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The Beaver herald. (Beaver, O.T. [Okla.]) 1895-1923, October 17, 1912, Image 1

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Oldest OklahomiBWSDflDer Republican for Frlnclplo
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For vSales
Fall Stock is now Complete. As we have
always done before, we again come with
the best merchandise obtainable for the
Ljst Money.
Drtss Gligkanu , 6 to 25c a yd
Dress Silks, - 35c te $1.50
Wtl DrM Qeis 58c te $2 00
Outhif s, 0c up te 15c per yd.
MHsHmt, 0c up te 15c per yd.
Ladles' aid (leafs Underwear
50c to 3.08 per suit.
Ladies' Fall aad Whiter Cloaks
$3.00 te $25.00.
Beaver Mercantile (Jo,
For Clerk District Court.
Havlnft received the nomination
t the Republican primaries for
the office of Cleric of the District
Court I will appreciate your sup
port at the General Election, No
re labor 8th, 1012.
G. T. Ayers,
Floris, Olda.
Wbou you bare btdoild you want
the bit medicine obtalnaMe to m to
cure It with si little delay at pouible.
Hera U a druftglit' opinion t "I hitre
eoW Chamberlaln'a Cough Remedy tor
KlUea yeart," aaya Eno Lollar ot Ba
rato(atInd.,4'tsdeonilderlt the beit
en the market." For wle by all
The Liberal Hardware Co. It now
located on the Boulh Side.
!0-fl It Thoi. V. Qaw.
Abttraota Examined.
BEST AB6TRAOTS Praaptly rufcde;
Charge Reaaenable. I faraiaa you
tromt, reHaWe aenrlee for least
wariey. There la a Leftal Education
and year ot ezBerlenee baek of ay
Beaver Ceaaty Attract Office
oh. j-. .a AJvjj
0VRfjitjB narvvf awv
Carload of
hm Piiti
Saturday, Ocit., 26
,' Apples, $1.25 per Bushel
Potatoes, $1.00 per Bushel
Ubbtje, 2
","! J"
at t x t
Mca's Salts, $3.00 to 120.00
Men's Odd Pants $1.00 to $6.00
Men's Corbctt Overalls and
' Jumpers, $1.00 to $1.25
Men's and Ladies Shoes at
$1.00 to $5.00
Men's Fall Hat, 75c to $5.00
Men's Shirts, 40c to $3.00
Tho Liberal Hardware Go h now
Ineatetl on the Bouth Hide
1B-3 tf Tho. W. Oaw.
Lot Memorandum book containing
mmo iney and valuable piper. Re
ward for return to E. T. Ybkarlk,
10-b tf Rfd a ' Balko, Okla
paiture to rent, It mile of Dearer.
D.?e tf Walter O. Fraiir. .
For RentGood business build
lng In flood location. Apply at
Herald office.
FoRSAu:-One iorrl hone, weight
1200 bound , good driver tingle or
double.. Call or write,
II. F. Lcdldm .
Bearer, Okla.
0.12 tf At the Garage. '
LOST Fair gold rimmed ipeetcolef
hi blaek leather cane at 'the Fair
Groundi lait week, Finder will eonfej
a great favor by returning to thlk
office. O-M tf '
General Contractor
ami Builder
Atpeelalty of interior flntth, rtair
work, atore freau. HlghelAMof neatly
made, trimmed and uphoktered brlal
etc. backed by aneneyelopedlaof high'
eat authority and yeara of experience,
tktiifacllon guaranteed. Reference on
requeit. Shop on Main Street. Real
denco phone No. 63.
S-B tf 8, 8. Btroko. BeaTer, Okla.
i Hi
Cents per lb
BsbMriba forTaa Bixrsa Hirald.
Only IIJV) far Year.
Lee Ooeaey la "hopping counter"
at Mllea' Grocery.
If you want Insurance, or a loan on
your farm, call on or write Will U.
FrekU. H tf
U. T. Slnoftf, of Oate, waa here Tue.
day on btttlnew.
Money to loan on farms. Bee John
W. Barege, first balMlRg eait of the
Court Home.
(Born Tq Mr. and Mn. E. B. Gard
ner, Monday, a boy.
Will 0. Fields hat plenty of money
la loan on farms: Office in Muntell
building. .11 tf
Mrs. Jas.I. Urabtrea returned Bun
day from a short rlslt with her parents.
John 81b and family, at Lockwood.
Quick Money, Easy Terms. Apply to
John W. Bavage, just across the
'bridge'" for your farm loans.
Drop Head Sewing Machine with full
set of attachments, guaranteed for 10
years, 118.95 cash, at Liberal Hardware
Co't. 0.5 tf
V.' Mettger, who bat been serloasly
III for seieral weeks, It Improving
Loans and Insurance, I hare what
you want. John W. 8rae. first build
a? east of Oon House.
Blek headache. la eauted by a dlt-ordered-atomaeh.
Take Cbamberlaln'a
Tablets and correct that and the head
aches will disappear. For sale by all
Miss Loubelle Uroal, stenographer
for Lawson h Wright, resigned her po
sition lait week, and hat returned to
her home at Liberal. She has many
friends who regret her leaving.
