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Oklahoma His Society
Oldest Oklahoma NewsDarjer Republican for Principle
No. 24
'' JL
& . - .
Beaver Mercantile
For Price and Quality
Come to the
For Anything You Need in
Dry Goods, Groceries, Shoes,
Clothing, Hats, Ladies'
Cloaks and Skirts
Bom To Mr. nnd Mrs.T. L. Floyd,
Monday, November 18, 1011!, n eon.
If you &ro thinking of making n farm
loan, sen CARSON. 10-31 tf
Mrs, Nettie Brown went over to Lib
eral, Kansas, tliu first of tho wck to
have dental work done.
Grateful for Support.
Maudk 0. Thomas, Ed. Hkbald,
Benver, Oklahoma,
Kind FaiKxn: Kindly tliank every
liody who helped and made possible
my election as County Superintendent.
I feel tho great importance of tho work
nnd (hall seek to serve tho entire peo
ple of Reaver County to tho best of
my ability Thanking you personally
for your aid in pushing my candidacy,
I am, most respectfully,
H. C. Fallow.
If you want Insurance, or n loan on
your farm, call on or writo Will Q.
Fields. 4-11 tf
Mrs. Edna Reddick returned Sunday
rrom Liberal, Kansas, where she had
been for several day on business
Monfy paid when papers arc signed,
if you get your farm loan of CARSON,
THE LOAN MAN. 10-31 tf
August Reimcrs is repairing his
building not" occupied by tho Beaver
Laundry, this week.
We want your business. Come In
mid get acquainted with OAHSON,
CHE LOAN MAN. 10-31 tf
How's This?
We oiler Ono Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Cat-irrh that can
not ba cured by Ilall'ji Catarrh Curo.
F. .1 Ciikssy a Co., Toledo, O.
Wo, the undersigned, have known F,
J. Cheney for the last IS years, and be
lieve him perfectly hoiio-ablo in all '
iiusiuess transactions and financially
nbln to carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, noting dlr-'ctly upon tho blood
nnd mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent freo. Price 75 cents
por bnttio. Sold by all Druggists,
Take Hall's Family Pills for const'
pation. "There could bo no better medicine
than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
My children were all sick with whoop
ing cough. Ono of them was in bed,
had a hlcli fever and was coughing up
lilnnd. Our doctor cave them Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and tho first
dose eased them, and three bottles
cured them," says Mrs. R. A. Donald
son, of Lexington, Miss. For sao by
Tho bny'a nppetite is often the snurco
of amazement If you would have such
nn nppetite tako Chamberlain's Tablets.
They not only create a healthy appe
tite, but strengthen tho stomach and
enable it to do its work naturally. For
sale by all dealers.
Miss Mactio Thompson, nurse, de
parted Sunday for Arkalon, Kansas,
where she will spend some time at the
11 M. Forbes ranch, resting up and
recuperating from her recent illness.
Tho best wishes of her many Boavor
friends are with her, and all hopo for
her speedy recovery
"It is a pleasuro to tell you that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
best cougli mediejne I have ever used,"
writes Mrs. lluidi Campbell, Lavonia,
Gil. "I liavo used it with all my child
ren and tho results havu been highly
satisfactory " For sale by all dealers.
Win. White and family liavo moved
to tho Chas. White farm on tho river
west of Beaver,
Tho Liberal Hardware Co is lion
located on the South Side.
10-3 tf Tnos. W. Gaw.
Mrs. D. M. Kilo returned Monday
from a visit with her daughter, Mrs
Harry Brown, at Arlington, Kansas.
Quick Money, Easy Terms. Apply to
John w. Savage, just across the
'bridge'" for your farm loans.
Mrs. W P. Rogers and little daugh
ter und mother, Mrs. W L. Bcardsley
were Beaver callers from Forgan Mon
day. Elbert Clift has been putting the
Utile building on North J))Ugla. for
merly occupied by the Peoples' Meat
Market, in shape this week It is to be
occupied with a Chili parlor we understand.
Putting Up Oarage.
D. M. Kilo Is having n garage put up
this week adjoining his blacksmith
and machine shop. It will ba a large,
conveniently arranged building nnd
equipped with everything necessary
tomnko it allrst-clns garage,
Former Pastor to Preach.
There will bo divine service In the
Methodist Episcopal :hurch Suudhy,
November 21 nt 3:30 p. m. W. J.
Oroat, who was llio pastor Inst year,
will preach on "The Transfiguration."
Everybody of all churches and of no
churches invited.
