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Oklahoma Ilia Seeiety
Oldest Oklahoma Newspaper Republican fur Principle
No. 32
The Heaver County Abstract Office
Host Abstracts. Promptly Made.
Charges Reasonable.
Low Interest.
Real Estate
Bonded Abstracters
Beaver, Oklahoma.
R. 0. Fatn lias moved his family into
tho Roberta property west of tho
"Whlto Donne hotel.
Mrs. Emery Trckcll, former'y Miss
Mao Maple, who has been here on a
visit to relatives and friend, departod
Wednesday for her homo at Milan,
Mrs. Perry Kile, of Elmwood, who
was reported as being seriously ill last
week of eryslpllas, Is steadily Improv
ing much to the delight of her many
friends who had gravo fears for her
T. P. Zahner and family moved from
the Hodge property on South Douglas
Avenue Intp the. Savoy building, jut
south of tho West Side Feed Yard,
Tuesday, where- they will reside In tho
futuro and conduct n hand laundry.
Mrs. M. A Clark entertained n num
ber of her friends last Friday night at
her homo In honor of Mr Clark's sis
ter. Miss Rnth, who loft Saturday to
resumo her studies at Alva. Buffalo
Bob MoFarland and family, who
have been residing on tho A. D. Grcon
, farm, near Hlbt, returned to Beaver
Tuesday, and will reeida here perma
nently in the future Mao has been
seriously ill for some time, but Is now
greatly Improved, n fact which all his
friends are delighted to know.
Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Thomas left
Sunday for Kansas City, whore, they
will attend tho Implement Dealers
convention which convenes there this
week. From that point they expect
to visit friends in Missouri a fow days
and return by way of Guthrie, where
they will attend tho Grand Lodge, of
the Masonio Fraternity.
D M Kile has adorned his place of
business with a big, attractive sign,
which tell tha publlo at a glnnco,
where he is and what he Is there for.
Mr. Kile has been doing lots of im
proving up on his corner of late,
which has added much to the appear
nnoo of that side of tho blook.
Woodward, Harper, Ellis ajrd
BeaLver Counties.
MONEY READY when papers are signed.
See or write W. F. CARSON,
Manager Beaver Office.
Opposite' P. 0. BEAVER, 0KLA.
No Commission.
Judge R. II. Loofbourrow and wife
and llttlo sou Hal also the Judge's
mother, Mrs. 0.J. oofbourrow, left
Sunday for the Gulf cnast of Texas
where they will spend tho remainder
of the wlntr for the benefit of tho
Judge's and his mother's health, both
of whom have been considerably indis
posed for some time past. They will
visit sevorul south Texas points but
most of tho time will bo Bpent at
Corpus Christ!. Wo trust that they
may find great beuellt from their trip
and return, much improved in health.
Attorney A. S. Dickson and wife
departed Sunday for Willow Springs,
Toxas, whom they will spend a fort
night. Mr. Dickson is attorney for the
N. F. & N. W. Railway and recently
received his annual pass over their
lines. From the appearance of his
transportation card which reads. 'Rock
Island Linos" It Is evident that the
compromise reported as taking place
between the great railways and where
in the M. K. A T transferred tho W.
F. &. N. W. to the Rock Island in or
der to amicably settle the controversy,
is true and that railroad building in
Oklahoma will not bo resumed, to any
great extent, until article 0 of tho Con
Btltlon is repealed. Tho great rail
road interests are contending for the
repeal of this section which they claim
makes railroad extension impossible.
Tho Beaver Herald is after the boot
leggers of that town proper. People
are beginning to get after theso law
breakers in every part of the county,
but now that tho Ileaald has espoused
the cause, the depredators that infest
tho county seat will likely have a rock
ior road to travel than those in any
other part of the country, for they
must not overlook tho fact tho Her
ald editor is to be feared tho most of
nnv because "Her name Is Maude."
Tho Beaver gamblers and bootleggers
better take a tumble anil get out or
the country at onco, which would prob
ably bo very pleasing and satisfactory
to the people of that town. Beaver
County Republican
Wo never have regretted our name
boing "Maude" in fact, we rather liked
it, but. we'll feel more proud than ever
if It proves to have tho desired effect
as Brother Hill seems to think it will,
in dealing misery to the bootlegger
and gambling fraternity. Wo only
wish we could land on this class of law
violators as effectually as ''Maude,"
tho mule, of comic newspaper fame,
landed on some of her victims and
transported them by mulu-hocl-o-blle
to whero tho woodbine- twlncth and
the whang-doodln whineth.
Great Loss To Fruit Growers.
