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Supfkinciit to
The Beaver Herald.
Beaver, Okla.
October 17th, 1912.
Volume XXVI. No. 19
r- jcsi ' f
Sophia Clatter.
Well, haven't wubeonenjojlntr
the iiiiihU pleasant weather for
tlic pint fen days It surely la
m.1 to bo In Hi'iivnr county whon
thn we ttlior man behaves ns ho
Is (litln now, isn't it?
Mr, mill Mm. It. I). Thomas
HH?ut Sunday at 0. O. Itidlon'a.
Other callers there were Mr.
and Mrs. Sirns Ilutlur, Charley
Onapples, Mr. Grunt, antl Mr.
Brown's threshing crow of ten
for dinner.
. Or.t Dupe took unto himself n
holpin no and u help ate, too, as
well, lie got tired of batching
unit all know ahu is a Duped uirl.
Hut we Iioihj Orn Isn't "Muited"
in Ills wife though as she wan in
Iter husband. Ucru Is our hand,
Orn, for a long and pleasant
voyage on life's t roubled sea, may
your dark days and stormy voy
ages grow luss as the years ad
nine' and health, wealth and hap
piness all be yours.
The ladles or the Mothers' Club
'uyed a very pleasant banquet
at tin beautiful homo of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Williams lastThurs
lay cveulng.
School in DIstrL. 100 did not
begin ns scheduled butwasjMHt
iKmed two weeks. Hut the kid
lets will have a fttw more days In
which to enjoy the bliss of play
and idleness before they buckle
down to hard study.
Avar Swan has, wo untleratand,
sold Ids farm to Charley White,
of UKcmp, for $'2fi00. Mr.
Swan is Koln to locatu in Idaho.
John Hoke pulled his thresh
Ing auttlt in Mondiy evening for
fall but is starting out again tills
morning. Oh, r.o, Johnny, you
don't got to rest ho soon, my boy,
wait until you aro sure you liavu
finished beforo you quit thu next
Clarence Llndaner is now going
with Mr. Ogilvlo's threshing out
fit. Ho went clear through witli
John Hoke until ho pulled in on
Monday, and Clarence Htnld at
home only ono night, Mi. Ogilvlo
coming after hint before break
fast next morning.'
It. D. Thomas purchased a new
horse of Garrett Hoogendorn one
day last week.
Preston Allen's Boeder la at
Mr. Koya today.
Have just heard that Mr. Guth
ery ban lost 0 or 8 head of horses
with the new horse plague.
Dan Stidle'n old thresher went
back on him so Dan la out of a
chance to eat any more young
chickens until he gots some ro
iMilra. Dan, vo nro sorry for you.
Well, I sea you nil want to talk
about ma n while so here I go to
give you n chance.
. . Uoniia Tatti.br.
,i.i,u,1L,inP,n,nn a u 'ior$iu ior iney are n snujm '". .,?" .. :
vim nave iieen inuranette, ArK., .,..., ., , ... ,... , ... ..' .luv vUi hur tinnvm on n n i. v
the last six months returned . ",V" ..' ,H1 l ' ." " ".' 1 1.S1 ." . w ..,: ,.", "7, '
I'rwai. iiniunti uney ac- .' .. m . m i... i..!, ...u n, ........ i.iJ m.i.... ....'.
panled them home. They go """ " n ""A 71" '7.. ' ' i " "... ,i "IV.?. .... .' ..-..-ii
cunt sinj nwa irom iienwr . ,. ., , . . ... ,,1,1M lll,l,lliiMu ,. tlm rm.ii . tin
- iiiiiv in uwin; tur inmFiin ui n r i -r - -w ii , -
Saved By His Wife.
She's a wlie tromau who know Jutt
'what to do when hnr huband'a life I
in ilangef. but Mr. It. J. Flint, Hraln
trve, Vt.,U at that kind. "8I10 In
fitted on my uilng Dr. KinR'a New
niKiotrry," write Mr. F. 'for dread
ful cough, when I raa 10 weak my
frlrnd all thought I had only a thort
time to live, and It completely cured
we." A tiulek cure for cough and
cold, It' the mot tafu and rellabln
medicine for many throat and lung
trouble grip, bronehltl, Group,
whoopInK cough, qulniy, toatllltl.
hemnrrage. trial will conrlnee you
.V) eta. tad 11.00. Guaranteed by Fred
0 Tracy.
Heme Crack.