Pis tic Encounter.
Jacob I. Jones, erstwhile millionaire
and joint owner of vast estates (maybe)
and B. R, S ted man had a little fistic
encounter on tho street Mondny which
resulted no moro seriously to either
than badly damaged tempers ond a
tew peelings from tho nose nnd face.
The altercation aroao ovora civil no
tion between the two In county court
concerning a debt alleged to be due
Stedman from Jones, nnd in which tho
jury in the case returned a verdict for
Extra Session of Congress.
President-elect Wilson Ins announc-
of that he will cnll nn extra session of
congress as soon as. ho Is waugratcd as
President of tho United States, to con
vetie not Liter than April 15, 1012, for
the purpose of revising tho tariff. This
action was expected for tho tarlit ques
tion was ono of tho strongest planks of
tho democratic platform and an extra
session was strongly favored by lead
ing democrats.
The republicans, f course, are op
posed to such action for any disturb
incc of business at this time seems
unnecessary yet, they reaHzo tho fate
of the country is at the mercy of dem
icraey for at least four years nnd we
may expect to bo under tho ban of
modern democratio ideas and prac
tices, whether to our weal or woe ro-
mains to be seen.
Union Thanksgiving services nt the
Christian church Thursday nt 11
o'clock, a. in. Sermon by Rev. Leoper.
Teacher Entertains Class.
Mrs. L L. Shaw, teacher of the
Royal Sons nnd D.iughtors, of ttie
Christian Blblo School, entertained
her class nnd n few of their friends at
her homo Friday ovei.ing of last week.
Well-laid plans lind been mado for
their entertainment, nnd n delightful
evening was spent.
The class took n free-will offering
during tho evening nnd succeeded In
procuring a sum sufficient to pny oft
tho remainder of their church pledge
State Anti-Saloon Alan
Ruv. II. E. Brill, secretary of the
stato Anti-Saloon League, wns here
and delivered lectures nt tho Christian
church, Sundiy morning nnd evening.
Ills talks were highly entertaining and
t'i the point nnd were well received by
his large audience, who k"ow only too
well tho evils of Intemperance and the
violations of tho liquor law which are
committed right lieru nt home ns well
as all over the state and nation. Rev,
Brill is n forceful, earnest speaker nnd
Intensely interested in thu cause of
lempernncu. lie Is in thu fight to win
i ml lie found a wlirlo lot of pcoplt
nero In sympathy with him.
Entertains Elegantly.
Miss Edna Tweedle, teacher of the
Primary grado In our city school, on-
lertained a number of her friends most
charmingly at the lioinu uf Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. S. Dickson, Friday evening of
last week, Mrs. Dickson afslstiug.
Various games nnd guessing con
tests, Into which all entered heartily,
.ind which occasioned much merri
ment, served to furnish thu evening's
entertainment and several hours of
real pleasure wero enjoyed by those
pretsnt, An elegant three-course
linclicon, consisting of nuts, applrs
nod wafers, was served In plunlo style,
villi lights turned low and reflecting
iiutumn hues, which mado tho scene
most delightful nnd realistic. This
mis followed by it fourth course of nut
'.ikes mid sherbet served In the
Altogether the occasion was a most
pleasant ono nnd licar'lly enjoyed by
ail present.
A Ridiculous Affair.
Tho Marthas gavo a "Ridiculous"
social at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. U.
P. Russell, Tuesday evening of last
week, nnd, according to the reports of
those who wero able to attend, it wns
a "Ridiculous Affair" In tho fullest
sense of the word. As tho name In -plies,
the evening's entertainment was
along humorous lines, nnd every fea
ture of thu program wns indeed
The fun commenced when thu guests
begun to nriivo, dressed in all manner
of ridiculous, nrttstio (7) stylo (?).
Tho prissy, prim old maid wn's there,
with her set smllu and spit curls; Ms
Hopkins, Aunt Samautha, Miss Smart
and all her Country Cousins, tho Over
grown Baby and her Indulgent Mama,
the gawky Country Boy from Pump
kin Center, SI Kleg, and a host of oth
ers, all bespnngled and bedecked nnd
arrayed in their best bib and tucker
in such splendid (?) blending that
the colors fairly swore nt each other.
For instance, there was in ovldeuou u
most beautifully draped green peau
do gingham skirt setoff by an elegant
bodice of turkey red crepe do calico
garnished with handsomo cabbage
roses and fashioned after tho very
latent Paris creations, lliero were
evidently BOtno most striking costumes
on exhibition. Wo wish that ipacu
permitted a description of each.