Uraphophones and Records for sale
at Bearer Hd . A Furn. Store. Roo
ords fit any graphophone using a dlso
Dr. L. L. Long baa been absent from
Bearer the past week on his vacation.
He ie rlsitlng Kaniaa City, Alra, and
other points.
Lost A heary reddish gray overcoat,
small patch on front, between Mason
farm and Forgan. Suitable reware fur
return to IIiraio office cr
R. E. Brxtlt,
10.10 NMir Sophia, Okla.
Mr,, and Mrs. W. G. Stranathan and
little Mlsa Genevieve were down from
Uneeda, Kansas, Monday on business
and to attend tf.c first uumber of our
lecture .course.
J. W. Copeland, ot Dayton, Ohio,
purehatfd a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for his boy who had a
eeldi RBd before tL bottle was all
used the boy's cold waa gone. It that
nut better than to pay a fire dollar
doctor's bill? For tale by all dealers.
Call at Robertson's
Millinery 8toro
for Butteriek patterns.
Mlsa Helga Kragh and mother, of
Hutchinson, Kansas, ware the guests
of Mother Hanson the first or the
week'. They are visiting County Com.
mlssloner Haskell and wife, of Clear
creek, at present.
I. N. Edwards.and wife were in from
LaKerop Wednesday. They were en
route to Forgan with the latter' sls
ter. Mrs. Abbye Jackson, who had been
paying flxem a visit and was returning
to her home at Oklahoma City.
Card jf Tkank.
We take thl meant of extending our
sincere thanks to all those who showed
aueh great kiadsHM during the Illness
and after the death of our brother,
1.1 I WLll. V t
UN mm nnti
Wm. Whitb aku Family.
AiMlbtc On l TkeM Big
The Brltrt 4aa ff the Cfartstlan Bun.
day getwttl .will mn iHr, Friday,
(Msbwr 9Hwrf Uw Wwrwlteg two doora
wtW ayrlf A RWtTWIl' store, on
WaJA6'ltsl?attwaly -knbwt the
a--T -ftta) 9mm mi wkV. a
fctJUta MTitjt a kl
-SeaaRtat ttaaaaaaaataRsw4M iSeseW lBt gBbk
flwVWf MBHfwW&mm HiwtwP aw iaBsseF
- fa m . 'H -iJ! ''li?
Fanatic, Said to Be a
Socialist, Fires Bul
let into Colonel's
Speaks With Blood Flowing
From Wound.
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Pro
grenlro candidate for President of the
United States, wss the victim of an
assassin's bullet Monday at Milwaukee
(Ie was shot full In the bicast by John
8chrenk,of New York, a fanatic said
to be a Koclalltt, Juit as he was enter,
lng an automobile which was to take
htm to the Auditorium 'whero he was
to speak. The arsassln pushed his war
through the crowd and fired at the
Colonel. The bullet patted through
the heary army overcast which Roots
relt was wearing, a spectacle caio and
a large roll of manuscript of hit speech
which was In his broatt pocket, thus
Its force waa largely spent before it
penetrated his breast. The asiaasln was
quickly pinned to the ground by AN
bert II. Martin, one of the Colonel's
secretaries, who caught the lUsh of th e
revolver and Instantly leaped over the
side ot the car and laudud on Hhrenk't
shoulders, disarming him, prorentlng
a second shot. It was only by Rooie.
relt' commanding stand back; don't
hurt him," that thn assailant war
sared from being torn to pieces by the
fufurlated crowd In spite of the pro
tests of the physlolani, Roosevelt, the
Indomitable, proceeded to the Audito
rium and delivered his speech, while
blood flowitd from his wound. He de
clared, "I'll make this speech or die
trying." He continued speaking until,
weakened from the lots of blood, he
waa compelled to quit. He was then
hurried to the Emergency hospital
where an X.Ray examination showed
the bullet lodged In tho wall of the
uhett. It was decided by the doctors
that it would not ho necessary to re
move the bullet for several days, and
perhaps not at all, as Its locallo'n In the
membrane wher It lay might not
cauto him any Inconvenience In the
future, provided the wound healed
without any signs of blood poisoning
Colonel Roosevelt left the hospital,
walking unassisted, and announced
that he was "feeling fine."
Schrenk Is a crank and a lunatic, and
had been following well'lald plans for
months to commit the crime He said
that McK'nler's ghost had visited him
and told him to kill Roosevelt. He
suffers no remorse for his awful deed,
more than he Is sorry his bullet did
not prove fatal.
To the Voters of
Beaver County.
I wish to announce that it will be
Impossible for me to tee every voter In
tho County thlt fall but I will do the
very belt that I cau and should I fall
to meet somo It Is not because I do not
want, to see them. 1 would like to see
every voter and talk to him personally.
I have had business transactions with
most all the peoplo of the county In
the ofllce of Reglstor ot Deds the of.
lice for which I am again asking and I
will appreciate the liberal support of
the voters November Oth, 101'J. If I
thought that I had not given satisfac
tory service, I would not Impote my
self upon the peoplo for another term
In the past I have done everything in
my power to do my work to the satis
faction ot the entire county. Should 1
be re-electedi I will endeavor tu do
the samo again the coming two year.