We aro hauling wheat and nice
weather for it,
J. A. Darker started lobalelngj
Jo.Oee tnwl fatally have
mWiw itvr . Ifa&e frm er
Jjoln of wlxmt going to Forgnn
Mls Itttby Seal, Vorn ItMey
and Mrs Otcnr Gardner nil ro-1
turned home from an extended
visit at Oklahoma City Friday.
Miss Klva nnd Otney Darker
it have lMen in (
Mr. nnd Mrs. Goodwin made n
trip to Kurgan lust Friday Kor-
gan will make a town some day.
John Louue, Orvllle Wllsoi.,
Ivirnel Uarkor, (tolund Olley,
Klva and Otney darker took din
ner at C II. Harbor's Sunday.
Kd Twentler and wife visited
Jim Harkerand wift Sunday.
Mrs. Stella Home visited Mrs.
Walter Hunch Sunday evening.
A Lor nn (he I'rnck
nf the lat eipr' iiivmii crliiu.
tniiililc nlicjul if nm n iiiiitMl. i tloni
it.)i( npMttlt It in'itrw luck of vl
UlUr. Ii of strength nml ticrr wi-nU.
lic. If Niiitlie (nIU, Inkn Klirirh'
Itllti-r (jnlckly toorercome tin- mum
by toning up tin. tninach nnd ciirltic
tlii lndigoilon Mlchmtl lli-c'liC'inT
of Lincoln NehrnnliN., Iiml hrrn lck
orer Ih'rx fffirn, hut fix iwi ti 01
Klrctric UlttiT put him right 1111 hi-f-fl
again. Tlif-j har- hclpctl llinii..
anil They giVH putt- lilooit. Htrniig
ihtvp. giNxl itlKi'tlon. Only M cent
at Fred 0 Trany'a.
nittrlcTNo. 21.
Well, hero we aro again aftor
several weeks abnonce.
Dudley Lucy, who was here
visiting his sister, Mrs. J. II.
Summers, returned home thu
latter part ol last week.
Mrs. J. K. Montgomery nnd
Mrs. Will Montgomery visited
relatives near Tillin hint Sunday.
Several from this pjrt are
hauling wheat nnd broomcorn to
A. M. Hurnam came in from
Forgan Sunday morning with a
load of in in bo r tor his new house.
Several from this neighbor
hood attended the sale at Frank
Mrs. Henry Hlock has lsen
sick but is better at this writing.
Hill Kellar and family of near
Halko visited with L. D. Good
win Sunday.,
F. C. Tracy and family nnd
Miss Marie Tackott were out rid
ing in this neighborhood Suuduy.
Fortunes in Faces.
There' otlnii much truth In thn far
ing "her face I her fortune," bu' it
ncrer until where pimple, klu erup
tion, blotche, or other hlemltlie dl
llgure it. Impure blood it buck of
them all, and hnr the need of Dr.
King' New Life fill. They phimute
health mid beauty. Try them. '.'-1 cent
at Fred C. Tracy'.
tfouth nimwood
Hroomcorn seeding is thu or
der of the day.
Asa Kile is drilling it well for
Mr. Hutson on the south Hats nt
I'crley Johnson had the mis-
fortuno to lose n good mulo last
week by being kicked by it home.
Ferrol I'innul 8ioht last week
with Mrs. Chas. Hennington
Lean Lockhart and Mr. Icwls
made u,trip to Forgan the first of
last week.
Mrs. Groves took dinner with
Mrs. RubIi Sunday.
Watt Speyors nnd M. Green
went to Forgan last Saturday.
Lconlo Kcover spent last week
with her slater, Mrs. KQlo Liock-
Miss Nettle Darnhlll Bient Sat
urday and Sunday with hor sis
ate, Mrs. Halllo Bennington.
Saves Leg of Boy.
"It eemer that my H-year old tioy
would have to loe hi leg, on account
of an ugly ulcer, caused by a bad
bralte," wrote D. P. Howard, Aquone,
N. 0. "AH remedlea and doctor
treatment failed till we tried Ruoklen'a
Arnica Salve, and cured him with bne
box." Ourea burn, boll, kln erup
tion, pile. 28c at Fred 0. Tracy'.
Klewa Ftesti Uftk4.
Well, tho &eedora have beu in
our iieiglibwriMKHl fr the put
wn of cre ewrjwiwy nm
1- fc M-a aUJIV
anvt T" wj 1
Itobert Rfdenhur tixik a load of nt Suit Swalm's ofMct) and you
wheat to Lave r no Thursday nnd
brought back lumber to build n
house for Ills father.
Mr. Shear of Speermore sold
his orop or brush for $100. Hut
the most of thu farmers will hold
for SlfiO for they are In slmxi
will have your wants supplied.
