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Oldest Oklahoma Newspaper ReDUbllcan for PrlnclDle
No. 31
r" w
The Heaver County Abstract Office
Hest Abstracts. Promptly Made.
Charges Reasonable.
Low Interest.
R.eal Estate
Bonded Abstracters
Beaver, Oklahoma.
A P Hatfield wa In from Gray the
first of tht week on business.
BonN TuPFdny, January 7th, 1013,
to Mr. And Mrs. Perry Kile, of Elm
wood, n don.
The cold snap here made good skat
ing, nnd many of the young folks are
enjoying themselves on the Ice.
Rev. W. J, Groat, formerly of Bea
ver, but now of Liberal M. E. Circuit,
was a Beaver visitor the first of the
Art Quinn returned Tuesday from a
visit to Gnto. Seems like business is
jirotty urgent for Art over tha,t way.
lie goes often. Now. wo wonder why!
Statistics show a large per cent of
male criminals in the penitentiary to
be unmarried. No, hold on. It doesn't
thow that women reform men, as you
were going to say. It only shows how
men prefer tl penitentiary to matri
mony. Alva Pionei r.
Mrs. Porry Kile, of Elmwood, I re
ported as being dangerously ill of ery
sipelas. Wo trust her condition may
not prove as critical as feared, and
that she may speedily recover.
Mrs. Harry Brown and little eon re
turned to her home at Arlington, Kan
sas, after spending the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs D. M. Kile,
and her brothers and sisters hero.
Tt. P. Rubaell suffered a rather sud
den and serious attack of heart trouble
Saturday, and for soveral days was
unablo to be about. He is improved
at iIiIb time
Miss NoUle Judy, who is employed
at Mrs. Robertson's millinery store,
left Saturday for Burden, Kansas, on a
visit to her parents, bhe expeots to
be gone two weeks.
He Advertised At Last.
There waB a man In our town,
And he was wondrous wlso,
Ho so-o (it was his policy)
He would not ndvertiso.
But one sad day lib advertised,
And thereby hangs a tale;
The ad. was set In quite small type,
And headed "Sheriff's Sale."
Woodward, Harper, Ellis aad
Bea-ver Counties.
MONEY READY when papers are signed.
Sector write
Opposite P. 0.
No Commission.
Mrs. Ellon Hughes left Tuesday for
Decatur, Illinois, where she was sum
moned to attend the funeral of n sis
ter, who died in California and the
body was taken to that point for burial
County Clerk Geo. II. W-ilght and
wife and little daughters, Irma and
Gladys, spent the holidays with rela
tivos and friends at Coldwater, Kan
sas. They returned homo the latter
part of last week.
Mrs. Nettio Brown, chief clerk In
the post office, left Monday for For
gans at which point she took tlio train
fur Guthrie, being siibpaaiacd as a wit
ness before the federal grand jury,
which is in session at that place She
will be joined at Woodward by her
husband, Roy Brown, who will accom
pany her.
Rev. C. E. Illnns, pastor of the M.
E, Circuit at Twin Mounds, was a Bea
ver caller Wednesday, coming -over
after Presiding Elder Dadisman, who
was enroute to that point to hold a
quarterly meeting. Rev, Binns en
countered considerable inconvenience
on account of the tnow and cold, but
made the trip in good time. He paid
Herald olllco a hurried call while
in town
John A. Spohn, ex-county attorney,
and family left yesterday for Holden
ville , in tho eastern part of this state.
Mrs. Spohn will visit relatives there
and in Missouri, whilo Mr Spohn will
sojourn in Florida for several weeks
Should he find a location which looks
desirable they may decide to remove
to the peninsular stato later on. Mr.
Spohn has promised to tell of come of
the things ho sees, through tho col
umns of the Hbrald, when ho reaches
his destination
Down Ault.
John Down, one of the bachelor mer
chants of the town, a member of tho
grocery linn of Hamlin & Down, and
Miss Minerva Ault, daughter of 0. W.
Ault, of this city, went to Arnett
Tuesday afternoon, whero they secured
a marriago license and were united in
the holy bonde of wedlock by Rev T.
A. Butler, the resident pastor of the
Baptist Church at that place. These
young p ople aro well and favorably
Known at Shattuck, and everybody
joins in extending them belt wishos.
The High School class, schoolmates of
the bride and the Sunday School class
gave them a nice sooial surmise' Tues
day night, nnd a party worth having
was the result nice mueio, a pleasant
evening, and many handsomo presents
went to the bride and groom on this
occasion Shattuck Monitor.