Miss Kr.ina Crabtrco was awarded
tho prize for thu most ridiculous cos
tume of thu ladies and J. R. Thomas
for tho men. Tho entertainment con
sisted of no Impromptu program of old
songs, recitations nnd music in keep
ing with the occasion.
Refreshments, consisting of baked
beans, corn bread, water und pickles
wero served. This was followed by
fruit, cako and cofTco.
All enjoyed a most splendid evening
and declared it surpassed tho social
functions for tunny a day.
SvX Abstracts Examined.
BEST ABSTRACTS Promptly made.
Charges Reasonable. I furnish you
prompt, rellablo service for least
money. There is a Legal Education
and years of experience back of my
Beaver County Abstract Office
Bonded Abstracter1
Keaver. Oklahoma.
Attention, Teachers!
Tho Fifth Annual Convention of the
Northwestern Oklahoma Educational
Association will be held in the North
western btnto Normal building in Alva,
November 28. 20 nnd 30, 1012.
Outline of Program Thursday even
ing, Nov. 28th, Bethany Concert Com
pany; Friday morning, Nov. 29th, 0:30,
General Assembly; Friday aftornoon,
Nov. 20th, 2:00 o'clock, Departmental
Meetings; Friday evening. Nov. 20th,
8:00 o'clock, Lecture, Geo. Hamilton
The Concert and Lecture will be freo
to tacher8 enrolled in the association.
A free lunch will be sorved Friday noon
by the Domestic Science Department
of the Northwestern Stato Normal
No teacher in the northwestern dis
trict can afford to miss this meeting.
Mns. Fred J, Fabh, President.
Miss Glee Wollby, Secretary.
Tho Liberal Hardware Co. is now
located on tho South Side.
10-3 tf Titos. W. Gaw,
nrur ATwwGinivnvir:
Masquerade Ball!
K. of P. Hall, Beaver, Oklahoma.
Thursday, November 28, 1912.
Prize Given to the Best Maaqued Couple.
"Old Bill" Gets Gay.
"Old Bill, "Billy Qulnn's family driv
ing horso, got gay Friday evening
when Billy, together with L. L.Shnw,
P. L. Thonihs and L. B. Tookor, were I L. I
Silver Spoon Free.
I will give awuy, for a limited time,
a Silver Tensnoon with each 12.00 cash Sick headache
purchase. Tills applies to anything In ordered stomach
In my stock except school books.
" The Mh.uneu "
Mrs. E. D. Harlan and daughter
moved into their new homo this week
which has just been completed.
E. W. Neft suffered a severe attack
of heart trouble Monday night and
was unable to bo about for a few days.
He is Improved nt this time.
Miss Nello Dunn, daughter of Mrs.
E. W. NelT. arrived Saturday from
Kansas City nnd will spend some timo
witli relatives here.
Mrs. Ida Turner, sister of Mrs. T, L.
Floyd and of the Peckham boys, nrrlv
ed MondBy from Enid und will spend
several weeks with relatives here.
by n dls-
Beaver High School Fully
is caused
Take Chamberlain's
Tablets and correct that and tho head
aches will disappear. For sale by all
Woodward, Harper, Ellis end
Bea-ver Counties.
MONEY READY when papers are signed.
Mrs. C. II. Leeper and children ar
rived Monday to join her huoband,
Rev. Leeper, pastor of tho Presbyter
ian church. They will occupy tho Wm.
Whlto residence on the West Side.
Don't wasto your money buying
strengthening pins tors. Chamberlain's
Liniment is cheaper and better. Damp
en n piece of flannel with it and bind
it over tho affected parts and it will re
lievo the pain and .oroncss, For sale
by all dealers.
See or write
Opposite P. 0.
Alanager Beaver Office.
Dr. Laird, tho well known Physician,
will glv" a number of freo entertotii
mmits, assisted by his family, at the
room beneath tho K. of P. Hall In
Beaver, beginning about 8 o'clock each
night, commencing to-night, Nov. 21st.
The Doctor has opened an ofllco In the
Whito House Hotel, where he will
consult free with those having chronic
diseases, remaining In Beaver about
ono week. Eyes teBted and lenses cor-
I reotly fitted. U 21 If
State high school inspector, A. C.
Parsons, spent all day November 11th,
in inspecting the Beaver High School
and ho spoko very highly of the work
being dono here. In fact tho work was
so satisfactory that our school was
placed on the accredited liBt, which
owara that any work completed in the.