Alan find nut about the Absuntlr
work that is being dono In tho
High School.
Statu Inaector Profit came
over from Morgan, Sunday, Oot.
HI, and sjKMit Monday nod Tues
crop of Oklahoma will Ik a thing
of the past. As has Iwen the
custom, the farmer has hud to
give the bulk of his crop to tho
middleman nnd they have grown
tired of such treatment as they
have received in the past.
Of all lite fteak trades we ever
heard of was made yesterday by
ited Martin. A young hIik'U
buyer came out there to buy cat
tle but it seems that lie was new
at the blr. and could not bid up on
anything. So lied thought he
would see If the buyer was game,
so ho told the buyer he would sell
him a four months old e:lf for
one dollar. Hut the man thought
he was going to get tuug and hi
said he guessed he did not want
it so Iti-il suid li' would give him
the calf for a new ptlr of overalls
ht was wearing and so the trade
was made and the man tork his
calf home and lied bus to go two
miles to get his overalls unit lileil
he ran entch them off of the buy
er, isow who no you thinK h
Wheat hunting bus been re
sumed again to L'tverne and
freight is moving westward to
People down this way are be
ginning to wonder what lias be
come of the p.tKr ra II mad. We
have not heart) anything more
over east
i nn I'ktr
not heiird anything more "'-- -
, the survey,,- that were! "!;""" '" "'"
iiHt In HuriW county. C ''";. '" "'
' ' "TlMr art in the unl e d
5100 Reward, S U)0
Thn renilern nf ihl paiier will be
plticd lii leirn llint lnri. nt ?!t
one ilri'il'-il ill'-n - tlini K-l-m-f hn
been able to cure In nil ll otngi ntnl
tint l Untarrh llrtll'o Culnrrli lire
I tlm only HHiirw cure imvf kiinu-n to
Hie medieid f'slernlly Omnrrh ltliitr
n ci)ntllntlimil iIIhmm, rciiilrfiit'oit
KtllUllonnl trenlmelil Mali'' Onlnrrli
Cur-ln ukeu IniTnnlljr, ni'lingillri'C'ly
iimiii the IiIimhI nml iiiii"u niif-ii'i- nf
the Kyrtem, then-hy tlt-tnijlng Hie
fiiiinilatloii of the illnfii-". end giving
the patletil utrenglh It' billlilillg up the
coiutitiitfnii ami nmUlliig naiiirelndo.
lug ll w.irk. The proprietor hurt- mi
much faith In ltcum!lre pnwcM Unit
they offer One Hundred Dollnrn fornnv
cane that It fall to con. Send for 111
of te'liiimnlalt.
Atldrc F. J. CiiaK A Co., Toledo, (.
Hold by all Umgglu, ".'.
Tnke Hall' -'iimlly 1'ilU for ronatl
patliin. soi-iooU jn orr ks.
The new High School building
is nearlng completion and the
high school mid advanced gram
mar grades will Is; moved there
immediately. Heaver City and
Heaver county can well ln proud
of audi a untitling nnit such u
school as we nrc attempting to
The equipment for the laba
torles will be installed a once
und then Heaver schools will be
second to none in Western Okla
Our faculty has been chosen
with the greatest of care and wo
hnve stMciallsts In all lines of
work. They nre painstaking nnd
will give to each pupil Individual
aid und Instruction. They have
Hjent yenrs in preparation for
tho work they uro now doing.
We feel Hint when we offer our
school free of tuition to- the no
pta of Heaver county that we can
nay we uro offering them the best
instruction that can Ik obtained
in n school of this kind. Why
help build up a good school in
Meade, Liberal or any other for
eign city whon your own county
offers Juat ns good. We need you,
Wo want you and think wo can
do as much fpr you ns any nthc?
school or tuts Kind, uefore send
ing youf child elsewhere visit
our school and go over tho work
with tho faculty, see what wo are
doing nnd we are sure you will
help us grow. We wunt to reach
tho two hundred mark by Christ
mas end will use all our effort
to make our work the best. Our
motto Is, "Make Our Dest Hot
ter.! Come help us grow
AH5Dto wishing catalogue of
tfce Dfitjfer schools write o cH
was present at the faculty meet
Ing Tuesday evening and discuss
ed the besv methods of following
the adopted course. The Heaver
school Is following the course
Just as nearly as inisslble antl
met with tho hearty approval of
tit" Inspector.
Report for week ending Oct.
Total enrollment 1110
Av dally attondnncu 1-2
Cases of tardiness 'J
Neither absent nor lardy 1 10
Visitors--Mrs. Svihn, Mrs.