Alanager Beaver Office.
New Officers Installed.
Tho county officers-elect wore sworn
in, their bonds approved, and they
took up the duties of their respective
offices Monday. The regime at the
court houso remains tho same, how
ever, except In tho County Attorney's,
Assessor's and Sheriff's offices, and the
first and third Commissioners' dis
tricts, all the other officers holding
over. The County Treasurer's and
County Superintendent's terms do not
expire until Juno 30 1013, when tho
present incumbents will retire and the
officers-elect for these offices will take
their seats.
The new officers who entered upon
their duties tho first of tho year were
Claude T. Smith, County Attorney:
Johnnie M. Jonas, Sheriff; F. II.
Drum, Assessor; R. Hagan, Commis
sioner first dlurlct, nnd Thos. MoLain,
Commissioner third district, All these
gentlemen are capable and efficient,
and they enter upon their duties as
servants of the public enjoying the
r.onfidenco of tho people In general,
who believe that they will make good.
Geo. H. Wright, County Clerk; Geo.
II. Hcaly, County Judge; 0. F Prtiett,
District Gferk; A. A. Haskell, Com
missioner second district; 0car Gard
ner. Surveyor ; ami II. M. Bullck. Reg
ister of Deeds, succ?ed themselves
These men wore nil re-elected hy good
majorities, which goes to show that
the people were satisfied with their
services nnd thought they deserved
another term. We feel sure tha' no
mistake was made when three men
were re-elected, nnd that the affairs of
the county will be carefully managed
and discharged by them
Change in "Old Reliable."
A change occurred tho first of tho
year in the Beaver County Abstract
Office, formerly owned by W C Fra
zer, and which had como to tie known
s the "Old Reliable" Abstract firm,
on account of its being a continuation
of tho firm abstract bulnes estab
lished in Beaver, and thn well known
care, competence nnd nccuracy always!
exercised by Mr. Frnzer In "handling
this important busi-iees By the
change, Elmer L. Fickel becomes a
partner in the firm, buying a half in
tcest, and in future they will conduct
a general Abstraot, Real Estate, Farm
Loan and Insurance business.
Tho Beaver County Abstract office
is perhaps one of tho best known busi
ness concerns In Beaver. Being found
ed., as it was, In the early days, and
growing up and developing with the
country, it has grown to bo a landmark
in business circles of the county, and
through years of eatlf factory and effi
cient service in abstracting has made
for Itself an enviable reputation for
accuraoy, promptness and reliability.
Walter 0. Frarer has conducted' tho
business for years, and to his experi
ence, ability and legal education is
duo its success.
Mr. Fickel, tho new member of tho
firm, is also a man or much nbility
along clerical lines, and will prove a
valuable addition to the firm. He will
have charge of much of tho outside
work, and is a huvtier, energetic and
thoroughly reliable.
19 Degrees Below Zero.
The first real cold weather of tho
winter followed closely on tho heels of
tho New Year, when n decided drop in
the temperature, occurred Saturday
night and Sunday, and the thormnme
ter hovered uncomfortably near xuro.
A light flurry of snow, carried by n
1-ccn northwest wind, continued all
day Sunday, Mondny the ground was
covered with a blanket of from four to
six inches of snow, Tuesday night tho
temperature dropped to 10 below uro.
This seemed to be the climax, for the
weather moderated perceptibly Wed
nesday afternoon, and aside from the
snow, there was lltclo to evidence
the passing of the Storm King.
The snow will bo of great benefit to
the ground, which was badly in need
of moisture, Mid thn cold weather has
caused little or no buffering to man or
beast, for, after our experiences of last
winter, our ponple wero prepared, and
there Is an abundance of feed for stock
in all parts of the county.
Another Good Number.
Another number of tho Lyceum
course was given Saturday night when
Emerson Winters, impersonator, ap
peared lu his cluver and highly onter
talning role and furnished his audi
ence with one of tho most pleasing
numbers of the course. Mr. Winters
is indeed a clever entertainer, and an
artist in his line, and it is a real pleas
ure to hear htm. Beaver is particu
larly fortunate In securing such a se
ries of entertainments, not one of
which, so fur, has not been well worth
the price.
Some Beaver County Crop.