Beaver school will bo nccepted by the
State University, any other state
school or accredited high school. This
is rank ono and designates our school
as being among tho best In the state.
Inspector Parsons was greatly pleas
ed with tho II. S. attendance nnd he
said that if the present record contin
ued there the remainder of thu term
that Beaver would hold thu state
accord in attendance.
A great deal of Interest has been
aroused by Mr. Parson's ilrlt and it is
believed still better work will be done
In tho future
State Common School Inspector E
F. ProlTett was in tho county a few
weeks ngo and visited somo ten or fif
teen schools in company with Supt.
Swalm. Mr. ProlTett pronounced our
graded school as being first class In
every particular. Supt. Swa(m in
forms us that a great amount -of good
has resulted to the schools of the coun
ty by the visit of thes two men. He
says tho common schools hare improv
ed 2.5 per cent in classification since
Mr. Proilet's visit, due to greater em
phasis being placed on tho course of
study and the honest criticism of our
Considering tho hardships under
which we liavo labored, Beaver coun
ty as well as Beaver City has just cause
to fee) proud of her (schools,
returning from Forgan, and scared at
a pleco of pnpor nlongsido tho road,
mado a lurch to ono side nnd run the
curriugoonto a largo tussock, upset
ting the carriage in which they were
riding and spilling tho occupantB Into
tho top. Fortunately tho singletree
broke nnd the horso was released from
tho vehicle, otherwise the accident
might have proven exceedingly seri
ous, for the men worn caught In the .
top of the rig, and had they been drag
ged any distance would undoubtedly
have sustained serious, if not fatal, in
juries. As it Tas, P. L. Thomas and
Billy Qulnn worn pretty budly bruised
ind shaken up, and liavo been laid up
since but are recovering, Mr. Thomas
was most seriously Injured, receiving
i baa sprain in nis uacK anu nips.
Shaw and Tookcr escaped unhurt.
Tho carrlago was pretty badly dis
figured, but not beyond repair. "Old
Bill" camo out without a scratch, and,
being naturallv a trusty old steed, Is,
no doubt, heartily ashamed of himself.
Loans and Insuranco, I liavo what
you want. John W. 8vaBo. first build-
Roll of Honor.
The following readers of tho Hkralp
have remembeicd us with a renewal or
now subscription tho past week:
Wm. White, Beaver, now sub.
John Lav lcss, Straw, Calif , renewal.
John Mills, Beaver, renewal.
Mrs. 1'enrl Prophet, Monterey, Calif,,
renewal by N. D. NelT, Reaver.
Mrs. Ljdlu Hurrlrgton, Oakwood, re
newal by II. M. Builck, Beaver.
F I, Thomas, llirton, Ks , renewal.
O. P. Brown, Fnlkey, now sub.
Binsser, Mowenqu.i, HI., new sub
Hgcast of Court Houbo.
by G. P. Brown, Falkey.
P, N. Mayo, Beaver, renewal.
J, W. Wooden, Lorena, new sub. ,
S. H. Myers, Couch, new sub.
C. C. Groves. Madison, renewal.
D. M. Mackey, Nye, renewal.
J. W. Hornbaker, Newton, Ks , renew-
nl by O. T. Medina, Beaver.
J, M. Hendricks, Zelmu, newBuh.
Geo. M. Reiner, Logan, new sub.
0. E. Peckham, Beaver, renewal.
A B. Anderson, Lorena, renewal.
D. O. Groves', Kingman, Ks.. renewal.
E. E. Boguo, Beaver, new sub.
A. I. Sowers, Elmwood, new sub.
John Stage. Hnrpor, Ks., new sub,
Rubt. R. Heynon, Lorena, renewal,
For Sale.
Wo liavo In tho vicinity of Beayer
City a new piano and a new player
piano which wo will sell at a bar
gain for each or a good short timo note,
rather than to re-shlp them. Address,
ScniMAN Piano CoMrAKY,
10-10 1-0 3mo Hutchinson, Kaus.
Will G. Fields has plenty of money
to loan on farms. Office In Munsell
building. -1
Services at the Christian church.
Sunday morning aud evening, as usual.
Have You Seen
Thf New Stock of Furniture that lins just
arrived at our store? We now liavo every
thiuR that anyone might need in these Roods.
Wo also carry a complete lino of
Undertaker's Supplies.
Beaver Hdwe. & Furiu Co.
Beaver, Oklahoma.

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