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Oklahoma Ififl Society
Oldest Oklahoma NewsDauer Republican for Principle
No. 33
The Heaver County Abstract Office
ltest Abstracts.
Promptly Made.
Good Railroad Proposition.
Tim Dropositlon which has been un-
Low Interest.
No Commission.
Liberal Amounts.
Real Estate
Bonded Abstracters
Beaver, Oklahoma.
Mr. J. M. QodJard Is visiting rela
tives and friends in Wichita. Kansas.
Llttlo Miss Gail Hodgo has been
ouite slok the past week, but is Im
proved at this time.
Undo Wesley Hibbs, of Clear Greek,
has been seriously ill for some time,
but is now sliRhtly improved.
Mrs. J. It. Qulnn haa been suffering
a severe attack of rheumatism the past
week She Is slightly Improved to day.
Miss Ruby Seal, clcrk-ntlracy's, who
has been 111 for a wcek'tast, was able
to resumo work this wuok.
E. L. Flekcl left Sunday for Guthrie,
to which point lie was subpoenal as n
witness before the Federal grand Jury..
E W. Neff, proprietor of the City
Bakery, is transacting business in Mis
souri this Wrtik.
John Dow, drug clerk at Tracy's re
turned Tuesday from Edmond whoro
ho spent the holidays with relatives.
Miss Anna Sime, of Forgan, Is em
ployed as stenographer in the law office
of Dickson, Hush & Dickson.
Miss Olco Miller has accepted a po
sition wiih the Beaver County Ab
stract o'fllcc,
Mrs. J. K Hinkle returned Wednes
day of last week from u visit with her
daughter Mrs. E. E, Mcl'herson, at
Red Rock.
Top Thomas is again able to be athis
chair In the Du Luxe Tonsorlal Parlor,
after a week's absence on account of
Miss Ruby Seal, who has been em
ployed at Traoy's the past month, was
out of tho store the past weok on ac
count of sickness.
J. N. Robblns and wifo moved from
their residence property north of the
lumber yard to tho room ea9t of tho
IIkrald oflice tho past wvek. '
J. W Mitchell and wife, of Grand
Valloy. wore horo the past week on
business matters. Mr. MltclHl was
formerly mall carrier on the Liberal
star routo.
Miss Nelle Judy returned Sunday
from a visit tn homefolks at Burden,
Kansas, and Is again engaged as clork
at Mr. Robertson's Millinery estab
lishment. J. R. Quinn suffered n severe attack
of rheumatism the past week, and for
several days was unable to "navigate,"
but he Is slightly Improved nt this time
and able to get around with thp uso of
a cane.
M. A. Clark, wife and little ono ar
rived Saturday from Buffalo to take
up permanent resldcnco in Beaver
Thoy will reside in tho Foshor proper
ty. Wo are moro than, glad to wel
come Mr. dark and family to Beaver,
W. H. Thomas and wlfo returned
Sunday from n week's trip to Kansas
City, where they attended the Imple
ment Dealers' Convention, took In tho
sights of tho city, and purchased new
spring stock for the CarterTracy Hard
waro Company.
SI 00 Per Plate.
was paid at a banquet to Henry Clay,
In New Orleans In 1842. Mighty cost
ly for those with stomach trouble or
Indigestion Today people everywhere
use Dr. King's New Life Tills for these
troubles as well as 'liver, kidney and
bowel disorders. Easy, safe, sure.
Only 23ots. at Fred O. Traoy's.
Miss Sasifl Milton, Mrs. P. B. Rus
roll and Miss Erma Orabtree are help
ing to wait on customers at Tracy's
during tho big soml-annul sale which
is now in progrets at that establishment.
Refuse Notices.
Every editor has received them says
a certain exchange The postmaster
sends them to the editor. For in
stance, wo will say there Is a man by
te namo of John Smith who refused
to take the paper out of the oflice Ho
did not caro to take it any longer.
We wondered what was the matter
Upon investigation of our nub'crlptlon
books, we find that John was short
$5 70. lie had stopped tho paper as a
matter of economy to m. A fow eve
nings ago we stepped Into n church and
John's melodious vnlco rang out loud
and oloir in that soul-stlrrlng song,
"Jesus paid It all " Wo might have
been mistaken, but tho earnestness
impressed us. The next day we sent
him a receipt In full, begging his par
don for not knowing he had mado ar
rangements for his liabilities in that
manner Udall Times.
