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Oklihona His Soclit
Oldest Oklahoma NewsDaDar Republican for Princlnle
No. 26
m w
-. Aw
9 J an
Beaver Mercantile
For Price and Quality
Come to the
For Anything You Need in
Dry Goods, Groceries, Shoes,
Clothing, Hats, Ladies'
Cloaks and Skirts
Supper and Band Concert.
Tho Denver ban In will Rive n supper
and coticert nt nn early dat to raise
! funds 10 pay their instructor. Watch
for tho dato. Yu can't nlTord to miss
Subscribo for Tuk t ivsn Herald,
Only 81.00 Per Yenr.
Born Wednesday, November 27th,
to Mr and Mrs. John Bullck a con. '
Otto Darby, prosperous ranchman of
Riverside, wan a Hearer caller Tuesday.
D. M. Kile has been under tho weath
er for several days this week.
Cn3iri Huth Hate Company at
tho II, 8. building, Saturday night,
December 7th,
We want your business. Oomo In
and Ret acquainted with CARSON,
THE LOAN MAN. 10-31 tf
E. E, Harlan came over from Logon
to cat turkey with his wife and daugh
ter who are hero for tho school year.
Tho Liberal Hardware Co. Is now
located on the South Side.
10-3 if Tnos
A Good Measure.
Among the Important bills to receive
attention at the present session of
Congress which convened Monday is
tho Sheppnrd-Kenyon Bill, preventing
shipments of liquor being made into
"dry" states. In Justlco to the states
that have provided for prohibition
within their borders Bnd, In no uncer
tain tones, have declared themselves
ngainBt tho liquor traffic, it is Just and
right that such n law should be on
actod. It Is a hard fight to abolish
liquor when whi'key concerns are al
lowed to ship unlimited quantities of
their products into "dry" states and
nro unrestricted in so doing by law.
With a law prohibiting such shipments
"dry" states would be greatly benefit
ted and the problem of bringing the
bootlegger to justice solved.
Congress Convenes.
Congress convened Monday noon.
It is not likely thnt much of impor
tance will he done for several weeks
for on the eve of a change of adminis
tration, an army of office-seekers and
lobbyists are on hand to press their
claims for jobs after March 4th. Only
measures which have been debated be
fore both houses and aro ready to re
ceive final notion will be considered.
After the inauguration of President
elect Wilson March 4th and the con
vening of tho oxtra session of Congress
. which will probably occur about April
15th, the big doin's will begin and we
tnnv expect all sorts of stunts to be
pulled off for at least four years.
The Liberal Hardware Co. is now
located on the South Side.
10 3 tf Tnos. W. Gaw.
Strayed or Stolen from tho Gene
Baker ranch, one sorrel filly, two years
old. Last seen September 13th. Any
information leading to the recovery
will be rewarded by
11-28 12-5 Rfd 1 Florls, Okla
W, Gaw.
Miss Edith Loofbourrow ard Alva
Nell spent a part of Tuesday at Forgan
in business and pleasure
Quick Money, Easy Terms, ApplyTo
fohn W. Savage, Just across the
'bridge'" for your farm loans.
An epidemics of colds and sore throat
has visited Beaver the past two weeks
ind nearly everybody has had a touch
of It more or less.
Will G. Fields has plenty, of money
tn loan on farms. Ofllco in Munscll
building. -11 tf
The Certificate to Hodges.
Topoka, Nov. 30 The Kansas board
of canvassers Issued tho certificate of
election as governor to Goorga H.
Hodges, Democrat, this afternoon.
The action followed the refusal of the
state supremo court to grant Arthur
Capper, Republican, rehearing In the
Wabaunsee County legal ballot case.
Tho court also lifted the restraining
order against the board of canvassers.
K. C. Star.
jjyjfl Abstracts Examined.
BEST ABSTRACTS Promptly made.
Chargos Reasonable I furnish you
prompt, reliable service for least
monoy. Thoro la a Legal Education
and years of oxperienoe back of my
Beaver County Abstract Office
Bonded Abstracter
Meaveh, Oklahoma.
Paper Railroad Sold for $800.