The cold wave which swept the coun
try last week extending even to the
fruit bolts of California and Florida,
did great d.imago to the orange and
lemon crop and in fact, tho ontiro cit
rus products Tho crop will be almost
a comrlotc loss and means thousands
of dollars loss to tho fruit growers of
those states.
Ohio Valley Flooded.
Much suffering nd lni of nropnrty
has been experienced by residents
nlong tho Ohio rirer valley on account
of hlch water tho past week. Tho
river reached he seventy foot stngo
at Clncinntti and all the lowlands are
flnodid Hundreds of families have
been driven from their homes nnd the
property loss will be enormous.
A "Jonah."
George Murphy is n self-confessed
"Johah," so far as "Joy riding" Is con
corned. He helped put Emmott Bag
by's car out of business nn Saturday
night, and on Monday went out with
Homer Crisman for a trip to Windsor
when they broke a stearlng gear and
had to walk homo. When George
rides with another of his friends in this
locality ho will probably bo requested
to "trail behind "Green Ridge,
(Mo,,) Local-News.
Legislature in Session.
The Oklahoman legislature is In so
slon at Oklahoma City and tho law
makers nro busy. Tho result will
probably be as usual. Much needless
and expensive legislation but, It is to
be hoped that soma good measures,
which havo nlrcedy been presented,
msy ride through nnd that some
means may be found for curtailing the
tremendous burdon of taxes under
which no arc staggering
Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our heartfelt
thanks to tho neighbors and frionds
who so kindly helped in every way In
the last sickness and death of our loved
husband and uncle. Words can but
feebly express what your assistance
and sympathy havo meant to us. You
will recelvo the reward of Him who
sald,"u-as-much as you have done it
unto ono of the least of these, you
havo done it unto mo." Slncorely,
May S. Johnson-.
A. W. McClumj.
Mr. Jeptha Scott Johnson was born
Nov. 10, 18S4, at Ohamplaln, 111 His
parents moved to Kil'erton, Iowa,
when he was two years of age. There
he received a common school educa
tion. He was converted in early life,
nnd set his faco toward tho city of his
King. Ho was united In tho holy
bonds of matrimony July 18lh, 187$, to
MIssMabolla J. Shackloford. Shoul
der to shoulder thoy stood most faith
fully until Dec. 10111,1012, nt7:6fp, 111.
when tho death messuiiger severed tho
bonds which united them on earth,
Mr. Johnson moved to Beaver county
March 2 J ml, 1003, where h lived the
life of a Christian admired, and loved
by all. If ho had an enemy no one of
us knew it. We aro sure it cat) bo
truthfully said of him as of "Empress
Josephine, "he never caused anyone to
shed a tear." Mr, Johnson was of the
old Bchool, an honest man God's niost
noble work, no one doubted Mm, or
what ho asserted for the truth, he went
homo leaving no children, but n most
devoted wife who surely feels the loss.
Scott Johnson Is diad, but his spirit
lives and his works will follow him and
the church ht Twin Mound will riso
and call him blessed.
An Iowa paper Innocently recom
mends: "To keep ants away from tho
refrigerator, tie woolen strings around
each leg, saturated with turpontinc."
Fresh, Rtlliblt, Purs
Every Otrdeoer snd
Plinttr ibotild tett II..
innirlnr merit! of Our
Norttitro 0 rown 8di.
wo will lend pn.tpalil our
I rtr-lD.r i.b.u , , , , six
i rki. rri.-Mitt.di.t . .10.
1 kf .IHirla r.l.rr ... KM
l B,,,r.ririrr.kr.vk.f . . tw
1 bf. r11.rl.a M.rk.t UlU. ... 10.
AlMllTuLli.lllMllrS4l . .
Kill. l)jl F.i 10 mbU U Lip rr fW" Lin
packlBf iM r.e.lv lb. lv". "r.moal ClUfa.o, to
olbar with on. K.w .nd In.trwtn. (l.rvl.a Ual4.
717 1toaoHt. Itackfortl, Illinois
' y
See Hacvely, The
Poultry and Hogs.
It was dumonstrated tho past two
weeks that Denver county farmers
have more produco to market than
broom com and wheat, which they
havo been compelled to practically
glvo away. When wngon-Ioad after
wagon-load of poultry and hogs passed
through hero on-routo to market. Sev
eral hundred dollars havo gone Into
tho pockets of our farmers from this
source and they havo received a good
With the enormous nmount of kalllr
corn and maize which was produced
the pun season, than which theru Is no
butter feed for poultry and hogs, nvast
amount of such live stock should bo
grown (iy the farmers, Jt grows Into
dollars mighty fust nnd beats toiling
day in nnd day out with bioamcurn,
which at tho best, rarely nets more
than $10.00 or 15 00 a ton above ex
penses and that not every year.
lk-avor county firmer should phi
their faith to staplo crops such as
maize, kalllr, peauuts, etc., and raise
cattle, hogs, poultry und sheep and
they'll clean up more money each year
than undur the present system. Mixed
farming U tho only thing fur this sec
tion und as soon as it is adopted by any
great pur cunt of our farmers there ir
going to bu nn nppreeiablu difference
In tho lluiinciul condition of the coun
ty. It will mean our salvation.