Woodward, Harper, Ellis Lid
Bea-ver Counties.
MONEY READY when papers are signed.
der consideration for sumo time to
build a stub lino from Beaver to For
gan, connecting with the W. F. A N
W. at that place, has again been taken
up and somo active work done the
past two weeks. The plan is to inter
est the pcoplo who need tho line and
to whom it will mean thousands of
dollars In tho way of better markets
for their crops, ndvanco in tho value
of their lands and, not tho least by any
means, a quicker and better road to
markvt doing away with the dead drag
through the Sand Hills, which must bo
mudu to reach the north line, while a
good solid roadway could be found
leading to the station on this side of
tho river, for miles and miles to tho
southwest, south and southeast. B.ut,
in tho building, of this lino the people
will not to asked to donate one cunt
and there will bu no such thing an a
bonus. They will bo asked to sub
scribe stock instead and will becdmo
stockholders in tho railroad company
and share equally in tho benefits of the
same whether they subscribe f 100. IX)
or $1000 00 or any lesser amount for
that matter. This stock will bo sub
scribed in tho form of notes which du
not become due and payablu until the
completion of the road and, In case it
Is not built, tho notes will bo void and
returned to tho signers. It is a fair,
square proposition and ono in which
there Is every chance to win and none
to lose.
The feature which will appeal to tho
publlo is thit they will not be asked to
donate one cent but will receive stock
In tho railway company for every
dollar subscribed and no one doubts
for a minutu but that tho road would
bu a paying proposition from the first
and stock to subscribed would not
only prove a benefit to tho stockhold
ers in bringing them a better, nearer
and moro accessible market, and en
hance the value of their property, but
would bo a paying investment and re
turn a good rate of interest in divi
dends. Another thing, it is mere than
likely after the project is well on the
way, that, If thev so desire, tho local
company could dispose of th HiTo to
some ono of tho old established rail
ways and it is altogether probable that
the people would get their money back
and, without o'ne cent expense, secure
the great benefits which the building
of such a road would give.
Even farmer within a radius of
twenty to thirty miles of Beaver to tho
wc'S southwestsouth, southeast and
east would bo wonderfully benefitted
by the building of a railroad from Bea
ver to a connection with tho W. F. fc
N W. It would give them a good hard
roadway all tho way to Beavur over
which to haul their heavy loads of
wheat, broomcorn, hogB nnd other pro
duco and eliminate the heavy pull
through the Sand Hills which they
mut now make In ordor to reach mar
ket to say nothing of the river cross
ings in many places which is wbrse
than the sand. The fanners sobth
weBt who still haul to Liberal, Kansas,
pulling 40 mites and across tho Sand
Hills and a bad river crossing could
haul their products to Beaver, over a
good hard road, many of them mako
the trip and return home In ono day.
The same may be said of thoso south
and southoatt.
This railroad proposition Is ono "of
tho people, by tho people and for tho
people" and wo believe it is ono tho
people can not afford to turn down.
Tho Beaver Commercial Club and a
number of leaJing residents of the
county have cone into tho project to
win and they should have tho hearty
aupport and co-operation of the cntiro
c'tiienshlp of the territory affected, to
a man. Plans have been agreed upon,
a contract formulated and the follow
ing officers and trustees selected.
Pies. Fred O, Tracy.
Sec W. T. Qulnn.
Treas. Frank Laughrin.
Trustees. A. A. Haskell, I O. Tra
cy, Elbort Clif t, F. S. MoOay and J. W.
These men are all responsible onJ
thorough reliable citizens of the boun
ty, well known to the great majority
of tho neople and men who enjoy the
utmost confldnnce of the public, 1
II. Griffith, of Woodward, a railroad
promoter and builder who is thorpugh
ly familiar with every phase of tho
work, has been secured to solicit stock
subscriptions. Ho is In touch with
parties who will finance the deal When
it is ready and also with material and
t .nn.i,nnilnn concerns and will boa
valuablo man In pushlne the projtot to
completion. He will commence his
work this week and hopes to meet each
one personally nnu tuny explain mo
plan of promotion and not only secure
their hearty approval but a generous
subscription of stock.
