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twice motiih The doffalnajs make
these trip In inn night When lie ar
rive lit (trm-upa's J'looB n "' '"
dun hihI keep perfectly quiet until
Mr. II. In " uri'nleiiUwl way lets
the dog know h U awake, when be
will pin up pitiful howl ""til be '
xpokeii in, and then he will li quiet
the remainder ' "" A ,"
a the iliift xet hi visit wit lie put
iMck to.). H.' to m wim me cmiuren
Nn school on h ICth in )Ul. No. 12.
Tho Beaver Herald
Official Co. Paper.
UAUDE 0. THOMAS, - - Publisher.
E itsred t toe pustotH" at Raanr, OfcUbom.
ikooiI class mall mir.
.. - " issain. hunt fiir burns. "
Alvertising rates mndc Known upon N(, Mhol on ih ICth in LHU. No. I-'- nicer,. orL., pimple, eczema, cuts
application. Prices reasonable. i,wullliifca furnaee. sprains, bruises. Surest pllo cure. It
.. .,...,, v., .. j. ...... ...i .it.if hnltr It iiiuliiPlnP.nnintlon. kills pnln. Only
Subscription I'ricc, ai.- surn imiuu. .... .. -.. , , , V. , r Trnp'
rflUWtf. .
Ur. nni! Mm. Hiickmnstor wcro re
cent culler at Sir. Thompson'.
Mr. Thompson visited with Mcs
dnmes Johnson mill Illnn Monday.
Only a Pirc Hero
but the crowd cheered, an, with burned
i, .,.u I,,. In. Ill nn n small round box.
"Fellows I" h. shouted, "this Bucklen's
Arnica Salrc 1 hold, linn everything
Right! also for buns,
Official D.rectar
DNt. Judge H
Co. Atty.
'o Treasurer
Co. Clerk
Co. Judgo
Co. Supt.
Clerk of Diet. Court
Cleric of Co, Court
She r I It
Reg. of Deed
(mii. Ut Dist. A
II. I.oofboiirrow.
John A. Spohn
John Sim.
Ceo. 11. Wright.
Ceo. II. Healy.
John 1!. Swnlm.
0. F. I'rnett.
Miss Mae Maple
11 I). Peckham.
II. SI. ItulloU,
Oscar 0 miner.
11 Fox. I vaiilum
would riilti
I ........ 1. ..., .h.1 l,Ili H Is
Diifctvr n wnw ' ...?," --
ew. We ehurxe it w rreetutmi-ei"'-
Wilon. NextprtnC. when both win
i. .. u'iim win Im th eaue of
,.- citrni ..b-w .....
the low prims.
Messrs Moore, Myers nnd Wnrb'e
wcro liolplngMr. MuOdirc to pet his
corn oat Inst Thursday.
Mn. Rlnnle and Sirs. Wlllets were
sliQppinK at Speercuiore Thursday.
Robert Miller 1ms quit hi job with
C. L I'etty A Co. at Madison and lias
.,,.,.. .iilwl n l.rnltlotl with A. O. Mc-
llbl'l.'IV.I " (" -
Crcady t rustle pumpkins for n few
A llro of unknown origin occured
Sunday night between 10 and 11 o'clock
in the ha t loft of Vet. C. SI. Smith.
It., was worklnc with a sick horso when
he had occasion to go out to the well
for a pail of water ami In turning
nround lie iav the roof on fire nnd
parks coining out of tlio loft door.
Mr Smith went up in the loft nnd
! found tho hay on lire and a holo burn
The Sanitary Shop.
Shampoos Katlis Laundry
Gents' Tailoring Suits all Styles and all Prices.
Cleaning, Pressing and Mending Done Right.
Work Called for and Delivered.
Clyde Gregg, Prop.
Coin. 2d Din. A A. Haskell, hlmwooo.
Com. 3d lllat W.8. Vandeburg.Cnuoh,
Sophia Clatter.