The assets of the Winnipeg, SallnaA
Gulf Railroad were sold at public auc
tion by the receiver, J A. Kimball,
Wednesday at Sallno, Kas. It. Leone
Miller, tho promoter who was arrested
in the federal court on tho Kansas side
by tho postal authorities for handling
a blue sky proposition, bought them
for $800 through II. J. Nesmlth, his
bdndsman. The assets consisted most
ly of office furniture. The maps and
profiles of the road could not be found
and were not offorod for sale. Mlllor
Is out on a $5 000 bond awaiting trial
on a charge of misuse of the malls.
K 0. Star.
Unearths Mammoth Bone.
Frank Chllcott unearthed n mam
moth bone one day last week while
digging sand out of n pit oti Uncle
Dave Miller's farm Just east of town.
Those who havo seen tho bone say it
must have been that of some prc-hts-tarlc
animal which roamed these wilds
previous to the flood for no bone of
its size could form a part of the anat
omy of an thing less than a mastodon.
The bone is on exhibition at the Bea
ver Mercantile Company lumberyard.
A. P. Cornell, formerly of near So
phia but now of Oklahoma City, is here
this week looking after business in
terests. Mrs, J O. Davis, of Clinton, who
was a Thanksgiving guest at the home
of the Herald editor, departed Mon
day for her homo.
If you want a farm loanx l'w interest
and no commission, see Walter C.
Frazer, Beaver. 8 8 tf
When you have a bilious attack, give
Chamberlain's Tablets a trial. They
are excellent. For sale by all
A number of the ladles of the town
enjoyed a horseback ride Thanksgiv
ing day. The weather was Ideal for
such sport.
Art Oulnii came un from tho Frank i
Maplo ranch lost week to cat turkey
with home fclks and la spending this
week In town.
A deeided change t colder weather
took place Wednesday and snow
threatened today but only a few scat
tering flakes fell.
Clevo Brown and family havo rented
tho G. W. Koblson farm south of
town and aro now occupying tho same.
Mr. Wllliamtonand wife, who had the
farm tho past season, returned to Mis
souri recently,
Mrs J. W. Webb has been quite sick
the past week and nt till time hor
condition is not as favorablo as her
many friends would wish for howevor,
sho Is slightly improved and we trust
will soon be entirely recovered.
You will And that druggists every
where speak well of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. They know from long
experience in the salo of coughs and
colds it can always bo depended upon,
and that it Is pleasant and safe to take.
For saleTiy alj dealers.
The many Beaver county friends or
Miss Viola Ives will be sorry to learn
that she has been seriously 111 of ty
phoid fever for the past winter but
will rejoice In tho news that she Is now
convalescent. M Us Viola Is at Okla
homa City where sho is engaged In
chiropractio work and has been most
Change in Lyceum Date.
The Sara Ruth Bates Company, Iho
third number on our lycoum lecture
course and which was advertised to
appear at tho High School building to
night, will not appear until Baturaay
night, December 7th Lot all bear
this In mind. Arrange to hear this
number. It will bo line.
J)r. J. A. Miller left last weok for
Colorado whore he expects to spond
some time In the hope of receiving re
lief from pulmonary trouble. Dr. Mil
ler Is n dentist of exceptional ability
and his host of friends all over the
county will regret his bolng compelled
to close his ofllco and seek health anu
trust that he may soon regain his usual
Thanksgiving Services.
Tlftff. (1. H. Leenor. nastor of the
Presbyterian church, delivered the
Thanksgiving sermon at tho union ser
vices which wore conducted at tho
Christian church Thanksgiving Day, at
eleven o'olook a. m. His remarks
were well-choen and dollvored In nn
able manner and tho srvlco was an
inspiration to those who attended.
Sees After 28 Years Darkness.
The Monday's Oklahoma!! gives an
account ol tho strange restoration of
vision to G. G. Rupert, an aged minis
ter, who had been blind for 28 years.
From tho account wo are lead to
! beliorc that tho Mr. Rupert referred
to was formerly a resident of this sec
tloi. and well known to many of the
pioneers here. He was a Bevonth Day
Advcntist and at one time conducted a
meeting In thu Presbyterian church
here, He resided near Liberal, Kan
sas, The strange story of the restora
tion of vision is as follows,
"Last month nhllo sitting in my
room with my grandson, the little fel
low, in an ('(Tort to have some fun at
the expense, of his grandfather, shot a
strip of twisted paper at mo with a
rubber and, the missile striking me
squarely in my right eyit, It came
with such force that I thought It had
burst tho eyeball. Hot bandages wore
applied to relieve the pain and as the
wound began to heal, I was surprised
one morning to una that I coulu see
my hand before my eye, and a litllo
light with It, although I eiuld not dls-
ii-tii anything plainly. For tho ten
following days my sight in this eye
improved steadily, and while my other
eye probably will remain blind for
Hver, I now can read ten-point type to
R'liiio extent, and primer typo easily,
mid with tho aid of n magnifying glass
I can discern the outline of many small
ohjf ets. Largo objects such as a build
ing or a trolley car I now can sen plain
ly When I loit my vision my beard
was black and when I first beheld It
gray upon tho return of my eyoilght,
I was strongly reminded of Rip Van
I Sloteo 1
Christian Church Services.