I au. In better position to do o having
serred the people in this ofilce for two
yeara and thus acquired, much valu
able experience and knowledge of all
the work.
I hare turned orer to the county
treasurer from January 1st, 1911, to
July 1st 1913, 16708.30 for the Record
ing and Filing of Instruments that
hare come to thlt ofttcei The number
of Instrument ao handled were twelre
thousand. I am also making up a set
of Numerical Indexes for th county
whloh will enable anyone to como to
this office and be able to tell Just what
Incumbrances, of every nature, there
inky be pjt erery piece of land that I
proved up In the county. Title work
mA Is woftk wrer a thensaad delUrs.
Tex eoaty fM swa jaaufd dol
kit iut via Kafe. I a ot
jBa8aaBBtnHaBBigaBjjaj ;- - Wdi
1 If you have money we want if. f V4
I If you want money we have it. , 1 4 j yl
We are prepared to loan protjteclive. J w
customers money to harvest anal . 'M
market their fall crotM. f M
... . . -aasas-aag
UepnblicHii Ticket.
For Congress 2d District
Hon. OlckT. Morgan
For Representative
Thomas P. Braldwoed
For County Judge
Qeorge II. tkaly
For County Attorney
John A. Spoha
For County Treasurer
Elmer L. Flckcl
For County Clerk
George It. Wright
For County Alienor
Frank II. Drum
For County Surreyor
Oscar Gardner,
Fur Sheriff
I. N. Phelps
For Clerk of the DWtrict Court
0. T. Ay-rs
Fur Register ot DeH
Harry M. Bullck
For County Superintendent
Henry C. Fellow
For Commissioner 1st District
Hi Hagan
For Commlsiloner 3d Diet let
A. A. Haskell
For Commissioner 3d District
J. L. tiucrson
Wood Orchestral Trio
The Wood Orchestral Trio, which
was our first number of the winter's
Lyceum course, appeared ay the High
School Auditorium Monday night. The
irlo were ladies, and their entertain,
neut was first-class in erery re.pect.
They performed on the rlolin, cello
and piano in a most remarkable man.
ner, and the readings and rocal solos
-rere also equally as high class and
well rendered. This one number was
well worth half the price of a season
ticket, If all the numbers to follow
prore as good, Rearer may well eon
nratulate herself upon securing the
For Hall Inturaneo. see Will
Fields. Lrepreient the St. Paul,
4-11 tf
Have You Seen
Tho New Stock of Furniture that liaa just ," '
arrived at our store? We now have erery- .
thing that anyone might need In these goodu.
Wo also carry a complete lino
Undertaker's Suppliek
- .
Christian Church Service, ,
Berrlces at the Christian nk ft.
day morning and evening. 044wr M,
a follow:
Bible School at 9: a. . gubjsit-. ,
"MlMlea at The Oeatil' .
Communion Berrlee at W:l a. at.
AtllrfCa.a. UpaUg acWtm srf
Dearer County Bunlay gehool 0
rentlonat rreibyUrlaHclMMSi, ,
Tuesday eronlng, Octets r 21, t.
Monthly Social and Butine meeWust
of the V. 1. S. 0. K. will U MM 'kl
the home of Mr. and tin- J. &. Qitu
Arrange to be there.!
Prayer meeting Wednesday arealng
at R. 00 p. m.
Everybody welcome.
L. L. Shaw, raaior.' V
Presbyterian Church. ;
Punday School at 10 a. m. ' , '
Preaching at tl o'clock a. m.
l'retchlngat 6:0Up. ra.
Ererbody (uvltrd.
Ctiit. ft. l.trrcn. Vamlnri,
' -. - w- --
Silver Spoon Free.
I will give away, for a limited fiat,
a Oliver Teaspoon with each t2.W mk
purchase. Thlsappllf toayta4f 11 "
in my stock except achool tteeasi ""
"Thr Mmaw "
Card of Tkankf .
We wish to thank our nla4br aad
friends for their many deeds of Mad
ness bestowed upon Us dH)a tae ,
weeka of Mr. Bublett's lufferiaa; a a re
sult of his serious accident We deep
ly appreciate the favors so liberally U
stowed upon us,
Mr. axu Mrs.C. W, Stautrr.
Floris, Oklahoma.
Socialist Speakief.
Doc M. Shadld will tneak In Bearer
at the court house on October 23rd. at
8 o'clock p. nt. Krerybody Infltcd.
Special Inritation to the ladles.
j a&tt
, " V
I?! Htwe. ft rmt (k
e!rt 4 k4t wH. afN4
"ii.mmv -" -- kW ai aars" akot
W4 V. w""1 ). T
VM 1 VW " w
1 .
aasBRer saaaeWiMgtfl. .
B-BBB--t SJ---" II "II !W! 1 '
lh ' i. !
i-.o .yiMi
WBflmF t- RPW S SB1 "WWP'W tr
A. "
" f-'r t. o
' .' '"V t
'ttt'JH .'
'h J" v- . J
j Qk
;, im
L f
h d
vy" '
A ' . : ..
m&, i n '" u

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