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tub Beaver Herald
Official Co. Paper.
MAUDE 0. THOMAS, - - Publisher.
E itarsd at th ptofUc Bt Roarer, Oklahoma,
wood class mill m.tt.f.
Advertising rates made known upon
application. Price reasonable.
Subscription Price, $1.00 a Year
Clear Lake.
Droomcorn buyers are around offer
ing (so reported) from $30.00 to $73.00
per ton.
New Year ha arrived and give
proinlie of bother things. Kafllr, that
hung around 22 cents, lias gone up to
31 centi. By April 1st, wlU go to SO
cents per buihul, no doubt. Wheat
li on the upward turn, eggs and butter
holding their own, but toon to bo on
the decline. So bright day are loom
ing up ahead of us.
Most all the threshing It dono and
the grain In the granarlen. Farm ere
are holding thulr grain waiting for an
advance In price, which Is sure to
come. .
Mrs. Harry Lands spending the lat
ter part of the week with her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Edward Lane, while the, boys
are plastering II. L,'s house.
Mr. Hush and lon II row n went to
Knorflos with Kalllr Jan. 1th.
Burford Terrell Is house moving to
day, Jan, 4th,
Ed Lano and Tom Howe threshed
their sorghum. Yield Ed's crop 10)4
and Tom's 13, bushels per acre.-
Kafllr Is yielding about 12 buslfls
per acre.
Earl Kcnnll hns rented Lon Stan
ley's place, known as the, John Stllilii-
A. J. Hertnr, who for lomo time war
at Kd Lane's, is now with his brother.
Jake lienor.
Report has It that Mr, Blnghmii'
artn in which blood poison hud tfi
In, Is much Improved,
It is reported that Miss Jessie BIiik
hnm's school closed after a 3 mouth,
term, to the regret of nil patrons,
Mrs, Oattool, teacher at Clear Lake,
is one of the most popular toachcrs in
the county. Her Ohristtnns entertain
ment was splendid.
A brother of Isaao Ourfman Is visit
ing him at present.
A raport just In says that n number
of parties have parted with their brush
at $50 per ton,
Edward Lane is looking for an A 1
fresh cow. Who has one for sale?
Ed Lane and Tom Hnw went to La
vernoon business, stopping with their
old friends, Mr. and Mrs. John Stlbb
at Speormoro.
Saturday, Jan. 4, tho storm oame on
in all its fury, and in leas than 12 hour
wo had zero weather, and In 11! hours
lou formed 4 inches think
Arthur Lane, who has been visiting
Doll Mondonhall, returned to his home
at his brother John's Jan. 6th
Mrs. Ed Lane will be a visitor at her
mother's, Mrs. Q.T, Horry.
The Fourth Quarterly Conference,
held in Odd Fellows' Hall here, whs
almost a failure, Pastor Meecliam and
wife and T. L. Howe only ones present.
Willis Ralborn Is with us ngain, of
which we are glud.
Jesse Thompson has gone to eastern
Oklahoma. Ills brother Charles Is f
follow soon.
Ed Lane lost a hog; overlaid.
Iluford Tnrrill presented his wife
with a new house. It is l'e one built
on the Lonman claim to contest Win.
Thompson, and lost.
A horse belonging tn Jvsso llarrett
got its back broke; While playing it
slipped and fell.
Januory 10 Three of Mrs. Ed Lano's
hens froze ou the, porch.
$100 Per Plate.
was paid ata.bnmjuet to Henry Clay,
In New Orleans In 1812. Mighty cost
ly for those with stomach troublo or
indigestion. Today people everywhere
use Dr. King's New Life Pills for these
troubles a well as liver, kidney and
bowel disorders- Easy, safe, sure.
Only 23cti. at Fred O. Traoy's.
The question has becu asked many
timet;: "What became of tho monoy
raised last year for treats?" One of
tho commltteo gavp tho money back
to those, who had given It. The othor
two gavo theirs to the Union S S. to
buy llteraturj with.
Mrs. Falk is improving.
Tho many friends of Mrs.T. E. Kirk-
hart will bo glad to know that she Is
Improving. She writes that she had
gained four pounds and could walk
down town, which Is nearly a mile.
When sho left iho could walk only n
short distance.
The Sunday School was reorganized
tho iflth. Mr. Burdiok, superintend
ent; J. A, Lee, nssistant superintend
ent; Paul Starn, secretary ; Ruth Cox,
treiuurer. Tho old teachers were cho
sen again.