A grent many peoplo outside of lica
vor County, and somo right here at
home, seem to havo tho erroneous idea
that this section Is not an agricultural
country, and that farm products can't
bo produced in raying quantities, and
yet it has been tho history, every year,
that enormous crops have been raised
by a part if our farmers In all sections
of tho county This leads us to believe
that the reason more of tho farmers
do not renp such good results is either
because thej do not know how to farm
right, or because they are too indolent
and indifferent to lcep everlastingly'
at it, and that it Is not all tho fault of
the soil or tho seasons. It is n well
known fact that thosn farmers who use
some sytom and scientific methods in
preparing their ground for planting,
and In thecareand cultivation of their
crops, as well as in the harvesting, are
tho ones who reap the best results and
whose efforts are rewarded by well
filled granaries. Tho slip-shod method
will not bring results in agricultural
pursuits any moro tlmn It will In other
lines of business. Tho farmer who
does things right is pretty npt to suc
ceed, but tho fellow who wants to
throw tho seed at tho ground In the
spring nnd gather enormous crops in
the fall, leaving the weeds, Russian
thistles, etc,-, to do their worst during
the cultivating season whllo ho goee
fishing, nr comes to town and knocks
on the country, tells how it is going to
the bow-wows, is pretty apt to be dis
appointed when "the frost is on the
pumpkin and the fodder's In tle shock"
in the other fellows' fields, and lib
is a mass of tumblo weeds and stunted
growth of forage.
To provo that enormous crops can be
raised when the right methods are era
ployed, we need but to mention as an
example, the success of John F.
Hutchison, a Beaver County farmor,
of near Florls. Mr. Hutchison has re
sided in the county somo seven or
eight years, and he has always raised
abundant crops, but during the season
just parsed he excelled allTormer rcc
ords..producitigJn round numbers 3085
bushels of threshed grain. To bo ex
act, he produced:
821 bushels of Kaffir Corn ;
500 " Indian Com;
233 " MIloMaizo;
601 " Wheat;
172 " Oats j
205 " Barley;
'Roughness galore,
Not such a bad showing, is it? And
he Is only one ol many who have hod
wonderful harvests the past season
Wo would like to have reports from
others ns to what they have done, and
exact figures of various crops har
vested. School Opens Again.
The members of the faculty of our
city schools yiho spint their holiday
vacation with homo folks, returned
and Monday all again took up their
work with renewed zeal and energy.
The pupils, too, havo had a good rest
nnd a season of fun, and now that their
work is before them should be diligent
nnd improve every golden moment.
The nd vantages of an excellent corpt
of instructors and facilities which
should mako study a pleasure, are
theirs and we have reason to believe
that great advancement will be made
during tho remainder of tho term.
Marthas, All Stars.
The Marthas Society gve e comedy
entitled, "Breezy Point," at the K. of
P. building Friday night of last week,
and a matinee Saturday afternoon, in
which each one who took a part pre
sented the character In such a talented
manner that wo are led to bolievo the
Marthas aro all ''stars."
Breezy Point" was full of Interest
from beginning to end, and the large
crowd who attended wore highly en
tertaincd and well ploased.
Tho Marthas netted tho neat sum of
$50.00, which will be applied to their
church building pledge.
Death From Cancer.
Mrs. C. W. Beebe, of Six Mile, pass
ed away Thursday of last week Janu
ary 2d, after a prolonged illness.
Death was due to cancer of the stom
ach. The remains were taken to Chi
cago, Illinois, for interment.
Mrs. Beebe enjoyed the respect and
good will of a largo circle of friends
and neighbors, and by her death the
community is deprived of a good and
noble woman, who had a welcomes in
every home, and whose 'life was full of
deeds of love and kindness
The husband alono is left to mourn
the loss of n loving and faithful wife,
no children ever having blessed the
home, To him tho deepest sympathy
of all is extended In his dark hour of
, . -,
Money Saving Event
Of the Yeao-
Commences Saturday, January 18.
Closes Saturday, February 1.
This Sale will be a complete clearance of unusually heavy
purchases made last Fall, and will be marked by the heaviest
reductions in prices ever made in Beaver County,
As Broomcorn has boon sacrificed for less than its worth, so
ilso will my entire stock of DRY GOODS, LADIES' READY-TO
SHOES, HOSIERY, GLOVES, Etc., bo sacrificed.
PriccH on many items will be stated next week, and when- you
see them you are bound to be convinced that never before have you
had an opportunity to buy high quality Roods at suchW prices.
The Sale will last but two weolw. Tho tdrms,' necessarily,
no strictly CASH.