Shaw, Mrs Harnes, Alfred Hit-
guley, Walter Maness, Chaa.
Owing to the fact that tho
Methodists held Conference nt
their church on Monday forenoon
the High School pupils visited
the grades.
New pupils enrolled -William
Gordon, In !lrd grade.
Morgan Best Fitted.
('iii.gri-iitiiiii .Mnrgtn I peculiarly
tilled In represent theHreoml Cmigre
IiuikI Di'trliM of tlklalio.ua. for Ihu
ren-Min that he umlerMamU the Inter
cln of the ennilii'tit peeple and r-eck
all IfKinlxtliiu Hint will be of Ifncllttn
llieiu, hihI i nlwny diligent In Hielr
hiimicM nml true In ihelr lllti-re!.
Ill 11 iM-eeh ileiltt'ied III the lliiuo of
rilxiy 8eo
Ntnnii oit'il 1
ale eh nit
eleven million of mlli-nt no the turn!,
even mllll'iueugiged iuilomHtileaiid
lriniiiiil M-rrh'en and iiImhii 1I11 nme
iiumlierengngiil In I mile mid Iriuix
porlitlhin, iiln,. million eiigugi-d III me
I'linnli'itl nml mntiuliu'liirlug purmili.
Absolutely Free
We are come to GIVE AWAY om ef rtm
beautiful eenulnc "ROGERS" French VeraXfrk
Satin Finished Rose Deci Silver Teaiaaow,
wkh every piece of
Aluminum Ware
Yoa know what "Rogers" neana ea a wUca f aH
vorwan. 'Ye want yoa to know what "IMS"
moans on n cooking utciwll-tha pwet, meat imm(
Ury, and hagnhlivtJ cooking Teaaeta arer Ria4.
Every piece Is poeltWely
DON'T DELAY-lhtn will Ui feme! far
these artldta and wo want yow te oVtata ea asr
aaera of there befow our stock jtvea out.
Fresh, Clearx Stock of
Just opened up. We are better
pared than ever to serve you. Come
and se? us and inspect our goods and pri
es. Don't fail to look over the
5 and 10 Cent Counters
J. O. MILES. .
"III our li'gUliiiimi we -liuiilit ki- p
in vie ti.e pi.y,i-ai. inteiiietuai. Dross liata, Street hats ami for latllea the Conluroy lW.tom
" ;" "'"."". . r . int. for tlu Missus tliu llovor.slblo hat, for the alrlit. 'IViuen n('s I
itniij 111 ,i.iKAitiui. ii rennu wiirKem , , , , ......... , , .
n... ri, ..mi ......it.i.u ,n.trii.,..l with cord trltnnilng iilsu honuctH for the little folka. AutoumWir
tliin nf the ivMiiUti pnilneeil niimugl Scarfs in all similes thu nuwt?st out for ladles, also fancy Sllkiftriv
Hem- wiin earn it, ini me iugiiei nn-. tJnraiiro.v nn aistji. outrtM antl xirusacs. vunov uvenaw m
piirinnee to our Ntiitou nnd nurflt.X"ii
hlp. Weiiltli hniihl be fttlrl) d.ntrl
liuliil, Hret, a n iniitler of Jimtlee li
iIim.c nho enrn It, and, eiiiud. 11 i
ui'itirr of ireuiith I" our Ki'pulille
The ehiiraeler nt our eliiteiifhlp de-j
(m'ImI ilMiu Iheilintrlhtlltoii nf wenllh,
unit the pxrpeloliy nf our Uepiittlln tie
iiid mini the ehnraetur of nur elti
xeilhlp. The liiille III wlili'li nur pen.
pit live, the eloihiiig Hu-y wear, the
fund Hiey eat, ilie H'IhhiU their ehlli)
ren nileml, Hie en niili in, environ
ment, and nurniuiiding in whleh in'ii
Ulior, nml tlii'lr nixiriiiiiliM fur rei,
rriTHiitlnn. Hint. Imvi'I determine the
pliynlrnl, liilelleeliiHi, end mnrnl ehar
netHinf nur ellfxi-ii-hlp. Our Netlnu
eatinnt iiiiiiiilitln ll leiulerhlp ainuiiu
the niitlnii nf the earth uute the
tiiiidiml nf our elilenlilp eoiiilinie
to hold it lUiperinrily hut the nverage
elllxeimlu other greitl nation. Tin
proper dUtrlbutloii nf wealth I, there
fore, nut only a question nf lining Jub
ilee to the men who earn the wealth,
but it luvnlre aUo Hie tery life and
Hrpvtulty of the Itepuhllo and It free
iiitituHou "
Public Sale.
