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OkUhoni 1Mb Society
Oldest Oklahoma Newspaper RBDubllcan for Princlulo
No. 23
Beaver Mercantile
For Anything You Need in ,
Dry Goods, Groceries, Shoes,
Clothing, Hats, Ladies'
Cloaks and Skirts
VV. C. T. U. For Forgan.
A Women's Christian Temperance
Union will bo organized at tho Meth
odist Episcopal Church at Forgan,
Sunday, November 21, at 11 o'clock a.
m., by Mrs. MInnto Johnson Grinstead,
Kansas Organizer, and Mm. W. J.
Groat, President of tho Seward Coun
ty. Kansas, W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Orlnstead, who has won a Stato
wide reputation as a suflraglst and
temperance advocate, will deliver a
Ileaver people who desire to hear
Mrs. Grinstead should go early, as the
church will not contain the crowd who
de.iro to be present.
The Panhandle Agricultural
Tho Fourth Annual Short Course of
tho Panhandle Agricultural Institute
will bo held during the week nf Nov.
ember 18 to 22 Inclusively, at Good
Hell, Oklahoma.
Wo will have a fine program of In
struction and entertainment.
All farineM and their wive are cor
dially invited to attend, and send their
Eighth Grade girls and boys,
S. W. Bl.ACK,
'There could bo no better medicine
than Ohamberlaln'ii Cough Remedy.
My children were nil sick with whoop
ing cough.. Ononfthem was in bed,
had u high fever and was coughing up
blond. Our doctor cavo them Cham
berlain's Cough Ilemt-dy and the first
dose cased them, and three bottles
cured them," Bays Mrs. It, A. Donald
eon, of Lexington, Miss. For salo by
Abstracts Examined,
BEST ABSTRACTS Promptly made,
Charges Reasonable. I furnish you
prompt, reliablo service for least
money. Tliero is a Legal Education
and years of experience back of my
Oeaver County Abstract Office
Bonded Abstracter
Heaver, Oklahoma.
Woodward, Harper, Ellis and
Bea-ver Counties.
MONEY READY when papers are signed.
See or write
Opposite P. 0.
For Price and Quality
Come to the
Card of Thanks.
We thank tho peoplo of Beaver for
their kindness and help through the
sickness and death of our husband and
father, especially our nephew and cou
in, F. A. Sharon and wife.
Mrs. Sor. Blosseii
0. A. Blosser
Mrs. John Hidbs.
The boy's appetite is often the source
nf amazement. If you would have such
an appetite take Chamberlain's Tablots
They not only create a healthy appe
tite, but strengthen the stomach and
enable it to do its work naturally. For
sale by all dealers.
A is room boarding or rooming honso
for salt) 'or trade for Western land.
Good business always full. Address
157 N Topeka,
10-21 11-14 pd Wichita, Kas.
'It Is n pleasure to tell you that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is the
best cough medicine I have ever used,"
writes Mrs. Hugh Campbell, l.avonla,
Ga. "I have used it with all my child
'en and tho results have been highly
satisfactory." For snle by all dealers.
How's This?
Wo offer Onp Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.J Cheney a Co., Toledo, 0.
We, tho Undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last IB years, and be
llevn him perfectly hoiwablu in all
tiusines transactions and llnancially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is taken inter-
nnlly, acting directly upon tho blot d
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent freo. Price 75 cents
per bottle. Hold by all Druggists.
Tako Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation. Silver Spoon Free.
I will give away, for a limited time,
a Silver Teaspoon with each 12,00 cash
purchusc. This applies to anything in
in my stock except school books.
I " Trie MlLLIXBR "
Alanager Beaver Office.
Beaver's New High School
& ' jK9rr?vVHi' HHflflHr siiibiiiiiiiibgbwx"55!2z sB H & Hi tM wrn 'b
H ;jSgHiBKB-' tflPssSsvSiS-l t's"iw
Tho Beaver High School whieh was
being conducted in tho M. E. church
pending tho completion of their new
chnol house, wns able to take up their
work in their new building tho past
wek. The building Is now complete
except for a little painting and is a
structure that any student body might
well feel proud to call their home. It
is large, spacious nnJ well arranged
and is sufficient for the needs of Bea
ver for many years to come.
Great credit is duo tho School Board,
which is composed of W. T. Qulnn. C.
C. DeGraw and 11. D. Meeso, for their'
Interest and labors in supervising the
construction or the building nnd look
ing well to tho future needs of the
school and providing for them.
Tho contractor, S. S Strong, and his
tblo corps of workmen did honr to
themselves In putting up a building
that is both substantial and beautiful.
Mr and Mrs B. P. Russoll received
a new piano this week.
Mrs V. Metzgor was quito ill a few
days tho first nf the week.
Robt. R. Heyncn, of Lorena, trani
actt'd business in the county scat today.
Win. Loch, of Ashland, Kansas, was
a business visitor hero the past week.