J. A. Lee has lost IBS worth of hogs,
and the ducks from the lake ate $200
worth of Kafllr corn for him,
A Hero In a Lighthouse.
For years J. S. Donahue, So. Haven,
Mich , a civil war captain, as a light
house keeper, avried awful wrecks,
but a queer fact is, he miitht have been
a wreck, himself, If Electric Ultti-r
had not prevented. "They cured me
of kidney trouble and chills," he
writes, "after I had taken other so
called cures for years, without ben
eflt and they nlso Improved my sluhi'
Now, at seventy I am feeling flue "
For dyspepsia, indigestion, all stom
ach, liver and kidney troubles, they're
without equal, Try them. Only bOct
at Fred C. I'racj's.
District No. 151.
School began again this morning
after a vacation of two weeks
Winter has come at lust, snow begin
falling yesterday and is still nt It, bu
on account of the Intense cold then
has not much fallen yet.
The thrasher mm was here lust whm
and the week before, so nearly nil tii
grain is thrashed and In tho crib,
Mr. and Mrs II. A "prugiift left Dec
20 for Kansas to visit their daughter
Dora, who is teaching school there anil
holding down n claim at the same time
They hoped to be home by tills lim
but are probably storm-bound ulonu
the road some place.
Miss Susan Moore and Miss Elm
Drumm spent their vacation in Culi
rado looking ntler their interest ii
their claim and visiting the ii
liHchiilur boys, Paul Moore and Cliir
ley Armstrong.
Wo Just learned that Frank Spang
ler, one of K tin wood mall carrier,
started to limn mi hi vacation to visit
relatives and frit lids, mid on urrirlug
at Wichita, Kan., win taken nick mid
went to the hospital where helms been
the past four weeks. Ho is better at
this writing. We did not learn what
was his troublo, but it was a sad vaca
lion for him. We hope he will soon
hu able to como homo.
Sam Starcher, Miss Pearl Hendricks
and Mildred Stedman wcro callers at
II. C, Gray's home Sunday afternoon,
Quito a number from hero attended
the pie supper over on Clear Creek last
Friday night. All report a good time
Wm. and Mary Gray mado a trip to
Forgan last week.
Miss May Drown Is homo spending
lior vacation. Sho oxpeots to go back
to Kearney county, Kansas, soon,
whore she Is attending school.
Uortha Vown and Vivian Qrcer were
shopping at Tillln Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Mathews mado a
business trip to Englcwood, Kansas,
last woek.
H. C. Gray and H M. Bullclc
thrashed their kalllr corn last wesk
They got 1,600 bushels if or.o-fourlh
did go In the straw-slack.
jonn i nun is out trying to colled a
little cadi. Remember your old stand
by groceryman, boys, and rustle him a
littlo silver If you possibly can, you
might want something to eat again
next summer. Dorr.
A Girl's Wild Alidnight Ride.
To warn people of u fearful forest
fire in the CatsUlls a young girl rode
horseback at midnight and saved many
lives, Hot deed was glorious but lives
am often saved by Dr. King's New
Discovery in curing lung trouble,
coughs and colds, which might have
ended in consumption or pneumonia.
"It cured mo of a dreadful cough nnd
lung disease," writes W. R. Patterson,
Wellington, Tex., "after four in our
family had died with consumption, and
I gained 87 pounds " Nothing so sure
and safe for all throat and lung troub
les. Prico C03 and $1.00. Trial bottlo
free. Guaranteed by Fred O. Tracy
gret to see these excellent people leave
the neighborhood.
Harry Jones, Leonard Glrton and E.
A. Macy delivered broom corn at Shat
tuck last week.
Mrs. J, S. Johnson nnd nephew, A
W. McClurg, returned last Friday from
Iowa, whither they had taken husband
and uncle to lay him beside father,
mother and sister In Mt. 'Aon ceme
tery. In Ringgold county. A large
congregation of old neighbors and rel
atives mot nt the old church to do
honor to one who grew to manhood
among them and whoso life and char
acter had been spotless.
C M. Gumm is building a barn.
Mr. and Mis. II. II, Martin spent
Saturday at the Johnson homo to mit
igate It possible the sadness of the
home coming
Mrs. Thompson spent some days last
week the gue.t of Mrs. Jones while
Harry was at Shattuck.
Mr. Wagner was at II. II. Martins
on Thursday
II IL Martin and A. W. McClurg
transacted business at Logan today.
Oscs x Wk'k.
Oh! No. Gato is not dead, nor sleep
ing; but It lacks a good, llvo corre
spondent Who knows where ono can
bo found?