Services at tbo Christian church, Sun
day. Dec, 8th, 1012, as follows .
Bible School at 10 o'clock a. m.
Morning service at 11 o'clock, Sub
Ject "Christianity as a Business,"
Christian Endeavor at 15:45 p.m.
Evening Service at 7:18. Subject
"Tho Unanswered Prayer of Jtsua
Solo-By Mrs. W.T.Qulnn.
You are cordially invited to come
and warship with us. ,
L. L. Shaw, Pastor.
Bible Class Entertains.
Tho Bible Class, of tha Christian
church was entertained at tho home
of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Tracy, Friday
venlng of last week.
Games of various sorts and music
furnished the evening's entertainment
Refreshments wcro served and tho us
ual good time was enjoyed by all prci
A Real Botanical Garden.
John McCune, of Benton, Kansas, is
hero on a visit to his brother Charles
and sister, Mrs. B. J. Cole, who reside
south of town.
RocerThomas. son of Mr. and Mrs.
P. L. Thomas, has been qulto sick for
the past week. He is still confined to
his bed though is improving.
Mrs. Ellen Hughes moved up from
the Kiowa last weok and is keeping
house for her daughter, Miss Anna,
who Is employed as night operator at
thu Central office
Jas. II. Crabtree, wife and littlo one
returned the latter part of last weok
from Lockwood where they spent
Thanksgiving with John Sims and fam
ily, Mrs. Crabtroo's parents
A.T. Beegle, wife and little daugh
ter, of Alva, wore .Thanksgiving guests Pntor tn!n! for Cilicst.
at tho home of Dr. and Mrs. L. L. LnteriOinS lor UUCSl.
innn Mr. Roesln is n brother of Mrs. Mrs. L. L. Lona ontertalncd In lion
Long, The visitors returned to their orof her sister-in-law, Mrs. A.T. Ren.
... . .. T?!.l. .. ,.., f In.t
home Alonaay.
A. I.. Ralnoy, of Enid, was here a
few days tho first of tho weok on busl-
. . 1.1 -! I
ness. Mr. uaincy in an oiu menu u.
the .DrumniortdB, and called In at the
Herid office to seo I. B. Drummond,
whom ho used to know over at Enid a
few yars ago whon the latter lived at
that place. Ho is also woll acquainted
with "Poto" Drummond, formerly of
Beaver, now editor of the Enid Eagle,
and one of the influential men of the
eastern half of the stain, i
If anyone doubts that flowers and
hrubs cannot bo raised in Reaver Co.
in great variety and a profusely as In
any country, a visit to the country
homo of Mr. and Mrs, Henry Block,
m Cottonwood, last summer would
have convinced them of the fallacy of
'heir belief. From time to timu Mrs
Block brought beautiful bouquets to
tho Herald editor and other Beaver
friends and from hor vivid descriptions
of her veritable Garden of Eden we
were convinced that It must bo ex
qulsito Indeed but wc were never able
to visit her botanical garden much as
we should have liked to do so. How
evor, this week we wero afforded a
view of thn beautiful garden from a
photograph taken in tho heart of sum
mer when all plant lifo was at Its best
and which had been retouched in natu
ral colors by Mr. Block For beauty
and luxuriance of growth tho scene
cannot bo excelled. One who does not
know the possibilities of Beaver coun
ty looking upon it would bo led to In
quire If It were not n California flow
er garden and would little dream that
it was a product of the semi-arid west.
Mrs. Block understands all tho fine
points of gardening and floriculture
and to horofforts is duo tho resplen
dent boauty of the sc4ne.
Call at Robertson's Millinery Store
for Butteriok patterns, tf
Woodward, Harper, Ellis and
Beaver Counties.
MONEY READY when papers are signed.
See or write
Opposite P. 0.