I will M'll at I'ublle Sale at thn V.
J. Joner plnee, II mile eat of Hearer.
Okl liuiiin, on
Wednesday, Oct. 23, 1912,
commencing at HMO o'clock a. milie
following properly, to.witt
I blaoa home, .yr old 1 blaeL mare,
Uyr-old( I wirrel hore. ti-yr-nld; I
brown mare, u-yr-old; I ueklliiKmule
colt; 'J ln-ad of ri(j mlleti row; '.' iiteer
culven;3 h"g-ow nnd two pig; lido,
olilcl'eiii j U tei leatln-r work harpe;
tetdodhln bJggy haruet I three
inch farm wagon 1 truek wagon and
ruck ( I ulky puw wllli od HlUcli
itient; I tlirng plow; 1 moldboard
nod plowf 1 hoe drill; I feed grinder;
I Uig-l McOnrmlek iiioner; I McOor
inichhay rake; t go-derll; 1 sickle
grldder; pump and pump rod; 500 It,
harti wire ;. 'JO Ion good ha 2 bed
lead with prug; I range love; 'A
heater and nnmenui other article,
Froe Lunck wA Nskm.
TKUMfi All Hum of (lOand under
cah in hand. On sum orer $10 a
creditor fj month will be glren, nur-
cliBner glrlng bankal' note bearing 10
per cent Inlerett from date. 6 pr
cent dUcount for cah on sumsoTarltO
H.J.JONK6, Owner.
Triitiinhm Unttona. The new Hod Tie and Belt for tho Mli
I have in my store most mnytKlims
tle Dress line for Ladies, Mitvues
Come in and be welcome. -.--
- in i ji Jin il ill iinina iiiImIi.iii..iim.I-Biiiiiiiiiiii Til ilHBWaii j
The Sanitary Shop.
Shampoos l.atlis Uxidrj'
Gents' Tailoring Sulu all Styles and all Prk.
Cleaning, Pressing and MeridltiK Dono Klfcht
Work Called for ami DtillveiXHl.
Clyde GresK, Prop.
' VsaaaaaaaUsT h sbbbbbbbbbbbbbb1sbbV
WJ? ibbbbbbbbPt JsBBBBBBBBsliBBBBBBBBaaaaaaaaaaaBBaaaBBBg r
"bbbW aaaaliHBiHf
ljjj1Mff j
Shoot te Hii
Tkt ImUhh CaVt
h h Mtf llsCOUAg HtH I
More' Tfc!r Um OurMe 1K0 Ltfe
ttrt CeatUtt4 Acciira7y of your Aral
H ytttt el Ui-e yeert el
kero UxtalM
Ttt saamB --SiTilstf --- ftaaa ak4akHaValAVaW
aaBytsnkw isn trra cwvw arvai wwrfassDasr
--- -t.. t.!.at-. .-- It salbBBBBBi
MjjatauaJpJgKj akgaitaLaaBW4 kaiMiAUl loaa&Xgslsaf assays) BhK
sajasBrassjBTBWS''S'asi favaasa vr araitB snsssyssarsxaaK assssj aBaev
rervok T mkm (of eedi kt4 el mnA k
eerirWe H nkt te iJUe I if iW mU e
aT. - -. - l 1, (
seeyi 0iww$ www wwwt
lot jtmr ria ; ymr gdttol, Rvwy Jsaiaaia1aii.UsfC
artrMtfa U ttM la Hm ara far Umi at ia wai.
Our OaarsAtM h kWdt artrUS htUM
ay tMntni ana, la bm Ml axtaat a4 ska iwaswrV
lira ivtimM, wImm ibaaa aartrtdaa mm mmi,
fisVnay BbVsa -" -J ' isVaist aaaVAat kAafaaasW BsshSiaBBBi &(
Snsswajs' sjig PaWaaa(Vsj syiaava ssasp evaTBBBBrlsi aaseaJk SBsysji
aaahrtptssaeake Bsssaajst kaaaBSBl sssaakl atasat aLBalLa aaaatBBBBBBaaalj flksBBBaaat
jrttmhrrTirtVrfitii " T
tsa. ft u . 1 f a v aasU sm . at ft m
MsftrassJI Oft. '
pOlBt WaManf
IB '"SBBBBBaQstsSaWaftaeHsBafsL
OUJr," aaaaaaaaiBaasasaaBBaaBSBBBaBBBBBaasaaasissaaaBaBSiMSmaaaaaaaBaaiii
1 a M
; M
tt . !:

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