Christmas Evo there was a Christ
inas tree In tho Presbytcrl" church,
Jt was a union affair. There
"''i.'fam, which showod thi
ui Had Uau wall Irata
Twin Mounds.
A cool wave with snow was an unwel.
como change aftor tho fine weather of
Rov. and Mrs Qlnns returned Mon
day from Colorado where Uiey had
been spending the Christmas holidays
with Mrs. blnns' mother and brother,
Mr. and Mrs. Dadlsmau,
Rev. R. A. Dadlsman, District Su
perintendent, will hold quarterly
meeting nt Harmony tomorrow p. in,
and at night.
ROV Honour has trailod hit (Inn farm
.as a good west Of tho school house for a farm
H ehll- near Shattuok, ski Wi children may
Well, tho question Is now, how much
has the snow benefitted tho whrut?
Most of it blew off down this way by
the south wind.
Floyd Moore and family visited all
day SunJay with Mr. nnd Mrr. M
Guire. Ora Warble went to Laverne Thurs
day after a load of black diamonds.
Alpai.va Pime.
IxutT baUajrsttJbtA
W ia.
3tatk or Ohio, Citt or Tolkdo, 1
Frank J heney makes oath that ho
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co , doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and State nfore
said, and that said firm will pay the
for each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by tho use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure, Frank J, Cheney.
Sworn to before me nnd subscribed
in my presence, this Oth day of Decem
ber, A. D. 18S0,
Sial. A.W, Glkahon,
Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and nets directly on tho blood
nnd mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free
F. J. CHENEY t O, Toledo, O.
Sold by all Drugglts, 7So.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation. Kiowa Flash Light.
Presto, change 1 From the nice, mild
and plensnnt weather that we have had
all fall to the below zero weather last
Sunday was more than folks wero
looking for.
Willie Valentine went to Laverne
Monday nnd from there he will go in
company with Mr Uiivrii-crnft to Am
arllto t" bring back 700 head of ealtle
for Mr. IUvenscraft, which they
will feed In two bunches.
lien Jett took n load of fat hogs to
l.avorna, Monday, and got top price,
$0 7.1 per hundred
Floyd Valentine blew in with the
storm late Saturday night, and, say,
you ought to see how tickled he was to
see the smiling faces of his dear mama
and papa, Floyd has been gone for
tho past three months visiting friends
buck in Sunny Kansas, but he got u
longing in his heart for the folks at
home, so he got ready nnd came in on
a surprlso, nnd ho walked the lam 8
miles in order to get home. Tickled?
Well, I guess, nnd then somo.
A. D. MoGuiro went to Lavorno Mon
day witli a load of hogs.
Ora Warblo came in with the Satur
day storm from Waynokn with three
loads, nnd is now n full Hedged resi
dent of Beaver county. Ho will farm
the placo belonging to his sister, Mrs.
Stella Wllletts. Wo welcome these,
good peoplo to our community.
Our township trustee, Jus. N Onral,
wont to Surprise Monday to meet with
the Board.
Mrs. O. V. Oneal nnd niece, Miss
Florence Ganno, were Sunday visitors
at Mr, Rallnrd's, at North Ivnnhoe,
Mr. R. Ilagan, the uowly elected
County Commissioner from the cast
end, wcathored tho storm lust Sunday,
and started for Beaver.
Old man Hamoky has gone to Shat
tuck, and will Invest about $10,000 in
broomcorn. Ho tells us that ho will
pay top prlco, and he intends to hold
his corn for two years, If necessar,
Mr. flamoky is un old-tlmo farmer of
Ellis county, but he hates to see his
fellow farmers sell their brush nt the
prices that are being paid. Hero is
wishing you success, and the most of
us would rather see you make tho
rako-oll than somo of the old-timers.
0. M. Smith has been confined to
the house for over a wook- with a se
vere attack of asthma.
How do you liko tho winter? It was
somewhat of a change from shirt
sleeves to overcoats and winter wraps
In one day, but that Is real Oklahoma
Mr. Twcedle went to Shattuck last
Friday with a load of hay
Frank and Eddio Ripple started for
Moiquero, New Mexico, last Friday.
Prighttul Polar Winds.
blows witli terrific force at the far
north and play havoc with tho skin,
causing red, rough or sore chapped
hands and lips, that need Bucklen's
Arnica Salve to heal them. It makrs
the skin soft and smooth. Unrivaled
for cold-sores, nlso burns, bolls, sores,
ulcers, cuts, bruises nnd pile. Only
25 cts. at Fid 0. Tracy's.
Home Creek.
Well, here we are aualu.