Time Extended for Paying
The County Commissioners nt their
session lust week extended tho Hint
for tax pajing from January 1st u
March 1st, without penally. Tills win
ilono for tho roaou that the tax rollr
which should have been in the hand
of tho county treasurer October 15tn
wore not ready and pay mont of taxes
could not bo received.
Tho penalty after March 1st will be
18 per cent and unless one-half of the
tax is paid on or beforu that dalo ail
becomes duo and the panalty will be
added. Hotter nrrango to pay your
Johnny On The Spot.
Johuulo M, Jones, who took tils oath
last Monday to discharga the dutlos ol
tlto oflico of Sheriff of Beaver countj
without fear or favor, seems to have
started out with tho full Intention nl
fullllling his oflicial obligations and
discharge his duties honorably and he
states that It is his Intention to break
up the bootlegging and gambling busi
ness in Beaver county. If possibto. He
is going ahead in a way that lodks liko
business and ho should havo tho sup
port of every man and women In his
efforts to make life a burden to this
dais of law breakers.
Mind Again Unbalanced.
Mrs. Jas. Young, formerly Miss Vio
la Hibbs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Asa Hibbs, of Clear Creek, and who on
two previous occasions has been an in
mate of the Insane Asylum but who It
was thought, had been permanontl)
restored to reason, becamo mentally
unbalanced again tho past week and It
will bo necessary to again contlnn hei
In the Asylum at Ft. Supply. Wo art
Indeed sorry to report tho unfortunate
circumstance, which is doubly sad in
that two llttlo ones aro loft by tho un
fortunate woman.
Ars. Tolbcrt Wright Dies.
Mrr. Tolburt Wright, of Cut'onwood,
died Saturday last after a brief illness
Her condition was not considered seri
ous, nnd her sudden death camo ns a
shock to her relatives and friends.
Burial was mado in tho Doaver come
tery Sunday. Tho husband and one
child are left to mourn tho loss of a
loving and faithful wlfo and mothor
Tho sympathy of all Is extended to the
Borrowing relatives.
Charivari Their Teacher.
Tho school children planned a suc
cessful charivari for their teacher,
Prof M. O. Green, who recently Joined
tho boncdlcts, and called on lie and his
brldo Friday night, making life miser
able lor them until Mr Groen present
ed himself and was taken in charge by
tho youngsters and lead to Miles' gro
cery whoro treats for all were forth
cotnipg. Another Cold Wave.
Another cold wave boro down on us
from tho northwest tho past wuek for
several days A slight (lurry of snow
fc)l,$'ut the weather soon moderated
and It all disappeared, and tho cold
anap was of short duration
T '"? T
To nil our customers having Trading Bonds or
Cash Tickets givon by us and good for Premiums:
Samo will be redeemed, according to condl
tions stated in our Profit Sharing catalogue, any
time between now and April 1st, 1013, but not lat
er than that date.
Beaver Mercantile Co.,
Beaver, OKla.
Broomcorn Advice.
Tho following letter from Eorlght
Brothers, broomcorn merchants of
Chicago, advising as to tho present
I'oudltion of tho broomcorn market,
nay bo of Interest and value to those,
if our readers who still hold their
irush but aro contemplating shipping
i) market. The letter was handed us
iy T. A. Stennolt, of Sophia, who
'hipped hU corn to tills compnny. It
s us following)
Beau Sir:! Imnd you herewith
total proceeds on car No. 01320, which
vns sold in your presence and with
, our consent yesterday, at $0000. por
on V 0. It. Chicago. Ploaeo tell your
ic ighbars that wo havo not sold their-
iroomcorn, becauso an offer of this
tlnd is all wo can got at tho present
lino, and ns you know, tho party to
vliom wo sold this car, bought threo
ars from othor pcoplo tho. day before
it a still lower price of $15,00 par ton,
Wo believe there, is reason in all
hiiigs, and when broomcorn reaches
his very lew price, wo bellovo it bet
or to hold, and while wo aro anxious
'o havo shipments mado to us, wo will
tot misrepresent a market in order to
ret such shipments.