J. 0. Milois looking after business
interests at tli" ranch near Clinu this
Henry Fosher, of Cllne, wns nmong
tho out-of-town callers in the county
seat this week.
If you want Insurance, or a
your farm, call on or write
loan on
Will 0.
1-11 tf
Monry paid when papers aro signed,
if you get your farm loan of CARSON,
THE LOAN MAN. 10-31 tf
Miss Susie Milton has accepted a po
sition as stenographer in Braidnood's
abstract olllce, taking up her work
pasture to rent, ?4 mile of Heaver.
0-20 tf Walter C. hiiAZBR.
Editor L. B.Tooker, of tho Forgan
Enterprise, transacted business at the
county seat the past week.
Wc want your business. Como in
and got acquainted with CARSON,
THE LOAN MAN. 10-31 tf
Attorney ClaudoT Smith was a bus
iness visitor at Forgan n couple of days
the the first of tho week.
The Liberal Ilardwaro Co. is now
legated on tho South Side.
10-a tf Tuos, W. Gaw.
Mrs. Sophia Currier was over from
Ashland, Kansas, last week on a visit
to her parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Ai
ders, and at the homes of her sisters,
Mrs. F. A. Sharon and Mrs. B, P. Ruj-
sell. She returned homo Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Perry, of Ash
land, Kansas, were guests of relatives
in Beaver the first of the week. Mrs.
Perry will be remembered here as Miss
Helen Henderson and is a nleco of
... 1, t) Tl....nll nH r L A CI.-
, ;ir. JJ i nuwoii uu .'ii. u"i
ron Miss Frances Hostetter. also
Ashland, accompanied them.
It is a pieco of architecture of which
the town and county may woll fee)
Wo nro fortunate, too, in having a
most nhle and elllcient faculty without
which no school, no matter how hand
sntno or Imposing it building and
grounds mBy be, can produce results.
Prof. John 13. Hwalm, as superintend
ent, I a tireless worker In tho cause
of education and to hia labors much
of tho success tho school has already
attained, Is due. That It will flourish
and grow better and a power for good
under his supervision Is already as
surred. Misses Lena Wright, principal, and
Virginia Wiokham, iisslstnnt. are both
young women of oxceptlonnl oilllty
nnd they are giving their btst efforts
to maku Benver's High School second
to none in tho southwest. Their In-
bora are not In vain for, although the
itj J,. :---.
Tho Liberal Ilardwaro Co is now
located on the South Side.
10-3 tf' , Tuns. W. Gaw.
W it Fields wns under tho weather
for n few days tho first of the week
with an attack or tonsllitU.but Is again
able to bo nt his olllce at this tlmo.
Quick Money, Easy Terms. Apply to
John W. Savage, Just across tho
'bridge'" for your farm Inans.
Loans and Insurance. I hnvo what
you want. John W. Svanu. lirst build-
un oast nr f1o
Mrs I). M. Kilo and daughter, Mrs.
W. E. Allen and uhlldren, aro at Ar
lington, Kansas, at present, visiting
Mrs Kile's daughter. Mrs. Harry
F. J. Birdsall, chairman or tho Coun
ty Election Board, has been hero nil
week attending to his official duties in
that capacity.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Maple and little
one were up from tho ranch near Mo
uane Tuesday transacting business and
visiting with Mrs. Maple's sister, Miss
Nolle Judy
Sick headache is caused by a dis
ordered stomach. Take Chamberlain's
Tablets and correct that and tho head
aches will disappear. For salo by all
D M. Kile was quite seriously ill
Monday night, and has not been feel
ing the best in ttie world for toverxl
days since, but is able to be up and
MIs Alts Bagsley. of Piedmont,
Kansas, a nieco of Mrs. Bon Bogue, is
here on a visit to tho latter and her
sister, Miss Opal Bagsley. She will be
night operator at the Forgan Central
Miss Mattle Thompson has been quite
siek the past week at tho homo of the
Herald editor but nt this time she is
again nble to bo about. Miss Thomp
son is a Jewel in the sick room and has
done much for Beaver's sick and aflllot
ed and it ii with regret that her many
friends learn of her illness and all re
joice that sh Is again on the road to
Miss Loubelle Groat, formorly cm
ployed by tho Lawson A Wright Ab
stract Company, but who left Beaver
some weeks ago to taku a position at
Liberal, Kansas, returned hero this
week and is employed in tho Register
of Deeds ofllce. Miss Loubelle is a
young lady of excellent clerical ability
and she is fully qualified to fill this
I (mnnrtnn nnalllnn with PTP.Alt. Wfl
- i !" r
or are giau to again welcome ner in our
school year Is scarcely begun, tho In
terest is Intense and a marked advanco
hns already been made.
Beaver is Juitly proud or our High
School building, the faculty aui tho
student body nnd well may we bo for
from It wo expect much and our fond
et expectations n ill bo realized. Here
the youth of our land, the coming insn
nnd women, aro being prepared for a
useful, honest life and because of such
training our standard of citizenship
uill advance.
