, speed and pattern is assured In each atd every fchell.
Bhool Remington' UMC Arrow and Nitro Club Steel Lined Eipeit
1-actory Loaded Shells for speed plus pattern In any make of shotgun.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
299 Broadway . n New York City
The Place to Eat
The Place to .Drink
Come in and sec us. We
strive lo please and servo
only the best.
Fresh and Wholesome.
"florat trtalmtnt lor Women." tent Iree. J
Make sure your
game Shoot
the speed shells
-Tr- Arrow snens, tnc stcci
lining nuts all tho forco of tho

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