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Oklahoma His Society
Oldest Oklahoma NawsimuBr Republican for Principle
No. 2$
v.i '
Ct. '
Beaver Mercantile Co.
For Anything You Need in
Dry Goods, Groceries, Shoes,
Clothing, Hals, Ladies'
Cloaks and Skirts
How's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollar Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not he cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney a Co., Toledo, 0.'
We, tho undersigned, have known F,
J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions nnd financially
able to carry out any obligations mado
by his firm.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken inter
nally, acting dirnctly upon tho blood
nnd mucous surfaces of tho tystom.
Testimonials sent freo. Price 75 conts
por bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation. Will G. Fields has plenty of money
to loan on farms. Office in Munsull
building. -11 tf
"Buffalo" Jones nays ho Is going
Africa on another hunt. Ho says:
'The next time I no to Africa I am
going to rope an African buffalo, an
pieplant and a gorilla. And I am
going to yoke up the buff ilo with one
of the ox teams and drive him to a
wagon Into Nairobi. When I got back
from Africa Mr. Roosevelt askod mo
if I had got an African buffalo and I
told him that I didn't find onn, but
that the next time I wont to Africa I
would not come back without one. And
the next time I am going to have the
boys ride tho buffaloes, giraffes, zebras
and about everything else we catch. I
nm thinking very seriously of going
back again and when I do I will come
back with even better moving pictures
than the first ones."
jyjtl Abstracts Examined,
REST ABSTRACTS Promptly made.
Clmrges Reasonable. I furnish you
prompt, reliable service for least
money. Thoro is a Legal Education
nnd years of exporienco back of my
Gcavcr County Abstract Office
Bonded Abstracter
Heaver, Oklahoma.
Woodward, Harper, Ellis a.nd
Beev-ver Counties.
MONEY READY when papers are signed.
See or write
Opposite P. 0.
For Price and Quality
Come to the
Tho Liboral Hardware Co. Is now
located on tho South Side.
10-3 tf Tiios. W. Gaw.
The boy's appetite is often the source
of amazement If you would have such
an appotlte take Chamberlain's Tablets.
They not only create a healthy appe
tite, but strengthen tho stomach and
enable it to do its work naturally. For
sale by all dealers.
Strayed or Stolen From tho Gene
Baker ranch, ono sorrel filly, two years
old Last seen September 15th. Any
information leading to the recovery
will be rewarded by
1128 12-5 Rfd 1 Kloris, Okla.
"It is a pleasure to tell you that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
best cough medicine I have ovor used,"
writes Mrs. Hugh Campbell, Lavonia,
Ga. "1 have used It with all my child
ron and tho results have been highly
satisfactory." For salo by all dealers.
Wants to Kill Air. Wilson.
Colorado Springs, Colo., Nov. 22.
Declaring that ho will kill President
elect Wilson If ho ever gets a chance,
John Cohan, a one-armed man arrested
hero today on a charge of disturbing
the peace, is being held by the local
pollco pending word from secret ser
vice operatives.
If not wanted by the government,
ols mental condition will bo examined
by local authorities Cohan admitted
that ho wan arrested In New Orleans
when President Taft appeared in that
city on his last tour of the country
and also was arrested in Chicago last
fall wlion Colonol Roosevelt spoke
Evidence has been disclosed tending
to show that he shadowed Governor
Wilson at a number of placos througl
nut tho country during the recent
Don't wasto your money buying
strengthening plasters. Chamberlain's
Liniment is oheapor and better. Damp
on a pieco of flannel with it and bind
It over the affected parts and it will re
lieve tho pain and hOreness. For sale
by all dealers.
Manager Beaver Office.
Special Senate Session Called.
Oklahoma City, Okla., Nov. 23.
Gov. LeoCruco at 2:30 o'clock today
issued a call for a special session of
tho Oklahoma senate, to meet Decem
ber 3 next. Tho call did not include a
special session of tho house. Nino out
of tho 11 senators communicated with
late tonight by telephone ami telegraph
expressed themselves as favoring n
special session, and nil agreed the gov
ernor's purpose was to havo tho pres
ent trouble with tho stato board of ed
ucation settled onco and for all, though
the call did not state such was his pur
pose. The board of education trouble
nates back eighteen mouths, when
charges were preferred against Scott
Glenn of Shawnee, F. 0. Hayes of
Chandler and Robert Dunlop of Okla
homa City for "pernicious activity In
politics." Tho matter dragged along
until during tho past summer. Tho
board of education had under consider
ation the letting of contracts for pub
lishing tho state school books. About
twenty book firms had representatives
before the board, and Cruco opposed
tho letting of the contracts before the
general election, but a majority of the
board undertook to enter Into the
agreement wit!) book Units for about
$2,000,000 wortli of school books, to be
published during tho live years. Gov
ernor Oruce says ho removed the re
fractory members at U o'clock the
morning tho contract was let, nt 0:35.