We have had some snow and sorce
cold, high winds.
The writer has been gone for eight
weeks, and while gone visited part of
old Missouri nnd Arkansas, and while
in Arkansas saw several funny slfchts.
One was a hog with a yoke on In a pas
ture on a hillside. While In Missouri
I killed over 7C squirrels, nnd caught
some fish, eat apples, hickory nuts and
J. A. Barker went to LaKemp one
day last week to sell his mules.
A, A. Haskell nnd son Ed and Fred
Plain took live loads of hogs to Forgan
one day Inst week for Mr. Haskell.
Hol's lire high.
C. II nnd W. B Bnrker made a trip
to Forgan one duy last week.
W. II Humphrey and wife returned
to Beaver crunty from Arkansas to
stay. They all come back.
Ed and Raymond Twentlerand their
wives have gone to Colorado to file on
land. The land deal Is all tho go now
Several Heaver county boys have gone
to get land.
U. J. Leisure made a trip to Beaver
City Monday of last week,
J. E. Wilson nnd J. A. Barker butch
ered some fine hogs one day Inst wek.
W. B. nnd 0. B. Barker butchered
three fine hogs ono day last week. It
is a line time for the business.
Mrs. W. B. Bnrker nnd son Milford
have returned from a six months tri
to Arkansas, where Milford has been
under the doctor's euro for rheum
atism. C. B. Barker and wife have returnid
from a visit to Missouri, where they
hnVH been for eight weeks by tho bed
side of Mrs Barker's mother Sin
died while they were there, and wa
laid away tn rest. Death is somothlni
that overtakes all, and all ought to b
ready to go when called
Home Creek,
(Crowded out last week.)
Hero we aro ngnln. Pretty bluster)
weather to-day.
W. B. Barker and D. Coleman went
to Beaver Saturday.
Quito a few nttended the play at
Beaver Friday night,
Thero was a pie supper at tho Shad
den school Iioush Friday night. It wat
well attended.
Jim Schoonover and family moved
to their farm, near the Garrett school
house, last week.
Claud Haskell, of Elmwood, went
after his mother and sisters at Liberal
Saturday. They have been visiting at
Atch'son, Kansas.
There was qulto a firo on the South
Flats Wednesday night. Mr. Collinc
lost 2,100 bushels bf Kalllr corn. Some
one was burning Russian thistles nnd
let the fire get away. No other dam
age was done.
Misses Rena, Mabel and Radle Gra
rey visited their sister, Mrs. Cordis
Ward, Saturday.
The Kyle boys, Bonnio nnd Olan.
Just HnlBhod a well for Corb Wright.
Strayed or stolon ono Jack rabbit,
with one ear cut off. A reward will be
given for return of same, by Mistei
John Wilson and Jim Bnrker went
to Forgnti Saturday. A blustery drive.
Bluk Eyes.
k'outh Elmwood.
Wo have had pretty cold weather
the past two weeks.
Mrs. Perry Kile, who has been very
sick with erysipelas is reported as be
ing a little bolter.
Ben Seigman, wife and daughter,
who have been visiting Mr, Seigman's
father, Mr. Keover, for the last two
weeks, started for their homo in Dewey
county Sunday morning.
Noble Wnltors and family, who have
.iiiiiiiiiirii ihw iihi nn i ii m r. r ri ion w -
Tho two boy. nro going there for their " "? .f '
Ono week of real winter weather has
been our experience for the past week.
Bennington for -a week or two, left
Friday morning for a visit to Mr. Wnl
tors' parent nt Tryon, Oklahoma,
nnd then will go to Indiana to visit
uruue.ua, raormng, January n, me-Mr Walters' paro..tS. Mr. Walters
mercury slid down to 10 degrees below I hat brfn carrsnR tho Ueavor-Elm-
wood mail for about two years, and Is
now going to visit for awhile.
Chas. Bennington left Saturdny for
a visit to his parents at Tryon, Okla.
A Oilier,
zero, and causod many of us to wondor
what we had dono with all our broom
corn money.
Ivanhoe has a brand new bank, and
It Is a ere'1, to tho town. They have
tried for long timo to secure a char
ter, but htr banks have worksd
again U .. Ul&JU few.
mWcrlbo forTiiK Bkavbb F-lui.
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-yrfY sYsifiSMV, iWn
Address Premium Dept
J. W. WEDB, President
JAMES DARE, Vkn President
Capital St 0,000 Surplus '8,500
Undiiridod Profits $3,497.64
Phono Bank No. 1 Iteildsnco No. SI
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