A. L AlcPhcrson Killed.
Word wo rccolved hero last week
of tho death of A. L. MoPhorson.
which occurred at Red Rook, a few
days ago. Particulars concerning his
death wore meagor, oxcept that he was
killed by n fractious team which he
was driving
Mr. Mcl'herson was at ono time
President of tho Bank of Beaver City,
and was well known here. He always
drovo a dashing team, nnd seemed to
he In his glory when riding behfnd n
spirited horse. That he should have
mot death in such a sudden and do
plorablo manner Is deeply regretted
by all who knew him.
Roll of Honor.
W. E. Dunn, Clear Lako, renewal.
Cal Brown, Hlgglnsvlllo. Mo,,rcnewol.
A. O, Riohlo, Riverside, renewal.
W. O Schmoker, Nyo, renewal
J S. Shaffer, Englewood, Kas. renew'
A D. Snoll, Sogau, rcnowal.
A. G. MIdklff, Ponca, renowal,
O. E. Taokott. Beaver, renewal.
P. J. Gheen, Logan, renewal.
Warbas Provost, Beaver, renewal.
Jas. McQuade. C'punoll Grove, Kansas,
renowal, by II. W. Lawson, Beaver.
Aaron Stains, Oakwood, renewal.
J. Y Alexander, Knowles, renowal.
li. F. Ruth, Englewood, Kas. renewal.
G. W. Roblson, Gate, renewal,
A. M, Willie, 'Beavor, renewal,
Clyde Gregg, Beaver, renewal.
N, J. Rhode, Nlles, Kas. renewal.
Uhas. Eyer, Clear Lake, renewal.
Mrs J D. Stono, Alva, new subscriber
by May Stone, Beavor
Mrs. Laura Gaunt, Oloudohlef, new
sub by Mrs. D D. Gracy, Beaver.
Mrs. R. P. Anderson, Seward, Neb. by
E, Sorter, Seward, Neb
A, E. Gracy, Florls, new sub.
Hattie Tremaine, Iuica, Kas. now sub.
by Mr. J. R, Quinn, Beavor,
J 11. Thompson, Lorena, new sub.
John Seybold, Lorena, new sub"
Chas, E. Wells, Madison, new sub.
J. L. Brldwell, Rlvorsido, renewal.
G. W. Lowe, Halko, new sub,
Frightful Polar Winds.
blows with terriflo force at tha far
north and play havoc with tho skin,
causing red. rough or sore chapped
hands nnd lips, that need Bucklen's
Arnica Salve to heal them. It makes
tho skin soft and smooth. Unrivaled
for cold-sores, also burns, boils, sores,
ulcers, cuts, bruises and piles. Only
25 cU. at Fred C. Trooy's.
I Jloti I
Presbyterian Church.
Wo welcome you to all the service
of tho Church. Come! brinir th -htl.
dren, and your friends too. Sunday
School begins at 10:00 a. m. Preach
ing at 11.00 a. m. nnil at 7.BJp. m.
uememuer that everybody is welcome.
Cims. B. LiEpKn, Pastor,
Christian Church Services.
For Sunday, January 12th, 1013.
Blblo School at 10:00 o'olock a. m.
Morn-no Sekvics; lrj'clock
Subject i "Man. tho CftfiWi nf Cre
ation." ' mnn
0:45-Ohristlan Ende'iVdf.w
Evening SteriTiljW-l-yvfo.
Special Music.7''AWIaiWltatl0n
or t ended ty "a I If. '"' " "
, ,7 MSrt?, raster.
A bout' A Veftftfftfmr!Anl tj,l.iu
was arrested ol'Shatulelc charged with
selling whlskeylusTHdjiderendant de
nied the sale oTathurohlskov. nrt lliu
caso wan tried before JajJury which
louna him guilty, butleft; ,his penalty
to be fixed by the court. Judge Squire
fixed his penalty at 00 days In Jail and
$250 fine. The attorney for Lnviilir.ii
made a motion for a new trial, which
tho COUntv ludaa overruled, and thu
case was then appealed to the criminal
court of appeals. The trial was heard
at the February term of the Rhsttnrk
court, and the appeal was taken soon
after the term of court. Last week
the county iudao's office received an
order from the criminal court of ap.
peals sustaining tho county court and
ordering that the Judgment of the
county court Da enforced. The county
judge Immediately (slued a commit.
mont and placed it In the hands of the
sheriff, and Mr. Lovelace was immedi
ately placed in jail, where he is now
serving nis sentence. There are three
other bootleggers now serving sen
tence, in the county Jail. Shattuslt

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