Well, everything seems quiet In this
.. ... . ... 1 .limn ihi nlprtioii. Home
I IieCK Ul !.. D.ll. ' IUUUI1 MIU nuj - -
i.oro urn who nrcdict that our govern- ,,.i ln lMC roof al,a the wind blowing a
....., in nm po to tho docs; but one .,-!,.. nut with lieln at hand nnd a
Aren't yoitttrprid to nmlw many ifi! thini?(llwoll.t mve fur to go to foW
... .. I . H nrin fur Ml ... . .... 1.. .i Kill I .
reach its Qesuny. n umn
let u wait a year, lit least, teiore .
pass Judgment.
Sophlii College opened up Monday,
with It. N. D'iprce wielding tho ban
ner of knowledge and birch.
1). Thomas went to Lnverne Wed.
peopl in favor f a third term for a
l'rf Went?
Plag?etl Train With Sliirt.
THriiitf Ills shirt from his back an
Ohio until lagged a train and saved It
from a wreck, but II T. Alston. nl-
tfigh, N.C., one preventetl n wreck
wl.-h Kleotrlc Ulttrs. "I was In a ter
rible plight when 1 bejrnn touse them,"
he writes, "my stomach, head, buck
nnd kidneys wre all uauiy nuacieu
and my liver was In bad condition, but
four buttles of Klectrle Ultters maue
inn feel liko a How' inan," A trial will
i-utiviiiee you of tlielr matchlei-s merit
rorany nUnnnuh, liver or kidney troub
le. Price ftO emils at I'red C Taacy's.
Clear Lake.
Mrs. Yeoman, of the Marengo neigh
borhood, will go soon to visit her son,
Chester, who live In Chicago. Hope
h will have n pleiuant time.
IraSohwanger has sold liU hotel to
Mr. Sells. The phonu olllcu Is niw in
ntnllcd in the hotel
Stanton nnd Howe are doing custom
work at their sorghum plant. Some
one helped himself to :i gallon. Sir.
H say that last year sovural gallons
uure taken.
Some of the boys are around paying
their but.
Skinmir brought In n very sick horsu
... II. ...... I .prv.ill I.. .r.ti..rlliil fur.
lur iiiiiuiii a.-. ... ... ,.......w ......
Terrell doesn't profess to Im a veterl-J
narinn. but knos n lot about luirsus.l
lie Is a grenl lietiellt to tho couimn
nity around here.
Ciramlina Mendonhnll was n nsltor
ou.r burg, tho other day. Kvery
Imdy :u glad to sou her and glvo h"r
a ptunv.mt hniuhlko.
Miinv of the farmers are about done
gnthtrlng their crops. Tliu weiulior
lina been lluu for thu work.
Mrs. Marlon UolTord, who solil iner
c.handlsii for an eiwlurn linn received
her prize to-day.
A. Stanton camo In from Knowlts
to-day with a load.
II. Terrell ami family and T. L. How
were Sunlny visitors at Jess Uolluril's.
Some brush hm been sold tho bist
few day at $100 per ton.
OnrSundny School had dwindled to
so small a point that we had concluded
to quit for the winter; but to-day one
of our most esteemfd te.ieliorH, Mis J.
IJ. Hiiighiiiii, returned, and our hopes
nru revived. Now tho teacher has ie
turned the people will also eon-c.
Many fruit trees arc coming Into the
A. 1.. HedforJ of Arcadia, Florida.
ha concluded that Hearer County Is
good enough for him. and has iitten
trnps rut nnd settled down tobusins.
Hurrah for Heaver Uoumj : u orn
ithine an orange grove in Florida.
Slany are posting notices on their
fiirms warning against hunters and
trappers. They want to save their
birds to protect their crops which is
light thing to do.
John Unssell, of .Madison, stopped lit
to warm up at Sine)' grocery store.
He was thoroughly chilled when lie
Mau'ce OoftorU has rented tin How
fnrui, near here
.l..rrv Iloldlman Is about to sell bis
fnrui to F. lloberls-conidiratlon JIB
p-r acre. Any land nrouuu hero is
cheap at 2.'i per acre :
J. A Cow is improving and concret
ing his house. A Stanton is also put
ting in improvement nnd fixing up
fur winter.
The surprise party at Jeisc Thomp
son's wus sure a euccef. The people
mot at James Stafford's and wen, tin
,... Undine Jerry and fanillj bad
retired. A tuffy pulling wna the pas-
time, and there were some uluoKiip
(with tally) parties, pieneiit.