Oruce appointed new members and the
ild members secured an injunction re
training tho governor and new mem
bers interfering with them In tho con
trol of Oklahoma school affairs.
Subscribe forTuic Beaver Herald.
)nly IS1.00 Per Year.
For Rent Partly
Call at th's office.
furnished room-
Horn To Mr. nnd Mrs. Hcrschell
Mcfall, Sunday, Nov. 24, a son.
Wc want your business. Como in
and get acquainted with CARSON,
THE LOAN MAN. 10-31 tf
Tho Liberal Hardware Co. is now
located on the South Side.
10-3 tf Thus. W. Gaw.
Jas. H. Crabtrce nnd wKo went down
in tho Kiowa, Sunday, where they will
spend .Thanksgiving Day with Mrs.
Crabtree's parents.
Quick Money, Easy Terms. Apply to
fohn W. Savage, just across the
"bridge"' for your farm loans.
T J. Morgan with his traction en
gino hauled ten wagons loaded with
wheat to Texhoma and sold tho load
for $811.07.
If you want to hear and see a really
jolly, winsome Reador. go hear Miss
Sara Ruth Baton. At tho High School
Auditorium l5ec. 5th.
Mis. J. C. Davis, o.' Clinton, "Okla
homa, arrived In Beaver Monday. She
comes to visit Miss Maude O Thomas.
and will remain hro a week or more.
Sick headache is caused by a dis
ordered stomach. Take Chambdrlaln's
Tablots and correct that and the head
aches will disappear. For sale l)yll
TroSara Ruth Bates Company, which
comes to Beaver Dec. 5th, has a high
reputation as artists all over tho nrth
You will miss something good If you
fail to hear them.
Thoro has been some changes in the
newspaper business In Beaver county
during the past weok. E. I. Haworth
has sold his interest in tho For Ran
Enterprlso to L. B Tooker, and pur
chased tho Farmers' News at Knowles.
Don't fail to hear the Sara Ruth
Bates Company, Thursday night, De
cember 5th, at tho Beaver High School
Auditorium. Tho Company embraces
four ladies, a Reader, a Soprano, a
Violinist and a Whistler
Miss Opal Bagsloy.who managed tho
telephone office hero the tirst few
weeks of Its existence, has been em
ployed by Oscar Gribblo as his assist
ant, and took charge of the switch
board iMonday. Beaver County Re.
About an Inch o?now foil hereon
Tuesday night, tho first this fall that
amounted to anything. It will help
wheat a wholulot, but more moisture
Is needed, Our choice would bo for
rain, for It Is always cold when there
It snow on tho ground,
The Uroomcorn Situation.
Tho broomcorn market Is in tho samo
shameful situation that it Is every fall,
and has been for Ufteen or twenty
years. And then seems to lm no way
of mending it for some years to como.
Thitre arc only a few large dealers In
broom orn, and they arc so combined
that they can grade tho early :..nrkot
as they please. Tho broomcorn dealers
know their business nnd because tho
territory is small where broomcorn
can be protltably grown, they can all
the easier control tho market,
Havo you over noticed that along in
tho early fall thero is nlnays a report
started that the broomcorn crop is
"tho largest ever grown In tho coun
try"? Of course you have, if you live
in a section of country where broom
corn is grown to any great extent No
matter what tho condition of that
Special crop may be, tlio report is much
tho same every year. Nobody seejns
to know where tho report originated,
but It always comes about the tnuui
time nf year. Wo hao noticed it
specially for the past fifteen years.
Hero is the way the game has been
worked every year: As soon as broom
corn seeding and baling begin thore
will bo ono agent scut out by the big
broomcorn dealers only one to cell
railroad station in tho broomcorn
growing diltricts. Lach big dealer
has its agents out, but they never con
flict witli each other. They work it
this way : A. Holdup .t Co. will plac
a buyer at Fiirgnu, ono nt Knowles,
mid a few other shipping points. U
Stcalem &. Co. will place agents at
Laverne, Woodward, Supply, etc ;
GrabItfcRun will have an agent at
Englcwood, Meade and other points,
A. T. Hlel it Co. will monopolize Lib
eral, Guymon, etc.;' Tiikeltall & Ray
nothing will have their agents over on
the Santa Fe from Canadian cast.