Think this over carefully and be
ready to do your part. None of us aro
big enough to do this thing alone but
if wo all work together and for our
best intercut we can and will not only
securo the assuranco of tho building
of a lino of railroad to Beaver but will
witness its completion in time to tako
caro of tho abundant harvest of 1013
which no trut ovory farmer of the
county may reap.
See or write
Opposite P. 0.
Mauager Beaver Office.
Butts In On the (lame.
Wednesday night of last wt-ek Sheriff
Johnnie M. Jones, with his deputies,
went over to ForgBn and, together
uilhlt. E. Judd,constablout that vtlt.
lage, raided tho gambling houso or
A Ion 7.n Ford In the early hours of
Thursday morning, nrresting Ford, tho
owner of the houso, and C. J.Acst,
Clarence Uradshaw, Joo Baker, Fred
Jones, Ray Dow, A. L. Thurman, Ab
ner Kujsell, A. M. Bu:nam, and I). B.
Kinder, and seizing poktr chips, money
cards, Rnd whiskey, which all went
tin... 1.1. l.n
Tho BAmhlers were arraigned before I .
Justice Ogilvle, and gavo bond for their
appearance for trial Friday, bond being
placed at $300 each, with tho oxcep
tion of Ford, whoso bond was $500.
Up to this stage of tho proceedings,
an earnest effort w as mado to appre
hend and secure evidence to convict
the gambling and bootlegging clement,
which has unceremoniously overridden
all bounds of law, respect nnd decency
In every llttlo town, village nnd neigh
borhood In the county, and Sheriff
Jones and his deputies, together with
Constable Judd, of Forgan. deserve
great credit for tho manner in which
they discharged their official duties to
Becure tho arrest and conviction ot the
offenders, but "There was something
rotton In the statu of Denmark" in
connection with tho trial, and there
area whole 'lot of people sore over the
outcome of tho cases.
From all appearand! tho trial (?)
of tho cases took placo out of Court,
and tho entire proceedings (?) aro not
such as would look well In print. The
facts of tho case are, the entire
bootlegger and gambler fraternity ap
peared on tho scon" and by their
threes, abuso nnd chicanery, secured
terms of compromise entirely satisfac
tory to thomselves. When thn case
went into Court beforo Justice Ogilvle
the defense was represented by J. W.
Oulwell, and County Attorney Smith
anneared for tho State. Tho defend
ants Alnnzti Ford, 0. J. West, Joo Ba
ker, and A. L. Thurman plead guilty
Ford was Oned $100 00, and West, Ba
ker and Thurman J25.00 each. The
cases against Kinder, Burnam, Russell,
Dow, Jones and Bradshow were dis
missed. What tho peoplo want to kuow Is,
why County Attorney Smith al
lowed the offenders to dlctato their
own terms, which was tho minimum
penalty for sucli offen.es? And why tho
charges were dismissed against six o(
the accused, when it Appears that they
were as guilty and there was as much
ovidence to convict, at least some of
them, as there was to convict thoso
who plead guilty and wore fined?
Tho editor of the Herald, In a spirit
of fairness, attempted to Interview
County Attorney Smith in regard to
tho caso, Tuesday, but ho did not tako
kindly to our questioning. In fact, ho
politely (?) Informed us that It didn't
mako any difference what tho people
thought, nor what tho editor of tho
IUrald thought, that ho would con
duct tho affairs of Hlrl office In his
own way.
Nevertheless, tho people feel llko
thcro was Incompetency, cold feet, or
lack of backbone exhibited on tho part
of the County Attorney jn' this case,
and they not only expect but are enti
tled to an explanat'an.
Celebrates 75th Birthday.
Postmaster John R. Thomas was en
tertained at the homo of his daughter,
Mrs. F. C. Tracy, Thursday evening of
last weok, tho oeoasion being In honor
of his 76th birthday anniversary. Six
o'clock dinner was served, and the
evening was pleasantly spent In
social conversation, musts and games
He received a number of nlc5 presents
in token of the esteem end respect of
thoso In attendanco Tho guests were (
Rev. aud Mrs. L L, Shaw, Mrs J. R.