A broomcom buyer was here and
paid tlio Hnumgardiiers KjJJ. per ton
for their brush, will bo out again
soon for more.
J, IJ. Howe. 3 miles east of Surprise,
lias a dog whii'li ho brought homo siv
years ago. J. H-'s father lives half a
....i.. ... ..r rii.nr I.nkr. neiir 7' ihiKs
,. ...-.- ----
'I win iMntiiids.
JnniM Harford and II. II. Martin
were vote counter from this neigh
borhood at Logan, Tuesday.
Iter. C. K. Hlnna ami .T. S. Johnston
nttended the Smith-Singer sale last
Mr. and Sirs. Lovall were recent rif
itors at the Thompson home.
Sir. nnd Sirs. Leonard Oirton nnd
daughters. Orplia and Lula. spent Sun
day with James llensou nnd wlfo at
their home near Sunset.
The health of Sirs. W. L. Henson is
much Improved.
J. A. Howo I ''Imler boy" for Sir.
Illldobrand's seeding uutllt.
Little Slyra Henson wa n week-end
visitor nt the Win. Jones home.
A. V. SlcClurg flient Sunday after
noon with Floyd and Hurp Oirton.
K. A. Slaoy helped head Kalllr ut Sir.
Oumm's yetardny.
Wo are told that thu. little preacher
tlint has come to slay with Kev. and
Mrs. llayter has been given the name
of Charleston Abraham.
Musdamui Martin nnd On nun are
shopping ut Iviinlioo to-day.
Where should wo go to find finer
i weather Minn this?
Messrs. Ouinui ami .Martin, with
their crow, urti heading Kalllr corn in
this neighborhood this week.
Sir. and Mr. Ornco reached home
Inst Saturday. Sir. Orncu will build u
birn In thu near future.
Kev. C. K. Hum nnd wife will live
in part of J,. S. Johnson's hoii'u until
thoy win secure a homo. They have
been livfiigon Sir. Oruce's farm.
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. S. .Martin, of Karl-
villi, Mo have the thanks of the
trustees font liberal cash donnlion to
l'io church fund.
We henrd of a bromncorn buyer In
the iit'lglilKirlnxxl to-day.
Tom Harford went to Shnttnck the
first of tho week.
J. S. Johnson and wlfo nttended Sun
day Sohool nt SurprUo school house
Inst Sunday.
"Mrs. Chun Yooninn will visit her
sou Oliesu-r nnd family nnd other
friends in Chicago soon.
Fred Well brotiKht an automobile
from Slay far Mr. Seabee, of Surprise,
November 13. Florida weather.
Sirs. Flora Yeoman ntnrted yester
day to Chioaco to visit bur miii dies-
ter, her brother Ohas. vnii Kirk, anil
many other friends. She expects to
visit a brother In Southern Texas be
fore returning to Heaver county.
LpmIIo Conn nnd Erory Hoolii leave
to-dnv for tlieir home near Knglevllle,
SlisrHuri. Tiie boys hue been here
xlnee thU(firstof August, nnd protest
they nro Hoi. homesick.
Kev 0. K. Utnns transacted busi
ness In the county sent yesturdny.
Hay Hopper visited with his family
in Shaituok arer Sunday.
Surprise inerchnnts went to Lavorno
in Mr. Senbee's auto last Snturdny.
A. H. Graae is Ir.uillng lumber for
his new barn.
Leonard Girton nnd family took Sun
day dinner with tho Hnumgurtucr
family after churoli.
A. W. SIcCLing Is heading Kalllr
corn for Uofiert J.wholson.
Mr. Wairiier wus culling in tho neigh
borhood Slumlay.
Mr. and Sirs. Harry K. Jones gave n
dinner to n few friends, .Sunday, in
lio'uir of tl.i ir mother Sir. Yeomuns,
nenliiT with hogs for Sir. Hidlow
Harvey Miller, of Sophia, was thro'
here Wednesday, supplying tho farm
er with fresh beer.
T. C. Hlack nrrived homo from his
visit to his parent the lirti oi me
tt'wt. niul of course lie reports a pleas-
out, time, but many changes. He says
crops nro good there, or nt least ine
apple and corn crops nre good. A great
deal of the wheat was winter killed.