These agents will all offer about tho
same price, They never overbid eacli
other. They will start in by telling
the man who goes to them to sell his
broomcorn what an immense crop nf
nrush thero la this year, and that It h
almost unsalable; but his llrm will
Heid a little brush, nnd Is willing to
pay tho top price. Then ho will tell
the poor fellow that If his brush is
first-class hq will pay tho immense
prico of forty dollars a ton for it; but
If it grades below first-class he can't
give more than twenty-five or thirty
dollars per ton for It.
And the samo thing will bo do no nt
every railroad station where thoro is a
buyer. Tho story of the big crop is
told the samo nay; tho pice offered is
tho samo.
The lamentablo thing In thin busi
ness is that thero aro always a large
number of broomcorn raisers who are
in such shape that they aro forced to
let goof a largo portion of their brush
Thoy had to borrow somo money In the
spring and their notes aro due. The
banker won't wait for his money, nor
loan any more. Tho merchant that
hat carried them through the crop
seaton must have his money to pay
tho wholesalers or "go busted." And
so the poor farmsr is forced to sell b
part if not all his brush for less than it
cost to produce it in order to get mon
ey to satisfy his creditors. Then, un
less he has othor kinds of crop to tell,
ho is In n fair way to livo mighty slim
and wear his old clothes another year.
This is the game that is played in
tho broomcorn business every year,
and will bo played until broomcorn
raisers arrange somo tchemo to beat
it. And there aro only two ways to
beat tho gamo that wo know of. One
way Is to quit raiting broomcorn alto
gether, and that is not a good way.
Tho other way is for broomcorn raisers
to combinu, build sheds in each neigh
borhood whoro the stuff Is raited and
ttore their brush until the prico is
right to sell. Get nil the broomcorn
men in tho congressional distriot or
state tocombino In thlsarrngemeiit. If
you have to havo money, borrow It on
the whole stock and loan it to those
who are in such shape that they must
have it. The company, or trust, has
hit bruth as security, and will get the
money back when tho brush is sold.
Fix a reasonable price, below which it
will not bo sold. That will not pre
vent It from going higher than the Hi
ed price. Put in ypur best men to
manage the marketing of the bruth.
Wo may havo outlined this plan very
poorly, but wo aro sure that it can be
perfected. - . ,
Silver Spoon Free.
I will giveaway, foraimlted time,
a Silver ToBtpoon with each t-'.OO cash
purchase This applies to anything in
in my stock except school books.
"Tpe Milliner"
(orcriiurCrticolint just issued his
annual message, in which he outlines1
llt BIH7Pl.ittlltl. til tin, .fillllii.. tiidat.... '
"!n -." w w.'lll.ll,, FIB. Illll
of tho Legislature as to what is needed
worst In tlin wny of legislation. He
calls opeclnl attention to the mid nt
belter and morn cillcieul laws for thu
enforcement of punishment fur crime.
Tim Governor says that thero are
three laws those In regard to gam
bling, tho law to control prize lighting,
and tho prohibition Iaws aro harder
to enforce than all other laws com
bined. Ho lays tho greater part of
tho blamo for the nuu-enfurccmont of
these three laws to the fact that in
many localities a violation of cither or
nil of them is viewed very leniently
by a majority of thu people, and peace
oillccrs are opposed to their enforce
ment, or very negligent in tlio matter.
Thu Governor calls attention lo tlio
l.iw In regard to gambling and in one
paragraph shows his opinion or tho
crime, ns follows:
"Of all tlio methods pursued by men
tn procuio money, to mo thuro is none
that should meet with morn determin
ed opposi'lou on the part of tho stato
ilmn that of gambling, Tho highway
mail who, at tho point of u pistol, or
ders you to stand and deliver vuur
money, or tlio thief who, creeps in nt
night while you aro asleep and lllches
juur purse. Is not one-half so deadly h
loe to society and good government ns
h tlio professional gambler "
Prize lighting and prohibition he re
gardsmuch the same, says tlio law can
iiu enforced, but asks tho legislature
to aid In tlio matter. Hu calls atten
tion to tho powers of the Governor and
litotes from the Constitution of thu
olule, at follows:
"The supreme executive power shall
ho vested In a chief magistrate, who
shall bo styl-d Tho Governor of Okla.
hiiraa' "
"Tho Gorornor shall causo tho laws
f tho State to bo faithfully executed."