Qulnn, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Qulnn, Mr.
and Mrs. B. P. Russell, and I. 8
To nil our customers having Trading Bonds or
Cash Tickets given by us nnd good for Premiums:
Samo-will bo redeemed, according to condi
tions stated in our Profit Sharing catalogue, tiny
time between now and April 1st, 101H, but not lat'
or than Hint date.
Beaver Mercantile Co.,
Beaver, OKla.
The East and West Railroad
Railroad promotion nows In the
Mkiiai.I) the past few weeks has been
conspicuous by its absonco. The prop
osition has been ntn standstill, and
thcro was nothing of interest to report.
The situation Is this, in regard to
the east and west railroad project, to
aIiIcIi wo have been pinning our faith
for many moons, and which is not yet
dead, but sleepeth. This, project Is
best known o the Alva proposition
ind Is the line which is being promot
ed from Alva via. Beaver to Des
Motnes, Now Mexico The line,, which
his been so faithfully boosted by tho
Viva promoters and others all' along
il: proposed route, was in a fair way
tn commence actual construction, all
tho preliminary arrangements haying
been mudu and a deal practically con
intimated to securo tho funds from
French bankers to financo tho propo
rtion, when tho war In the Balkans
Troubled With Cancer.
.1. 0. Judd went to Kansas City last
week, where ho will receive treatment
for cancor. Tho growth is on his back,
and has been causing him considerable
trouble, for some tlmo. The operation
Is tint necessarily a serious one, but
will no doubt pruvo qulto painful, for
thoso cancers are generally deep-soated
and require severe treatment.
The HehaM), together with Mr.
Judd' many friends, trust that he may
find speedy relief and soon return en
tirely recovered.
Skull Fractured.
Little Capltola Mansfield, daughter
of Claude Mansfield, of Cleo, suffered
a fractured skull Monday, While at
play her little brother Jo, thre an
Iron ring and accidentally etruck the
little girl, inflicting an, ugly wound
and fraoturlng the skull. At last re
ports tho Injured child was resting
, i ..u .i. .h. fw.t,r., easily ana couumons .eviuru turn-,.
caolta.ists would not agree to nnV'J'J
thn lino until the difficulties In the Old "'" """ ' '""" "'" ""' ..,",.:
World wera satisfactorily settled and
It was known that their money would
not bo needed at home. Thus the Alva
proposition was at a standstill, and. in
asmuch as 'ho peace conference of the
powers has not been able to agrco upon
satisfactory terms of peace, and fight
ing has been resumed in tho Balkans,
it is probable that this road wlll,not be
able to build for several months. Tho
project has not been abandoned by any
means, but for tho present there Is
nothing doing.
Mrs. H. B. Tiffin.
Mrs. II. B. Tiffin, of Tiffin, died
Tuesdnv. Janurav 17th. after a brief
Illness. She leaves a family and many
friends to mourn hor untimely demise.
Tho sympathy of all is extended to tho
bereaved ones.
news with regret and trust for
speedy recovery of the llttlo one.
Attend Masonic Consistory.
Dr. L.L. Long and wlfo, W.G "Fields
and wife, Frank Maple and wife, Otto
Barby and wife, Tlios. P. Braid wood
Dr. L S. Munsell. and borhaps others
whose names we failed to got, left Sun
day for Guthrie to attend the Masonic
Consistory, whoro all the gentlemen
except Drs. Mutisoll and; Long, who are
already 32d Degrco Mafons, will take
that work
Tho meetings aro always attended
with many social functions, and an eu
tiro .week of wholesome pleasure Is af
forded. Those in attendance will be
suro to haro a highly enjoyable time,
and return feeling well repaid for
Believing that the tiest is the
Cheapest, we are always striv
ing to get Better Goods at a
Fair Price.
Our "Thistle Blend" Enamel ware; Our
"Sheridan" and Insurance" Stoves: Sherwin
Williams Paints and 'Diamond Edge" Cutlery
arc exclusive lines not found any place in
Beaver County but at our store.
Caskets and Undertaking Goods
Beaver Hdwe. & Furn. Co!
See Ho.vely, The Dentist; Beaver, Okla.

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