Dan Spidel had two runaway with
his team In one week. Tbnl' pretty
fiiuMl. Isn't it? They did little or no
l, ,11-n. Hither time beyond breaking a
wheel and dumping hi water tank the
first time, and scattering ins maim uu
oer a half-section tho last time.
T. C. Hlack helped Will Maynard
butcher. Monday.
Sir. Hrndshnw Is holding scries of
revival meeting at the Oarrett school
i,.. ii... itnvpii't learned results, but
hone good will come of it. Come out
and hear him.
The Haniiy Hollow school Is holding
literary every Snturdny night, and we
lire promised somo entertaining nines.
Let us all give them n Helping nauu.
W believe a society of this kind, car
ried on in the right manner, I of great
nails of water at tlio rlsht time
they smothered the flames. The mys
tery is how did the hay get on lire nil
that time of night as no one had bccnl
in tho buy loft'nfter dark. It is possi
ble that a match may barn dropped in
the hay when it was put In the loft nnd
a mouse may have caused tho bbize.
James N Oneal is batching now das
a he is over on hi brother's place
heading kutlir and maize.
Ora Wnrblu planted ono bushel of
potatoes on November Dili. Now what
do you know about that? But Ora
claims to know something auoui rais
ing spuds so we won't question bis
knowledge about rulsing them, but we
sure will keep our weather eye open
and watch tlie renins aim see n
t.w can't learn something at the other
fellows expense.
Al.rAlFA 1'ETK.
Dress hats, Street hats and for ladies the Corduroy two-toned
hat, for tlio Misses tlio Reversible hat, for the girls, Toques of Felt
with cord trimming, also bonnets for the little folks. Automobile
c-..f, ; nil uimina tlio nnwpst nut for ladies, also fancy Silks and
Corduroy for "Waists, Skirts and Dresses. Fancy Overlace und
Trimming Buttons. The new Red Tie and Belt lor tno misses.
I have in my store most anything in
the Dress line for Ladies, Misses and
-Come in and be welcome.
. il. ... I....1. ..1.1 .....t wmint. ttiiiri. I
lieneiu m uowi inu uu.. j ".-.'rii ..
especially to the young people who
take part in the program.
Well, thu ladle will be compelled to
accept the decision und be classed with
tlio idiots for another four years, nt
least in Oklahoma. So ay the Lords
...,,i i,.ut..rj. nut did ou over no
tice how well mot men llko to chum
with 'em (the ladles, wo mean, not the
other idiots?)
Some are still nutting in wheat. It
neem very dry unJ lato to be sowing
wheat, doesn't it?
Ileniv Keuviel ha rented the Hobt.
Hudson fnrui for the coming year.
Mr. Hird Lnillnk wns delivering
goods in this neighborhood last week.
Wllso Onrton still continues to im
prore. Glad to hoar it, and hope he
will soon be himself In health again.
Isn'r. this n beautiful fall? So warm
niul pleisant, with just enough high
winds nnd clouds to keep the warm,
bilmy, calm days from growing tire
Someone said "hike," so here I go,
SorniA Tattlkk.
A Great Building Falls
when Its foundation Is undermined,
n.,d If the foundation of health good
digestion I nttaeked, quick collapse
follows. On the llrst signs of inuiges-
lion. Dr. Klmi's New Life Pills should
be taken to tone the stomach and reg
ulato lirer, kidneys and bowels. Fleas-
nut, easy, safe and only U5 cent at
Fred 0. Tracy's.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, V. 3. Land Ons
at Woo.lwurd, Okl.i , Oct. ill, ivii.
Notice Is licrehx lilvrn tlmt Jim umpwii. i
Lorena, ;OXlahoma. wtio, on March 13, 10W.
miila Hnmeinwid Ei.trj No. 3J68 0lljl', for the
East Half of tho South East Quarter and Sooth
w.t Quarter ot tlio South East Quarter of Sec
lion . Townibtp I. North of llhiue'il. K. C. M..
,.,i ,.,(,tiii,t 11. E. No. OJitll for SWU SE'
tfiwiinn A. ToMiiihhi I. Itance 21. E. C. M., made
v... u lorin
Hanifd notice of Intention to raoKo tinai
Five Year Troof to establish cl'm to tlielaiut
abovodcscrllivl twloro Thomas I", llraiuwoou.