Manager Beaver Office.
Lee Ow, of Eldorado, Kansas, who
has been here for several months for
the benefit of his health returned home
this week much Improved. While here
ho visited his uncle C. T. Mcuno and
aunt Mrs. B. J. Cole.
Tho Marthas served their annual
Thanksgiving dinner at the K. of P.
building last Thursday. A feast of
good things was spread and the occa
sion was a merry one. A large numbor
of tho Marthas and their families and
friends onjoyed tho day ,
The masquerade ball Thanksgiving
night, at the K of P. Hall, was well
attended and much enjoyed by all who
participated, Music was furnished by
a portion of tha Beaver orchestra,
which added much to the success and
pleasure of the occasion,
C. L. Moon and family moved Into
the Roberts properly, Saturday, which
was recently vacated by P, L. Thomas
and famtly moving into the Quliin
property. Mrs. Moon will, bo employ
ed at the Thompson hotel and Mr.
Moon nt the White House hotel. They
are coming in that their children may
have the advantage of our excellent
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday School at 10 a. m,
Morning service at 11 a. m.:
Evening service at 7:80 p. in.
As Rev, N. R. Walker can not bo
heru, as announced, the services will
bo held as usual by tho pastor.
All are Invited to the service. Your
presence will encourage tho pastor,
enliven the meeting and encourage
others to come.
All are invited to these meetings.
Ciias. B, Lerper, Pastor.
Methodist Church.
The former pastor, W J. Groat, will
again preach in tho Beaver Methodist
Episcopal Church Sunday, December
8th, at 3:30 p. in Subject "Stum
bling Blocks."
Go To Church.
Staying away from church willi
many men Is largely a matter of habit,
suporludticcd by tho belief that It Is a
good deal of trouble to got ready ti
attend services. Men are not indiffer
ent to tho value of churches in their
community as a moral force. Thry
know in a way that tho ministers In
churgo are very capable, and possessed
of the Intelligence requircd,la-pJJparjv, .
an entertaining discourse, but a grrd Q
many of thorn are not disposed to put
themselves out to the extent to accom
pany their wives or children to any nf
theso edifices. If the church Is good,
and it is; if It Is an essential moral
force, then it should have moru than
the mere passive support of the men.
If father does not go to church the boy
is likely to reaton when the time comes
for him to bo governed by choice In
stead of discipline that there is not
very much in It, and ho, too, will show
a preference for the Sunday paper.
Church attendance does not signify
that men who go must become ardent,
militant religionists. It does not bind
them to nny creed or to any program
of dally practice It Is an acknowl
edgement that tho church la useful,
and a proof of a wish to accord to the
minister and his co-workers forjgood at
least some measure of encouragement.
And theso aro tho seasons why more
mon in ovory city and town should go.
Congressman Anthony,
Money to loan on farms. Seo John
gle, of Alva, Friday afternoon of last
week. A targe numbor of invited
guest, spent a pleasant afternoon and
enjoyed the hospitality which their
hostess is so thoroughly capable or ex
tending. Delicious refreshments were
A Des Moines man had an attack of
muscular rheumatism In his shoulder.
A friend advised him "to go to Hot
Springs. That meant an expense of
$160.00 or more. He sought for a quick
er way to euro, it In Chamberlain's
Liniment. Three days after the first
application of this liniment he was
well. For sale by all dealers.
C. L. Moon received a painful injury
Saturday of last eek whlln moving
his household effects to Beavor. While
coming down the grade just north of
J. W. Savage's residenco his wagon
dropped into a chuck hole and he and
his daughter Miss Hazol were thrown
out? MrrMon'wifliyihratyTfJrulsVd
about the side, shoulder and hand.
Miss Hazel escaped TJnlnJtired. Mr.
Moon is hardly able to 'get about and
it will be some time beforo ho is en
tirely himself ogaln.
W. Savage, first building cast of tho
Court House.
If you aro thinking of making a farm
loan, see CARSON. 10 31 tf
If you want Insurance, or a loan ou
your farm, call on or wrlto Will O.
Fields. Ml tf
For Rent-Partly
Call at this office.
furnished room ,
Have You Seen
Tlio New Stock of Furniture that has just
arrived at our store? Wc now havo every
thing that anyone might need in these goods.
We also carry a complete line of
Undertaker's Supplies.
Beaver Hdwe. & Furn, Co.
Beaver, Oklahoma.
A .

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