Our ndvlco to tho farmers at tho
ireseut time would bo to keep their
iroomcorn at homo on the farm. Don't
.liko it to town and don't ship It to
myono, until tho prico gets hotter.
A'o tru.tt you can appreciate tho lion
sty of our purposo in giving you this
idvlco. There is nothing In it for us,
unless wo get to handle tho broomcorn,
but wo don't liko to accept Hhipmonts
wlion wo know the market is in such
deplorable condition, that tho results
will be unsatisfactory.
Hoping that conditions will improve,
and assuring you that we do not make
tho market, but that wo will endeavor
to give everyono a square deal, and all
that wo want is a commission for hand
ling, wo remain, Yours Kosp't ,
ScniaitT Bnoi.
.John J. Tinkler.
John J. Tinklor was born near Scales
mound, Illinois, on March 10, 1802, and
departed this life December 22, 1013.
Ho was the only child of Joseph and
Elizabeth Tinklor. His father was
killed in tho battlo of Chlckamauga,
Georgia, and his mother died In ISOt.
Ho moved to Kansas In I860 and from
there to Oklahoma in 1887. He was
united in marriage to Clara Tola May
in 1801 at Woodward, Oklahoma, and
there was burn to this union two sons,
William and McKinley. In April,
1003, ho moved to 1'aonl where ho has
since resided.
Ho and his eldest son had gone to
Castle Gate, Utah, in search of work
at which placo ho was killed by a
stroke of paralysis on December 22, nt
oi30 p, m. Ho united with the Chris
tnln church at Deighton, Oklahoma, in
April, 1002.
Ho nas a kind and loving husband
and father and respected by ull who
know him. The funeral services were
conducted by licv. 0. G. Stout Thurs
day afternoon at 1 :30 o'clock, Inter
ment being made at Cedar Hill Ceme
tery. Tho I'aoniau, I'aonia, Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs, Tinkler were early-day
residents of Heavor and will be re
membered by many nhi-tiniers all of
whom will learn witli regret of the
suddon death of Mr. Tinkler, and ex-
I tend sympathy to the wlfo, and family.
Dentist, Beaver, Okla.
Presbyterian Church.
Wo welcome, you to all tho services
or tho Church. Come, bring the chil
dren, and your friends too. Sunday
School begins at 10:00 a. m. Preach
ing at 11.00 a.m. and at 7.3.) p. m.
Remember that everybody is welcome,
Ciias. 11. LxErtn, Tastor,
Christian Church Services.
For Sunday, January lOtli, 1013.
Dlblo Sahool at 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Our Motto: Every member of the
Church in the lllblo School.
MonsiNn Skrvici II o'clock
fubject: "Man's First Sin."
0:45 Christian Endeavor.
Evesi.no Sicnvtci 7: -15.
Subject :"fiolld Ground."
Special Music. A cordial invitation
is extended to all.
I.-L. Siuw, Pastor.
Beaver School Report.
For week ending January 10, 1012.
Total enrollment, 167' '
Average attendance, 120.
Cases o! absence. 30
Pupils attending ovory dati 118.
Wo havo made tho poorest record
this past week of any since school be
gan. It was on account of sickness
and inclement weather, however, and
wo predict .a much bettor report for
the present week, becauso school
opened Monday, January 13, with al
most a perfect attendance,
Monday, January 13, was tho begin
ning ot the 5th month of tho school
year. Wa nre going to do our best to
mako tho last half of tho year much
better than the first. We k the pa
trons to aid us in every way possible.
Wo are striving to have a porfect at
tendance, and ovory patron can assist
us in our attempt, and wo aiiuro you
wo will appreclato your help.
Roll of Honor.
W, R. Haight, Lorena, new sub.
W. M. Berends, Knglewood, Kansai,
now sub.
J. W. Aklns, Italko, new sub.
Mrs. C. K. Havely, Albli, Iowa, new
sub, by 0. K, Havely, Dcavor.
A. P. Hatfield, Gray, renewal.
Mrs. P. ft. Moore, Forgan, renewal, by
Lynn Moore, Beaver.
John S. Roberts, Stockton, III., renew
al, by Paul Roberts, Beaver.
John Daumgartner, Logan, rcnow&l,
I) Ii Kinder, Deaver. renewal
J 0. Noal. Logan, renewal.
Geo. Pritchard, Gorman, Tex. renewal.
Tho daniago to tho fruit crop by th
recent cold wavo may save somo of in
being handed so many "lemons" but
then, there is tho Parcels Pott and
being handed a "package" by a frlerd
is about as exasperating,
1 Bote I

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