U. 8. Coiumlisloner, at hlsolllco In Uoaier. uk
Uhoma, on lUo 4ih day ot otreHmber. 1012.
Claimant nami s ,u wltn V so: John V. Roml'-lc.
Ephriam H. Holltiod. HotwrtTnsit, Jamen T.
Smllli. allot Loriim.Olili.
10-31 ll-M B (Iro. U.ORMtii.nrBUtnr.
' Notice of Sheriffs Sale.
Foreclosure of AltachiU'int.
Notice is hereby given thai, in pur
suance of tin Order of Sale, issued out
of the DUtricl'Court of Hearer Coun
ty, Oklahomu, on the 17th daj of Oc
toner, lOia, in an uctlou whiruin A. S.
OickfOii whs PlaiiitilT, and Allen L.
Lyon wus Uefendaiii, directed to. me,
the undersigned, SherilT of Hearer
County, commanding mo to lery upon,
iimiralso and sell thu following describ
ed property : ,....., v
Tlio nouineiisi (ii:irici wi jii.""" "
11. Township No. i North, of Ilauge
M.. on V il i
iiu. .ut j. v. ..
To sutlsry a juuginnui aim iieuici: ..
foreclosure nf tlalnuent in favor ol
unid PlaintifT, and ngalnst said Defend
ant, ubtaiii-d and made In said Court
i... i i.i. .iui ir Aiii'ust. 1011. fm
III! Iliu ...il ."J '. -- '-r -
the sum of i'iTi.lo, and costs, $52 0a,
with interest tliereon nt tlio rntn of ll
per cent from the llth dny of August.
1011, anil cosis accruing, i ni'w
upon the nbovo described lands and
tenements belonging to Allen B. Lyon,
and hare duly caused said lands and
..,.,!. i,. I... unnrnlui'il. necordiiic
iuiiciii. ii " ... ' ..,.,....., --- -
i lnie. nt 1 000 00: now. therefore,
notice is hereby given that, in pursu
ance to tho commands of this writ, I
will offer for sale anil sou to ine iprii
est bidder, for cash, said lands and
tenements, or so much a will satisfy
mid Judgment and costs, on the 1-ith
.lay nf December, 1011!, at i! o'clock p.
in of said day , at the front door of the
Court House In the City of Denver, in
sulil County and Slate.
Witness mv band this Hth day or
Novembor, 1012.
II. D. Prckiiam. Sheriff.
Hy E. L. Fickei..
11-11 12-12 5w Under Sheriff.
Just Opeiwl Dp Witii
Fresh, Clean Stock of
Just opened up. We are better pre
pared than ever to serve you. Come in
and ses us and inspect our goods and pric
es. Don't fail to look over the
5 and 10 Cent Counters
Scatidrett & Fuest
u 10 was ci.inc away Mrs Junes is a
81 Ul V iriir '" i "" - 'I . . , . ,
, ., .i..i , l.iim.ti! ii. ti ak. utitl Hm ititine. was
apart The Hog, riun-u nnmm, i"' -
.Into thero being X OH UH iwn rs.piri v, r. v. .v,( ,luh...,, uorB- mhl. "" """" "'
nblco n'ilB the crowd fortheoU n.nnsUnl wviu .... ur,i-..g ,.h,4 Mrs Yeo-, , front of a swiftly moving automo-
ace, ij jiiii Mmut'inaai a pl.asanl Journey and a safe hie. But tho dog ts wlter now,
Kiowa Flash Light.
Died November 10th at 2:20 a. m..
little Florence Oneal, infant daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Oneal, aged ev
en months nnd twenty-four dnys. The
funeral was held Monday morning, No
vember llth at 10:00 o'clock. Intor-
ment at Fair View cemetery In Texas.
Cnnim back to "ho old home again.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kussoll of Wayno-
kn, but who used to live here on the
Kiowa, came back to tho o'd fnr:..
scenes and friends of otlior days. John
snys that when ho gets tho bluea nnd
is tind ol city life lie hikes it back to
the old farm in Weaver county for n
few days of rest nnd also to call on old
friends. Mrs. Ilussell Is somewhat
ininroved In health but Is not entirely
her former self llko she used to bo
when sho worked among her chickens
and her garden. Wo loon to see them
b..ck on the farm In time to do spring
a tv Mefinlro took tlio early train
Tuesday morning for point in Barber
county, Kansns. and wilt uo gone auoui
a week on business affairs.