Already a number of Bcavor Coun
ty's boys and girla aro receiving the
benefits of our excellent school. An
other year and In tho years to come,
many more will ba nblo to attend. To
all we extend n wolcomo hand and
would share with them the blessing of
a freo and thorough education,
Ross, fllzloy, who has been employed
In tho Register of Deeds olllce for
some months, resigned his position
last week and has returned to his homo
lm Clear Creek. He will teach nehool
this winter,
Miss Opal Bagsley went down to La-
Keinpj Friday of last week, to take
chargo of the telephone- switch board
at that place for ten days during the
iibsenco of the regular operator, Mrs
R. S. Tanner, who U away on a
Mrs-Dr.J A. Millor U mastering
tho mysteries nf their nuw R. II. f
cir which the Doctor recntly pur
chased, and she Is uiakluga pronounced
success of her venture. She manipu
lates tho steering wheel like an old
hand at the business.
Miss Mary Gubbort, ot Glint!, was a
business caller in the county seat' to
day. Ml" Gabbert is one of the pio
neers or Beaver County, having re
sided hero fOr many years. She used
to come to Beaver often, but of late
years her visits have not been so (re
iiuunt. She has many rrlends 'here
who are always glad to see her, Tho
Herald editor is glad to be mini
bercd among her friends, and we were
delighted to receive a call from her
while she was In the city.
Will p. Fields has plenty of money
tit loan on farms. Ofllce in Munsell
building. -11 tf
Have You Seen
Tho New Stock of Furniture that has just
ari'ived at our storo? We now have every
thing that anyone might need in these goods.
Wo also carry a complete line of
1 Undertaker's Supplies.'
! Beaver Hdwc. & Funi. Co.
Beaver, Oklahoma.
Brnidwood Loses.
Tho. P, R'aldwood, republican can
didate for Representative of Beaver
and Harper counties and whom, wo re
ported lust week as being elected, was
defeated by R. II, Rutherford by only
five votes, Braidwood would have modn
us a good representative and we aro
orry to hnvo to report his defeat.
Adjudged Insane.
William Brown, or Cottonwood, was
adjudged Insane at an examination be
fdro tlii Insanity Board, last week,
and was taken to the Asylum at Sup
ply, The unfortunate man had been
mi liimute of the Aoylum before, but
had regained hi reason, nnd It was
thought, that he was permanently
cured, but his mind becumo unbal
anced aualn and It was necessary to
re-commit him.
County Court Doings.
The following criminal cases havn
been heard and disposed of in County
Court tho past week:
Statu vs. Win. ,f. .'ones and It, Zlglor.
Forcible entry. Dismissed by agree
ment. '
State vs. Wm. Cannon. Violation
of Liquor Law. Dismissed for want of
Stato vs. D. K Howo. Violation of
Liquor Law Dismissed.
State vs. Ylck Hall. Violation of
Liquor Law. Jury trial verdict not
guilty. Jury It. B. Oloughf, N. .
MoLood, Prunor Apple. O F. Ford.
Ed. Depplnk, A P. Tnte. Attorney
for defendant, J. W Culwell Prose
cution, J. A. Spolin, County Attorney.
Stato vs. J. G. Maxwell. Charged
with pointing gun at L. L. Maxwell.
Jury trial not guilty.
State Lecturer Here.
It. H Wilson, State Leoturor from
the At A M. College, togcthor with
Prof, Gabcl, who is similarly employed
In tho State of Knnsas, wero hero last
nliht and addressed tho people at the
courthouse. The main subject under
discussion was "Tree Culture, and a
most prolltablo and interesting leaturo
wos glven'upou tliU imporrant subject,
The Uesvvr Hand Jiirgishrrf muIo
for the oceaslon,
8 B. Weir, formorly of Ileaver and
who was olways at the political lint
heio and a winner, was olectcd Probst h
Judgoof Decatur county, Ksnsas. at
the recent election, by all overwhelm
ing majority. S B's. host or Beaver
rrlends congratulate him upou ins suo-
Christian Church Services.
Union Temporaiico Service Hunday,
November 17th. Rev. II. E. Brill, Sec
retary ,of tho Oklahoma Anti-Saloon
Leaguo, will spoak at 11 a. m. and rt
7M5 p. in. Don't lail to attend.
Bible School at 10 o'clock a. in.
Christian Endeavor at 6:15 p. m.
Everybody welcome.
L. L. Shaw, Pastor.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday School at 10 a. in.
Morning service at 11 :a. in,'.
Evening service at 730 p. in.
Mid-week service every Wednesday
evening at 7i."W.
Sunday November 17th we Join with
the peoplo of the Christian church In a
Union service given over to Mr. II E.
Brill, state worker for Anti-Saloon
All are Invited to these meetings.
Chas. B. Liefer. Pastor.
If you are thinking of making a farm
loan, see CARSON. 10-31 tf

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