He asks tho Legislature to pats tome
ddltionul law empowering tho Govor
r, to remove peace olllcera who rail or
refute to do their duly fu'en'forcing
these laws.
Ho has much lo say in regard to ed
ucation and to the school lawa that is
ivell worth thu reading Wo would
'iko to publish tho wholo incssago but
nave not spaco to spare, as it would
ceupy about eight coIuhiiih of this
Is you husband cross? An irritable,
fault finding disposition is often duo to
:i disordered stomach. A man with
ood digestion is nearly always good
Matured. A great many havo been per
manently cured of stomach trouble by
taking Chamberlain's Tablets. For
sale by all dealers.
H you nro thinking pf making n farm
loan, seo CARSON. 10 31 tf
Loans and Insurance, I havo what
you want. John W. Sago. first build
ni oast of Coii'f House.
A follow calling himtolf R. F. Dygirt.
who told hones with a bogus pedlgiee
to a number of persons In Beavnr and
othor parts of Oklahoma, has been lo
cated in Springfield, Now York. Hit
victims will probably have him brought
back and prosecuted for his rri.no.
Tlio High School theatrical troupe,
which played tho "Masonic Ring" hero
to a highly pleased audience, will go
lo Floris Saturday' night nnd repeat
thu play at that placo, The drama is
a good one, and tho people of Floris
and vicinity will like it
Thc Governor's Annual
Have You Seen
The New Stock of Furniture that hns just
arrived at our store? We now have every
thing that anyone might need in these goods.
We also carry a complete line of
Undertaker's Supplies.
Beaver Hdwe. & Piirn. Co.
Beaver, Oklahoma.
i !MTi.tri4.1$
1 Sofcy I
Christian Church Sen ices.
Services at tho Chrlstianlchurch, Sun
day. Dec. 1st, 1012, as follows i
Bible School nt 10 o'clock a. in.
Morning service nt 11 o'clock, Sub
ject "Tho Light of u Christian Life "
Christian Endeavor xt 0:15 p. m.
Evening Service nt 7:16. Subject
I "God's Part and Ourt."
Special music.
You nro cordially Invittd to come
and worship with us.
L. L. Simw. Pastor.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday School at 10 n. m.
Morning service at 11 a. in.:
Evening service nt 7:30 p. in.
On Dec. 8lh Rev. It. N Walker will
preach. v Subject "Christian Kduca
tion," especially ns It relates to Henry
Kendal College, n Presbyterian school
located at Tulsa, Okla.
Rev. Clms. II. Lccper will preach nt
Supply on same (into tih Hev, Walker
does here,
All nro Invited to these mooting.
Ciias 11. Lei ntn, Pastor.
. .i
Benjamin F. McPhcrson. formerly nf
Beaver County, now residing In Corpus
Chrlstl, Texas, made a welcoino call at
tho Ukkald ofllco Tuesday. When a
young man, Ben drifted down into
Beaver County, then No Mao's Land,
whon thero weru very few people hero
Ho liked the country so null that ho
concluded to stay. Ho selected a piece
of land n few miles southwest of whom
Eugluwood is now, started in to mnkn
n farm of It, nnd plowed tho very first
furrow turned in Beaver County. He
succeeded wondordilly In farming, and
prospered In every way, and is now
perfectly independent, at far as wealth
Is concerned. The land ho settled on
U now highly improved, and is one of
tho most valuablo farms in thocounty.
His daughter now occupies tho old
homo place.
His wife's health failing, the went
to Corpus Christ! a few years' ago tn
try that climate for her benellt, and
she hah improved very much there.
Ben says it suits him all right, ht lie
has the whole Bay for a bath tub, and
can catch all sorts of fish, including
a man-eating shark occasionally.
Ben Is hero attending to somo busi
ness mattort and visiting relatives and
friends. His son is u merchant in Gate
City, and his daughter llvs on the old
homo place. He started back to Cor
pus Chrlstl yesterday. Ben has been
a subscriber for the Herald since It
wng first started as the Territorial Ad
vocate, and ho still has it follow him
wherever he may be located.
A sad accident happened at Good well
last Thursday night. Alvin Black, the
twenty year old son of 8 W. Black,
pretldcnt of the Agricultural Institute,
was on a freight train coming from
Guyiron and nt iioodwo.ll he jumped
off, striking the mail crane, throwing
him under the train, fracturing hU
skull and having both legs cutoff. Ho
was taken to tho hospital at Dalhart,
but died on Saturday. Beaver County
Money to lonn on farms. Seo John
W. Savage, first building east of tho
Court House

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