Hubert Ridpnour went to Euld Mon
day to got repairs for his gas englno so
ho cnu llnlsh his Jobs of seeding broom
n-n Jot mourns the loss of n "yaller
dorg" that, was foolish enough to got
Notice For Publication.
Department of tho lntorlnr. U. S. Land
Htllce at Wood ward. Okla., Nor. Jt, I0U.
Notice i hereby Elren that William J. Berends
of nearer. Oklahoma. ho, ol) October 18. 1909,
inado Homestead Entrl No. itfBI2. for NW ,
Section 33, Township B, N. of Hanuo 11. E. C. M.,
lias filed notice ol inienlion in nrnne unai j i
v... i..nf in M.tnlilUh claim to the land
ion. . w, ...- -
aboTB descrlbeil, before O.F. f'ructt, ClerU of
tho District Court In lil oUlo at liearor. vma.,
on the 26th day of December, IMS.
Claimant name as ltrieej: Milton It. Watt,
William Kcltb. I. W. Moore, Kninfc Wllllamioti,
nil ot Dearer, Oklahoma,
ll-:l li-M Oeo. D. OnsKR. uogmer
intents ii Meifli
Liberal, Kansas
Notice For Publication,
Dernrlmott of tho Interior, United Slutef
fAiul olllce at Wooilwanl, Oklii.. Not. U. 1912,
Notice Is hereby given that Abraham W. Hob
Ins, of Florls, Oklahoma, who, on NoTembor 27,
1W7, made Hometead Entr; No. ifiOffl-OlCas,
for South West Quaitcrot Section 15, Townihlp
1, Norlli of ItangeM. E. C. l.
Ilai filed notice ot Intention to make Final
Three Voat Proof, toe,tabUU claim to the land
uboTodKiCribed.botore Thomas 1'. llrnldwood,
U. S. Commiwioner, at his olllcw lu Hearer, Oh.
luhoina, on the Villi lar of IKMmber, 1911.
Claimant names as wiinissesuoiin a. .Mam-i.
llelirr A. Laika, Jamoa Comstock, Henry II.
ItlBi, all of Florli, Oklahoma.
1121 13-13 tw utii. P. Obick. llegltr.
Notice for Publication.
Department of tho Interior, U. 8. Land Offlce
at Woodward, Oklahoma, Not. 1, 1912.
Notlci It hereby elten that liobert F.Wellt.
ot nirerrlJo. OkIhoma, nho, on. December!.
1911, made lIoinetead euiry no.uiWJ". ioi iue
North Wt Quarter of Section 22, TonnJhlpt,
Northofltanue2o.E. C M.
Hai filed notice of Intention to male Final
Commutation Proof, to estaUUh claim to the
land above dwcrlt d before Tliomaa P. Brald-n,j-.l
it. K. r,.n, nilml.n.r at Ida Ottlco la Ilea'
vcr, Oklahoma, on the 2th duv ot DMeluber.
Claimant names ts wltnoses Wllllaai J
Troctor. Trunk Mai.lo, J. M llewatt Jealt II
llmnett, all ot HUerIde, Oklahoma
1)21 12-13 tw Geo. P. Obkkb, Register.
&&&f8&M!S!!.2& !&&& $&&8&.fll?.flP.$fo
Thos, P. Braldwood Thos. C. Braldwood
Prompt, Accurale and Reliable
Do a General Abstract Business
ws?rtS vmm
JAMES BARE, Vice resident
JAMES n.CBAnTREE.Ass't Cashier
I &jS$&2!&f&gBBl
J. W. WKIIB, President
Capital SI 0,000 Surplus )t,500
Undivided Profits $3,497.64
' Phone Bank No. 1 Residence No. St
James Care,
Frank Lnugbrin,
F. O. Tracy,
J. W. Webb,
S. A, Lauglirin,
IL. Loofbourrow
Every Gous'tesy Extended
name, una iii ..v. ...,- 1 ,

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